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HIS SYMPATHY WITH BOERS “SHOCKING AND 'PERFIDOUS BREACH OF NATIONAL FAITH” GHOST 0F iLIBEBTYHAS BEES HORDEBED He is Opposed to Annexation, and Believes Self Government 1k the Only Solution. Washington, Jan. 22.—1 n accord ance with notice previously given Mr. Turner (Dem., Wash ) today addressed the senate on the Philippine question. His discusssion took a wide range. “Neither the stately periods of the president’s message nor the fervid ora tory of the senator’s address,’’ said he, “can change the facts of history or met amorphose a proposed course already partly accomplished, which involves a shocking and perilous breach of na tional faith, into an act of policy de fensible on grounds of justice, morality and national duty.” Perfidy and bad faith were involved in the pretensions put forth by the ad ministration of either a legal or a moral right to absorb and govern the Philip pine islands without the consent of their people. The people of those islands were, he said, a brave, resolute, liberty loving people, and their struggles ought to wm them the admiration and respect member of the American sen- Mr. Turner then related the ofttold story of tbs alliance which was formed between the United States forces and tije Filipinos for the subjugation of Ma nila and the expulsion of Spain from the if lands and expressed the opinion that had our army delayed for a few weeks the Filipinos would have captured the city. He declared that the Filipinos were fighting for their own independence, yet the president's mes sage set up the claim that independence was an after thought founded upon the sinister ambition of certain Filipino leaders. Action Without Parallel. “Our action has no parallel in the his tory of all the world from the begin ning of time down to the present mo ment,** said Mr. Turner. “I venture to say that there is not one American voter in 100 who would not have repu diated the pretensions of the adminis tration as perfidious and dishonorable, if called upon with the full knowledga of the facts to sanction them in the be ginning and before the present desolat ing war began.” Mr. Turner controverted the presi* dent’s statements that the islands were ours by every title of law and equity, because the Filipinos had assumed their sovereignty by the God-given right of revolution. Referring to the speech of Mr. Bever idge as a rhapsody, Mr. Turner said that it “lacked the majestic harmony which can be evoked when the nobler chords are struck. ” He maintained that the Filipinos knew that the function of a government was to preserve life, liberty and prop erty, and believed that they were abun dantly able to maintain such a govern ment. “Already our Philippines experiences are beginning to have the boomerang effect predicted by the senator from In diana.” said Mr. Turner. “There is a primitive people in South Africa, a mere handful, pious and simple, brave and heroic, but careless of the great wealth lying under their hands, indif ferent to its civilizing influence and dis posed to live their own simple lives in their own simple way. They are the last link that connect us with one of the great heroic epochs in the world’s history “A great nation having racial tenden cies similar to our own, has seen the present deplorable condition of affairs among this South African people and has determined to improve and civilize them in the way we are improving and civilizing the simple but brave Fili pinos. They are not succeeding so well, unfortunately, in their self imposed task, as we are. Tne Afrikanders are proving themselves to be worthy sons of heroic sires. They are making an heroic fight, and one which has become the wonder and admiration of mankind throughout the world. “Because of what w”, in common with mankind, owe to their blood, be cause they are bravely fignting a rutn less invader of their homes and fire sides, because they are fighting for their liberty, to govern th-mselves and their affairs their own way, because when they go down another republic will have perished, they undoubtedly carry with them in their straggle pro found sympathy of the American peo pie. Our sympathy has been expressed through governmental channels. th- ?hr<t of liberty raur- A CLEAR HEAD; good digestion; sound sleep; a fine appetite and a ripe old age. are some of the results of the use of Tutt’s Liver Pills A single dose will convince you of their wonderful effects and virtue A Known Fact. An absolute cure for sick head ache, cv spepsia, malaria, sour stomach, dizziness, constipation bilious fever, piles, torpid liver and all kindred diseases. 