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Monthly herald. (Augusta [Ga.]) 1800-18??, October 01, 1838, Image 1

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AUGUSTA HERALD. SDG TSS HSRAwD,. W IS PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY A. READ, for D. S. Gregory $ Go. (Successors to Yates «J- Mclntyre ,) A*d will contain all necessary information of Ugwreorgia State Lotteiy, and will be sent free to all who transact business with the flwuicr. Please address A. READ, C. State Agent and Contractor LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING in the Post Office at Augusta,Ga on the Ist of Sept., 1838—nut before adver tised. Persons wishing’ letters from this list, will please say they are advertised. i Allen John Abney A Adams John Adams Asa 1 Baudre A Bnudre miss Anais Boggs Jnu Belenger Lero>y Barclay Jno Beevs ror Baker mr Baity Chas Beal mrs Bannoy Jno F Bonner J J Bonhnore O T Bogan Jas W Bradford Sami Carey T G Carrie Jno Cannaty miss Caroline Cather mrs Elizabeth Carter i)r Jns ill Carter Ur Jno Carter Lycurgas Calhoun mrs A A Carter miss Anna Carswell Jno H Costello Jas Cane Julius Carter Chas B Carron VVelron Churchill Chester Churchill Levi 31 Dillon Wa Dan forth David Darby mrs F Daniel! A t> •Dviotch Win B Delius Edward Davis mr Davidson mrs Margaret ►Dervm Peter fiEdney Winson Eckles J G Targo mrs Gordon Folger T B Flint mr Freeman Thomas W Gillersrn T S Garter Joseph Garnet Sand Gardner Sami Gardner Rcoecca George Balinto 'Galluher Patrick GrilTin Achy Gardner il S •Gardner Tona Giding John Gaurneau Susanna Hard Benjamin F Hart Janies .Haywood Wm B Hataway J Hanse C Halsey Hopkins Hagerty James -Haden Julius Hammond James II Halo A P Heisch John 31 Hitt Lucinda E Henry R Hicks George 4 Irwin Lucurgas -Johnson Nancy Jinks Varron Joyce John Kearnes Emanuel Kilpatrick Daniel Knight Martha H Knight Robert W Lumpkin Catharine •Lewis Oliver P Leach B W Lee James Lee John H D Lewis Andrew Mclndoe W D Mclngram John McLaughlin Wm Henry Myeis Jno McLean Andrew McTier Holland McNorrill Rachel McCullen Henry Marshal Jackson Mason Sale Martin Marshal Martin Harriet Mallory C D rev A Anderson mrs 3lary Ann Anthony L L Albro Jno W B Brister Cyrus Brown Jno 31 Breedlove 31 B Bruner Uaul Bragg Paul II Browen Sarah Brooks C A Unix miss C Brown H Bryan mrs H C D Bunco inrs Mary Ann Butler L R Butter Richard Byrd Henry C Christian Jno A Corill A S Collier mrs Conlidge J W Clark Jno C Cardigan Michael Collins L R Collins Chas Clark Jesse E Collins L li Collins Sarah Clark D Z Crump Philip Cress & Turpin Cushney Wm II Croshuw Johnathan D Deniqs L Downs miss Frances Dugas Leon P Dunlap miss S L Douglass Jas Dunn S H Dunbar B S Douglass miss Mary L Downy Patrick E Earle W P Evans miss Winny F Fox Joseph Fouler Elizer Fox Mathew W Freeman Emelino G Goodrich G W Goodman B Guerine Peter Gould Lucy Glover 3lartha Atwood Glover Harriet Grimes Thomas Goodrich W H Griffin J C Green Abram Glover E G Goodman Elias H Henry Sarah Hodges W W Holmes mrs Hood J L Hodges Elisha Hoyt Daniel Houll Daniel Hobby Thomas Hubbard A C Hudson S A Hughes Wm II Huson Washington Huff Haukins Hubbard Jlary A 4, J Johnson James Johnston John Jones Charles K King Josephine N Kittens mr Kater John Kirkpatick & co messrs D Laroche O A Long Nicholas L >rd Charles Lather Susan Lockwood George Low Joseph M 3laokingie 3lary Ann 3lellow Edward ' Mil.on Wiley 3leadway Joseph Miner C More John L Mole George W Mongit Lalmmey Moody James 31 Myers Charlotte Murray Starling Moley E Micholson Margaret M &. O ilson °SS