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The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, August 28, 1900, Image 1

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THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL. VOLUME XI. X UMBER 11. in non ilfl Dobs Rot Bicopizi Eiaii ael as King of Italy. M 6AIIOLIG ASSISTANCE Says the New Ruler is Only King of Jardina —Pope Wants Church to be Recognized. Rome, Aug, 27. — V circular note of tbe vaotioan has been tent to all the Catholic government in regard to tbs change in tbs Italian throne. It deolares that the Pope re Bounces non papal rights over Homan provincee, composing ps'rimeny of St. Peters, It affirms that since 1870 tbe condition of the papsoy under Italian rule ban always been growing i worse, and the religion of her minis ters and Pope himself has been at the mercy of the fanatical stcliona-ies favored by ihe Italian government. The Pops invokes assistance oi Catholic anil Catholic states to relive him from the inloit i able oitnation and concludes that uutii Italy rocogu,zed tha rigats of tha holy see, the Pope will not recognized h new king Of Italy, as king of Italy, but only : s king.of Sarditia. Fusion Convention. Saattle, Wash., Aug. 27. —The Demo cratic, Populist and Silver Republicans State eacventions are being bold in this oity to-day for the nomiuat on f presidential electors, tno Congress men and State officers, Jtisexpeoted that a fusion will be effeeted, in which event will be held a joint con vention. The apportionment is at follows: Drmoorats and Populist 464 each, and the Silver Rep b ie'ine, 172. • Army Aids the Poor. New Yorg, Ang. 27. —Tue Salvation Army bekl'.he fbsl of a of out ings for the benefit of tbe moth:rsand babies of ibe tenement quarter today. A grea‘excuM'in barge, bolding oue tb< u and ptrs >r e, va< chartered and a trip made to Forest V ew park on tbo Hudson, The fchcme has met wiih tte warm app oval of philanthropist! far and near, ~ Jersey Dftrwsratß. Elizabeth, N. > s ~ug. 27.—The Ui ion county A ill hold tb eiir annual outing tomorrow. Ex-Goyemor David B. Hill is expected to be present and ad ds ess the assemblage, All of the prom inent party leaders of tbo state will be in attendance. r Toronto, Can.', Aug. 27.- Csr.ada’- greatest industrial exposition, to lass from Aug, 26 to Sep . S. w ll open to -4®rrew. The entries in ail depart ments are remarkably large, especially in cattle and horssp. It is noticeable that the entries from American states have been many cf particular worth .this year. THE RELIEF FORCE IS BESEIGED IN PEKIN More Troops Are Needed to Save Those Now In the Chinese Capital, Tien Tsin, Aug. 27. —Late Pekin adyices indicate that the reliet force is besieged in Pekin. Fighting in the south and southeast is re ported. Americans and British are engaged. Chinese, thirty thousand strong, hold the allies in a trap and more troops are needed. General Chaffee Silent. Washington, Aug. 27. —The silence of Gen, Chaffee is considered ominous by officials here. Not a word has been received from him in a! week, and the explanation may be found, in fact, it is argued, that the allied forces are surrounded and besieged by the Chinese army. These movements are reported by late Chinese dispatches. A Chinese Force. Tckio, Aug, 27.— An official dispatch says the Chinese have not abandoned the hope of retaining Pekin. A dispatch signed by General Yamagata, of the Chinese and boxer forces, says the men assembled at Manuen aggregate nine thousand and 15 guns. It is believed that the attack on the allies has begun. To Preserve Order. Yokohoma, Aug. 27.—'The Korean minister has informed the japan ese representative at Seouie that in accordance with Japan’s suggestion Korea will send a force to preserve order in the northern frontier. The minister has assured that tho frontier trouble is local in its nature and that there is no antipathy to foreigners. BOERS IN BATTLE. An All Day Fight and Is Not Ended Yet. London, Aug. 27.—Robsrts reports an ail day battle over a line of thirty miles last Saturday. The Bosrs made a determined stand, and Buffer lost forty meu. Boer forces had three long toms and many rapid fire guns. The battle seems to be still on. SEASON CLOSES Next Sunday’s Trip the I as t Or e t St. Simon. The Cumberland Routs steamer will make Its last irip to St. Simon on Sun- September 2, and in order togivedsy, everybody a otiance to take a dip in the surf at a -mad c >s f , the boat line will se.l roiii and trip tickets f r 26 cents. The tide will b ■ high . few minu’es after th ee o’oicek and a large crowd will doubtless go. Short on Ice. For ihe pa-twe-k the Brunswick loe Manufacturing Cos. has been short on ic, on account of t'hs unusual hot weather. After today, It is thought that they will make enough to supply the big deinard. BRUNS VV [CK, GA., TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 28, 1900. ■I 11 IS 111 HI! News From China Is Not Exciting at Present. Paris, Aug. 27.