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Ballard & Atkinson, Proprietors. Rates of Advertising. One inch, one insertion... 1.00 Ona inch, each subsequent insertion 50 Quarterly, Semi-annual er Yearly contracts will ha made on liberal terms. Obituaries and Tributes of Respect charged Cor at advertising rates. No communication will be published unless accompanied by the full name and address of the writer These arc not required for publi cation, but as a guarrantee of good faith. All communications for the paper, and busi ness letters should be addressed to • THE SENTINEL. Harlem, Ga. PROFESSIONAL CARDS UX’ A- <1- Sanders GENERAL PRACTITIONER. Harler.i, - - - -Q-a. Having practiced over a quarter of a century, will devote myeelf to obstetrics and diseases of females. Aly past record is a sufficient guaran tee. feo2B-c Eb. T. Williams, Attorney at. Law AUGUSTA, GA. (Office over Commercial Bank.) Will practice in all the Courts of the Au gusta Circuit. jO“Claiuas for collection a specialty. fcb2B-d M P CARROLL Attorney and Counsellor at Law, • Office No. 824 Broad Street, AUGUSTA, - - - - GEORGIA. Will practice in the Superior Courts of the Augusta Circuit, the Supreme Court of Georgia and the United States Courts. Augusta Hotel, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. Table First Class in Every Particular. L- E. LOOLITTLE, Prep ietcr- Large and well ventilated Rooms. Kates, $2 Per Day Centrally located, near Railroad crossing. Telegraph Office and Barbershop in the Building. Augusta Hotel, Restaurant and lunch Room, choice wines, liquors and cigars. Meals to or der at all hours. Stone Mountain Route. GEORGIA RAILROAD COMPANY, ) Office Gen’l Manager. > Augusta, Ga., Nov. 21st, 1.885. j Commencing Sun da v, 4th instant the fol owing passenger schedule will be operated: Trains run by 90th meridian time - 32 minutes slower than Augusta time. No. 2 7— West—Daily. Leave Augusta 7 40 a m Arrive at Harlem 8 28 a m Arrive at Washington 10 40 a m Arrive at Athens 12 35 p m Leave Athens... 7 45 a in Arrive Atlanta 100 pm Stops at Grovetown, Berzelia, Harlem, Dear ing, Thomson, Norwood, Barnett, Crawford, ville, Union Point, Grcenesboro, Madison Rutledge, Social Circle, Covington, Conyers, Stone Mountain and Decatur. No. 28— East—Daily. Leave Atlanta 2 46 pm Arrive at Athens 7 40 p m Leave Athens 2 50 p m Arrive at Washington 7 35 p m Arrive at Harlem 7 22 p m Arrive Augusta 815 pm Stops at Decatur, Stone Mountian, Lithonia, Convers, Covington, Social Circle. Rutledge, Madison, Greenesboro, Union Point, Craw fordville, Barnett, Norwood, Thomson, Dear ing, Harlem, Berzelia and Grovetown. No. I— West —Daily. Ajeave Augusta 10 50 a m Arrive Harlem 1148 am Arrive Camak 12 35 p m Arrive Milledgeville 4 26 p m Arrive at Macon 6 15pm Arrive at Washington 2 20 p m Arrive at Athens 530 p m Arrive at Atlanta 5 40 pin No. 2 — East—Daily. Leave Atlanta 8 00 am Leave Athens 9 00 a m Leave Washington 11 20 a m Leave Macon 710 am Leave Milledgeville 9 19 a m Leave Camak 1 36 p m Leave Harlem 2 33 p in Arrive Augusta .. 335 pm No. 3 — West —Daily. Leave ?*.ugusta 9 4.5 p m Arrive Harlem 11 05 p m Arrive Camak * 12 23 a m Arrive Milledgeville... 4 27 a m Arrive Macon 6 46 a iu Arrive Atlanta 6 45 a di No. 4— East—Daily. Leave Atlanta 8 15pm Leave Harlem 4 19 a m Arrive Augusta 6 50am No. 12— West. Leave Harlem 6 05 a m Arrive Augusta 7 30 am No. 11— East. Leave Augusta 4 45 pm Arrive Harlem 6 25 p m Superb Improved Sleepers to Macon Superb Improved Sleepers tn Atlanta. f Trains Nes. 1,2 3and 4 will stop if signaled at any scheduled Flag Station. E. R. DORSEY. J. W. GREEN. Gen l Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt JOE W. WHITE. General Traveling Passenger Agent, Augusta, Ga. THE COLUMBIA SENTINEL Legal Notices. I Debtors and Creditors. | Georgia, Columbia County— Nj O'l ICE is hereby given to all persons har -1 \ ing deniable against Elias !