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The Tri-weekly times and sentinel. (Columbus, Ga.) 1853-1854, July 08, 1853, Image 3

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Holliway'a Fill* art an Infallible Remedy for the 1 core of Cough* , Cold*, and Asthma*. —There are da ly in iny undeniable proof* of the efficacy of Holloway’* Pills in the cures of diseases of the Cheat, arising either , from old couch*, recent colds, wheczings or shortness of breath, that all persons, whether young or old, suffering from such complaints, should have immediate recourse to these invaluable Pills, as a fair trial will show their ex traordinary powers. Many arsons who were scarcely able to draw their breath, and apparently almost at death’s i door, have t>een completely cured by this remedy, to the ; astonishment of those who have witnessed their suffer ings. July B—lm Wm. 11. Thumlert, a highly respectable citizen of Bal timore, sty* that Stabler’:* Anodyne Cherry Expectorant entirely cured him of a threatened Consumption of six months, standing, jlle has since recommended it to many others, and it has in every instance done all that would be expected from medicine. It is used by many of the most I experienced Physicians. If you have a Cough, try it! See advertisement in another column. July B—lm . j jl.i.u -- -c— ‘■ - i—tu-'! SPECIAL NOTICES. J gjP* YVE are authorised'to announce DAVID J. BAR* BER, as a candidate for Clerk of the Superior Court of Muscogee County, at the election in January next. June 25,1853 —w&twte. GAS FIXTURES, THE subscribers having engaged competent workmen, will be j prepared to (it up Stores and Houses with pipes, burners, and all necessary apparatus for tho use of Gas. This work will be war ranted, and done under the superintendence of the Euginter of the tJolumbus Gas Light company. WHITTELSEY t CO. According to the by-laws of the company, the houses and stores wiil be fitted up in the order of their application. \ Register Book is now ready at the store of Messrs. VVhittel „,v A Cos. G. E. DEXTER, Hec’ry. April 15—w&twtf Columbus Gas Light Couriusd Emory College, Oxford, Ga* I The exercises of the Annual Commencement of this In stitution will be as follows: Commencement Sermon and Dedication of the new Chapel by Rev Bishop Capers, on Sunday 17th July. Sophomore prize Declamation on Monday night. Junior Exhibition on Tuesday at 9 A. M. An address by the President, Rev. G. F. Pierce, at 1 P. M. of the same day ; and by Henry L. Harris, Esq., be fore the Alumni at night. Wednesday will be Commencement Day. After the usual excieises the prizes will be awarded, accompanied with an; address. At 4 P. M. the Literary Societies will bo addressed by J Hon. Robert Toomhs. June2l-w&,tw6t G. J.ORR, Sec ry. ICE, ICE, ICE! The Ice House is now open for tho season. The price will be for all amounts less than fifty lbs., three cents per lb. Over fifty and less than two hundred, two and a hall cents; two hundred lbs. ami over, two cents. Hours from 7X to 12# A. M., and 2 to 6 P. M., except Shin .days, on which day tho house will be open from 7# to 10, A. M. li'iily. Tickets can tie had on application to ColumbtiS, ,'pril Id—twtf VV. J. CHAFFIN. CITRATE OF MAGNESIA. This agreeable beverage and excellent summer laxative can be found freshly prepared, and well iced, at GESNER A- PEABODY’S Blue Drug Store,sign of the Negro and Mortar. Also, Soda and Congress Waters made cool and palat able. -1 0110 15 twtf . DRY GOODS. EMBROIDERIES. JUST received, a large assortment of Swiss, Jaecnet and Mull Flouncing?, Muslin Bands, Swiss and Jaco net Edgings and Insertions, French Worked Collars, and Undersleeves, Thread Lace,&e. , „ „ _ BROKAVV, CLEMONS & Cos Columbus, July 2. twtf. MUSLINS. T)LAIN and Stripe Jaconet and Swiss Muslins, India X Mull and Nainsook, do. Brilliante Cambrics; a large j stock just received. July 2—twtf BROKAW, CLEMONS sic CO. HOSIERY. JUST received a full stock of Ladies’ Sanaal Hose, Misses’ Fancy do., Gents Plain