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The Orthodox democrat. (Barnesville, Ga.) 1885-1???, January 03, 1889, Image 2

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ORTHODOX DEMOCRAT. BARNESVILLE, - Ga. gWm. S. WHITAKER, ■publisher. H. fer Aanutd, Ca?hin Advnuo ORGAN OF °\ll COUNTY. u v.i pir. oacff *t Kamckviu* Brcend OIMH M at 1 . HUfr. I '•'*HVitBUAT..I.VN.. !’.*. Vbs indicatt* a i!cr*a.' in (lie Ml sight ot 188,'(2.' half'*, a J <’om ■ ith tho D!l' data of 1 -iS7, n Mfe of 308,d0P< bales H“ impart'd ■Be corrs-qiniutiiig dale of ltfSd, of HI ATi bales a-i-om Kfvith 15 Ws ‘.ETAKV McT'ltilKSON of tlif !>- Bto <*mu init•!*>' ,ln * ■ fSpe tin? ag> (lint then" •.vou , il bo Ht twenty-ft'e omit by rspuh- dortoi-rsts in ■p^*WKrs? f ; —As t fibre “perns to he K.p ,*iti n I'ii iet)ul 1 cans of l<> Bbe fienaocrats n fair chance in H>n ■ ontewts until the republican Hsity is platted beyond the perad- Ere of a doubi it is probable that ' tMiiomt* will press contests with Hspubliean*. southern states extend precisely Pine public school facilities to the fled as to the white children, flth the white peeple pay nine- Ms of the taxes to support the pub fihools. In Georgia the poll* taxes jHe voted to the support of shoois Both races, and it is very difficult Bllect the poll taxes i which are all Ermi I Ilf to pay i from jv of the neifroes. In many eases Fwhite landlord pays hie colored wuta tax and loosses it entirely. lI'hSPATCHES announce th death of Lv. James P. Boyce, I). D., of. Louis lle, in Paris. He went abroad several jnnths ago in the hope of restoring [a broken health. His death will be tnirned by a host of friends and by te Baptist church of which lie was a utinsruished leader. He was presi !nt of the Southern Baptist Theolo cal fierainsry and a director of the ater fund. Asa preacher Dr. Boyce had few equals He was eloquent and powerful both in th* pulpit and in the religious press. Tkk Voice is the g'-es! orjan and au thority of the prohibitionists. In its. issue of September 6th it says: “A crisis has been reached. The country can no longer endure half drunk and half sober,' Ether Kansas,lowa, Maine Vermont and Rhode Island must in time (and not a long time) give up prohibition or else the National Con gress must come to their rescue. Con gress alone can save prohibition in those States, for. Congress alone has P >wer over In terstate commerce. Th Philadelphia Keoord says: I hat the Smj. hero States are alert is especi n.i bv the efTorts to en r#'ir#rs^/lmniigran". the Legtsla vfOeorgia appropriated filO. pf.,l tor the establishment of a State rßureau of Immigration, which is to make known the resources and inu.-v ttons of that .State. Moreover, the .Southern Immigration Association has ■lust held a conversation at Mnntg*iMc ML Ala., at which a memorial wa? ted asking the Logl-dtures of all HLtates South of the Potomic to ft- appropriations for the encourage jf.t of iin migration. IfnocTOK Knott, the foremost 2 year-old race horse in America, has been sold to J. B. Ilaggin for SBO,OOO. The horse was purchased by Dan Bry ant at the Belie Meade farm one year igo last eying for S4vi. JKi ran in rihis r.u esAiijs ':Mn six of them, including the great Futurity. His winnings for the season were over j ®70 t OO>: A more profitable investment i has seldom been made in a horse, but i it is possible that his owner was as i shrewd in selling him for $30,000 as in buying him for $450. GovaßKoß Wiwiv, of West Virgin ia d'ipi not propose to l>e bulldozed by Nubian GotTand the hungry pack of republican office seekers who follow him— Thu governor has issued c< rtifl- Sjjt two democratic congressmen. Wher two districts are still in Wand Governor Wilson declares .