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The Brunswick daily news. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1903-1906, September 29, 1906, Image 1

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VOLUME 6. NUMBER 6. THE POLITICAL POT BUS TO BOIL / —i — . ; Brunswick 10 Soon Be in MidsUWlot Miinicpai Campaign A " i THE POLITICIANS HOE) BUST It Can Safely Be State Two Ticket* Will be in the I it the Approaching Priroarjh, |ay Hold a Mass Meed:' n ?J- Within another we k Will he tn the midst of a rejV™ 1 ' numi elpal campaign, (Wch. .>< nR: v > to bn a bitter one until primary election, to be hell b’JS?-timc dui i 1 _ tnoato of November. It will bv 'ged fib tunny important Istu -a now -;oru the p*ople of this city,-, rom the present outlook, it will tin .me of the warmest electious held'la Brunswick InrUtpie years, first gun of the campaign was , rtgetf thia week when JJ. vys announced that Mayor Hopkins v /id not stanu for re-election, the aa, puncesueut be ’ lag closely fith the news that W. F. Symons WMjj. move than likely ‘be in the racjflßl-ngs. politi callv, have been thj? past, days. W l lyttuwn that sev eral meetings have, twin held, Mr. Hopkins’ decision -u 4. Hr. Symons’ pro- WmT bahleiubdWacy have: hi l\ dt-scussed. BhreAgMaUpiftiis K*S eiKleuvored to lMf^m- 1 -- TQ&tye* a< 'lie . Mi H aV'Vhe ft.rtmary, *tt< • mOT ticket wlihbdt oppose lion. Jflm>- diil not teg* H . r•' * 1 * terns to partlflipaw. paine u Uckyt an i ihqu M It go ioto the primary urn mpm” but instead four sCkcallea leaders met In the office of a well- Jinown ' attorney, decided upon Mr. Svntons and have already practical*.'' placpd him in the race, although no gjjUP'inceinent from him nas yet l> e 'J n made * any pmiplncnt cUUens were seen by a News, reporter yesterday ami thev an express'd themselves as fav oring a mass meeting. to which an rlttxerm should he invited and there neleet a mayor and an aldermanic board, and it Is more than likely that this will he done. Howwer, it ' sate to Assume that, should Mr. *t>- decide to become a randM-ite, itu,l he wilt not ; lntn the primary; without opposition. Many well kno./n TT . in hi nan- WIUKHII * , 1 eitfxene. who are opposed to his can-, didky. openly stated yesierday \m nopthcr Uckpl would be tn the field ii is more than proba'ile that thi ) ticket will he named at a mass me.e inK A number of ***"* have a,r< | wn mentioned In <mr t!o " K n X while there are any number of nolt-known business men bring, talked of as probable aldern,aUl .. _ t " f.. iii'iiH >1 IH I lib being, laisen m timmn, nut rm t this 11 “'j; possible to state wltf will bo in the Tt any rate the pr\nt indioaf lon# are that Brunswick Is \ have a re bur municipal campaign,\j!h tyyo fM tickets’in the flenl.’V *r tW next several weeks the the CIV will lie working | eOFFEE BOUNTY MAN E ' TAKEB BANK R* ’ '<P| v „ w a. *£ the Arm of K. O. Wtct - ' ■ chants of Mlchclls. Wed pc . bankruptcy hero yesterday to Insolvent and the petition 1 ruptcy is Wed to in* Partner of the Arm* *< - !Uf h me petition states that w. A ((sjlf without Individual debt* tf adapts' The arm owes $1,709.12 and l ■ v hleh mounting to $1.025-6'. o ha |U2.7 * ,n CMh ‘ 3at f e . >,.) for j assigned the hearing of th< > wv. WILL ARRIVE Htwt Of New Baptist i Rev. Sammons, ,cau* lift., who recently a*£g pits*, wt-.