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national §.m_frirajt BY C It. HANLEITjER. OUR RAILROADS. Arrival aud Departure of Trains. • Georgia Railroad Ml Banking Company. Augusta to Atlanta, 171 Miles —Fare, $5 50. GEORGE YONGE, Superintendent. MOHS ISO PAUSES® E H THAIS. leaves Atlanta, daily, at...„ 0.05, A. M. Arrives at Augusta at 0.20, P. M. T jeaves Augusta, daily, at 0.30, A. M. Arrives at Atlanta at 0.45, A. M. MIGHT PaSSKSOMK TRAIN. Loaves Atlanta, daily, at - 8.40, P. M. Arrives at Augusta at 5.56, A. M. Leaves Augusta at...! 2.30, P. M. Arrives at Atlanta at ..11.45, P. M. Thu Road runs in connection with the Trains of the South Carolina and the Savannah and Atlanta Ml West-Point Railroad. Atlanta to West-Point, 87 Miles—Fare,..s3 50. GEORGE G. HULL, Superintendent. DAY PASSENGER TRAIN. Leaves Atlanta, daily, at 10.10, A. M. Arrives at West-Point at 3.10, P. M Leaves West-Point, daily, at 3.00, P. M Arrives at Allanta at 7.51, P. M. NIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN. Leaves Atlanta, daily, at 0-30, A. M. Arrives at West-Foint at 4.46, A. M. i* Tili., with the Montgomery A Wo,t Point Roa3 at Wrat-Point. w Weitem At Atlantic Kailroaa. Atlanta to Chattanooga, ISB Milea—Far, JOHN W. LEWIS. Superintendent. oar rA,aR TRAia. Leaves Atlanta, daily, at 10.10, A. M. Arrives at Chattanooga at n 40, 1 . M Leaves Chattanooga at ,4 05, A. M. Arrives at Atlanta at 114. P* M. EVENING PASSENGER TRAIN. Leaves Atlanta, nightly, at 7.50, P. M Arrives at Chattanooga at 4 40 A. M. Leaves Chattanooga at 3 2°. J*. M. Arrives at Atlanta at ..11.44, P. M. This Hoad eounects.each way.with the Rome Branch Railroad at Kingston, the East Ten nesses and Georgia Rialroad at Dalton, and the Nashville A Chattanooga Railroad at Chatta eooga. Macon * Weatern Railroad. Atlanta to Macon, 102 Mile*—Fare $4 SO. ALFRED L. TYLER, Superintendent. DAT PiNIRfIBR TKAIM. Laava Macon at }**• £ Arrive at Atlanta at *•**■ 5, „ Leave Atlanta at 100. 1- JJ- Arrive at Macon at *- 00 M RIGHT PABHRMOKR TRAIN. Leave Macon at 12.00, Night* Leav.Tlant. H O®. Night. Arrive at Macon at T- I *. A - M The Night Traine will not be run on Sun fhe 12 o’clock Night Train from Atlanta, connects with the Central Railroad for Savin aah, at 10.00. A. M., aud the South-Weatern for Mbanv and Columbus, at 0.45, A. M. The 2.15 Train from Atlanta, connects with the Central Railroad for Savannah at 10.00 I . M. and the South-Western Rail Road for Co lumbus at 11.50, P. M. . , w 1W Through Ticket* from Atlanta to New York, including Omnibus tare in Savannah, *!1.00. CITY OF 1 ATLANTA. Mayor.— Hon. William Kssanl. tfeaacl/meo.-H. H. Olenn, J. B. Norman, James Hdrew, P. K McDanlel.M.T. Castleberry, J.R.O.Osbarn, J.H. Wallace, 8. B. Sherwood, N.L. Angler and Isaac Wlnihlp. CKalnnan of Council, or Mayor pro tom -Isaac Wtoatilp- Clerk of (\>unoil—C. ¥. Wood. —John Thompson. BTANDINO COMMITTEES OK council. Os Fltninv*. —Messrs. Anfrler, McDaniel and Wlnshlp On Ordinances — Messrs. Mo Daniel, Crew and Angler. On Street*.— Hmr*. Crew, Sherwood and Wallace. On WtUs, Pumpe <md Oistsrne. —Measrs. Norman, Oaatleberrv aud Ozburn. On Lamps and tf.i.—Wes.r. Oil.urn, Castleberrjr and Norman. ()n Market —Moor*. Olenn, Wallace and Osburn. Oo fire Department. —Mewsrs. An*ler,Sherwood and Nomdau. On Polien. Medri Wtiwhlp,Sherwood and Olenn. (la Cemetery. Sewn. Casllelwrrjr, McDaniel and OUnu. (la Relief —Messr, Wallace Crew, Oaburn, Olenn and Wlnshlp. (la Puldic RulMlay* and O -oonde.— Messrs. Slier sood. Anider and Norman. 1 ‘Uv Noe royof —H. 1. Ourrler. tteereeer of Street*.— John IfasleU. Clork of Market. — J- K. Trout. Horton —a A. PUsrlm. Marekal.—O. W. Andsraon Deputy Marshal. —E. T. Hunntoutl. rtrot Uout. ofPolict.