# will give certificates to non* of 8n test a ins uni ii lie can do so “in with law." The tepnbli ■re raring here use* he will not di.- M the lew and declare their men Wihtiil'l it turn out that all < Virginia rlis.: - repub gf-ht the mxt . I ,ViM uwtn- XHitxiUßoxoß'm usown The Chicago Inter Oeeau Is ?.u ex treme republican newspaper, and with it the negro, his wrongs and his right-, is a fascinating subject. Generally, it prefers to discuss him at long range in connection with his wrongs—that is to say, the negro in the South and 1* is a! leged Inability to walk up to the ballot hox every four years and express the preference of his political bosses for President of the United States. In u recent issue, however, the Inter Ocean deaiswith its favorite subject from a different standpoint and Us ar ticle allows that thorn is s n-.;ro prob lem North as well as South; with a very considerable difference between the two. According to the Inter Ocean’s statement, the negro at the South is at liberty to work at any trade occupation or profession that may piease him, but experiences soms'diflleulty in exercis ing his legal privilege of voting tire re publican ticket, .xt the North he can vote with !1 the frequency tha law nl ( nvs, but finds it impossible to obtain work as on artisan—as carpenter, brick ' layer, machinist or clerk. He must contiauo to he a mere servant, oceans' white prejudice will not tolerate him iVnlTysfittdiero.aracitv: This is, in effect, tiie Inl ill i 111 * nim showing, and must be presumed not foTfOiw too heavi ly on the white people of its own tion. \ JIM GITf.NS. One of the recent disasters o* th* Mississipp brought out an instance of heroism. Jim Givens was a soinraon deck hand on the ill-fated John H- Hannah, whicli burned Christmas day near I‘lqueniine, La. The flaming boat was steered ashore in time to iiave saved the Jives of all on board if the pilot hud stood at his post. Rut the moment the boat touched the pilot leaped ashore to save himself and thesleamer bound* ed back inte ti e stream. Then Jim Givens, realizing the awful peril, as sumed the responsibility and danger which another had deserted. Rushing through the blazing pilot house, he seized the wheel in his blistered hands and held it firm until the boat had been secured against the bank. The noble fellow was by that time literally wrap ped in flames ami suffering fearful tor" ture. He never flinched until lie saw that tile boat was fast. Then ho lean ed through the fire and fell senseless in the mud. They picked him up inseu Bible. Ha was h >rribly burn ‘d. Roth his ays were out and he was barely alive. TO rAPTVBS HIS PARTY. Mr. Kandall has emerged from the retirement to which illnesscondemned him and again taken his place in eon gressof the head of the protection demo crats of tho House four in number, we believe. Mr. Randal! is a gentleman to high and daunt leas courage, who does not look behind him when the battle is on, and perhaps imagines that an army corps follows his gallant leadership. Mr. Kandall is worthy of admiration. Not many men have kia self-confi dence and audacity- These qualities are iilnslrated in what may he called a plan of campaign which Mr. Kandall outlined it) a recent inter, view. ‘-If the Democratic party is to win four years hence," he said, ‘‘the protectionits must organise within the party and make an aggressive fight against these freo traders." By free tra ders was meant the democrats who Who neslre the revenues re ddled by a reduction of the tariff du ties, represented in the praseut. House by about 16") members. Mr. Kandall, then, thinks it his first duty, at the head of the four protectionists, to cap- ture the 165 free traders by' an ‘‘aggres sive fight," and, having captured them to incorporate them in his own ranks. Could a bolder plan of battle be ima gined? It proves Mr. Kandall to be even moie than audacious. There is room for fear, however ‘tin! when the new army advanced to hr. la the stout old protection veterans would ha nervous on finding themselves scatter ed so sparsely among raw recruits.