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The Brunswick news. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1901-1903, May 07, 1903, Image 2

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THimSDAf MORNING. BRUNSWICK DAILY NEWS. PUBLISHED DAILY BY THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A. H. LEAVY Manager C. H. LEAVY Editor. LOUIS J. LEAVY, Jr City Editor. Advertising rates made known on application. Cliurclj and other char itable organization notices published at half the regular rates. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. f Terms to subscribers in the city and by mail free of charge to all parts of the United Stales and Cauada, Mexico, Porto Rico, Guam, Philippine Islands and Hawaiian Islands: Per Month $ 50 Six Months 2 50 One Year 5 00 Entered at the Brunswick, Oa,, post- Oflice, as secoud-elass mail matter. Hon. Emory Speer has designated The Brunswick Daily News as the citicial organ of the United States Court, in bankruptcy proceedings, for Giynn county. TELEPHONE ICS. PUBLISHERS NOTICE. The N’owh Publishing Company de sires it to ho distinctly understood that all legal advertisements must lie paid for in advance. Wo cannot af ford to devote our space to such ad vcrtlsenmnts and wait on the courts fer the money. Labor lias just as much right in form trusts as capital. The race question has already been solved ti Brunswick. The two races get along too. Admiral Melville has praised Ger many's navy. Guess lie wanted to offset Dewey's recent remarks. < Yjjuiik Cribb, thb man who killed three* jm'^simis at Nichols time a£o lias religion and says if he is ex ecuted lie will go right to heaven. The Montgomery Advertiser’s ed itor thinks Unit if feeding hens on onions will flavor I lie eggs, giving them whiskey and sugar should furn ish the egg nogg. The people of this section are rap idly becoming aware of the fact that there is money in sloek raising and within a few years a piece of wes tern beef will be a curiosity.. In signing a contract for another American tour l*atti told her niana ger she would have to cut out New j Orleans adding "I do not like the town . a hit." Ne\? Orleans is to he con gratulated. T.he Augusta Chronicle lias been pui < based h.v II II Cabaniss and will in I'ullire he edited by Tom Loyless; \S"e understand that sonu* great ini prowiaents are to he made in the pa per at ouee. There is an Indian chief out west by the name of Talks Too* Mih Il” The Home Tribune thinks he had better have it eopyrighted or he may he mistaken for 'Chief Theodore loos© velt some day. ___ t i Those who suggest \V. R. 1 [curst and Garter Harrison foi lin' presidency should he reminded that the presi dents chair is not a high one says an exchange. No, .1 certainly is not high at the present time. “When the Brooklyn Eagle says that Grover Cleveland would he ihe platform,' it does not miss the mark very fur," i-a&s the Columbus En quirer Sun. More than that, we be lieve a united democratic party might he induced to stand on Guo platform - - anti dam e a clog on iis capacious stomach. South Carolina's child labor law has gone into effect and no longer in hat state will tots of tender years and un formed habits have their vitality and ambition sapped as slaves of the cot ton factories. South Carolina has ad vanced a lone step toward a perfect civilization, it is regretabie that every state in the union has not done like wise, J J.L NARROW MINDEB PEOPLE. In every community there is always to be found a number of narrow min dod folks and this thriving commun ity of ours is no exception. But we are sure that we have more than our share of these kind of people and to Say- it is unfortunate is putting it in a mild form. These people can see no farther than two inches in front of them and some not even that far.. Their per sonal interest is always in their mind it matters not whetebor a friend is sac rificed or not, It is ME first. They do not know know the mean ing of the word patriotism, are devoid of civic pride and spend their time boring other people with their stories of the faults of others. The News, as stated above, knows that every place is afflicted in the same way and we must all grin and bear it. We run up against these kind of people every