—J. M. letter. Seoond /.lout, of Police —T. Shivers. “'“’v.nfriP.lhll -iWLinit, j ‘ Crow, O. W, Maek tlock, W. C. Burangton, Merldelh Brown, Wm. M. Burt, T. Hawkins, 8. Stewart, H. C. llaslett and Z. N. Davis. MOWS OF TEMPKHANCE. OFFICERS OF GRAND DIVISION. W G Whidby, G W P Atl.nU. Milled ge Murphy. GW A Spe.r'a Turn-out. J C 0 Burnett, G 8 ..Maoon. W H D W Read.GT Rev D P Jones, G Chaplain Palmetto. Dr J M Pslmer, G C By Spring. Rev M F Morgan,G 8 Tjnmlle. The Grand Division will hold its next Annual session at Palmetto, on the Second Wednesday in October, 1860. ®mjan26 CAMPBELL & CO., —DEALERS IK— Moss, Curled Hair, Feathers, MATTRESSES, BEDDING, AC. CAMPBELL A CO., 17& Canal Street. may 13 New O rl * n - PARTNER WASTED, IN a profitable Manufacturing buaineaa. One with 52.A00 cash capital, or more, will find It a good investment, whether he engagea ac tively in the buaioea* or not. For further par ticular* apply at this offioe. julyUtf ATLANTA SLAVE DEPOT, a WATKINS A RICE, A General Slave Dealera-Buying and Sel- IQA ling, and Receiving and Selling on Com rnisaion—keep oonaUntly on hand a good as sortment of LIKELY YOUK3 NEGROES Persona at a distance wanting to buy or *aU, will please write us. OFFICE, On Loyd ,tf eet, in the Brick building, adjoining O. H. Jones’Sale and Liv ry Stable, Atlanta, Georgia. noarchO |liitionl Jlmrricau. SUBSCRIPTION R ADVERTISING SCHEDULE TIRMfI or SUBSCRIPTION. Daily, per annum 16 00 VMult, per annum, 8 00 1 Paj meni required Invariably in advance. ADVERTISING. One Square of 10 lines or less, one Insertion, $1; and fifty Cent* for each subsequent Insertion less than one ’ Mil U-A.II.aY RA.TKS. j 1 mo. 8 mod. 8 mos. 4 mos. 6 moi. 18 nnn’ 1 Sqiiire,. lr |lO 618 |IC fBO SBO 8 Squares, 10 18 16 80 *6 40 8 Squares,. 18 17 j 21 i 21 ! 80 f0 4 Squares,. 16 20 | 84 j 88 86 . 66 6 Squares,. lb 28 ;28 88 4U. ! 60 6 Squares, So W 80 85 • 46 ] 65 7 Squares,. 22 88 81 40 46 70 8 Squares,. 88 80 87 48 60 78 0 Squares,. 24 88 40 46 86 SO 10 Bquarea,. 25 88 41 48 (0 86 Yearly advertising, with the privilege of change, will be taken at the following rates : For one Square, renewable at pleasure, SB6 For three Squares 60 For one-fourth Column, 6o For one-half Column,. lit* For one Column, 250 ! All Tabular work, with or without rules, and adver tisements occupying double column, will be charged double the above rates. Advertisements t*>t marked on copy for a specified time, will he published until ordered out, and charged according to the above rates. Special Notices, 10 cents per line for the Amt, and 6 cents for each subsequent insertion, and in no case to be subject to contract. Marriage notices and Funeral in vitations, 60 cents each. No special notice Inserted for leas than 60 cents. Obituary notices, Reports, Resolu tions or Proceedings of any Hoclety, Association, or Cor poration ordered to be published, 6 cents per line. Regular advertisers and all others sending communi cations or rtqulring notices designed to call attention to Fairs, Concerts, Holrees, or any public entertainments, where charges are made for admittance—all notices of private assorlationsacvery notice designed to call at tention to private enterprises calculated or Intended to promote Individual interests, can only be Inserted with the understanding that the same is ts be paid for. If Inserted iu the editorial column (which can be only at the discretion of the Proprietor) the same will he charged at the rate of not less than 20 cents per line. Yearly advertisers will be limited to the space con tracted for. Any advertisements not properly connected with the business will be charged separately, and, also, any ex cess of matter over the amount contracted for. Contract advertisements payable quarterly ; adver- J tlsemsntsfrom strangersand transient persons, payable \ In advance. All others will be considered due when called for. The pa|>er, under no circumstances, to bg Included in a contract. Professional and business cards, not exceeding Minos, will he inserted in Dally at 616, Tri-Weekly 616, and Weekly at |6 per annum. Oalis on persons