and Fancy Lisle and Eng. half Hose. Also, a superior article ot Ladies’ Silk G j"l’y i-'w'f' 1 ” BROKAW,CLEMONS & CO. .is (JW GOODS. The subscriber has in Store a large stock ot STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS ’ which are offered tor sale at prices CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST, FOR CASH OR APPROVED CREDIT. Purchasers for Cash will find it to their ad/antage to examine my stock and prices, betore purchasing. Columbus, April 2—tw C. MYGATT. JUBT Received, a lot of Fine FANS. Also, Embroidery Silk, by [April 22. J WHITTELSEY Ac Cos. CLOTHING. WHUTE PA ft T*. A LARGE LOT OF •• WHITE MILITARY PANTS, Just received at JOHN SMITH S, Columbus, June 29—tw No 120 Broad fed. Shirts! Shirts!! * LARGE invoice of SHIM TS, COLL.i HS. DRA H ERS A HOSIER 1, &c. Just received aud for salei b ? nv Mareu 39—tw J. H. MERRY . Genin’s Hats. 4 FEW case? Genin’* a no. onk Hats —Syring styles. Al Just received and for sale by ~r n nV .March 30-tw J. H. MERRY* Strayed or Ranaway! A YELLOW coraplexioned Negro, 15 or 16 years old, about 5 feet 5 niche* in height, stutters slightly in hi? speech, and turns his leet out in walking. The little Huger, and the one ext to it, on his right hand, were drawn in from u burn, so that lie is unable to straighten them. Had on, when lie lett, a dark cap, black coat, aud lignt pantal ions. Ilia name is BUB. He le;t home on the morning of the 4th inst., aud aas seen i e uue evening at Camp Montgomery. . . . Any p-r-on finding the above Negro and returning bun Jo the sabsc’riuers, will be liberally rewarued. •Vaid Negro was hired from Toliver Atkinson, ot Geo- HAWKINS & THORNTON. Girard, Ala., July 8, 1853.—twlt&wlt. Winter’s Palace Mills, AHE again iu lull operation. Send in your Wheat and Corn. Flour, .Veal, Bran and Shorts, alwaye on hand. Columbus. June 29 wtwtf LAND WARRANTS WANTED. BOUNTY LAND WARRANTS for *O, *O, 10 acre* warned, for which the highest cash prices willl be juua m Vocntris, aug 24—34w!f J. ENNIS* w. MUSICAL. XnOTUeIT MUSkTsTOHE ~ WELLCOX & CARTER, NO. 92, BROAD STREET, COLUMBUS, GA., ARE now receiving, and will keep constantly on hand, SnEET MUSIC, PIANO FORTES, GUITARS, VIOLINS, ACCORDEONS, BANJOS, TAMBORINES, FLUTE3, FLAGEOLETS, FIFES, &C. Strings for the VIOLIN AND GUITAR. ALSO Instruction Books for the ab ve instruments. Also, Exercise? i for the cultivation of the Voice. Order* are solicited from teachers and others. D. F. WILLCOX. WM. 8. CARTER. I N. 8. Mr. Carter will attend to Tuning and Repaiiing Pianos as heretofore. Columbus, April 15—w&twtf New Sheet Music. THE subscribers have this day received a large assortment oi £heet Music; among which are many new and populai pieces never before ottered in this market. The ladies in parti culirare invited to call and examine our stock. TRUA.Y A PEASE, Columbus, March 2—tw 100 Broad street. A GOOD Pljk N 0 £Oj BJTI FOR RENT BY THE MONTH OR YEAR, AT THE MUSIC STORE OF WHITTELSEY & CO. Columbus, June 24, 1853—tw&wtf SELLING OFF SHEET MUSIC AT HALF PRICE. r rMIE undersigned desiring to reduce their extensive stock of JL Shect Music, will sell at three cents per page, (or half the j usual price) a large abare of their present stock. Among which may be found many of the new and popular pieces ot the day. ! Thi* is an option unity not to be neglected Ly Teachers and 1 Schools, to lay in a supply. In this lot will be found most of the desirable Music every day ordered. Also, a large stock of Instruction Books for the PIANO i FORTE, which will be sold at less than cost. Among the sneet J Music are the following pieces, arranged by C. REPS, viz.: Dancing Feather Waltz; Bombardment of Vera Cruz; Elbert Waltzes; Stone.Mountain,Q.S La Sultana Waltz; ‘ Columbus Guards, Q. S. Gibraltar Waltz ; Hyacinth Gallop ; Alpine Horn, Q. S. j Gallopade Polka. also— A large variety oj Songs, Waltzes, Polkas, Alarches and (luick- I steps, by celebrated authors. Sales olthis lot to be strictiy Cash. Just received,a large lot of NEW