— Telegraph" A ORE IT 810 ST ATT. The recent slate census of Texas is somewhat of a surprise to the people of that hopeful state. The United States census of 1880 gave Texas a pop ulation of 1,51)5,000. More titan eight years have elapsad since that en umeration and the average local boast in Texas has been for a year or so past that the state contained at least two and a half million people. Immigra tion has poured into the state front ah quarters and there are cities of,consider ate size now on what were prairies and and farming land in 1880. The .State authorities have just compiled the cen tals? returns fronith various counties tiD<l the result is disappointing. Accor ding to tliis count Texas has now “,01 5- 000 inhabitants. This is an increase of nearly “4 per cent. In right years, a growtli of which any other state itt the tinien would be proud, hut Texas had her hopes set on bigger figures, aud consequently the count makes Texas sad. The state has only eighteen months more to prepare itself for tho orueial test of a federal eencus. That count will ho conducted under the direction party, and the incentive out a small increase in the Mjin of thi .-oath wtl! bostrong. V Leave n |aroos whip Aaff the 6®Si> r,r ■Mi ckimißally j.iabi.e. half of uli deaths occur be years of age. An army of tn- children are swept necd ly a way each year. Parents are Cinsilly responsible for this. Thu lb rate of childreu in England i Rban lialf this. Acker’s English BsootUer has done nmro to .hiring all other ■ ;f mfi covijii; rn.v iit a i;E;iV Cohen Qcaover* 111. Iteusoa mil HiiOaM. Tlie Madisoulau contains the follow lug article: ‘vSiuce that atrocious Tills hoiia.- amr. derat Covington, the one query was, •Will Cohen know, if he survives the terrible liok that went ciushing into his brain, ttny.hinj :bo t t l o awful affair?’ This question, it seems, the fates have answered “And it is thought by many that that Sarnpsie Cohn knows all about the circumstancee that transpired in the room on the fatal flight, and vrheter lie saw the murderer as he dealt the bru tal blow,, lie can't teli enough to fasten tiic guilt upon tlie man who deserves the sentenceof the law. Cohen has been at his home in this city for ten ; days, and during this time be has r.ip- ! idly regained his reason, and lie has gives the wlmlo thing away, hut what, in; nays is known to only a few who liaye Agreed to keep it from the public if possible. “This lias leaked out, ho wever and it comes from Cohen’s lips. “Cohen says that Echols came to (heir room at (lie Pitts house, occupied by him mad Thomas, bringing with him the muderous wagon standards of which so much has been written, and, that it caused one of them to laugh and say, ‘Why in the h—l did you bring that tiling here,’ to which Echols re plied that he just thought he would bring it along. They then seated them selves around tlie card table, renewed a game of poker. “The game had not progressed f r before Eehols’s money gave out, and Thomas ieft the game and retired, re marking that he would not play hi* money against Echol’s word, which saouieed to anger the latter. Cohen at length followed Thomas, whe Echols made Cohos believe that he was going to bed with him put bn his clothes again, remarking that he iiad to goout nud wouid be back in a few minutes. as ha passed out of the room, Cohen and Thomas were in bed_ and both