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The daily gazette. (Barnesville, GA.) 188?-18??, March 14, 1884, Image 1

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m Oity Notes. H 3-ruU agents are nowplanniiigtn .tart ■tin r campaign. ■ Lr. J. <i. Smith wont to Atlanta yes ■ teiiay on business. A (apt, R.J. Powell visited .Macon yes- on business. .Joini P. .McLean has been quite for the past two days. ■Tat: each planted gardens Mow look sick, as to the vegetables. V The repeated warm rains of several ■ day have brought out the oats some. P Mr. C. H. White returned y : sterdav ' frpm a two days absence in Atlanta. Mr. E. !V r . Elder has put up a very handsome wire fence before/his front y;W. Mr. H. It. Chambers relieve! the fire man of a handsome suit of clothes yes terday. Judge 3V. 11. Hammond presides for Judge Stewart, at Butt;} superior court this week. C Dr. J. C. Blackburn was quite sick yesterday with colic, but is better this morning. Cicero Wilson, col/has purchased the barber shop and fixtures from (’apt. J. T. Llalock. Mr. J. S. Ware was admitted to the Ki.ighs of Honor on the last meeting night—Tuesday. Mrs. R. C. Poe, of Forsyth arrived yesterday morning and is stopping with -Mi s. Alois Stafford. Mr. Herbert Lancy, aid lady of At lanta, are stopping with their cousin, Mrs.M. Newman. Mrs. (1. 11. Perdue who lias been ta -1 king in the whole fair and festival, left yesterday for home. We notice from the census that Pike’s indebtedness was put down at §7,400. Is this not a mistake? Col, J. A. Hunt, who went to Butts Superior court Monday, is now Jin At lanta, attending the supreme court. Prof. 3V. B. Boinnl.v, ho was former merly a teacher in Gordon Institute has decided to go to China as a missionary. Mr. It, L. Swatts lias been confined to a sick bed for several clays, and while better is yet confined to bis room. Miss Lula Shehee, c-f Alabama, who has been stopping with friends here left yesterday to visit relatives in Up son. We publish this morning a'call for the meeting of the .Slate Democratic Executive Committee in Atlanta on April the sth. Uncle Milt Fambro says you need not look lor any more fair weather tills month, in reply to a query as to his prophecy of the weather. Mr 11. It. Chambers who began the practice of law last fall hasj recently added seveal volumes of John 15. [ Aldens publications to his library. Mr. Edgar L. Rogers popularity with one of the houses with which he deals is shown by their sending him a pair of very handsome morocco slippers, as a present as yesterday. Wh it extremes: Here we have noth ing hut water and rain. In order to supply the demand,-this week, at Lee Superior court, Leesfmrg, it had to be hauled in wagons from the creek. Our neighbor Talbotton in a political way will offer Judge Willis for reelec tion to the Superior court judgeship. Rather he will offer himself. Hon. \V. A. Little, of Columbus will probably be his opponent. While the rain was; pattering down on the tin awning yesterday a gentle man s\id pensively, the farmers are now a month behind and it stjll rains, “Well,” said he, “they have had plenty time to haul out guano. Two hook agents entertained us yes terday with stereotyped addresses, that would bore any oue but an editor. It don’t mike any difference whether the editor is Writing up a daily or weekly he has tot übmit nevertheless. A prorlinput gentleman here from Atlanta, Viio was a daily observer of the work and Conduct of the last Legisla ture spoke very complimentary of the industry, readiness and usefulness of both th.e Representatives of Tike, at the last session. As an evi lence of progress and pros perity among our colored citizens wo mention the addition of anew room by “Jurd" Respess, to his dwelling. Sev er al colored men aro constructing two room houses,on lots which they have purchased. THE DAILY GAZETTE. On tbs 19th instant the postmaster will commence weighing all mall, go ing to and coming from Thomaston and The Rock. This will commence on the 19th and continue to the 27 of April This is done to get the gross weight, as a basisj'or compeusting the jiailroad |as a common carrier. A visitor yesterday wanted to know how it was that Barnesvillo made a success of everything she undertakes. IVe simply replied, “because she is al ways unanimous.” It is one continued pull, all together, till success comes like a mountain torrent Hooding upon us. Barnesvill is spreading in every di rt G ion. Last week the New York Sun employed a regular correspondent here to serve up tlve news of tliis sec tion lor the Sun. The gentleman has written considerable for the