to become candidates, will be Insert ed as other ad vertiseoisnts, to be paid for Invariably in advance. Announcingcandldatesfor office, $6, to be paid lnad vance. MECHANICAL. FECK & BOWMAN’S EMPIRE . Steam Planing Mill and Hash A _ Blind and l>uur illiSat MANUFACTORY, ■BsfcirSHßls Decatur Street, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Til ft YuolKU.ffi.u.r'ln Cue .'lll sens of Atlanta and vicinity, that they have recently erected a NEW PLANING SIILL, which is now in successful operation. Having a large stock of Seasoned Lumber of the best quality, on hand, we are prouared to fill all orders for Doors, bash. Blinds, Window and Door Frames, Tables, Counters, Boxes and Drawers of all sines aud descriptions. Dressed Lumber always on hand—such as Flooring, Ceiling, and Weather-Boards—and dressed to order at short notice. Moulding worked to any Pattern at New York prices. Wood Turning. Scroll Sawing, and all of Ornamental Work done to suit the times. Stair Building done in the best style, and Railing furnished of ‘>ak, Mahogany or Wal nut if desired. Newels and Balusters always on hand. Orders taken for all kinds of Orna mental Iron works. Patterns can be seen at the office. Bills of Lurnbor sawed to order from the best timber. Large lot of Green Lum ber on hand suitable for Building purposes,for sale for cash. JOHN C. PECK. marchSl JNO. T. BOWMAN. WILLIAM MACKIE. FRESCO PAINTER AND GRAINER, HAVING located perma- nently in Atlanta, will de vote his whole attention to the above Branches in all their details. Likewise, SIGNS of every description, WIN DOW SHADES, SHOW CARDS, CARVED LETTERS made to order in any style, war ranted to equal any City in tho Union. Orders from the Country attended to. OFFICE—In Beach A Root's Building stairs f’d’J ATLANTA MACHINE WORKS. AT this Establishment may be found the mos extensive and varied assortment of PAT TERNS for Merchant and Custom Mills in the Btate, embracing tho latest improvements for Mill Geaiing found anywhere. The experience of the Superintendent (J. L. Dunning) haa been equal to any one of his age in Mill Building, and from this faotuan advise those who want advice. To Lumbermen, I would suy if you want a Saw Mill at. all, get a Circular Saw Mill. Thera is no mistake about their advantage—not any. We make them on short notice, and ao do oth ers; but we mean to have those of our build good enough, if not the best yet made. 5tW- Terms cash; or, in other words, pay andbtpaid. J. L. DUNNING, Atlanta Machine Cos. CARVING IN WOOD. rPHE subscriber respcotfully announces to A the citiiens of Atlanta, that be is now fully prepared to execute in the best manner, every description of CARVING IN WOOD. He will also give particular attention to the fitting up of Stores, with Shelves, Counters, Ac., after any plan ; also, the internal decoration of public Halls, Churches, Ac. Old Furniture of good nuality will be repaired at short notice in the best manner. THEO. MRoCZKOWSKI, Marietta street, opposite Gas Works. lyjanSl __ ATLANTA BRASS FOUNDRY, On Hunter, between Butler and Mr- Duuough Streets. THE subscriber begs leave to inform the pub lic that he has established a BRABB FOUNDRY', aod is prepared to do all kinds of CastiDg in BRASS, TIN, ZINC and LEAD; will alio make LINING METAL and SPEL TER for Copper and Brass Work, at short no tice, at prions equal to Northern prices. All orders left at the Foundry, or at Tomlin •on A Barnes’ Store, will be promptly attended to. JAMES E. GULLATT, auglfi-3m Atlanta Braas Foundry. NEW MUSIC! A LARGE lot of NEW MUSIC forth* Piano F ur te—just received and for sale at the Book and Music Store of J. J. RICHARDS A CO., u| ,7 _ Whitehall ttraet. FOR SALE. a TWENTY-FIVE Horaa-Power LOCOMO n. TIVK BOILER, nearly naw, suitable lor a ! Steam Saw Mill, for sale low. Apply to Not. 2. ts. PECK A BOWMAN. AT! ANTA, GEORGIA, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 24, 