day and guess we will continue to do so as long as we live hut it is certainly unpleas and and some time very exaspera ting. We strike the narrow minded, would lie politicians more often than any oilier kind and they are gener ally the worst kind. They think that all people should share their foolish sentiments, should agree with them in their silly arguments and should imt for a minute disagree in any par ticular. The News has been independant since hs very first issue and hopes to remain so. We are not trying to cultivate these kind of people and we hope others will treat them the same '"A *. TURNING TU GROVER. There is no keepiug down the talk for Cleveland anil just where it will ,ml we an- unable to say hut one thing seems certain- if Cleveland wants to lie nominated by the democrats he can have his wish gratified and lu- can he dueled. Ever since hlk speech at St. Louis u lew days ago ho lias been ihe most talked of man 1 in America and if the thing continues he will h#c to accede to the wishes of the majority of the democrats and cum- out for the nom vlq i nation. His reception in St. Louis was only the licginning. The people are Hock ing to the only man who can win and we hope they will continue to do so. Give us four more years of Grover. MANY NEW ENTERPRISES. During Ihe pnsl few months we have seen many new enterprises in this city and Heel ion and llu-y are still coining at a rapid rate. Tin- record for ehurleis during the lasi six months of last year and up to tho present tins never been equalled | in this county aud (lie best part of it is that mosl of Hie corporations are now engaged in business. Il has not been a case of on paper only but .juse Ilie opposite. It Ibis is not an indication ot what wo are coming lo we would like U> know what is. Ii will he renioinbored that some time ago a charter was granted to a party ol gentlemen for a ship building concern and now we learn Horn a re lidhle souiee that this company is shortly lo make a move and in tho right dlrecliun too. Everything Is looking up, we are going to have a great city and the time is not far distant. LOOKS BAD. For a long lime the News lias been endeavoring to have council enforce Ihe poliee law which says that ihe members ol ihe force should he prop eiiy uniformed but so far we have eer iainly been unsuccessful as is daily atiesied by the appearance of some of the men. We arc aware ol the lact that this department of Ihe city has been somewhat torn up lately hut all that trouble is over now and we would be delighted to see the mem bers of our force in the proper poliee regalia. It there are vacancies the council should fill them at once and then af ter tiie force gels in shape strictly enfore the regulations. Brunswick is a city and not a vil lage of ununiformed policemen. The circulation of the News hns in - --mu nt a wonderful rate lately ami -s continuing a* live rapid pace. This ot course benefits us aud also the advertisers who use these columns, (President [ Suspenders Ease Jjgjk . Comfort \ ilPfPf Freedom Aw Durability { Metal Ports Rust Proof. ' / 0 Positively Guaranteed if J ftX / \| /J* j ’“President” is on jMf J Everywhere 50 cts., Mr ! /Ml f or by mail postpaid. #*;;■ ] /af/ / Light or (burlt, wide or narrow. * A, - : f j \l f jf C. A. EDGARTON MFG. CO.) T' I Box 476, Shirley, Mass. Vv .'-/ -' * ;T “I ' ■ r ~~ • \ " —T-ffrrrw tiwi A faiWij ii To Grow ffeW Hair COKE DANDRUFF CURE and Hair Tonic is the "Best etdare of Imitations I COKE. SHAVING FOAM <§ FOR EASY SHAVING %\ Boats nnyHimp,Ko lmndy. Tucollaprdblv) tubes. If yoor harbor or druggist does | not konpf’okn Shaving Foam patid Vw to I A. k. Bremer Cos., Chlcejrj, for rotfular tul>o. I Kor Rale by W J BUTTS, Druggist PETITION FOR CHARTER. V Georgia, (llystn County: To Ihe Superior Court of said Coun ty: The petition of Joel A. Greene, J. A. Montgomery, G. T. Calnan, .las. Savago annd J. D. White respectfully prays: 1. That they, their associates. 1 suc cessors and assigns may he made a body corporate and /Chartered under the corporate name of South Georgia Brick and Supply Company. 2. That such in corporation may be for the term of twenty (20) years front its date, with me privilege of renewal of such charter upon its expi ration. 