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The Times & sentinel tri-weekly. (Columbus, Ga.) 1855-1858, November 14, 1855, Image 1

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TRI-WEEKLY. VOLUME III) THE TIMES & SENTINEL. TENNENT LOMAX & ROSWELL ELLIS, kditohs and proprietors. ‘THE T ILL-WEE KLY TIMES & SENTINEL „ar,U9iiod EVJO It V IVEDJYESDA Y and FRIDA Y JYIURJY / w-/j , rl ,t SATURDAY F.VEJYIJYG. THE WEEKnY TIMES Sc SENTINEL, published every TUESDAY MO RjYDYG. Office on Randolph. Street, opposite the Post Office. TERMS: TRI-WEEKLY, Five Dollars per annum, in advance. WEEKLY', Two Dollars per annum,in advance. ’ YdvertisementscompiCUOUSly inserted at One Dollar pgr square, for the first inset lion, and fifty ck ntb for every sub ■ salient insertion. , . .1 neral deduction will be made for yearly advertisements. s.-iles of Land and Negroes, by Administrators, Executors,or Guardians,are required by law to be held on the first i uesday ia the month, between the hours of ten in the forenoon and th/cein the afternoon, at the Court House in the county in which the property is sitnate. Notices ot these sales must be given in a public gazette forty days previous to the day ol sale. _ Notices for the sale of Personal Property must be given at least ten days previous to the day ot sale. Notice to Debtors and Creditors of an Estate must be publish ed forty days. . Noticethat application will be madeto the Court o .Ordinary forleaveto sell Land or Negroes, must be published a eekly for two months. ~ . . , . . Citations for Letters of Administration mxist be published thirty days — for Dismission from Administration, monthly six months —for Dismission from Guardianship forty days. Rules for Foreclosure <>f Mortgage must be published monthly for four months— for establishing lost papers, for thejull space of three months— for compelling titles from Executors or Admin istrators, where a bond has been given by the deceased, thejull space of three months. Publications willalways be continued according to these, the egal requirements,unless otherwise ordered. BUSINESS CARDS. PRINTING AND BOOK BINDING. HAVING connected with our Printing Office, a full and complete assortment ot Book Binders tools and stock, and also added to our Printing materials, we are now prepared to execute, in good style and with despatch,every kind of work in either branch of the business, on the best terms. ... . . . , JILA.NK WORK, of every description, with or with out printing, made to order, in the neatest manner. WARE IIOUS 1C PRINTING, Receipts, Drafts, Notes, Bills of Lading, &c., &c., executed neatly and promptly, and bound in any desired style. RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT BLANKS, ofall kinds got up with accuracy and dispatch. Bill Heads, Cards, Circulars, Hand Bills, Posters, Programmes, &c.,&c., printed in the shor test notice and in the best style. Magazine and Pamphlets put up in every style o binding. , . Books o all kinds rebound strongly and neatly. LOMAX & ELLIS. Columbus, April 15,1854. DR. TANARUS, STEWART, a HAVING returned to Columbus would reepectfullyan nouncethat he has resumed his practice of Medicine and Surgery. Columbus, Ga., Dec. 7. 1854. w&twtf DENTISTRY. J. FQBLE, D. D. 2. 23?“ Office on Randolph near Broad Street. Columbus, fehl—lßss. w &tf. JOHN PEABODY, ATTORNEY AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. in Warren'# Arcade. OCt4 —tw3m, J. A. FOX, ATT OR N E Y A T LAW, COLUMBUS, GA. WLL attend punctually to all criminal and civil cases en trusted to him in any of the courts of the surrounding countiesof this Suite and Alabama. Office on corner of Broad and Randolph streets, over Manley & Hodges. REFERENCES —Hon. A.lverson, j Tennent Lomax, Columbus, Ga. 11 r. Stanford, S S tmhel F. Nice, )■ Montgomery, Ala. Colnthbus, Oct. 4. w&twtf R. J. MOSES, ATTORNEY AT LA. WARREN’S ARCADE. flTOttice Hours from 9 A. M. to A P. M.