1860. DENTISTRY. W. J. DICKKY, SURGEON AND MECHANICAL f^DBNTIST 1 ATLANTA, GEORGIA. OFFICE—Up-ataira. ue*t door to Richard’** 1 Book Store. ep24twlyr E. J. A K. W. CRAVEN, . DENTISTS, 11AKE removed to their Dew I J and splendid room iu Farmer's | Block, opposite Bench A Roots, where they aro prepared to wait on all who may wish their services. Ministers, who are pastors charged half price. Calls from a distance attended o with promptness. junelil-watw OH. J. P. H. BROW X. DENTIST, SPOCESBOI TO CAMPBELL • SMO., Drug Store, Whitehall street, Atlanta,Georgia. All operations pertaining to Dental Burgery performed with tna greatesteare twAwlyjeV THE LAW. 11. W. Me DA NIKI.. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE—Up ntuir. in tins building North of tho Georgia Railroad Batik. jaiiAtf QBOIGE 9. TIIOMAS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Agent for Martin's Georgia Reports. Ollice Iu Smith's building, Whitehall street, dat>U ATLANTA, BROKOIA. KAZAKH At COIIIF-B. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. OFFICE in the Granite Bank Building of the Georgia Railroad and Banking Cos., imme diately on tho Railroad. par Upstairs. Iyje2s. T. W. WALKER, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ATHENS, GKORtIIA, Will practice in tho Counties of the Western Circuit. ljmU. J. M. A tv. 1.. CAl.HOtn, AT T OKN KY S A T LAW. Atlanta, Georgia. dlynl22ok. A. J. MeBRIDE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, JONKSBOKO, GEORGIA. sep2S tl.'lm JARKIt IRWIR SVHITASKR. B. P WATKIXS. WHITAKER, A WATKINS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. OFFICE in Markham's now Building— second floor, front <> hall mwi A 1 y W. J. MCDARIKL. 8 K. COOKB. McDaniel a cooki:, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ATLANTA, OKORGIA. OFFICE, up stairs, in Dr. Powell’s new Brick Building. Wbtehall street, North-East of the Georgia Railroad Bank Agency. inyly G. B. HAYGOOD. O- W. JOHNSON. HAYGOOD dt JOHNSON. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ATLANTA, GKOHGIA. OFFICE, On Whitehall Btreet. feb2 MARCOS A. BICLL. V. A. GANKILL. BELL A GAKkILL, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ATLANTA, GEORGIA, Us ILL devote special attention to Convey among, and the Prosecution and De fence ol Buit in respect to Titles to Real Estate ; also, to the Collection or Claims—making prompt returns. All other Legal Business intrusted to them will receive strict attention. In conection with the Law Business, they have permanently established a an’ Mgjtjyv office. Particular and prompt attention will bo given to Buying, Selling and Renting Real Estate in Atlanta ami vicinty. OFFICE—In Concert HaJl Building, oppo site the Georgia Railroad Bank Agency. jan7 A. W. STONE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, omen ik this kkydtob huildino, Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia. j!3 L. J. OARVRSLL. T. W. J. HIM.. GARTKEI.L A HILL. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, jly2B ATLANTA, GEORGIA. MEDICAL. |)R, I>. C. O’KEEFE, OFFICE opposite Beach A Root**—Residence on Houston street, near Mr. Wilson’s Acs demy, will be found at office until V o’clock at night. lynovS Dim. TAIJ AFERRO At THOMAS, OFFICE in Collier’s New Building, over the Drug Store of Hunnicutt A Taylor. Calls will be received at all times during the day and night. manshift Dr. E. N. CAMIOIIX, Atlanta , Qtnrgia. OFFICE IN KILE’S BRICK-BUILDING —UP STAIRS DISSOLUTION. THE partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, in the Wholesale Grocery Business, in the city of Atlanta, is this day dis solved by mutual conseut. N. A. McLendon having purchased the entire interest of 8. W. Joules* in said business, is alone authorized to use the name of the firm in liquidation. 