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The Brunswick daily news. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1903-1906, September 29, 1906, Image 3

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FALL BARGAINS IN Refrigerators [§H 25 PER CENT REDUCTION iljfjj • 1 ! Buy now for next summer, You igfl ’>|A -•- -tjS 1 I£l can't make money easier. We hav iff 1 g isl 10 Refrigerators left, which we want | . rt'", to move out of our way. Next p s A :;; irr-- ,; S3Sg-~ •• . summer you will have to pay 25 per —cent more for the same Refrigerate.' “S.MeGARVEY. \si NEWCASTLE 'STREET CONEY & PAPKfW —Dealers in— \ COAL AND WOOD BRICK, LIME, CEMENT, PLASTER HAIR, SHINGLES AND LATHS SEWER PIPeAhiMNEY FLUES FIRE BRICK AND FIRE CLAY 52t> BAY STREET PHONE 18. • coin scrtptioßs ' filled Smith’s "Ml Ph irmacy BEFORE YOU BUY A WINyE'JiUfeMOR BmNESS OR TOR DRESS wijr * w _ 0 mum 4 TH* BHWWWICK DATLY NSW* SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1908 __ • IMPORTANT MATTERS TO THE RAILROAD MEN. There are four questions of the ut most importance to fce considered next month by the association of general ■ passenger agents at the convention '.o be held at Atlantic City, and the meel iug promises to be one of the most fully attended recently held. One of the most important poflits to ome up under the head of new hust ■ ess. will be the proposition to dm i outinue the making of sleeping ca> - reservations in advance of the date ot departure. There is apt to he a great deal of talk on the subject, and It is £ ques- tion that has been widely discussed by railroad men all over the country. The opinion as to the wisdom of doing away with the practice are diverse. Many capable passenger men Bea no reason why the system now so gone-- xlly followed should be altered, but here - appears to be just as strong a ,-ntiuient in favor of knocking out he practiceholdings reservations^ 8 has grown to a fixed j • the United States, m - tne sleeping car re*e;-! he trunk lines are en irlor to the date lit de tten people who hale put own and ratfMfNuieir I,- :UiiO ordes* uu ic who hou&h ntee, nave dlt baqjt, untftg^ne U* Three # '4Unnortant pointsH eouside'Wii' -$W\ „> proposed ehlj of eorpese.w liiLcilei-rituAull.iESPS wording at special reduced rutes\\ A GENERAL REVOLT NOMB AGAINST LEADEE rviva-iIP New Vp* — la a general agajj|Jh planned by tin? delegates who were turned down at tlie Butfalo convention it is staled that thousands ofß|*'S>y|tß will vote against the i'iWW ticket. Jt ■- -* / A BUSY PLACE. | The Georgia Sash, Door & i is doing a rushing business tgtf have booked many large eently which made it nneesraßw 'M j. W. Wood, President, to go to Wor J Carolina in search of men in this line. This is a good in dication that there is something do-' ins in Brunswick. AT ST. SIMON PIER GOOD MEALS AND LODGINGS AT KIN(k*CITY It. SIMON PIERiI \ Mftß. B. HARRELL. p,r (IgMr / • / ,T V If ILL BE DECIDEDLY TO SEE gu PERB COLLECTION OF THE NEW ULTRA FASHIONABLE AND VJDF /n OUR LINES OF ARE DIFFERENT FPO' EAR - EXPR (- /f N WHO ' 1/ ,N T jg| V W | "• ' 1 / ■ I' it .lA i ; 4 1>?S |f. ? BOYS ' ••/ . ! ~. /ALi. W ■• 1 L §Ej * ° brand a beer “Pure,” but actual * i|J g# parity kn earns to double the cost of the 9 A brewing. That is how we attain it. Nj AtgSw/wSr ' I K&kjj/ K 1 Jk '^i That Made Milwaukee flmoiis BRAND W —■■" fnpFAfl&i \ -fete,.-