<•<** him by ift. mutch of Brniirvlrk ®wef}nil tb-^ Lite will PWf ■ V, Hk toe - . fife f t — r *g ’ *' ■"s THE BRUNSWICK DAILY NEWS. REWARDS •OFFERED By Governor for Ap prehension of the Rioters Large Amounts are Offered for the Ar rest and Conviction of the Mem bers of the Mob. In accordance with his agreement with the citizens’ committee. Governor) Terrell has offered rewaj-As. -Tor *th@ arrest. “.met Conviction of the lawless Atlantians who engaged in the recent race riots, which led to the murder of innocent people, both white ana black. He has also ordered that Ids reward proclamation be publlaVftd in every dally paper in Atlanta. Vgm The state will pay S2OO the first five who are arrested convicted. A reward of SIOO will he paid for the conviction of the next ten, a*l a reward of SSO each, will he paid for all subsequent con victions. In his proclamation, the governo stipulates that all convictions in con nection with the riots must be for a felony, as the state does not pay re wards for misdemeanor cases. The annual appropriation of the payment ol !s is on y s2,ooft, and 'much of it ,- tin l has .ure dy bee i exhausted'. . tin 'Vernor . , sure, however, that'fTie -(eglatafuic w*U sus tain him in offering so many rewards for the Atlauta rioters. ALOW WORK FOR REGISTRARS. They Have Not Found It Necessary to Remove Any Name*. The hoard of county registrars, who have been iu session for the past, day or two iP r the purpose of puSu*tg the registration list for the election, will probably adjourn The registrars have had very lit work to do aud it is understood thaJ it was not found necessarv to reirmvl a single name from the n-ustratiu J U-v ] ATTORNEY GENERAL HART C.OE3 TO WASHINGTON TO-DAY TO •s ARGDfc THE GA^ Attorney General John .11, Kgvt " 111 leave Atlanta m-xl Saturday far Wash, trillion, where he will, on Monday, ap pear before the United State* suprem.j court pi imarlly to urge the advance ment on the docket of the fliiwUtu ease, and secondarily, to file additional affidavits relative pi U> l^i<'kt*wn cfipptd niineiy case, He wiii return' to Atlanta about the middle of the | week The ca.e of .1. C. 5 Rawlins, the laowndem county Vtudnat. who. wttu two of Ida sons, lg Udder deatii em t- nee, lias been qppeahed to the federal s ijMrije court by Attorney .lohn It < stper.; -on a habeas favpa# proceed; | in#., Vales*, it is advanced n the I ildcuet ,an(t ft speedy hearing gn ted, ; the execution of the eidm' If j pray bo IndeUnltely delayed, Judge Hart, however, antlcipa'e jjit tie, tumble in having the case fad vanned, and In the event HawHns’ wt J tlon la denied, which the attormo general thinks probable, lie will hav\ fßCgCUksd ‘i .. 1.. rts,s.nor- aima'ilml 1 lift ClitJP Attorney Cooper appealed the case to the federal si%temp court., affer Judge Epiqrv Speer had refused grant a liaheas corpus. r The Ducktowu case was argued luMj i i. ni , after which the pourt HistfdcW i fpi* the state to fife additional davit*, and these wIU oe presented M day. • .‘v. * W( A ■vi\> : ;V: rtf rl ‘-clll ’ te. id \fe-S conn.-, check I whore her || ; || r Q, and hly- ‘ \.y line'hruvk L .it, cmrtiler, IB i ot the fat'-* * was wg ' money *> '1 I queiiLwti-. Att-r the mwt'y lisle aemee* •"> keWg Mr. Lou Dots me Bus* her fath' i, *ip answjg not given h-b v-ecfe. H The roiio. were n 1 traced MtsiH tv ’■‘‘fie ■ wjmre she w- * jS£M BROOKLYN TO - BE REPAIRED —— Schooner Will Bo Put in Good Condition by Parky- Bense.ll ’Company EHlsltia Bv.CflMMf Estimated Thl Between Three and,] Four ThouA Dollars . Spent onHtfmrdKer Disabl?