were soon asleep: “From this point C’ehen’a statement is not known further than that lie be lieves Echols killed Thomas, and at tempted to murder him. He further says that Ecliols lost a good deal of money, and that when struck he had over hundred dollars in money, and Thomas had more money than lie. His statement reflects heavily on Echols, and it is thought that lie has said more- than has leaked out. One circumstances in his statemee is in direct conflict to that made Ly Echols before the coroner’s jury, to-wit: What lie says about the deadly blud geon. Echols, it will remembered, dis claimed ali knowledge of it, aiidCshen staes that itwos brought into thereom by Echols. A strong circumstance, wh ioh w ould seem to furnish a motive for the deed, is theßtateun-iie ofA tioen mm ne ; n,e hoisj lost a good deal ot money. THE TKnJSIJfA!, DEM,. The joint committee of the Georgia Legislature, appointed for the purpose of inquiring wherein the recent deal of the Richmond and West Point Tor mina! Company with Geoagia rail roads is violation of the Constitution of the Rtate has been granted leave to sit during recess of the Legislature, with the power to send for persons and papers. The committee will bo equip ped with a sergeant-at-arms and a stenographic reporter. Tho matter into which the committee has been au thorized to inquire is one of great im portance. The investigation should he complete and thorough. The re port of the committee will be eager awaited and it Is expected to be elaborate and comprehensive docu ment. The subject matter is of more rhau local Interest ns the rpstdt will probably determine a question of in terest to the railroads of the whole country as well as to the people of Georgia,—Columbus Sun. An Artistic Olrndar I We are in receipt of an elegant ralen j dar for 3889, issued by the Winchester i Repeating Arms Cos., of New Haven, Conn It is fifteen inches wide bv twenty-three original colored illustra tions by the eelehrated artist, Mr. A! B. Fost. Either would delight the heart of sportsman, but the principal picture is a hunting scene, to which the artist has devoted his best efiorts. There are evidences ofa hand to hand conflict between a hunter and a bear-- a broken gait stock, a loro jaeket,blood on the snow. lietreating, the hunter lias stumbled over a fallen tree, but retains a firm grasp on his knife. The bear’s atittude is superb. It would be difficult to conceive a more infuriated animal, lie stands over his fallen foe, claws extended, his wide open mouth the color of and anarchist’s flag. But help is at hand, and just in the nick of time. The calendar proper is large, and shows the day of week and month and also the moon’s phases. Holidays are printed in red. This calendar, packed in a strong tabe, will be sent to any of our readers upon receipt of four cents to cover postage. Address: Winchester Repealing Arms Cos., New Haven, Conn. I have some farmes, 50 to 500 acres each, for sole, rent or lease. Prefer leasing for five years to renting for one year. J his is best forj both parties. Any one wishing a farm or home in or near Bartlesville where benefit of best school can bo had will do veil to aopi - ! soon. A good combination man can, find employ men t also with the under signed. R. J. IVvc’l. Bar vil! <Va Aug '■> |B* . t (LUKS oil.'