^CJ N. B. All business entrusted to me will be faithfully attended to. octll—w&twly. ROBERT N. HOWARD, A T TOBNEY AT LA W , CRAWFORD, ALA. ROBERT E. DIXON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA Office over E. Barnard’s & Co.’s Store April s—wtwly JAMES HAMILTON. WM. F. PLANE HAMILTON & PLANE, Attorneys at Law, Columbus, Geo. Will practice in the Courts of the adjoining counties in this State and Alabama. decs—w&twtl. DENTON & PHILIPS, ATTORNEYS AT L A W . \ \7 ILL Practieein the different courts of Russell county, ’ ‘ Alabama. ADDRESS U. WATSON DENTON, JOHN M. PHILIPS, Culumbvs, Ga. Crawford, Ala Sept 15, 1654. w&twly^ PEYTON H. COiaUITT, ATTO RN E Y A T LA W , COIU4IBUS, GA. mr ORlceiH St. Mary's Bank Building, maydd _ _ wAtwtf. : J. M. BUSSELL, ATTO It X I Y AT LAAY , ‘Office at present, with G E Thomas,.Esq., over J R “dl &Cos ® IS road’ Street—Columbus. Ge#rd a. (L>!i *i April 9, W 55. RAGS! RAGS! TII R ROCK ISLAND PAPER MILLS. 4 RF paying three anti a half eeuts cash per lb. A lorcA ti. Linen and Cotton Rags, th qualities or one hun dml pounds and upwards, and 3 cents ior quantities under 100 Lis. Woolen Rags not wanted• r*\L\OE MILLS. Oflice in front of wetl,wtf. Columbus, A/a> 9 $ TRICES REDUCED. COTTON YARNS FOR SALE At 80 cents per. Bunch, ‘'Cash. July 11 -r:\w4. WINTER I‘ACIORV. “THE UNION OF THE STATES AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES.’ 1 COLUMBUS, GEORGIA, WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 14, 1855 RICHARD HOOPER, COMMISSION MERCHANT, CHATTANOGHA, TENN. WlLLattend promptly to the purchase of COUNTRY PRODUCE, or any other business entrusted to his care. May 13—twly LUMBER, LUMBER. THE undersigned are prepared to furnish Oak, Hickory, Poplar, Ash, Beach and Pine Lumber from their Mill at market prices,delivered oh Railroad or in Columbus. Per sons wishing lumber, will leave their bills at the Auction Room of Harrison, Austin & McGehee, where they will be promptly attend to. dec 23—twtf: WHtTTELSEY & BRO. DK. T. 8. TUGGLE, OFFICE iOVER HDLLFORD’S ON BROAD STREET, COLUZYIBU3, GEORGIA. Columbus, January 10th, 1855. twly. ROPE. FIVE HUNDRED COILS FANCY KENTUCKY BALE ROPE. Justreceivedand for sale at the Alabama Warehouse by J. I. RIDGWAY. Columbus, Ga., May 4—twtf NOTICE. OUR Store was brok e n into on the night of ihe 2d inst, and all our notes and papers taken therefrom. All persons who have executed any notes payable to us or to A. S. Hays, or who may know the tact of our holding their notes or obligations, are heieby cautioned agait st paying them to any person except J. W. Sappington or to us. july3—twtf I). P. ELI,IS & CO. Weekly Enquirer and Corner Stone copy twice. Drs. BROOKS & CARRIGER. fll AVlNGassociated themselvestogether in the various branches of their profession, they will be enabled there by to give more general satisfaction to all who may favor them with their confidence. Dr. Carriger is fully prepared and willgivespecial attentionto all cases otSURG F.R Y entrusted to hiscare. Office in Winter’s Bank Building. Columbus. Jan. 14—twtf EAGLE MANUFACTURING CO? COLUMBUS, GA. THE Factory, now being in full operation, is able to supply (on their usual terms) promptly as ordered, the various styles of their Manufactures, which consists ol tiie following variety: YARNS, OSN ABURGS, 4-4 SHEETINGS i SHIRT ING, Cotton Stripes, of great variety of Pattern; COTTON ADES, embracing many new sttyles; Negro Kerseys & Pine Knot Plains; Planters’ Casimeres, Truck for Trowsers, Sewing Thread, Shop Twine, Mattressas, Batting ,&c. 23?