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The daily citizen. (Macon, Ga.) 1857-1857, October 03, 1857, Image 1

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COURT CALENDAR FOR 1857. Revised i>y the Southern Reoerdof. Sjilumloi Court* AUGUST. Ist Monday, Fiord Lumpkin 8.1 Monday, Clark bl Monday, F inyth Hancock Meriwether Walton 4th Monday,Baldwin Heard Jackson Monroe Pickens Taliaferro SEPTEMBER. Ist Monday, Chattooga Cherokee Columbia Coweta! Crawford Madlsor Marion’ Morgan Terrell 2d Mondag, Cass Elbert Greene Gwinnett Sumter Twigg9 Washington 8d Monday, Cobb Early Fayette Hall! Hart Macon Newton Putnam Talbot 4th Monday, Campbell Clay Emanuel Gordon Lee Wilkes OCTOBER. Ist Monday, Carroll Dooly Fulton Murray Paulding Taylor Warren Webster Wilkinson Tuesday after, Pike Wednesday after, Rabun 2d Monday, Habersham Harris Laurens Richmond Whitfield 3d Monday, Franklin Haralson Henry . .• Jones Oglethorpe Pulaski Stewart Worth Thursday after,Montgomery 4th Monday, Catoosa Decatur DeKalb Houston Irwin Jasper Lincoln Polk Scriven Tattnall Towns Thursday after, Telfair Friday after, Bulloch Monday after, Effingham do do Appling Monday aer CoDree Appling, f NO VEMBER. Ist Mouday, Berrien Gilmer Muscogee Randolph Upson Walker 2d Monday, Baker Dade Bibb Fannin 8d Monday, Burke Spalding Troup Un on ■ ’ 4th Monday, Calhoun < Chattahoochee Thursday after, Mclntosh Monday after, Dougherty do do Liberty Last Monday, Charlton do do Oolquiit Mon. after Liberty Bryan DECEMBER. Ist Monday, Butts Camden Jefferson Thomas Friday after, Wayne 2d Monday, Glynn 8d Monday, Lowndes 4th Monday, Clinch Miller T ‘Monday after, Ware. JA SVAiI Y. Mod y, Cl. I at mm j'KBK l f A RY. lit Monday, Olhi it Floy l Lun |>Win 8d Monday, Forsyth II All .ock, Meriwether • Walt in, Mon<Uy v ßnldwin Heard Jackson Monroe Pickens TAllaferro MARCH. 2d Monday .Chattooga Cherokee Coweta Columbia Cwuvford Madlsou Marlon Morgan Terrell 2dM nday, Cass Elbert Greene Gwinnett Sumter Twiggs Washington hursday ) Montgomery after 1 8d Monday, Cobb Early Fayette llall Hart Macon Newton Putnam Talbot Tattnall Friday after,Bull jc’.: 4th Monday .Campbell Clay Filing Eman ; Gordon Wilkes Last Monday. Charlton APRIL. st Monday, Camden Carroll Dooly Fulton .Murray Paulding Pike Rabun Taylor Warren Webster Wilkinson ridny after, Wayne 2d Monday, Glynn Habersham Harris Laruens Richmond Whitfield Tuesday after,Mclntosh 8d Moaday, Franklin Haralson Henry Jones Liberty Oglethorpe Pulaski Stewart Worth Thursday after, Bryan 4th Monday .Catoosa Decatur DeKalb Houston Irwin Jasper Lincoln Polk Scriven Towns Thursday after,Telfair Monday after, Appling Monday after, j. c „ Appling f if A Y. Ist Monday, Berrien Gilmer Muscogee Randolph Upson Walker •id Motfday, f*'*Vcr . _* Bibb Chatham Dade Fannin 8d Monday, Burke Spalding Troup Union 4th Monday,Calhoun Chattahoochee Monday after, Dougherty La9t Monday, Colquitt TUNE. Ist Monday, Butts Jefferson Triomaß 8d Monday, Lowndes 4th Monday,Clinch , Miller Monday after, Ware ‘ FIRE DEPARTMENT. GBD. S. Q33AH, Chief Engineer. H. M. NORTH. Assistant. i'3OTECTION FIRE COMPANY, NO. 1. Frank S. Bloom, Foreman. R. Boggs, Assistant Foreman. E. J. Stow, Treasurer. George A. Dure, Secretary. A. McQueen, Engineer. A. Patterson, Foreman Hose.’ Geo. Smith, Assistant! Foreman Hose. ... .Regular Monthly Meeting on the Ist T\tsday of each Month, at 9 o’clock, P. M. Ocmnlg-ee Fire Company, No. 2. Henry N. Ells, Foreman. R. S. Freeman, Assistant Foreman. E. D. Williams, Secretary. E. Isaacs, Treasurer. J. H. Gillon, Engineer. ...Hspitor JfttMr rftMtlng on the Ist Monday In 1 everv month, at fi o’clock, P. M. Young America Fire” Comnan w , No. 3. J. D. Vanvalkknburo, Foreman. Chas. W. Ells, Assistant Foreman. R. W. Evans, Secretary k Treasurer. William Groce, Recorder. James Keenan, Foreman Hose. Chas. Thompson, Assistant. ... .Regular Monthly Meeting on the Ist TiLM&ny in every Month at 8 o’clock, P. M! Hook & Ladder Cos. No. 1. Albert G. Butts, Foreman, Jas. V. Greer, Ist Assistant Foreman. Jas. Campbell, 