Thomas ( No an Wm Oiton W H » Nelson M C Oaiunan Elizabeth | Ocer William p r Philpot David A Patterson Joseph I ration Lerma Palen Caroline £ McDouall Beal care of Patten Nathaniel t Koht Philip Pharaoh Joshua rearcen L C Palmer Clement I Pei.graaJamesL Pritchard Wm H : 1 ickell John Pritchard Ann Palen James M Polhtll Joseph 1 I Perry Kuty E Pritchard Catharine K Reddock Cinthia Rtiddell George Riley W P Rolen John liraieS, care of T W Rountree Dudley Kiley Robertson E ,\1 . Raules Ilanery Robinson J B ‘ Ridhardson W T Rountree M II Kilby Sarah Rutherford mrs Ruse John Roe Selina Russ Jacob S Schley William Silbert S A Saxton E N Skinner R O Senhy William Sorrell W B Sale J C Smith EJ Serrae Mndamo Smitli John Silden L F Strode J V Sebord Randol Squire & Rogers Simms B F Smiling II Shridun Catharine Sperin John of Nicholas Simmons T M S toe ton W T Sluels mr Stockton J N C Singleton Samuel Stapler 31 Sikes James T Thompson George Turpin mr Thompson miss Tombidin Johnson Thompson Waney Tucker H Taylor Caraway Towns J M Thompson Wm Toole Jonathan Turpin Zaclianah 'Pumpkins FII U & V (Jrqnhart D W Vance J P Vruman J A W Walker E M Wells Wm Walker S Williams II S Walker Sanders Wite Sarah Wallace A Wild* W VV Washington Elizabeth Wilson Cinthia Watkins .tlanday Williams J W Williams Eliza Waters Elizabeth WilhelmiM vV A Washington Martha Wilson 1* 3 Waterman Jane iVilkinson Maurice Ware Ophelia Wilson J W White U Wi liams Lewis White R Wih'inms W A M Wells Daniel Who herly Joseph Whitaker Hardin Wright Wm Webb Thomas Wordman Charles Weigle George Wornnin VV L White D M Wood Ji 'seph Whortori J W Woods Ji *shua Westbrook David Wood Jur. e Y & Z Young C Zinn M A Young Lucinda EDMUND GLASCOCK, P. M. September 3 3 33 SCHOOi,. DANCING, WALTZING, AND THE MOST USEFUL ACCOMPLISHMENTS. MONSIEU II BOSSIEUX, from Paris, who hns established himselfin i lie city of Richmond, Va., since the year 1829, and hns given ample iesti mony of bis qualifications, as professor of the art he teaches, respectfully announces to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Augusta and its vicinity, that he will, on Friday the Ist September, open his School in the Masonic Hall, for Ladies and Masters under fifteen, in the afternoon, at 4 o’clock. There will be a Night School, forGentlemen; their attendance will he at 7 o’clock in the evening. Mr. if. will teach that elegant and polite accomplishment, in the same style he has heretofore taught in Paris, (a style which has never been taught by any master in this country.) Mr. If., anxious not to interfere with the religious feelings of the respectable people of the community, would assure them that Ins sci entific modern method of teaching that superb art, (which is not only one ol the essential branches of education, but which also gives an easy carriage to the body and manners, required in all the circles of beau moml and well educated,) is such as does not contravene any principle of religion whatever, or ( cause it to forbid the rising generation to take that means to become healthy, graceful and polite. Parents who wish to have their children instruct ed this useful, delightful and polite accomplishment, , are respectfully invited to enter them immediately; ' also, gentlemen who intend becoming scholars, are , invited to commence immediately. As soon as the pupils can go through the figure, there will be a practicing Cotillion Party every week. As Mr. B. cannot remain longer than one session, he earnest- ! I ly solicits the attention of those who wish to attend 1 his school. Ladies and gentlemen who wish to learn the de lightful and beautilul Waltz, will make a private class, which will be attended to in the mornina. As the time is short, Mr If. will attend all day at the Hall for the purpose of accommodating every one. Terms —§ls the session, $5 to be paid at the beginning, and §lO to be paid at any time in the last week of tuition. Mr. B. can be seen at. the Masonic Hall, from 10 to 12 o’clock in the morning, and in the afternoon. August 25 29 MALE HOPE. * COILS BALE ROPE, just received and Vv for sale by July 17 14 W. E. &J. U. JACKSON. MALAGA WINE. AA QR casks Lorings Best MALAGA JLvrVr 150 boxes Medoc Claret. Ju6treosiveal and for sale low by W. E. &J. U. JACKSON.. i August 30 30 ! OCTOBER, 1838. NEW SPRING GOODS. SNOWDEN & SHEAR have just received front New York ond Philadelphia, a large sup ply of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, suitable for the spring season, comprising a great variety oi new and fashionable articles of die last Paris and London styles, which have been selected with great care from recent importations, and to which they respectfully invite the atteniion of the public AMONG THEM ARE Extra rich French Muslins of the latest Paris styles Sup 4-4 French Printed Jacktinetsand Cambrics A large supply of Loudon, Fi'Chch and Am. Prints Extra French blk Bombasine,7-upin's manufacture Sup blk Challys, blk Grenadines & Crape D’Lyons Extra blk Cto de Kines, and blk Italian Lustrings, (rich lustre) sup while pink and blue Sarins Extra blk Siltt Surge and blk summer Cloths Sup blk and fancy c.ol’d Crape Camblets Sup blk Lastings and blk Circa--intis Sup white & brown Fr. Drills and brown Linens Mexicnn mixtures and cotton Pongees for youths summer wear, Ladies extra rich Needle Work Muslin Cepesnd Collars (latest style), Ladies Needle Worked Mus lin and Linen ( nmbic Cuffs, Needle Worked In fants Caps and Bodies and Muslin Banda 'ich thread Laces and Tnsertings, new patterns Main and flg’d Bobinetta, Plain Quillings and Be. gars Lace, Mechlin Lace and Thiead Lace Beading •. k large supply of Needle Work Muslm Edging! anulnsertings Extra Linen Chmbrics and Linen Cambric Ildkls Sup. Embroidered Linen Cambrics Hdkfs. at re duced prices Sup. im. Linen Cambric and Bishop Lawns Sup. plain and figured Book and Swiss Muslins Sup. Cambrics, Jackonet and Nansook Muslins Extra fine checked Jackonet arid Swiss Muslins licit gauze and Hernani Shaw ls end Hdkfs. Ilicli fancy Scarfs and gauze Cap Kihbons Gentlemen’s sup. English silk and w hite damns! Hdkfs., green berege and white and green ilotiet Lace for Veils Green gauze for Pavilions Sup. white andblnck French Crapes Black Love Hdkfs. and black I.ace Veils Sup. 7-8 and 4-4 Irish Linens, some ‘J-8 expressb for Pillar Cases Sup. Irish Long Lawns Sup 6-4 and 12-4 Irish Lines Sheetings, (extn quality) Sup. B-4 by 10-4, 10-4 by 12-4,10-4 by 14-4, 10-4 Iv 16 4, and 10-4 by 20-4 rich damask Table Cloth Extra Birdseye, Russia, Scotch and Tftble Dia pers, sup. white Doyles and Damask Napkins Heavy Scottih Huckaback, for Towels Sup. Furniture and Garment,Dimities A large supply of Gcrmrtn nnd American Fringe Sup. knotted Counterpanes and white Marseille Quilts, (extra quality) Ladies sup. quilted and Victoria corded Skiffs Ladies’ Corsets of the best manufactory. Nos 1 2 3, 4,5, 6,7,8, 9 and 10 ’ ’ Gentlemen’s sup. Silk and Gum Elastic Suspender Ladies sup. plain and ribb’d white and black Kn glislt Silk Hose, Ladies’ sup. plnin and rilib’t white and black English and German Cottoi Hose, Ladies’ sup. Silk, Linen and