° To Cash purchasers inducements will be offieed. dec2B—twtf. J. R.BROWNE, Ag’t. jgppnij MIJSICA L. ilfl|pll J “ y P M. S ARONI would respect- “ * J ” fully inform his friend is and the “citizens ot Columbus that,he will return to his duties cn or about the 530th of Scpt ’r. He would also add that he will bring with him a large and splendid assortment of New and Fashionable MUSIC, Vocal as well as Instrumental. aug2B—twtf WARM SPRINGS, M MERIWETHER COUNTY, GA. THIS delightful Watering Place is now open for the reception of visitors. June2l—twtf. J. L. MUSTIAN, Proprietor. Montgnomery Journal copy. WANTED, EMPLOYMENT by a Book-Keeper, fully competent, having had 7 years experience. Apply at this office, or by letter to Box 268, P. O, Columbus, Ga., July 3], 1855—twtf. THE HOWARD FACTORY - Is now selling Domes ti c sand Yarns, At the Usual Rates, 10 Per Cent off, FOR CASK. Columbus, Ga February 19. wtf. RIDDLE’S Fashionable Dagnerrean Gallery. THE Propietr-r has the largest, neatest, and most fashiona bly arranged Gr A LEE it IT for the Art in the State. He uses the best material, and allows nothing but first class Pictures to leave his Rooms. So forget not, ye lovers of the Fine A its, when ye sally forth to obtain those imperishable (gems, to call on RIDDLE. He will give you a Handsome Pictureand a Good Daguerreo type. As for taking children, family groups, Steriscopes, out door vjews, &c., he defies any Artist inthe country to surpass him. Rooms on Broad Street, over C. Mygatt’s Dry Goods Store. Columbus, Ga. marJl—t w9m. FOR SALE. , , THE IIOL T SE AND LOT at present occupied by the subscriber. Possession given immediately. SiSS H. T. HALL. g.l-J . April 20, 1855—twtf MARIKE AND FIRE INSURANCE BANK OF SAVANNAH. AGENCY AT COLUMBUS, WlLLreceive Deposits—and Checks for sale on New York Maconand Savannah. April-24—twtf RICHARD PATTEN. BANGING ACADEMY. lIR. C. 11. CLEVELAND, V\7OULD most respectfully announce to the citizen? of ’’ Columbus, that he will commence the exercises ol his j Dancing Academy the first week in October. All the genteel and fashionable Dances of the day will be taught during the session. Terms of tuition made known hereafter by circulars. Sept. 20-twtf. Wanted. 4 SITU ATION. by a young man aged 17—a good penman accountant* and willing to make himself generally use ul I Address Box 179, P. O. seplß—twtf. TO THE MUSICAL WORLD. r — —yj THE undersigned would respectfully in £'TULTg*form the citizens of Columbus that he hasre f J ® i I 1 turned from the North and will resume his lessons on, Monday Oct. Ist. He would be obliged to those who wish to avail themselves ot his services, to make an early application as the number of his pupils will be limited. NEW AND FASHIONABLE MUSIC. The undersigned offers for sale a large assortment of New and Fashionable Music. It has been selected bv himself,during his recent visit to the North, and forms the best assortment ever brought to this market. A large discount will be made to teachers of music, and to Principals of Academies and Colleges. Rooms over Merry’s Clothing Store. Broad St. Cobni- 1 bus Ga. sep2stwtf H. S SARONL OAT STRAW, THE Rock Island Paper Mills want to purchase! 1)0 tuns of CLEAN INSIDE SHUCKS and 50 tons of OAT STRAW, for which will be paid $lO per tou be paid, delivered in baffs. Columbus, Ga., July 31, 1355 —tw!Cwtf. HENRY W. VERST!RLE, Commission & ForwanTg Merchant, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, R EFBRENCES: Hon. John VV. Anderson, Savannah, Ga. Messrs. Holcombe, Johnson &Cos. “ Hon. Henry VV. Hiliiard, Montgomery, Ala. Maj. John H. Howard, Columbus, Ga. Dr. Henry Lockhart, “ “ E. B. Young, Esq , Lufauia, Ala. junlSwtwtf J. C. RUSE, J. H. DAVIS, W. H. LONG. “‘RUSE; DAVIS*’& LONG, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND SHIPPING AGENTS, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. WILT, purchase and sell cotton and other produce on com mission, and strictly attend to forwardinggoods and filling or ders lrotn the country. Ruse, Patten & Cos., agents Columbus, by whom liberal ad vances will be madeon consignmentseitherto or through us to our friends in Liverpool or the North. July 9, 1853—w&twtf ANDREWS^RIDGWAY &, CO. DEALERS IN STAPLE DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, WINES, LIQUORS, &C., &CL (Four Doors below Hill & Dawson’s old Corner) BROAD STREET, COU/MBUS, GA. Columbus, Oct 15, 1853.