2d “ “ Van Grisen, Secretary k Treas’r. ... .Regular Quarterly meetings last. Saturday In Jan uary, April, July and October, at 9 o’clock, P. M. West’rn. & Atlantic (State) Railroad. Atlanta to Chattanoova, 138 MUe*, Fare $5. JAMES M. SPULLOOK. Superintendent. MORNING PASSENGER TRAIN Leaves Atlanta, daily, at 9.00 A.M. Arrives at Chattanooga, at 5.3 ft P.M. Leaves Chattanooga. dally, at 7.30 A.M. Arrives at Atlanta, at 4.00 P.M. NIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN Leaves Atlanta, nightly, at 9.00 P.M. Arrives at Chattanooga, at 5.10 A.M. heaves Chattanooga, nightly, at 7.00 P.M. Arrives at Atlanta, at 3.10 A.M. TfTTh'.s Road connects, each way, with the Rome Branch “allroiid. at Kingston, the East Tennessee A Georgia Railroad. ,• n niton, and the Nashville <fc Chattauooga Rallrcui, at Chat • *oga. \tfanta % LaGrange Railroad. ■ : , f. West Point. 87 Miles, Fare 03.30. GEORGE G. HULL, Superintendent.? MORNING PABSKNQKR TRAIN he w • Atlanta, dallv, at 3.30 A.M. \rrh - if West Point, it 3.45 A.M. ‘,ev ■ We 4 Point, daily, at 3.00 A.M. Arrive i \tlant.a. at...’ 8.00 A.M. EVENING PABSBNGCR TRAIN Leav \tlanta. daily, at 4.45 V.M. ’ rrives it We*af folht, at 10.00 P.M Vom Point i-hrhtly,at 12.15 P.M r! •• it Atlanta. * 5.31 P.V ’ ‘ - ‘totl •'■mn.-ts, each way, with the Montgomery • fleet “aU*t £UU . VOL. 1. Georgia Railroad & Banking Corap'y. Vu.untn to Allant*, 17 1 Mil,-*. Fare #9.50. GBO KG E YOUNO E, Superintendent. MORNING PASSKNOKK TRAIN Leaves Atlanta, daily, at .8.4A A .M. Arrives at Augusta, at. r.,00 P.M . Leaves Augusta, dallv. at 6.00 A.M. Arrives at Atlanta, daily, at S.Ofi P.M. EVKNINQ PASSKNfiKR TRAIN Leaves Atlanta, dallv. at 6.00 P.M. Arrivenat Augusta, at 3.22 A.M. Leaves Augusta, dally, at .1.00 P.M. Arrives at Atlanta, at 3.00 A.M. HF"Thls Road runs in connection wiih the Trains of the Sooth Carolina and Savannah A Augusta Rail Au gusta. MACON H ‘ I iTTYTy . Methodist Episcopal Churci. PASTOR. Rev. James R. Evans. REV. W. F. TOOK 777777 Citv Mission. REV. W. A. SIMMONS Col’d. Mission. STEWARDS. James Williams N. Bass. P. Solmaan Thus. rater. J. M. .Tones ..R. A. Smith. TREAS’R & RECORDING STEWARD.-11. L. /evett. TRUSTEES. Asa Tlolt, Oh’rn Tb Hardeman. A. R. Freeman pmes Williams. Dr. ...McDonald B. F. Ross. T. A. Harris A. Wise. t' w "''''rv*ee on at lou; a. m.. and p.m. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday night. CWServive at the Factory on Sabbath lou a. m. Protestant Episconal Church—Macon. PASTOR. Rev. Henry K. Reese. WARDENS. James M. Greene, N. C. \funroe. VESTRY. Jaa. Rea L. N. Whittle. John B. Lamar Walter 0. Hodgkins John L. Jones. 4# Service on Sabbath at 10hf In the morning “ “ “ “ 3M In the evening. TFT Evening Prayer Meeting every Friday. Homan Catholic Ch PASTOR. Rev. James Hassan. rW”Semcc on Sabbath Morning at. 7 and at 10K, also In the evening at 7 o’clock. XUrWeek Days—Service at 7 ’clock, a. m. The Baptist Church. PASTOR. Rev. Sylvanns Landrum. DEACONS. Jackson TVLnache Dr. Wm. S. Light foot. Thn*. A. Eli's Geo. S. Obear Thos. J. Else. Jonathan Collins D. Wm. Kills. (Oglethorpe.t TRUSTEES. Robert Findlav, Ch’rn Jackson DeT/iache. Geo. S. Ohear. Thos..T. Else Dr. W. S. Lightfoot. TREASTTRER.—TaeJcson DeLoache, CLERK—George S. Obear. tr Divine Service each Lord’s Dav at 10K a. m., and 7M n. m . r ,eeture nnd Praver Meeting even’ Wednesday night. 71?“ Communion—lst Sabbath in each month, lu the after noon TV conference Meeting on Friday night before the Ist Sun day in each month. Presbyterian Church at Macon. PASTOR. Rev. Robert I*. Breclr. ELDERS. E. A. Nisbet John J. Gresham, Washington Poe Edwin Graves, Robert Carver. DEACONS. Edward 1). Trac Jos. E. Wells. TRUSTEES. Oh as. Oamnhell J. E. Wells. Edwin Graves Tas. A. Nisbet I.C.Plant. ffVP-Servlce on Sabbath at 10 In the morning. “ “ “ “ 4 in the afternoon. “ “ “ “ .... before 8 in tlie evening. 7FF” Lecture everv Wednesday. TWSesdon of the Church meets at the Pastor’s House on the lt Monday nbbt.of each month. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. JAMES BTM'TfANAN. of Pennsylvania. President. •TNO. f!. BRECKENRTDGE. of Kentucky, Vice-President. Lewis Cass, of Michigan. Secretary of State. Howell Cobb, of Georgia, Secretary of the Treasurv Jacob Thompson, of Miss., Secretary of the Interior. John B. Floyd, of Va., Secretary of War. Isaac Toueey. of Conn. Secretary of the Navy. Aaron V. Brown. ofTenn., Postmaster-General. Jeremiah S Black, of Pa., Attorney General. Jinileiarv—Snureme Court. Roger B Taney, Baltimore, Md., Chief Justice, appointed LB26—Salary *5.000. John McLean. Cincinnati, Ghio, Associate Justice, appoint ed in 1329—Salary *4.500. James MWavne, Savannah, Oa., Associate Justice, appoint ed 1889—Salary *4.500. John A OamnbelL, Mobile, Ala.. Associate Justice, appolnt- Ttn 852—Salary *4.500. Jno. Catron. Nashville. Tenn., Associate Justice, appointed. 887—Salary *4.500. Peter V. Daniel. Richmond, Va., Associate Justice, appoint 1841-Salary $4,600. Samuel Nelson, Cooperstown, New York, Associate Justice, appointed 1845—Salary *4,500. Beniamin R Curtis. Boston, Mass., Associate Justice, ap pointed 1851—Salary $4,600. Robert C Grier. Pittsburgh. Pa., Associate Justice, appoint ed 184$—Salary *4,500. Beni. C Howard. Baltimore, Md., Reporter, appointed 1848 -Salary *1.300. The Supreme Court is held In the Citv of Washington, and lias one session annually, commencing on the first Monday in December. STATE OFGEORCtA. II V JOHNSON Governor. Wm. Steele Secretary Executive, DepVmt. B. B. DeGraffenreld, “ “ ‘ Lucllliua H. Briscoe, “ “ John T PolhlU, Messenger. E. P. Watkins, Secretary ot State. John B. Trippe Treasurer. Peterson Thweatt, Cnmntroller-General. ames A. Green Surveyor General. Tohn F. Condon, State Librarian. David J Riley President of the Senate. Peyton H Colqulltt, Secretary of the Senate. Wm. H. Stiles, Speaker of the House of Rep. Alex. M. Spear, Clerk of the House of Rep. Wm. Turk Prin. Keeper of Penitentiary Bonbth 8. Carswell Asst. “ “ H. J. G. Williams Inspector of “ Wm. A. Williams, Book-keeper “ Dr. Tomlinson Fort, Physician. Dr. T. F. Greene, Sup. and Res. Phy. Lunatic Asrhrm. Dr. T. Fort, B. P. Stubbs and Dr. E. L. Strohecker. Trus- Luuatlc Asylum. liiilolnry Court for the Purreellon of Error* Joseph H. Lumpkin. Judge. Tenn Expires 1857. Charles J. McDonald, Judge. “ “ 182. Ilenrv L. Bennlng, Judge “ “ 7S>9. H. Y. Martin, Repot ter. R. K. Martin, Clerk. First District —Composed of the Eastom and Middle Jodi- Circuits, at Savannah, on the second Monduy In January, nd the second Monday in June. In each year. /)/VrV|.-_Composed of the Macon, .utU ChattaluA/cluv * Judicial Circuits, vrMaoon, and tht 4th MACON, UA. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1H57. Monday in January, and third Monday in June in each year. Third District. —Compnsejf of the Flint, Coweta, Blue ‘ridge and Cherokee Judicial Circuits, ul Atlanta, ou the 4th M rndav iii March and 2d Monday in August each year. Fourth District.-- Composed of the Western and Northern Judicial Circuits, at Athens, on the fourth Monday in May and fourth Monday in November in each year. Fifth District.—. Composed of the Ocnmlgce and Southern Judicial Circuits, at Milledgevllle, on th*2d Monday In May nnd November in each year. •Note—The P.dania Circuit is attached to 2d Snprome Ci-nrt District ; Brunswick to the 1-4 ; Tallapoosa, to the 3d. •fudges nnd Solicitors. Bine Ridge Circuit. Ric. Jod_ . Win Phil lips, Solicitor General. Krauxwick Circuit.- Arthur E. Cochran, Judge, Wm. H. Dad,er.Sollei for General. ChattoJmuch t't Circuit.- E it Worrell, Jud„.\ Thaddeus Oliver. Solicitor General. Cherokee Circuit.— T H Trippe, Judge, Jas C Longstrect, Solicitor General. Coweta Circuit .—O A Bull, Judge, L E Bleckley, Solicitor General. Eastern Circuit —W B Fleming, Judge, Julien, Hartridge, Solicitor General. Flint Circuit.— E G Cabannls, Judge. James R Lyons, Solicitor General. Macon Circuit.— Abner P Powers, Judge, Theodo W Montfort, Solicitor General. Middle Circuit.