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The Daily loyal Georgian. (Augusta, Ga.) 1867-186?, June 09, 1867, Image 4

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flic Daily Loyal (ioorgiau. ALUIbsTA, GA. JUNK U, IHO7. = ,■■=*==- -*-- News ar.d Other Items it is again reported that (’ouiil I »i>- imuVk wishes t<> retire front his influ i ntiiil position alter the ratification of the New tierinaii ('oust i I tit 'mu 1* \ the j Diets ol the German Slates, ami 1 lint the King is willing to grant his request. Millions of German-* will learn this news with great regret, for there (iet'iitmi statesman in whose abilities the country has an e<|tt;tl confidence. , .V. V. Trilmm. A eoitveiition to anietni the Uonsti ttition of New York is now in session | at Albany. A newspaper writer says : “ Horace Greeley is certainly too good for this world ; and yet, if some theology fie j tine he would make lnisehiet in tin next; for lie would clamor for the re lease of the arch liend himself, and in sist upon going his hail." The Evansville Indiana Daily Senti nel, one of whose editors was an officer in the Federal army during the war, has a dmtlile-leaded leader in favor of (ten. Hubert E. Lee for President in isos. The editor says: “(Sen. Robert E. Leo is the first choice of. n grand army oi Democrats in the North, who arc not afraid to urge his claim before llil* country for that position for which (Soil especially endowed him. The timid men of the party may trembly when his name is spoken, but the brave applaud.” We trust the Uebol-C'opperhead party will nominate Gen. Lee. Let us have a square political light. We have whipped this party in battle ; we shall whip them in the next political cam paign, Tim Ftiisa Mii.itai.y Tkiai. ami Conviction I'nubU tiik Rkcon i iii i win Act. A despatch from Washington says: The first trial by a military eoniiuis ion and sentence of a Citizen by the same, under the reconstruct ion net, has just been completed in New Orleans, and the record of the case font aided to tin President for approval. The ease was that of one .1. W. Walker, who killed a I'recdmaii and was arrest ed and acquitted by the civil tribunal. On his living arrested by the military authorities, he was tried by a commis sion and sentenced to hard labor and imprisonment for six years. An effort is being made to get the man pardoned, on the ground that the crime was com milted before the reconstruction law was passed, and that the life of the de fended had been twice put in jeopardy contrary to the Constitution of the I'nited States, | iSne<unio/t Hijmlilii'iiii. CIVIL RIGHTS BILL. t/l I f /•/ /livtll't 111 l IWIW/.l ill till l'hill’ll Shltrn in thill' I 'ii U Itii/lltx, ilnd fill'liixlt tin il,,un <>l' Unit ViiM’tiUuii. Ih it imirteit, by tin. Sennit "ml ll'nixi ',J litpmoii'i'tinK "J II" I iiilidSfntixof Ainrrir" in I Hillin'- h nr"Mil I, That all persons liorti in Hie l'nitcil States anil not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not i:i\nil. lire hereby declared to tie citizens of 'ln I'liited States; mill such citizens, of every nice and nilor, witliout regard to un previous eoinliliim of slavery or invol untary servitude, except us a punishment for crime whereof Ihe party shall have tieen duly (smvieted. sliull havetlie same rigid, in ever) Slalciiml Territory in tlie United States, to make and enforce, contracts, to sue, tie parties, and give evidence, to inherit, jiilt* eliase., lon's-, sett, hold, ami convey real and peisonal prnpiTty. and tu full amt equal licnclit of all laws mid proceedings for the security of person, and pmperly, as is i n enjoyed liv while citizens, and shall lie suti jeet in tiki- piintstiiiient, pains, and penalties, mil In none other, any law, statute, ordi nance, regulation, or custom, to the con 11ary iiolwitlistaildillg. ske *’■ A'" l bt it i"!"!,;,!, Thai any prison who, under color m ary law, statute, (lotinanee. regulation, or custom, diall sulijert, or cause In lie subjected, any inhidiit:pil ol any Stale or Territory to the deprivation of any right secured or protei in) tiy this ad.or to ililfeieiil punishment, pains, oi penalties on account of such per "ii having ill mi) lime been held in a con dition ol slavery or involuntary servitude, except a, a punishment of crime whereof the parly shall have tarn duly convicted, or tix reason of his role; or race, than is pre "Tilled for Hie punishment of white per ons, shall I'e iliraieil gnillx of a misde meanor, and. on conviction, shall lie pun ched In line not exceeding one thousand dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or Imth, in tlie discretion of the court. Ski ;t. tar I hr it forth r riiuclnl. That Hie district courts of Hie United Slates, within lheir'respective districts, shall liave. exclusively of the oonrls of flic several Slate.