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The South-west Georgian. (Oglethorpe, Ga.) 1851-18??, June 12, 1851, Image 3

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(COJUMCNtCATED.) For tho South-West Georgian. Griffin, June, Bth, TB5l. On Monday we were visited with the first thunder storm,of the season, and heavy rain, bufnnt before we needed it; for really many planters began to have serious appre bettjuons of a ‘short crop,’ The rains fell an hour or more, and tMpß ctatii)nss^MPW>i|n|fy^M|’ and every thine •fMWpJianls’ prosperous.- Wheat crops are said to he unusually fine f| but oats are totally ruined ! The nomination of McDonald for Gov ernor, is received bv a portion of tlie Southern Rights Party with snme'mis pivintis !’ They fear a defeat because of his devotion to the Nashville Convention, which was doubtless nothing more than an the so-called ‘Hartford ’ConventionJiiSF 1 have ever looked upon this more ns tending to secession, if not to ultimate and enlire dissolution. And why? Be cause its prime and only object was to take grounds against the General Gov., eminent anti the action of the first session -of the last Congress. This Southern Rights Party know full well that Con gress would admit California as a State, and thought that would be a good pre text for a plea of injustice towards the South, and that in thejr unmitigated wrath they would fly all to (Tinders and cause •disruption, and thereby he enabled to form a Southern Confederacy, that this was was their design would be consumate fol ly in them to deny at this late date Finding however, that the people could not tints be openly gulled by the mild term of secession, we heard them say they werejas good. Union men as the ‘ Com promise advocates !’ Such remained the state of affairs til! tlie nominating Convention in Milledge yille, wlretrwe see the President of this lijgh-hapded di-loyal crusade against the General Government, before tlie people of Georgia soliciting their suffrages ! ! •Olp shame on such political hypocrisy! Does Governor McDonald expect to rt” reive the support of Georgians whose Government he sought to destroy hv an -net of secession, arid then the formation of a Sifbtliern Confederacy.? If he does; lie certainly will have a similar fate at tlie ballot box to those poor, degraded Mex icans on the 22nd of Ft bra ary at Buena Vista—a signal tlrfeat ! Fillip as the peoplemav think of it, the test ot Union and Disttui m is again be fore tit-m. And why f Beonnse'Ch'arles J. McDonald has nm changed his politi cal opinions since lasi fall; and he then be longed and voted with the Disunion Par ty ; il lie has ‘ turned over.’ he has not > t npp/isef! the people of it ! Georgians, be not deceived by tlie. cry ot ‘ Democra cy’ or ‘ W'liiugsery,’ but vote for the Un ion and tint Constitution endowed bv your progenitors of’76 ! Recollect that Union and Disunion is the test before yon, and ‘hat Charles J. McDonald is upon the Secession Platform, which is only the in cipient step-to disruption! The news of Howell Cobbs nomination was hailed with universal applause bv the Constitutional Union ‘men in tliis*ser ’toif 1 hear not a dissenting voice ! in fact, tiie secession party say it was tlie most wise selection that could have been made. I learn that the greatest unantnN tv prevailed throughout the setting of the Convention ! Perhaps such agreement of sentiment has not been w itnessed in Milledgpviik* |br years, if ever. This .ideciion is sure by a majority of from ten to fifteen tltpya- wjtp s * fj-'-c has boemJkv.r'h time, ‘'■j W e animadversions of -'flume of his partv associates, lie merits much praise for Ills bold and unshaken stand for the Union, More anon. The cars (freight train) ran off ten •lilies below Atlanta on Tuesday and kil led a negro mao, and mutilated tlie arm of white gentleman of Atlanta so much as to require amputation. He will recov er in ali probability. A. A. B. Have a Trade. —By all means have a trade. Don’t go up and down in the world, and find nothing you can put your hand to. No matter if you don’t have to work for a living. You may not always Lie prosperous as you are now. This is a mutable planet. The man that is up to day may be down to iporrow.