8. W. JONES. n. a. McLendon. NOTICE. r TM!K undersigned will continue the Whole- JL sale Grocery Busiuess on his own account, at the old stand, and respectfully solicits the patronage of his friends and the public gener ally. N. A. McLENDON. Atlauta, September T3, 1860. scpM-tf WHEAT WANTED! Wo have orders for, and wish to purchase, 5,000 bushels of Prime Red anil White Wheat, for which wa will pay the highest prices. jutelO BUTLER A PETERS. REDUCTION OF FREIGHT. THROUGH RATE from New York via Cen tral Railroad and Macon A Western Rail road to Atlanta. First Class, per 100 lbs, $1 59 Second Class, per 100 tbs, 1 14 Third Class, per 100 lbs 96 Fourth Class, per 100 lbs, 86 A. L. TYLER, Macon, August 6, 1860. Superintendent aug7 THE F RANKS, IN PRINTINGHOUSE, ATLANTA. GEORGIA. WOOD, HANLEITER, RICE A CO., j Proprietors. THE undersigned, having combined the ex- ! tensive assortment of Printiug materials of ‘ C. R. llani.kitkk and J. M. Wood A Cos., and I added thereto about Hie I'koumnd Dollar.'* i worth of iNEW MATERIAL, including one of Hoe's Large Cylinder Presses, : (bed 31 xill inches,) one of Isaac Adams’ large Book Presses, and a Buggies’ Half Cap and Bill-Head Press—together with a complete Bindery—are prepared to do any and ull kinds of Book, Newspaper anti iTob Printing AND in the Best stylo at sh*>rt notice. Xf'Our tonus for J*b Work, C\xsh on Deliv try of the \oork.~ 1 &,% We have six Presses— Ihrccof them propelled ar Stkam— and an ample supply ot Type, Cuts, Ornaments, Ac., for doing all kinds of work, from the smallest to the largest page of letter-press, or from a Visiting Curd to a Mammoth Poster. Thoii Workmrk, in every department, are expori enoed and skillful, and their Stock of the best iuulity ; therefore, those favoring them with tueir patronage may rely upon having tlioir work executed in the most tasteful manner, ou good material, and with dispatch. Our friends and others having Books which they wish printed and bound, are respectfully invited to give them a trial before sending North. One of our chief objects iu engaging in thia enterprise is, to render the South, so far as our facilities will permit, independent oj all other sections. BLANK BOOKS, Such hs Journals, Ledgers, Record Books, Dockets, Cash Books, Railroad and Bunker’s Books, ruled and manufactured to any pattern desired, and in the best style. Orders for Printing or Bmik-Binding, in all their branches, from nil parts of Georgia, or of .* # be South, having connection with Atlanta by and Express, are mi. W,Tlfn"‘'irAm7!TEWuWnTa Atlanta, September I, 1860. TO WHEAT GROWERS! AS THE TIME IS AT HAND WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEED DOWN YOUR LANDS, wo beg to r mind you that we have for sule Mapea’ NITROGENIZED SUPER-PHOSPHITE OF LIME, | THE VALUE OF WHICH, IN INCREASING THE QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF TIIE WHEAT CROP, Has Been Fully Tested! It is now Not a Matter of Experiment! —BET— A THING FULLY PROVED! For salo in any quantity at the Manufactur er's prices, freight added. McNAUGIIT, ORMONI) k CO. sept. 27. Keystone Building- H. B. CLIFFORD, SR., PRODUCE BROKER, Forwarding & Commission Merchant, No. 2:n Mnin Street. M>ll*\ ILLE, Kl.\Tl'( kY, ptr Pkrsosai. Arrsano* oivks to ali. Orukrs ARB CoXSUISURRTS. Rrmirto: Mitchell A Armstrong. Pork Pack ers, Louisville, Kv.; Guthrie, White A Cos., j Louisville, Ky. i Thus. Brown A Cos.. Bankers, Louisville, Ky.; P. T. Hamm A Cos., Toledo, Ohio ; Straton A Seymour. Wholesale Grocers and Produce Merchants, Nashville, Tennessee. Oct. 2k. 3uitha. ROBERT CRAWFORD. DAVID R. THURMAN. ; CRAWFORD A THURMAN, Grocers, WHITEHALL STHEET, ATLANTA GEORGIA, (3 Doors Below Keystone Building,) NEXT HOOK TO HENDERSON'S CARRIAGE STOKE ’ WILL keep constantly on hand A GOOD ASSORTM ENT OF EVERYTHING usu I ally FOUND IN A FAMILY GROCERY (Li [ quora excepted.) aept. 27—dti. VN. MCMILLBH. T. P. FLEMING. B. I.MSLSAR MCMILLEN, FLEMINB & CO., GENERAL PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, * South Side PuM*eiifjer He