-, cognizance «f all crimes and offences committed,against the pmvisions of this act oat abo. concurrentlyxvith Ihe circuit courts of tile I'nited Stales, of nil causes, civil and criminal, affivllng persons who are denied or eannot eafoive ill the courts of judicial trilamal of Hie Slate or locality whore they may lie any of the rights secnivd lo the u li'v ilte tirsl set lion of this tu b. and if any still j or prosecution, civil or criminal, has tieen nr shall !«■ commenced in tiny Slate court, against any such person, for any cause whalMH-ver, or aguiilsl any officer,’civil or military, or other ]iersoti, for any arrestor imprisonment. trespassrs, or wrongs done or eoiimittltxl tiv virtue or under color ofau thoritv deriveil from this net or the act es tablishing a bureau for the relief of Freed men and Uefugees, and all acts amendatory Ihercsif, or for refusing to do any act ujaiit the ground Hmt ii would lie inconsistent wit Ii this act, such defendant shall liax e Ihe right to remove such cause for trial to the pro|>ei district nr circuit court in the manner prescrilHxl liy the "Act relating lo lialxaH corpus soul regulating judicial pea'iistings in certain eases.*' appixived Mareli tlirei'. eighteen htmdml amt sixty iliiiv. atid all acts iiinendatory thereof The mrisdirliim in civil and criminal matters liereliy cniifcmsl on Hie district and circuit courts ol the United Stales, shall la oxer vised and enforced in eonformity with the law- of tlie United Slate-, so tat as such laws mo suitable lo carry tile same into cffei l; lull ill all eaaes xvliiri -lull law* arc not adiiptixl to the object, or arc deficient in the provision* mre-siry lo furnish-uilalde nainslie- and pimisli olTenn - against law . the common law. a- modified and changed by the constitution and statute* of flic (State I wherein tlie cottrt lmvimr juriMlictior. of tin cause, civil or criminal, is held, so far as tlie same I* not iucousiateiit with llic Com-Uttuion and laws of tin; United .State-. shall be extended to ami govern -aid courts in tiny trial and disposition of such cause, anil, if of a criminal nature, in the infliction <f punishment on tlie party found guilty. |sj.< .4. Anil hr it fmthii iinichil. I lia) the (listlii l attorneys, marshal", ami deputy marshal of tlie I'nited Males', the com- ’ missioncr* ap|«.inl( and by llu-circuit ciiml Ter ritorial colitis of tin United Stall's, with ; power* of an eating, inijo mni- >r liniling ; offender- against tie- laws ol the* United Sillies, till- officer- end Igenl of tin* Urecd- I men’s iiureaii. amt evi iy "li.c; •Hi.- I x ii-> may lie sjHf'iaii > em|>oxvrr"fi I>> !!"■ I 're* ; drill of the I 'tilled SHiU a ’ t at tiny are hereby. sjiceinlly ail'li'.ii/c: and qtiired, at the expense of Me Unite'* S'a*c . ( t. institute pr« '-calings against all and <••. ■: person who -luill violate the provi.-on- >i j act, and cause him oi ilain loin- -ir- *■ i i and imprisoned. or txtilnl a the case unv i i I hi, for trial Iwsfo.u such court ot the l'nitcil ! Stalin or territorial court ns by fid* act ' lias cognizance of tlie off'nee. And x* ith j a view to affording reasonable protect ion t.. | • all persons in fneir eon-!ini!iona! rights • of equality tx-fori tlie law, without dis'ii.. tion of rar e or ci-lor, or previoii- <oiidili..n of slavery or involuntary servitude. • xcept as a punishment for crime, xvliereof lhe par ty shall have la cii duly convicted, .ml to the prompt discharge of tlie dutii -of lid's net, it shall he the duty of tlie circuit courts of the United States and the superior courts of Ihe Territorii -of the t nited Slati-. from time to time, to illcrea-e III'- lillliilier oi eotsi lllissionets, so as to afford a -peedx and con venient mean for the arrest and cxanimu lion of peesoini charged with a violation ~i this act; and-til'll minim- loner* arehercliy authorized and required to exercise and dis charge nil the |Mtxver* and iluth- i-oniVered on tlll'll 1 liv lilts act, a tin . a)ri'/'*f! hy law to exercise xvith ngard lo other ng.ihist tin law ..)