— W W Holt, Judge, W R McLaws, Kulici tor General. Chmulgee Circuit. —lt V Hardeman, Judge, W A Lofton, Solicitor General. Pataula Circuit.— David J Kiddo, Judge, David B Harrell. Solicitor General. Smithern Circuit.—Fetor E Love, Judge, E T Sheftall, Solicitor General. * •S’. Western Circuit.— Alex. A Allen, Judge, J W Evan-, Solicitor General. Tallapoosa Circuit.— Dennis F Hammond, Judge, Herbert Fielder, Solicitor General. Western Circuit —.las Jackson, Judge, S I’Thurmond, So licitor General. Judicial <ironies. Brunswick Circuit —Appling, Charltou, Coffee, Ware, Cam den, (.Minch. Glynn, Wayne. Catania Circuit. —Clay, Chattahoochee, Webster, Early, Randolph, Stewart. Tallapoosa Circuit.— Carroll, Coweta, Haralson, Campbell, Floyd, Heard, Polk. Northern Circuit- Madison, Elbert, Lincoln, Hancock, Hart, Oglethorpe, Taliaferro, Warren, Wilkes. Eastern Circuit. —Bryan, Bulloch, Effingham, Chatham. Liberty, Mclntesh, Montgomery, Tattnal. Middle Circuit. —Burke, Columbia, Elm ami el, Jefferson, Richmond, Scriven, Washington. Western Circuit.- Clarice,Franklin, Gwinnett, Habersham nail. Jackson, Rabun, Walton. Ocmulgcc Circuit. —Baldwin, Greene, Jasper, Jones, Mor gan, Putnam, Wilkinson. Southern Circuit.— Berrien, Colquitt, Laurens, Lowndes. Miller. Irwin, Pulaski. Telfair, Thomas. Flint Circuit —Butts. Henry, Monroe, Newton, Pike, Spal ding, Upson, Cherokee Circuits Cass, Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, Gordon, Murray, Whitfield, Walker. Coweta Circuit —Fayette, /ulton, DeKalb, Merriwether, Troup. South- Western Circuit. —Calhoun, Baker, Decatur, Dough ertv. Lee Sumter, Terrell. Chattahoochee Circuit.—Munis, Marion, Muscogee, Talbot, Taylor. • Macon Circuit.— Bibb, Crawford, Doolv, Houston, Macon. Twurtm. Worth. Blur Ridge Circuit.—c herokee, Cobb, Fannin, Forsyth, Gilmer. Lumpkin. Paulding. Picketiß, Union. Town*. | —— OFFICERS OF CITY COURT. HON. CLIFFORD ANDERSON fudge. WM. L. \. ELLIS, ESQ Solicitor. RH’HARD HURD, ESQ Clerk. JOHN RILEY Marshal. Regular Seasons—3d Monday in February, May. A e gust and November. TO HOUSEKEEPERS? XAA Paper, of new and elegant Styles. • lust received aud for sale low. Also Fir/* Board Prints and aheap Window Biindß, plain and fig ured. Bide Light Papers of varions natt.ern* Call and •“xamine. J. J. A 8. P. RTCnARDS. mar23—t.f DXSOXiITTION THE Firm of fMH If 4 UTS’ <V IITS A Y was dis solved on the Ist January 1357, by mutual consent. Either of the Partners are authorized to settle up the old business of the concern. All indebted, will please call and settle at an early date, as it is desirable to close l it up immediately. W. H. BRAY janßT—if W. D. OARHART. Soda “VT"ater T\ all its puritv, sparkling and perfectly cold. All Svrups manufactured by the undersigned out of the pure juice n e he several fruits—and not composed out of worthless essences, may bo found at HENRY HORNE’S Confectionary. mayl3 d—ts ICE CREAM, AND other REFRESHMENTS, at H HORNE’S. P. S. CREAM sent to families bv the half gallon nr more. If ordered in time, and of the following assorted flavors: Ras berry, Strawberry, Pine Apple, Vanilla, Lemon, Maras quine may 18—dtf FALL AND WINTER nt.OTHTIMCt 9AULSBURY A 00., are prepared to exhibit t* their customers a very choice variety of entlrpß new and most desirable styles of Fashlenahle Clothing for Fail and Winter.amnnr which maybe found any ar ticles suitable for a gentleman’s wardrobe—wku, MAn* goods sxoLnRTVBi.v. They have also an assortment of Cloths, Caßslmeres and Votings, ofstyles entirely new, which they can makeffn order, in the best, manner, and the shortest notice. In boys’ and childrens* clothing, the'’ can offs* something very desirable. *cpt2fi—tf Macon and Western Rail Road, ON \NO AFTER MONDAY. .IU\K 16th. the Pas aenger Trains of this Road will be run as follows : Leave Macon at 2.55 p. m. arrive at Atlanta at 8 o’clock, p. m. Leave Atlanta, at 5.15 a. m. arrive at Macon at 10.5 ft.. Passengers leaving rfnattanooga and points on the Wester** V Atlantic Hoad bvthe night. Tniin. will arrive in Macon. 