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The Brunswick daily news. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1903-1906, May 15, 1903, Image 2

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FRIDAY MORNING. BRUNSWICK DALY SEWS. PUBLISHED DAILY BY THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A. H. Manager C. H. LEAVY Editor. LOUIS J. LEAVY, Jr.... City Editor. Advertising rates made known on application. Church and ottier eliur llauia organization notices published at half ilia regular rates. fcUIiSCBIPTIUN KATES. Terms subscribers Iu ths city and by mail Iraa ol cbaiga to all parts ot tba United Btatus and Cawada, Mexico, Po. to Kico, Guam, Philippine Islands and Hawaiian Islands; Per Mouth 5 at) bis Months * uU Line Year 5 u 0 Entered at the Brunswick, tin, post oHUo, as second-class niuil xnatter. Hon. Emory Speer has designated The Brunswick Daily News as the clticial organ of tiie United States Couit, in bankruptcy proceedings, tor Glynn county. TELEPHONE IdS. PUBLISHERS NOTICE. The News Publishing Company do sites it to lie distinctly understood that all legal advertisements must be paid tor in advance. We cannot al lord to devote our space to such ad vcrtlsements and wait on the courts ter the money. Mr. Cleveland fceeiiiH l lliinlc that silence Ih goldtstn. From all appeim-nees the weather mun lias cilaiiily mixed hU dates, Mr. Mcl.aiiriii ieit. 'hi.-. happy rail road job lor lire dear old larm. Albert Anderson will be a visitor to Now Orleans during the reunion. Do you subscribe for the paper or do you worry your neighbor lion ow ing bis? Seriously ..penning you would not take Senaiot MeLniimi lor a farmer would you? Ail expedition leaves Franee today to ILud the north polo. They will ably find death. Even title burghus are locating Itmnswh k. The evidently heard of our prosperity. The season of the summer girl is near at hand ami we expect the re sorts to be lively. Senator (runiiun has sailed lor Fur ope. This is the senators first trip across the pond. Cummi vsioncr (’oilier comes out and asks for a thorough iu\t i igatiuii of the Atlanta stockade. An exchange says there are too many courts in this country. This is true for tome people. We hope u> see council soon en force tho uniform regulation of the police department. Neil her a lire or a Hood takes the starch our of the Jacksonville grit, it is of the Atlanta kind. The Tilton Gazelle is one of the best weekly papers in the slate. It grows brighter every issue. “More rain more rest ' but it is 100 much of it now. We want less rain if we do not get any rest at all. While Oglethorpe 11 ws, ami we have an idea* it will be doing this for some lime, iiruuswick's i;e.>pciuy r. sure. *\ From the .reports it seems that this is not tiii*o only section where the ram has been getting it its work, it seems to l*o goneral. Wo would like lor some o! thus- G< eater Georgia pe pie to jay r a visit. We want to show them sol e genuine Grcator Georgia spirit. It is strange that in his various p: epared sja eches the iK‘ople do not go wild over Mr. liryan. No it is Cleveland who can stir up enthusiasm. < The attorneys of Millaul Ltn? ate making a strong fight to save the man’s life blit Lis late is in doubt , and we would hate to be as near the) gallows hie is. A GRAND OLD LADY. -VILs Florence Nightingale, En gland's “Grand Old Lady" as she has been called, celebrates her eightieth bnthday today and the nation tbr winch she has sjamt the greater part ol her life is honoring her in fitting fashion. • Oicourse wo have read very little in this cpuntny about the work of tiiis uolilo woman and consequently we are not acrjnai tiled with her history hut the News wishes that every child could learn of her life from her ear liest Infancy. It has been one of self sacrifice that we seldom hear of. JVliss Nightingalci who (owes her lame to fion lal>orv in reforming the sanitary condition of the Hritish army, was born in Florence in .1812. She visited and inspected military hospi ! lals in all parts of JCurope; studied with the Sisters of Charity in Paris the moving system and management of the military hospitals and in 1851 ! went to Kaiser worth whore she stud ied and became a nurse. On her return to ICngland and in 1851 when war was declared with Russia and a British array of 25,000 men sailed to the ICast : iie asked per mission