—Thank heaven, we live in no land of primogeniture, hereditary succession.— JEach man is mot ally hound to labor. Have a trade, we repeat. Educate your hands. Have something you can turn your energies to when times pinch. It will he an everlast ing resource. We never knew a man who, with a good trade, could not get a good living and .much more with a right applienjon.— : What tluiueh you are going to college, or Anto p profession I The case is not filtered. ( * r fou need it jin tas much. It will come in ‘ play every dav of your life. It is so much j bettpr. Qisci; l.i nos the hand should always \ go before that iif the head.’ We never knew a college hoy Who wasn’t belter for a sub- i statuial trade, j He always graduates with j the highest honors, He is sure to make a ’ scholar. The Wet is, he knows how to work —to pore—to (conquer. Ho but transfers himself from thtAshop to the study. / Young man, decide at Aice to learn a trade, /ip- r ply yourself witlijali your nntid rind heart, i and ho its master. And when VO’ l graduate j and ask your diploma, not want, or are not obliged to workjijnt, you have Imd by so much ; and sm3|pi kind of wealthMan j pver be taken fruitpyriu. Council Chamber, June 10, 1851. REGULAR MEETING. Present —The President: Commission ers, /verson, Calhoun and Williams.— The minutes of the hist regular meeting, read and confirmed Ctmir’s. Calhoun and Williams', haviiuc been sworn into office; appeared,and took their seats as mem bers of ihe t Board. By Comr’., I verson ordered that the j nmotiiu of money paid by Davis G'vin, ■Hd Posey R. Stanfield’ for license to re- SPRSdrittions liquors, arid also, the notes <- r i v wfck them, be returned,and that the to Trotter and Foster, be’ Foster and Smith, cotn plied'with fHflHrdinritice in such cases. Committee <ipSmittd — On streets- i - t -fj||™on, Cmnmiug and Williams. O.i motion of Com’r, Ivarspn—order ed—That certain notes given by Tiuuer and Foster to tlie Commissioners, be ad's vertised as lost or mislaid and to ft>rewar|l all persons from trading fur them, and the [ makers from paying them to any one else. | Oil motion of Com’r. Iverson, Resolved , That there exists a necessity for the election of a deputy Marshal, and that die Board proceed to the election of one; whereupon Jusiah Moody was unani mously elected. Resolved, That the Citizens of the Town be invited to hold a public meeting the Academy on Tuesday evenin'',’ 12ih inst., to trike into consideration means necessary to celebrate the arrival of the cajs at tliif place. P.G. ARRINGTON, Clerk. RDmlv CESS. - Passc/l, affirmed and ordered for the government of the town of Oglethorpe hy the. Commissioners, tn puisttunce of the authority vested hy the Act of In* corporation. Nuisance to be removed. No owner or occupier of a dwelling or other house, shall permit water or any tiling whatever , calculated to pro duce disase, or render the air unwhole some, or unpleasant for breathing, to ac cumulate or remain in his or their cellar or elsewhere in or under the house, tin der the penalty of not exceeding Fifty Dollars. And person or persons refu sing or omitting to remove tlie same, up on notice to do so, by the President, Marshal, C lmmissiners or any member thereof shall be fined not.exceeding Filly Dollars. SEC. XXV. Ow ners of lots must keep them clean and dry. It shall be the duty of all holders of lots or lands, whether the same be en • lorifed or unenclosed, to keep them clean and dry. They shall permit no sink to contain water, but shall fill up all low places oft said lots of land in such man ner as to pass off the water, and remeyfe iroin said lots or land, all deeayciflior decaying vegatable and animal substance, and in general every thing tmtding to corrupt the air. And in ease .failure or omission of any ow ner, owners, holder or holders of lot.