^,. , t „ t by theUecent Storm. ai The achoonoßßrooktyn which ar| rived in port Yw. week in distress,l having been jgpglit., in the sforml wlilch did so much damage to vemdls along the south Atlantic coasdkwi* bo put *n first-class Condition in by the Parker-Hensell KnglnecWng Company, the contract havlng|-i'vn closed with the owners of the schooner by Since tier arrival iu the j Brooklyn has at ihe barf if}' the SfffmWiWne Com pa i> , awaiting Instructions from the owa ers, who have been negotiating with, the local companies for the wJfdc. The Brooklyn was prett sJTvcll dani aged In the storm aud It /II requlni considerably work to put,</er in Aram Class condlrlon again. It yy 111 probahl 5 be necessary to haul the vessel oti| on the marine railway so that thfc bottom can be worked on. There is considerable other work to be done igpi the schooner, HKlic exact amount fn fhu ;lract fs naf jet known, but It 13 Igiherßiond ttiat the contract wl l, l|Kif>unt to between three and four PVusand dollars. The local company Iwk begin work on the as I s,, 'TN|L s and when she is rcoipaHto sue will continue on her T voj-mHBK Hftvana, whoro*%h was ■blind hit hy the storm |i- \ D'IjSVCiH MAKING ’ v\NEZUELMI DOLI.ARS. Five TsTen indicted by Federal tr-and Jury at New York. mg*cw York, Sept. 28.—The attempts BMP revolutionary bpdy to overthrow; iTcsidcpt Castro erf V*np*uela is said tp ne the indirect cause to-day of the I indicting live men by the federal grand] lury on the charge of having dies in their possession for the making o Venezuelan silver dollars. The In dicted men are Capfc George ft, pujyti ton and J.q®H§ ’M. Thompson, the al lugi'd agents ur the revolutionary nio-. emenl Theodore Wilcox, Sidm:;- P. Keller and Joseph F. Keller. The Hellers, who are eugftged l(H the die making hut mens in this city, as well as Tnompson uud Wilcox, pleaded not guilty when iwraigued,. lfo.vntci could not be to,"alyl. *Capt. jjoyntou uifd wyra arraigned petpre farmer Bidt.-. way iu ps day ou tit sal no. complaint, hut were dfscbfti'K | (|> the kww'H that (ho crime, if fcy. Val not com mltled or lnti*nd /he *' mltted, in tlie United States, fbut *J> island in "tenth ef rtvg--, 'ii'-li is in South Flynn oret Service was wilsch'jrgy ot the Tw before the JEssf A Vt x were h ' wi." iiocds - { 4-k" BRUNSWICK, GA-, SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 29, 1906. OBOES VOTERS TO COME OUj Chairman Miller Wants a Big Vole Polled in II - Flectian \ f I ... |>l do- V .-f|* f lit lie. TBMMfsPlT'Vffif -j' j ' 4 :k I . ■■ -A*’ s i'f q-. .1 m ( r ■M ill. IKllliwSilS Siir ■ 'jit ho JK; .. ■^Lue ■r.uK| i t T*" lia. mB,§.W irgi™ tJr e elor out UK,., elects, Thb My Dear JjflßF j, o he Jie or i ! •j.ei.s j uctobc^jw ii nested 4 Ahnnmittce ►a- ”dv 1 liopo ’ rf can lnq(hm, JT your f\ will see tnW /nanagers Varnished with ali\, necessary tlfcmghoill the labor by holding -the pnn®- a* the earns 'time will ncr be “Tli* state committee unfortunately ha!i rmlfunds for holding this primary. 1 linistj therefore, rely upon the pa - rli'tisiiT and party loyalty 9t Um mnu ftgertf dtid oierks to render this volun tury service. 4> tr/ThC state committee fee] that -nut the qualified voters aho.pld e xpress at the imlloV bPk their wishes as tc the court of appeals, and their preference as to ilie judges to be nominated It the armr ment fa adpjitcd. 1 bog, therefore, hpi you will actively in terest yen 'self In this matter put endeavor > bring out IpU vote at. your prcc-t nt." . i - mM\ LEV* >f ' i \ "TT-.t n_wi~. m f ' lease 1 tfflr a peri- Of tf of K iHI Iftjvi ing if lnJ I W'Mpr THE DANGER IN IMPORTED MEAT lew law Hoes Not at All i Eitpiu Against Any ! / Disease IIMENTS 8F BUTCHERS Firrt of Monli a Now r of Will prevail— Ire FoA Lajf ' 11st. • | act month u; 4;A ! ;. S^ynoiil^ -'• i.'