10 M a. m..:ind in Savannah same evening. Passengers from Savannah and jiolnts on Roaabv morning Train, will arrive in Atlanta same evening and con nect immediately with Train of the Western & Atlantic Roan for Chattanooga and Nashville. , .. Passengers for Columbus, Americus, and points on tnp South-Western Road will arrive in Macon at 10.30 a. m.,ano leave, hv South-Western Train at 3 p. in. Passengers from the South-Western. Road will arrive In M.aeon at It a.m., ard leave bv Macon fe Western Tram, at • EMERSON FOOTE. Snpprintendeut m—neßp. ‘ LAN lER TT OTJ S E Maoon <3-.. LOGAN & WEAR,A, Proprietor*. Til PROPRIETORS of this well known.e* tsblisbrnent. respectfully give notice that they are still candidates for the jiatronage of the Travel- ling public, and determined to omit nothing to do- well of their guests and maintain the reputation m . of the House. FREE TRANSPORTATION Os Passengers and Baggage, to and from the House, by a fiur new Omnibus andß aggage Wagon, which they have provided for that purpose. Passengers will hereafter be at no expense whatever for transportation of Ihemselrc*-and their baggage . tirhdr wav between the Lanier House, and the Railway Sta tions in Macon. We ask a continuance of public patronage and promise attention and comfort to our gtests. logman & MEARA. aprilS <l—ly _ Gra,s IPixt.-ares. , /-aIIANDALTKRM. PENDANTS and BRAOKKTS of Jl PFJBiiiyi spiiiss CARDS HUNTER & ELLIS. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, MACON, GA. 0 Offtck on Ohkkrv St. opposite the Gkoroia Trlkokaph Offipk. WiLLpractiee in Bibb, Monroe,Crawford,Twiggs, Hous ton, Macon, Dwoly and Worth counties. 5 To he found in their Office at all hours .atf jans —ly. ****^ BH. H. A. METTABER Y T A VTNG spent n portion of three ‘•uceessive years in - I this city, during which time he has limited his pr-.ctict* almost exclusively to Surgery, now respectfully offers his services to the citizens of Macon and surround ing country, in all the branches of hi** profession. Office on the South East Corner of 3d and Cherry streets, over Mr. Asher Ayres'new Grocery Store. sej>27—tf David Ros-^, 2300 H: BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURER, Over Geo. 7! Rovers <f? Son, Cor. Third and Hherry Streets, Macon, On. j nl3—ly. LANIER & ANDERSON. ATT 0R N FY S AT LAW, ‘YD KOIYTY l,(\l> (Ml PKYSIOV (fiKYTS! MACON. GA. BESir.KS the regular busineso of the’r Profession they have fr years past been engaged in prosecutinr elaims for Bounty I.and and Pension, in favor of soldiers their widows and minor children. They have also obtained the correct forms and the rules for obtaining Bounties under the Act of Congress just passed. feh24 —ts l)r, T. S. Maxtor, OXTV r’TITSICI /VTVT. r YFFFRB ids professional services to the citizens of * Macon and vicinity. Office over B. A. WISE’B BTORE. ianl7—t.f 0. BJBIGE, UNER AND REPAIRER Os PIATJO PORTER, IS Permanently located in Macon. may be left at Messrs. Virgin’s and at E. J. Johnston A Cos. uovß—tf I, Opposite the I’assenirer llepot, K. R. BROWN, Proprietor, S“ Meals ready on the arrival of every Train. aprl9—tf P.EDDINS HOUSE. DSACON, GEORGIA, -*• H. P. REDDING, Proprietor. atigSß—tf Br. I. B. Comings, Offers his Professional Services as a REFORM PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, [lO the Citizens of Macon. Office in the Medical Col lege, on Mulberry Street. Macon, March 28 —fim l7n.whittle, ATTORNEY AT LAW, MACON, GA. OFFICE next to Concert Hall,over Payne’s Drug Store jan 10—ly Andr ow W iud, American, Oimadian A European \dvertisittg- atad Subscription ORFICE. So. i:s:{ JS.4Hfi.4r STREET, (Next door to the Nassau Bank,) UP STAIRS ,) rv E W VOHtl. novt-tf J. R DAVIS. T.and Broker. Collector St General Ag-’t. Business attended to in any county in this State. Office corner Jackson and Ellis Street, Augusta, Ga. ntivl—tf DR. A . PYE , Office over Ellis’s Drug Store, OPPOSITE “ GEOROIA 01TIZEN. ” octll—tf OHN LYN, WILLIAM T. BLACK LYON & BLACK, attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Newton , Baker County , 6c. WILL give prompt attention to all business entrust ed to their care, in the following counties: Sumter, Clsy, Randolph, Early, Decatur, Baker, Oa!