* the Uidlod States. Ski . •*». Ant hi it ./ "rl/m < imii ii. Tlial it shall !>< llte duly ol all marshals and dep ty maislads to iilkv timl exe< ute all warrant* mid precept* issued under-the ]>rovisioi: . . i this atf, when to tlietn directed*; and should niiy miirsled or depui v mar dial refu-e lo , eetve sueli warrant or ode 1 proi <■ xxle i tendert'd or to use all pn/jw r mean diligently to execute tin- -auie In. shall, on eonvi' lion tliereof. he tilled in Ifie sum of one thou.snml dollar.-, lo the n.-i.-ofthe person upon wiiom the aeeii-i'd is :: lleged to iiave eominiUod flic offence. And tile hotter to eimhle tin'sjtiil t ommis-ioner- to excr.ule their duties faithfully and ellieienlly, in con formity xyitli the UwiisUUHion of liie t'nired Slate* and Itu r< (piirrrneul of this a. !,lhvx are liereliy .a:lthori/; .i and empowered, xx’ith iu tlicit counties re-podiyeiv I.> appoint, in writing, mid-a lln-ii liind*. any om- rr more siiiluhle pci • hi- from linn to line to execute all such xvarraui-and other |ihm ns iim.v he K*uial liy Iheir. ill the laxvln 1 ■ fornianee ol iheir re.-jkwiivi• duties nib ih< persons -o .ip|H»iiiled 1" "xe’iiti warrant or proi e ■ as aforr-aid ‘hall Imv aullioritv to summon uid call' . ilteii aid tlie by.Hlandors or j•>.s-- eoinilaliis of the pni|HT isuinty. o; lu ll iKntioii as flu land or naval forces ol tin United Slap- or .4 ihe militia, as limy he iKi'es-ary I" tic perfor manee ol (he duly wilh which they are charged, and lo insure a iaitldul ohsi-i vain ( of Hie clause ol tin ("institution which on.. hiltits slavet \ , in < imlorml'y with Un pro. visions ol this net ; and said warrau 1 - ~ I I run and 111- evcertled hy -aid officer- m j wherein the Dt.-tfi or T. rrilon xvittiin xvhi-Ti they are is- uedj Sl-:c. (i. At. if in it f'lrih-, ti T* .1 any iK-rson xvlio sluili knowingly and x\ ii fully ohstruet, liiinlel ot prexenl any olli. . r. or oilier person i-hargr-d xx ilh tin- e.xo-ailioe of any wari'iint in proei s i—ued i.iuk i the provision-of thi- ml, or any p'-r-ou oi pei sons lawfully nssisling him or them, arresting any person for xvliosi apprehension such wartnnt or proee - may have liet-n issued, or shall rescue or athaiint t>> r.-.-qc such person 1 rum the custody ol (he uHii-a. ollu'i per-on or persons, or those laxxfullx assisting a* afoee-oid, when so miosied pm sunlit lot lie authority herein given and be elaml, or stmt I aid. utiel. or assist any per.-, ut so Hr rested as aforesaid, direiqlx or indicts I i\-, to escape from tin- enstody ol the olflcn m other person legal lx aulliorizetl as aforesaid, of shall labor or conceal any person foi xx lost arrest II xx an,ii’.: ol process -hall imx, lit. i Issued a* afoiv-aiil. -o as to pievenl his dis enverv and aiTest after inn ice of knowledge of the fai l tlial a warrant ha* lin n issued for the appt'ehen-ion id such per-on. it.ill. foi oil her of said tdTciu e,~. Is- -nlijn t t- .. line not exeeedpig out- thousand dollar-, and i:n prisoment not exceeding six mouth-, hy in dietinent and conviction l»-fon the di -iiiet court of the United Stales for Ihe district in which said offence may have been commit ted, or before the pivper conn of criminal jurisdiction, if committed within ;my one id tlie organized Teri'ilories of the United States. Sko. 7. Ami h, it i ’i, t hat the district uttoineys. the iuarsita, deputies, and tlw clerks ol tlie said district anil'territorial court * -Kail he paid for Iheir services the like tei* as may lie allowed to them for similar serx ii:es in other eases, and in all eases xvliere the proeeisling- are before a ixmiuiissioiier. lie sliall he entitled to a tec of ten dollars in full for his services in each ease, inclusix'e ot all services incident to siu li arrest and examination. The person or ja i SOUR autlloli zed to execute tin piims> loin issued by such commissionvis for the arre-t of oflenders against the pmvisions ot this int shall tie entitled to a tec of five dollars for each persen lie or they may arrest and lake before such commissioner a* afoo - rid. With such other foe- a- may he deemed rea sellable hv such commissioner for -well .-the: additional services as may lie neees.