.y'- * If f Wiiny>, ? I^To j*Hpr Jhn.y • *HI I'i' 1 :- 1 n 9Li. n n X com.'. ■ 1 lilifJH | SBT' ’ * She ‘ ' “‘-vie, * V- ‘.l' 1' •■' iom; *" "*% 1 i i>y ' • *$ c; |, opr,., i <>vor, Mented in Hu- gul* |,y Kto, ;. or c.esses, may bo liWp Jwlfbont tliy least difficulty. tOMM This state of has been brought by over sight on ever known. Last the pure, food and meat lnspeSßn\jws. The former requires the cheats of lie department of agriculture hA examine manufncturers to ascertain If any sub stance deleterious to hontth have hern used blithely preparation. Tho/nuat Inspection law says that |no mfil food product may be carried ! state t another, or sent to a r-pin country, unless It bears a stnnp certifying that It has been in spited and pa ed by government In sptors, who certify that the estnh finents In liloh they won; (in |ed went eh in and. further, that the animals fn which the products weyu wad' wjjßl 1 In * healthy con Hlttun, In tluf ; .it. the meat htspec (ion ii- ,'_. meat food ptf?> ducts ci ing hut con shH'Vi and ( i (uincictiotl%witii the pup food J it Is evident that that was no! t intention of congress.. It was flic .-nilon od that tody that the ex; .fttlpn under the provisions or f e ■ food law should suffice t i ntee, the wholoeomeness or the /cats (joining from abroad. But. .as beMre set forth, the pure food inspection will not be of such a cliaracwTVis to make certain that, tlm produt ts Verc prepared In clean es tahlislnnents and t,*>* used in their mt, disease. Thy, gov^^MH^^ Ltliat l lu^M^ •, 1 x '( Jrii' all "i | I 1 ■..* * f- 11-. C I w / w dfi'm. npFbuiPr HV'-cur HAVE NEW DIVISION Southern Railway to Make Some Impor tant Changes Under New Order of Things the Line from--Brunswick to Atlanta Will -*— be a’Separate Division. The Atlanta journal of yesterdav has 'the following: 'story, which will be of interest fn thre-Tailrbad circles of this city generally: - —- -Although not an nounced. it Jias been rumored in local railroad circfes that C. S. McManus, general superintendent of the system, wlth-heaitquarters in Washington, ha; resigned from the system. It is be lieved that ills position will he abolish ed, although W. N. Foreacre, former ly superintendent of the Atlanta di vision and now assistant general superintendent, might he promoted to Mr. McManus 1 place. It is known, however, that the A lanta division will be divided iuto two divisions as was intimated In The Jou ml some time ago, j. F. Egan, superintendent of the Atlanta divis ion, will on October 1 go to Macon an 1 have charge of the lines from Atlanta pt>> Hmuswick and Fort Valley, tlis place in Atlanta will be taken by K. B. Westfall; a western railroad man, who will have charge of the tines from Atlanta to Oltewah Junc tion, Cleveland. Rome and Attala. Tne division of the Atlanta buslnes-’ was found necessary because the ro cent enormous growth of the system' traffic, making it impossible for one man to handle it with any degree ot facility. It has been rumored that Mr. Me Manus will move to Knoxville, and will engage in the coal business in that state. Announcement, already been made of the resignation o* J. Emmett Smith chief train dispatcher of tno Atlanta division, who on October j. will outer the insurance business. AN ASSOCIATION PSQPLS OF DUBLIN TO WORK FORfIMPROVEMENT OF THE OCONEE RIVER. Dublin is at the head of a move ment to, organize ;u rivei improve ment association, and the first meet ing of the**-i;,animation will be held in Dublin on October It, at whip 1 1 representaflves trow all tho Oconee river will attend. Cmik giessman Brantley uud-Engineer C >- nant have been invited to attend Uie nieemig. On ttiis subject the liiljfiu ing teiegram was sent out l, lin yesterday: i’resident Janies S. Hiniypia, or the Duidin Board i>? '1 in ’. >fias re Uiiosted that all of tije* .file livin-', in the territory Areed by the i:;| m BnipfOveue-nt asse % ihe intention ot /('diiee. so tliat|-the of tills [stream can be best protbdteu. There Is no possible objection to the suggested JSlutj that iliosp in*.*’- jea'cdjn the Otyiaeo, Aitanmha and the ttcpniw-e unite, nut it has b*m I hougbt ’ proper to organize the Ocoiit: Itiver Improvement a \en to Join the l; ’t lint and maln- I lin an um for the Oconee Inver ulo^^Kcw at the meet In that AnMSBjBt! j)rosenl, from .m - B. (hbun B(i, and otn--. CofljgfesKmen rpußrantley, '/(ps'.nas \v. J|t^ ,, ’tt. Sen p( V'ImKI ■'ll-. - 'W’‘Klsivf‘'Sf!*" v V i';' V* v-'f kV' > -f ■ PRICE FIVE OENTS. KNIGHTS WIEE DISPOSE or I LOT Unite a lii/ely Session was Held last Nighl By Ogle thorpe lodge WANT OPPOSES IBE Jf| When Put to a Vote It ‘was QgcicfedT to Sell the Lot to the New Bank by a Vote of Eighteen to Fourteen. Oglethorpe lodge, Knights ot -Pyth-, ias, held on iter an interesting ana somewhat of a lively - meeting lasi night, which lasted for an hour or more, l’lie meeting was largely at tended owing in tia.. fact that it hfci been announced that the dodge wtin 11 take under consideration the proposi- ' lion made hy the promoters of the Lilynn County bank for the purchase of the lot owned by the lodge’ at tiro cornor of Gloucester and Reynolds streets, which is wanted tor the pur pose of erecting a bank building. lloutine matters were i'rsfe disposev of and when the matter of selling the building was readied a lively discus sion followed, participated in ,by * majority of the members present- Several talks were made for ant against the sale of the lot.- Those; who favored its sale used as an arg o* ment that the purchasers, besjdoa of fering a. good, jqjjv* -had- ajreiesr TcT equip the second story into a lodge room for the Knights and that the nail could he rented at a nominal cost. On the other hand those who wore against selling the property argued that Brunswick real estate was rapidly ndvam-ing; that the finan cial condition oi.tjrf lodge was good, and the men h .j, not needad, ano that later Uipffllpdge coujd erect a building of.i Wvii, rent the bottom floor at agi | income an i that tlie lode ?J(* V.® have i home of its mu After cousid® i-Usu!Sl 1 the question was i%>*" jL -ote, and it was decided to s- 11 the eyes winning by a inajoi itj pfonr II is now c.xiieetodgßlt the neees s.-iij ilapdrs will beer ared for tlie ■ "W .fonn il purchase of . property and Unit within next (goekß bids will for and y_ -*- 1 4 begin on lliewstru The new Wiuildiug nil! be ■Stories and will be o a hands<B| ; structure. The Hr ,or, ot -oifriMt will bo built especi.,Uy for a bauk,| while (lie second Moor will be espec-1 dally suited lor a K. of E. hall. The jirice offered the lodge for tha lot. was $1.7f,0. fl a’CLELLAH, IH w ® Hfe BOLTS THE I STATE TICKKT AND DE W NOUNCES MURPHY. ■ New York, lan to-day boil'd the Hearst, who vAu nominated ' rnor by ’tie <lsm eratie r'onveiijß Buffalo Wednesday. M He Is out In fining demnn-jB l.oudor Mni |i|iy'oi I m:i..iu> openly ( lunges Jhut tic schlep In n BH ” I'C- ■■ high t ic,r:^H AI ! - H > : X%' \ fggfelf L \ I r / 1 * 'wfLud Jkuprs. M * mi:- I ,hi ikl LV. ■ 1 M ■ sill