pot, ATLANTA GEORGIA. KEEP always on hand, and in large quanti ties, Bacon, Lard, Flour, Corn, Wheat—in fact, everything usually to be found in a COM MISSION HOUSE. Thankful for the liberal patronage of thr past year, we hope, by strict attention to oue business, to merit a continuance of the same. Consignments respectfully solicited. jan7 McMILLEN, Y LEM ING A CO. MISCELLANEOUS. ! S. B. ROBSON & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS -AKS cum mis si o n M erchants, tV IIITKHAM. STRKET, ATLANTA GEORGIA Offer lor Sale, 5,000 Bushels of Corn ; 1,000 Sacks of Extra and Superfine Flour; ‘60,000 Pounds of Bacon—Sides and Shoulders. 1,000 Pounds Plain and Trimmed Hams; 3,000 Lard in Barrels and Cans CUBA MOLASSES. I NEW YORK A til NEW ORLEANS SIRUP. iff all grades, ’ , Coffee, Nails, Candles, Soaps, Kino and Common Liquors, Tobacco, Cigars, ,tc. Ac. This is the Best Market in Georgia S TRY IT ! TERMS CASH ! S. B ROBSON, June! R. C. ROBSON. VICTORY! THE KNABK PIANOAGAIN TRIUMPHANT! CARL F. HART II HAS constantly on hand at his PIANO DE POT, on Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Gear ! gift, an assortment of the celebrated Piano Fortes of Wm. Knabc &. Cos., BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, which are unsurpassed in volume and richness of Tone, durability and workmanship. In aildition to the above, a variety of Instru ments from the best Northern Factories, cun always be found at his Establishment. yr-fr I lie Knahe Plano, during the late Pair at Montgomery, Alabama, took the premium over all liiNtriiinentii on exhlbi ! tlon. among*! which was, also, a OriggN Patent Plano. Piano Fortes Tuned and Repaired, and Tun ing by the year done at reduced price*. Those who wish to call on me. will j please recollect, that there are two Music Stores (•lose together on Whitehall Street, and that the first one to tho right in coming from the Railroad is mine. may3l tw CARL F. BARTH. SOMETHING IW! WE tuke pleasure in returning our thanks to a generous public, for the fluttering pat ronage bestowed upou us, aud beg leave to an nounce thut we have removed to our NEW IRON-FRONT STORE! six doors from our former place of business, on WHITEHALL STREET. We have opened an almost ENTIRE NEW STOCK, much larger than ever, which we pro pose to sell upon TERMS NEVER BEFORE PRESENTED IN THE CITY OF ATLANTA. Besides our large and carefully selected stock of DrugM, Medicine*, Oil*, (Ticniir-als. Taints, Window-Class, Putty, Instruments, Hraudy and W Inc. We invite attention to the most complete ami j varied ansortment of Fancy and Toilet Articles, Soap*, Tooth, Hair and Null It rushes. Kerosene Oil, Iduupa, Catawba Wine and Brandy* IFtP For CASH, or short approved paper, | we give Bargiana. Physicians’ Prescriptions and Family Medicines carefully com pounded by a Druggist of Twin tv Yrabs’ Expeuibnc*. MASSEY .1 LANBDKLL, aug2s Whitehall street, Atlanta. J Great Excitement at the Shoe and Leather Em porium of Dim irk, W 1 1 fl o n A Cos., ON PEACH-TREE STREET. A large lot of BOOTS and SHOES, iust received from the manufactory, and will bo | sold at prices unprecedented I in this market. Ladies’ Patent Foxed Lace Heel Gaiters, at $1 25 a pair. Ladies’ Sewed Morocco Lace lleel Boots, at $1 10 a pair. Men’s, Boya, Misses and Children’s Boots and Shoes, proportion ably cheap, and warranted. Gents’ French Calf Water-Proof and Pump Boots— new styles—just received, and will he sold at prices lower than any House in this city will sell as good a Boot. 5,000 lbs Hemlock Sole Leather, just receiv ed and for rale at Charleston prices, or lower than ever before sold in this market. 