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The Farmers journal. (Homer, Ga.) 1888-1889, January 23, 1889, Image 1

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VOL. ONE. THE FARMERS JOURNAL. W- i- • >jmvetrw>.Tr.>^jyw’gr.nTyitfTwaiaweWMi ■. .PUBLISHED WEDSESDAY -50 Cts.Pe rYear. Wra!jcri{Cin i Aiivancf. • Aur-.u-l* y Oat For Line First Inser tion* E*to.'-. Additional & Cents- Entered ns fck-cond Class Matter at the Homer, Go.. Post Office. J--o. Snrfceu, - Proprietor. > p?,iso&*xrs.*. jtvryJvihUijuxr £!#■* A. G MORS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, IIOMER, GEORGIA. vol led ioS made and promptly remitted p. M. EDWARDS, 4ttomey at Law, HOMER, UEOUGIA. Will practice in all ibe Courts if the Western C renit. W. I. PIKL-— —n Attorney AT Law. Jefferson, Georgia. G. W. BROWN, SlayswlSle, Gcoreria. gW~ Will do a general practice. Collecting a specialty. James M. Merritt, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Mnysvillf. (Jeorsisi, Dr. A. H. Stapler. HOMER, GEORGIA. Special attention given to burrrery, Obstetrics ami Chronic diseases of long ►landing. V. D. LOCKHART PHYSICIAN; ss*er, C3eo**stia. 3. W. Sum-ptor, G3SNE3.A.Ii BIiACKSMITHIWG. Iloniei'i Georgia, and Waggons made ,o order. Repairing a Specialty. “DksThARDMAN & SHARP, - WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DR.UGGISTS Ilarinotty t Grove, CSss. Churches- Presbyterian Church, services 2nd Sunday in each month, lDv. G. H. Cartledge, pastor. Methodist Church, services Ist Sunday in each month, and Saturday before, Ravs. J. D. Gunnels and Jno. I. Pen dergras, pastors. Baptist Church, 4 h Sunday in each month and Saturday before, Re’’. J. F. Goode pastor. Xodfjes. Homer Lodge, no. 82., I. 0. 0. F„ meets Ist Tuesday in each month, J. \Y. Sumpter, noble grand, T. F. Ilill,, secretary. Pni Delta Lodge so. 148, F. A. M., meets Ist Friday night in each month, w. a. watson, w. p- Edwards, t. w., J. w. sampler, J ■ w., w. tong, fccet’y., w. c. J. Garrison, treasurer., v. iRy xreldkill, s. m, c. n. owen.J.D., t_ -y Gteen e. s., a J. cash, j. fl. THE FABMERS JOURNAL. Ordinary’s Cowrt, First Mondays in each men'sla. T. F tiill, ordinary. Srrpei’ior Ctnxti Third Mondays in March and Sep tember. ■ m. I. nutchins judge. NOTICE! *'WtesJ>cr Ssta, A fter th's month ro notices ot any kind will be inserted in this paper without the publication lees in advance The parties and sociables seems to have ceased for the time being. Some of the larmerßare turning over their ground. A good move. A nice drove ot cattle went through here Sunday. To day very much indicates snow. R. L. Presley left tor Arca dia, La., I his week. The community is reported very healthy at present. Correspondents all seem to be napping this week. Wake up and lot the county hear from you. Col. Oscar Brown of Lawrence, will move here soon, to practice law. Homer welcomes him. From the w*y Mr. V/. F. llill is writing fi fas, 6omo parties will have to pay their debts. Don’t forget to call at the Post Office and get your Garden Seeds, as they are best, quality, Owing to the rains Wednesday night no services were held at the Methodist Church. The rain Sunday prevented Sab bath-school at the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Rufus Means and family of the Nails Creek neighborhood, passed through town last Monday- evening on their way to Louisiana The Now Year has come, and if any have made new resolutiou/f the Journal has not learned of > them. Sheriff Scoggins has tajren pos sessrQn of the jail, Mr.’ Scoggins will make a good and faithful sher iff for Banks. 