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As you know, the prevailing diseases are in flammations or irritations of the inter nal organs of the body, either of the -i head, the throat, the lungs, bowels, etc. I prescribed it hundreds of times for these diseases during all the following seventeen years, and I have never lost a single case during all this time, although I have often related this to my medical associates, who at ■ first expressed D. P. Niehart, M. D., of Nebraska City, Mo., prescribes Pe ru-na every day. their doubts, and sometimes very em phatically, but after I had treated a large number of cases that had been given up, and cured them, they began to believe what I said. I rely so wholly upon Pe-ru-na in very disease that affects the mucous membranes lining the internal organs, that I never for a moment think of pre scribing anything else. Since using Pe ru-na, I have never had a patient die from inflammation of the lungs, bladder, bowels, stomach or kidneys. Every case recovered in a very short time. In other dered in the Philippines stands in the way. We cannot even preserve a de cent neutrality between this her oho peo ple and their assailants. It is yet per mitted to us, however, as individuals to avert our eyes, and as these noble men go down to death and oblivion, to say to them as I now do, ‘Thou last survi vors of a heroic age, hail and farewell. ’ ” Opposed to Annexation. Mr. Turner, after a brief legal and constitutional argument bearing upon tho status of the United States in the Philippines, made the point that the annexation of the Philippines would debauch the citizenship of the country. “The Filipinos,” he said, “will have all the privileges of citizens of rhe United States as to themselves and their products. This will be to pauperize the labor of the country; to pit the 10,000.- 000 underpaid and underfed Filipinos against the mechanic, the artisan and the laboring man of this land.” Mr. Turner, in conclusion, said that everybody knew a dec aration by con gress of its purpose to confer self gov ernment upon the Filipinos would stop the war instantly and eloquently urged the adoption of such a declaration. “If we now give them justice we will have done more for their mental, moral and political regeneration and for ali their kindred races than we could do in 100 years of political communion axid •ssociation. ” Dai’s’ MlMiion to Africa, Washington, Jan. 22.—80th the stats and interior departments authorize the most sweeping denial of the story that Webster Davis, assisiant secretary of the interior, is clothed with any diplo matic mission. It is declared taut be represents no department of the United States government m his visit to South Africa, bat is there in a personal ca pacity. N w Bout • diow.> G '.M Portland, Or., Jan. 22 —The final builders’ trial trip of the torpedo boat destroyer Goidsboroagh was made yes terday and was so satisfactory that it is unnecessary to make another builders 1 trial. The boat made for a time 45 rev olutions, more than is required to make 30 knots. The average speed ranged from 24 to 30% knots. TilE ROME TRIBUNE, THURSDAY JANUARY 25, ISOO I words, I prescribed Pe-ru-na for all cases of catarrhal diseases. I believe you are right in classing all irritations and in flammations of the internal organs as S-Ctfl 7 feJoW - J Dr. J. W. Egbert, of Neo sho, Mo., a graduate of three schools of medi cine, uses Pe-runa in his practice with gratifying results. when you publish a certificate, and as I have just had some pictures taken, I enclose you one. You can use it and this letter, one, or both, just as you wish, if you think it will promote the use of Pe-ru-na. If you would like special cases that I have treated with Pe-ru-na, I can give you hundreds of them. Very truly yours, Dr. J. W. Pence. A. W. Perrin, M. D. S., 980 Halsey street, Brooklyn, N. Y., in a recent let- It ter to Dr. Hartman says the following:’ “I am using your Pe-ru-na myself, and am recommend- In g it to my pa tients in all cases of catarrh, and find it to be more than you represent. Pe-' ru-na can be had now of all ruggists • in this section; at A ‘ Ferrin,M.D. S. the time I began using it, it was un known.” Send for winter catarrh book. Ad dress The Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., Colum bus, Ohio. NEW REFRiGERATINQ CAR. Electricity to Be Generated From the Axle and Money Saved. Louisville, Jan. 22.—A party of elec trical experts and newspaper represen tatives passed through here yesterday over the Louisville and Nashville in the private oar “Olivet-e” enroute from New York to New Orleans. Its purpose in making the trip is to witness test! to be made at Montgomery, Mobile and New Orleans on an electric refrigeratoi oar. The refrigerator car, which refriger ates by means of electricity generated from the car axle, will be attached, to an engine at Birmingham, with the pri vate car ‘•Olivette,” and run from Bir mingham to New Orleans. It is claimed that the item of expense in refrigerating with the new oar il about 25 cents per 1,000 miles per car, as against sls to S2O per car per I.OOC miles by the icing system. BOLD ATTEMPT TO~ESCAPE. Triple Murderer Flanngan Leads In s Break For Liberty. Decatur, Ga., Jan. 22.