MUSIC, whichjwill be sold i at the usual price. Call and examine. Orders with money enclosed will be filled I and forwarded to auy part oftlie country by mail. WHITTELSEY & CO. \ Columbus, Ga., March 9—twtf PIANOS TUNED AND REPAIRED. meetT7i —r THE undersigned have engaged the services o | ’Ljf Mr. F. O. RAM M, Tuner and Piano Maker, lately : ITjldfHji? * rora Erards’Celebrated Establishment in Paris, j J u If 1/ II Mr. R. is probably the best in his profession in the < Southern Country. We are prepared to attend to all orders in 1 the above, line, and will be responsible tor all work done by our workmen. Orders addressed to VVhittelsky & Cos., otTruax & Pkase, will meet with prompt attention, WHITTELSEY & Cos. Columbus, April 22, 1853. TRUAX & PEASE. j twtf—Jel4 wtf Flour, Meal, and Breadstuffs. r J'HIE subscriber, proprietor of the CITY MILLS, beg leave i to inform the public that he has now on hand and will con tinue to keep a good stock of prime WHEAT AND CORN, 1 an l will be prepared at all times to furnish customers in any j quantities with Hour Meal, &c., at tile shortest notice. New i | wheat is now in. The City *lfill is situated above the city a short distance and : is now in good running order- My prices at present are as follows : Superfine Flour $6 25 per bbl. j Family Flour 075 44 “ i Extra do 750 44 41 Corn .Veal 91 cts bushel i t The highest cash prices paid for Corn and Wheat. D. A. WYNN. ! t'ity Mill, Tune 8, 1-53 —tw ts j IAN6V~raEMttI MASTER JOSEPH DAWSON, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, CAN fill orders for TWENTY PAIR of each of the following varieties: CARRIERS. PORTERS, FAN TAILS, TURLL'TS, TRUMPETERS, DRAG* >ONS, HORSEMEN, DRUMMERS, MAGPIES, SWALLOWS, NUNS, MOORE’S, QUAKERS, CAPUCHINS, JACOBINS, RUFFS, ORRES, TUMBLERS, ot every variety. Plumage perfect. Augusta, Ga., June 28—tw5t $lO Reward! GOLD WATCH STOLEN. 1 STOLEN on the 14th inst., a Gold Watch, “No. 3325 j —Jno, Harrison, Liverpool. The above reward will be j <Vi. Mk given on delivery of the watch at this office. Columbus, May 18—tw _____ LOST. Iti the street, in this city, this morning, a CUFF PIN. The finder will be paid five dollars on leaving the Pm at this office. May 21 —twtf CITY TAX. i rpHE Tax Hook is now open for the collection of Taxes for the _L present year. Tax payers will save cost aim oblitre me by I paying promptly. J. L. HOWELL, Collector. | Columbus, June 22—twtf Notice. ALT, persons who are indebted by note At account to the(ufe firm of WHITTELSEY fc CO., are requested to make immediate pav meat. All who disregard this notice will find the claims in the hands of a collecting attorney within a short time. JOHN FORSYTH, J. li. WHITTELSEY. j Columbus, June 24—tw6t Take Notice. The Subscriber intending to be absent from the Sta’e for a short time, has appointed F. M. BROOKS his agent during his absence. M. H. DEs^SAU. Columbus. June 22—twlin To Friends of the Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union. j t y WING been urgently solicited by the agent ot the above i ll society, to keep a collection oi their publication tor sale at ; this place. ’ 1 have consented so to do, a:.d have ju*t received a lot of them w hich for the present, may be found at the store of Rock Island Factory. G. B. Cl RTIc?. j Columbus. June 11—wtwtf Metallic Burial Cases. THESE cases have been universally approved wherever used Thev are much superior to those oi wood, and combine within themselves all those qualities so desirable in a ‘They are composed of several kinds of Metal, but principally ° f ThTv‘are thoroughly enamelled inside aud out, and thus made imper viousmairandimlest ructiole,aud can be sold at aoout public areTuv^?sto call and examine them for thern selVe, P andataglaL J* they will seethe great advantage ot thi? W. F. LEE. D. D. S. DENTAL SURGEON. Office ou Broad street, over Myftatt‘B store. 1 Columbus, Oct 29—ts TRAVELING. M USCOGEKR AIL Ro7\ DtO, C/IAXGE OF SCHEDULE. On and after the 16th inst. the Passenger Train will leave and run by the following schedule dailv until further notice: Leave Cohuntnia at BA. M.; Arrive at Macon 330 P.M. Leave Macon at 6 30 A. M.; Arrive at C ,4 lumt>us 2 10 P. M. E. F. RICKER, Superintendent. Columbus, May 14, 1853 HARXDEN’S express. \XTF. respectfully beg leave to iniorm the citizens ot iJolurubus j and its vicinity, that we have concluded our arrangements , with the Ontral Kauroad Banking Company, and are now run- j ning messengers daily from Macon to Savannah. \lso, forwarding g khls daily over the Muscogee aud South* V\ estern Raii.oad to F’ort Valley, Oglethorp* and Macon, thence [ to Miiledgeville Savannah ano all intermediate place-*. Also, to Montgomery, Ala. We would also say, that our re presses by the steamers to New York and Philadelphia enable us i lo forward every description of merchandise and valuables. ; Notes, Drafts, and Bills collected iu every town in the Northern i and I-.astern States; also, to California and Europe. Urricxs and Aoknts — Randolph street, Columbus, opposite ! the‘‘Corner Stone” printing office ; C. A. EBs & Son, Macon; ! Mr. Kendrick. K<, ; , Valley; G. R.Clayton, Oglethorpe; 153 P.ay i street, Sayar-.,ah: 7-* Broadway, .Vew York; 43 and 45 South- i Third. Philadelphia ; 8 Court street, Boston ; Exchange street, | Providence; Montgomery street, San Francisco. LIVINIiSTON, WINCHESTER t CO. Columbus, April 13—tw&w UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. •Sew York and Savannah Steamships. I CU9DIER ARRANGEMENT.—Days of leaving Sa k’ vannah lor New York: The Augusta, C’apt. Lyon, on Wednesday, June S I i “ Florida, 4 * Wood hull, on Saturday, “ 11 , “ Alabama, 44 Ludlow, on Saturday, 44 IS ‘ 44 Augusta, 44 Lyon, on Saturday, “ 25 ! j“ Florida, 44 Woodhull, on Saturday, July 4 2 j ! “ Augusta, 44 Lyon, on Saturday, * 4 9 j | 44 Florida, 44 Woodhull, on Saturday, 44 16 ! | “ Alabama, 44 Ludlow, on Wednesday, 4 ‘ 20 | 44 Augusta, 44 Lyon, on Saturday, * 44 23 j 44 Florida, 44 Woodhull, on Sa.unlay, “ 30 j Alabama, 44 Ludlow, on Wednesday, Aug. 3 “ Augusta, * 4 Lyon, on Satu day, 44 6 “ Florida, 44 Woodhull, on Saturday, “ 13 “ Alabama, 44 Ludlow, ou Wednesttay, “ 17 “ Augusta, 44 Lyon. on Saturday, ’ 44 20 44 Florida, 44 Woodhull, on Saturday, 44 4 27 44 Alabama, 44 Ludlow, ou Wednesday, 44 31 44 Augusta, 44 Lyon, on Saturday, Sept. 3 44 Florida, “ Woodhull, on Saturday, “ 10 44 Alabama, 44 Ludlow, on Wednesday, 44 14 These 9bips are the largest on tho coast, unsurpassed in speed, safety or comfort —making their passages in 50 to 60 hours, and are commanded by skillful, careful and polite officers. They offer a most desirable conveyance to New York. On the com pletion of the Atlanta in the autumn, this line will be semi weekly—sailing each Wednesday and Saturday. Cabin Passage $35 PADELFORD, FAY & CO., Agents in Savannah. SAM’L L. MITCIIILL, June 15 .Sept 7 13 Broadway, New York. NEW YORK AND SAVANNAH STEAM SHIP LINE, Weekly The new and splendid Steamships Florida, ... . Cajit. Lyon, and Alabama , * Capt. Ludlow. ! Belonging to the Nxw York andSavannah Stkam Navioation ! Company, txtill leave Savannah and New York every Saturday. These VV ships are 1,300 tons register, and unsurpassed in safety, and comfort. These steamers leaving Savannah at the same time that the Marion and Fouthemer leaves Charleston, arrive in New York as soon as, or before them. jy Cabin passage $25- payable before going on board Aoknts : PADELFORD, FAY & CO., Savannah, Ga. SAMUEL L. MITCHELL, April 30. Is‘2—tfl I'M Front street. New Von.. FOR PHILADELPHIA. UNITED STATES 31 AIL LINK. Philadelphia 6c Savannah Steam Navigation Company j THE new and splendid side-wheel Steamship \ STATE OF GEORGIA, twelve hundred tons register, WALTER COLLINS, will leave Savanmh as follows: Wednesday, June 1 Wednesday, June 15. u * u u(j 44 July 13. 44 July 27 44 August 10. Tiiis ship has been built with the strictest regard to the safety anu comfort of the passengers, and her accommodations are un surpassed by any steamship on Ihe coast. Anew steamship now building, in every respect equal to the State of Georgia, will take her'place in the lino during the month of June, and wi.l, with the Stated Georgia, make a week ly line, leaving each port on Wednesday. Cabin passage from Savai nnh to Philadelphia $25 “ “ 44 44 44 New York $25 Steerage to Philadelphia and New York $ 9 C. A. L. LAMAR, Aiient in Savannah* j HERON & MAFTIN, Mav 21—ts Agents in Philadelphia 4i GiMßi THil TRAB&l** Till', subscribers have this day put in ; operation two splendid FOUR HORSE COACHES, and sixteen <>t the b. st horses that the country can produce, to ply between the Forsyth Depot, and the Indian Springs; and ! having engaged Mr. C. M. Dickerson and Mr. Francis Gcmm, j i (Id and experienced reinsmen, pledges themselves to convey ■ I the traveling public to aud from the two points in a salt r and j better style, and quicker time, than ever oeiore done at this place. ... i We also have f.’Tiiiy omnibu es, always in readiness. i j Visitors, hi llamilies particularly, wiil find it greatly to their | j comfort and mti rest to call for our coaches. ! We meet both die dav and night trains ot cars. A. J. Ac C. L. VARNER* i Indian Springs, June 24—w&twlSAug I United States Mail Line. THROUGH IN A DAY EACH WAY, From Columbus, Ga., to Chunneimggee, Ala., | (and you may go to Savannah the next day, from Columbus,) : via Lamington, Sand F ort,Uchee, Creek Stand, Hernando, Enen, ; | and S'ewart’s Mills. j This line intersects at Chunnenuggee the one to Montgomery i j via Cotton Valley, Tuskegee and Chehaw, also tha one leading iin the direction of Tallahassee. F’la., via Five Points, Mount An drew, Clayton and Eufaula, Ala. I will send lorward passengers or freight from ChuDuenuagee i to any of the following places; Union Springs, Aherioil, Arbor vi’a.*, Pi-rote, Missouri, Bug Hall, Edgefield,Troy, and liidgely. SCHEDULE: Tieave Columbus Tuesday, Thursday anu Saturday at 6 A. M., arrive at Chunnenuggee same days, at 9 p. tji. Leave Chunnenuggee Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 ! a. m.; arrive at Columbus same days at 9 p. in. May 28—lwly APPLETON HAYGOOD, Contractor. ! VERiNOY & ECTOR'S O M NIDUS LINE. Fare—ln Proportion to the Distance. ft WE return our thanks to the traveling public ..]iu the citizens generally, for their liberal pat ronage, and would inform them that uur splendid new OJUATI BUSSES, with FIA'E ’TEAMS and careful VERS, will continue to run for the accommodation us the citizens and per sons stopping at the Public Houses. Calls lett at the Hotels or at our stable, strictly attended to. j Columbus, March 18 —w&twly W. D. FORD DEALER IN CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES! ! Pickles, Preserves, Fruits, Confectionaries, Segars. also. Fish, Oysters and Ice when in season. I Wai dbu. u’s BriLDixo, Jvr'XRBON strkkt, Savannah, Ga j FVhrttar? 9, 1653. twtiin Hands Wanted. THE subscriber will give twenty dollars a month, cash, for THIRTY ABLE BODIED NEGRO MEN, to work for one or two months, upon the Girard Rail Road, six miles below Columbus. ALFRED IVERSON. Columbus, - . Mail Arrangements. i FROM AND AFTER THIS DATE, Northern mail wiil clos at 5 A. M. and arrive at I The Western mail clows at 7P. M., and arrive* at 2 ; p j} J. A. L. LEE, P. M. } C.olumbus, May 18— twtf INSURANCE. Savannah Mntnal Insurance Company. j TnHIS Company has returned in stock Sixty per cent/ of 1 A premiums in the lust two years. The subscriber hrs the i Stock scrip Twenty-five per cent, lor the last twelve months and a dividend ot 6 percent, cash on the stock issued for 1?62. In ! surersiu this office will bring 5 heir rtock scrip of 1852 and receive j their div idends—they can ct the same time receive their scrip tor 1853. Marne and Fire risks taken at the usual rates, by Columbus, July B—wAitwly R. J. MUSEB, Agent, A GENU. Y OF THE MANHATTAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK. ||. 