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The Louisville gazette. (Louisville, Ga.) 1799-1800, July 30, 1799, Image 2

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. I LANCASTER* June aqi 1 On Yvcdnefdav hfl, 1 ieut. Howard, of the United States troops in ronfequcnce of fome | often ft vie words which appeared in the Reading E?g J c, printed by Mr. Schneider* determined to take fatistidtion by an appeal to the mcfk t n. l>v fomc mi jin hr or dij'appoint'merit , licut. Howard | inflead of meeting wiiji Mr. Schnekder, met with his journey man whom he immediately be gan to whip, before the door of judge Rufb, A crowd inflant- Iv collected and young Mr. Heider and others intei'ered. In this fituation (he officer drew his (word on the moft aftive, which was Mr. Heiffcr. "I he latter retired a few paces and icized a garden hoc, with which he llruck the arm of the officer in fo violent a manner as to break and lacerate it to a dange jous degree. Judge Rafh then interfered and lieutenant How ard was bound in heavy recog nizance, NEW-YORK, June 18, j Extra ft 0/ a letter Jrom Litchfield { June 12) to a gentleman in this city. “ As the Rev. Mr, Ogden was going out of Litchfield yefterday, a party of loldiers purfurd and oveitook him near the new church—without cere mony they fccurcd him by the collar, infulted and grofsly abu fed him, alledging that he was a damned democrat y and they would take him bark to town and punifb him. They forced him along with them *bout (wo miles back. A number of rc(-1 peftable gentlemen heard of the alLiir, mounted their horfcs,and ailived in fcafon to proteft Mr. Ogden from further ahufe. t: Previous to this time, Mr. Ogden had been repeatedly threatened, infulted, and abufed by the foldiers, who were exci ted and led on by ceitain men of influence, and by proffers of liberal portions of fpirituous li quo s. The exterminating fena lor, the giant reprefentative, and, the whimficul judge, have un-| doubredly been at the bottom of j this difgraceful tranfa&ion. A j pretty proof of their love ofi order and good government I a fine example for men in their Rations ! an-excellent Ipccimen | of the ufe of Handing armies!” 1 July 11. The (hip Olive, capt. M*Fall, j arrived vefterday in 49 days; fiom Cadiz. We late laif even-' rng received by the (hip Olive,! fiom Cadiz, the following cor rett gcneial ftatement, relative! to the Britifh, French, and Spa nifh fleets in the Mediterranean. On the sth of May, 23 fail of frencli fliips, 3 being 3 deck ers palled up the Straits, befides a 74, a (lore Ihip and feme fri gates, Ihc loth, admiral Jervis left • jGibulia", with iSOiips of the! line, 1 (hip of ro guns, andj ! [ e yf»rpl frigates. p The 14th, admiral Maffiarcdo 1 left Cadiz, bound up the Straits, • with 17 fhips of the line; 4 1 three deckers, one 80, eleven 1 745, 4 frigates, and 3 brigs. The 18th, 5 Britifh fhips of 1 the 1 a three decker, are Lid to have palled the Straits. Lord Mellon was in the Medi terranean wiih 14 or 16 and 4 Portuguefe fhips. It was reported theTurkifhand Rulfian fleets were 14 Ihips of the line, with fome Neapolitan fhips of war, number unknown. No accounts of Buonaparte. The dellination of the French and Spanilh lleets was not known. No hing had tranfpired rela tive to either of the fleets, pre vious to the failing of the Olive. Capt. M‘Fall informs, that the Spanilh fleet, confiding of 17 L*il of the lirie, befides fri gates, See. had left Cadiz, and gone up the Straits ; that the Spanilh and French fleets it was fuppoled, intended to form a jundlion ; and that the latter confided of 22 fail of the line, befides frigates, &c . July 17. FROM IRELAND. C apt. Freeman, arrived at \ Bollon, in 58 days from Belfafl,! informs, chat it is yet far from a 1 Hate of tranquility in that coun try. Executions occur aimed daily ; and a new general indi rection of United Irifhmen was expected to take place in the courfe of the month of June. PHILADELPHIA. July 4. , Extraft of 0. letter from an Ame rican in Algiers, to his friend in Annapolis. “ The Hey is very much plcafcd with the veil els fent by our government, viz. a brig of ’ 22 nine pounders, a fchooner of 20 fixes, and another of 16 ditto, and has received them as full difeharge of all arrears due to him by the United States. “ The Americans are now the mod favored nation in that place, and on that account vve 1 1 were permitted to walk round land examine all the fortilica -1 tions. See. where not even the I Englifh, who are the next in favor were permitted to cuter, | 0 The people of A'giets arc I much more civilized thin I ex -1 petted to find them ; the dives | are treated with lefs feverity than j formerly, and chrillians arc not I , expofed to infillt as they walk the dreets, they have however I' • * fome remains of their former 1 bai-barity ; when the Dey de- Idared war agamd France, the! French conful, and all other; Frenchmen here, were loaded !