—tw&wtf DISSOLUTION, THE firm of HALL & MOSES was dissolved on the first of January, 1855, by ihe death of J. 1. Moses. HICRVEY HALL, Surviving Partner. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. undersigned have entered into the HARD-Ifj r ..E JL li USINESS, under the firm aid name of lIALL, MOSES & CO. IIERVEYHALL, ISAAC 1. MOSES, JACOB P. HEMRICK? WILLIAM A. BEACH. Fehruarv 13. 1855. w&twtL BAvrGING AND BALK ROPE. “t A A Bales India Bagging. JLUV* 500 Coils Rc^e. For sale by GREENWOOD & GRIMES. Columbus, Sept 13, 1854—tw&wtf _ SPECIAL XOTICi:. IN order that Our customers may understand the. terms on which we Made, wo have thought it advisable to publish them. They are as follows: For all purchase s on time, payments will be required twice a year; say Ist May and lstJanuarv. On all amounts unpaid at thetimt s speoilied, we shall claim and expect interest until paid. E. BARNARD, & CO. Columbus, Jan. Ist.’ss. janll—w&twtf. BACON k FLOUR, JUST RECEIVED. 4 A A AAA POUNDS TENNESSEE JBACOJN. 11/UIUUU lUO Sacks Tennessee Flour. 40 Bbis. Howard Street Flour—a Superior Article. Together with a well assorted Stock of GROCERIES which will be sold at the lowest market price Bv ANDREWS, RIDGWAY & CO. Columbus Ga., May 29, 1855 w&twtf. WRAPPING. AND NEWS PAPER, OF ALL SIZES AND QUALITIES, ‘FOR S 1 LE AT Rock Island Paper Mill Office, IN FRONT OF PALACE MILLS. TERMS CASH. junel6—w&twtf “OLD TOM’ r GINT JUST received a Superior article of “OLD TOM” GIN in Bottles—a delicious beverage, and a most excellent article for medical purposes Also a Superior article of Potash in tin Cans. junl2—twtf. P. A. CLAYTON. MANLEY & EIOIXxES. ARE now in receipt of the most Elegant Assoi’t ineutof Goods they have ever offered to the community. Ail are invited to call and see us, for we are confident we can please in Style, Quality and Price, oct2—wtwtf A SPLENDID Line of Dadies Dress Silks, of entirely new ityies. Finest French Printed Del.nines. Embroideries of every variety. Richardson’s Pure Housewife Limns. oct2—wA-twtf MANLEY & HODGES. I Trine Pure Slialcer'Fiaunel. . Siik Warp Superior 4-4 English “ oc t2—twtf M ANLEY & HODGES. Barnsley’s Table ‘Damask. 90 to 108 inch. Best Linen Sheeting, Napkins. Towelling. &c. 10, tl &. 12—4 Best Bed Blankets. A superior lot of Negro do. oct2 —twtf MANLEY & HODGES. Velvet Brussells 2 & 3 ply Carpets. Oil cloths for dooms ami Passages. Chenelle and Velvet Lugs. oct2 -twtf MANLEY & HODGES. Ladies CLOAK CLOTHS ot various colors and Trimmings to match. White and Colored Marseilles Quilts. oct2—twtf MANLEY &lIODGES. Enquirer copy. HOMS AGAIN ! I TAKE this opportunity of informing my friends and pat rons that l have re-opened my CLOTHING ISTABI.IFH- M ENT ai:d would solicit an inspection oi my very choice and superior Stock of Goods, selected by myself from the best and most fashionable Marks in London and Paris,consisting of iilack and Fancy liroaccloths. Cloths and Cassimeres, Doeskins, JBenvors, Tweeds and Vestings, Suitable for the ensuing season*. My HOSIERY DEPAT.Tv!ENT is perhaps the most com plete, choice and fashionable assortment m the State, having been selected trom the most celebrated manufactories in Brit ain and Continental Europe. Partu swishing to purchase will see at thepropriety of giving me a call, as rny good* a r o fresh from the original mar ket; and fashionable to the last dogrte. My light and Fancy Stock Comprises Fine Irish LiTten Shirts & Colters, Silk, Lawn, and Linen Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, and Gents Fmbossed Leather Kelts, And an elegant