-.irilv performed liy him or tlw-ni, ,-uih a.- atten- ding al the examination, keeping the piiaonci in eu-Uwly, mid providing him w ith food and lodging during his den nlion. and until the determination of -m-h eommissioner. and in general for performing such other duties as may t*e rispmwxl in 'tie ; premises; -ueh fee* to la- mail, up hi t m | formilv wilh Ihe fees usually charged hv I the officers of the courts ot ju-ih a wtiliin the ' projH'r district orexiimly, a- near as max tv I praetkalile. and paid out of tin- Treasury of the I'nited Mutes on lie ei-i tilieale ot'tiu judge of Hie district within which the arrest i* made, and In tx recoverable fium ii, ( defembmt a- part 'd* lhe judgment in .-a- and conviction Six', ts. Ami I; it fmlfiti ...a.-/,.;. That whenever the Drohlciu ol ihe Unilexl S:al--- slmll have lea-on lo lielievo tliai oflemv- I have lieen or are likely lo tv, > against tin- provisions of ilii- ait xvittiin ! any judical di-iiiet. ii -hail he lawful for I him. in hi* discretion, to direct the jmi. . . i marshal, and di-’iiei attorney •>! -ml! j ilistrict lo aiieml ai such pfa, e witliin the district- and tor oah linn a- i„- may designnte. for Hi. purposi of tit more, i speedy arre-t ami trial‘of jx-isons ehargod 1 with a violation of this act. and it tx the duty of every judge or other oilier, when any-Well r,i|hisi!iow -hat’ 1h iwivr-l hv him. to attend a. tin pl.-ui and foi 'll.■ time lli'-rin di'-ignat<i> shall I'e lawful for Hu Uresideut -t ilu l nitnl (Slate-, or -in ii thtsoii -- In may em|xixvir for that puipo- . n- miplov slieli put of Die land or naxal f..f- : it**of the United States, or of tin militia, a* shall lx- necessary to prevent tl,,- x iol-itio* and enfoive the due execution of titi* act. Ft.r. 10. Ami h. i' fill'll,t. , .4That . upon an qfitstioits of law arising in any j cause muter tli» provi. ioi..-of the act i final ■ appeal may betaken to the Supreme Court i of the United States. SCHUYLER COLFAX, speaker ol the ilouse ot LA FAA'K'i'TK S, FOSTER, President of the Seinde. pro h iiijmi'r. Jii-thi ScmUeofUie Viitlul titr'lm. A/iriH'>. ISOO. Tim President ol Ihe Unit'd .Stale- having returned to the Senate, in which if origina ted the hill entitled "An net to protect all persons in ihe l nited Stales in their civil rights, and furnish the mi an- of their x indi cation,” xvith Ho objection thereto, tie- Si nap preceded, m puiTHUinec of the Constitution, to reconsider the nine , and. llmribiril . That th‘- said IHII do j 'o thirds of the Semite agreeing t< p - tin same V!H-l: ,1 W. Foust V. •Secretary* of the Henai'- /./ ///.- Jloiinc i's 1 ' ii.tiitirC". I ’ ' Aj-ril t»M. IHOH Tie - House of Repres. ntatives having j- . needed, in id tin ('on*!:".Hioii. to m-onsidel* the hilt entitled ‘ An act to p-*-i tri-t alj persons in the United Slav -; in tla ii civil rights, and fi'iid-li tlx- tneang of ilii-.r viudieatTon." retnineil to tile Seiiat" hv lie l'rwideilt us tin United State* with in- /i. .jeelion*,ami sent by- the Seiniti loihellou.-' of if-qu’i Tentativi . with Ihe me *he ITe.-i'l' nt reuirnrrm lie hill: Jhnulriil, Thai tile frill do p ' >o ■ of the. floitse of Ki'invsotPstiv'- igr )>a-- th" same. Afte t Kpxvaiip Ah Pin i ■•• . O ik. tiyCF.rxTON I.i.ovi). Uiii.-t Ch-rk Reconstruction The following is a corn . t copy ol the net " to provide for the limp- i-ffieieut go ,• • erurnent nf the reticl States Whereas no 1-gal State government" or adequate protection for lib or property ! now exists in the re he! States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. Muutimijipi, Alalia no. Louis,ami. Florida, 1 Texas and Arkansas and whereas and is i neecasnry that peace and good ordr r should ! he enforced in said States until loyal and republican Slate governments can be iegal | lv eMshliahed . thcretore j llr it marl'd ha thr Smalt and Ilaunc j of JUfiriu "lalivcs oj tin I'nited Stain nf ; A'litrmi m Conext axscmhlcti. That i said rebel States shall he divided into mil ! Gary districts and made subject to the 1 military authority of tlm United SiateP, as ; hereinafter prescribed, and for that pur i pose Virginia fihull constitute the first dia ) trie.; North Carolina ntnl South Carolina , the second district ; Georgia Alabama and i Florida tlm third district ; Missisgipjn and Arkansas the fourth district; and Louisiana