press, and will be a good correspondent for the Sun. A young gentleman at the Fair last evening, anticipating that the privileges of leap year might be used on him said to her, that he would only stop long enough before giving her an answer to determine whether she could support him or not. Guess lie considered the question of love settled so far as he was concerned. The labor question with our farmers is an important one. The Enquirer Sun discusses “a problem for planters,” and closes with these words: “Why then snould farmers find it more diffi cult than others to hire laborers ? Why should they alone have trouble on this subject? Our present object is only to raise the question. The answer, when given, will open the way for the reme dy. Will not our farmers consider the matter thoughtfully?” It seems to be the prevailing opinion with those who think most about poli tics here, that lion. J. 11. Blount will be the first Congressman to represent the new Sixth district. Speaking to a gentleman yesterday who lias been more or less among the people of Mon roe county fet the past two weeks at tending Monroe Superior Court, be said Blount would carry Monroe without any difficulty. Having Bibb without doubt, it is safe to predict that he will be nominated and elected as his own successor to represent this district. We know of no advice better or more profitable than this: viz.: Study your market. The time of planting js about at band, anil the question is, what shall I plant? If you wish to make money duu't plant potatoes, cabbages, or what ever it may be, simply because all your neighbors are doing so. It is the very reason why you should not. Plant something which seems likeliest to have a demand; something of which you can monopolize the market. This is o and advice, but as good as Govern nn nt bonds. The fast mail from Atlanta yesterday was in arrears. These delays will soon be remedied. The fast mail line en gines employed at the Central Railroad viz The Ohio, Indiana, lowa, Michigan Wisconsin, Nebraska and Pennsylvania will use coal in a few days instead of consuming wood as they are now and have heretofore been doing. This will make the engines run faster, more eco nomically and give the workmen less trouble. The freight engines will for the present and for some time to come consume wood instead of coal. The.amount S2,DO as insurance, in the case of Mr, M. F. Cochrane, com ing from the Luigis of Honor, has been adjusted and the order lor the same lias bnen received by the Trustees of Oma Lodge No 252 K of 11, at Barnesville and turned over to the family. This family is also entitled to §2,000 from the A. 0. U. W, Lodge here which we suppose will be paid scon. This with the other amounts makes §15,000 paid by the orders here. I)r. (1, M.McDowells family received S7OOO and Mr, R. A. Stephens ianiily SI,OOO which added to Mrs, Cochranes $4,000 make the $15,000. FOR SALE! One fine young horse, gentle and al right. Cheap for cash or good note. marll-lm C. H. WHITE. Call at the jewelry store of O. S. Hig gins and see the elegant display of La dies and gents Gold and Silver watches just received and on sale, also the new and novel 24 hour rime watch suit able to the new time adopted. The show cases are sparkling with new goods all through for the Fireman’s Fail week trade. Barnesville, g-a., March 14, 1884. FAIR AND FESTIVAL. BY JEFF DAVIS FIRE COMFY. Grand Success and Everybody In Barnesville Happy. As the fair and festival proceeds the boys grow more buoyant and the weath er more reckless. From early dawn yes terday ra'n began to fall andVonlinued, possibly increasing till it drenched the day out and llooded in the night. At tiie appointed hour for opening, the management had the ladies of the dif ferent commmittees at hand to serve their tables. Glowly the crowd came in till the hall was comfortably full. Mi'. G. L. Sturners got the beautiful flower stand. A bevy of Griffin boys came down on the Goober to help out the dremeii. The receipts Tuesday night aud Wed nesday night looted up §425,00. Only one fight in the hall last night the gentleman coming out second best. Mr. Tally Blalock has put in an ap pearance and is helping out the firemen Mr. Matthew Grace put in a hand some appearance before the fair closed last night. The Rock w as h andsomely represen ted last nig' , by - A. Thomas Stephens and Jno. 3.'. Bose. Mr. L . 