assortment of NECK TIES of superior styles and shade's. They are unmatched and unmatchable in this country. Persons wishing to avail themselves of my styles of cul -and making, wll find them superior to anything hitherto presented to the public of Columbus. J. S.UJSKTON, Merchant Tailor. ocf2s—tw9t Broid Street Columbus, Ga. GEORGIA, Early county: Court of Ordinary , August Term , 1855. I)ule A i Si—Stephen Peacock, administrator onthees 1L tale of Ra .lordPeacock^deceased, having applied for let ters dismissory: It is Ordered, That all p rsons concerned show cause, if any they have, why said administrator may not be dismiss! and from said administration at the court of ordinary to be held in and lor said county on the first Monday in March next. A true transcript trom the minutes of said court. August 7th 1855. auglU—w6m S. S. STAFFORD, Ord. Sale of Creek Indian Reserved Lands in Alabama. Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, August 31,1855. PUBLIC notice id hereby given that, agreeable to the provisions of the hret section of the act of the 3d of March, 1837,entitled ‘‘An act to authorize.and sanction the sales of reserves provided for Creek Indians in the treaty of March twenty-four, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, in certain-cases, and for other purposes,” the several pieces or parcels of land hereinafter described, lying in the Coosa and Tallapoosa land districts, in the State of Alabama, will, at the times and places designated, be exposed for sale at pub lic auction to the highest bidder, for etsh,in separate pieces or parcels as described, the same to be patented to the re spective purchasers upon the payment of the purchase mo ney, viz: On Wednesday, the 2Gth day of December, 1855, at the land of office for the Coosa Disiriet, in Leb anon, the following described tracts, which have been de cided as unsold : Those of range six [6] east. The louth half of section twenty five [25,J in township eighteen (18 ;> and We.-t halt of section seven ‘7,1 in township twenty-two [22.] Os range seven [7,] east. The west half of section thirty-one [3l,] in township thirteen Ll3,] and West halt of section twelve [l2,] in township fourteen [l4.] • Os range nine [9,] east. The south half of section ten ] 10,1 in township eighteen 18,] and South half of section twenty-one [2l] in township twen ty [2O J The north half of section thirteen [I3,J in township twenty two [22,] of range [lo] east. In township sixteen [lf>,] of range eleven [ll,] east. The west half of section twenty-nine [29 J and west half of section thirty (30,) And the west half of section twenty two (22,) in town ship eighteen (18) of range eleven (11) east Also, at the same time and place, the following descri bed tracts, which have been claimed under alleged purcha ses from the reservees, their heirs, or otherwise, but which purchases have not been perfected by the payments of the amounts of consideration respectively alleged, or the pro duction of evidences of such payment to the proper parties in interest, will he sold in the same manner, unless such payment is made or evidence thereof adduced, in accord ance with the requirements of the government, through the office of Indian Affairs, by or before the 15th of Novem ber 1855, viz: The east half of section eight (8,) in township twenty (20 ) of range tnree (3) east. Os range four"( 4) east. The cast half of section twenty-two (22) in township nineteen (19;) and North half of section eighteen (18,) in township twenty (20) The west hall ol section thirty-two (32,) in township seventeen (17,) of range six (6) east.. Os lange seven [7J east. The south half of section thirty-four L34,] in township fourteen [l4;] and South halt of section ten j 10,] in township twenty [2o.] The east half of section twenty-six, 426,) in township sixteen, (16,) of range eight (8) east. And