The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, August 21, 1900, Image 1

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THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL. VOLUME XI. NUMBER 5. ■lll iipi IspMortap in City's Account tie Canse. BODET ACTING TREASURER Mr. Harvey,of His Own Ac cord, Retired Until His Books Are Examined The following is the official report of the called meeting of council last night: CALLED MEETING. Brunswick, Ga., Aug. 20, 1900. Present: Hon. D. D, Atkinson, mayor, and Aldermen Krause, Blood worth, Thomas, Brieswick, Abrams and Dart. Absent; Urabam and Ma son. CALL. His honor announced that the objeot of the meeting was to consider im portant oity matters. MOTION. That council go into executive ses sion. Carried. Executive session dissolved. OPEN MKKTINQ. COMMUNICATION. To the Hon. Mtyor and Council of the City of Brunswick: Gkntlkmbn—l am advised that the clerk of oouoeii, Mr. L. C. B ,an d has discovered an apparent shortage in the bills payable aooouot of the olty of Brunswiok. I know that this dis crepancy or shortage is not real, but must be oaused by errors in book keeping, as I knew that I bave not used one dollar of the city’s money. 1 therefore respectfully ask tbet you employ an expert to examine the books of my office and that you relieve me from duty until the books can be obecked by the expert. V*ry respectfully H. H. Harvky, City Treasurer. Brunswick, Ga., Aug. 20, 1900. Granted. By Alderman Krauas: Be <t, and it ta hereby resolved, by the mayor and aldermen of tbe city of Brunswiob, in council assembled, that tbe major of the city of Brunswiok be and is hereby autbotizsd to appoint tbe clerk of this body, L. C. Bodet, as aoting treasurer of the olty of Bruns wiok, Ga., with all the duties devolv ing on tbe treasurer, until further ac tion of this body. Resolved further, tbit the said act ing treasurer be and ia hereby requir ed to take the oath and give the bond required of the treaeurer. Adopted. Adjourned. L. C. Bodbt, Clerk, After the session of council a Timeb- Call reporter went to Treasurer Har vey's house for an interview and lound Mr. Harvey preparing to retire. He re ceived the Times-Cai.l, man courteous ly, and in response to questions stated that he did not think it would be prop er fur him to talk tor publication at this time, but he said: "lam satisfied ttat the apparent shortage is due to discrep ances in bookkeeping only, and it is lor THE FORBIDDEN CITY IS A MASS OF FLAMES 0 Allies Are Ponring Hot Shot and Shell Into Pekin. Blood and Fire Prevail, Che Foo, Aug. 2o.~The allies nave not as yet fully conquered Pekin. Fighting is now in progress in the streets and hot shells and shot are being poured into the forbidden city. After the Empress. London, Aug. 20.—The Japanese cavalry has left Pekin and is now in pursuit ot the Dowager Empress and her treasure train which is guarded by thirty thousand of her troops. It is reported that they have already arrived at Wi Ti Sun in the Chinese province. Li Hung Chang Makes Proposal. Washington, Aug. 20.—The Chinese government through Li Hung Chang, has made application to the United States tor the ap pointment of Minister Conger or some other American official with authority, to open negotiations tor the establishment of peace and fix ing definite terms for a settlement of the present trouble. Chinese minister made application today at the state department and expressed a willingness to conduct negotiations at any point desired by powers. It is expected this will be Pekin or Tien Tsin, a similar proposition was made by Earl Li to all the powers. The Proposal Refused. Washington, Aug. 2o.~United States rejected the appeal of the Chinese government through Li Hung Hung Chang for appointment of Conger or some other American official with authority to open ne gotiations for establishment of peace, Washington, Aug. 20.—State department received cablegram through Consul Fowler at Che Poo, from Ragsdale at Tien Tsin saying Chinese troops surrounded by allies in palace grounds in Pekin. the purpose of having a complete inves tigation of the matter made in a satis factory manner that led to my request to cour cil to relieve me of the office and appoint an expert to go over the books.” The Timis Cali, man then sought Mayor Atkinson and found him at the citv hall in conference with City Clerk Bodet. Both of these gentlemen were loath to discuss the matter, but both expressed perfect confidence in Mr. Harvey and said that the individual members of the council believed an investigation would show that the apparent shortage was on ly errors in the mtthod of bookkeeping employed. It is a fact well known to everyone in Brunswick that Mr. Harvey has always employed deputies to manage the details of the treasurer’s office and it is ac knowledged on all