- ■ oun, Dougherty and Lee. roayßl—ly BKNRY 0. LAMAR. j 0. A. LOOHRANhi. lAMAH .V LOfURAYE, ATTORNEY S AT L AW, MacON , G a . OFFICE ON MULBERRY STREET. llavimu associated themselves in the practice of Law, hey will diligently attend to all busiuess entrusted to heir care. maylO—tf *** Telegraph and Musa. copy. O. CAMI'BKLL, J. W. OAUT CAMPBELL & GATJtT GENERAL PHOBUCE ABENTS, FOR TOR PURCHASE, SALE, AND SHIPMENT OF ALL KIXDB OF EAST TENNESSEE PRODUCE, Buch as Bacon, Lard, Butter, Flour, Wtw'Rt, Corn, Cats, Fruit, etc. etc. KMOWILLF, TENS. (Warehouse—At the River.) janl9—ly V ALI THE YOA ( S in the GENTLEMAN’S FURNISHING DEP A 2Tt “3? IVC 13 3V ‘X 1 . IS now opening by C. H. BAIRD. nar2l—Bm DP, C. J. ROOSEVELT, 10M50PATHIC PHYSICIAN OFEICE AND RESIDENCE Jorner nf Wslont nd Third Streets, Slaeon, Ga. oeta —Yj NO. 140. ; Preserving Kettles. 1 ENAMELLED, Brass and i ■ iu|ition Kettles t r ma liking Preserve*, all sizes for sab- by june9B— ts NATHAN WEED. Lumber, Lumber. 300 ()00 umber ’ ~|ank and.Scantling APHFR AYUFB. I mar29—tf J Concentrated Ess. Jamaica Ginger. \S \FK and rellabb* family remedy for ail bowel affee tii'ir*. Dispep-ia. General Dehillty, ane the majority nf i siunmer Ui-‘e;i-.-i prevail-,t in this elimate, prepared ami sold by FITZGERALD A NOTTINGHAM. Innel a—ts While Lead. Zinc and Oil. twin i’ , i | wm , rKi.B*n. i 1,l *’ M ‘-.DO” Pn. Fr •eh ami American ZINC. • lbs. BiakeV Ki. ■ I’imif IV.ut. 400 galls. LINSEED OIL. Also, an assortment of Paint Brushes, iust receive,l and for salebv <JEO. r. ROGERS Ar SON. may 5 d—t Sugar and CJolTeo. -f ~ hints. Porto Rico Sugar. rs Ilf) bbln. An ,v <’ (“arified Sutr. TO do GrUrdied. Powdered and Granulated Sugar, 120 .sicks common to choice Rio Coffee, 50 do pure oM Government Java do. for sale bv GF.o. T. ROGERS ,V SON BOOTS & SHOES. rfIHE undersigned takes this method of returning his 1 thanks to his friends and customers for the liberal patronage bestowed upon him In the past, and begs the continuance of t!iat patronage, and he hopes, by keeping a regular supply of Boots and Shoes of a GOOD QUALITY, An<l attending strictly to his business, to merit a liberal share © from hie friends and fellow citiiens und the country generally. J. 0. C. BURNETT, 4gt. .Sole Leather, Calfßkiu Lining, Binding, and Findings always on hand, for sale cheap. auv’9 —ts mi mu ’ Jr IS N o' v RECEIVING “and Utr Si’KIV. A M 1011 II . • *s 4’consisting In part of BILK, BAREGE and ORGANDY ROBES i Beautiful LACE BASQUES and MAN “ * TLEB, Splendid Embroideries, Rib bons, Flowers, Gloves, Bonnets, Head-Dresses, Silk Ho siery, Dress Trimmings. Ac., and respectfully solicits the patronage oi the Ladies of Macon, and the sur rounding eountb s. All orders promptly attended to. I laprl4d—tf Land Agency. [ fg’HE subscribers are prepared to make locations Land i.i all of the North-western States—lowa. Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Territories of Nebraska i and Kansas, and solicit consignments of funds or war- ; rants. For terms apply to JNO. H. LONGLEY, Macon, Ga. I JNO. B. DWINNELL, Lodi, Wisconsin f aprl7 d~tf NEW RESTAURANT,; & AND Oyster Saloon. EISAATN has the pleasure to inform his friends • and the public at large that he has opened anew Saloon under Ralston’s new Conerrt Hull, Chorry St. Maoon On . W'herc he is prepared to furnish his guests, at short no tice, and at all hours, the choicest refreshments of the season, such as Fre.h New York Oysters, Fresh S IS|I of every variety. Wild Game of al kinds, also a supply of I'SH r ri-elern ami r'nnißtlr, “uch h* Apples,Oranges, Lemons, Ac., Ac. Also, choice Wines, Brandies and othei refreshments. Families will heHupplied with tt y.<-• r and I’ruH Ci< s. and other Dishes, at any hour. Parties, Balls, Ac., will he promptly furnished with Buprwrß, in elegant style,and at tin* shortest notice, ovl-luy Soap, CandicN, Slarrh. &c. 14 Wi boxes Colgate’s and other brands SOAP, GO 140 do Sperm and Adamantine, l ANGLES, *4, *5 and *O, 80 do STAR< :H. Kingsford and other brands, 45 do PICKLES, all bizes, 50 do assorted CANDIES. 