•’. Bailey, lat« "t said county, deceased, to present them to me. properly made out, within tbu time pre scribed by law, so as to show their character and amount. And all persona indebted to said dec eased are hereby required to make imme diate payment to me. ' A. J. BAILEY, Administrator of E. F. Bailey. Dec. 22, 1885. fi Letters Dismission. i GEORGIA, COLUMBIA COUNTY > A W. L. Benton, administrator of 1 VV Mrs. M. A. Benton represents to the I court in his petition, duly tiled and entered on record, that he has duly administered Mrs. M. i A. Benton’s estate - j This is. therefore, to cite ad persons concern ed, heirs and creditors, to sh<»w cause, if any • they can. why said administrator should not i be discharged from his adininwtiation, and receive letters of dismission, on the First Mon day in March, 1886. This 7th Dec., 18R5. GEORGE D. DARSEY, Ordinary. GEORGIA. COLUMBIA COUNTY A LT HEREAS John E. Larkin, administrator \ V of the estate of Mrs. S. M. Blalock, rep resents to the court in his petition, duly tiled and entered on record, that be has fully ad ministered Mrs. S. M. Blalock’s estate: This is, therefore, to cite all persons concern ed, heirs and creditors, to show cause, if any can, why said administrator should not bo dis charged from his administration ami receive letters of dismission 'on the First Monday in March, 1886. This 7th Dee., 1886. GEORGE D. DARSEY, Ordinary. GEORGIA, COLUMBIA COUNTY— \ W. B. Roebuck, administra tor of Miss Annie P. Mathews, repre sents to the Court in his petition duly tiled and entered on record, that be has fully* adminis terd Miss AnnieP. Mathew’s estate* Ibis is, therefore, to cite all persons con cerned, heirs and creditors, to show cause, if any they can, why said administrator should not be discharged from his administration, and receive letters of dismission on the first Mon day in May, 1886. GEORGE D. DARSEY, Ordinary. Letters Guardianship. Georgia, Columbia County— JAMES M. Luke, residing in the State of Georgia, having applied to he appointed guardian of the person and property of Annie Bailey, a minor under fourteen years of age, resident of said county. This is to cite all persons concerned to be and appear at the March team of the Court of Ordinary, 1886, and show cause.jf any they can, why said Jame. 4 M. Luke ekouid not be entrusted with tiie guardianship of the person and property of Annie Bailey. Witness iny official signature, Ist February, 1886. GEORGE D. DARSEY, Ordinary. Citation. Georgia, Columbia County— rilllE Commissioners appointed to appraise J_ and set apart a twelve month’s support for the widow and minor children of Joseph Dunn, late < f said county deceased, having made their report, which is on tile in my office. This is to notify all persons concerned, to show cause, if they can, at the March term of the Court of Ordinary of said eounty 1 why the report ot the Commissioners should not be made the judgment of the Court and recorded, Wituese my official signature, this 29th Jan uary, 1886. GEORGE D. DARSEY, J Ordinary. 1 Georgia, Columbia County— , ri IHE Cummissioners appointed to appraise i 1 and apart a twelve month’s support for i the widow and miner children of Elias F. Bai- I ley, late es said county, deceased, having made their report, which is on lile in my office. This ia to cite all persons concerned to show cause at the March Term, 1886, of the Court of Ordinary, why said report should not be made the judgment of the Court and enterud on record. | Witness my official signature, this 26th Jan uary, 1886. j George D Darsey, Ordinary. Letters Administration. Georgia, Columbia County— rilO all whom it may concern: Gordon 1 Gairdner, of said State, having applied to me for letters of administ/dtion de bonis non, on estate of James Gairdner, late of said coun ty. This is to cite all and singular the heira and ! creditors of James Gairdner to be and appear . at the March term, 1886, ot the Court of Ordi ' nary of said connty and show cause if any they can, why letters of administration de bonis ■ non should not be granted on estate of said i James Gairdner. Witness my official signature, this January ■ 27th, 1886. GEORGE D. DARSEY, 4 Ordinary Debtors and Creditors. Georgia, Columbia County— I"VTOTICE is hereby given to all persons having demands against B. P. Berry, late of said county, de.ased, to present them to me, roporly made out within the time prescribed by law, so as to show their character and amount. And all persons indebted to said de ceased are hereby required to make immedi ate payment to me. P. ARMSTRONG, Administrator ofß. P. Berry. Feb. 2, 1886. Sheriff’s Sale. Georgia, Columbia