-, or land, or other persons co.itroling them to fill in* any sink or low place, or to remove as aforesaid, af ter notice from the President or any member of the Board of Commissioners, to him or her, or his of tier agent, to fill up or remove the sauiea tlie Board may proceed to fill up the squeal tlie expense of said lot or landholder or other person, and execution shall issue for said expenses when ascertained, and the amount levied and made out of his or her property, and the said lot or laud holder, shall be fined in a sum not exceeding Twenty-five Dol lars for each day that such notice shall re main uncomplied with. — f. —: A Correspondent of the Atlanta Intelli gencer writing from California among other things says:. „ “As regards society and the prosperity and success of the miners, and opperators in gen eral, 1 can give no better evidence than a reference to tlie frequent murders and rob beries that are daily being committed. A man was shot a few days since, a few miles vom this, and robbed of his purse, containing S3OO. Such occurrences are not very un common in this country; and society oittst grow worse instead of better, because men will never emigrate their families to this country, it not being a farming country, and women are the great moralized of all coun tries. Tit” greater portion of tho population of California are merely sojourners, wandering to and fto and composed of every race that inhabits tho,globe. The Chinese, with their long (lair and wooden bottomed shoes, and tlie Canikers with t heir striped and varigated faces, are here to be seen. There is a great deal of gold yet to bn taken out of the ground that will not pay until worked bv some sys tem and by individuals. ITodei the presem mining laws a man is not allowed enough space, or groulid.Jto work it lu any advantage, and it must become tire properly of individu als before it can be made to pay. Ai pres ent miners arc only allowed to hold from 16 to 30 feet square ; a space entirely .WO. small tube worked to any advantage,but life great number of mineis in the country, at present, will not admit of its being any larger. The two black boys I brought out from Atlanta, are yet with me; and 1 have had no trouble with them, whatever. Though I have hoard of several who were decoyed off from their owners. I have often publicly. ■ • mwaM Jßp-•*> , i remarked, that who ever attempted to tantal ize or decoy my boys off, fingered the strings of my purse, and that 1 would deal with them accordingly. Though I am of the o pinion that slave labor can never he made very profitable in ghisricountry, still I believe in a mans’ protecting bis tights where ever they may be. WdDWin hopes that tlie annexation of California will never lead to a dissolution of this mighty and glorious Republic. We would sooner bear of its being blotted from ! the Union, than for it to be the cause of : lier downfall.” The following is a puzzle given by a lady to her lover : I feel disposed to plant a grove, To satisfy the maid I love, This ample grove I must compose Os nineteen bees in ten straight rows, And in each row five trees must place. Or ne’er expect to see his face. \ BARRISTER POSED. J At the Limerick assizes, a witness of the •'lower classes” was cross-examined by Mr. Ittkuett, the Queen's counsel, when the lol dialouge took place: you hesitate to answer me! You look we as if 1 were a rogue.” Witnat—“To be sure I do.” Laughter ■pong the spectators. “Upon your oath Von think me a rogue!” “’Pon my oath l don’t think vou an honest mao. $ ■ Continued laughter. „You answer tliat|jm your oath ?” “1 do to be sure, a.wl, idiat else could 1 : think IP “Now why do you think so!” A ■ “Because you are doing your best to make me perjure mvself.” RAILROAD ACCIDENT The freight train on the Macon & Western Railroad ran off the track, on Tuesday last, near tlie first station below Atlanta, and seve <*rly, if not uioitally, wounded a white man ! and a negro. The white mao’ s arm and the negroes leg were severely mashed. P. 8- Since the above was in type, we learn that the negro, which was the property of Mr. A.C. MoorliotisP,of Macon, is dead: and that the white