—Edward 0. Flanagan, the triple murderer, led eight desperate prisoners in an attempt to escape from jail at this place. Flan agan felled the jailer to the floor with a blow from a heavy piece of iron, but the injured man was game, and draw ing his pistol fired into the gang of prisoners. Flanagan was shot through the thiga and fell. The other prisoners, cowed by the fate of their leader, hesitated. The shots attracted the attention of the jail er’s family and, summoning assistance, they managed to overcome the prison and all were locked up. Flanagan’s wound is not dangerous. Kuitting'Miils For Griffin. Grxtvin, Ga., Jan. 22.—Mr. E. H Spivey of Talbotton has completed all arrangements for the erection of a $20,- 000 knitting mill at this place. Mr. A. S. Brown of Little Falls, N. Y., has been here for several days and has about closed a deal to bring his $40,000 knit ting mill plant here from Little Falls. HE SCORES PARIS EDITOR CALLS DERODAYS OF FIGARO LIAR AND SCOUNDREL. SAYS HE NEVEB GAMBLED IN HIS LIFE Will Not Challenge Editor to Duel But Will Go Back and Give Him [a Caning / New York, Jan. 22.—Count Boni de Castellane and the Countess de Oastel lane, nee Gould, arrived in this country today on the French liner Laßretange from Havre, France. They went to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. The count was willing to talk about the stories of hia losses by stock speculation and gam bling. He speaks very good English, with a slight accent. On the Deßodays matter he said: “Deßodays, he is a—well what is De- Rodays? Reßodays is a liar, he is a scoundrel. Say anything yen like about him. He is a , what is suoh per- son? He is nothing. A nonenity. What should I care for him? Oh, he is a liar-” The count evidently did not like the stories that had been printed about him and his alleged losses. He was asked it he would challenge Deßodays. “Challenge?” he said, with hauteur, “certainly not. I shall not challenge suoh a man. He is not the kind Qi man to accept a challenge. No, I shall not challenge him, but when I go back 1 shall slap his face with a stick, if he does not retract See, monsieur, I have prepared a statement to send to him.” The statement which Count de Cas tellano gave ont in relation to Deßodays, editor of The Figaro, whence came the stories that Connt de Castellano lost several million francs on the Stock Ex change and in gambling, translated ii as follows: “Deßodays, editor Le Figaro. Sir: There has been communicated to me on board the ship the calumny in the Pa risian papers which emanated from The Figaro. Yon will at once print a formal denial. I reserve the right on my re turn to tell yon what I think of your disloyal act.” “lie Figaro,” continued the count, after he had translated his statement into English, “is a paper bought by the highest bidder. Why this man should have circulated suoh stories I don’t know. I know of no reason why such things should be issued, except that we are in opposing political parties. The editor thought he would have a chance, while I was on the ocean, to set some lies in circulation about me. “I never gambled in inv life,” said Count de Castellane warmly. “I never played cards for money or gambled in any other form. I did not lose money in speculation and these stories are all falsifications and as false as they can be. There is no truth in them at all.” When the question of the relationship between himself and his wife was touched upon, Count Castellane said: “Our relations are perfectly harmoni ous.” Then he smiled at her as she stood by his side, and she smiled at him. There was seeming good feeling in the smiles. With regard to their visit hero, the count and his wife said that they in tended to remain in New York 15 days, though their plans might possibly be changed. They are here to see the rel atives and friends of the countess. Having a Great Run on Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. Manager Martin, of the Pierson drag store, informs us that he is having u great ran on Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. He sells five bottles of that medicine to one of any other kind, and it gives great satisfaction. In these days of la grippe there is nothing like Cham* berlain’s Cough Remedy to stop the cough, heal up the sore throat and lungs and give relief within a very short time. The sales are growing, and all who try it are pleased with its prompt action.— South Chicago Daily Calamet. For ale by Curry-Arrington Co., druggists For a Confederate Museum. Washington, Ga., Jan. 22. The Daughters of the Confederacy of thii place have begun a movement to pur chase the old Heard building in which the last session of the confederate cabi net was held and in which the camp chest of President Jefferson Davis was left when he began his fight south, which ended in his capture near Irwins villa. The plan is to make a confed erate museum of the building. Ths movement has many assurances of sup port. Bishop Fifzgi-raid Jmpcovf-s. Little Rock, Jan. 22.—Bishop Dunns of Dallas, Tex., passed through Little Rock on his way to Jonesboro to see Bishop Fitzgerald. A telegram from Jonesboro states that the bishop is still improving and with present prospers will be brought home in a weak or ten days. Father Lucy of Pine B uff has been with him since he was stsickon with paralysis Thursday., Nasal CATARRH fem In all its stages there A should be cleanliness. Ely’s Cream Balm cleanses, soothes and heals the diseased membrane. It cures catarr-h and drives .