2V_ Mr. J. W. Sumpter has rented the Harvey Griffin’s tarm, about one mile from here, will move over soon. Within the last few weeks many thousand rails have been made in this section. There is nothing like good fences to protect crops. Owing to the excessive rains last Sunday there were no services at the Baptist Church, Though the pastor, Rev. Mr. Duncan, was on hand, ready tor duty, Mr, C, A. Meeks, who has just re turned from Texas, will teach school here next year, Mr. Meeks f, Oi\rarsl And FrogreKtiTf!” HOMER, BANKS COUNTY, GA., WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23, 1889. is one of your young men, and you should encourage him. Now is the time to set out shade trees. If the citizens would turn their attention to this, it would not be many years (ill Homer would be one of the most delightful villages in Northeast Georgia. hoOk 52tsro. My accounts and notes are in the hands of P. M. Edwards for settlement. Call on -him at once if you want to save co3ts. V. D. Lockhart. It would be f.n improvement to the town if ail these (sheep-shade) Chinaberry trees which adorn the side walks in different places were trimmed up. They are anything but pleasing to the looks of the vil lage. Present progress and im provements of time demand a change. City Marshal Eoyd of Atlanta, contributes the following puzzle to the constitution, and offers to give any of Ihe citizens their street tax who will solve it: Take any six of the foiling figures and make 21; 1,1, 1,8, 8,3, 5,5, 5,7, 7,7, 9,9, 9. The puzzle seems to be an easy one. Mr. R J. Dyar exhibited at this office a fine steel hammer which he forged in his shop, here in Ho mer, tor Mr. G.R. Patterson, a cit izen of this county. Tie hammer is nicely polished and for dura bility and fine workmanship, can’t be beat. Last Saturday Mr. John Hill, Sr., and his wife, were in Harmo ny Grove, when the old gentleman happened to a dangerous, though not serious accident. His horse became frightened at the train— throwing him from his buggy to the ground. , Notice lo Teacher I, v , 1; Tnesdiv 29th, Jan.]lßß9, is the day fbr the Airuination of tc-aohers whl defsijo to in county during tbe,Vear 1889, in yehoolfc. All teachers to use the bboks adopted by the Board and to furnish ev'.denoo of goad moral character. Examination to begin 9:30 at Homer. Jan. 16, 1889. J. D. Gunnells, C. S, C. Banks Cos, Acer’s Fills cures constipation, im proves the Rpp6tite, promote* diges tion, restores healthy action, and regu lates ivery function. This molieine is pleasant to take and gentle in its operation. Seo article in Ayer’s Al | A now roof has just beenNpul on the Journal office, which adds much to the appearance of the building. Now add a little to the Journal by subscribing—help home enterprise—come in and sub scribe. It is well worth fifty cents per year to keep you posted in your c®unty affairs. You get 52 numbers —not 1 cent, an issue. i % J Ayer’s harsspaiilla is prescribe)! and recommended by eminent physi cians, and is taken with perfect safety by old and ynußg. Its cleansing and vitalizing effects are sure aud spyedy, and is is nniveisa-Uy conceded to ba the most effectiys of blood pnnfiers. AOTICIS : Georgia, Bank# Co.:—Will* be let to tho lowest bidder at Martin’s bridge across th3 Hudson River, near tlie residence of J. D. Martin, on Friday the firs: day of February 1889, building of said bridge. Material fur nished by the county. Specifications on file at ordinary’s office. Jan. 9,1889. T. F. Hill, ordinary. Parties eceiving this notice will govern themselves by the date. Parties coming to town horse back, should avoid hitching ou the side-walks—it is improper, it is un due courtesy to ladies, compelling them to hava to leave side-walks ,and walk out in the road to get round—saying nothing of the stench, etc., that arises; and yet the danger incurred to children that may at any time “toddle” un der the animals’ feet. Again, at, night adults are likely to walk up again it them and be kicked to pieces. Of course it is negligence, more than anything else on the part of the hitchers, but then a word in time may save a life. When you have job-printing don’t send of? to other places to get it done, you can get it done at homo. Yon expect the Journal to note the arrival and departure ot your relatives and friends, when visiting. And this the Journal don't