man, Mr. John Tomlinson, of Atlanta, has neon compelled to have his turns amputated. The accident was caused by the the ctirs running over some cattle that were lying on the road: —American Union. ~ - • 7- - new three cent pieces ordered to he coined by the law of the late Congress, are stated to be worth only 2 2-5 cents each. A profit of 200 on every SIO6O. Thomp sons’s Bank Note Ropoiter says :—“li is somewhat thinner and smaller titan a half dime, and while new has the appearance of silver, with rather a slipery feeling; of these pieces make a liinuLreiL difJTars. and contain $33 33 of silver, leaving a profit in the hands of the Mint of sl6 67 on evry sß3 83. A deadjj swindle of full 20 percent, God save the Republic. A fatal misUhte was made by a druggist, of New YurkJteH Tuesday. Tile prescrip lion yjTthe physician in attendance on a sick ■child directed three* grains of Dover’s pow ders to be made into six doses, but the drug gist mistakeing the quantity ordered, made three doses of the six grains. About six— hours after the medicine was administered the child died. Professor Newton says that it is a mathe matical certainty, that if the existing popula tion of the world were to increase for about eleven or twelve centuries at the same rate as the Bittisli population has done for some time past, no room would be felt on tlie solid earth for men, women and children to stand upon, allowing only a square foot each. A dismal prospect for those who expect to re main in this little world for twelve centuries. Perseverence is often not only a sub stitute for ability, but mi is sometimes more. Many a one of very ordinary ra pacity, Inis by dint of tlie same valuable quality which enabled tlie turtle in the fa ble to out-journey the hare, accomplished wonderfully greater things than another possessing superior abilities, but less per severence. ACCIDENT.-A poor spectacle maker accidentally placing two fences in a peculiar position, suggested to tlie world the idea of a telescope. Said a coquette to a gentleman at a ball : “Can you flii t a fan !” “No,’ said he taking her fun, but I can fan a flirt.” wasted to Know. — ls a revolver is good weapon to ‘kill lime* with. VVliat kind of a whip a ship uses when ‘driving before tlie wind.’ How ii happens that day ‘ hieaks’ so often I and wiio mends it ! I On wlial kind of hinges the ‘gates of day’ j are hung. This Convention assembled at Milledge viffe, on tho 2d inst., oil which occasion (Jen. Jno. \V. A. Sanford was c.ylfed to the chair, for the purpose of organization. One hundeed and fifty-seven delegates an swered to their names. (VVh defer the publication of tlie entire list, and the speech of Gen. Sanlord, on taking the chair, till to” moriow.) Tlie Hottentots, according to the writer of Sir I bourns Roe’s Voyages, call their cows Boos, and their sheep Baas. Tho language of nature, certainly. “I’ve got something in my eye,” as the | needle said to the thread. •‘God knows the secrets of every heart.” j ; ; the Temperance Banner, iMBh& OF THE TIMES. BV Bltr.V OR WILLY. No. 2— you.. 1 heard a chap say ‘(fraiTOuLppl'i,', 1 stood to quiz his phiz; But plisaw ! 1 saw his mat hat flat Him on his base face placed A pussy had with paws jaws claws, Upon him fell pell nii-ll ; I rom month and face and nose rose rows Os scratched pin thin skin. Says he whene’er I do to you, Speak arid make to ihee me free ; Then you on any day may say, Anything think to Dick Wick lick. But pshaw! my muse is dreadful tired, And { don’t feel at all Suspired, > Nor with poetic orduur fired ; And half my would he wit is hired, And mv Pegassus deep is mired, In the slime of muddy rhyme. But j fist excuse me for this time, And in my next which is the last, I II take a text and beat the past. Pleasant Words.