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The Brunswick news. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1906-2016, November 21, 1906, Page 3, Image 3

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MORGAN 8 DAVIS Wholesale Lqiuor Dealers AGENTS FOR ACME BREWING CO. Mail order busi= ness a specialty. 224-226 BAY ST. BRUNSWICK, G/a. A cold is much more easily cure't when the bowels are open. Kennedy’s Laxative Honey and Tar opens th bowels and drives the cold out of the system in young or old. Solti by ah druggists. Old fashioned pound coke. the klm mother used to make, 25 cents per pound at Lebeu's bakery. 10b A street. THE ARCADE BRUNSWICK’S ORIGINAL HIGH CLASS SALOON FINEST LINE OF BRANDIES, LIQUORS and CIGARS P. KELLER, Prop. PHONE 247 New Greek- Atti erica n Restaurant AND LUNCH ROOM. NIGHT AND DAY NEATEST PLACE IN THE CITY EVERYTHING FIRST CLASB SERVICE UNSURPASSED. NOW OPEN. IN OLD ARCADE BUILDING NO. 210 GLOUCESTER ST. POLETES & HOODENPYLE TELEPHONE NO. 4SO. The styles in shoes at Peer sou's * jre as plentiful and as varietfcAtyi the autumn leaves. CAR LOAD OF PAGE WOVEN WIRE FENCE WIRE FENCES ARE CHEAPER THAN WOOD j- —l —ii.\ ' Figure With ROBER6ON II CO. on the subject Phone 426 No 2 Wright’* Spuare H. B. GARNETT. general contractor When tn need ef A PLAETEREtt, A PAINTER, A CARMLNTER Call on the old oriflmt H. ■. GARNETT. ■ L The Celebrated CHATTANOOGA EDGER, I ' j l J AM PREPARED TO ’FURNISH COMPLETE SAW MILL OUTFITS OF ANY CAPACITY, INCLUDING ENGINES AND BOILERS. IF INTEtESTED CALL OR WRITE FOR MY PRICES. ADDRESS i Geo, H. Cook, ! BRUNSWICAK, OAt *, Why Perfect Beer Means Health The Best Beer Is Possible Only With Eight-Day Malt—A Scientific Fact About Brewing. A perfect beer is healthful—it builds up strength, aids digestion, and acts as a tonic in giving renewed vitality. A* perfect beer is possible only with'perfect malt, and a perfect malt can only he made by the eight-day process used by Pabst. Malt is made from barley. Barley contains in its elementary form the constituents that go to build up the human system. The process of making malt, as some of our readers may know, is mueli the same as the process of digestion. Tin? grain is started growing and the chemical changes that take place when it sprouts are similar' to the action of the digestive fluids in the body if the grain were eaten. Pabst has proved by scientific ex periments and sixty years of practical brewing that eight days are required in making malt to bring about those necessary chemical changes by which the perfect predigested malt is pro duced. In many breweries tin"' old four-day process is still used and the malt is of forced, unnatural develop ment. It lacks in nutrition and is in all ways inferior, much of the vital nutriment of the* grain being lost. The Pabst eight-day malting process re tains in predigested form in the beer ali of the nutritious, life-giving ele ments of the grain. Pabst eight-day malt, the perfect malt, doubles the cost of brewing—but Pabst Malt, with the exclusive Pabst method of brewing, makes Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer superior as a nourishing tonic and a delicious beverage. If your food doesn’t taste just right, or if your digestion is a little “off,” or your appetite is poor, drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer before or with your meals, and find out for yourself how good it is. OUR FOUR DOLLAR SHOES FOP WOMEN ARE BEAUTIES. 3E THEM AT FEERSON’S. FOR FRESH MEATS. VEGETABLES ETC., CALL UP S,G. DENT & SON 1501 Cochran Ave, Cor. G Street PHONE 427 Also Dealers in General Merchandise Satisfaction Guarantteed. Can you win? You realize that to win in anything these days, requires strength, with mind and body in tune. A man or woman with disordered di gestive organs is not in shape tor a day's work or a day’s play. How can they expect to win? Kodol’s tor Dyspepsia contains the digestive juices of a healthy stomach and win put your stomach in shape to pei form its important 'unction of sup plying the body and -brain with strength-building blood. Digests what you eat. relieves Indigestion, Dyspep sia, Sour Stomach, Palpitation of tne Heart and Constipation. Sold by ali druggists. ' GO TO MARCATOS' ► - : THE : METROPOLITAN: RESTAURANT i ► -< * i ► i ► OPPN DAY AND NIGHT. < ► ◄ i 4 v ◄ ' FREE DELIVERY TO ALL ► H , SECTIONS OF THE CITY , ► . ■ ' ► 1 y We serve the best the market < ►Affords and Pay Prompt attentioon’* . . 1 to any and al IComplaintg , ► < ► „ MARCATOS & GO , PROPS. ► , PHONE 321. THE BRUNSWICK DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21. 1 Kte PETITION FOR CHARTER. State of Georgia. County of Glynn. To the superior court of said county: The petition c£ Lewis W. Beach. L. H. Haym and Max Isaac, of said county, respectfully shows: First. That petitioners, their associates successors and assigns desire to form and he created and made a corpora t*Giji or body politic under the law's of tlie state of Georgia, under the name and style of the Glynn Canning Com pany. * Second. The term for which petitioners ask to be incorporated is twenty years, with the privilege of renewal at tne end of that time. Third. The chief office and principal place of business of said corporation shall he in the city of Brunswick, Glynn county,-Georgia, but petitioners desir c the privilege of establishing branch offices should they so desire. Fourth. The capital stock of the corporation is to be one thousand ($1,000.00) del lars, divided into one hundred shares of ten dollars each. Petitioners, bow eer, desire the right to increase the capital stock, in the manner to he fixed by the by-laws of said corpora tion. to an amount not exceeding fitly thousand dollars. Fifth. Petitioners desire the privilege or exercising the privileges conferred by ths charter as soon as ten per cent of the capital stock is paid in. Sixth. The purpose and object of the cor poration is pecuniary profit and gain to its stockholders. Petitioners propose to carry on the business of operating, leasing and owming or operating, leasing or own ing a < aiming business and plant in the city of Brunswick, said county ol Glynn, for the canning of oysters and other products and for the acquiring by lease or purchase the factory or workshop, with suitable plant.’ en gines and machinery, with a view to the proper conduct of said business, with the lands and buildings, stock and other property connected there with, and also the good will of any such business; to sell, purchase or otherwise deal in such raw' or canned products and generally to exercise the privileges and powers, rights and authority of those engaged in the canning business. Seventh. Petitioners ask the authority to purchase and own property of all character and description, to sue and be sued: to have and use a common seal; to make by-laws 'binding on its members, not inconsistent with the laws of the state of Georgia and of tne United States, and to exercise all other powers and to do all such acts as are necessary for the legitimate execution of this purpose. To bor row money and secure the payment ot same by deed o#*trust, mortgage or otherwise cohering any or all prop erty owned or possessed by it. Eighth. Petitioners ask that said corpora tion shall have the power to conduct Its business as it may deem neces sary through its officers, directors and agents, with power to fix the number and character of its officers, directors and agents stipulating their respect ive duties and powers. Wherefore petitioners pray that they may be made a body corporate under the name and style aforesaid, entitled to the rights, privileges and immunities and subject to all the lia bilities fixed by law. MAX ISAAC, Petitioners’ Attorney. Georgias Glynn” County. 1 hereby certify that the foregoing application for charter was tiled ?n office this 29th day of October, 190t>. r Witness my hand and official signa ture. H. F. duBIGNON, i ierk Superior Court, Glynn Cos., Ga. WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE SCHOOL SHOES AT LOW PRICES PEERSON. Call up Davis and Taylor’s stable If you want dirt for raising your lot or sidewalks. If there is any style in a shoe you have seen in a book, look over our stock and you will be pretty sure to find it. Peeremn’s. Keep the bowels open when you have a cold and use a good remedy to allay the innamn.atien of the mueou* membranes. The beet is Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar. It contains flo opiates, moves the bowels, drives out the cold. Is reliable and tastes good. Sold hy all druj^ists. THE NEWS’ BUSINESS DIRECTORY. FACTS ABOUT BRUNSWICK BRUNSWICK IS A RAPIDLY GROWING CITY AND IS THE BEST PORT ON THE SOUTH ATLANTIC COAST. THESE ARE AMONG HER REPRESENTATIVE MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN AND THEY ARE IN POSITION TO SERVE THE PUBLIC IN THEIR RESPECTIVE LINES. REPRESENTATIVE BUSINESS CONCERNS CLASSIFIED ALPHABETICALLY. ARCHITECTS. J. George Conzleman. Architect and buildei, Selecte lots of building material alway oti hand. If you coutemplat building communicate with me. Bicycles and Automobiles. B. J. Olewine Automobiles, bicycles, cycling a cessories. Repairing and renting Give us a call. Tell 134-2 306 Newcastle St BOTTLING WORKS. Brunswick Bottling and Manufac turing Cos., Manufacturers of Flavoring lix tracts, Soda Water and Mineral Waters, Harmless Colors and Juices, Cidars, and Venegars. Oiliee and factory 212 Oglethorpe BROKERS. J. H. Pace. Merchandise Broker. Telephone 123 BLACKSMITH & WHEELWRIGHT. J. D. Brown & Cos. Wheelwright and blacksmith; hor3e shoeing a specialty; wagon and car riage painting. Repairing of turpen tine wagons and timber carts a spec ialty. tilio Mansfield street, Bruns wick, Ga. BARBER SHOPS. Allen & Thrash, Tonsorial Artists. Special mauacurist for ladles. Tel 476. Optra House building. Ladies Hairdressing a Specialty CONTRACTORS. Bowen and Thomas. General Contractors. Tel 154. CEMENT CONTRACTORS. J. D. Baldwin General Cement Contractor All sizes of white and culvert liexl on tile and curb. Side-walk builders. Write us. TURPENTINE STILLS. M. A. Baker & Cos. Manufacturers of seamless turpen tine stilis. Repairing a specialty.. Brunswick, Ga. Pensacola, Fla. DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES. Brunswick Development Cos., Max Isaac, President. Brunswick. Ga. We lend money to build house3. Tf you contemplate building consult us. We can enable you to own your home. Heaters 50 Heaters Ranging in Prices From $1.75 TO $35.00 Have One Put in Before the NEXT COLD WAVE H. M. MILLED & SON. COAL AND WOOD. Iverson Coal & Wood Cos. Ready to serve tile public on shore notice. Tel. 418. Cor 1 Street and Cochran avenue. CROSS-TIE DEALERS. Brunswick Crosstie & Creosoting Cos. Brunswick, Ga. IJbcrnl inspection. Highest casa prices Prompt returns. Buyers ana shippers of crossties. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. A. M. Calder, Electrical contractor and dealer in electric supplies of all kinds. In- J side wiring a specialty. Opera house! building. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR R. l. farmer. Before having your inside wiring •lone see R. L. Farmer, l’aone 262-4; FURNITURE. Geo. F. Gay. General house furnishing goods; furniture, stoves and sowing sold on easy terms. 102 A street,! Brunswick. Ga. HAY AND GRAIN. N. W. FINDLEY & CO., Consignments solicited. Prompt re- I urns made. Produce, hay aud grain. Hour, gills and meal. 321 Bay street. Brunswick. Ga. LIQUOR HOUSES. C,ong-ess Hall Saloon, J. H. Mays & Cos. Wines, liquors, cigars and tobacco. We make a specialty of the mail order business. PLUMBERS. Gilmore 05. Wood. General ami sanitary plumbers ana dealers *in plumbers’ supplies. 41 < Newcastle street. Tel 228. PLANING MILLS. Brunswick Planing & Forwarding Cos. T. Q Fleming, Jr., Manager. Plan-! mg mill, sawmill, dry kiln. Rough and dressed lumber, wentnerboarding, floor ing, ceilings, moulding and Inside fin ish. Phone 102, Brunswick, Ga. TINNERS, Cobb & Wheeler, Contracting Tinners. Phone 313 313 Newcastle St. INSURANCE. Hoyt W. Gale. Life, storm, accident insurance. We | represent only the best companies. PAWN BROKER. S. Levison (Uncle Sig.) The old reliable pawn-broker. Money loaned on anything of value. Headquarters for pistols, jewelry, clothing, hoots aud shoes. PAINTER. J. M. LOWE. General house painters. Satisfac tion guarantee.* on every job. Bruns | wick, Georgia. SALOONS. Union Saloon Liquor House, G. Loewenptein, Mgr. Wines, liquors, cigars and tobucc). Everything in the whiskey line. Jug trade a specialty. SHOES. . E. M. Peerson & Cos. When you have need of shoes give us a call. 214 Newcastle street. Telephone 444. Llrunswlok Exclusive Shoe Store. SASH, DOOR & BLINDS. Georgia Sash, Door & Blind Cos., Manufacturers of sash, doors and blinds. Tel 3b3. Corner Prince Bt. and Cochran Ave. WOOD YARD. J. A. Davis. Healer In oak aud pine wood. Corner Cochran avenue and George street. Telephone 26C-4. Prompt service. Free delivery. TINNER. H. S. Reddick, Contracting tinner. You will non suit your own lnterosts by communl catiug with me before letting your contracts for tiunlug. Phone 226. 425 Newcastle St. Brunswlok, <3a. WESLEY H. GREENFIELD, Pile Driving Contractor. Wharf Build lug anil Trestle Work a specialty 500 Ij Street. Brunswick Oa. WAGONS AND HARNESS. T. B. Burns, Manufacturer and builders ot all kinds of wagons and harness. Tei 104. 214 Newcastle street. UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Chas. G. Moore. Undertaker and embalmer. Satis* faction guaranteed in every case el embalming. 124 A street, Brunswick, Georgia. 3