County— -yi riLL bo sold before the Court House W door, in Appling, Ga., on the First Tues day in March, 1886, between the legal hours ol sale, all that tract or parcel of land in said State and county, containing five hundred acres, more or less and bounded by lands of Henry Hatcher on the east, I. M. Miles on the north, R. W. Lamkin on the west and on the . south bj Mrs. Hatcher Levied on as the proper ty of M. B. Eve, ag’t, tn satisfy a tax fl. fa. is sued by O. Hardy. T. C., for State ami county tax for the year 1885. Levy made this 19th day of January, 1886. a ud notice given according to law and turned over to me, this 2nd day of Febrnarv. 1836. I ’ L. L. MAGRUDER, ’ Deputy Sheriff “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.” HARLEM,GA., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4. ISBB. COUCHS AND CROUP ÜBK TAYL.OEL’® M: TJ Zu, 3L, E5 XIV. Th* .wmi t«ui, <• fathered from a trea of the earne nama, grawtug alvnf t>.e email etreame la Uie Reulheia Btaum, •romaine a eUmulntlug expeeturaut principle that leaeeae the phlegm prodaciag th* earlr meraiuf eeagh. aw 4 eMaw la’.oa the ohli.t te throw off the fake menabtaae In croup a»4 when Jog e>nrh. When on»*’»lned wiUe the haallag uim! taffineue principle tn the mullein plant es the atd field*, pre Mct-i In TavLoa a Cnbrokkx limiot «r twierltiM t«e Mvu.rin the flneet kßo»a remedy fer Con<h« Craap, Wtaoa. lug-Coagh and ( ouaampUeu ; aa<! m palaiubie, aay ablld la wleaued te take it. Aak tonr drec<iet foe it. Frtae, Mo. SI. WAITER A. TAYLOR, AtlawU, fra. Ueo DR. DIGQBRS- HUCKLERrRRY CUBDUI. fce Piarrhraa. Dyaaatary and Children Toothing. Far aala teg all drnggiata. Spring has Arrived AND THE Time to Plant GARDEN SEED IS HERE. Don’t be induced to plant inferior’seed. BUISTS YOU CAN Depend On. We guarantee each and every Paper. Send your orders to G. Barrett & Co. AUGUSTA. GA. Be sure to plant BUIST’S and yon will never regret it. G. BARRETT & CO., AUGUSTA, GA. Burial Outfits. We have in stock a largo loLof all styles of ROSEWOOD AND WALNUT (Jases and Caskets. White Marblcized Cases for infants ami chil dren of elegant st) les, with glass full length. thes , wo have a full stock ot Coffins OTiniitati'>n of fine wood, which are very hand some and cheap. We also have a full lina of Dressing Material for inside,and Ornamental Plates, etc. We are prepared to sell these goods as low aw any Un dertaker in the State, and parties wanting such goods will find it to their interest to try us be fore goinf elsewhere. J. F. Hatcher & Co., HARLEM, GA. GLOBE HOTEL BARBER SlfOP~ Shtvin:', Hair Cutting »nd Khampooing done in th. and moet imientific manner hy McINTOSH A ROBERTS. Hotand coin bath. Oiv. un a call. Polite atteatioe HEIOH and al! BlllOUi COMPIAIHTI am relieved by taking WRIGHT SIKD2AN VEGETABLE PILLS tiueb Vacftailt. Ss Crisis; 2ri:s Jl>. Ai! Eruzdats. Harlem Happenings WHAT IS BEING DONE IN AND AROL’ND HARLEM. SQUIB* CAUGHT OR THE FI.Y BY BEXTISEL BEI’OBTr.IIH -MEWS OF THE COUN I T COS BENSF.D. Er. het dalg etawre to hl. krad ull>« ean, *Eou gbosthnt sa slobduncs uro lusso su refe Art ea eih zevbvr nnc avbe, «th libowlm nfem Hesyuv rou riper nt dna hlebod run •mho. Judge Josiah Stovall vißitudrch livex here this week. —ls there not • marked improve- * I ment in the Sentinel this week ? —Dr. Hattoji, of Grovetown, is •een on our streets almost daily. —At Appling, Frank D. Gray will receive and receipt for subscription. We advertise 5 bbls. New Orleans molasses at aslonishingly low iigures. A. 1.. Hatcher A. Co., Dr. Boyd, of McDuffie, visited relatives here this week. —Go to R. L. Lamkin for every thing necessary to start your plows. I —We had a call from “old curiosi- Jty shop" one day this week. Come . again. i —W. J. Heggie, of Grovetown, is j authorized to collect and receipt for I subscription to the Sentinel. —Genial Jack Smith was in town for a short while on Monday, en route home from a business trip to Warren ton. —Will some one unravel the tangle at the head of this column. In proper shape it. is a pretty stanza of poetry. —Dr. Rockwell uses common black ing (Masons) for dying his moustache and says it has the desired effect. I. —The silver dollar comes in slowly for which we say, thanks. May they continue to pour in. There is room for