other opei worked Hose, Misses’ sup. white and black am fancy color d Cotton Hose, Gentlemen’s sup. Sill Linen and Cotton Half Hose. Ladies sup. Long White Kid and Pic Nic Gloves Gentlemen’s sup. 11. S. and white and fnney col’c Berlin Gloves, do. sup. Silk Shirts and drawers do. sup. Stocks, some very narrow Ladies sup. Parasols and Silk Umbrellas , Gentlemen’s sup. Silk and Cotton do. Worsted Cruels, Canvass and Needles for workin” Worsted Superior white black and mixt Knitting Cotton (Mark’s Spool Cotton 200 and 300 yds Needles of a very superior quality and Silver Thim bles Pearl Buttons of a large size for Youth’s Clothing Fine Scissors and superior quality plated and black Hooks and Eyes Ladies superior Tuscan nnd fine Straw Bonnets Youth’s and Children’s fine Palmetto & Straw lints A large supply of Ladies fancy Work and Travel ling Baskets Ladies fancy Dressing Cases and I pire Boxes A large supply of Shell Tuck, Side & Neck Combs Ladies fancy Pocket Books nnd Retticules Snperor Pearl nnd French Hair Powder Superior French Cologne by the dozen Extract of Musk, Roses, Bergamot, Orange & Jes samine Antigue and Bear’s Oil Superior Oil Silks and fancy Oil Cloths A large supply of splendid Paper Hangings of the latest styles Cotton Wadding and Cotton Batts for Quills Apron and Furniture Checks, sup 7-8 & 9-8 Ticking Sup English Long Cloths, and extra 4-4 undressed Blenched Shirtings Sup 3-4,7-8 and 4-4 Bleached Shirtings, sup 4-4 premium Shirtings, extra quality Sup 4-4, 5 4 and 6-4 brown Shirting Flax and Vaucluse Cotton Osnahurgs The above with a great variety of other articles, selected for city and country trnde, will be sold at reduced prices. 115 April 21 BUTTER, POTATOES, ONIONS, & c . Just received at the Family Grocery. -m A KEGS FRESH GOSHEN BUTTER Ji.U 30 bbls Northern Potatoes 10 bbls Bunch Onions 30 b< xes New Cheese 25 half bbls Canal Flour 10 bbls Country Flour (good) 30 fcoxes Sperm Candles 3 casks pure Bleached Lamp Oil 35 boxes Bloom Raisins For sale by G. T. DORTIC. September 8 2 35 JUST RECEIVED. ‘ HHDS. prime St. Croix SUGAR 20 do. do Porto Rico do 25 bbls. single refined Sugar’ 30 do Country Flour, made from new Wheat 1000 lbs. dried Beef. For sale low by CLARKE. McTEIR & CO. July 10 9 OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF The Georgia State Lottery. For the Benefit of the AUGUSTA INDEPENDENT FIRE COMPANY, For 1808. Class No. 22—Lowest Prize $lO 35 53 6 67 38 3 1 56 16 3 83 87 54 Class No. 23. 40 25 25 252 4&45 47 7* /5 2J 50 55 sl2 10 do do do $8 do do do do $6 do do do do Class No. 24. for 1838— Lowest Prize $lO 38 71 7 56 11 38 51 14 33 i 35 46 56 Class No. 25—Lowest Prize $lO 70 65 66 67 13 5 73 50 30 6® 17 3 [ Class No. 20—Lowest Prize $lO ■ 5 48 15 41 7 3® 54 3® 3 03 33 Ol 33 I Class No. 27.—Lowest Prize $lO 36 54 40 31 3 3 36 56 30 : 74 7 37 37 » • Class No. 28—Lowest Prize $lO 1 1® 51 46 15 68 35 18 34 58 57 65 38 74 ' Class No. 20, 22. SO tf.SS.37. (ff.7O.SS fO.Sp. 33.44. 3/ ff .3 / sl2 $1 do. do. do. do. do. $0 do. do. do. Class No. 30 for 1838—Lowest Prize $lO 3 43 55 11 61 33 7® 39 64 56 13 3® Class No. 31, for 1838—Lowest Prize $lO 68 13 74 15 S 3 18 55 44 63 48 43 46 Class No. 32, for 1838—Lowest Prize $lO 43 63 14 36 36 35 6® 31 34 48 5® 1® 35 Class No. 33. for 1838—Lowest Prize $lO 6® 55 13 35 75 13 46 19 56 69 34 73 16 Class No. 34, —Lowest Prize $lO 51 34 38 13 3 46 67 31 61 3 47 56 Class No. 35—Lowest Prize $lO 73 36 68 38 58 33 37 14 33 43 47 38 50 36 Class No. 36—Lowest Prize $lO 43 66 17 67 54 35 33 76 60 1 6 65 55 -J-=■- .■"'"gggHW [NUMBER 10.