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The Louisville gazette. (Louisville, Ga.) 1799-1800, March 19, 1799, Image 1

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r " ~7~ T U E S D A V, Marc ii 10, 1799. [No. 9. \OL* Uj - —1 r ” 1 ■ “ r — " 1— ■'—**■■ " - ■—— - - REASON AND TRUTH IMPARTIAL GUIDE THE IV. ,T. —LQLJISVI t.LE ; Pabiithed every Tuelday, by AMBROSE DAY, at three dollar* per ana, payable half yearly ia advance. , L a W S or the \ T E or GEORGIA. A’ ACT to repeal an all. tnti.'lfd h an an lor in pern'tin on ce> tain per fans, therein va m,ir [afar, a, it rejpdh the ham foment of John ' *l3- E it enabled by the Senate and j ! XJ Houfe of Rep r e!entstives of i the State Q' f Georgia , in General ■ Ajjmhhmd , r l¥ z&> en ! 1 4:d “aw fot mfl amg pe * Baltics oh, suid eenfifcating the ; efia-tes' of fucK puffins as are i therein declared guhty of tiea | foa r and for other purpofes therem mentioned, |>a fifed Lie i 4th day of May, 1782, To far ; as it refpeeb the banifhment only of (lie pci Ton of (he (aid i John John (on be, and the fame i is hereby repealed. ' David M fjiwethe?, Speaker i of ike Houfe of R prefentatives . Rq 1 £s.t W Alton, Prejident 1 of the Senate. j Affcntrd to. Fob. 7, 1799. J iMu Jaek. s o x , G over no r , | in ACT U confirm and makj valid all titles to certain lo's, sold by \ l| , the emmiffiomn ef the town of i!. Lmvswilc, I T>E matted hy the Senate and I Homs of Representatives of I th Stale of Georgia, in General I AffmMy met , and it is hereby enabled I h the authority of the fame , T hat | I ia all cafes where lots have been I, fold by any former cornmiflioners I of the town of Louifville, and ■ tit es have not been made and ■ executed, it fhall and may be I; lawful, and the comrniffioners I herein after named, or a map)* I icy thereof, are vefted with full I powers and authority, to make I and execute titles in fee limp e. I Inch pufehafers or their legal ■I re p-’e-€Eitatives for the lot or lots I ha fneb fiiuation. I further enable.l, That Mi- S| cha *l Shcllfti’an, Zaehaiiah La -1 ] [ ap > anc l Daniel St urges, he and B . T are hereby appointed ccm ’■ i.m|Uo.rie-rs of the town of Lou ■-idvi!; C> veft-d- with full power ■ and authority to carry this aft ■■into full e fife ft. ■ \ V ! ° ERI w r ther, S beaker ■ l/ uis Houfe cf Re prefentatives*, I. oH:: *x Wa lton, Prejident I . r of the Senate, | Allan ted t o| f eb . 15 . 1;99 . I Jamis Jackson, Governor. l u V [ ij r wi/e and amend 11 an B * ot preventing controver [ics I [ZV ing thebounds °f w ■TA F ° r P roce jf lontn g the famed* Isj t\ J cna bled by the Senate end ■p, 9 t ° u,le Reprefentatives of G/ Geo S ia ' 111 General 1 ih» il ,:U U a]ld h the authority * jU>n G 1 hat the time allow- THE LOUISVILLE GAZETTE. ed for proceffioning lands by an aft, entitled 14 an aft for pre vcnlingcontrovei Ties concerning (he bounds of lands, and lor piocefhoning (he fame/’ pa (Ted at Louifville, the .feccnd day of Fcbruaiy, one thou fund ieven hundred and ninety-eight, (hall be and the fame is hereby ex pended to the fii ft day ot July, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred : and any perfon failing to proceflion and new mark the tree lines of their lands in man ner (herein pointed out, (hall be fubjeft to (he fines and penalties theiein mentioned. And he it further enaUed by the authority a/ore/aid t That when ever any pesfon intends (o pio-| cellion his land which adjoin lands belonging to any other perfon or peilons who may re lide in the county in which the lands lie ; then and in that cafe, 1 wiitten notice (hall be given to Inch perfon or perfons at lead ten days before, that he will on a day fpecified in the notice, proceed to procellion the lands adjoining fuch perfon. and if the peden fo notified (liall fail to at tend at the time appointed, then the oppofite party may in prr fence of any two or more of the neighbor, or inhabitants con- O 9 tiguous to the land, go round and new mark his tree lines, | which dial I beconhdercd on his : part as fully complying with the i before recited aft. And he it farther enaSed , That whenever any perfons own lands in this (late, adjoining lands of another, who rehdes out of the county in which the lands may he intended to be proceffioncd, then and in fuch cafe, notice (hall be given by advertifement, in one ct the public gazettes of this Tate, that he will on a day therein mentioned, proceed to piece (lion his own lands as here in before direfted ; which (hail be published at leaf! fix months previous to the time appointed for proccfiioning the lands, and the expence of adveitifing (hall be paid by the owner or owners of the land intended to be no tified. And he It further enabled y That any perfon or perfons may, as j agent cr attorney for the ov/ner of any lands to be proceffioncd oh producing a pa t or paits,| and grant or grants thereof, pro ceed to prccdTion the fame For and in behalf of the proprietors, in like maimer as it they were them ft Ivc? prefect, and had done 1 the