improvement. —From what we can Isarn, one of our enterprising young men is going into the match business. A part of the material has been shipped. —Pitts’ Carminativa has cured when life was despaired of, all other medicines having failed —Our stock of plow gear, plow stocks and plows is full and com plete. A. L. Hatcher A. Co., —The sound of the .hammer and anvil is now heard iu our town. Mr. W. S. Atkinson is now prepared to do bine’ smith and wood work at short notice. —The Hon. A. J. Avary will reach here at 2:30 o’clock to-day. We urge his friends, or a sufficient number of them, to meet the train and assist in remeving him therefrom, as he is yet uuab.e to help himself. —Agsin we are called upon to chronicle another sad d< atli. Tues day morning the lovely little boy of Mr. and Mrs- J. E. Flint, of Saw Dust, breathed its last. We are in sympathy with the bereaved. —Does tlm change from a four page to an eight page meet the ap probation of our readers. —All who can’t attend church regularly who are not subscribers to the Sentinel should subscribe at once, as each issue hereafter will contain a sermon from the celebrated Dr. Tal ruadge. Misses S. J. and P. F. Crawford, two of Columbia’s most talented and estimable ladies, are spending several days of this week in Augusta. —Mrs Dr. Casey returned home Monday of this week. We gladly welcome her back; hope her stay will be pleasant. —A. L. Hatcher A - Co. have just rec-.ived another 50 bbl. lot of flour all grades. Also an immense stock of meal. Mr. Willie Malone is hauling brick from here this week preparato ry to building the wall around our court house. —ls nil idlo words a’r-j entered in tiie book < f reL.emberauce, some of us will be appalled when the day fol enumerating them comes. Then it behooves us to bo guarded in our speech. Maj Jno. E. Benton, of Thom- j son, formerly of this county, passed through Harlem on Monday a nice lot of young mules. —Look to your interest. 18S5 is of the dead past ami 1886 claims your attention. Farmers und the trading public, watch your interest, buy to the best advantage possible.- Save every dollar you can and come to No. 1 Railroad street, where your every want can be supplied, at R. L. Lamkin’s. It. was a novel sight to witness n two hundred and fifty pounder*driv ing a hundred pound yearling hitch ed to a two-wheel cart, through th* streets. It was fun for the boys, but death to the little—yearling. —Among the rising young railroad meu of the day is the deservedly popular R. A. Conner, Jr., conductor on the E. T., V. and Ga. Railroad. He is intelligent, ambitious and genial and will make a success of bis chosen profession. Bob ig here on a short visit to family and friends. —A L, Hutchor & Co. have th* finest rust proof oats in the market. Make your purchases immediately The market is getting fearfully scarce and advancing rapidly. —On Saturday last Mr. C. C. Mor ris and Charlie and Edd Cliett had a difficulty at Morris store in Number One, and exchanged shots at. short range with double barrel shot guns. Each one receiving a heavy charge of small shot, inflicting painful, but. not fatal wounds. Too much benzine the cause. • t We are glad to welceme «Mr. J. P. Williams to our town. He iseccupy ing the house on corner Main and Forest street*. We hope ho will be pleated with his stay hero and make this his permanent home. Would that .ill our vacant places could bo filled with such as our friend, Mr. Williams. —Our school continue* t r flourish and increase in numbers. Eight new names added to the roll on Monday morning last. In his management Prof. Ellington is as gentle as a lamb, though as firm as the rock of Gibral tar. —Dr. Holliday has been very busi ly engaged for the past week or two. Ho is going day and night. Ho is ih charge of Dr. Peeples’ cases during his sickness. —The Sunday schools were largely attended at both churches Sunday last. The Methodist school had a general reorganization, arranging classes and selecting teachers. —With our efforts to give you a readable paper eur expenses increase to some extent, and all are aware of the fact that it takes cash tc generate tho steam necessary to run a newspa per. Therefore, we modestly, but at tho same time, earnestly ask all in ar rears to came up promptly and lend us a