of range ten [lo] east. The west half o! section twenty-seven [27,] in township sixteen [l6,] and north hall of section thirty-one (31,) in township seventeen [l7 ] Anti on Wednesday, the 9th day of January, 1856, at the land office lor the Tallapoosa district, in Mont gomery, the following described unsold tracts of land, viz The south half of section eight (8,) in township twenty three (23,) of range sixteen (16) east. The north hail” of section thirty-one (31,) in township twenty-two (22,) of range seventeen (17,) east. Os range eighteen (18) east. The west half of section fourteen (14,) in township nine teen (19 ;) West half of section twenty-four (24,) in township nine teen (19 ;) East half of section six(6,) in township twenty-three (23 ;) and North halfof section seven (7,) in township twenty four (24.) The west halfof section thirteen [13,1 in township twen ty three [23,] of range nineteen [I9J east. In township twenty four [24,] of range nineteen r 19] east. The south half of section eight [8 ;] North half of section nine [9;] North half of section ten 110;] North halfof section seventeen [l7 ;J South half of section seventeen [l7,] and North half of section twenty one [2l.] The south half of section thirty six [36,J in township eighteen [lß,] o: range twenty [2o] east. In township eighteen (18.) of range twenty one [2l] cast. The west half of section thirty one [3l ;) West hall of section thirty two [32 ;j and East half of section thirty two [32.] In township twenty [2o], of range twenty one [2l] east. The whole of section thirteen [l3 ;] and the South half of section twenty nine [29;] The west half of section thirty two [32,] in township twenty one [2l,] of range twenty one [2l] east. The south half of section twenty two [22,1 in township seventeen 117,] of range twen’y two [22] east. The west half of section thirty lour [34,] in township eighteen [lß,] of range twenty two [22,] east. The north half of section thirty one [3l,] in township s seventeen [l7,] of range twenty three |23,J east. The west half of section twenty nine [29,| in township eighteen [IB,J of range twenty three ,23] east. The south halfof section three [3,] in township sixteen ! [l6,] of range twenty lour [24] east. The north half of section eleven (11,] in township eigh teen [lß,] ol range twenty four [24] east. The south half of .section fourteen [l4.j in township twen j ty four [2l,] of range twenty-six [26] east. The soutli half of section thirty one [3i,] in township fif teen [ls,] of range twenty seven [27] east. The north halfof section thirty one [3l,] in township eighteen [lß,l of range twenty seven [27] east. In township seventeen [l7,] of range twenty eight [2B,] east The south half of section ioui [4 ;J and North halfof section eight [8 j And the south half ofsection live [s,] in township fifteen ] 15,1 of range twenty nine [29,J east. Also, at the same time and place, the following de scribed tracts which have been claimed under alleged pur chases horn reservees, their heirs, or otherwise, but which purchases have not been perfected by the payments ol the amounts of consideration respectively alleged, or the pro duction of evidences ot such payment to the proper parties in interest, will be sold in the same manner, unless such payment is made or evidence thereof adduced, in accord ance with the requirements of the government, through the othee of Indian Atlkirs, by or before the 15th day ot .No vember, 1855, viz: The south hall oi section fifteen 15, in township twenty two 22, of range sixteen 16, east. In township twenty-two 22, of range seventeen 17, east. The east halt of section seven 7 ; West halt ot section seven 7 ; and West hait ol section twenty-four 24. In township twenty-four 24, of range seventeen 17, east. The north halt of section twenty-four [24 ;] South haji of section twenty four [24 ;] and East half ol section thirty ?ix [36 J Fractional sections six and seven [7J in township nineteen [l9,] of range eighteen [lß] east. The west hall'ofsection rive |s,j in township twenty [2o,] ol range eighteen [lßl ea.^t. The west hall of section one [l,] in township twenty four j24,J of range eighteen [lß] east. Ihe south hall ot seetiou three [3,j in township nineteen [l9.] ot range nineteen [l9] east. The south Jialt of section twenty-live [23,] in township seventeen [l7,] ol range twenty 20] cast. Ihe east halt ot section twenty-nine [29,] in town ship nineteen [19,3 of range twenty [29j ea:t. In township twentv-one ('ll,) of range twenty (20) ra c l , the south half of section twenty-two (22,) and the south half of section twenty-five (25.) In township twenty-two (22,) of range twenty (20) east. The east half of section nine (9;) and The east half of section seven <]7) in township twenty three (23) of range twenty (20) east. In township twenty-four (21,) of range twenty (20) east. The north halfof section nine (9;) and West halt of section twenty-two (22 ) The Soutli half of section twenty-six (26,) in township tw.-nty-one (21,) of range twenty-one (21) east. The north half of section thirty-five (35.) in township twenty-two (22.) of range twenty-one (21) east. The west half section seventeen (17,) in township twenty four (24,) of range twenty-one (21) east. In township seventeen [17,1 of range twenty-two [22] east. The north half of section thirteen [l3;] and East halfof section twenty five (25.) The south half ofsection three (3,) in township fifteen (15,) of range twenty three (23) east. The east half of section twenty-nine (29,) in township seventeen [l7,] of range twenty-three [23] east. The west half of section four [4,] in township eighteen, [lß,l of range twenty three [23] east. The noith halt of section two [2,] in township twenty [2o,] of range twenty-three [23] east. The east half ofsection fifteen [ls,] in township twenty two [22,] of range twenty- four [24] east. The north halfof section seventeen [l7,] n. township, [20,1 of range twenty-five [2SJ cast. The south half of section six [6,1 in township twenty -two [22.| of range twenty-five [2s] east. The west half of section four [4,] in township wenty one [2l,] of range twenty-six [26] east. g| The south half ol section twenty two [22,] in township eighteen [lB J of range twenty-seven [27] east. The north half ol section thiity-lhree [33,] in township twenty-one [2l,] o* range twenty-seven (27) east. The south half of section twelve (12.) in township twen ty two (22,) of range twenty-seven (27) east. The west half of section seventeen (17,) in township leeven (11,) of range twenty-eight (28) east The south hall of section thirty-one (31,) in township eighteen 18.) of range twenty-eight (28) east. The west half of section four (4,) in township twenty-two (22,) of range twenty-eight (28) east. The east halfof section nineteen (19,) in township eveyen (11,) of range twenty-nine (29) east; and the south half of section thirty-three (33,) in township seventeen (17,) of range twenty-nine (29) east. These sales will commence at the hour of 12 o’clock, m., of each day above designated, and continue until all of the lands then subject to sale under this notice are one red. CHARLES E. MIX. Sept 18—wtilllJan. Acting Commissioner. Mil) WIFERY". MRS. JANK M’GINTY offers her professional servi ces to the people of Columbus and vicinity. She has had thirty years experience in the business and flatters herself that by strict attention she will merit the public patronage. She may be found, when not professionally engaged, at her residence on Jackson street, just below the Methodist Mission Church. [maria —twtf. FOR SALE. H AVINO removed to my plantation I offer for a -- If. sate tny late residence, just south of my father’s ■ ■ Ifisifil (Major John 