65 do Ground Pepper, Spice and Ginger. 20 do Bird Pepper Sause, 30 do Soda and Sugar Crackers, 40 do Tobacco, all grades, 25 do Choice Lemon Syrup, 80 do Claret Wine. 85 do Fine Brandy, 50 do Madeira and Port Wine, for sale by G. T. ROGERS A SON. mavSfid—tf LEWIS H. ANDREWS, Book Job Printer, Corner Third and Cherry Streets, Mficon, Gta. mar7-6m For Sale. FRFIVfHs German and Ktiglinh Kooks and Tracts, at J. 0. 0. BURNETT’S. mai-7-tf ~ EXECUTOR’S SALE. VALUABLE BE AI, ESTATE. ViyTT-Ti be sold on the first Tuesday in November next, by t virtue of tn,‘last will and testament of William Kilpat rick. deceased, before the Court House door in Bibb county 1180 acres of land lying on Rocky Creek, about five miles from Macon—ai ut 600 acres in cultivation, the balance well tim bered. Tlu-ie isaGri-t nnd Saw Mill on the premises—a good two storv framed dwelling, and good out buildings, with a fine supply of pure spring water. With the Mills and plantation will be sold the privilege of cutting timber on 400 acres of fine land . The whole, well known as the plantation and Mills of Wm Kilpatrick, deceased. TERMS)—One-half cash, and tne balance m 12 months. WM. G. KILPATRICK, Executor InlylO—td of Wm. Kilpatrick, dec’d. N ew Candv Factory,and BAKERY. ORNAMFNTEDCake.and Plain,supplied to Families, Weddings and Parties,according to order. Oandybv the Box, (assorted for Merchants,) of the best quality, warranted, and at the lowest price*. Orders for t.he aboveor for Drugs, Garden Seeds, Nuts Frult*,£c. promptly attended toby J. H A W a. KLLTft, novß—tf Cherry Street. Maenn, Gm. Anderson & Son, Lottery and Exchange Office, Gr . HANING purchased theTiiten-st of J. F. WINTER, in the above business, wc :wk a coutipnunce of patronage ho lib orally extended to him. Exchange for sale on all theprinclpa Cities of the union, rw* 17ncurrent money bought and sold. Gold for sale. upriM (l—fan MOLASSES. Oft Clips. vnryup.’-l2f uUtj-lu rccoiverf nd for ni. W o')’P-<e ;<J. t. ROQEHU * MOM. Oranges and Lemons, t>mnge* and Lemons nsselved every wjek and W n irtl i' M tf h> ’ GKO. T. ROGERS a SON. Nbgroia Wanted. ’j’" 1 - ; - 1 ‘ Mti prlne will he paid for hkelv . “ , NEGROES. Also for a gang of Plant*"- 1 • * R. PHILLIPS. K„ Maooo. fen2B-t f, U Hll CEMETEaY. 1 .-xa mm mm m mm m X£l I \ITOI LI) most respectfully announce to the TV citizens of Macon and Its’ vldnltv. that >■■ AfaSPvX, ,r,;,k, ‘ 1 I !“* GRADING, WAI.IJN4Ln[m I- -..V I NO, and keeping in order, lots in Koeßrii/jK , ‘ ’ *cttoV t of t!U ' ry * 116 Wil * i ‘ ls ” underhike the e IWfflmi ’ H XlonuiMcnt. and ‘■'iOO Iron. IRa.ilin^a n j and \ other work that doe- not. luterforv with the Sexton's department. He bar taken the Agency of Phil b.l -’ Marble Manufactorv, established in New Haven Conn., ; J will be ready at all rimes to exhibit designs of Monuments oi other Marble Work that may be wanted, |uno4 —ts A. DRY DIE. Carriage Materials. s !,| y,V;s ,\xi.i>, hi'bk, spokk*. iinw, I-’ HVM(S, >IAI.I,KVIU.K (-AMTI.VM. im.T-, IWMKIXKDLKATHKU, Knamolled Olotlw, va’ Nh, rurpentine Japan. Drop Bluck, Ac. Ac. mftvSfi d—ts LITTLE A SMITH. M.IJAH S. OA.RHAHT. A1 HON t Hut* CARHART & ROFF, WHOLFSAIE GROCERS. DEALERS N ! HIXKS, I.IQ! ORS.S^AATOBACCO,SKCARS, sHOi AND GROCERIES tVK. av DK. BCRIFTION. WTacon. Ga. aug4—tf BMPORIBM OF FASHION! TIISIIIM, liy-llimiS!! v iJONH. M. LOH would respectfully notify hi, frlrn.l. and Die public that he still keeps an Establish ment at the old stand in the FLOYD HOUSE, for the purpose of aoenmmndalintr all customers In his line of ‘H'a'neßS SHAVING, HAIR CUTTING <1 SHAM POOING executed In the best style or the art. Also Warm, Cold and Shower BA TIIS , at all times and sea sous, ready at a moment’s warning, at the reduced rate of 25 cts. • For sale numerous articles for the toilet ofGentlemen, such as Raenrs, Shaving Soap, Hair Dye, Hair Oil, Prog lcr s Hair Invigorator, Milk of