The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, August 23, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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2 i non aft. Officer Scarlett Has a Hot Time With a Negro. Attempted to Arrest llim and lie Showed Fight. Yesterday afternoon Mr. J. O. Col iar oim in from A'timatia mill* and BWore out a warrant for Samuel Bruwn olmrgtd with 1 ircenjr, and Ofll cer O. S. ScaMett went out to make the arrev. The negro wa doing some woik on a raft, and when the offber told him to consider himself under ar rest, he immediately picked up an ax and made an effort to reach Mr. Scar lett, It wat eithor a oa*e of shoot or be chopped to death, end the efltoer fired on him. The ball struok him iu the leg near the thigh, but did not etop him. Another shot from the pis tol got him between the inkle and the knee, and even this did not atop the now orrr. >d man. Instead of continu ing the fight, though, be made a run for the woods and Mr. Scarlett shot him again. This time he etruck the during negro in the shoulder, but he continued to run and escaped to a nearby swainp. NO RIGHT TO UGLINESS. The woman who is lovely in face, foim and temper, will always have friends, but one who would he attract ive must ksep her health. If she is weak, sickly and all run down, she will be nervous and firritable, If she lias constipation or kidney trouble, her impure blood will cause pimples, blotches, skin eruptions, and a wretch ed complexion. E’ectric Bitter* is the best inedioine in the world to regulate stomach, [liver and kidneys, and to purify the blood. It gives strong nerves, bright eyes, smooth, velvety skin, rich complexion. It will make a good-looking, charming woman of a run-down invalid. Only CO cents at all drug etoree- VIA SOUTHERN RAILWAY, $2 00 to Savannah and return—ac. count base ball games between Bruns wick Fern an dun. Tickets on sale August 22. 28, 24, 2B;gocd rsturning Sunday, August 2(1. Dont throw away the old suit until you have seen Jim Carter. Many a man has discovered that au thorship is a dangerouship to embark In. The Quakers Are Honest People. The Quaker Herb Ton- So is not only a blood P' lr 'lU’r, but a Itlood in a k or for Tale, Weak I t’"i ,uu ' Debilitated people 1 1 yUt,*-* A w who have not strength yHfiL*3fc ; nor blood. It acts as a \ • tonic, it regulates di -4 geation, cures dyspepsia \ % \\J\ and lends strength mid ' i tone to the nervous sys tem. It is a medicine for weak women. It is a purely vegetable medicine, and can be taken by the most delicate. Kidney disease, Rheumatism and all diseases of the Blood, Stomach and Nerves soon succumb to its wonderful effect on the human system. Thous ands of people in Georgia recommend it. Price SI.OO. QUAKER PAIN BALM is the med icine that the Quaker Doctor made all of his quick cures with. It’s anew and wonderful medicine for Neuralgia, Toothache, Backache, Rheumatism, Spraius, Pain in Bowels; in fact, all pain can be relieved by it. Price 25e and 50c. QUAKER WHITE WONDER SOAP, a medicated soap for the skin, scalp and complexion. Price 10c a cake QUAKER HEALING SALVE, a vegetable ointment for the cure of tetter, ectema and eruptions of the skin. Price 10c a box. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. F. A. DILLINGHAM, Proprietor, Cincinnati. PolliiZUs Drug Store THE SHTRT WAIST. Savannah Policemen Want to Shuck Their Coats and Get Cool. The shirt waist riuestion will not down. After a season of quiet it hobs again. Savannah i not the only oily which has bsen tussl ng with this question. Savannah, it would seem, was bothared with It, judging from the followiog article wbioh appeared in Monday’s Morning News: The shirt waist movement, which originated in Savannah, but which so Ur have been received with consider able more enthusiasm In otter places then it received in the place ot its iu osptioD, is sgtiu to the fore, this time in the Dolloa deoar ment. The ineu sty, and justly, that they have even more reason to desira the dotting of costs than has the averaga man, for ha may put on what seams good for him, from his last winter’s coat to lbs tbiunes' pongee, or the lightest llodii, and ibareby achieve comparative comfort, while they are compelled to wear a regulation uni form, wtneh, to look neat and comply