helping hand, thereby enabling us to give you value received for your patronage. Our Neighbors. Something’ of Interest to All. What i« Transpiring in Oui Sister Counties as Sketched by the Quill Drivers. RICHMOND. Evening News: Never run forward to meet coming disaster. Make it. knock and knock and knock at door before you throw it opeii/dud give admission. * Learned men tell rts that in Latin Terms, $1 A Year, In Advance. tiie word editor mean* “to eat.” In Georgia dialect it menus to setateh around like blazes to get something to eat. A real live merchant knows that his goods are like an engine, anti will not go off without some puffing, aud hence he applies the steam of ad vertising. It is not an uncommon occurrence for children to get a bean, ora giaiu of coni or other foreign substance up the nose This simple remedy is worth remembering; Get the child to open its mouth; apply your mouth over it and blow Lnrd and the of fending' substance will be expelled from the nose. Augusta Chronicle; Whitehead, who Ims been confined in our jail for some time, has been tried iu Oconee county dud found guilty of murder. HANCOCK. Sparta Tshmalite; When it comes to marrying a couple, 0.. r old friend John H ood asks the preachers no odds • If Baldwin county should vote in favor of prohibition John Barleycorn will take to his bed and have a long hard spell The blizzard which was due in this neighborhood, the first of tiie week, was warded off by a northeast wind. This is the first good that the Ishmae lite Ims ever known to result from • wind from that quarter. The farmers of the county are pay ing a good deal of attention to terracing their land, and running their rows with the level. Thia in dicates progress in the ri, ht direc tion. It shows that, the day in which lands were left to be washed into unsightly gullies by every passing rain storm is to be succeeded by one of studied conservatism. With the soil properly protected from washing rains and enriched from year to year, and with prudent methods of ex penditure and an unaliuted recogni- , tion of the superiority of labor-saving machinery over human muscle,'it would be uureasonable to deuy thull a i bettei day is at hand for Hie tillers the Hoi|. WARREN. Clipper: The little diiuglitM? of ” Thomas Holder, in Lutnpkih, ftffl into an old well recently. There was no water in the well, but the child sank io her knees in mud. A rope aud basket soon brought her out. We are glad to see a growing dispo sition on the part of our people to give their children the advantages of a collegiate education. The county is represented in nearly every college iu the State. The man who is “too poor to take his county paper” will oblige us by applying at our office for inspection. \Ve want to write a “leader" on Hard Times, ami think this would be a good source from which to draw inspiration. A reward of one hundred old newspapers to the man who will apply. ——— - ~ ■ ■ ■ ■■ Weather Gnide. “A Kun of red Ih weather warm. A Kun of blue i« general etorm. A ('.uHent r* <l Ih wcathm* cold. A ( irHont blue in fair foretold. A Star of red no change implies. A blue Star, local atormy nkien A of black on flag of white. A Cold wave cefuew in all ite might.” Home Council We take pleasure in calling your attention to a remedy so long needed in carrying children safely through the critic d stage of teething. It is an incalculable blessing to mother and child. If you are disturbed at night with a sick, fretful, teething child, use Pitts’ Carminative, it will give instant relief, and regulate the bowels, and make teething sale and easy. It will cure Dysentery and Dian'hma. Pitts’ Carminative is an instant relief for colic of infants. It will promote di gestion, give tone and energy to the slomach and bowels. The sick, puny, suffering child will soon become the fat and frolicing joy of the z household. , It is very pleasant to the taste and only costs 25 cents [ irt bottle. Sold by druggists. For sale at Jlpfllday’s Drug Store Harlem, by W. J. Heggie, of Grovetow|r - -jfT—- 1 / Special Notice. \LL parties indebted to me for medica _ service are r(M|ueet/d to come forward and wettlc at once, eitheiW not® or the raeh or they will find their amountsiuan attorney'• hand*. i jan! 1 \-J Sindeks, M. D. 1 VOL. 4, NO. 19.