11. Howard’s) and east of the Musco gee Rail Road Depot. It. is one of tha most desir able homes in or about Columbus. Mr.Goetchius wilt show the place to those who wish to purchase. Communications addressed to meat Eufaula, Ala. iun9—turtf. R R. HOWARD. TIIK SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, ELEVENTH YEAR. rpilE Eleventh Annual Volume of this useful publica- I tion commences on the 17th day of September next. TheJ'Scientifie American” is an illustrated periodical, devoted chiefly to the promulgation of information relating to the various Mechanic and Chemic Arts,lndustrial Man ufactures, Agriculture, Patents, Inventions, Engineering, Millwork, and all interests which the light of practical science is calculated to advance. Reports of U. S. Patents granted are also published eve ry week, including Official Copies of all the Patent Claims together with news and information upon thousands of oth er subjects. The Contributors to the Scientific American are among the most eminent Scientific and practical men of the times. The editorial Department is universally acknowledged to be conducted with great ability, and to be distinguished, ndtonly for the excellence and truthfulness of its diseus sions.but for the fearlessness* with which error is combatted and false theories are exploded. Mechanics, Inventors, Engineers, Chemists, Manufac turers, Agriculturists, and people in eveiy profession in Life, will find the Scientific American to be of great value in their respective callings. Its councils and suggestions will save them hundreds of dollars annually, besides af fording them a continual source of knowledge, the expe rience of which is beyond pecuniaty estimate. ‘l’he Scientific American is published once a week; eve ry number contains eight large quarto pages, forming an nually a complete and splendid . volume, illustrated with several hundred original engravings. Specimen copies sent gratis. TERMS —Single subscriptions 82 a year, or $1 for six months. Five copies, for six months, $4; for a year SB. For further Club rates and for statement of the fourteen large Cash Prizes, offered by the publishers, see Scientific American. Southern, Western and Canada money, or Post Office Stamps, taken at par for subscriptions. Letters should be directed (post paid) to MUNN &. CO , 128 Fulton Street, New York. M essrs. Mnnfi & Cos., have been, for many years, extensively engaged in procuring patents for new inven tions, and will advise inventors, without charge, in regard to the novelty of their improvements. aug2lwtw New Books! New Books! a ABBOTT’S Life of Napoleon, anew sup- Travelsin Chinese Empire, by M. Hue; Bell Smith, Abroad;; cript, by Dumas; Tri-Colored Sketches in Paris; Waikna: or Adventures on the Mosquito Shore, by Sam uel A. Bard; English Orphans, or Home in the New World, by Ma ry J. Holmes; Commonplace Book of Thoughts and Fancies, by Mrs. Jameson; The Winkles: or the Merry Monomaniacs, by J. B. Jones. A Visit to the Camp before Sevastopol, by 11. C. Me- . Cormick, Jr. of New York. Cleve Hall, by Mrs. Sewell; The Iroquois: or the Br:ght Side of Indian Character, by Minnie My rite; Heiress of Haugliton: or the Mother’s Secret, by the au thor of Aubrey; Sequel to Aubrey; Constance Herbert, by G. E. Jewsbury; Missing Bride, by Mrs. Southworth, Just received by J- W. PEASE, auglß—w&twtf. 92 Broad Street. Partnership Dissolved. THE late firm ot It. M. Aldworth Ac Cos. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due the firm must be paid to R. M. Aldworth. R M. ALDWORTH &. CO. Columbus, Ga. Aug. 31, 1855. Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactory. R. N. ALDWORTH \T t ILL continue to carry on the business at the old stand | ’ v on Randolph Street. Work done in the best style and at the shortest notice. R. M. ALDWORTH. I Columbus, Ga., Aug. 31, 18$5. tw6m. [NUMBER 136