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The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, August 19, 1900, Image 1

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THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL. VOLUME XI. NUMBER 4. PH hi an Tie Ex-Secretary if Slate Killed Goebel. PRISONER NEARLY FAINTED The Jury Was Out Only Fifty-Five Minutes Powers Surprised. Georgetown, Ky., Aug. 18-Caleb Powers was today declared guilty of the billing of William Goebel, governor of Kentucky. Immediately after the finding of the verdict, the prisoner was told to stand up and was sentenced to life imprison m nt in the Kentucky penitentiary. The verdict was taken quietly, but in a sullen manner, by the friends of Powers. The convicted man turned as pale as death when the jury filed into the room and when the verdict was announced he came Dear fainting. The jury was out o ily five minutes. Powers did not e x pect an acquittal, but he did thins that the jury would disagree. The friends of Goebel, are delighted at the verdict. Causes Mill to Close. Biddeford, Me., Aug. 18.—The mills ot the Pepperell Manufacturing Com pany, of this city, which includes the Pepperell and Laconia divisions of the corporation, closed today and will re main shut until September 4- About one half of the goods manufactured by these mills goes to China but for the last month this market as far the Bidde lord people are concerned, has been cut off About 3 000 bands will be affected by the shut down. May Go to China. Boston, Aug. 18.—The gunboat Ban croft, which haß been undergoing re pairs at the Charleston navy yard, is about ready to be commissioned. Sbe is especially well fitted for service in the shallow waters of the Chine.e rivers and will D.obabiy be sent there immedi ately. She will be manned chiefly by the officers of the crew of the Machias. which recently went out of commission. Emperor’s Birthday. Vienna, Austria, Aug 18.—Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria and KiDg of Hungary, is seventy years of age today. HeJ is keeping his birthday in the strictest privacy. The emperor has not been In good health and there is some uneasiness about him. People fear to think of the consequences of his death. It might lead to the disruption of Austria-Hungary and serious Interna tional complications. Memorial to Humbert- Washington, Aug. 10.—A memorial funeral service will he held here tomor row in honor of King Humbert. Baron Faya, the Italian ambassador, has charge of the arrangements. Fresldent McKinley and members of the oabinet if ill be present. The service w ill be at gt. Michael’s nth Cardinal Gibbons officiating. FOREIGNERS FOUGHT EVERY INCH OF GROUND TO PEKIN London, Aug. 18.—A message received here this morning clears away all doubt as to the manner of entry to Pekin. It shows that the Chinese not only contested eyery step of ground, but that they kept the allies at bay outside of the walls all day and that when the entrance had finally been forced, they fought even in the streets of Pekin. In many respects it was the most stubbornly contested battle waged since the landing of the allied troops at Taku. New Chwang,Aug. iB.--Fifteen thousand Chinese troops are hur rying here determined to capture the city at any cost. Russians are hastily throwing up earthworks and preparing for battle. Fierce clash on the Russian entrenchments yesterday in which ten thousand Chinese troops participated. Cologne, Aug. 18.—The Cologne Gazette says that the relief of Pekin legation only partially solves the Chinese question. The paper demands the severest chastisement ot persons guilty of the murder of Baron Von Kettler, the Cerman minister, and maintains that a policy ot terror is the only effective one in China. LIKES TO STAY THERE. A Man Who Wants to Die in Prison. Columbus, 0., Aug. 17. —JohnTaborn, a Delaware county murderer, celebrated today the thirtieth anniversary of his .mprisonment. He was sent up in Au gust, 1870. Life men are eligible to parole after 25 years, and Taborn could secure his release for the asking. Having no near realative, he does not care te get out, but wan's to spend his remaining days in the prison, which seems like a home to him. THE FIRST NEWS. General Berry Says Legations Are Safe. Washington, Aug. 18.—The first in formation received at the wr depart ment In regard to the capture of Pekin came this morning in a despatch from General Berry, dated Taku, August 17, stating that the Indiana transport ar rived on the August 4 16th. All well. Pe kin was taken August 15th. Legations are safe. labor notes The white union held an interesting meeting Thursday night at which the plans for the Labor Day parade were discussed The haokmen and draymen are io or ganise at an early date. Hey. T. Lockett hes been elected president of the colored union. All the unions are still paying a num ber of sick benefits. IN TROUBLE, \ San Francisco, Aug 18 —Advices re ceived here state that the Yukon river is So shallow that navigation is entirely closed. St. Michael is fall of refugees from the Nome, where lack of food is causing considerable alarm. BRUNSWICK, GA., SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 19, 1900. CAME TO KILL M'KINLEY Fourteen Anarchists Instead of Two Came Over Here to Assassinate the President. New York, Aug. 19.—Government officials assert that fourteen instead of two anarchists have been detained here and all will bo sent back to the places they came from. Two are to be returaod tomorrow, and the others are to follow them at short intervals. It is charged that these anarchists had a well laid plan to kill President McKinley, and that the government secret service men have been arresting them singly and in pairs for some time. They have all been taken from incoming ocean liners within the past ten days. WILL MAKE SPEECHES. Mr. Bryan Will Be Kept Very Bury Next Week. Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 18.—Mr, Bryan will devote tbe greater part of next week to epeeob-making in Nebraska and Kaneae. He will make tbe first of a aeries of addreaaes at Wahoo, twenty miles norib of Linooln, Tues day afternoon, and will follow tbie effort with four speeches on Wednes day, at Auburn, Tecumieb and Pewa nee, respectively. Thursday forenoon will be Bpent in Kansas City. Tbe afternoon cf Thursday will be -given ever to tbe Populist notification ceremonies at Topeka, when be will respond to a epeeob by Hon. T> M. Patterson, notifying him of his nomi nation for tbe presidency by the Pop ulist party. On Friday, Mr, Bryan will speak at Manhattan, Kao., and Beitrioa, Neo, Saturday he wl 1 go to South Omaha, to attend a J cUon olob p ome, where be will speak. Quiet Last Night I The usual number of intoxicated peo ple were not seen on the streets last night and the police had little or no trouble, Only one little f acas occurr el. Nioe, yellow Yams, to be found at DeYoea. WILL REMOVE. Mr. A. E. Wen* to O cupy More Commodious Quarters. Mr. A. E. Wenz, the sli p chandler whose establisment is situated at tbe oorner of Bay and George streets, will shortly remove to his own building oear the corner or Mansfield and Bay streets. Tbe building will be added to wbiob will make It run through to Oglethorpe street. The increasing business of Mr. Wenz demanded larger quarters. M’KINLEY'S PICTURES. Republicans Have Plsoarded and De corated Linooln, Nebraska. L nooln.Neb. Ang. 18.—Bryan’s po litical opponents have plaoatded Lin coln with Moklnby and Roosevelt pic tures. Tbe Republicans have big flags attached to wires at every street inter section in tbe bminess part it own with McKinley and Roosevelt’s pic tures fastened to Ihe flags. GREAT INTEREST. Brunawiokiaos were greatly inter ested io the trial of Caleb Powers charged with tbe killing of Governor Goeble, and tbe verdiot of guilty will cause general satisfaction bare. WILL OF HUNTINGTON. Tweed Will Soon File the Docu ment for Probate New York, Aug., 18.—The will of the lateCollis P. Huntington will be offered for probate at an early date, according to an announcement made by Charles 11. Tweed, “There is little to say concerning Mr. Huntington’s will at this time,’’ said Mr. Tweed, “that is public concern. As soon as matters can be arranged prepar-, atory to doing so. tbe document will be offered for probate. That will be done early next week; probably not Monday, and possibly do*, before Wednesday, but tbe application will be made somewhere near that time. Until the will is offer ed for probate nothing concerning its contents will be made public. There is no necessity for any haste in the matter and there will be none. .There will be no formal reading of the will. This is in accordance of the wishes of ths fami ly.”. STUMP NEW YORK. Roosevelt Will Start on a State Tour Monday. New York, Aug, 18.—Gevernor Rooaevelt will start Monday fur a three week’s oampagn tour through this state. The trio ia of bis own sug gestion and by dispensation of tbe Republican committee, which bsd ar ranged that be should do all of his campaigning in the West. Tbs gov ernor though’, however, that Nsw York, as a pivotal State, needed his attention and asked that be be given tima to go over the rouae which he covered in bis oampaign two years ago. When it is completed he will go Wast. Garrison Relieved. London, Aug. 18.—General Koberts reports that Kitchener relieved Elans River garrison Thu isday, ' PRICE FIVE CENTS. EIBEREY COUNEY IS SGI OUT Tie Troelle Seems to Be it 01 End. FITE NEGROES HIPPED The Conservative Elements of Both Races Are Now at Work'. (From a Staff Correspondent.) Jesup, Aug. 18.—The presence of the military, armed citizens and a strong sheriff’s posse kept things quiet in Lib erty City last night and today. The conservative element of both races are now at work trying to adjust the trou bles and secure settlement ot all diffi culties. The riot was caused by irresponsible negro gamblers that bang around tur pentine stills and with the white working men. Five of the ring leaders have been whipped with buggy traces and run out of the county. One returned tonight and is talking about vengeance. II o may cause trouble, but the worst of It is over. The military was discharged today, Sheriff Brewer has gone home and all seems peaceful tonight. 10 PLAY BALL, An Interesting Game Arranged for Tuesday. Avery interesting game of base ball has beeu arranged for Tuesday after noon between the professional and ama teur t im of this city for the benefit of H Chr- -f-y k base ball club. -k toQ. v from the professionals, .and Ballantync, will be loaned to ti c amateurs, and with the many good players here, a very int r resting game will doubtless be seen. Tbe Brut swick base ball Club has worked hard this year to give the people of Brunswick some sport In this line, and. we are sorry to say. it has not been a success in a financial way, and we hope that a large crowd will go out to the game Tuesday. TO ATTEND CHURCH. The Brunswick Riflemen will attend the services at St Jude’s church tonight. A special military sermon has been ar ranged by Rev. Eubanks. FOR SALE—At a bargain, either cash or installment, the 7 room house on Stonewall, between MoDk and Glou cester, known as the Brady or Harris place. Also the vacant lot corner of Lee and Gloucester, 100x125 feet. Geo. T. Bailey, Central Hotel. Fowler Censured. Washington, Aug. 18.—State depart ment reprimands Consul Fowler for sending despatches to nowspapers. This action is not approved by the state department. Aged Colored Women. Pittsburg, Aug. 18.—Tbe corner stone of a borno for aged and infirm colored women will be laid here tomorrow.