sides that these depu ties could easily have made errors that at first investigation would show up on the wrong side of the ledger for the pop (Continu and on page eight.) BRUNSWICK, GA., TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 21, 1900. hi ii mi i in Couple Arrested in Atlanta Who Ignore Justice and Law. A’lanta, Ga , Aug. 18. -Dr. Howard M. Wilkinson and Mies Josephine Packard, of Dover, Del., ware placed in oustody tods; by the police of this oily, at the request of the wife of Dr. Wilkinson, who is also Miss Packard’s lister. The couple left Dover Stturday night and after a short stop in Charlotte, N. C., oame to Atlanta, where for eeveral daye;detectivee hnve been searching for them. la an interview today, Dr. WiUm son said: "It was a oils of love before my marriage, however, not before my en gagement to Neilie, my wife. I asked 'Josephine to marry me then, but sb e was so sslf-i&orifloing sbe would not consent on bersister’e account.” ‘ Say for me that I do not regret the steps I have taken in the least. 1 thoroughly reali*) the sacrifice I have made. My stay in Dover depended on one or three things, my insanity, suioide or divoroe. So far as my bus nses relations are concerned, I sur rendered my accounts to my attor ney, R. H. VanDj k", for the benefit of my creditors.” Miss Packard, a beautiful girl of 18, said : “Dj I want to go back home? Why, of ot urie not. Why should I have left if I am now to turn cold after only a few days and go baok home. Irealze fully the step I have taken. X know that I have stolen away my aister’s husband; I knew whet I have don°. 1 do not want the pity or forgiveness of anyone. All I want is to be left alone with him. That is all either of us want.” Miss Josephin Packard has succumb ed to the pleading of her mother, who arrived lu Atlanta, yesterday morning, and will leave her brotber-invlaw, Dr H. M. Wilkinson, with whom she elop ed from her home in Dover ten days ago. She will not return te her home at odcs. It ia tbo present plau to have her visit relatives in some distant city, where she will remain for about one year. Then if she is willing, she will return home and be forgiven. Detectivo Banard McVey of Delaware will arrive in Atlanta today with a war rant for the arrest of Wi kineon, and upon the charge In that document the man will he taken back to Dover and proeecuted. The charge against him PRICE FIVE CENTS. [ is nKni in Tie Pekin Americans Were ft ry Forlnnate. UK EIGHT ARE DEAD Latest News From the Once Besieged City of Pekin. Washington; Aug, 20,-The bureau of navigation received a eableg- am from Admiral Remey, dated at Taka, August 19 which reads as follows: Aulhentic roport from I’ekin dated August 15, from Lieutenant Laltimer, states that all the Americans who re mained in Fekio are well. Capt. Mey ers, who received a dangerous wound is much better. Tbe following are killed: Serguaut Fanning, privates King, Tucker, K-nnedy, Thomas, Fisher. Wounded: privates Schreadcr and Mitchell. All the others who have been sick or wounded have returned to duty. Washing on, Aug. 20 —A report from a Chinese source, says tbe royal family escaped and are enroute to BLn Fieu, Berlin, Aug. 20. —The foreign office received a despatch from the German consul at Che Foo today saying the Em press Dowager is believed to be inside the palace at P,kin, and that allies were bombarding the fortifications. I.ondon, Aug. 20. —Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of the Empress Dow ager, and the emperor. Some reports assert that she fled from the capital sev eral days ago, and others say she is still in the city. Li Hung Chang corrobor ates the former report while latter ema nates from a native source hitherto trustworthy. MURDEROUS BURGLARS. Enter a Wealthy Contractor’s House and Murder His Daughter. Pittsfield, Mass., Aug. 20.—Shortly before two o’clock this morning, three ma ked burglars entered the home of Contractor Fosburg. who has large busi ness interests in Buffalo. Mr. Fosberc was first to awake when the burglars were heard. He ran down stairs and a during a ecuffie with the man his daugh ter was awakened, and ran to the scene. As soon as the burglars taw her one opened fire and she was shot anil in stantly kided, Just after the shot was tired the two sons of Mr, Fosberg awoke and went to assist their father, but both were beaten into insensibility, and arc now in a critical condition. The city fire alarm was turned on ami the whole town turned out to search forthethr.e burglars, but so far they have not been captured. cannot be ascertained definitely. It has, however, to do with financial matlers and not with Miss Josephine Packard. Wilson has announced that be will re turn to Dover without a requisition, and it is probable that he will leave tonight in custody of Detective McVcy for Do ver: