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The Times & sentinel tri-weekly. (Columbus, Ga.) 1855-1858, August 18, 1855, Image 1

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®li( limes & Sentinel. VOLUME IIIJ THE TIMES TENNENT LOMAX & ROSWELL ELLIS* EDITOKS and proprietors. TIIR TKf-WBBKLY TIMES dt SBJfTINEL „ ..uMhhcl EVERY H'EDtfESOA Y amt FRIDA YMO Rtf. • vvj unii V 1 TURD A Y EFEtfltfG. THK WEKKIiY TIMES A SENTINEL puJtlMhed every TUESDA Y M-ORtfltfO. Office oa Randolph Street, opposite the Post Office. TERMS: TRI-WEEKLY,Fiv* Doilarb per annum, inadvance. WEEKLY, Two Dollars per annum,in advance. Advertisements conspicuously inserted at On* Dollar persquare, lor the first insertion, and riFTY cents for every sub “S eraldeduction will be made for yearly advertisements. Julies of i.aml and Negroes, by Administrators, Executors,or G uardinij“, are reqaired by law to be held on t lie first l uesday la the month, between the hours of ten in the forenoon and th/ee in the afternoon, atthe Court House inthecounty in which the property is situate. Notices ot these sales must be given in s public ga/.ott e forty 1 previous, to the <la\ ol sale. Jlfotic6H for th hrWs of Personal Property must be given at lest *cn day* previous to the day Os sale. .... Notice to Debtors aud Creditors ofan Estate must be publish tfoticeth a!application will bemadeto the Court otOrdinary for leave to sell Land or Negroes, must be published * eekly for two month*. . , . . ... , Citations for I,otters of Administration roust be published thirty days—tor Dismission fr*m Administration, monthly .sir. months—ior Dismission from Guardianship forty days. Rules for Foreclosure of Mortgage must be published monthly for four months — for establishing lost papers, forth* full spue* ; of three month* —for compelling titles from Executors or Admin- j Ut raters. where a bond has been given by the deceased, the. full ! space of three, months. Publications willalways bo continued according to these, the I laral requirements,unless otherwise ordered. BUSINESS GAUDS. raSmNG^AiroTioOKCHNDING. HAVING connected with our Printing Office, a full . and complete assortment of Book Binder’? tools aud stock, and also added to our Prii ting materials, we are now prepared to execute, in good style and with despatch,every kind el work in either branch of the business, on tire best terms. BLANK WORK, of every description, with or with out printing, made to order, in the neatest manner. WARE HOUSE PRINTING, Receipts, Drafts, Notes, Bills of Lading, &e., &c., executed ueatly and promptly, and bound in any desired style. RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT BLANKS, ot a.ll kinds got up.with accuracy and dispatch. Bill Hoads, Cards, Circulars, Hand Bills, Posters, Programmes, Alc., (fee., printed in the shor test notice and in the best style. Magazine and Pamphlets put up in every style o binding. Books o all kindsiebound strongly and neatly. LONIAX A ELLIS. Columbus, April 15,1854. DR. T. STEWART, _ _n HA VINE returned to Columbus would reepectfullran trounce that lie has resumed his practice of Medicine U?W a d Surgery. Columbus,Ha., Dec. 7, 1854. w&twtf ROBERT N. HOWARD, AT T ORNEY AT LA W, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. r v Office in the St. Mary’s Bank Building, up Stairs. July 22, 1854—tw&wly. ROBERT E. DIXON, ATTORNEY A? LAW, COL UM B US, GPOJIG lA Ofiice over E. Barnard’s & Co.’s Store April s—wtwly JAMES HAMILTON. WM. F. PLANE HAMILTON & PLANE, Attorneys at Law, Columbus, Geo. Will practice iu the Courts of the adjoining counties n this State and Alabama. decs w&twtf. DENTON & PHILIPS, AT TO R N K Y S AT L A W . WILL Practice iu the different courts of Russell county, Alabama. ADDRESS K. WATSON DENTON, JOHN M. PHILIPS, Columbus, Ga. Crawford, Ala Sept. 15, 1854. w&twlv. JAMES B. CUNNINGHAM, CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR. COLUMBUS, EGORGIA. A RCHITECTUR AI. Designs and Working Plans for Build -2Y iug* furnished. Artificer’s work calculated; Surveys <> land made, and Topograpical plans furnished with accuracy, neatness and despatch. rr’ Office over Col. Holt’s Law Office. Columbus, Feb. -4. w&twtf. PEYTON H. COLQUITT, ATTORNEY AT LAW., COLUMBUS, GA. tgr Office In St. Mary’s Bask Building. inayJti w&twtf. .1. M. RUSSELL, VTTO R>• ■: V A T 1. AW , Dflfceat present, with G F, Thomas, Esq., over J R Kcdd & Cos Broad Strcet—Coliunbus. Gtorxla. Columbus, \pril 0, 1855. |w&twtf A. F. OWEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, TALBOTTON, QA. W IIL prepare Declarations for persons entitled tobown ly*laiuls and pensions,ami will attend to the prosecution of all claims of that nature* ap'so—wtf S.s. STAFFORD, ATTORNEY AT LAV, BLAKELY, EARLY COUNTY, GA- y* wit. R. A TURNIPSEED, ATTORNEY VT LAW, CUSSLTA, CHATTAHOOCHEE COUNTY, GA. T\TILL promptly atteud to all business committed to VV iuv Cliarce. April 21,1855 wly SEALS & COX, Attorneys at Law and Solicitors in Chancery. 1 ITU.L V tend the Court? of Barbour, Heitrv and Pike, in \> the Eighth Judicial Urcmt, and those or Macou and Rus set! in the Ninth. ‘Special attention s?ivn to business in the Chancery 3inl Probate Courts ot Barbouran l Macon c<>nntus. p. M. SC\LB, Clayton, Ala. MUSKS CO.\,Tuskegee, Ala. fWttbber. il~ ly THE FINEST LOT OF B A C ON HAMS E*td oflsrad in (hid insukel, tor by A. M. ALLEN, UT Broad *7—W# “'ll “THE UNION OF THE STATES AN D TH E SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES.’’ RICHAItD HOOPER, COMMISSION MERCHANT, chattanogiia, tenn. VV pd promp,,y , to t,le purchase of COUNTRY May 13—twly ° T Hn> Uth * r businessentrustcd to his care. 100,000 POUNDS RAGS WANTED. ties ot 100 pounds and over. ’ quantl r , , . „ JEFFERSON & HAMILTON. Columbus, Ga. Feb. 15,1855. LUMBER, LUMBER. THE undersigned are prepared to furnish Oak, Hickory, 1 oplar, Ash, Beach and Pine Lumber front their Mill at market prices, delivered on Railroad or in Columbus. Per sons wishing lumber, will leave their bills at the Auction Room ol Harrison, Austin & McGehee, where they will be promptly attend to. dec. 23—twtf. WHITTEI.suY & BRO. DR.T. S. TUGGLE, OFFICE ;over mullford’s on broui street, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. Columbue, January 10th, 1855. twly. Drs. BROOKS fc CARRIGER. _ JUL Q D A VlNGassociatedtbeinsel vestogether tn too various WE® branches of ‘ heir profession, thev will bd enabled there- UB by to give more general satisfaction toallwho ioh\ favor them with t heir confidence. Dr. Carriger Js fully prepared aud willgivcspeclal attention to all cases of SURG lilt Y entrusted to his rare. Office in Winter’s Bank Building, Columbus. Jan. J4—twtf J. A. FOX, ATTORNEY AT LAW, WILL practice in this and the adjoining counties. Office j in St. Maryb’ Bank Building, Columbus, Ga. References: T I.OMAX, MANtKT & HOroXS, l DR v A STANFORD. J; PATTKR. Columbus, Oct 7—twly ) 1 WM. PERRY, A T TORN K Y A T I, A W . COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. \7I7ILL practice in this and adjoining counties, particu lar attention paid to the securing and collection of debts. Office with Col. A. MeDougald. dec 14—tw4m. TROY FACTORY WARE ROOMS. COLUMBUS, GA., JAN. Ist, 1854, FROM and after this date no goods will be sold at the above establishment except for CASH ! janll—twtf. WALTON K. HARRIS. ROPE. FIVE HUNDRED COILS FANCY KENTUCKY BALE ROPE. Justreeeivedand for sale atthe Alabama NVarehouse bv „ J. I. RIDGWAY. Columbus, Ga., May 4—twtf FO It SALE. MTHE HOUSE AND LOT at present occupied by the subscriber. Possession given immediately. H. T. HALL. April 20, 1855—twtf MIDWIFERY. Mils. JANE M’GINTY offers her professional servi ces to the people of Columbus and vicinity. She has had thirty years uxperieuce in the business and ’ flatters herself that by strict attention she will merit the public patronage. She may be found, when not professionally engaged, at her residence ou Jackson street, just below the Methodist Mission Church. [raarls—twtf. ANTIIENiEUM INSURANCE COMPANY OF LONDON. UNITED STATES BRANCH OFFICE. 80, South Street, Philadelphia. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $10,000,000. AVAILABLE CAPITAL $1,284,300, YXTlLLtake any and all fair risks against loss or damage l>y TV Fire at a reasonable rate. Losses adjusted aud promptly paid without reference to London. References in Philadelphia. Atwood & Cos., John Grigg, Powers fc Weightman, Mjers,Cleghorn&Co Joliu Farnum, Geo. H. Stewart, Win. Mi Kee & Cos. White, Stevens & Cos. j TRUSTEES. Geo.(l. Stewart, John T. White, T. Itatehford Starr. Applications for risks may be made to JOHN MUNN, Agent. Columbus Ga., April 28, 1855. tw3m SULPHUR AND MEDICATED Vapor Batlis. AT BROOKS & CHAPMAN’S DRUG-STORE. THESE BATHS will relieve and permanently cure all disea ses arising from an impure state of the blood. Their efficacy have been fully and sucessf'ully tested in Chron ic Diseases like the following to wit: Salt Khcum, Gout, Rheumatism, Painful and Diseased Kyes, Sore Throat, Diseases of the Liver, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, King Worms, Pimpled Face, Erysipelas, Palsy, Neuralgia, Ticdolereaux, Nervous Irritability, Obstinate Glandular Affec tions, Dropsv. Deafness. Asthma, Catarrh, Cancer, Consump tion, Phthi dies, (Pulmonary) Leprosy, Gravel, and all Cutane ous Diseases. may.l twtf MARINE AND FIRE INSURANCE BANK OF SAVANNAH. AGENCY AT COLUMBUS, TTJT LL receive Deposits—and Checks for sale on New York Y\ Macouand Savannah. April‘24—twtf RICHARD PATT N. EAGLE MANUFACTURING CO. COLUMBUS, GA. THE Factory, now being in fall operation, is able to supply (on their usual terms) promptly as ordered, the various stiles of their Manufactures, which consists of the following variety: YARNS, OSNABURGS, 4-4 SHEETINGS I SHIRT ING, Cotton S’ripes, of great variety oi Pattern; COTTON V LES, embracing many new stiyles; Negro Kerseys A Pine Knot Plains; Planters’ Casiraores, Truck for Trowsers. Hfwlnjf Thread. Shop Twine? Ratting ,&c. iCSF” To Cash purchasers inducements will be offered. J- R-BROWNE, Ag’t. To Hire BY the dav. weeU. or month, for remainder of the yea* - 3 Likely Negro Men. Apply t jSSJifwtf M.C.PHiaPS. MARBLE WORKS, Ensl*ile Broad St. nearthe Market House COLUMBUS, GA. nA VEconstantly on hand all hinds ot Grave Stone* Mojvmfnte, Tomb* and Tablet*, of American Italian and Irish Marple. Engraving and carvtce done oa ‘G*neiathe besi possible manner; and iilkinafolGj-aD t*o Work Uh**hort*#tooUee- JOH H. MAIT EN. F.S,-4*U“’•ic*f Tria4 C*ntus- B * a } v ° 4 -* iM Li *%.#. UaimtitiUß, IKM IWL COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST IS, 1855 TRI-WEEKL Y. Just Received and for Sale Cheap A LOT O l-’J It IR D CA G ES.* j une7—tw2m R. M. ALDWfI>RTH Sc CO. GREAT EXCITEMENT] l~ To tlie Puhllo. DO you know that'J Kverybody desiring to Purchase life-like and Enduring likenesses of their Wives, Husbands, Children, Brothers, Sisters and Friends, are making a Grand rush, toby far the best, A nd only place in Columbus, where Likenesses, which seem to breathe and Live, can be got up, at short notice, in landless variety of style, and possessing that Richness of finish, which has never Yet been equalled or approached, at any Other establishment in the State of Georgia. Forget it not, and whenever you want a Gem ol a Picture,call at V. I. DEPEW’S Excelsior Gallery—-Woodbridge’sold stand. Many thousands of Pictures, in Columbus, Speak tor themselves, and testifv to the above. March 31, 1855. ‘ twtf. RIDDLE'S Fashionable Daguerrean Gallery. THE Proprietor has the largest, neatest, and most fashiona bly arranged GALLERY for the Art in the State, lie uses the best material, and allow s nothing but first class Pictures to leave his Rooms. So forget not, ye lovers of theFiuc Arts, when ye sally forth to obtain those imperishableigems, to call ou RIDJbt.E. He will give you a Handsome Picture and a Good Daguerreo type. As for taking children, family groups, Steriscopee, out door views, &.0., he defies any Artist iuthe country to surpass hitu. Rooms on Broad Street, over C. Mvgatt’s Dry Goods Store, Columbus. Ga. mar3l—t w9m. FOR SALE. m HAVING removed to my plantation I offer for sale my late residence, just* south of my father’s (Major John li. Howard’s ) and east of the Musco gee Kail Road Depot. It is one of tiro most desir able homes in or about Columbus. Mr.Goetchius will show the premseato those who wish to purchase. Communications addressed to me at Eufaula, Ala. junfi—ttvtf. H R. HOWARD. NEW CARPET STORE AGENCY. THE subscriber is Agent ofYV. H.Guion.New Carpet Store Savannah, Ga., who has alwayson hand Carpeting, Oil Cloths, Hearth Rugs, Druggets, Table and Piano Covers, Window Shades, Lace and Muslin Curtains, Curtain Stuffs, Stair Rods, &c. Samples anil pricesof all qualities of Carpeting and OilClolh may be seen at my store, 82 Broad street, Columbus, Ga., and an v of the above articles ordered without delay. Carpets cut torooms free of charge, and made, ifdesired, for smallcoinpensation, by an experienced hand in Savannah. I will be regularlysupplieil with new patterns for the coming season. I\ A. CLAYTON, 82 Broad Street. Columbus,May 3—twtf _ British ppurnnin me EARLY COPIES SECURED. LEONARD SCOTT & CO., New York, continue to re-publish the following British Periodicals, viz: 1. The London Quarterly (Conservative.) 2. The Edinburgh Review (Whig.) 3. The North British Review (Free Church.) 4. The Westminister Review (Liberal.) 5. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (Tory.) The present critical state of European affairs will render these publicationsunasually interesting during the forthcom ing year. They will occupy a middle ground between the hastily written news items, crude speculations,and flying rumors of the daily Journal and the ponderous Tome of the future historiau, written after the living interest anti excite ment of the great political events ot the time shall have parsed way. It is to these Periodicals that readers must look for tlie only really intelligible and reliable history of current events, and as such, in addition to their well estab lished literary, scientific, and theological character, we urge them upon the consideration of ihe reading public. ESP* Arrangements are now permanently made for the receipt of EARLY SHEETS from the Brinish Publish ers, bv which we are enabled to place ALL UUK Kb- PRINTS in the hands of subscribers, about as soon as they can be furnished with foreign copies. Although this in volves a very large outlay on our part, we shall continue to furnish the Periodicals at ’he same low rates as heretofore v j 7 ; ler aim. For any one of the four Reviews 00 For any two of the four Reviews 5 00 For any three of the four Reviews 7 00 For all fourot the Reviews 8 00 For Blackwood’s Magazine •* °0 For Blackwood and throe Reviews 0 00 For Blackwood ana the four Reviews 10 00 Payments to be made in all cases in advance.. Money current in the State where issued will be received at j POr ’ CLUBBING. A discount of twenty-five per cent, from the above pri ces will be allowed to'Clubbs ordering four or more cop ies of any one or more of the above works. T bus: r our copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $9; four copies of the four Reviews and Black wood lor S3O; and so on. POSTAGE. In all the principal cities and towns, these works will be delivered, through agents, FREE OF POSTAGE. \V hen sent by mail, the Postage to jinv part of the United States will be but Twenty-Four Cents a year for “Blackwood,” and Fourteen Cents a year lor eacn of the Reviews. Remittances and communications should always be ad dressed, post-paid, to the Publishers, ,V V LEONARD SCOTT & CO. j„ n 9_ttvlm. 54_Gold Street. New York. WANTED, A FIRST RATE TIN PLATE WORKER. None other need apply. I je7-tw2m. R. M. ALDWORTH. HEAR BOTH SIDES. All the World will Read this Book. ! THE LI F E AND BEAUTI E S OF FANNY FERN, IN ONE VOLUME, 1*2310., CLOTII. Who <s Ruth Hall! la Rnth Hull Fann j Keru t or somebody else* anvl if Fanny Fern Is not Ruth Hall .who la Fanny Fern! THE LIFE AND BEAUTIES OF FANNY FERN’ now before the public, aud the world will be enlighte And this book a strange tale unfold?. ... The present Work i* authentic In all Ii Those who hare read the advance copy, pronounce it th. wittiest, spiciest book of the season. .... It presents vivid,life lihep.cturesot the charming and bri! Author of Fern Leave? and Ruth Hall, al her own fireside, in the Editor’s Sanctum, in the Church. audevervw here, and in every position she is the sam* fascinating woman. „ . _ In tb e volume, several of r anny Fern ? earliest efforts appear for the first lime in book form. The reader willtlnd that they possess the same aUractiv< features whisb ehar"C'.eri*e ali her productions. They arealternalely witty and pathetic, causticand *oo ! hinp, sparkling sad pensive. No other author wfi! Sc iduchirg ejnt* cho-as of tke bes r 4 Just r*,ived end J>f • I IV. fEASE, HENRY W. VERSTILLE, Commission & Forward’g Merchant, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, REFERE NCES : Hou.JohnW. \nit er*on. Savannah, Ga. Messrs. Holcombe, Johnson &U. lien. Henry YV. Hilliard, Montgomery, A'a. Maj. John H. Howard, Columbus, Ga. Dr. Henry Lockhart, “ “ H. B. Young, Esq . Eufaula, Ala. junlSwtwtf GREENWOOD & GRIMES, WAREHOUSE AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. WILL give their particular attention to the storage.and sale of cotton, and other produce, which may be con* i signed to them. They are prepared to make liberal ad • vatices on cotton in store. ! Prompt, attention will be given to tbe RECEIVING and ! FORWARDING BUSINESS. E. S. GREENWOOD. STERLING Y. GRIMES; Columbus, Sept. 5, 1854—w&twly J. C. RUSK, J. If. DAVIS, W. If. LONG. ruse; DAVIS & LONG,' ” COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND SHIP FING A G ENTS, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Y\ ILL purchase audsel) cotton anil i>l.l* r produce on cora miseioD,and etrictly atteudto terwardiuggoods aud Ailing or- ! ders from the country. Ruse, Patten & Cos., agents Columbus, by whom liberal ad vances will be madeon consigniDeutseitherto or through us to : our friends in Liverpool or the North. July 9, 1853—w&twtf LOCKETT &, SNELLINGS, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SAVANNAH, GA., WIT.L attend to the selling of COTTON and all kinds o PRODUCE. Strict attention given to Receiving and Par warding Goods. E. LOCKETT, H. D. SNELLINGS. Savannah, Ga., Sept. 1, 1854 tw&wly HUDSON, FLEMING &, CO., SAVANNAH, GA. HOPKINS, lIUDSON &, CO., CHARLESTON, S. C. FACTORS ANT) COMMISSION MERCHANTS. RENEW an offer of thir services to Planters, Merchant sand Dealers in the sale of Cotton atul all other country produce- Strict'atttention will be given to business, and liberal cash ad 1 vauccs and facilities afforded customers when required. JNO. It. HUDSON, ) c , / > navannan. L. HOPKINS, Augusta. John j. coiien, Charleston. Aug. 4—tw&wtf COPARTNERSHIP.’ THE undersigned havingthis day lormed a Copartnershipun derthe name and style of HARRISON, AUSTIN * M’GEIIEE, for the purpose of transacting a general AUCTION AND COMMISSION, RECEIVING AND FORWARDING. IND. 1 NEGRO business, at the old stand of C. S. HARRISON, pledge themselves to a prompt and faithful attention to all business committed to their care. They w ill give tbeir personal attentionJ.o the sale of Real and Personal Property, Merchandize and Produce. Having ample facilities at their command, they are prepared to make liberal cash advances on Negroes aud Merchandize of every description. The patronage of their friends and the public generally is solicited. . C. S. 11AR BISSON, WILLIAM AUSTIN, A. C. McGEHEE. Columbus, Ga., .Sept. 1, 1854. Septl6-tw&wtf * COPARTNERSHIP. VTHC uudei signed having entered iu a genera l^pjpj^ eßd GROCERY BUSINESS, SSli allhe old stand of P. McLaren & Cos., willj keep constantly on baud a full supply of All kinds of Groceries, for wholesale and retail. We solicit the patronageof our friends and the public gen erally. i’. McLaren & duck. PETKR MCI,ARKS, I.KVt a. POCK. Columbus, Oct 7th, 1834 Oct 11 —tw&wtf WINTER FAGTQRY, Columtous, G-a. YARNS, LINSEYS, WRAPPING TWINE SEWING THREAD, for pale. WOOL Carded at one fourth toll or ten cents per pound. LINSEYS made up on shares, or 15c. per yard. All Work done Promptly and Warranted. MONTGOME RY I RON IVORKS, MONTGOMERY, ALA. WILL FURNISH PROMPTLY STF.AM Engines,Circular Saw Mill*.'Grist Mills, Shafting, . _ or any desci iption of MACH IX h. hV. Also Rich’s un rivalled Water Wheels,the best in the world. Lynch, Page is. Co, Whittlesy fc Cos., Woodruff &. Goetchius,on the Muscogee Rail Road, and numerous others, testify to cutting 1000 feet of Lumber per hour; each using one of our Patent Circular tsaw Mills ot one Saw. C. W. WINTER. marli—w&twtf Agent, Columbus Georgia. NOTICE. T3ERSOXS indebted to A. C. Flewellen fc Cos. will please L makeimmediate payment. Their accounts may be found atthe Book Store of J. L. HOWELL. Columbus, Dec 30—twr&wtf PRICES REDUCED. COTTON YARNS FOR SALE At 80 cents per. Bunch, “Cash.” july 11— v 'twtf. WINTER. FACTORY. SPECIAL NOTICE. IN order that our customers may understand the terms on which we trade, we have thought it advisable to publish them. They are as follows: For all purcha.-ee or. nine, payments will be required twice a year; say let May au<£jst J&ouarv. On all amounts unpaid at the timet speettied, wftthali claim Slid expect internet until paid. £. BARNARD. ico. Coinifthu.* I ,Jau. Dt/jj janU—wdstwß. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. MONTGOMERY, WEST POINT & OPELIKA BRANCH RAILROAD. On and after the 16th July ‘DRAINS on this road will be (gov trd by the following 1 SCIIKDI NK: DAY TRAIN. Leave Montgomery a. m. Arrive at Columbus 11 r>n a. in. Arrive at WesPPoint U.-tia.m. I.cave f ulumbus 8.10 a. in. Arrive at Montgomery 2.40 p. m. Amvea! West Point. 11.45 a. in. NIGHT TP AIN. Leave Montgomery 8..-.0 p. n. Arrive at Columbus 2.45 a. ** Point 2.30 u. in. Leave Columbus I i.:w p.m. Arrive at Montgomery 7.30 a.m. *• West Point 2.30 p. m. Double Daily Connections are continued from West Point to Atlanta and Nashville, ami daily to Knoxville, Tcnn. Daily connections are continued from Montgomery to .Mo bile by stages and steamboats. Passengers taking the Night Train from Columbus, are re quested to purchase tickets of the agent a; the PERKY HOUSE between the hours of 10 and U o’clock p.m. iul 20.. w fetwtf. 8. G. JON EH. EokVA Hup, Change of Schedule ON* TUI-1 MUSCOGEE RAIL ROAD! OVER WHICH PASSES THE 6REIT NEW YOKE; AND NEW ORLEANS Mill ! On and after July 16th, I'MIEKE willbe Two Dall.v Mnil Trains between . Columbus and Macou —arrival and departure a- follows : Arrive at Columbus TV a. m. and JH \ p.m. Leave “ la.'ir. and 2v. p. in. Arrive at Macon Ht”\ t a. in. and 8.5(1 p. in. Leave do 2.10a.m. and 3?, p. ni. BOTH TRAINS Making a complete connection between Montgomery, Ain., nnd Augusta, Kingsville, Wilmington and Charleston: also, with Central Kail Road to Savannah, ami Milledgeville, and with the Macon ami Western Trains to Atlan'a, Chattanooga, Nashville ami Knoxville. Also, connecting at Columbus with the Girard ‘.Mobile Railroad, for Kufaula. ltul one. change of Ci> let ween Montgom ery and Augusta, between which places are running careful Baggage Masters under heavy bonds, who will check baggage and follow it through. B. E. WELLS, Columbus,^Ju!y]l7—tw&wtt Engineer and Sup’t CHANGE OF SCHEDULE MOBILE AND GIRARD KAIL ROAD. AFTER Monday, Kith July, the Passenger and Freight Train will leave Girard at 3 1 . P. M.daily, (.Sundays excep ted) connecting at Silver Run with a daily line of Stages to Glennville, Eufaula, Fort Gaines, and Marianna, Fla. And on Tuesdays, and Fridays, with the Mages lor lichee, Adivet, Kuon, Chuiiennuggee. Midway and Union Springs. Leaving Silver Kunlata, A. M., daily, (Mondays excepted) the Cars will reach Girard in time to connect with tluyCtpelika At>Mna “tn* j9VvvA*vr. -*• . _ * at the otlice at Silver Run, at less than the regular late. R. A. HARD A WAY. Julylti-w&twtf. F.ngineer. ANDREWS, RIDGWaY &, CO. DEALERS IN STAPLE DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, WINES, LIQUORS, &C., &C. (Four Doors beloiv Hill <fc Dawson’s old Corner) BROAD STREET, ‘COLUMBUS, GA. Columbus, Oct 15, 1853. —tw&wtf THIS Medicine is prepared by a regular hrnl Soul/urn k'hy sicinn who has practiced his protession I*.*r the last eight een years in the State of Alabama. It w ,11 l>c tound upon a fair trial to be the most prompt and effectual remedy tor all diseases ot the Chkst and Lcnqs ever discovered, and when every other letnedy tails this is sure to give relief. Ttie greatest care has been taken in its preparation, being compounded on the most scientific principles. In its ccmposi tion is embraced a combination of the most valuable annr-iTcr five Expectorants , .4 vo'lu uts and StdatirM which are known to possess the highest repute with all intelligent members ot the Medical Profession. No fact can be more self evident than that this preparation has already acquired high reputation and great popularity wherever it has been introduced. Assuming no extraordina ry pretensions, but relying solely upon itsown intrinsic virtues, this valuable medicine, invented and prepares! by an experi enced, southern Physician after many years of practical inves tigation and application,'has at length seemed the mot un limited confidence, wherever it has been introduced, as acer. tain remedial agent-in all diseases of the re-piratory organs. If the unsolicited testimony of skillful physicians, profound lawyers, and eminent divines, together with others ot h‘-h character,learning and discrimination, can be any evidence o its intrinsic superiority, certainly it hasa claim ‘upon the gen erous confidence of an enlightened and discriminating com munity. A train of disease- so desolating, so withering, s> general and fatal in their rcMilts, ha- at length met w ilb a rem edy that sever kails TOtiT,*, uules-by long and criminal neglect or injudicious: tr* atmentthe disease has completely un dermined the constitution, and nothing has been, left to rear the fair labric of health upon, but its ruined at.d desolated frag ments. A remedy therefore that canberelied upon, : that mult. YIELD IMMEDIATE RELIEF, THAT WILL (X RE BEYOND A DO! BT,if the directions are faithfully followed, is priceless, for health i paramouut to all earthly considerations, and by far the most inestimable trea-urethis world can afford. l>r. Boon, a dis tinguished physician ot Macon, Ga., say*-, “that in every in stance he has iouni this preparation a safe and prompt reme dy for all pnlmonarv- and takes pleasure in recom mending it as a reliable anodyne expectorant.” Dr. Tennaift, of Marietta, Ga., a physician of (decidedly high reputation as an abie and experienced practitioner, entcrta.ns and expresses the same opinion, and recommends it extensively iu his prac ijee. Dr. P.M.Cohen,of Char estou, S. C., the senior partner in the enter she Wholesale and Importing Drug House of P. M, Cohen &-Co., recommend sit in the highest and say ; this preparation has the highest character in that city.and that |he usesil altogether in his family with invariable sncces*. Di. W. A. Booth,of Memphis, Term., expresses the most exalted opinion of its efficacy. Dr,J. B. Ellis, of Ripley, re commends ilhighl .and plrdscribesit extensively in bis-practice. I In addition to the above, the inventor and proprietor oi this Medicine has an almost innumerable number ol testimonial- of its efficacy and high character, ami is daily receiving more. Sold by all wholesale and retail Druggists everywhere, and iiiColumbas by Messrs Brooks te Chapman; Danforth if. Nagle; Robt. Carter; Robert A. Ware, and David Young. Price Une Dollar per Bottle, or 6ix Dottles for Five Dollars. rr Cautiox.—None genuine, uuless there is a fine steel en graving on the outside, with the fac-siratle of I'HAS. f* 11.- IAAMs, tM. I).. engraved thereon— also, his name and the name of the medicine are blown in the rlass. Be sure to ask for Dr.C Williams’ Pulmonic Itaisam of Wild Cherry and Wood Naptha, and. let no other be palmed upon you as Tour life may depend upon vour caution in this particular All orders for this valuable medicine should be to to Wilkinson k. DuryePj. ftuauviftf, Ala., aho arc u>y S-vuifeern ...... „ , . tViLLL'M*. M-D.. aptfttM-H—W* |W I/ ‘fttrivuidhift, ,{i* , I NUMBER 99