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The Louisville gazette. (Louisville, Ga.) 1799-1800, October 08, 1799, Image 1

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THE LOUISVILLE GAZETTE. VoL. I.] T U E S RAY, October 8, 1709. [No. 37. —“ ' REASON SND TRUTH IMPARTIAL UUiDd THE iVHT. ~~ ZO RGI A, LOUISV ILL E : rubhfhcd every luelclay, by AMBROSE DAY, at 3 dollars per ann. payable halt yearly. from the EXAMINER. A dcfign is on foot among the niinifterialifls to poHpone the operation of the new cenfus , until 2 |ter the tlcftiou of the next rrcfidpnt, in the fall of 1800. the four eaftern Hates will ye tsin an aiicendency in that fkflion to which their prefent {hare of population does not entitle them. Since 1790, the middle and (outhein Hates have incrcafed vaHly in population r J he caHern Hates arc in that Hationary : or nearfy fo. Hence the cenfus of 1790 is like thefe baby clothes, which the fchool boy has overgrown. It is even lulpefled that ( on neflicut has decreafed in popu lation. It is certain that Virgi nia is nearly four times more populous than Conncdlicut, even after making a dedudlion agreeable to the confhtution of two fifths of the flavcs. By the old cenlus, Connefli cut will have nine votes at the next eleflion, and Viiginia twenty-one. By the new cenfus, Connec ticut would certainly ha\e no more than nine, and Virginia would have at lead twenty.(even or perhaps thiity. As foon as the dedlion of another prtfident fhall be over, tiio minifterialifts will bring in a new cenlus. Well fir ! and what then ? bn y then, Jir t we (hall have new lyflem of proportions of the a Reded tax, on ihe bafis of our new cenlus. This will raife the burden of Virginia to one third more than what it is at prefent. The man who now Pays fifteen (hillings of an a(- 1 *cd federal tax, will then pay twenty Hnflings or thereby. e new cenlus will (hew that .; ,r g , r nia c °nrains three hundred nuufand people more than it {7 . mne ago. This will A 6 1 " nas a rcafon for faddiing common wealth with an ad tlon °f one hundred and fcenty thou fan d dollars or L,1 , 1e / tiie annual, andeter- Uj c j f tax of two millions or dollars. T hus Virginia will give her ° c& lor the new prefident bv oe old cenfus. whereby (he has twent y*one votes. But (he » within fix months the reaf 7 he addled by the new cen at tbe ,ate °f twenty fix or 4u > votes. We give their ob- T n T* 0n the and high- Li u: 7 ruy - 1 hf y al . Tv bc<n Privately debated in i° b con S r cfs, though 7S? h!cnSthas[iie< l ueft ‘ on Essjniner dcGgns is to make this extraordinary fcheme the fuhjedl of a printed eßay. But the prefent hints are cafl out in the mean time to route attention to that point. And if the citizens of Virgi nia are not abfolmcly bewildered , they will give the deepefl atten tion to this profound objedt ; a projefl by which we aie to reap all the burdens of an equal re prefentatfbn, while, by certain artful manoeuvres, we are to be jockicd out of its advantages, J r ~. >5 Ihe next houfc of afTembly of this date will do well to think cf thefe matters. r J lie people at large alio, muft lubirpt, on this o< cation, to the uneafinefs cf thinking. To give a proper diredlion to the butinefs, no node, no paffion, will be necel lary. r ] he real friends of order will net, on this emergency, pu l down piiming-c dices. They will not foim a plot for tauing and fcatheiing, or for afbflina ting an adverfary, becaufe his details cannot be denied, and his arguments cannot be rcfulcd. 1 hey wi;l not adopt a fyHem of which would fend us back to the brutalization of our pie deccffors in the woods. 1 hey will not by frenzies like thefe, proHrate the genuine dignity cf tlie Virginian charafter. It can only be nccellary for the houfc of delegates to explain, to the citizens cf this (late, the trick which has been devifed. and the amfcufcade which has been planted. The authors of this plan for poflponing the cenfus, till a new prefident (hall be chofen, will then find them felves ovej whelmed under the torrent of univerfal contempt. The magic lanthom of minifle rial finefle will crumble into atoms under the grafp of detec tion; and as the people aie to be affembled upon the bafis of ihe new cenfus, they will chufe their prefident on the lame con (litutional and republican prin ciples. We have already cbferved that Kentucky, Tenncfbe avi Georgia, fhould fend at hall fixtecn or twenty repiefentat e> to congrcfs ; and that thefe d i e great and growing Rates (, r p r e(ent, no more than fn f*. f they had been fairly repn mu .i, no alien cr (edition ’Cts no (landing armies, or ilr.sna . vies, would have bung, it tins day, like a millßor; , a-, rod the neck of Arncric n ’ otvy, f NEW-YORK, Xrfle.