of the war office to go with the Lroopft and organize the hospital department. iVimk.don was granted her and throng’ll her untiling devotion many a wounded soldier hoy returned lo his loved ones well and strong. This noble woman arrived at Con stajjitinople on the eve of the battle of Inkerman the beginning of the ter- i ibio winter campaign, in time to jo reive the wounded from that battle in wards already occupied ’oy 23,000 patients. She, cared for them, nur sed them, and added to their comfort in every way possible. In the spring of 1855, while in the Crimea organizing the nursing depart ment in nine camp ho pitals, she was prostrated with lever the icsult of un 11'iiiii i in.' toil and anxiety hut yet •she refused to leave, her post and on her recovery remained until the end of iho war. For lhe past year this noble woman has been an invalid but she contin ues io study the needs of the military iio pital and will always he dear in the hearts of (lie Fnglish soldier. rHE IPS AGAIN. 'Jlu- news of an awful tragedy caused by the never tiring go sips * miics from Petersburg, Va.. and as a result a little child is dead, a clobber is behind the bars charged witiii. niur- Ider and a lieai Ilirokcui father is on the verge of insanity. The gossip- told Mrs. Jasper F. (.'waltncy that her husband, of whom she was very jealous and they knew ii. ui tin habit ol showing a lormer sweetheart a great deal of altenilun. The fact that their merci jit .. talk v\a.> taken to heart by the |young wife delighted them. Her suf fering was their anuiscvuiont, tliey con tinned to toll her id' tihie unfait'hfui DOoS of her Inis band. She became insane, killed her nine moaths old daughter and attempted to take her own life. The g 0... u had got in tlieir work auu thu-e live., ate gone, tue nauy w'.u) is (lead, the wife who will never .-.pend a napp.t momoui ag.uu if she uves a hundred years, tiio husband w no is ncartbrokcu iuiil almost insane v i r.iv. it oi got .ops in aii) common u> i a u.ui aiilielion. Iho nowspatior inau woo lows to throw slur-- ttt members ol the plot on or outers is n coinompuiblo i .rw.tiu ami otio wiio lim; not tue muu ue.d to r-otito at a porsou übuvu tuc In'll. !iie Nows is trying ami succor'di ug , a making the advertisements or our moivhauts more titan ita> liiom. It you ate an adwrttser ami haw any siK'etai aiueio for - alo tilt any scot ial nay, notify me oitae and U will oe meuUoned i rts.' oi eliut'gt'. J't eceoonis arc Iteuig lirokcu all al ong the lino etail to me weather man s heel! trying lo follow sulk if there were the pioper imbue el ii, tals in Kentucky sueti affairs as (tie murder ol .Marcum would not occur. it t said iliat the story sent out from New York about Ute attempt to wreck a steamship by dynamite was a take. A little girl asked an old negro the easiest form (of death be replied: ■for me darling iso just got to insult a white lady.” After Sickness Take Vino! -Cur Great Strength Creator. IT GIVES ONE A SPLENDID APPETITE. AND QUICKLY REBUILDS THE SYSTEM. We Will Refund the Price of Vinol if It Fails. i p \ The worst part, of sickness, frequent ly, is getting over it. The patient’s strength is depleted, , liis system is generally demoralized, relapses are continually feared, end naturally. The one thing to aid recovery is to give the patient that which will enable him to get strong, and at the same time give strength direct to the different organs of the body. Nothing will do this like Vinol. It acts directly on the stomach, cre ates a healthy appetite, and enables the digestive organs t.> obtain the nec essary elements to increase the weight of the patient and to make new healthy flesh and muscle tissue and pure, rich, red blood. The following is a letter showing where Vinol was taken and did good after a case of sickness. It reads as follows: “I wish to certify to the very great benefit which has been derived from the use of Vinol in my family. My wife was very sick with the grippe and afterward was wholly run down. One bottle of Vinol places her on her feet in better condition than she had been before in six months. I heartily rec ommend and endorse it.”