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The Louisville gazette. (Louisville, Ga.) 1799-1800, October 29, 1799, Image 1

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THE LOUISVILLE GAZETTE. VoL. I.] GEORGIA, LOUISVILLE: —i’ublithcd every Tuefday, by AMbROSE DAY, at 3 dollais pei ann. payable bait yearly. KFWRURYPORT, Sept. 10. An account of the following we are informed has been vitk the proper .to the Per (tartOf fate, and lefs appear in due It teas, however, the uijh y the party concerned, that his fellow citizens fhould be w i/h the cruel and unju/f. treat ment he received on board « Bri tijh man of war, I, Richard Carter, of Kittery, commonwealth of Maffachufetts, declare folemnly and truly, that I w\s a feaman on board the (hip Pomona, Nathaniel Ken nard, maftei : that while the {aid (hip was lying in the harbor cf Kingfton, Jamaica, being on (here at one of the lumber (lores, I was accofkd bv th ee Britifh . officers, who r deed what (hip I j k onged to ? I anfWered them, the American ffup Pomona. They then alktd for my pro tection ; I told them it was on board. They then drew their cuTafles, beat me with them, and dragged me together with another young man, belonging to Bofton, by main force until, they got us to the kings yard. After this a guard was placed over u% until we were caned on hoard the Brunfwick of 74 guns, C Ruthford, commander. H rc the treatment I received was more cruel and abufive. After being on board a little time, I was ordered on the quar ter deck, the officers of which 0 dered the boatfwain's mate to take me down and give me a jvnaU dram, as they ex puffed it. 1 was taken down in the waift, where the fair! boaifwair/s mate continued to flog fnc with a three inch rope till he was tired : he then called a marine to his affilt anuc, who took the rope aud fo towed his ex ?mpleby flogging roe until I could (carrelv (land or go—tny clothes which I had on wre a I cut to pieces. 1 was 1 fn ordered to duty in the waift. 8 0,n g down the ftarboaid “dc, nor moving fo fall as the , ai ln £ niafler thought I might, h ‘‘ B ave ™ a kick, and knocked roe down, upon the gun deck, c ling me ?t the fame time a Qimn'd \ ankee rafcal, See. The next day capt. Kennard, eari. gof what had happened tndravored to come on boa d, 0 ‘■Rea my retea f e . but tbt "utenant oidered rhe centmel 0 at the boat if (he attempt ;• manpioach the fhtp. Capt f nnurd then procured a writ " a T ca P ta,n of the (hip, and M him wtfted wben on flj ore , , h h lt ob |tged to give bonds IwJ (h ° U l d be Slivered up. -ccoidingly ( cut on (h 0 K, T U E S D A Y, October 29, 1799. REASON AND TRUTH TMPARII <L GCIH. TH. tv AT m but in fo mangled a condition that I was unable to do duty on board for tend-vs. 1 hereby acknowledge mv rrfprfts tocapt. Kennaid for his exertions in my behalf. It was owing to his determined conduct, in not (looping to Brtifh infolenrc, that I was relieved ftom their mcrcilefs hands. Numheis of American (ado s now held by them in a (late equal to fla very. RICHARD CARTER. Sworn bef, re rr.e, Daniel Huviphryi. NEW-YoRK, 0 Bober 5. T he eleftion for governor of (late of Pernfyivania will very flu itly t<ke pi ne. The conteft will no doubt b a warm one, as both patties arc it olved to exert ihemldves to the ut mofl, to carry their f vourile champions The highly refpeftdjlc cha rafter of judge k 1 4 Kean will have great V v igiit in ;hc Icale of public opinion. His well know n 'attachment to the pnr.ciples of our iev< lution, and his ui devi ating adherence in every func tion fo th Rhetty oi his fe lev men points him out »o ihc do zens cf 1 tnidyivania ys a man in whofe imetntv and patuotum they can place fhe great* ft con fidence. h< (teadirels of tnu firm and genuine repi b ic n, is ffrongly i ontrafff dby thefhame ful apofiacy and »eigiverkrion of (eve: a I would be anfiocrats, whom time has me into enemies to their country and mankind. T ht e is one great induce ment tor the inhabitants cf Ptimfylvanii to deft Judge Vi'K-an it is that Porcupine; has promift s to ! cavc the fide, (hou’d the chid jultice be cleft vd governor. It would be an excel cm opportunity to get lid of that filthy blackguard whole career has been a (candal to Ainuica. EALTLVH )kl, OB'her 1. American Gallantry ! ExtraEl of a tel er from the fuper cargo of the Jhip / ondon Packet, to his owner , Mr. H. Gold/bo rough, of this city , dated 2%th September , off the (opes. 41 On th* rotn of this month we h da very leveie engagerncrit with a French piv.te.r of 16 guns, a‘ d 150 men. She en gaged us one hour an i three