< with chains, and kept to hard j 1 work for iome days, when they j 1 were relieved at the intcrcclTion h of all the foreign confab in the 1 city, but arc Hill con filtered as ( pi doners.” PETERSBURG, July 5. * By an extratl of a letter from a gentleman in Culpepper coun ty, to a gentleman in Philadel phia, publifhcd iu the Aurora, it appears that gen. Lee is not duly elected to congrefs ; but that, in confequence of a num ber of bad votes , on gen. I ee’s poll, Mr. Jones is again return ed dulv elected. j BALTIMORE, July 6. Yeflerday the fchooner Ame rica arrived at the fort in 7 days from St. Thomas's. In the America came paffenger, cap tain Watts, of this port, who gives us the following Important Intelligence : That a cutter had arrived at Guadaioupe in 25 days from Cadiz, with difpatches to the adrniniflration, containing in telligence that the French fleet from Bred had arrived off Cadiz, where they fell in with admiral Jervis ; that an eng gement took place,in which the b nglifh were feveiely beaten: ;h t they loft [even failo/ the line , befiJcs frigates, Capt. Watts could not obtain particulars—he communicates to us the information juft as he received it, from a fupcrcargo of Mi. Jacob Myers, of No.rfol, who was at Guadaloupe when I » 1 the cxprels arrived, and brought the news to St. Thomas's. ( [ I here appears to be nothing to invalidate the above news, lo much as its coming through the channel of Cuadaloupe. Our intelligence before from Cadiz, was to about the 25th of May, when the French and Britifti fleets were faid to be oIF that port.]] July 11. By letters received at Phila delphia from Cadiz, it appears, I that his Catholic maje fty. having 1 taken into confidcralion the in juries which the Spamfh com merce has luftained, and the a J vantages to his enemies by the illicit intercourfe carried on with the Spanifh colonics, he has ordered by a public edift, dated the 9th of April laft, that the Spamlh ports of South-America be Hint againft a 1 neutrals as well as the lubjefts of belligerent nations. CHARLESTON, July 18. 1 Ex trail of a letter received prom 1 the Ja per car go of the hig New-1 York packet, belonging to this I port , captured at fea by the Bri - U/h frigate Sole by, capt. Poynby, and carried into Jamaica. tc Kingfton ( J;ur»a ci) June 27, 1799. “ We arrived here on the 9th inlt, after being in polfellion of the frigate 31 days, and mod in famoully treated on our padage. All hands were taken out of the! brig, except the captain, the cook and myfelf, who were per mitted to remain on board until the 24th, when they fent for the cook; and on the ift of June, the captain and myfelf were 01- deied on board the frigate, after iuutig been tied hand and foot for the preceding night, throueh the ralcalily of a fellow they n on hoard as prize-mafter' t L hem.giu have an oppottunity 0 ; plundering ihe vtflTel in our kb! fnee On our going cn board the f ngate, we were. hvi t |, any qu'llions being afked) nr " dered into cuftody of the m a ft C r at anus, and put into a f mi || b.rlh, in which a gunner di tf j only a day or two before of t', yellow fever. We were allowed to fpealt with any per r oa on board the fliip, nor to g ocn deck without a (entry over u , and then only on the main deck’ Our allowance 21 ounces pork" half pound bread not eatable, I pint of rum, and a (hort allow ance of water to ferve us both two days; and remained in this fituation for 12 days, without a change of linen, or any thing but the bate boards to fleepon,'' SAVANNAH, J u !y 23. ExlraEl of a letter phiQy dated fitly G, tyqo. “ '1 he y ellow fever has made its appearance here, and from pad cxpeiience I have little hops of its being arrefted in its pro grefs by any human means, Moll of the wealthy ci'izcns, and all who can convenience, remove to the country, have gone there.” ———— ■ LOUISVILLE, I TUESDAT , July 30, 1799. I On Thurfday, the 25th inf H a duel was fought in Wafhington I County, between Do&or Ei I mond Dillon, and Mr. Thomas E Kerfon. We learn that both I parties fired, at one time, and H ! M r. Kenion was wounded flight' I I ly in the foot. B “ The Cincinnati—may noH rude fioim fall on the tranquilityH of their declining fiefs!' Say the El citizens of Chariellon, at thfH commemoration of the 4th o;l July, 1799. 1 am happy, Mr,H Day, to lee the p ain, hiundeling y£danus Burke, alive in the breads of citizens, who well know thefe felf made lordlings RCVtr^B were a part of Marion’s | as to the Georgia club of j 1 queflion if any ever t raver the hvamps around or law the out fide of the woi ks about Augufta —but they to be annalized, I they would be found pri Toners, and a ci-devant' 3, 'Hr gadc-major or fo. K Cr EUGENIUS , in to " LINDA M IRA," Jhd a place in our next. H ExtroU of a letter from col. f kins, to his Excel ency &7V'.H-' Jachfon, dated Creek * u " *H'- : 1 7th July, 1799- 64 The Cheehaw M ,v - fH-, viGted me ana fhewed if addrefs to him, having nubiic interpreters I h*d :i Ifi ‘ l B ‘