11. EPPING, Agent for Columbus,Ga. DB v BOSH BILIAJYQ, Medical Examiner!. Pamphlets containing tables ot Rates and other information j ■ may be obtained by application at the office ot the Agents. ; i ,’oblinn-*, Nov -23—twltwlv j MARINE AND FIRE INSURANCE BANK OF SAVANNAH. AGENCY AT COLUMBUS, ;\riLL receive Deposits — and Checks lor sale ou New York ; M Macon and Savannah. April24—twtf RICHARD PATTEN. | SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF A. B. N ELSON, President. JOHN WHITEHEAD, Secretary, THE undersigned is authorized tojake River and Marine risks for this well known Company,* an favorable terms. Columbus,Jan. 14—twtim JOHN MUNN. FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE Protection insurance Company at llaitiord, Co.uienticut. .Springfield Marine aud Fire Insurance Company, u\ Spring field, Massachusetts. North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, Raleigh. Kentucky Mu'.ual Life Insurance Company, Covington. Slaves insured at two-thirds their value. Columbus. Jan. 14—twtim JOHN MUNN, Agent. FOR SALE AND TO RENT. PLANTATION AND LOT FOR SALE, ON ACCOMMODATING TERMS. I will sell my valuable plantation one mile East of I Crawford, Ala!, containing Fight Hundred acres; well improved, good dwelling and out houses, gm house, _,ZjL new screw, <tc., &c. There is good creek bottom aud ; pirn- land interspersed with Oak a id Hickory. Also, a corner one acre lot opposite the hotel in Crawford. For terms and particulars apply to Messrs. C. 8. Harrison Cos., Golumbus, Ga. ,1/ay2o—w&twtf C. A. CLOUD, j Dwelling House for Sale. THE subscriber having determined to move west, offers !*’■ ; .-ld, his r sidence situated in the upper part of Broad street!, FOR SALE ; the house has eight large and comfortable rooms, with all ueces>aiy out buildings in a perfect stale of repair. The furniture, it desired, will be sold with the house. Possession given any time alter the Ist of July. Columbus, June 18—tw lm E. BARNARD. “for sale. A HOUSE AND LOT;. ALSO CARPETS, FURNITURE, Ac. APPLY TO C. S. HARRISON A CO. Columbus, May 14—twtf For Sale. A small farm about one and a half miles from Colum bus. It contains 150 or 160 acres oi land ; about a third ol Which is cleared, and in suitable condition forculliva- tion. The remaining portion is well timbered with pine. It is a desirable location for any person, wW r *i*r a -‘mail farm or summer residence in the vicinity of the cit.. Columbus. March 9—twtf F. T. I v i ‘ii. HOTEL FOR SALE. IN consequence of my advanced age, and feeble n . health, I am indnceil tooift-r for sale thu property % well known as THK PLAMTERS’HOTEL, ||||| in the \ iliageot Fort Vailey, Houston County. This 1 house is ioeated mar the junction of the South-Western and I Muscogee i ail Roads. The passengers breakfast and dine here. | l w iit also sell my Plantation,consisting of 679 acres of excel- j lent Pi. e land, immediately adjacent to the Hutel property, or ! I will sell the Hotel and Plantation separately. This is a good opportunity for an energetic man to make money, as the patron- i age of ihe Hotel, already large, is constantly increasing. The terms, both as to price and times ot* payment, will be very favorable, as I am anxious to retire lrom active business. MATTHEW Dt RSEY. Fort Valley, June 21, 1853. Je2B—w 5t HOTEL FOR SALE. .• n THE subscriber offers or sale his coinmodi ous and ; well finished Hotel, situated on the east side ol the |~S5| public square, in the town ot Buena Vista, Ga., and j jOuJL I. ‘ own as the “Gi.i BE HOTEL.” It is furnished with j all necess / conveniences, and has pertaining to it, a goov. | kitchen, s.uoke house,stable, lot, &ic., all in good repair. The ! house is con niently situated, and is favored with a liberal share ; of boarding rttd transient custom. Buena Vista, though new, if j a large and beautiful town. Its schools,and varied merchanttle i and mechanic interests, insure its permanency and rapid growth, i No one need fear depreciation in property for many years. Persons wishing to purchase such property, would do