— How very gratifying are pleasant Words to all ; the rich, the poor, the high, the low, all classes enjoy pleasant words. They cost nothing, they me free; all have the privilegeof using them; but alas! too . few use them ; some are almost strangers to | them. In tie- words of the wise mail, pleiis j ant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the j soul, and health to the hone Yes, as honey ! is sweet to the taste, so pleasant words are sweet aiid rheering to tlie heart. Pleasant wrirds'are full of kindness, no bitterness in I then), rtiev truly savor of things that are good. Ye that are morose and gloomy, try their injbirjice; if you feel sad and dispo.iding. try, 011 try. to speak pleasantly to all round, and you ’will find they are indeed “health to the soul ;” your own soul will be cheered had softened hy them. “The words of the | wise are pleasant words.” —Presbyterian Herald. Gf.rmaxs in the West. —Os the two hundred thousand souls in Wisconsin, more than oiie hundred thousand are said to he j Germans. This r ice of men are settling the country or the sources of (lie Missippi very rapidly, ami in that region, if in nny part of the Union, the German character and cus-- toms seems likely to impress themselves on the population. Oglethorpe Prices Current. CORRECTED WEEKLY. ■” ”* ■ ■ ~ ■ BACON, Hams, per lb. . 13 cts. Sides, “ . . 12 J Shoulders, “ . 11J al2 BUTTER, Goshen “ . 25 a 30 Country “ . 12 a 15 COFFEE, “ . 14.16 CANDLES, Sperm “ . 50 a 60 Adamantine, “ . 40 aSO Tallow, “ . 25 a 30 FLOUR, per bbl. $S 50a900 MACKEREL, No. I. “ 15 00a 16 50 “ “ 2. “ 14 “ “ 3. “ 12 50 CORN, per bushel, 1 00 a 1 25 MEAL “ 1 25 LARD, per lb. . . 12 a 14 LEAD, “ . , 10 al2 MOLASSES, per gallon 45 SYRUP, N. O. “ 50 a 55 Clarified 90 a 1 00 SUGAR, “ ; 10 a 12 SALT, per bushel, . 1 CO a1 25 RICE, per lb. . . 5 a 5J | 01 L. Linseed, prr gallon 1 25 a 1 50 TURPENTINE “ 1 00 a 1 25 TALLOW, per |b. . 10a 12 BEES’WAX, per bl. . 20a 25 NAILS, peril). . . 6a 7 1710 R Safe, bv DILL & MARSHALL, . a large quantity of Bagging, Rope and | Twine. , Fort Gains, Ga. June, 1 1851 9 tfe B ! ‘ \CON ! BACON! !We have lor sale 40 Casks BACON SIDES, at the low j esl market prices- DILL &. MARSHALL. I Fort Gains, Ga. June 1, 1851 9tf FLOUR. 75 Barrels Superfine Flour, for sale at Fort Gains, Ga. by DILL <fc M ARSHALL. June 1, 1851. 9 ts. RANDY, WINE, GIN, WHISKEY, SYRRUP, and VINEGAR, for safe hy DILL &, MARSHALL. Fort Gains. Ga. June 1, 1851. 9 if SHOES, Hats, Clotliincr, Saddlery, crock ery, Haidware, furniture, Nails, Salt, Iron, Plows, Sugar, Coffee, iVc &c\, for safe at the cheap Store in Fort Gains Ga. by, DILL & MARSHALL, junc 1, 1851. 9 ts. NOTICE. W OST or mislaid, three promissory m A notes made by Messrs Foster and Trotter, as principal, and DaVid Buss, (the name ol the other security not, recol .Lecteil) ns seetirities, made payable to the President and Board of Commissioners of the Town of Qqlethnipe, the fust note) will be doe on or about the Ist of Septem- j her, the second on or about the Ist ol January next, and the third on or about tlie Ist of M-<y next, each hearinc dale on tlie 23:1 day of April 1851, and each amounting to Twelve Dollars and fifty c ents, which said notes I forewarn all per son from trading for. By order of the Board of Commission ers. P. G. ARRINGTON, Cierk. Oglethorpe, June JO. 1851. 9—ts | JYE If S TORE, ON SUMTER STREET, Firshfyuilding übov the Magnolia House. Smith & Rogers’ STAVE on hand a well assoned stock of majsp/t/jyefy sum Mini goods of evfßty variety of Staple and [ Fancy Dry lyoods Roots and Shoes, lla/s, Hardware, Cutlery, and'Croe/c’ ry, Dniggs and Mmtieijfcs, Ready-made Clolhiiur, SADLEJtf, S TA TtOAER Y, tyc. All ot which will he sold very cheap. We would rrspecfully invite the citizens of Ogle- 1 horpe, and the surrounding Country, espe cially the Ladies, to call and examine for themselves. O •l. ilieroe. .Tune 5. 1851. Blf. U EuRRiA —31 aeon County. Zacliaiiali Grttjirnage ap- V v t>lies to me fur letters of Guardiaii •xhip for the orphans of Joslma Taylor dic’d: These are therefore to cite, summons and admonish all persons concerned, that they be and appear at mv office iviiliiii the lime pre scribed by law, to file their objectioiis^ifiiov they have, otherwise said letters will be granted. W. W. CORBITT, c. c. o. May, 22. 1851. 6-lm. Notice, Taxpayers of the Town of Oglethorpe. IN accordance with Section LXXVH of the Ordinances of the Town of Ogle thorpe, 1 have been directed hy tlie Presi dent and Board of Commissioners to give notice that uuoi v person liable to Taxation, shall pay tlie same on or before the 22(1 day ol July, ami in case of failure, Execution will be issued instanta. ‘ JAMES R. NELSON, Marshall. This 21st May, 1851, 6-2 m. I’. S. My Books are now open and 1 am ready for the reception of Taxes. J. R. NELSON, Marshall. *„* Journal and Messenger please copy and forward their bill, notTc’eT ‘ jI (FORWARN all persons for either or all 1 Promisotv Notes, two iriaJdcli made by the sub* ■''liber, payable to Moses Levingston or bearer, ejrffl one for Sixteen Dollars, dated sometime between the 20tlr ot April and 10iIi May 1851, to become due on the first day of January next; The other note made hy J. R. Waldrop and William B. Sutton, payable to Muses Levingston or bearer, for Seventeen Dollars, dated the same day of the other. two, and to become due on the first day of January next. As the consideration for which said notes was given has failed, they will not he paid unless compelled hv law. WILLIAM B. SUTTON. May 29. 1851. 7-31. GEORGIA, Macon County. 17XOUR Months aftet date application will ’ he made to the Court of Orduiary of said County for an order to sell lot of land No. 130 in the Seeded District of once Mus cogee, now said county of Macon, as'the property of William Tomlinson deceased, for the benefit of his heirs and credit'ors. E. GUY, Adm'r, May 24 1851. 7-4 m. EORGIA, Macon County.’ SAMUEL V\ HITE applies for the guar dianship of Mary J. Cain and John R. Cain, orphans of Benjamin 11. Cain decU. All persons concerned are requested to ap pear at the Court of Ordinary for said Coun ty on tlie first Monday in July next, ami ob ject if they can, olherewise the motion of While will be granted. W. W. CORBITT, c. o. o. May 29. 1851, 7-30d. FOR SALE. THE “PAVILION HOUSE” in the new town of Oglethorpe, situated on the corner of Crescent and Macon Sts., near and in lull view of the Rail Road Depot, is now offered for sale. The building is new, the roomsare large, neat,and airy, possessing every convenience for tlm comfort of travel ers and boarders. Purchasers are invited to call and examine for iliemselves. AS 11 BURN, BOON & Cos. May 28:It 1851. 7-ts. T. II l- J) SO N r ATTORNEY AT LAW. La.nibr Ga. Tint.!, )iractie<! aurl transact faithfully all bwineMm *) trusted to his chanre til ihe numlies of Macon, Marion, Stewart, Sumpter, Dooly and Houston. May 7tli 1851 4-6 m ./. Kanfnm n Hr o'* NEW DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING STORE. On Crescent Street between the. Magnolia and Pavilion Houses. W'OI'LD respectfully inform the Pub lic that they have just opened their Stock, consisting of Calicoes, Ginghams, Muslins, and all kind of Ladies Dress Goods, Hose,Gloves. Laces, Edgings, Silk Parasols, Fans, &c., together with a variety of Fancy . Articles, and a nice assortment of fine Jew elry. Also a fine lot of RE ADY M \DE CLOTHING, Shoes and Boots. All of which will be sold, for cash, ut New York cost price. [ M,y n, 1851. 6-ts. j fl . ~ NOTICES OF j,, M HOTELS. MB Oglethorpe Hotel, ’ BY J AMES BELL. A LLEN SUTTON would respectfully ■ _/% inform the public that lie lias opened a and commodious house for Public Entertainment iinheiicw town of Oglethorpe, under the management of Janie* Hell, whose cxiierieecc in the business will en : able him to give* general satis fuel ion to till. The roomi I of the house are well finished and supplied with excel | liMit beds, &c. The table will always be supplied with the br'>i fare the country ear afford. In short it is inten ded, if possjhi* ■, to make this house sujierior to any in South- v\ ehtern (n'omia. A large Hrick building is now beingcre< ted on the premises for the purpose of affording extensive accomodations, which will bo completed by fall. ‘I he public are invited to call. Oglethorpe, May, 15, 1851. 5-ly. AI u (jii oli a Houses o Corner of Crescent and Sumter Streets Ogli tl)oi|ir Ga. I> y A. M. Tlioma so n. THE best accomodations that the times otid market will afford may he found at the above named House, at all times. No effort will bo spared to render all who call, comfortable. June 5, 1851. 8-lv; PAVILION house, OGLETHORPE, GA., Immediately Opposite the South Western Rail Road Depot. s, s. BOONE. June 1, 1851. 7-ts. rlilVroTdli OUSE, (ts*posite Central Rail RoadMtcpmt, EAST MACON, BY S.M. LANIER. AWV 1% ISSI. 5-Iy. Ii 0 \fOTT) S F RIN OS. ‘Pme subscribers bvp leave to inform tltdr friendand th *- public 1 hilt they ha\e leased the above well knawa place Sf resort, ami that they intend keeping them durm* the summer season in a *tyV superior to any place in the up-country. The /fvue will be ready for the reception of visitors bv the li rat omma, LANIER & USHjjpP N, I!—There will In- a line of J/aekeal MA Depot it al S|i|iq>, twill fr"i6 (ipTml ilow'nKiauuiiofthe Rfcil Ro4 U.IH4L. FORT RAINES HOTELT O. 11. DAVIS & J. B. DELPH, HAVINf; pm etiaved the above named Hotel would ro sjieelfiiily informtheir friends and the puhlie gene rally that they have taken charge of it. Those nisitinr Tori Caines w ill please give them a call,as no pains will he spared for the accommodation of those who favor them with their pattonage. Annexed to (he establishment is a large I.ot and com modious Stables, sufficient lor the accommodation of Drovers. . .Much Tj, I'sl. I—l, TORE HOTEL, ’’ ( s ign of l/ir eioldm Glob*) jpoxitp © exitfiris, rpllfvprojiiietorthankful fur the palronstrr heretofore X received would most respectfully solicit ids friends and tlie puhllc'grneruUy to continue their support. Ha has trusty servo (its, romibrlable bed moms, nod his table sladl hesupplied will, the best the country can afliird. lie will iiccommodate farmers wlio may Fori Gaines, durinc; their stay, in the very best manner and on the most rraionable .ierms. Dorses wi'l be well at tended to—the proprietor tuperiuteuding ilte nfPairs of the stable liimsrlf. JKS-Sl-: li. WKfdßt March 53,1851. ]—if John Freeman, WORLD respectfully inform the public that ha is a )’ ehanic and that he can execuio jobs of sash, doors, blinds ami inside finishing ol houses, elso tie ran mats chain pump*lit the shortest notice, lie may bo fuond ai Boone's lintel at all times when not angajod. Oglethorpe, May 8, 1850. 4 6m. EVERY H O IVY RIJ N II ERE!! A S the subscriber will leave iu a few day* Jfli. he intends ofiering some furiher i ducemool to those who have not procured their likeness. Those therefore wishing it taken cut) have it executed in grand style it the exceeding low price of two dollars,)* fine Morrocco eases. W. C. PATILLO. May 22, 1851. 6-ts. DaguereotypesT! PHILIP T. FEARS takes this method of informing the citizens of Oglethorpe laud its vicinity that he is now prepared 1* ! take likenesses in a neat and superior man ! uer, in Breastpins. Lockets, Morroco, Silk and velvet cases. Delay not,, then, to se cure one or more of the mementoes of life, which, under the trying circumstances of ■ final seperation, no price can purchase. Rooms at tiie Drug Store on Baker Street. May 22, 1851. 6-ts. GEORGIA—Macon County Court (if Ordinary, May Term 1851. Present, their Honors, Ichiihod Davis, Jo seph Mott George Williams, O. C. Horne artd Nathan Bryan, Justices. IT appearing to tlie Court that Abigal Dostei, Adm’r on the Estate of YVilsou Duster, dot’d, has fully settled up said Estate as appears by the vouchers filed in effiep, and prays to be dismissed from said Administra tion. It is therefore ordered by tlie Coutt that the Clerk of this Court cause a Notice to bo published, railing upon all persons con cerned, to be and appear at the November Term of said Court and show cause if any they have why letters of Dismission should not lie granted. A true extract front tlie minutes. YV. W. CORBETT, Cl’k. May 22 1851. 6-m Sm. For. Sale. T OT Noj 3. i n .quare No. 9, in the town nf Oilethnn*, IJ ftomiri(foh AfaconStrer.X, next lot to Motor*, pursy A: ci> . tiwrr. For particidsm apply at this ofioa, or si ll rers the rubectalirm at Knuivtlie.Gs. WALTON !c VIKING. Vo\7ihi*:.t. •- ■