60 dozen French and American Calf Skins, of various brands, this day received, and will be sold at a commission on New York prices. Lasts, Boots Trees, Pegs, Lining, Binding and Morocco Skins, Findings, Ac., proportionately cheap. Those wanting Good Boots, Shoes, or Leather at low prices, will find it to their interest to give us a call before purchasing. DIMICK, WILSON A CO., dec22 Sign of the Big Boot. INSURANCE. KIKE AND I.IKE INSURANCE AGENCY. THIN subscriber represents the following first class Companies, some of which are now the lending Companies in the country—all having Cash Capita!* and a large surplus. The Companies thus* designated divide seventy -rive j per ct. of the net earnings with the policy holders : HOME INSURANCKCOMPANY. N. Y. Capital Pnd Surplus. 61,15H,(KK) •continental insurance company, >'• NFtV YORK. Capital and Surplus, SUMNMKMI. ! • SECURITY .INSURANCE COMPANY, N. Y. Capital and Surplus SMHI,IIH3. CITIZEN INSURANCE COMPANY. N. Y. Capital and Surplus s:\‘2 I.3(‘£. NIAGARA INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital and Surplus *3ol.f>.M. SPRINGFIELD FIRE AND MARINE INSU RANCE COMPANY, MASS. Capital and Surplus 6>1H1,000. •MARKET INSURANCE COMPANY. N. Y. Capital and Surplus $300,000. HUMBOLDT INSURANCE COMPANY, N. Y. Capital und Surplus *‘J35.000. METROPOLITAN INSURANCE CO., N. Y. Capital and Surplus, $ 1 00,000. NE W YOKK LIFK INSURANCE COM PAN Y. Capital $ i.h00.000. This Company offers security and advan tages unsurpassed by any Life Insurance Com pany in tho country. It accomodates tho in surer in the payment of premiums, annually, half yearly, or quarterly. Premiums on poli cies for life, if over s.*(> per annum, suty per cent, is only required. Annuities granted on the most liberal terms. All the above Companies court investigation into their condition and system of doing busi ness. Office on Whitehall street, next door to T. R. Ripley’s, opposite the ••Intelligencer” office. July 12 SAMUEL SMITH. ATLANTA INSIRANCEtOMPANF. BANKING, EXCHANGE AND COLLECTION OFFICE. .108. I’. LOU AN. President. PER INO liROWN, Cashier. IIIH I'H'TOHS. L. T. OKA NT, JOSEPH P. LOGAN, THOM A8 L. COOPER, JOHN WJUUNCAN, GEORGE G. HULL, JOS. D. LOCKHART. DEPOSITS reoeived and commercial paper discounted. Collections received and remitted for at cur rent rates of Exchange on day of payment. Uncurrent money. Gold and Silver Coin, bought uud sold. Loans and Notes negotiated. Stocks, Bonds ami Real Estate bought and sold on commission. P rompt attention to correspondents, april 14 FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE ! UJ E are Agents for the Augusta Insurance Company, ami tho Insurance Company of tho Valley of Virginia. Our rates of premium will compare with anv of tho Northern Companies. Wo trust our citizens will patronize Southern Institution*, especially when they are strong, solvent and prompt in redeeming all hisses. 8. B. ROBSON k CO. nprill7 Atlanta, Georgia. I,IFK AND FIRE INSURANCE A&INCY. SOUTHERN MUTUAL LIKE INSURANCE COMPANY. SOUTHERN MUTUAL KIRK INSURANCE COMPANY. Charter Oak Life Insurance Cos. — Capital ,..f 800,000 Hartford Fire insurance <Y>.— (\i/>i£al, Attna Jurat ranee Company—Capital, 1,000,1)00 Phtenii* Insurance Ctnnpany —CapiUil 400,000 Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. — Capital,.. 200,000 City Fire Insurance < V*., Hartford— < ‘at dial, BftO.OOO Merchants Ins. ( Y., Hartford — Capital, 900,000 Girard Fire Ins. Co.yPhiuioetphia —i ‘ajdtal, 200,000 IMIK subscriber re prescuta tho above Compa nies, all of whiclt he can assure tho public, are rirst class Companies. The CAPITAL STOCK of the Stock Companies, is all paid in, besides each Company, including the Mutual Companies, has a largo Surplus. Office—Second'lloor, Concert Ilall Building, apposite Georgia Rail Road Bank Agency. N. L. ANGIER, Mig2ottf Insurance Agent, Atlanta. DIMICK, WILSON & CO., (tUICCKSBoaS TO DIMICK ft Mil,) Manufacturer!