The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, September 25, 1900, Page 7, Image 7

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■ '^rr/Utf hk- va#<£s ; v *■> $m a J^liii&ljfiS ffiliEiCT^SW{ / '. u/ "1 £*€ ■■', h&zMp ptggEpP/ (•■- y 7 ppqiisiiSr - ■< f f)i,wp - ' Syrup. Figs Actifleasanlfy iuidfrompt/y. Cleanses the System Gently and Effectually when bilious or costive. Presents in tjte most acceptable/orm tne Ifixative principles of plants bnotvti to act most beneficially. TO GET ITS BUY THE GENUINE MANFO. BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUPCO. Han francisco, cal. LOUISVILLE . KY. NEW YORK. N Y. for sole tjf druggists - price 50* per bett/gj^ &y)R6IA DETECTIVE AGC’Y BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA. Civil and criminal cases attended to business strictly confidential. En quires conducted with secreoY. Ls. a. LEAYY Manaaer !*?■. . . "Jill.. .IT 1 " 1 1 . ._.. ■, L. J. Leavy 6c Cos Auctioneers, Commission and tlener- Agents Solicited and Prompt Returns Rendered. Speoial Attention Paid to of Rents fpuj- olewixe Selling, Renting, Repairing, _ „ Messenger Service- We sell Cleveland, Monarch, Crawiord, Eagle. Elk, Dixie. 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It Is t certain care for sweat ing, callont and bat tired, aching feet. -Trv t today. Sold by ait druggists and shoe At' ... By mall for JSe in stamps, Trialnaekare Free. Address Allen S.Olmstead, hi. I. \ HAIR BALSAM 1 nr,d boAvtii’iM thr hair, i PnnvA-.i a taxufinntßro-Fth. I ltrrer Fail* to Bei.tore G *7 Halt to t*n Yonthfo: Coh r. I Pm oi iM. Jn-ff inl heir tAliillf.] '* ib'MrliU. THE DAY OBSERVED. All the Jewish Stores Were Oiosed Yesterday.^ Rosh Ilashanah, the Jewi3h new year, .according to the Hebrew calendar, the first of the month Tishri and the begin ning ot the year 5081 of the Jewish era, was observed by Brnnswiek Hebrews yesterday. The day is set apart as a solemn season in which the members of the faith are supposed to review the ac tions of the past year, to repeut and prepare themselves for Yom Kippur, or the day af atonement, which is observed ten days later. Rosh Hashanah is call ed also a day of memorial, on account of a rabbinical tradition that it is the anni versary of the day of creation. The Cel ebration day began at sunset on Monday and lasts to sunset of the following day. Yom Kippur, or the day of atonement, which is celebrated ten days later, Is a solemn day of fasting and repentaucc. DOES- IT PA Y TO BUY-CHAKP A cheap remedy for .coughs] and colds is all rigbt, but you wsnt some thing that wiJ believe and cure the n OBt severe and dangorous. results n throat’and lung trouble, Wbtft aha do? ,Go to a •warmer ad more regula climate? Yes, if possible; if trot -po elble for you; then fn either case ink the only remedy that baa been Intro iuced In all clvilived countries with success In sore throat and iungtrtfiflWbs Boschoe’s German Syrup. I.t not'fmiy stimulates the tissues to destroy the germ disease, but allays inflamotion and causes expectoration, gives a good night’s rest and cures the patient Try one qottle Recommended many years by all druggists In the world Sample bottles at W. J. Butts and Brown Drum? Go. WILL OPEN TODAY. Most of the Jewish merchants will re open their stores today. Borne of the strict observers will rem*>n closed tomorrow pigbt. Cold Steel or Death. “There Ishut one small chance to save your ife and that is through an operation," was the awfuf prospect set before Mrs. I.;b. Hunt, of l.ime Ridge, Wia., by her doctor after vainly trying to cure her of a frightful case of stomach trouble aud yellow jaundice. 