11. Parker was fortunate enough to get the large and elegant cook stove. It turned the company out fifty dollars. Cotton Seed oil may be good for some purposes, but the gentleman who mis took it last night for pure juice of the grape, has a very poor appreciation of it as a beverage. The programme last evening was va ried and several articles were sold at auction and good prices were realized, notwithstanding the crowd was smal ler than either of the nights before. George 3". Hecker & Cos, of New York, sent in to the firemans Fair, through Messrs Middlebrooks & Grad dick, one hundred pounds of fleckers self raising flour, valued at §4.50. A genuine Buffalo, was suspended in the festival hall yesterday. Tie had been transformed, hower into an over coat to be filled by Mr. M, G. Howard, with compliments from Buffalo Bill. Owing to the inclement weather which prevented many from turning out last night, the committee consult ed and decided to continue the fair over to Saturday, when all the articles then unsold will be disposed of. The elegant and beautiful dolman,so liberally donated by Mr. W. A. Doody of Macon, was captured by Mr. Edward Elder. It was desired by a num ber of gentlemen, and the company ap preciate the liberality of the donor. The following are the receipts for last night: Art Table... § 7.60 Desert Table 20.00 Fruit Table 7.00 Oyster Table 15.60 Cigar Stand 9.25 Special Ice Cream Table presided over by Messrs E J Murphey.H R Harris and GL Summers ... 2.00 The following amounts were receiv ed for articles sold last night: Stove, W II Parker §50.00 Dolman, Edward Elder 20.00 Lawn Mower, E J Murphey 7.00 Flower Stand, G L Summers 10.40 Shoes, Louis Hamburger 8.00 Watch, It P Cook . 15.00 Wheelbarrow, TI) Dewbuife. 7.50 Toy Stove, .1 T Murphey'SHp. 1.50 Corn Sheller. E J Murphey.™... 9.50 Water Set, R Graddick 1.50 Suit Clothes, 11 it Chambers 17.00 Shoes, T E Murphey, 8.00 Flour, AO Bennett 2.25 Trunk, V O Marshburn 10.00 Trunk, JLHamil 7.50 Rocker, Matthew Grace 5.50 Bridle, Tom Stephens. 3.00 Table, Joe Wooten 3.00 If you want a good drink try Me- Brayer or Old Baker Whiskies, at. ohe Exchange Saloon, next door to Stafford Blalock & Co.’s Warehouse. DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS. Our assortment ill please you in quality, quantity/and price. T. W. COCHRAN & Cos. A.t The mair. A SONG. Cupid s In ihc air At the Fair, Beware! He’s a sly traitor boy, I’m afraid, Pretty Maid, He'll deceive thee, he will leave thee, Believe me, It Is true. And the time Is surely coming when you’ll rue. He lisped honied word, Eagerly you heard; Absurd! But since the day when s pan did deceive Mother Eve, They have lovingly lulled us, Invariably gulled us And history will be writ again In you, Heedthe warning then X sing "Ladye fare.” Oupid’sl n the air At the Fair, O, Beware! The JYlaoon Contest. The Macon firemen have arranged the following tests for their tournament in April; liook and Ladder test—Prize in this test §IOO in gold. Each truck will car ry one service ladder, one 20 foot lad der and two smaller ladders and pole on top, all strapped down, run with truck 125 yards, take off two top lad ders with pole, also the 30 .foot ladder, place it against the side of a building a man run up and place his hands on top round, run down again, take the ladder down, put it back on the truck also the two smaller ladders and pole, in quickest time. Steamer Contest—First test, 50 feet of hose with pipe attached will be laid connected with the engine. The siea mer that throws 50 feet water quickest time after first appearance of smoke above smokestack will win a prize; of §SO. Second test will be for distance. The third class steamer that throws water the farthest will win prize of §so,fourth class steamer §SO, fifth class steamer §SO. Fence vs. "W Uisky. A gentleman from the rural districts in town sharing the slush, ra'n and fire man’s fair, asked us liow the temper ance vote would be in mid summer on the bill providing for a vote by the county. Not having enquired very ex tensively we stated to him that we were not able to give him a sa. ifactory an swer. At least we did not feel that we could give him a version of the mat ter that was based on data that was re liable. “Well,” said he, “you will be surprised when the vote is counted out. There are many men in the country that do not feel like letting people in the towns enjoy their beverages and they be forced bylaw not to have them convenient to them. But the strongest feeling is to be found in the no fence men. They say that the towns and their influences voted “no fence’ ’ upon us, and we have now a chance to get even with them. We feel that the towns injured us by forcing no fences, and now we intend to retaliate by vot ing whisky out and thereby effect their prosperity.” Asa recorder of public sentiment the Gazette