well to ; call and examine. Reasonable time will beallowed for payment, j For terms apply to the undersigned WILLIAMS, or to WILLIAMS tt. OLIVER , March s—9wtf Buena Vista, A/arion eo. Ga. VALUABLE IMPROVED LAND FOR SALE IN LOWNDES COUNTY. I'll E FXDERSIGSED has not yet sold his place, four miles irom the Brunswick aud Florida Railroad, w hich is j now buituiug. in ‘his body of land there are about i,509 acres fine hammock and pine land —230 cleared. It is well watered, healthy ami fertile. A great bargain can be had. Gome and view it. My address is Sharpe’s More Post Office, Ga. June 21, 1853. wltlt D. B. GRAHAM. For Sale. . MY Plantation on the Glt-nnville, (Ala.,) road, s< ven j miles troin Columbus, containing 340 acres,about 160 of 1 which is cleared and in a line state ol cultivation. , The improvements are a frame dwelling with four ; room.-, kitchen, cribs and stables conveniently arranged. The ; place has an abundant supply ot excellent spring water, is con ! churches, sch< ols and market, is very healthy and in :an ex®.lent neighborhood—persons wishing to purchase can ! obtain any desired information by calling on Mr. Whitten, on ! the premises, or the subscriber in Columbus. 1 B. F. COLEMAN. Columbus, June 21—w 6m. South Covvika Plantation For Sale. -5*5 THE subscriber havin'-'determined to remove West, i offers for sale his plantation, containing seven hundred j and seventy-five acres, about one halt cleared and under good /ences, situated twenty four miles west of Eufaula, | nine miles from Clayton, and twelve miles from the route of the j : Girard and Mobile Railroad. For terms apply to Mr. Thomas Robinson at Eufaula, or to . the subscriber on the premises. lIENUI 11. FIELD. I April 26 —w6m On Consignment. 50 Hds. New Orleans Sugar. , fc&JM 59 Bbls. 44 44 4 * VA-artoW 30 Casks Sides. 5 44 Sh tulders. All of w hich w ill be sold low for Cash. Call and examine them. C. 8. HARRISON & CO. Columbus, April B—twtf MEDICAL CARD. DR. N. H. WIGGINS, OFFERS his professional services to the citizens ot Co- • I lumbus and vicinity. Xffir Office at Dr. Young’s Drug Store. Columbus, July 2—w&twtt’ i CORN ! CORN!! CtORN wanted, for which the highest market price will bo paid , at PALACE MILLS. Columbus, June 24—w&twtf NOTICE. D A. GARRETT is my duly authorised agent to transact any • bus'ness o’ mine, iliat may hereaftei be found in his hands. Columbus, July I—wfctwbm ‘ HIUKA RETURNED. C T. CUSHMAN, D. D. S. HAS returned from New York, - \ _ and where he critically inspected, in r variousDentalLaboratories,some of the best woik that can be done, and availed himself of addi tional means toexecute the same stvles with dispatch. Also, to operate on the teeth, with his usual care and finish. Over Foster & Purple’s Jewelry Store* No. 69 Broad Street. Columbus, January, 7—twtf BUSINESS CARDS. Thomas j. nuckollsT ‘ ATTORNEY AT LAW, Columbus, Georgia. Offlceover I. G. STRi rrsaV, near corner ol Broad andßsa doiph streets. WILL practice in the counties ol this and the adjoining judicial circuit in Alabama. March 15—wly W. C. M’IVER, ATTORNEY AT LA W , Tuskegee, Macon co., Ala. Will practice in the counties of .Macon, Montgomery, 1 aliapoosa, Ftke, Barbour and Russel. • amiarv 2*2—4\v ly TUCKER & BEALL, *4 TTORN EYS AT LA W, Lcmpkin. Stewart G’ovstt, Ga. WILL attend regularly the Superior Courts of Stewart. Marion ruinpter and Randolph counties: and will give prompt atten tion to all business entrusted to their care. JOHN’ A. TUCKER, E. H. BEALL. Lumpkin. January 18. 1853—3w1y GEO. S. ROBINSON, ATTORN EY A T L AW. Cuihbert, Georgia. Rxrxßr.vcxs :—Hons. M. J. Wellborn and Allred Iverso rolnmbua. Guthbert, Nov 2—43wti KING cV WINNEMORE, COMMIS SI O N MERCH ANT S, MOBILE, ALABAMA. _Dec.j20,1849. [Mob. Trib .] 