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CHEAPSKATES PLANT SYSTEM Account of the annual meeting of the National Association of Spanish War Vetcrns at Cbcttannoga, Tcnn., Oct. tickets from Brunswick to Chattanooga and return at one fare for round trip. Tickets on sale Oct. 6 and 9, final limit Oct. 13. Account of the Kentucky Trotting Horse Breeders’ Association, Lexing ton, Ky., Oct, 2 to 3, tho Plant Bystem will sell tickets from Brunswick to Lexington and return at one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, limited until Oct, 10. THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL SEPTEMBER 25, 1900 CATARRH * v Catarrh’ has become such a common disease that a ptrsotL'eritirely free from, this disgusting complaint is seldom met with. Itjs customary tospeak of Catarrh as nothing more serious than a bad cold,' a simple Inflammation of ike nose and throat. It Is, In fact, a and very dangerous disease y if not at tirst, it very soon becomes so. r, .. The blood is quickly contaminated by the foul secretions, and the poison through the general circulation is carried to all parts of the system. • > Salves, washes- and sprays are unsatis factory and because they do not reach the seat of the trouble, g. S. S. does. It cleanses the blood of .the poison and eliminates from the systentall catarrhal secretions, and thus cures thor oughly and.permanently the worst cases. Mr. P. H. McAllister, of nafnrfsbnfg, Kv., writes; ('Having been a tftrible-sufierer from Catarrh, and being norr sound and'well, the queV .. • lion. often put to me is, * ’ .' * What cured you?' Hi an- ¥ v swer 1 feet it tuy (Jntyto J state that Swift's Specitle h is the medicine. 1 am ■K**y, r auch a true believer ih the |Sf ± • ~w—r . efficacy of 8 ill s Speallc BMA §9U\ i that 1 can li,>uestly and a conscientiously recant.,' y/sg'* and, , mend It to any ona- sutler---a . JeraftlWffW—l btl*.- itt itom Catault: Have /Vagf tecommended into many. wBxBI3r4 and am hurt vto wt i' and those Whom I hkve Induo- - J " w, 11 *'!*- ed to Use it can bear me ouf that it will cure any case of Catarrh if taker, accord- . In* to directions,”.* rjjSUg Is the only tmiiUy. v#- known, and We greatest Mliiaf w* W- taittl it Wcomes dei fWEfßdsitid chrnuic. but be* gitf at-tpijay tiie ■wse of-S s s I :JS., and send forourthfegjc on blood ffiia diseases and wr lie Shr physicians about your case.'- IHE SWIFt fcA, ATLANTA, BA. need tha doctor;! U* very . Ifttle JguUe, but * ygp ddfoeed hi me bouse a trusty danger. . Thousands are saved by havtog at h*nd LIVER AND * KIDNEY BALM I rdUllP \ a certain cuf*' for disorder* of ; the Liver, Kidneys and Bflad ; dor. Use 1* at once for lame ; back, .furred tongue, Jt, ep ; pete and changes inprfne or ; bowels. * J SI a bottle, at diVaKOtiiq/ ; TMI ON. i. M. MCLEAN M(*ICtN 00., t •. UKM, H*. FOR BALB BY SA¥tMB J RrTa|;*|||fe Dfigwist.* FOR ON” KABY fgRMSS. 'i'bt* following valued* building lots, charmingly in. the Teifdent portion of the cits, Brjpfor sale on easy terras: * „ 135x180, on Union street, runniog back to fteVnolds This piece of property can be divide din Jo six lots, isx6o each, thiee ffSpting on Union and three on Beyndlds etteets, and is situated Immediately EOrth of tbe reeldence of Mr; Glauber. -Lot on the east side of-Upion street,'epposit* the residence of Mr, John H. McCul lough, 90x180 feet, oan be divided mo fourjiots'4ss9o; two frontingon Uni-nP and two on Ellia streets. Lots 18Gx)Mj feet, cornering on Albany, Albemarle and Amherst streets,scan be divided into eight lots, 45x90 feet each. Also lots on Gloucester street, between Al bany and Amberat streets, and lots on Albany, between Gloucester aodJg streets; and on twe-n Gloucester au anyone w'hirypig7 'jy ■ < rri residence or iP^IT7TiTBCT^ | I these locations. For furtberripMWMi| tion apply to J. E, OUttldNOtr. SSOO Eeward. Wo will pay tho above reward for any case of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipation or Costiveness we cannot euro with Llvi-rata, the Up-to-iGte I.ittfc Liver Bills, when the dircotlons are strictly compiled with, i .ifcy are purely v'ge tarde ami never fall to give satisfaction. 