— llknky F. Stujktkvant, 81 li untlngton St., Brock ton, Mass. . Everything that is in Vinol is plainly printed or. the label of each package. We know Vinol is a splendid preparation, and in many cases we have been able to see for our selves the wonderful results if brings about. Remember that we ‘guarantee Vinol and refund the purchase money if you are not satisfied. MORGAN’S DRUG STORE. I To Grow JVeW Hair I COKE DANDRUFF! CURE and Hair Tonic is the "Best ipWcre of Imifattens COKE, SHAVING FOAM FOR EASY SHAVING Boats noynoap,so bandy. In collapsible tubes. If your barber or druggist does not koop Cokn Shaving Foam pend 315 c to I A. K Bremer Cos., CHca?'. for regular tube. 1 hor Sale by W J BUTTS, Druggist . . sm n • itsA MACHEN SOLD OUT But J. H. Tankersley Has Not. Hut has a lino lino ot Harness and Collars. Whips, l.iip Dusters, the latest patterns on the market. Cur tain covers, Buggy taps, Cheats and Storm Aprons and Side Catches. All work done in (lie best of style. A full line in everything in the Har ness line. Call and see me. J. H. TANKERSLEY, To the Consumer. i will give the retailers’ profit. 1 have just received 10,000 idnitre La liori cigars a real good 5c cigar which I will sell direct to the consumer at $1,115 per hex of 50. t am sole agent for Otis brand. This cigar is worth $2.00 per box, one box will make vn gel more at Sig Levi son, jiy My The best pill ’neath the stars and stripes; It cleanses the system and never gripes. Little Hally Risers of wordlv repute. Ask for Dewitt's and take no substitute. A small pill .easy to buy easy to take and easy to act, but never failing in results. Dewitt's Little Early Risers arouse the secretions and act as a tonic to the liver, curing permanent ly.—Joergers Pharmacy, Smith's Pharmacy, W\ J. Butts. News Job Office--Best Printing. A Little Early Riser Now an dthen, a; bedtime will cure constipation, biliousness and liver troubles. DeWitt’s l.iiite Early Kis ers are (lie famous little tills that cure by arousing the secretions, mov ing the bowels gently, yet effectually, and giving such tone and strength to the glands of the stomach and liver that the cause of the trouble is re moved entirely, and if their use is continued for a few days, there will be no return of the complaint. Sold by Joerget's Pharmacy, Smith s Phar macy and W. J. Butts, THE BRUNSWICK DAILY NEWS. WANT COLUMN. Ii you want a position, a house, < servant, or want to find anything tnat nas been lost, or want some thing that, someone else has, ad vertise in this coiumn. WANTED. Collector. 'Address “H” cue The News. FOR RENT —Stores, offices and dwellings. Apply to Brobstou, Fendig it Cos. FOR SALE • Geraniums, Legonias. and potted plants, 025 B St. Mf3. \V. E. Dempster WANTED--A first class cook, eith er man or woman. Apply to 805 Eg mon street. FOil RENT -A six room re-dilence with all modern improvemets, 003 Mansfield street. Apply to 315 Union street. 5-17. FOR SALE —Rubber stamps, seals, stineeis, etc. Agent Underwood Type writer. Will B. Fain, 312 Newcastle street. ' , FOR KENT —Furnished rooms. Also , two lnpi..cs 7 and 8 rooms, in good condition. ifbar business center. Lights and bath. Apply to 405 G St. FOR RENT- Three furnished rooms Apply to Mrs. G. Loewenstein, next lo Die government building. FOR SALE- —A desirable farm, con taining 25 acres, improved; a short distance from the city. Enquire at The News office. .t RANTED —An active, reliable man to rcw-onl one of the largest finan eian iiisl.ilut.ions in the country. A first class contract to the right man. Address box 203 Savannah, Ga. PERSONAL Morphine, opium, laudanum, cocaine ha'hit Myself cured. Will inform you of harmless, permanent liomif cure. Mrs. M. A. Baldwin. Box 1212, Chicago. FOR SALE. My fruit and confoe liot.ery business, at number 218 New castle i tr-'ot. The fact that I desire to return to my home is the only rea son for soilin'. George Vlasses, 218 Newcastle st ret. *'.sM A WEEKAT H mi No Canvassing. Nothing to Sell. 'V ''.flit f'llHliiivtii to wrilv IrUfTH - t I ii” i'.ip* nio.iionts. .• l it week rasiiv :' . ’ I \Y” furnish £*.i(ht iT* <- aid I jt.iy 1 :-.’t c.t- i; wtrlily lor Hintflr p.ijA’i* lot tors. I • ’ l it • :i .-!;ini|tf<h‘li\rlo|)i‘l'<rs:Hll- I I !*• !' Hi .Hill i IIHf <•!!(•{ ii >IH lO 1 Ilf* 'V: ; Ty WRITER COMPANY, 34 PARK ROW. NOW YORK. COAL A N D ! WOOD. ICONEY & PARKER &LV::ois ■ • * t" ■■ •viiv-iJkT ©SSI*® {iiyosis yns "■>*• A Sure Thing. It is said that nothing is sure ex ! cept death and tuxes, but that is not altogether true. Dr. King’s New Dis covery for consumption is a sure cure for .