with the regulations of the depart ment, must aitber be buttoned up en tirely or if left open balow the top button must have under it a vest. Again, they, mora than any other . one elase, are exposed to the heat, for the beat must be walked, and boxes pulled on time, no matter what the temperature. In tha ohaea of crimi nal', too, to ba minus a ooat tea dis tinct advantage. Probably 90 par oent of the force would welcome, any arrangement by wblob the innovation aould be intro duced. One or two, tt le true, look aekanoe at the idea of appearing with out oealt, but their abjeotlon might be euinmed up in the raixim that “pride feels no pain; 1 ’ tbay would rather bear tha hast than display to publio gaaa the avoirdupnis in the form of embon point that they have aoqulred by many years of arduous servlot. “Hunger is ths Best Suuoe,” Yet some people arc never hungry. Whatever they eat has to he “forced down.” There is, of course something wrong with these people. Ity taking Hood’s Sarsaparilla a short time they are given an appetite and then they enjoy eating, and food nourishes them, if you And your appetite falling, Just try a bottled Hood’s. It is a true stomach tonic, and every dose does good. The heat faintly csthartio is Hood’s Tills. Woman Is often referred to by man “doubling bis joys and halving bis sorrows/* That may be complimentary, but it would seem to be rather hard on the woman. For In plain terms it means that where things are going well with the man. his wife makes them go better. But when things are going 111 with him, he expects the wife to share half his burden. And there’s more truth than poetry in this presentation of masculine selfishness. Men don’t appreciate the that the strain of motherhood alono is a burden bigger than all the loads that rest upon male shoulders. They see the wife grow th n, pale, nervous and worn without a thought that she is over-burdened. Among the pleasant letters received by Dr Pierce are those from husbands who have waked up before it was too late to the crushing burdens laid upon the wife, and in the search for help have found in Pr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription a restorative which has given back to the mother the health of the maiden and the maiden’s happiuess. “Favorite Prescription*’ always helps, and almost always cures. It has ;*erfectly cured ninety-eight out of every hun* tired who have used it when atllicted with dis eases peculiar to women. BRIDGE BURNED. Tbt Plant System noon train did not renati the city yeaterday until 5 p. m. Tbe delay was caused by the burning of a bridge at Willaooocbee. CASTOniA. Bears the _/j 11# Kind You Have Always Bought “7" SS7 Jim Carter represent! Wantunaker & Brown. Examine their goods. THE BRUSWIG* TIM ES-CALL, AUGUST 23, 1900. A MOTHER’S STORY. Tells About Her Daughter’s Illness and How She was Relieved — Two Letters to Mrs. Ptnkham. “Mrs. Pixkham : — I write to tell you about my daughter. She is nineteen years old and is flowing all the time, and has been for about I 'Jr JR three months. Thedoc s ~ ~ f tor does her but very little good, if any. I L- - thought I would Ink try Lydia E. Pink hum’s Vegetable Compound, but I \ want your advice before beginning its use. I have become very much alarmed about her, as she is getting so weak.”— Mrs. Matilda A. Camp, Manchester Mill, Macon, Ua., Mk)HflH| May 21, 1809. ham: — It affords me great pleasure to tell ■I r * you of the benefit my daughter has received from the use of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com pound. After beginning the use of your medicine she began to mend rapidly and is now able to be at her work. Her menses are regular and almost painless. I feel very thankful to you and expect to always keep your Vegetable Compound in my house. It is the best medicine I ever knew. You have my permission to publish this letter if you wish, it maybe the means of doing others good.”—Mrs. Matilda A. Camp, Manchester Mill, Macon, Ga., September 18, 1899. BAD RAILROAD WRECK. Two Persons Loss Their Lives on The Norfolk & Western Railroad. Tats well, Va., Aug. 22 - A wreokoo ourred today, at Maxwell, on tbs Nor folk & Western, wbioh resulted in the death of two men, and injury to seven others. The dead are engineer Alltn, fireman Marshall; injured: fireman Binsaob, engineer George Smith, fire man Kaitb, flagman Nash, Walter Glenn, Henry Johnson. A light en gine was running about forty miles an hour, and collided with a freight drawn by two engines. HIS LIFE WAS SAVED. Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent oltizen of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a won derful deliverance from a frightful death. In telling of if, be says: “I was taken with typhoid fever, that ran into pneumonia. My lunge be came hardened. I was so werk I oouldnt even sit up in bed. Nothing helped me. 1 expected to soon die of consumption, when I heard of Dr. King’s New Discovery. One bottle gave greit relief. I continued to us© it, and now am well and strong. I can’t say too muob in its praise.” This marvelous medicine is tbe surest and quickest cure in tbe world for all tbroat and lung trouble. Hegular sixes 50 cents and (1.00. Trial bottle* free, at all drug stores j srsry bottle guaranteed. It’s only natural for a fellow to feei obeap when bis salary has been re duced. If you have a baby in the house, you will wish to know tne best way to check any unusual looseness of the bowels, or diarrhu-a so com mou to children. O. P. M. Holliday, of DemtDg, Inch, who has an eleven months* old child, says: “Through the months of June and July our baby was teething and took a running of the bowels and sickness of the stomach. Ills bow els would move from live to eight times a day 1 had a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in the house, and gave him four drops In a teaspoonful of wa’cr and he got better at onoo." For tale by Dr. Bishop's dreg stole. NOTICE. Dr, C. M. Gowen will be absent from tbe city for a month. Russell’s Chill and Feyer Tonic is acknowledged to be the Best on the market, every bottle guaranteed. For sale by all druggists. Money loaned on personal property and real estate. Ap sply to J. W- Wat Kin- HEARTRENDING SCENE P*sengers on P an’ S s’tm l'min Wi i e*"*ii a Sand Cl S’., Passanjsre on Pirn' Syulfin train No 78, which lf> Jtk t n-.Pl', F'., at 8:30 c’ohok last Frit ej i gl.', wit nessed a most ptt telle srei r during their j uracy to this oily, snd ihcse who travalvd ti e entire distai c* will nevsr forgstthe happening. A neatly drrsied end ( l'seiut faced you- g wn mac, with a g*cviemn ec< r r , board'd tha tram at Jacktonv.l e. A negr> nurse, wiib a ycungbnby gill and a bright- ysd toy o( 4, formed a portion of ihe party. Tory had bteu seated only a few momenta when it was seen that tbare was aomathlng wrong wi h ifaeiady. Bbe o'led yiteousiy for air, and ask'd than the windows be raied, and ibia appeal aha followed wnh a maniacal laugh It oould bs e?eu at onaa that the poor woman waa de mented. She rcrvsm'd to the infant in the nurse’s arms, and a>ked ILe babe to protcl its mu:her fiom imag inary <yl. H->r ones ware really heartrending, and a 1 of the pa.atii gara became interested iu tie tad oate. The ladj’e oomp.nion was a ■ ad-eyed saao, who wept often. He could not oloaa his eyes, and the men tal angulib seemed to ba tell ng on him. Ha was the brother of the in line woman, and had the sympathy t< the entire oar. His aleter, he laid, hid lost bar reason in Florida, and, with her two small children, he was taking her baek to her old home in South Carolina. The phyaioisne, te ateted, bad bopea that tha inaanity wat only temporary, brought on by ill Lea tb. It waa a most pitiful and touching sight to sat the actions of the iflLoted woman. She deoiarad that her brother waa her husband, and onca or twice apoka in a perfectly rational manner. At Waltbourvilla a lady with a baby got off the oar, and the demented wo man bad to be bald in her seat. She thought that bar infant waa being car ried away, and with the natural in atinot of a devoted mother, the aoream ed pitaoualy and pleaded for bar fan cied offspring. Whan Savannah waa reached she became quieter, but her orias and entreaties will ring in the days to come,—.Savannah Prear, Sat urday. VOL' ANIC ERUPTIONS Are grand, but skin eruptions rob life of jiy. Bucklen’s Arnica Sxlye cures them; also, old, ruccirg and fe ver tores, uloers, boils, felons, comp, warts, cuts, bruises, bums, soalds, dapped bands, chilblains. Best pile cure on eartb. Drives out pains and sebts. Only 25 cants a box. Cure guanntesd. Sold