Almonds, Bay Water Hair and Tooth Brushes, Pomatums, Combs. Ac. Also Gentlemen’s Wigs and Toupees on hand or made to or der, to suit all emergencies. Entrance on 8d Street, 8 doors from the corner of Fieyd House Building. ?nJ;T7 KniRht * Co ’ B ' ce,ebrated nATR REOENE UAI OR— the best preparation yet out f..r restoring the hair to its original color, and promoting its growth, kept for sale. This article has been used by several gentle men of this city, with entire satisfaction, and *?n he recommended with confidence. M. LOII, majrflA d—ly German Barber. i NOTICE TO DEBTORS & CREDITORS A 11,1, :,t >d to the Estate of Alfred L. Horen, ■ “‘iV ° Bibbevunty, deceased, are requested to call on the sui’- ‘n ter and settle the same. Those having demands agains s:u! fc.nt.ite will present them, duly attested lu terms of the I„m4d-tf J ’ ‘ ■ BL ' TLEK - Corn. lILMkIiLD bushels Hriii.e White Tennessee CORN .just received and tor sale low bv inne2s and-ts G. T. ROGERS A SOa. Boltins Cloths. ! |'rTCH ANCHOR BODTLNO CLOTHS, different lram t “ ‘i rs just received and for sale cheap Dy - ” J. li. & W, A. ROri>. JOHN CLEGHORN, ;) DEALER IN Ji|fjp SUtUI.ES. lIA KX ESS, LEATHER, 11 IP RIBI ER BELTIXC, Saddlery Hardware, Ktc. Etc. At the stand or the late Wra. T. MIX A CO. Cotton Avenue, Macon,Ga. aprl 1 —ts Little & Smith. DEALERS TN Saddles <&c- Harness furtnfm ” Wlth * |rcl ' oral aSßOr,m ™ t of materials for Manu nmv2fi d—ts Vino GROCERIES FOR SOUTHERN FAMILIES, THOMAS HOPE A CO., No. 182 Chambers Strut, New Yobx, (Established 1820.) Importers and dealers in all descriptions of Rare Old Madeira, Sherry and Port Wines. Finest Old Brandies, Superior Old Jamaica, St. Croix and Antigua Rum, Old Holland Gin, A every variety ol fine Imported and do mestic Liquors. nminpaune— Mux Sutaine, Moet A Ohandon ami Mumm’s Imperial, Cabinet and Venxenay, Ueid seick and other Brands. < lu ret and S a tor lie—lncluding Chateau Margaux, Chateau Lafltte, Leovllle, Larose, Margaux and St. Julien, Chateau and Haut Sauternes. Slock Wines—of Johanneßbcrger, Marcobrun ner, Rudeshelmer, Hockhoimer, Sparkling Hock and Moselle. Segrn.l**—of all the choicest varieties, Elegantes, Re galias, Conchas, Operas, Pressed and Communes. Foreign Fruit*—ofU kinds, Raisins, Almonds, Prunes, Ac. Tons and Foifoes—all of the finest qualltle*. Jtftuiii* und Tonjj new—Burlington, Virginia A Westphalia Hams, Smoked and Pickles, Tongue*. <oslieii Blitter—in Firkins, Tubs and Stone Jars. Foreign Pickles—Sauces, Catsups, Sardines, Olives, Ac. Preserves-East and West India and Domestic.- And a full and general assortment of every variety of Fine Groceries. raar7-ly BOOTS & SHOES. K IBBEE & BALL BEG leave to inform their old friends and customers, that •nek of^ nre D ° W P re l w *th a larger and more complete Boots <sc. Shoes Than over ; selected with cave and taste, and offer greater In riuvementß to the trade than any other house in our line. < all and see us at our old stand, Rfl Murray St., corner ot ( hyreh. KIBBEE & BAUa, augl-d-ly, New York. THE LONE STAR INFIRMARY. One Mile South-west oj Ciisscta , Ga. k'llHE subscriber has opened an Infirmary for the JB treatment of Chronic diseases of every form.— l*’rom eleven years ex erlence in the Reform” Practice, ie hopes to give satisfaction in every curable case that may be put under his care. Rheumatism and Dropsi cal affections treated with unparalelled success. Fe ntries nursed by Mrs. Frar.ier, who is a Lady of moral worth and efficient character. _ 8. J. AUSTIN, M. D. References.—Hon. Joseph Bhaw, Stewart county, Ga 8. W. Parker, Colqult, Ga. White A Helms, Ousseta, Ga. Jno. 0. White, Mt. Andrew, Ala. . „ - Maj. E. Dean, Rockyhead, Ala. Janß— tf\ Coffee? 1 011 St. Domingo COFFEE, for sale very cheap 1 yU, hy j. B. A W. A ROHB lunesd--Ltf IST otice. A GOOD COOK, WAHIIIJi dr IHOXIiR is wanted fl. Enquire at this Office. RICHARD BRUTN. Inlyl4——tf MACON SIIEET’NGS, OSNABURGS AND YARNS. 1 Maoon Sheetings, Flint Rivsr Osnaburgs X v” X."und Y/uns, for sale by fvuisi? tMf BO WERE A ANIMHWO&.