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The Louisville gazette. (Louisville, Ga.) 1799-1800, August 06, 1799, Image 2

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13 A D E V, Mar 2. *7 he at nrt dt (er- f rhe 58th ult. about j y o'clock in the evening. Aj jquadron of the 1 ußarsof f: urk-j jf r f h r * lame day entered P afl adr,! and a trumpeter brought a dif patrh fiom the imperial rolo rcl Barbackzy, crmmanding at Gernfbach, to Baron Aihini, to the purpoit, that the F'en r h miniftcis were to quit Raßadt in 24 hours, that city, owing to the operations of war, being to } be occupied by the emperor’s orders, and that no further refi dcnce ihculd be granted to them, nr any < thet French citizens. In the evening 400 more Auf tiiansfook charge of the gates of Raßadt. 1 his notice having been given to the French minii ters, Bonnier in particular cx prelfed much diffatisfaftion at it : they refolved, however, tho’ n*ght was coining on, to fet out. The miniftcr of Mcntz, Baron A!hini, foliated pafFpfirts for the Fr ench minißers, but could not obtain them from cob Barbackzy, who declared that only the arch duke Charles could give pafi ports on fuch occafrons. I he remaining members of the depu tation and the Piuttian minißer ottered to accompany the m to the Rhine, hut they declined tlie offer. No fooner had they fet off in the cvemng off the 28th,' and proceeded to the dittanc*- of a ttiovt quarter of a .rague, than fomc people having the appear ance of hollars fell in with the earn ges; it was dark,the French sr.inifleis were flopped and their I pallpo’ts demanded of them. Bonnier is f id to Ir ve rcluled to give any further account than nnlWcring* that they wete the French tninißers, who wanted to return to France. A violent altercation then enfued, and the melancholy adds of outrage were committed. [can Debry re ceived cuts on the head, but was not killed ; be returned to Raßadt with the fecretary of legation, citizen Rofcnßrift.; Some perfons were imm diately fent from Raßadt to convey the remains of Kobeijot to that place. The carriages of the am balladors were entirely plun dered of all they contained. *n the 291 h, in the even ng the remains of Bonnier and oberjoc were folemnly bmiedat Kalltdt: by torch light. PETERSBURG, July 19. l>v late arrivals at Norfolk, fiom the Wett-1 ndies, we lea*n that a Spam lb polacre fiorn Ca diz, laden with quukfilvrr, been card d into St. Kill's by the lapwing fdgatc, eftimated at 60.000!. fleriing. Another! Span fh prize, with quicklilver, is a lb lent into Tortola, NEW-YORK, July 13, Bnlijh Robbery J ! j On Sunday JaR arrived the’ fchcoucr limerpiize, belonging to this port, from New-Oileans.:‘ {'n her homeward bound paflag?, in of Cuba wasj b a ded by the B itifh privateer Ifchooner Swallow, mounting 22 twelve and 18 pounders —and i after exp effing the greateß i f fo lenre and abule, they pretted ten of the pattengers and one tailor, and carried them on hoard the Swallow, they immediately re turned and demanded wages for the men whom rfmy had taken, and although there was none due to them, were told there papers produced to prove it, yet it furnißied an excufc to them to bieak open the chcßs. from whence they Role nearly 3000 dollars, and af erwards opened ( the letters and papers on board,] and were guilty of the moR outrageous conduct. This is what johnny Braintiecmay term civility and politcnefs! AN ORATION, Delivered at Hat Bujh, en the 4th of July, '99, by E d \v a r d B t n N ET. Americans! WE are here meritcdly affem blcd to celebrate this joyous an niverfary of American 1 1 depend ence—an independence wbnh has been looked upon withangcr, awe, and pleafcue, by the h uro pcan powers. Eng'and, with] anger, bhe'd 11s independent, i becaule in fpite ol her oppreb: fions, and her endeavors to fub jugate our mmly necks to the vile yoke of drfpotilm ; we had broken alfunder the fetters, of tvranny, and attumed the voice j of an heroic nation ; and fince we have, with fo much blood (hed, eflabliftied peace and an c xtenfive comincice, fhe h-as j looked upon us with fear, leR ; we Ihould by cur increafing greatnefs, revenge the many in-; juries with which Ihe had ptr lecuted our pious ancellors. Americans, beware of Brlufli malice; a R iking miiance of; which is evident fr m their hav ing armed the In- inns againß i oui f on iers, and having let rut 1 the A'geiines upon ou delVn. c-. Ids commerce. n ihe other* hand, France with pLafure be held our bitchy, and looked upon our indrpendc ore 1 as one of the greateft and moll glo ious events ever recorded in j the annals of time, loi, as rhe j lljine kindled in Ameii a, fpai ks | caught in furope, and gave to the nation of fiance, an over throwing the monarchy, and of er tbng a government fortiiem fclves, and al o of liber-i ing Irom the baßile thole victims of tyranny, who had for a long time lutteied unhea-d of cruel ties. In America, the fparks of li berty weie kind I dand nouiifhcd into independence; to obtain which, (lie had to ttruggle with one ol the then moR powciful nations in Europe, dvißißute of arms and ammunition, Ihe was forced to contend with a nuinc- ■ rous end well dlfcip 'ncd nvny ; but courage fuppaed the phce or arms, for when out