-.11 lung and throat troubles. I Thousands can testify to that. Mrs. i\ B. VanMetre of Shepherdtown. W. Is. says: "i had a severe case of : Bronchitis, and for a year 1 tried ev erything ! heard of. but got no re lief. fine bottle of Dr. King’s New Di rovery then cured me absolutely. |ll's infallible for crorp, whooping .con:-!:, grip pneumonia, and consump ! linn. Try it. It’s guaranteed. Sold by all druggists.. Trial bottles free, j Reg. sizes 5Cc. and SI.OO A Startling Test. To save a life. l)r. T. (!. Merritt, of No. Mehoopnny, Pa., made a start ling test resulting in a wonderful cure. 1! ■ writes: “a patient was attacked wiili violent hemorrhages, caused by liberation of the stomach. I had of ten found Electric Bitters excellent for acute stomach and liver troubles so I prescribed them. The patient gained from the f!r->k and has nol had any attack in 14 months.” Electric Ritters are positively guarani red for d> pepsin, indigestion, constipation, and kidney troubles. Try them. Only nn cents, at all druggists. Mr. Joseph Pominville, of Stillwater, VKoi., after having’spent over $2,000 Hie host doctors for stomach trouble, without relief, was advised by his druggist Mr. Alex. Richard, to try a box of Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets. He did so and is a well man today. If troubled with in digestion, . had taste in (he mouth, kick of appetite or constipation, give tL tablets a trial, and you are ccr iaiu to be more than pleased with the result. For sale at 25 cento per box by ail druggists. The News Jolt Office — Best in Printing. Sound Kidneys—Perfect Health. Ute use of Smith's Bure "Kidney wli produce both Try a jottla and be convinced, l our druggist sells ' it for s>V’ The Wastes of the Body. K. cry seven days lie blood, nuts ii -and hones of a man of average : .e loses two pounds of wornout tis sue. This waste cannot be ropier.- , and the health and strength l-ipt up without perfect digestion. \\ i the stomach and digestive or gaits fail to perform their functions, ih ' strength lets down, health gives way. and disease sets up, Kodol Dys pepsia Cure enables the stomach and digestive or ans to digest and assim ilate all of the wholesome food that may he eaten into the kind of blood that rebuilds the tissues ami protects the health and strength of the mind ami body. Kodol cures indigestion, dy spopsia and all stomach troubles. It is an, ideal spring tome. Sold by J Helper's Pharmacy, Smith's Pharma cy and W. J. Butts. flow ffee Armada Fongiit, Tiie Spanish officers behaved with the desperate heroism which became the countrymen of Cortes and Santa Cruz, and never did Spanish soldier or seaman distinguish himself more than on this tri-men; ous day. There was no flinching, though the blood was seen streaming out of the scuppers. Priests went up and down under the hottest lire, crucifix in hand, confessing and absolving the dying. But the engagement from the first preserved the same character which had been seen in those wbicli hud pre ceded it. The Spaniards’ courage was useless to them. Their ships could not turn or suii, their guns were crushed by the superior strength of the English artillery, they were outmatched in practical skill, and. cl >se as the ships wore to one another, they could not once succeed in fixh i, a grappling ir</. in an English rigging. Thus, while their own losses vero terrible, they could inflict but little in return. They had endured for five hours to be tom to pieces- iiy cannon slant, and that was lil.—Spanish Story of the Armada. The sweat shop method is strictly avoided at Jim Carter’s clothes clean ng establishment. Everything is wed ventilated and lighted and pure chem cals are used. THE OGLETHORPE, HUGH PORTER, Mgr. ; Brunswick’s Only i irst Class Hotel. Reasonable Rates to Traveling Men, Excellent Cuisine. Perfect Service. PHIS LIPS the TAILOR Opera House Block, Has a large and selected stock of new goods, for the coming season, best of wor l ' and perfect fit guar anteed. Pants made to order for §4.00. Suits made to order for $15.00. if you want a Swell Suit ; me a caii. W CJ? JL3 Oak 'a mi Pin© B H. DANIELS, Phone 326 DEVARIS & LIVADAS, Country Grocery Store, STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES 204 Monk St. ’ Phone 141-3. UNION CLEANING and PRESSING CLUB. King phone £534 and let EDWARD MARTIN clean ar.d press your ciothss H. dees good work and will give you Satisfaction. 