fame. And be it further enabled j That ' whenever the lines of lands aie > difputed, and are refurveyed as ■ directed by the before recited mmmMmmammmmmmmmmmnnmmrn -■■■■ ■■■ ■ 1— .. ■■ mmmmm ■ ; aft, that then and in tvery fur h | cafe, a plat of fuel) lands fiial: be made cut by the county fur veyor or his legal deputy, and certified by him, and the pro cdhoners of the diflrift, and fliail be by Lid (urveyor record ed in his office. Provided , (hat nothing in this aft contained ihall extend to be con Trued to ' effeft the lra6h fold under die» con fi feat ion aft, where (he p’ats (hall not appear of record in (he . fuivcyor general’s office, fo as to give a preference of tide for want of proccfiioning. And provided also , That where : (he plats for lands granted or , furveyed for any pci Ton cr per-I lons, p ior to tire 4th of July, ! 1776, (hall not appear of record in the furveyor gencal's office, and the iofs of die original plat! Trail be fatisfadlo?ily prove! to 1 the proccdioners, by the perfon ' holding or claiming any traft or trafts of land as aforefaid, the j fa'id proccfiionCrs fhall proceed to proceflion from the bed evi dence in their power to obtain. And be it further enabled. That the returns of the eleftions of dl proccflioners heretofore, or hereafter to be made, Trail be depofitedof record in the clerk’s office of the fuperior court, in ; the county wherein they Trail or may be (o appointed, and where any vacancy Tl.Il happen in the appointment of procefiioncrs, either by death, refignadon, re moval out of the did rift, or otherwife, fuch v acancy fhall be filled in manner pointed out by the find recited aft, and a return j thereof made as herein before I direfted. David Me p i w ether, Speaker 1 of the Houfe of Rr.preftnlatives, Robe r t W a lto n , Prefiden t of the Senate. ! A (Tented to, Feb. 18, 1709. James ]ackaon, Governor, G E O R G I A. !By his Excellency ] AM E S JACKSON, Governor ami Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of tins State, and of the Militia (hereof. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS the General Affcmhly of this State, paffed an act on the fxte nth day of | February infcan\ entitled “ an act j“ to compel all officers , civil and military , to take and fuhfcri e ! “ an oath, to fupport the conjhtutum ; “ thereofin the words following, I to wit: “ Whereas, it is necefjary that alio fleers, civil cud nvhtaiy , whim ' this Stale , Jhould he hound to [up | port and maintain the confutation ,; of the fame , “ Be it therefore cn. ftcd, that all and every office r, civil an / mili tary, holding any office under the authority of this Sta r, hy ccmmtj fion or ether wife, fhall take and fulferibe the following rath , hejort the cl rk of the r cr inferior courts, of the county in which he may re fide ; or if a fiat* officer s ' [before hi< Excellency the Governor , I for the time hang, to wit: “I. A . B. do fo’emn’y fw a r , cr affirm ; the cafe mry br) ih i / will b ar true faith and adegiance to the Sta'e cf Georgia; and to the at mofl of my power and ability , ; obfervr, c njorm to, fupport and , defend the confhlufion thereof ; without any rrfervation , cr eqnivo- I cation whatfoever, end (he confti• tuti n 0/ the United Sta 'es —So h Ip ! me Go /.” ! “ And be it fiuther enafted, 1 that all officers who arc now in commiffion, civil or military, exceht fin h jl lie. officers as have been cletl |ed hv the General aj/tmbly , at this prefent feffion, and have been duy qualified before his Excellency the Governor, fhall, wdh n the term of fix month, take and fubfcribc the aforefaid oath , in manner and form cforefaid, which fhall be made of record by the officer before wh m it is taken ; and in cafe of ufufal or I neglect of any officer, his office fhall he cor filer ed null and void; and his Excellency te Gv rncr, is fur thy author,f d and required, to fill up fuch v coney, in the fume manner as if it had been made hy death, rejig nation or rem vat from th" nfmcl; and in cafe any fh riff , clerk of the fuperior cr inferior court , or any other officer having of fee or trvfl under the authority of ilu faU fhall neglect o r refufe to fake the afore - I /and oa h. in manner and fo;m oforefa d, within the term of fix months , their act or alts as they cp pertain to the f aid offne . JhalL be con fiber cd null and void” I have therefore , thought fit , to ijfue this,mv proclamation, notifying and requiring oil officers, civ I and military , within this fate , compre hended in the /aid ai!, fo conform thereto , hy appearing before the pro per officer, and taking the [aid oath, within the period thereby limited, as they wi I anjwer the contrary at their peril. Given under mv hand, and the Great Seal <J the laid Stale, at the State Houfe, in Louifville, this eighteen hi dav of Eebrwv y, in the year of our lord one thou ft nd Jrven hundred and ninety nine, and in the twenty third year cf American Independence. Sign'd, 7 MES JACKSO Nn By the Governor, John Mi lton, Secretary % C:d Jave the State,