coa.isj .ir.d fho*es were in felled by ho-1 (Me fl ets and armies the peo ple of America biavely dedicated thcr lives and fortunes to the facred caufe of freedom; and won with ll eir blood this glori ous independence handed un- Tul ied to their poflerity. B ced’s awful mount contains the a'hes I of manv of thofe noble patriots , who geneioufly fhed their biood 1 for liberty and their country ;, but their fouls are transferred to brighter regions, to the abodes of more than mortal bills. / mericans, the florin is over, j you now enjoy peace, a peace made happy by the vaft extent of a country embracing all the varieties of the mod lalubiious climes, and a government juftly t renowned for its wi fdom and in tcgiitv ; and while it keeps the equ table courfe it has taken, will have all true Americans at t chedtoit If then, Americans, the peop'e are attached to our government, why fhould we have a handing a my to fuppoit it ? while they have always been thought by wife and moderate men deftru6frve to republics. N oiwithftanding the tiuth and •importance of this maxim, it I has been thought pioper to or-' gamle fuch an army: already; have we feen and experienced its evils ; already have we feen attempts made by the foldiery to inlluence by force the public opinion. Not to mention the pernicious cffccls of the prefent cllablifliment, in adding to the ferocity oi 'party fpiiit, in cre ating a horde of idle profligate wretches* who will be the drones of locieiy ; nor the enormous icxpence incurred by it to the j United States. Already have 1 we hen the foldiery tyrannize over iheii fellow-citizens, not in 3rrn ; ; and the military fupercede , the civil authority, Thefc da ring attempts of the Januaries of , America, ought to excite the ; mult icnous alarm, and indig nuion. Ncfwithftanding the I pomp and parade of naval pre ! para ions, our property is Hill very inlecuic on the ocean, i d.wo oi the belligerent powers! continue to commit depreda tions on our commerce. The tyrant i f the ocean continues to | harrafs our trade, to infult our ! hag, to plunder cur property, I i and to imprels our Teamen, The 1 moll daring attempts of this kind | have been offered, that were i ever tolerated by an independent 1 people. I challenge any advo cate for Britain to produce an jinflance of a free fovereign, and “ mod enlightened peop'e/* be ing infultcd in having their Tea men taken from their (hips of war, and patiently fubmitung to the infult. Americans, keep n watchful eye, left you lofe that liberty which) our forefathers rated at (o high a price, the price of feven yean bloody war, PHILADELPHIA, 7,,-, ? Extract cf a letter from D A ['; r I dated May 1. to a gmt' (nanil [ this city—the criminal in I hands cf the Editor. I “ No chance of return until I the country is more tranquil, 0 f I which there is no profpeft, I Richardfon (rnother-in law 0 p I Fitzgibbon, carl of Clare, the I lord chancellor) and family, a . e I i gone to fpend their lives in I I land, 1 hear ihc country i s m I a (hocking fiate ; they are rmk. I ,ing pikes more aQively and nu- I meroufly than ever. They have I burnt the odious chancellor’s I houfe to the ground. \V e hear I ; there are fifty thoufand French I troops at Breft, ready to fail f Gr I Ireland, a»id that we (ball have I la morewaimcr Cummer than the I lad. The nobility are all go- I ing to England, they arefoap, I prehcnfivc. Lord Perrv has I gone to England, and it is not I fuppofed he means to return Che I is one of the judges.) They I are exchanging moll of our mi. I litia regiments for Englifh. Tho I union has ergrofltd the public I a'tcnt.on during the winter more I than any other matter—The I Orangemen violently againfl it. I I The Hale piifoners have been I lent to Scotland, after having I experienced moft crue! treatment I i here. 1 he yeomen arc nearly I | all turned rebels in confequenc; I of the propofed union, which I vre arc told will.fcc^catried with- I ! out doubt next fefiion of p rli- I ament ” I CHARLESTON 1 , July 23. I Three days ago, the Mvcdilh I brig Fid-Tia, capt. Dalmer, an- I chored at Fo t [ohnfon ; fhe B left Malaga on the 26th of May. I The only informauen we can I collect from capt. Dalmer ref I pe&ing the French and Eritifh I fleets is, that the former had I pafied up the Mediterranean, I and was followed by the latter I under the command of lord St. I Vincent. No account of their ■ having met, or where the French I fleet was deflined, had arrived I at Malaga when capt. Daber I left it. I He alfo informs, that the Spa* I nifh fleet had put to lea from I I Cadiz, but it had not entered the I Streights when he came out. B July 24. B Capt. Dalmer, from Malaga,® fays that the French fleet paired I the Streights of Gibraltar on the ■ 2d of Mav ; the Britifh f' rC; J followed five days after. A t rl ‘H gate from the Fr mch fleet H into Malaga, and remained bH three days, during which tiff-■ the caprain went to Cadiz> an H returned. Nothing could learnt from him relpe&ing l- C H defimation of the fleet. H C A U T I O N. I TT73EREAS my wife, Miry \ V h-is ciopcd Irom my beu ’ V B1 without ai> • ibis >• w T'> all Pe-fopj wh'f-icver frm c,f 'I ing her on mv, as I atn not to yzy any deni* of hrr corrr -‘ ! Benjamin Samino- 5, fl*