3. That the capital stock of said Company shall he Ten Thousand Ikil tars ($10,o00.0U) divided into shares of the par value of One Hundred Dol lars ($100.00) each anil that srtid capi tal stock may he increased at any time that said Company may desire to a sunt not. exceeding Twenty-five Thou sand Dollars ($25,000.00). I. Petitioners show that the o ject of said incorporation is intended to he pecuniary gain and profit to its stockholders and to that end they pray that said company may have full power and authority to manufacture, buy and sell, (either or all) bricks and elay products generrlly, to manufai i ure, buy and sell and deal in cither for - itself or upon commission as agents for others, building materials, builders supplies, merchandise of any and every kind, coal, iron, sieel and their products, whether manufactured or raw material, timber lumber, nav al stores, cotton and their respective products handle and mspense of for hire for others when desired, goods, wares hnd merchandise, and the same to receive upon storage as warehouse men and to issue receipts for the same when received and act con cerning the same as factors and agents for hire for the consig nees I hereof, acquire, hold, lease, purchase and use such lands and personST property as may bo nec essary or desirable ill anil ulx-ut the conduct of its business or to lease such property, and to pur chase. sell, mortgage, encumber or lease such property, to borrow money and secure its payment by liens upon or salt- of its property. 5. That said Company have power to elect and appoint such officers, as may lie desired, tor the proper and profitable conduct of its business, that it may sue and ho sued in its, corpor ate name, have and use a corporate seal, make all necessary by-laws ami regulations for the conduct of Us busi ness and generally enjoy and exercise all rights, powers and privileges us ual and incident to business corpora lions under the laws of said state. (>. That the principal office and place of business of said Company shall he in said state and county with tiie privilege of establishing otlices and agents and,doing business in such other counties and places in said state and elsewhere as may front Uni te time hi- desired by said corpora tion. . 1. Wherefore Pete toners pray tha ibis application may tie granted ami ’key. their assiciates, suei ossors an I assigns made a body corporate and chartered under the name and style ...eresaid vvitn the rights,' powers and piiv-leges by this petition prayed fe and subject only to such limitations *.nd liabilities as are now proscribed by the laws of saiiW state. CROVATT & WHITFIELD, Petitioners' Attorneys I do certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the original petition for incorporation of■ South Georgia Brick and Supply Company filed in mv of ce today. This April isth. 1903 A. O. TOWNSEND, Dep. C, S. C. Glynn Cos.. On For the Best in Printing- -Try tim News Job Office, * THE BRUNSWICK t 3A!LY NEWS. WANT COLUMN. It you warj a position, a house, st servant,ffr want to find anything tnat haa eeen lost, or want some thing that someone else has, ad vertise in this column. WANTED—Iron safe, medium size. Apply to Dexter Hunter. FOR RENT —Stores, oCices and dwellings. Apply to Brobston, Fendig & Cos. FOR RENT. —Desk room on ground-! floor. Good, location. Address F., care News. _____ - FOR RENT—An eight room house Apply to Mrs. Colesberry, 121 north Amherst. FOR SALE —Geraniums, Legonias. and potted plants, (i25 II St. Mrs. W. E. Dempster FOR RENT.—7-room two story house, 100 1 Union St. $12.50 inelud ing water per month. 3-t LOST—GoId fraternity pin. five wall to Gloucester, up Lee. Liberal reward at News office. FOR SALE—blubber stamps, seals, stlnceis, etc. Agent Underwood Type writer. Will B. Fain, 312 Newcastle Irtreet * " '-v ;. -fl FOR SAI .id—A desirable farm, con taining 25 acres, improved; a short distance from the city. Enquire at Tiie News office. STORAGE—The Southern Produce Cos. offers space for storage or *mr ohtinvU&e 01* household goods at reiLm able rates. ’Phone 19. 215 Gr:m“st. PERSON AT, Morphine, opium, laudanum, cocaine habit Myself cured. Will inform you of harmless, permanent home cure. Mrs. M. A. Baldwin. 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