-iitr 4. 1 French a) d Sjar Jh I eels . 1 By capt. Smith, I>nc rifTe, we learn th-t four davs ) previous to his failing, .1 genne- jfnan had arrived there, diredf .from Cadiz, who informed, that ■ the Punch and Spanijh fleets had [/owned a junPiion % end into the Wejttrn Ocean ; tnd further, that two American Indiamen, of 14 guns each, had arrived there, having been captured by a French corvette of 20 guns. On reviewing the different articles publrfhed in the 1 often Centinel, we perceive that tic! French have obtained coniidei ahlc advantages over the com bined forces. One article, I dated Irfpruek, 2oth of June, 1 allows that Par lira, Regie, and Modena, are ic-ovcupred by j il e French, and tl e Ducal family have fled towards Man tua. It dates the army of Ma<- 1 donald to con ft ft of 30,000 men. At Vienna it was rumoured,; that Macdonald had not joined! Moreau, but that 15 coo men were left at Savona, w hich aedt d 1 a great ft perior i»y to the Frenc h. fire feiges of Toitona, Aleflan dria and Turin, wiil be continu ed, and they (peak of their lur rtrder with the utmcli confi dence. It cannot be deried that (be French armies were becoming truly formidable ard were ad vancing agairft the enemy. '1 he iattei mull have made a partial retreat to admit tie former to retake Parma, Kcgio, and Mo dena, Sfplmhe> 7. The la ft ft Intel igenre from Tyria, ftate% that Buonaparte ftrll prrguffes through that country. Jt it is true that Pal ifawan Oglcw ha* again nfen !againfl the Forte, his rebellion, 11hat in the Ifland of Gjpjusand 'the infuncdlon of the Arabs— will divide the atr<ntion of that government and inucafe us dif ficulties. 1 rorn Ccnftantirople, wr I hear complaints of a want ol irefourcesto carry on war. If ithc Grand bignior wants petu jniary afftflance, his friend the Royal George of England muff undoubicoly a (lift hrnr with a few millions of fpccre. Tire poor bu' 1 mufl find c: fh to fupply the wants of the Itve ral allied defpots. Pti is con ftmtly applying the lance to ln> veins, and inviting the foreign tyrants to participle fretiy of the flood while it flows. { he Britrfh paupers are c>f different ranks, the lovveft o der are confined in work-houfes, but the uppf r order fir d the (late !o charitable that their pla ces and per Tons enable them to Irefidc i n the lap of luxury and >r r . ; m gndia nee. if hr bidrey Smith thrcn himfclf into St. John d’Acre for the purpose of defending, it is likely he will be caught in the trap, by that Brrvo catcher, Buonaparte. It may be bad policy in him to leave his ele ment. We mention with fincere re gret, that D< ftor Parkins, ir vtnfor of the Metallic Trac 1101s, fell a vi£lim to the prevail ! ing epidemic yefUtday mom ii g, after an ilJntls of 6 or 7 days. Vtfleiday mornirg departed . this life, in lie 21 U )car of his age, of Ihe prevailing cp : .dt mir, Kolal Jhrtin , piin er of this city, irtly lamented by his re ; lotions and friends. Hn ihe evening of the 4th infl. jibd Muis t printer, a wor -1 thy friend of lociecy. We tondole with our fellow 'citzens on the lefs of Mr. James Chkvai i 1 ii, late Editor of the Mercantile Advnhjn. 'I lie amiability of his private cha raOer er deaied him to all who had the pleafure of knowing him. As an 1 usband and a he wrs tender and affec tionate — and as a number of the community his life was rot only mej reachable but boner able. His irdufiry in conducing the Mcicantile Advertifer, was unce< ling and nfcful to the pub lic. Unhke >m-my of his fac ticus brethren, he difdamed to fugpiefsany in clligcncc which he recehed. Ah hough poffcf td of an exfenhvc mercantile contusion, yet, he could not be prevailed upon to do any of the duty woik of the federal faftion, to a Web/ler , a lang % a bnrwdrn he left 1 fie odious talk of cah mniaiing and libelling Ihe friends of freedom and the beloved cau'eof republicanifm. He envied them not their degra ding vocation but defpiled that cordu6l which aiofe from the bafere Is of ] lofliiution and the advantages deriving fieym it. huch a man is a teal lofs to fociety, hut alas! a feveie 00c o his family. Jndifeiiminating peflilence maws down the virtuous. th« ufelul, and ihe vicious together, but v hiie the death of the latter excites no regret, tha* - of the Former is fell by the public as a melancholy deprivation. WANTED TO HIRE, the Monti or 7":ar, A NEGRO MAN. Enquire at tin OJfne. *so^n. B L A N K. DEE D S For Sale, al Lkii Office.