<2K away a cold in the head quickly. Cream Balm is pJ.ace4.lato the nostrils, spreads over the membrane and is absorbed. Relief is im mediate and a cure follows. It is not drying—does notproduce sneezing. Large Size, SO cents at Drug gists or by mail; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail. ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren Street, New York. catarrh. Ca* tarrh means irritation and in fl a m m a -of some mucous sur face, and also that such irri tation and in flammation are caused either by tak ing cold, or by some local cause. I see that you generally use a portrait PRI ICHARD ON i HL NdGRO. An Answer to Mot g . si’.. Sp--<-cli Favor litg Dittfrunchis in.-nt. Washington, Jan. 23 —At the con c u.don of routine business in tho sen at- 'o lay Mr. Pritchard of North Curo ii! ■.< culled up his resolution relating to pt- > csjd amendment to the cousti tu ion of North Carolina, which, il a looted, it is alleged, disfranchises n Lr<o class of voters of tho state. A tec reading the official resolution Mr. Pritchard ividressed the senate in support of it. his address being in the nature of a reply to that delivered sev oral days agi by Senator Morgan. Mr. Prncaard said tho in volved the peace and welfare of tho na tion and tne stability of our institu tion- 5 . The constitution guaranteed t-i Ea f h state a rep'ros.-intative government. If Mr. M x can’s contention prevaile.i there would bo pure nullification. Hs said th -j Democrats of North Carolina were artesui ting to deprive oortain cit izens of guaranteed righ.s, ju»t as the Dom icrat.s of L miav'.na had dona. Mr. Pritchard sail that if Senator Morgan was right, then the Democratic party ought to have the courage to pro pose the abroga ion of the fifteenth amendment, which gives rhe negro the right of franchise. Ho said the adop tion of the proposed amendment to the North Carolina constitution would sound the deatbkiie.i to the aspirations of everv Zeb Vance Democrat in the state. While it. was claimed that the object of the proposed amendment was to dis franchise thousands of white and black citizens and thus create an officeholding class, there could be no fear of negro domination in North Carolina, declared Mr. Pritchard, because the whites out numbered the blacks two to one. He regarded the attempt to amend the con stitution as an effort to legalize the fraudulent methods of the Democratic party. Curry-Arrington Co.. druggists guar antee every bottle of Chamberlain’s Couph Remedy and will refund the irmney to anyone who is not satisfied aiier using two-thirds of the contents. This is the best remedy in the world for la grippe, coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough and is pleasant and safe to take. It prevents any tendency of a cold to result in pneumonia Nice Hanging. Bobsy Meade of the colonial office was anxious to have executions in Malta carried out more humanely. So he consulted Marwood. Marwood strong ly advised the “long drop” and ex plained his own process thus: “There was Mr. Peace, a small man. I gave him a six foot drop, and, I bassure you, sir, he passed hoff like a summer heve.”—“That Reminds Me,” by Sir Edward Russell. Drawn, < “Yes, it was a drawn battle,” b« said in talking the matter over with his wife. The 6-year-old who was listening was silent for a moment. Then be asked: “What did they draw it with?”—Chi- LEGAL SALE. Notice is hereby given, that a petition signed by fifteen or more freeholders of the 923rd dis trict, G.M„ Floyd county, Ga., has been filed in my office asking that the benefits of the pro visions of sec'ions 1772, 1773, 1774, 1775 and 1776 of the Code of Georgia of 1895 and the amend ments thereto, shall apply to said 923rd dis trict, G. M., Texas Valley. I further give notice that said matter will be heard on the 9th day of January next, 1900. at 10 o’clock a. m , at office of Ordinary of F.oyd county, Ga., and if no legal objections are shown an election will be ordered to occur on the 31st day of January, 1900, to decide the question of “For Fence"” or “Stock Law” ac cording to the statute in such case made and provided. Given under my hand and official signature this December 19th, 1899. JOHN P.DAVIS, Ordinary. Application For Letters of Dismission. GEORGIA, Floyd County: Whereas, W. H. Ennis, administrator of D N. Craton, represents to the Court in his peti tion duly filed, that he has administered D. N Craton’6 estate. This Is to cite all persons con cerned, kifldred aud creditors, to show cause, if any they have, why said administrator should not be discharged from his administra tion and receive letters of dismission on the first Monday in February, 1900. This Novem ber 6th, 1899. JOHN P. DAVIS. Ordinary Floyd County, Georgia. Application for Quardianship GEORGIA, Floyd County: To all whom it may concern: J. H. Ellis