503 Monk SL AFTER V OU Have triu.j all ; t . : : nl for a FRE E package :f tiLo Ft. i yon Home Treatment for CATARRH, Blood, nerve and Stoma? L. te. :.yon Medi cine Cos.; Cute water, Mien. C.L. PARKER, —Dealer in— STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES, everything that’s <jg<*S to eaiat lowest market prices Cor C and J Sts. ’Pnone 34. BRUNSWICK CYCLE CO. JOHN HAENEL, Manager. Phone 257-2. 307 Newcastle St. Bicycles, Guns, Pistols and Sewing Machines. REPAIRED CN SHORT NOTICE A SPECIALTY. For Cleaning and Dyeing Summer C'othci. —no one is heller prepared than*Jim Carter. Jiiiii; Phone 253 or .send to oei Monk Obi Monopole Bye at sj.bu pet in;; quart, Yciiow Label at $.t.25 per quatt, Ptiila'ii’lpfua Ginn Bye at st.(it per lull quart. Ail above are sciiu elsewhere lor>. big Levison, 3n tiny street. A Gcod Thing. German Syrup is Ute special pre scription ot Dr. A. liosckee, a cele brated German physician, and is ac knowledged to be one of tile most for tunate discoveries in medicine. P quickly cures coughs, colds, and all ting troubles oi the serious nature, removing, as it does, the cause ot the affection and leaving the parts in a strong and healthy condition. It is not >u experimental medicine, but has stood the test for years, giviug its satisfaction in every case, which its rapidity increasing sale every season confirms. Two million bottles old annually. 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DART, CLAUD DART, .‘resident and Manager. Secretary and Treasurer. L. Down;, g, fketic'fc'ii, £. . MasortiVice-President. fc.D.Wasler, i^auhtors The National Bank ol' Brunswick. BRUNSWICK, Ga CAl'i'i’.-iL OF ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS i."ai UESwURv’EH In excess of ONE-HALF MILLION DOLLARS, are dev.,ted l-.i the assistance of legitimate business enterprises. DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS invited trom individuals, firms ami corpora, lions, SAVINGS DEPARTMENT aeco unt.s bear interest, compounded qv.SN teriy. Interest bearing of deposit issued on special terms. MONEY ORDERS of the "BANK HRS’ MONEY ORDER ASSCOU. ION" are cheaper and more convenient than postoffice or express. 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Quick delivery: CHRIS ARNHESTER Corner Monk and Newcastle. iTS4y T£ P fiii k i*t i £&££ AiUftiiu bUfidi uc. PASSENGErt SCHEDULE. , ' , 5 .. In Effect February Ist, 1903. ilaiiy j Daily | j Daily I Daily ,u I s 8 i j si i 89 ■; P>”s 11 a m Lv. Brunswick Ar j9lsam| 7W p a a oo j) in. 7 31) a nij Ar. Waycross Lv i 0 00 a uij 5 15 p in 10 fioi p injll 30 am; Ar. Albany Lv jll 36 p m| 1 25 p in ;730 p iii.l3 45 p nij Ar. Jacksonville lv i j 340 p m -10 ans. 035 p mj Ar. Saoftord Lv 'j 220 p in| 115 a m ‘ 00 a nijlO 00 p mj Ar. Tam pa Lv j 9 50 a mi 8 05 p m, 71 . a lUilO 30 p ill, Ar. Port Tampa Lv 915 a luj 725 pin 11 49 a nij 9 35 a mj Ar. Valdosta Lv j 4 37 a in: 3 02 p in 1 0o ain 1 1 00 a iu. Ar. Thomasvilie Lv ' 3 25 am, il(| p m 8 Oij a uij 0 20 p mj Ar. Montgomery Lv j 7 45 p mi ti 30 a in 515pmj1 05 pm; Ar. Savannah Lv 330 a uij 2'30 prn 6 20 a m 5 15 p in, -V. Charleston Lv jll 35 p nij 5 59 a m 7 45 p nij 4 07 a in Ar. Richmond Lv j 8 30 a mj G 5G p ill 11 10 p lU| 7 54 am, Ar. Wasiii p.gion Lv I 4 10 a mj 3 1G p m 123 a lip 909 a nij Ar. Baltimore Lv ( 2 37 am, 144 p m 4 05 a nijll 25 a no Ar. Philadelphia Lv 12 10 a noil 30 a m i 15 a in, 1 53 p up Ar. New York Lv j 9 25 p mj 8 55 a m i'hmtj;li Pullman Sleeping Car Ser.oe from Waycross to North, East and West, and to Florida. Pullman Dining Cars on trains 35 and 32 between Savannah and New York. Connections made at Port Tamp a with U. S. mail steamships of the Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Line, leaving Port lainpa Sun days, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 1 : oo p.m. For further information, apply to J. F. NoKKiS, Ticket Agent, T. J. WRIGHT, Agent, Brunswick, Ga. Brunswick, Ga. J. 11. D. SHELLMAN, T. P. A., W. H. LEAHY, I>. P. A.. Savannah, Ga, Savannah, Ga. Vv. J. CRAIG, Gen'l Pass. Agt., H. M. EMERSON, Traffic Mgr., Rmington, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Good California Ciaret $2.50 per When In distress financially call on dozen. Satisfaction guaranteed. Sig Joel Bits., Reliable Pawn Brokers. 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