arid Texas the fifth district. Hf;< 2. And In il/itrthe, enacted. That it, shall lx- the duty of the President to ,ts »ign to Hie command of each of said dis tricts un officer "f the army, not below the rank of hrigadiei general, and to detail a sufficient mihtnrv fore- to enable such officer to perform his duties and enforce his authority within the district to which he is assigned. ,‘sKr. •*!. Anil be. it furlhci i merled. That it shall he the duly ol eacli officer assigned as aforesaid to protect ail persons, in their rights ot person ami property, to suppress | insurrection, disorder, and violence, and to punish, or cause to he piiii!i:hed. all dis til fliers of the public peace and criminals, amt to (his end he may allow local civil tribunals to take jurisdiction of and to try offenders, or, when in bio judgment it may in- necessary for tin- trial of offenders, lie sbull have pow er to organize military com missions or tribunals for that purpose ; and all interference under color of State authority with the exercise of military m thority tinder this act shall ho null and void. Sue. 4. And In il tu. In r fancied. That all persons put. umlat military arrest by virtue of this act shall be tried without un necessary delay, and no cruel or unusual punish moot shall be inflicted : and : > sentence of any military commission or tribunal hereby authorized, affecting the life or liberty ol any person, shall be exe cuted until it is approved by the officer in command of ihe district, and the laws and regulations for the government of the army shall not he affected by this act, except iii so far as they conflict with its provisions : Provided, That no sentence of death under ! the provisions of this act shall be. carried into effect without the approval cf the President. Sue. ,i. And he i '.'jfefy muted, That when th« 0 f any cue of said rent 1 States shall have formed a constitution of government in conformity with the Consti tution of the United States in nil respects, framed liv a convention of delegates (leer ed by the male citizens of said State twen ty-one years old and upward, of whatever race, color, or previous condition, who have been resident in said State for one year .previous to the day of such election, except such as may no disfranchised for participation in the rebellion or for felony at common law, and when such constitu tion shall provide lliat the elective franchise . shall be enjoyed by all such persons h : have the qualifications herein stated for 1 elections ot delegates, and when such con stitution shall be ratified by a majority of the persons voting on tin- question ’..1 ratifi cation. who are qualified as electors for delegates, and when such constitution shall j have been submitted to Congress for ex amination and appruvnl, and Congress shall have approved the same, and when said Slate, hy a vote of its Legislature i elected nuclei said constitution shall have adopted the amendment to the Constitu ! tiou of the f nited (states, proposed liv the Thirty-Ninth t’ongress. and known ns ; article iourtccu. and when said article shall have become a part of the Constitution of : the United States, said State shall lie de | dared entitled to representation in Con gress. and Senators and Representative* shall be admit led therefrom on their taking : tlie oath prescribed bv law, and then and j thereafter the preceding sections of thin ! bill inoperative in said State: i Pi 'ritied, That m- p'-rson excluded from j the privilege ot holding office hy said pru i posed amendment to the Constitution of the United Stales shall be eligible to elec t'.ou as a member of tin- Convention to j frame a Constitution for any of said r j Mates nor shall any such person vote tor members "i said convention. Mv. (J. A't.f hi : fur th .... .... That until the people of said rebel Stales shall be by law admitted to representation ic the ' Congress of the United Mates, any civil governments which may exist therein shaii lie doomed provisional only, and in a:i r< spcctß Buhji ei tin- paramount au thorin' ot the I nited States at any turn to abolish, modift . control, or supersede the fame: and in all elections to any office under such provisional governments ail persons shall he entitled to vote, and none other, who are entitled to vote under the provisions of the fifth section of this act: ; and no person shall be eligible to any office ruler any such provisional government!! who would be disqualified from holding office under the provisions of the third ar tide of said constitutional amendment. To the Republicans of the Union. The National Union (.'"imnittee appeal* to the Republicans <>! every State, for | their assistance ami co-operation in flit j auspicious • i isi * of our country. We deem it of tlie highest importance that the Republicans of each State should 1 immediately reorganize for the remaining ' election* of 1887. preparatory to the com ing Prcsiib utial contest. Especially should j j this organization be immediately effected 1 | in those States which have never before . | recognized a- the only just bad* of govern I merit the equal mill itialieua! de rights of I ! m ill. Not a day should be lo.*l in forming i : and strengthening within tliosi States j a pulriie "entiiiieii! in xvith j the principles which underlie the gr- a: ; Political organization to which we lx long To this end. w< desire to prosecute a systematic and thorough canvass of the Southern State-, by the imv-t efficient I siieaker* of l .ofli races. AV<- xvottUl second J tiic'ir efforts by a distribution of doett imi Jits, enforcing the j» ineiple.-. j'oliey and aims of tlu Jfopubfican part* AVe j would i.(!!. in every locality where it i j possible, meeting* for discussion, win-re those xvite- qe witi. in principle may learn to act xvith unity and cnenrgy Thc.-i measures are lequiied to bring out the vote of that large body of Republican Unionist* who now rendci the Southern State- a battle-field of principle. It is the pressing n< ed of the hour that bold, judi cions and able men, thoroughly imbued with out creed, should there explain our principles, establish our faithfulness to them, and prove that national greatness and human freedom depend upon the per manent triumph of our cause. Beyond this, it i- most essential that xvc should now establish in those State*. Free Thought, Free Speech and a Free Pres*. Every part of this Republic must la open to the discussion of principle and measures. This must lie -ustained. a a cardinal point in otu* croqd. at any and every hazard. Efforts to intimidate tin humble and ignorant voter on the part of the Southern planter, must be met with the .-pint of freemen, and tlie determine tion which a just cause sanction*. In tiim, the Republican party lias struggled against the unjust reproach of being sectional in it- aims and character, though its purpe.-o- and it - means of ctfee ting them were such as tlie fathers of the Republic approved It was accused of being governed by -eiti-h motive-, amt of desiring to aggrandize the North at the expense of the South It- adversaries, having the jiower to -Hence ami to crush all opposition, denied all disc*:- ion, mtd overawed even freedom of thought in fif teen States o! the Union. It i*. therefore, now and imperative duty, which we owe to our Jliirty and to ourselves, tn embrar. the first opportunity of truly representing to those States Uoxv consistently we have contended for the interest*, welfare and freedom of the whole Union The overthrow of Slavery «ud the lie bellion, and the enfranchisement of tlie freedmen. rendering this overthrow -■*■- cure and final, have happily vindicated our eour-e and organization , but it i* ncci s*ary to -tamp the conviction of our loyalty and fidelity to tlie right, irrespec tive oi section or race, upon the re-on structvd State- i-'i i the first time iii ninny years, the enthusiastic followers of ..m flag pmt tvnfessor* of our faith arc there taking part in the popular gathering*, end in many oi tin: Southern States, we have r-"soil tn believe that they form a deride'l majority They are, however, without organizati-m, and lack tie co hesion and discipline necossun* to sit< cess. Three-fouith* ol the Republican* have never voted, and have no practicable knowledge of tie- mean whereby the popuhit will is expressed. With many jot them, tile habit is fix il. of rendering implicit oltt-dicnce to able and dexterous m litiCiim.; xyb- :c iuipitlvably h-j-tile to our principles: and determined on th« I pro-tnuion of our cause. Out iramediatr action i* the-refon im j i»m*ative. Wt cannot delay without im ; periling all for which so much 3;as been j sacrifieed in the past. Confident in our strength in the North, the West, and The Faiiflt States, xvc must not forget that we ; have a great duty to perform toward the | loyal and true men of the South, I Ucpublii o our appeal is to you, to | carry on and sustain the work which a [ few Icq al and true men have so nobly bc i I* 1111 ; W e cannot ask speakers, in addition j to giving their time and talents for month* to this defray iheir Wn necessary i expense* We cannot print and distribute j documents of the character required xvitlt ou! a heavy outlay AVv have no means or reliance except upon the generous spirit of that great party w hich holds the claims of Humanity and Freedom above all |iiiee, rbe jiat-roniige ot tin. Government brought into {lower by the statesmanship, the courage, and tin loyalty of that party, will not aid us in this good w ork. A\ c must, therefore, appeal directly and personally to you, Il you are rich, ‘give generously. If poor, send us whatever you van afford. Tin generous purpose and the noble aim sanctify the humblest el fort* At all events, act promptly, and let us *--: that the sympathy of the Kcpub linn party ;sxxitk n* in om purpo*e of making thi* great land Ihe home of true Repi: 'bean principle*, were tlistinetions of '•ace and color are unknown, and when Liberty, \ irtue and Intelligence from tht em ; .ring b.i*i* ofotir and pm* polity. Addn - U tters ami (ontiibutioiis to DoW Afxact i. AV.xiii', (.’liaimian and Tl isurer. New eV. N T M.vnccs 1.. AVakd. N. J * AXH KI" A. rcUX-lASfE. I*a M'u.l 1 \M t I.AKLIX. ATi!*-. Lux 15 Cl Ait k. N. 11 ilou.xn-: Hrk'.j f.v. N x | II- H. >i XUKXVK VTUI.i;. CI'IHI. V i*. SMi l'll Kits. Del. It. AV IF'ifi-min, Ald Executive Committee of tin National ' l mon Com A7"--7Afr;y iii, urn;. All the KrpuMican journals are ie qiiested tocupx and to second this appeal A daily and weekly newspaper, PUBLISHED AT u g USTA, a l;o. T M U jM S : Daily, aim mil - - - $G oo Daily, six months - - 1100 Daily, tlim* months - - laO Wofrkly, ]ht annimi - - - ■) 00 Weekly, six liioiillts • i 75 Weekly, three months - - - 100 THE LOYAL GEORGIAN IS ONE Ol* THE VERY FEW Outspoken Republican Papers in the South. It was the first in the State to advocate the broad.-principle oi “ EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL;’" it vindicates the doctrine of Ihe supremacy of tin. National ovt State (iovei umeiits ; it itiiqualiliedly denounces Sin k.ssion as not oiiiv unconstitutional, but inherently hostile to, and destructive oi, all Democratic Republican Governments; it maintains for Congress, a* the body dulv appointed by our form ol government for National legislation, flic right and duty to, at all limes, so legislate as to vindicate the honor and prow'.-. -of the Nation. It will advocate the early reconstruction of th. Slat' "ii the platform laid down by the “National Union Republican Unix " THE LOYAL GEORGIAN • L* MADE ONE OL THE OFFICIAL ORI.AAS OF TIIK MN til* AA3 EAT !\ THIS STATE. It xx ill publi-h the l-AWS i uncled Lx <’< .ny ie-: ; .* and all GOVERNMENT \ I > V KRTISE.MENTS. THE LOY AL GEORGIAN IS ALSO DESIGNATED THE Organ of the Educational Association of the State. 1: will, therefore, he found the most general and complete into' inatiou respecting these important interests in our midst, and will In, (im, to time be l ui nished w ith ahle and interesting ('omniutueations Irom tin be -1 Educators in the State. —• —o A Family News/taper. " <levotingeonsnlcrablc space to the discussion of the great political questions r.ilating to the times and section, we shall reserve space for such mi** elluiienus Educational and Religious reading a* will make the paper at tractive and profitable to all. We shall scrupulously guard against (lie itiser ti-'ii of anything tending to demoralize the morals of Home and Society - On the other hand, xve shall aim, through every appropriate means, to -tinnikffe to stiuly and t tfood morals. Book and ,/oh Pi intimj. 'N e nave ju*t liccn to great ex pells' in furnisliiii; om (Hike with tin re ijuisites lor doing ROOK AND ,IO)> WORK. L' e are noxv prepared to fill any .and every description ot !*i AIN* \XD FANCY .it »|i J’RINTIM'. "•' xolieit business ot t Li* kiutl, promising de-paleh in execution. ne:ilme in workmanship, and at rates the most reasonable. sY tl 1 1 resi s : LOYAL SEOBGIAN PUBLISHING ASSOCIATION AU G USTA, G EO,