15 ts S. S. STAFFORD, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Blakely, Early Cos.. Ga. apSwa INGRAM & CRAWFORD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Columbus, Geo. Will practice in the Chattahoochee Circuit and the adjoining counties. Office over the store of J. K. Redd & Cos. PORTER INGRAM, M. J. CRAWFORD. Columbus, January 11—2w6ni DOUHLASS & DOUGLASS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Cuihbert , Getrgia. TTTILL practice in the counties of the Southwestern Circuit, V ‘ and in Stewart county of the Chattahoochee circuit. IF GEN IUS L. DOUGLASS, Nov 39—wly MAKCELLUB DOUGLASS. NICOLAS G A CHET, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Tuskegee, V. -fuma. OFFICE OVER PORTER’S BRK K eTORE. WILL attend the courts of the Ninth Circuit, and Montgomery, Pike, and Barbour in the Eighth Circuit. march v9—wly R. J. MOSES, JOHN PEABODY, MOSES & PEABODY, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, COLUMBIA, GEORGIA. WILL practice in Muscogee county, Ga., and Rusee 11 county. Ala., and in the Supreme Court ot the State of Georgia. • Columbus, June 29-wtwtf WILLIAMS & OLIVER, .4 TTORNE YS A T LAW, jIUK.NA \ IST A, MaRIONCOUNTY, GEORGIA. . LL practice in the counties *'l Marion, Macon, Houston VV Stewart, Uandolph amt any adjv....ngcounty whete thev services may be required. WM. F. WILLIAMS. TtIAPDEUb OLIVER, l eb 27—tw3in&.wtf. ; Sam. S. Hamilton, Columbus Cunningham. HAMILTON W CUNNINGHAM, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, TROY, Pike County, Ala. ! April 23, 1853—w&twly. ij. r. GREENWOOD, JOSIAII MORRIS, J. 1. RIDGWAY. (iKEKNVVOOI), .MORRIS & RIDGWAY, FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANT!!. Vo. 47 Caroudeiet Street, Vew tirleans. < let 29—w&tw ly J- S. WOODBiUDGE, PRACTICAL ARTIST & DAGUERREOTYPIST* COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. Rooms over I'oster Ac l’urple’s Jewelry Stoi ! Broad Street. Columbus, Jan. s—lw& T. J. COLQUITT, attorney at law Buena Vista. Ga., j \T7ILL practice in the Courts of arion and Htewp.rtthc Chat >V tahoochee Circuit— an Macon, Lee aud Sumpter, of the Southwestern Circuit. Rkfkkknck —lion. V\ . T. (J o lqi itt Coliimbus, Ga. iulyis—tf _ WILLIAMS, OLIVER AND BROWN, Attorneys at Law, BUENA VISTA, MARION CO. GA. Will practice in the counties of Marion, Macon, Houston Stewart, Randolph, jV/uscogee, Lee, Taylor, ami any adjoining counties where their services may be required. WM. V. WILLIAMS, TUADDKC* OLIVER, JACK. DROWN. January 28— swly F. T. CULLENS, ATTORNEY, A T LA W , BLAKELY, EARLY COUNTY, GA. Oct 5, 1R52. 4w--a ly D. B. r HOMPSON & CO., (AT TIIE SIGN OF THE HEART,) Below Hill, Dawson At Cos. TIN, Copper, Sheet Iron, Steam Boat work, all manner of Gutters, Piping, Conductors and Roofing done to i order, substantially and warranted. Nov. 2 48 ~ 1 li C. S. HARRISON k CO. AUCTTON AND COMMSSIOV MERCHANTS. Broad street, Columbus. Ga. WTlLLattcnd promptly to all business consigned to them VV Feb 13— NOTICE. A NEW LIVERY STABLE IX GIRARD, ALA., By J- B . HIC E , rrMiE undesigned has taking the Livery B tat in Girard, Ala., 1 heretofore occupied by V.O. Kirkland, or the purpose of Car i®"™TlVF.RY STABLE BUSIN ESS,MK— Under the supeiintendence ot D. A. GARREIT, ! the proprietor of the City Hotel, Columbus, Georgia. _ This stable will be inferior to none in this couutry in point of attention to stock and good management. _________ i Persons wishing to hire HORSES and BUGGIES can find as good in thisstable as can be found any where. Call an give me a trial. . . . . i ‘ N. B. The citizens of Columbus will please bear in mind that wheneverthey have to hire a horse or a horse and buggj I ‘* r . transaction of business in Alabama, that they can ro ®k e a of front 25 to 75 cents on the trip by hiring on the other sme o. the river. Girard, Ala-, July 2 twtim _ kindret and crednors 0 . . ] aw and show cause is any office, within the time prosennett l uy n o . ■ “ w b S'.7'sS^£*3rf<(YTofrui ) -..e53. Given under my bana w m . .0. P. BEALL, Ordinary. July 8 w6t Ti W r> date. I will apply to the ordinary of for have to sell the lands of Archibald Ri ‘ nd °. ph JOHN PETERSON, Adm’r. Peterson, deceasea- July B—w2m rrtWO month*—aft* r date, I will apply to July B—w2m