—The French consul at Shanghai cables that the besieged engi ■ neers and missionaries in North Hankow are .-til! holding out. Situation is criti cal Washington, Aug 27,—Minister Con ger cables as follows under no Pekin da’o. but transmitted to Taku on the important movements have been made sirce iast message and no representative of ihe Chinese govern ernment has been encountered ye'. Several uvni-ttrs at Tsung Li Yamen rep- rted in Hie city expected to appear soon. Generals decide hot to enter the | imperial city, leaving it practically snip ty. Two thousand Germans arrived here today,’' T ROOPS KOil CII IN A. Sin Francisco, Oil., Aug. 27. —The tr?n -port Hancock, with four batteries of artillery and live hundred marines, will sail from here tomorrow morning for Takn, China. FROM CHAFFEE ' He Reports a Fight With Chinese Troops. Wash ngten, Aug. 27 —Tns < fflcials "f the war department were verv much relieved this afternoon upon re ■ h r le from Gin-Tal Chstr-. U read ! 8f ,lIow:__ I Take, Aug, 27 —Col. Wint on Aug | u-t ntnetretb rep.r's he marched at | four (,’ul(c'{ tn the morning ar>d er gagul a large tores of Hi. remy .-ev en Milo? frgun the city, aid and syornt 'hein, k'Fiug a., o' on huriirril Americans lost five. VVido bla name' of wounded as soon as ascertained, Wi lieutenant ooloti I of S xtb c.valry, acting in abs-itios ot Colond Sumner, , NEGRO CONGRESS. Council Meets to Ciscuss the Race Problem. Indianapolis Ind., Aug. 27.—The Afro-American Council of the United States will open hero in annual session tomorrow. Plans will be devised to •ake such actloo as may be deemed best for the protection and advancement oi the Afro-American people. It is ex pected a hot discussion will be had on the subject of lynchiugs. TIIE OPERA SEASON. Manager Woffle will return to the city next week to prepare for the open-j iug of the season, and Urunsvvieftians 1 will then have so-m thing to an use j them. Mr, WoliT': tolls the imics-Cai.i. ' that b-: lias excellent, bookings this -ea- j son and promises not: ng but first-class attractions. Naval Parade j Chicsgo, 111., Aug. 27 —Tbs grand pwada of naval veterans toik place to-day. The column formed on Michi gan avenue, and was composed of tie a r1y.8,000 m :n, • PRICE FIVE CENTS. INK il mm I foamy Lute isr- Aot Kill. HE TOLD I BTORA A Man Who Was Crazed By Heat and Drink Does Serious Damage. New York, August 27.—H. M. Strid iron, a wealthy Chicago lumber mer chant, wai shot twice io the head in tua room at the Veodorae hotel this morning, by 11. J. Ford, of Boat on, his friend, who then blew out his own brains. The double tragedy was tbe result of a murderous frenzy, induoed by heat and exoessive drinking, After <he shooting. Stridiron was taken to a hospital with two mortal wounds—a nullet hole in the baok of bis bead and another in the forehead, above lha right eye. Before he sank into uncon- Stridiron said he didn’t know why B’ord wanted to kill him. He further stated that he csnn to his room, said he was hot, took off oioth mg, and walked over touched a button and ordered drink. He tired at me while iny bitk was turned. Stridiron con- ' tinued, saying: I fell back against tbe wa I; he turned walked to the window; he looked <ut far down the slrte', and then put the gun to his head and firsd. His arms went up in the air as he reeled; the gun fell, and hitting sill, biuuced; 1 heard it fail on the street after he fell dt ad on the floor. S ridiron crept to the door, and had just struggled cut to give the alarm, when the clerk and elevator boy arrived. In Ford’s pocket was lound a letter, reading as follows: “The better the day, the better the deed. 1 hope my friend will forgive me for this act. I hope to spend a better life in the next world than in this.’’ a strikeTrobable Hazelton the Scene of a Labor Convention. Hazelton Fa, Aug. 37.—The Hazel ton convention of United Mine Workers was held bore this afternoon. National Organizer llenj Jamie said: “You can say a erike will be ordered of all miners of the anthracite coal field. The refusal of tl e o;i< r,;to sto meet us brought on tte troub'e. ’ 'lhe operators are hesitaiing and the outs me is very problematical. The itiikirs lavs agreed that now is the tmu for them oid f anything is to b don ■ n tho v. ay ot levi-ing pr sent conditio a and obta u'ng an 5n- lease in Hie v a es. II l : c n-iilin i now that: lie o, orators will not me-:' the miners and tint ti e lat'er will give them u ,til September 10 to riconsi 'or tlwir ao'ion. Cotton Kami. New Y'ortr, Aug. 27.—September 8.i!0, October 42, November 31, Decem ber 31, J nu'.ry 31.