* of and Wholesale ami Re tail Dealers in BOOTS, SHOES AMI) BROGANS! Also keep constantly on hand Oak uul Hem lock Sole Leather, French Calf Skins, Lining and Binding Skins, Shoo Pegs and Shoe Find ings— at the Sign of the Big Boot, L. M. DIMICK, k Cherokee Block, WM. WILSON, V Peach-Tree Street, A. MIX. J Atlanta, Georgia. octlft to pXjANTehs \l f E h9vo now in Store, a large lot of ttxtra \Y Heavy, Double-Sole Russet Brogans, made with two hoavy soles of the best quality of Hemlock Sole Leather ami Oak Uppers, with Rivit Eye-seams, which we have made express ly for the trade of this market, and guaran tee them, in every respect, superior to any thing that can bo found in this market, in the lino of Brogans, and will sell them at lower J prices, by the cose or single pair. Those wanting a good Brogan, at low prices, will find it to their interest to call on us at the Sign of the Big Boot. DIMICK, WILSON A CO., octl Peach-Tree Btreet, Atlanta, Georgia. /\/\/\ LBS. best quality of Good Hem ovVv/V/ look Sole Leather; 3,000 lbs best quality Good Damage Sole Leather; 2,C00 lbs best quality Good Oak Bole Leather—all iust received and or sale, at low prices, at Wholesale or Re tail, by DIMICK, WILSON A CO., octl Peach-Tree Street, Atlanta, Georgia. SALE AM) LIVERY STABLE! BY— MORRISON & LOGIN, ROME, GEORGIA. , good iiorern a kink VKHICI.EH alwaye on hand. Ttrft and ll,fl tr * T,, ' in fs puNii® iH J do well to give us r call. Rom* i. (lie most convenient point for per son* to take private conveyance for Van Wert, Cedar Town, Jacksonville, Alabama, lallude ga, Alabama, Summerville and Cedar Bluff Alabama. aepltin iitlßO MUdlAMtk TO be hired out for the ensuing year. One of them is a TANNER and FINISHER of Leather; one a BLACKSMITH ; and two are BRICKLAYERS and PLABTERERB. All rood No. 1 Negro Mechanic*. Apply to * J. C. BARNETT, aug23-tf Madiaon, Georgia. VOLUME I.—NO. 62. MISCELLANEOUS. A. ISAACS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER INj Millinery and Fancy 0-0 O IDS, Ribbons, Foal hers, Flowers, Head Dresses, Km broideries, Lares, Blonbco, Uucl)fß, (Jtrfummj, && 0., &c. CONNELLY'S IRON FRONT BUILDINGS, WHITEHALL STREET, ATLANTA, GA. oetS-dly 8 <1 1 111 o 11 s © i XXX XIX O XI s ARtWOW OPENING, AT THEIR ELEGANT ANO SPACIOUS NEW STORE, Corner of Whitehall and Alabama-Streets, A VERY HEAVY STOCK OF FALL ABD WISTER DRY-GOODS, : CARPLHSGS, A X I ) OIL. CLOTHS. ATLANTA. GA . September 21, IVD. NOW OPENING furniture: store, FIRSTDOOR WEST OF THE FULTON BANK ALABAMA STREET, r — | A great variety of^ Prl#r Suites, 3 ROSEWOOD, Mahogany, .Amd “Walnut, Covered in BROCATELLE, RErS, VEL VET. SIIALLY, and HAIRCLOTH. All made in a workman like manner, combining Strength, Durability and Beauty! Modelled after the style of LOUIS XIV, and many of the Oriental Styles adapted to American taste. Also may be found 100 Xtoolting AMD Ladies’ Parlor Chairs, Mostly of new Patterns, from $5 to sn<) each. Sofas, Divans, Ottomans, and m Tete-a-Tetcs, Os the latest and most fash] ienuble styles. 200 BUREAUS, Os Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut and Imitation, from $1.25 to S9O. LOOKING-GLASSES, Os every style, quality and variety. Cane, Ru*h, and Wood Seat CHAIRS, so Parlor, Dining, and Bed - Room, with a larga variety of Children’s Chair, ; Rooking and Nurse Chairs, with Cane, Rush, and Wood Bottoms. WARDROBES, Wasli-Standß, Hat-Racks, Corner btaDda ; Side, Centre, and Parlor TA BLES, Ladies’ Work Tables and Quartettes. BEDSTEADS OF EVERY RIND. FRENCH IN ROSEWOOD, FRENCH IN MAHOGANY, FRENCH IN WALNUT ORIENTAL IN ROSEWOOD, ORIENTAL IN MAHOGANY, COTTAGE IN MAPLE AND WALNUT, COMMON IN POPLAR & MAPLE. Cottage Suite* in a variety of styles. Hair, Moss and Cotton Mattress** made to order. All kind* of common Mattreaae* usual ly found in Furniture Stores kept on hand.— Alto a full supply of Window Shades, new ratterna, together with many other article* common to this line of trade. Particular attention paid to Repairing and making to order. Looking Glaaa Plata* kept constantly on hand. D. CHAFFEE, Agent Atlanta, Sept 19—d3m INDIA RUBBER BELTING—from 2to , inches—for sal* by juneU CENTER A TREADWELL