by all druggists. Now is tbe time to make the old suit do its best. See Jim Carter. A woman says tbe rain is too famil iar when it begins to patter cb the bck. The wolf in the fable put on shety’s clothing because If he traveled on his own reputation ho couldn't accomplish his purpose. Counter feiters of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve couldn't sell their worthless salves on tbair merits, so they put them in boxes and wrappers like De- Witt’s, Look ut for them- Take only De- Witt’s Witch Hazel Salv*. It cures piles and all skin diseases. W. J. Butts, Southern Railway announces rate of one dollar for round trio to Savan nah every Sunday tickets limited to date of sale. Notice is givsn that no baggage will be oheoked on excur sion tickets sold at rate of (1 for round trip via Southern Railway: When in need, call on J. W. Watkins. He loans mo ney on personal property. Finest line oi groceries to be bad, at W. H. DeVoe’s. 9 oo Drops AVegetable Preparationfor As similating IheFoodandßeguia ting the Stomachs and Bowels of InfantsVChildren Promotes Digeslion.CheerfuL ness andßest.Contains neither Opium,Morphine nor Mineral Not TJarc otic . Axpe afOUJ*-SAI4VELPtTCHER /\anpkut Seed' \ jllx Sentta * ) RocKM* Salt* - I Anisr Seed t I / ftfnpSetd- t CtmfxeJ Sugar hbttrryr*M flavor. / Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa- Hon, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .Feverish ness and Loss of Sleep. Fac Simile Signature oP new' YORK. Alb months old Hosts -i ms EXACT COPY OF WRAPPER. T. O’CONNOR G. L. PITCHER INSURANCE. FIRE. STORM- ACCIDENT, MARINE- T O’CONNOR & CO 310 NEWCASTLE feTEERT, ; A SHORTER COLLEGE, SS&*.i "" 11 "* 1 ">p 1 1 . ...mi Hitimtlon beautiful. Cllmnte delightful and invigorating. Health record 4 unparalleled Home comforts, careful supervision. Young girls received. AH __ A. \ live With the faculty in the college. Building* worth $150,000. Equipment 1 1 f ***' , Cr -Jk " excellent, well appointed laboratories, good gymnasium, etc. Faculty, large, l i _A * n *l composed of able and experienced professors. Council extensive and I i 4 *WuV A. thorough, in line with those given In the leading universities. A large Fndow* i * .oA merit* ensuring students superlative advantages at moderate cost. The Trustees , ft liT' grant a number of scholarships to deserving young ladies. Art and 'Elocution , BHIr rni * **'* si *l| r'fVwi departments ably conducted. .Mu*l< Fucultv unsurpassed in America; musical ,eJaT MaMLEBa -' ii 8 i * nEre Wy£g education), to he awarded for the best work. This is a t w ..-thou-nnd-dollar Hit., t *V Itiivi* I Ihiio perliaps t; p grandest musical prize ever offered i 1 1 : - -i" any tt.c w rbl !*■.,,i.g ii.. ■. t t-rn. all space was filled Young, I ladies would do well to make early application for admission in September. *——————— write President Simmons for a catalogue, wnlch will be sent free, postpaid. PLANT SYSTEM PASSENGER DEPARTMENT, I READ - DOWN ~ BEAD Up “ ' Tim© tab © n- 0 .8 vo. o Passenger Mixed NO. 35 1 [Passenger j Mixed j....*.’! ... Effective Sunday, Daily. Daily !!!*!!!!!! Daily. Daily. May 27 12:01 am 7lb am.... 500 pm... lv Brunswick tr 11 30pm.... 10 15a u... !!!!!!!!!! 4iy um... 028 am... ar Charleston lv 1115 m !..... V A W AVUttUSJS MON BiKY . “ - am. 405 1 m VIA SAVANNAH D CHARLESTON, Direct connection made at Wavcross with throii 'n Pullman Sleeping Cars roi Savannah Charleston, and all points North; also for MonV nnry, Birmingh m, Nashville, Bt. Lpuu aud all points West. Reeling chair ca s between Waycrnss and Montgomery via Thomaaville. Between Pert Tampa. Key West and Havana. GOING. | RETURNING. Lv Port Tampa 10 00 pm Mon. Thurs. Sat. 1 Lv Tlavana 2 30 pm Mon. Wed. and Bat, Ar Key West 3 0J pm Tues. Fri. Sun | Ar Key West 9 00 pm Mon. Wed. and Sat Lv Key West 9 00 pm Tues. Fri. Sunday I Lv Key West 10 00 p. m. Mon. Wd. and Sat Ar Havana 6 00 am Wed. Sat Mon I Ar Port Tampa 2 80 am Tues. Tbur.and Sun.. 8. H. KNOTT, Vice President, Savannah, Ga. W.B. DENHAM. WBO. W, COATES. B. W. WRKNN General Supt Division Pass. Agent. Pass. Traffic Mgr Savannah, Ga. Brunswick, oa. Savannah, Ga CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the / 1 Signature f/iv I (\ Jr /U Use W For Over i Thirty Years Ml THE CCNTAUR COMPANY. NEW YORK CITY.