.ftP,.l I.ii kc Sharp. Mr. Robert Barr, the “Luke Sharp” of Tlie Detroit Erne Press, is n humor ous writer who lias earned a reputa tion secound only to tlint of M. Quad, a sketch of whom we published last week. Like M. Quad, “Luke ".harp” was ■discovered” by The Free Press. In lie was teaching school iu Canada. During vacation time, ho, in Company with a friend, made voyage in a small skiff from Detroit to Buffalo along the south shore of Lake Eric. Tlie trip occupied a couple of weeks, and Mr. Burr, under thenom de plume of “Luke Sharp.” wroteseveral papers detailing the experiences of himself and friend, and sent them to Tlie Flee Press, The articles were publish I, running several weeks, and the irtime diately attracted wide attention, being reprinted entire in many other papers. Those who were so fortunate as to vaad them, will easily remember (lie ex quisite, side-splitting style in which the adv utures and m’skapsof “Luke ’ and his friend “Mac” were chronicled. “Luke Sharp” was at once offered n position on Tha Free Press staff, and lie has since written exclusively’ for that paper, delighting thousands every weak with his laugh-provoking sketch CM. In 1881 Mr. Barr was, sent to Eng land to establish the European edition of The Free Press, an in July of that year tlie paper was issued at 825 Stand, London, where it is still published with ever increasing success. Mr. Rari spent nearly three years in travelling over tlie greater part of Europe writ ing accounts of liisjourneyings for Tlie Free Press. It is h purpose to spend several months during the coining year in visiting other points of interest in tlie eld wold, and readers of Tlie Free Press will doubtless be treated to a series of interesting and humorous letters in itis own inimtable style. “Luke Sharp” is a genial Scotchman, a native of Glasgow, and still a young man on the sunny side of forty; in the opinion of his many friends liis best work is yet to come. Ringing Noises In llie r.-irs. sometimes a ivc.riii". leizz •N.-.i-.t!, f.:v cuius* t* I v tivi ?xc t?is.‘ig;v:oal*> nnti v. iy Ci-niiitfii tiLeiis. MHt.l! .r hr. also result fni> •aUrrh. s.-j. V- ‘•lv-.-tl i'll)'!'.-: i-.. mt; ,'4v rc\ . '<!> c-'. VJ ... > ry u:;f. urj t!.f K wd. Jt* \ . :.,li r fi< :u o;mi ? I•. ti;. flood’s;ij arilfu . the Jinr mc^luMne.. MswMWorid CIU'T'L \TION SOU MS4 Over 100 Miliinn Copies How It* Cireslati -n Has Gro vn: 1882 8,151,157 1885 12,242,548 1884 gs. 519,785 1885 51,241,867 18815 70,128,041 1887 83,880,828 .1888 ovrl . 100,000,000 The Weekly World IS 11)8 895! Mi! Biggest NEWBPAE.E ON THE NORTH AMERICA CONTINENT 12 Large Pages A*;! 84 Long LARGE A POPULAR NOVEL PUBLISHED IN ANI) GIVEN WITH BACH ISSUE OK THU WEEKLY EDITION. The following were publish ed in one quarter. The list will show the class of Novels given weakly: ThejLiitla Old Man af the Batignolles Gaboriau. M!gnon:or, Bottles's Baby Winter- The Happy Man Lover Whin the Ship Comes Homo lleasant It Is the Willson. Miawa’s Revenge Haggard. A Woman’s Love IJraemc. Mignon’s Secret Winter. Poor Zeph Robinson.’ Trcascres of Franohr.r ! Stevensin. I' ?dded and parted Braenie. J'lucu Winter M s* Bretberfon Ward. This Librarv r, i.-tion will bo suppli ed to Suit - • , only. No Extra Copies will ba printed: No Back Numbers .'an tie furnished, and r.o Single Copies will bo sold. One Year ■ 52numbers , Si; ti Meath* i numbers!,s).; ■> Months (B.'i numbers), 25c. Send postal for specimen ceyy. Agents Wanted at Kvr-rV 1’ost ()fllc, Tb* World and The Orthordox Democrat obs Year for ?i,BO. TIIE FIRST SYMPTOMS OF DEHTK. J Tired feeling, <i< l ll4 headache, pains I in various parts oftlfe body, sinking at j t he pit of the atomaeh, loss of appetite. I fev •rishness, p ; mpb ■or sores, are all I)sitivc evidence < r poisoned blood.No matter how it became uoisone l it must b ' purified to Acker's English Blood UljxtMMas never failed to remove wroth Imgßj, syphilitic poi sons. Sold giiarsnfe ■, ■ V . Wtjor: Stori*. A TKURfHLR ttTMIVt.AIIY. The Jamaicagint'er d-nnkard ts now attracting the atieution of tlie country. It appeors to be proved that in certain localities where of whisky and ether ordinary intoxicants ha* been prohibited the habit of using Jamaica ginger as u stimulant has attained an i fthnming prevalence. It may be that a special brand of this medicine lias been matin fact tired ter tlie .“pooinl use of prohibition loculitioo hat it Is certaix that sonic very bad ef fects haye come from the habit of drink ing this liquid tire. A nun “full” on Jamaica ginger is described as more dangerous than an ordinary drunkard. The effect of the fearful draught" ou hi* stomach and nerves is worse than any that could come from thu meanest and most medicated whisky. The Cologne drunkard and the buy rum sot are ratti er tamilar figures, but the Jamaica ginger (iend is anew figure. A PHYSICIAN’S WARNING! Of all the terrible, suui lightening curses that Z’ict all classes of humanil. , nothing In all ages i..* ever df>;>r'jTCL• J co;u; to xavjges of BLOOD POISON t ,. t „ ; ,, troi . er )( flesh and life. Alas! 1!..w often jost such an iflliction loves toafe.t a nook life v. ith its poisonous faint it strikes with dcjtru.ct. aim the most l<.table, sparing neither SCROFULA J< in vf nor statesmen. Even unto the third generation are theiiiiS oi tiie father made rranifesL What a fcarf’ii h.'*riia?e t ' Ijoqueath an innocent hihd ! Ali! the horrible r-'apes of this affliction! To its act: - . is cVue sore throat SORES sura i’.v iQ.sore kidneys, sore lungs. sore skin, yre.u ulcers, internal, ex ternal eternal unit's.*-, proper treatment is applied- remedy lr a prescription used extensively n private pracrice h'y an *>ui Ailanta physician. It is now prepare*; ? thousand gallons at a time, and i- sold i:. bittles at PiMPLLS only one tki'dar per bottle It is called B. B. B. or Bi>- tanic Blood>. I .-.der its Jjcruliar influen- f.* the blood poison first passive, then divided, and lastly is exuded through the liver, through the kidneys, and through Dh? pores of the skin. It is clearly the duty of every one? who suspects the least trace of syphilitic or scrofulous poison in their blood,win--.'.re.ontiy ( ojitac ’o:i or from inheritance, to get u out of their system thoroughly PAIISJ iis t,se ot this great remedy 10 t!iat pimple*, .ores, aches, pains, weak kidneys anu inlier symptoms will net be transmit ted to innocent posterity. Demand it of your druggist and take no substi tute. Testimonials from tho i e who have used it may be found in the illu.-'.rated “ Book of Wonders’? sent tree to any address by tlie Blood Atlanta Ga. i We have HIT U *Ol4 A PLAN To Benefit Our ibHit*. T.d orthfiihis ]i Timcrat {* ideas '*’.l to .Tiinotncc Uic r<nni leticti of mwoM rtnnigo irients whereby it. Is I: jil.Jiml t.< > r.ijt f li- readers two of the of fan ily jon-hals fur but little iiioie Ilian tlie juice jf for $1,60 Wo will sc,ml, for one year, t<* anv address. The Orthodox Oamooraf, sad !ie Famous Family Weekly, Vm Detroit Free Press liie Free F res >is without rjue--a Die (Jroat- Literary and llrtimiuinxiis papr i now before the American people. It is not ;t new aspirant lor public faVor; cstablihhed over fifty y-ara ago. it has stood the lest of time, and is to-day stronger, better and more popular than ever— -120.000 subscriberH affirm its surpassing excellen ce. The fnnn sketches and savrngs of*The Free I’ress are eveiy where quoted* and laughed at while in resnec! to literary excellence it win i ■ ompn**. i -with the expensive xnaga | “M. Qdaci.” -‘Luke Sbar,.,” Eva lb-nt. | Hartw -pc, ( has. F. Adams. Hamil ton Jay, ■ o.ise. Hroirson Howard, I JI -*’• IbuL-'c, and a host <>f other favorite writ ers, contribute regularly to its columns. Re nt •jj'iiizint; the growing: demand for first-class fiction, The Free l’rcss has offered $3, 000.00 IK CASH prizes for the three be*t Serial of rc.oon words each. A number of the best w l iters hav • a nouneed their ibb-rd ion to compete. In addition to the manY other special fea tures it i • inunii' , publish sections of ‘ 1 THREE SERIAL STORIES EACH WEEK,: ritten expressly for The Free Press by the ! best American and English authors. It will be seen, therefore, that bv sttbscrbinir for The Ortho ' .c Democrat aud ,i • Free Press the entire family caw be supplied with all tha • .News and with the beef of cunen idteraturO I for a year, at a cost of LESS THAN THREE CENTS A WEEK, The Free Press is a large nglir-i>aj:* Heveu coJ 1111,11 paper, ;unt the regular ]i ice is One Dollar per year. Heincnibcr, that for jsl.tfo vou f\*ih nave 'i he Free Press and vonr favoi it-e homo pa per also. Sample copies can be sk*on at this office. We hope that *>ur friends will short * their ap preciation of o r efforts in their behalf, bv mak niifUp tlteii .HU, :.s to t ike advantage oi' this splendidoffer -I.HSCniHK AT OJCCTI. send all subscriptions to The ORTHODOX DEMOCRAT, al BarntAvillc, Gu. SoentificAmerican fs the oldest and most popular scientific nr<f mechanical paper published and lms ihe 1 argent cireulHti: n-f any paper of Its clnss the world. Fully illi.vtrated. Best das* of Wot . rnirmr ines. Published weekly. Send for spe. .men rotty. Price $3 a year. Four months’ ti Ul, >l. MINN A CO., PruusmiiLs, fcll broad way, N.V, ARCHITECTS & BUILDER* r& Edition of Scientific American. 0 ..A VJ caf si. vss. Each Issue contains Colored UthiKTapMc j *ates of country and city residon cea or public buildings. Numerous engraving's ami full plan? and npcciltentions for the use of such ua contemplate building. Price $2 60 a year, 25 eta. a copy. MI NN A CO., Pirn ItSHECe. UAITEMTS^ H 40 Tfars’ experience and have made oror Rl li)o,'W> applications for American and For eitftt patents. Send for Handbook Corres pondence strictly confidential. TRADE MARKS. In case your mark Is not registered in the Pat ent Ofttre, apply tt iil .w Cos., and procure immediate protection, tend for Handbook. f’O PVRHJfITS for boots, charts, maps etc., quicLiy procured. Address Ml SN & CO., Patent Solicitors, G£NcriAj. oFries; m Buoawwat. N. T- P.nTfEJ* THAN SI’ICIDE. I’roftii, >r Arnold says: “An incura ble dyspeptic a. justified iu c unniitting suicide. Ill 1 wid guuraiitcv to cure any dyspeptic within three monllM by -r' TANARUS); ; •. S '. t;)l 1-1 . Absolutely Pure* This powder nevei va?ios. A marvel of puri ty, strength and srholesomefieM. Mot e econo mical than tlie ordinary kinds, and cannot he sold in competition with the multitude of low short weight alum or phosphate powder*. Sold onlv in ran*. Koval Kakiso Powder Cos„ 10G Waif St., N. Y. Mcli 22 ly IjTlffiT" FIGHT /and J. v rs IS, il c. li. ‘I ut a vc. n li Iu k. c. it. *c r •c t STANDARDBOS9 CHURN DOU I’OWHIiM AND WHITE ASH BUTTES TUBS’ TheSC cbnrn In ti: World. A child c*n work it. No chora No dashnn nop*dd!*. Make* unp?’ ••nt taore Natter. On-chem t\Vko!r •ole price nhtt* hav no ct*:*!- WVt for price and terms MentS.-r tLi pnv?r MeOERMAID & ALLEN, Roiiioid, Barnes’ Fool Power Machinery, n WORKERS OP WOOD OR MPTAL, w!thoutatoam power, by unlny outfits o-f thcac Q < Mncbiocs, can old l'>wpr. nud inure money from thvir Jab*, than by uny other ineaan forooimr thif work I.ATIIEH, AttVs IWUit- . Tl HE lift, TENONEItK. ETC,, Sold on trful. Illustrated PricO'i.istFiwo K W. F. & JOHI4 BARNES CO., N. ;co ■ Cuby si.. Bovtflini, in. SSu* Aycnti [ to *'-11 ! i tit-j BLAD&uISL xytfk' j THOiV\' i/UV<i our ff||/ LAUfipATAi;? iSI cwmh I lift On Jf you c*.n boiJ. f:~y. find #f*T. Id'im iJf Safe to U.VO, 11'; ; nu >• w cents for one <i ? ih i de.- o j il ad postpaid. 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