gives the reader the benefit of this gentleman’s views. lie is a gen tleman well up in the affairs of the county, and is reliable. JPicturt*, In the Drug Store of Mr, J. W. High tower will be found a life size portrait of the late lamented I)r. George M, Me Dowell. As one stands'before it and gazes on the features of that grind man it is with many, a difiicult task to keep down tears. One unconsciously asks himself why should Providence remove from a people one so beloved, so useful and as it seems ;.u us just in the prime of life. But he wrote IPs own eulogy while in this would making progress to another and we doubt nUA better one for him. As we passed thro up/ the store yesterday, we were struck with the splendidly executed picture that makes one feel for a moment that he faces the living, andjstopped to let the trooping memories rush by. The picture is a handsome crayon portrai painted by Miss Anna Bar nesville. It reflects great credit on the artist and at the suggestion of friends of the deceased it has been placed in the drug store, that those who feel disposed may leave )a dollar to compensate the artist and when the amount necessary to cover the worth of the picture is subscribed the picture is to be presented to the widow of the deceased. His life wis given as a sa crifice for this community and we ap preciate an opportunity to deposit dollar to preserve the elegant picture. The Jell'Du via Coi I In our issue of Wednesday we gave the list of the company at the original organization. In this connection and amid the success of the fair and festi val it will not be amiss to give the membership as it now exists, which is as follows: G L Summers, Chief. Edward Elder, President. T C Banks, Foreman. W C Stafford, Assistant Foreman. II H Black, Engineer. A 0 Bennett, Foreman Ilose. J LHamil, Ass’t Foreman Hose. C T Tyler, Secretary and Treasurer, R H Graddick and T G Middlebrooks Axmen. J W Gardner, IstPipeman. Joe Wooten, 2nd Pipeman. Robt Ozburn, 3rd Pipeman. Jena Collier, 4th Pipeman. C II Butts, Staker, O S Higgins, Wap Summers, T B Lyon, T D Dewberry, E C Elder, E W Elder, J B Gardner, J E Pound, W J Phinazee, J C Hunt, G II Rockwell, It L Swatts, It M Lyon, B II Butts, H P Elder, J It Simmons, J M Crutcher, M S Howard, W A Williams, Rufus M Lyon, J W Stafford, J M Reeves, Lewis Fryer, J M MeElvin, R S Crutcher, B F Reeves, Otys Murphey, R P Cook, W J Williamson, J T Chambers. W B Bla lock, Dr J M McDewell. The newspaper men aud newspaper correspondents who write from Griffin are now burdened with a charge from the Atlanta correspondent of the Au gusta Evening News, to the effect that Judge John D. Stewart, who is this week holding court in Clayton in place of Judge Hammond, who presidrs at Butts for Judge Stewart, managed to get to Clayton in order to see the ballot slingers and make capital for his aspi rations to be Mr. Hammond’s successor. We see no reason for taking the charge so much to heart, when the masses of people understand that the average At lanta correspondent is capable of trump ing up charges of any character for po litical effect. Besides it is customary forjudges to preside for each ottier where there are cases to be tried in which one or the other is disqualified. By blowing the charge someone will notice it and conclude there may be something in it. Jeans at cost at Middlebrooks & G raddick. Water ground meal at Middlebrooks & Graddick. Winter prints at cost at Middlebrook & Graddick. Call at Middlebrooks & Graddick,and getagood smoke. Rest line of tobacco at Middlebrooks & Graddick. 1 Boss’ Pickens County Corn Whisky takes the cake for puritJ. Only §2,00 per gallon. Spanish cheroots at Middlebrooks & Graddick. All kinds canned goods at Middle brooks & Graddick. Fruits of all kinds at V B. Lyon. Ijbuy and sell mules and horses. Have just received a lot of fine mules and some good horses. Call to see me. T. B. Lrost . Nice fresh pork sausage can be had at J. L. Kennedy’s at all times. Go to J, L. Kennedy’s to buy the standard Guanos aud acids. 8* K. Mann Has received his new stock of Easter Cards and fancy goods, School Books and School supplies■ Poems, Novels, Histories, Bibles, Hymn Books, .Music Books and religious works. Fami ly In hies a speciality. Musi cal Instruments, vases, chi na goods, toys, lamps, §c $c Drugs and Patent Medi cines a,n and toilet goods, Gold Pens and pencils from Ber ry Fairchild,(the best goods made.) Confect ionery an and nuts- The one price house and everything at Macon andl Atlanta prices. Picture Frames and cornice a spec ially. Wholesale agen t for 1).. 1/. Ferry Co’s Garden and Flower seeds ,