having applied for guardianship of the person and property of Eliza Jaue Ellis, imbecile, late of said county, notice is given that said appli cation will be heard at my office at 10 o’clock a. m. on the first Monday in February next. This January Ist, 1900, JOHN P. DAVIS, Ordinary Floyd County, Georgia. ORDER OF SALE. GEORGIA, Floyd County: Agreeable to an order from the Court of Ordinary of Floyd County, Georgia. I well sell, between the legal hours of sale, in front of the court house in Rome, on the first Tuesday in February next, the following property to-wit: One house and lot on Broad street, in the city of Rome, No. 702, said lot fronting Broad street 68 feet aud running back uniform length 183 feet. Said property sold as the property of William Barret, deceased, Terms of sale cash. January Sth, 1900, W.H. ENNIS, Administrator of the Estate of Wm. Barret, Deceased. NOTICE. * Rome, Ga., Jan. 16,1900. Between the legal hours of sale on the 15th of February, 1900, at the court house, in the city of Rome, Ga., I will sell to the highest bidder one hundred (100) shares of stock in the Printup City Land and Improvement Com pany, which is held by the First National Bank of Rome, Ga., as security for the indebt edness of G. W. F. Lampkin febl7-4w B. I. HUGHES, Cashier. Letters of Administration. GEORGIA Floyd County: To all whom it may concern: Jas. S. Berryfield having in proper form applied tome for perma nent letters of administration on the estate of M. N. Wood, late of said county, de deceased. Thia is to cite all and singular the creditors aud next of kin of M. N. Wood to be and appear at my office witnin the time allowed by law and show cause, if any they can why permanent administration should not be granted to Jas. S. Berryhill on M. N. Wood’s estate. Witness my hand and official signature this Ist day of January, 1900. JOHN P. DAVIS x Ordinary Floyd County, Georgia. Marshal’s Sales Feb. 1900, GEORGIA, Floyd County: Will be sold before the court house door In the city of Rome. Floyd county, Ga., on the first Tuesday in February, 1900, between the legal hours of sale, the following described property, to-wit: House rnd Int situated in the Fourth ward of the city of Rome, Floyd County. Ga.. being part of the Mary E Durr lot in said Fourth ward, and being on the northeast corner of Avenue A and West Second street 350 feet, more or less, thence north to that part of said lot owned by J. A. Sharp and wife, being 81 feet, more or less, thence west along J. A. Sharp’s lot to Avenue A. Levied upon as the property of C. M. Alexander fortaxes due said city for the year 1898 for the use of W. T. Cheuey, transferee. W. H. STEELE, City Marshal. Citation—Leave to SsU, GEORGIA, Floyd County: To all whom it may concern:- Mrs. Avy Jones, administratrix of J. A. Jones, deceased, has in due form applied to the undersigned for leave to sell the lands belonging to the estate of said deceased, aud said application will be heard on the first Monday in February next. This sth day of January, 190". JOHN P. DAVIS, Ordinary. Citation—Leave to Sell. GEORGIA. Floyd County : Toallwhomit may concern: C. E Davis, administrator of J irry Dozier, sr., deceased, has in due form aj plied to the-undersigned for leave to sell the lands belonging to the estate of said deceased, and said application will be heard on the first Monday in" Febuary next This the 3rd day of January, 19(10. JOHN P. DAVIS, Ordinary. LEGAL NOTICE. GEORGIA, Floyd County: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have formed a limited partnership to be knotvn as Kelley & McWilliams for the purpose of doing a grocery and general mercantile business in Rome, in said county; that the persons composing said firm are H. E Kelley and M. B. McWilliams as general partners, and Mrs. Elizabeth R. McWilliams as special Partner; that the said Mrs E. R. McWilliams as contributed to the common stock of said firm twenty thousand dollars, and that the said partnership is to begin on the Ist of Jan uary, 1900, and continue for the period of five years. December 30th, 1899. H. E. Kelley, M.B. McWilliams, Mrs. E. R. McWilliams. Application For Letters of Dismission. GEORGIA, Floyd County: Whereas, J. B. F. Lumpkin, guardian Howard B. Fenner, represents to the courtzn his petition, duly filed, that he has adminis tered Howard B. Fenner’s estate and has set tled with said ward. This is to cite all persons concerned, kindred and creditors, to show cause, if any they can, why said guardian should not be discharged from his guardianship and receive letters of dismission on the first Monday in February, 1900: This January 1, 1900. JOHN P. DAVISJ Ordinary Floyd County, Georgia. Administratcr’s Sale. GEORGIA, Floyd County : > Will be sold at the courthouse door in Rome Floyd county, Georgia, between the legal hour of sale, ou the first Tuesday in February next the toilowing described lands, to-wit: An un divided oue-eighth interest in land lot No. 247 in the 23rd district* and 3rd section of Floyd countv. 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