have to do to make its columns interesting to its readers. Little favors as a compensation will be appreciated. Bome people ohen say, “1 don’t eare whether the editors maps my arrival or not.” Thtso peo ple iio care.. The assertion betrays the falsehood. Thcre’is nothing egotist c in seeing your frieudt* names appear in print. It bettkens a firmness of their standing in social ties and busi ness pursuits*, Whenever you see a peftlon withdrawing Ilia patronage from hi% heme h&has some, per sonal grievance -against and is “cut ting cdf spbtt triß~fare.” . The BiNija'C&ljnty Observer Basses oiuj’ .and Journal 1 takes its pfaee. It will always be a desire of The Farmers Journal to merit its name and be worthy the support of the farming class at their sacred fireside, and in lheir moral, religious, educatianal, agricultural, mineral, commercial and all business interests—tend ing to push them “Onward And Progressive” in all that will en lighten and elevate them as identi fied citizens and business men, identified with the prosperity and industries of their county and sur- section. In politics. The Farmers Jour nal will be democratic—striving for conservativeness where issues arise involving the best interests of tho party—yet, when mugwump ‘and indepentism presents its de ceptive and treacherous attempts to defeat the democrati party, Tmk Farmers Journal will be firm an-t aggressive in denouncing them march to democratic iine? without favor or influence, faithfully dis charging the liberties of the demo cratic press. I\ leytrnkpj.''- Cha*tanooga Jau. 22 —This morn ing a terrible explosi.n occurred t the residence of G. E. ;>u Montgomery avenue, which recoiled in tearing down the walls of the kitch. en, the blowing cut ot two window* and serious injuries to a servant gut named Lydia Hunt. A rat oad ap peared m the kitchen, wbioi Miss Hunt tried to kill. It escape ; into a box, which proved to hive a lot of gun powder in it. but the girl wr.> rot aware of that fact. In order to get the rat out of the box, sbo lighted a paper and put it into the box, which caused the powder to explode with terrible force. The girl was blown a distance of at least twenty feet' and her clsthes set on fire, bat the fianes Were extinguished before she was la tally burned. Several members of the family made narrow escapes. Evansville, liui., January 22.—The the Louisville, St. Lmis and Texas raihoa 1 bri ige aoros.i the river at Spottsville, will prove a seri ous loss to the railroad company. From parties who arrived hata- last evening by the Evans Ville ami Spotts- viile packet, “Emma Ir.via,” was teamed that only four are uow suppos ed to have been drowned. The num ber dangerously injured by falling timbers and iron, is increased to six, three of whom will die. A gentle man from Henderson says one of the foremen of the bridge compauy was ar rested in tkt city Sunday night. Chattanooga, Teun., Jan. 22 —The corener’s jury in the case of ihe three men killed at Rader’s *idiag, on the East Tennessee, Virginia and Geor gia railroad, on Januiry 19, today rendered a ve v d;ct. The wreck was caasrd by the negligence of Conductor tlarbeson and his flagman in failing Yo change the switch after running on the sidetrack. Josse Reig. The strikers still cut ere confident, ..saying the employers haveouraJteinative but to aecede’t© [their demands and take them hack. Of the 1,200 hands who went out, 500 aio now engaged in making do mestic tor various firurs, an in dustry dibfiact from the Cuban cigar trade, Pitisburg, Penn., J in. 22 —A Oath otic colonization society, with a capit al stack of OUO, divided into f.oir thousand skates, has beau iorusod. Tho objects of the society are to ebtablisr* ®atholso colonies ia tho South, et - gage ia iakiiQfaetuiiog, mining, lam [ baring, stock raising ami otner pur- suits. Large tracts of suitable and will be ecenred in northern Georgia a.arl Alabama, n i the eapit-il stock may pcsfibly bo ccreased tc ft ufi 1 NO. 38.