quarter, one hdf of which time w s clofe along hde. A ? it tie befoc (he attempted to board us they hoi (led the bloo ly dag, which pjo- ed a b oody one to them, every man who attempt- ■ed to board raftered inftant death, r onfid* ring the dev iate attftrpt they made, we pet off well. lam (orry to inform you that we h. d three men killed, •ne of whom wras our lecond mate, Mr, L.indlay, a Ipiri'ed , and a6live officer; and two wounded, ore of whom was rapt. Andcrfon, who received a h< li in his right breaft. It was 8 o'clock at mghr when the pri vateer fh» errd off horn us. un able to tffefl hci point. * ome of her (ails were on h e fom Wads f»on« ou» guns; and loine of our own fa Is bong liDwhc on fire from a limiLr p e vented our captuting her. Had it not been for :hdt(, we fhould have lafh d her 10 die (hip and made a piize of her. “ On the whole we had a providential elcape fr< m b»ing blown up, as ftvcral of the wads of their guns w r ere blown mlOi our cabin, w'hich wa in a of fire, and would have reached the magazine, h«d it not been tor the exertions cf thole Who c-ttrnded it.” | The pilot who was on he London Packet, was told That h was their opinion the Frenchman trull have lolt .t Icall 50 nun in his repealed at uinpts to fcoaid on the quarter deck. The joiiy boat was 6 Limes fiiicd with Frenchmen, <?nd its contents we e as ofun p urged imo the ocean, and every man kHed. SAVANNAH, oEsher 18. Capt. Shaw of the (hip f rank lin, arrived at Baltimore,n forms j that the combined F»e ch and j SpamCi fleets failed fiom Cad 7 B y about the iff of / ugufl— j their deflination was not know n. | H«info cements w. re immedi ately ftm to the channel fleet, on the arrival of this news. An embargo was laid on all the vcflels in the Britifh (hannel ports, Auguft 7 h, till the failir c of the expedition. It is Li » 90,000 troops will be » n ployed jin it, and be commanded by the I Duke of York. 1 Extract 0] a >c Ur to a gentleman in this citv, recnvtd f om his ) jri nd at BoJLn , dated Septem ber 29. “ On Friday la ft, the f» ffer eis by the Bntifh fpoiLiti< ns chofe a committee to wait o '* the Prefi lent, to know wha» they had to expeft, and what pofinon it wou d be proper for them to take in confiquence of the coin inilfioners lifing in London. ; i he Prefident ciec’ared he h d i not re. c vcci o(fi< ial information from Mr Pickering, o f that event ; (letters from Mi, Gene, the An e if n crmnnfli-nrer to his fii'd. v hne, have been in *hi« town thrre wc/ks ro that «fF ff) 1u r would £0 on to T hi l<*d I; hia a month foe n't in coni que nee of it. It is diffi cult to defMrrrno whether the hng ilh or F rnrh are moH exe crated '* hr envoys to Fi nee leave here foo-i. and a rup urc with Fncland is rorGdtred ro he mo’e than probable, mdetd it is expended " September 3 oth, ** The P»r fideni left town th s day fur the fouthwa d. in conhquence of what I wrote you )c(l» rd. y/* m*rnrn rwf—l BOST('N\ Srp'rmbrr 26. We can alluie ih« pub ic that the envoys 10 the French 1 e public have rer t\ ord rs and art m w p eparing, immediately to embatk foi urope. 1 Ihe honorahlt Mr Fwifr, of Contic6ii< ut, g tsout lccicta*y o! the rml H\. ) None e. r T' , H \T tint mnn'fis aH<r he I * date he of, i.ppluati n til hr jjrndr to (hr Ju/oior ( on? I of j Jtfferjon 1 0; v i, /or prrvnjfu n to | jtl ! a trad, </ tv r hundred andJixly acres 0) L rid , in W t jlnng on covn~ Iy , part of the /ta flat* of Ji hn Murray dtceof'd / > to j tijy the C‘editor so/ /aid tflate . V\ m MM >owell, admr» Odobcr 21, 1799. N O * If F. TH \ f vire rro 1 *hs after the date here /, afphration will be node to (h honu'afht I e nftrior (curt, tf fhr 1 u tv of Irfftr/m, /1 r leave to / U ir< ft 7 lard <n*i tai ng cm hundred a f rr$ t uitt in fix mis if LoVih ige m hhe - Ville County in the pale > j iouth- Carolina: fart 0, the r>ale/late of Robert S’'mtr % de r e /td % to fa~ itsfv th* d 1 mauds 0/ the c'eailo sof ! /aid Robert bpnue, Sam tie r.diews, admr . Oil, 14, 1799. N () T I C E. 1H A F *’i't r c t lrs* •ri «’f flint . nili* 1 "m ■hr d 1 h. ro f ihr C •i b • lit ; n !i; • hr ho <r» \ 1 h( Infem C utn tJff ri i.nty, 1 a Dr -- < ale f n. undr'd aerrt of Ja it 1 fi IIC )>• ihr C ii* - vl I *rl u tfu* Ii , j’■ j* it- «>< J ic I I 1 hf n 1 (>a r r f the r I r ale • I W 11 rain Ir 1 kin , •'€ <if d. T*c ft ili e<'f v.ji| '>r(r’Hch*n-H ( U - ■’» r niir . t- I rtf l(lC atorr « | k it* '<e ff ' Henry G. C Idwel f g . An me- • nr «* ut n iat afc» Etc. ' ** ? no I . \v.‘. 1 Li) i • i 4 g li I tit ttO*t of J U' . A NEGRO MAN. K qutrt ml tti> Ojftut, January SJ, [No. 39.