2-c boxes contain 108 pills, Ibo boxes contain V) pills, 5c boxescont -In 15 pills. Bewareorsub stitot sand imitations. Bit by mail. Stamps taken. NKRVITA MEDICAL CO., cor. Clin ton end J .ckson Ste., Chicago, IU. For sale by Brown Dreg Go, Brnnswiek. U ' SHERIFF SALES, QEOItGI A, Glyrn.countr. W ijt he. sold be rote the courthouse door in saiti county, on the fTrtt Tuesday In October, 1800- w thin the legal hunts of" sale, to the highest Uifcdei for cit- 1 certain property of .which flte fcHowlmt is a full and complete de scription, towit: JThtu certain undivided one- Offfhtu tuterest of,Jn and to that certain lotor tract of land-lying and being in the City of flrtfiTswi-k, county of Glynn and State of Geor. Rta; and known abd-du-iehated In the plan of said town and city as the ,(astern one-lialf of Town CommoUß lot numtier one-hundred and 1 llfty-c.iX (15b), skid lot one hundred and Ilfiy-six heing-bonmfad as fotiovs, towit : On the north street, on the east hy Albany street,-on th.osonthhy lot nvtrnb6r one hundred and tltty sered flsJ),.ami on the west l>y Wolf street. - Also, a certain undivided one-half of, in and to that certain tract, lot Of parcel of land sitii ittcd i\t .the State of Georgia, county ot Glynn, and City of JlrunswlcVand in thut portion of the City of Hrduswtck known ns Town Com .mons and described as follows, towit; The western one half of Town Oonuuoiu lot num ber ottohundred. and HKy,six (160) and Ini pravementa thereon west of Cochran hventlci ' Als.O. a certain undivided ouo half tntoi est of, in ami to that portion of thaMwain tract lot. .or parcel of laud in the State of Georgia, and eoiuthy of Glynn,-and In the City of Bruns wick therein, and known and designated,upon the Town Comnumemapcd said city-aa thstCet'- talu northwestern noiner Action of TowuCmps mnn<lot number ouo lidndrdd and thirty <l3s>' ,od Albany affects’, being rcc ■ Kitvtng end* thirty (-?)' feet 11) f et,- tvhrvb Is more mjn pltaAvs, towit :• Cntlie nprtb, Jot mini ber one hundred'and ■ ithcty Toot, on iUw ea(rt by irty loot, on ttre Btatf,)i by"the f said lot mjmhetkfse hunt, no tv feel, ahd on fhti tesrtby Trtf said lot number due huff haid to ouyrtj a. ■ h'l on as the propertdrjrif HV T. SltolUo SklMfy an .execution isattad l role the Ciiy flonrt of Bf imswic kin amt tor said county ilrfljaVorof' Engllehi-Aniorie.ani-Xoan and I’ruat :Co;ni isay ngatnut said R. T.*ll itedi*, said prop-' etty !)#ng in possc ssfvm ef K, Tf Illicit. Levy • Siattc ajd relumed tOdne-hy U, S,- ■ 'lyehd*i(r. ThiaSe|detn&silliO(i. A VO'.at (he lime time,, and place l-lit!, following described probeiTj 3 .40wH: Thttl cet talit loh Lruifeor pnrcol. <>f M aitu ‘,e lying add belhSmttfe city of Bntiwwieh, -Bounty fd-Glynu and'tftato of GCOrfein known and deeortbect On aummons ptap of said city as Dixviiiß lot Nhwi, cio-t of ®)rtloU 'anisouth of ■ficvled on-as property irfdstato .IS, C. K Part, under and liy virtueWT#h' exe cution b tlVd hi H. -T, Head, tax cullertcr,io,r ■stttto and county taxes duo f-v the year ls‘4J aniOunt ofrtaX SIJ>B With lnlorfest and till” eosls. .io'vv utatie aftd returned to m 8. Pyiofi, ffepnty .sheriff. Also 4 nt the same time- and-- place, the following described'propetty to-wit: That certain lot.tra' t or paroot of laml.dymgaituato and dicing itrtho city of Brunswick, Glynn Cos, Ga.vkno'vrit nnil descrHiod on Bdldwin’s tnap made jn the your TSST. of said citv a %itc 'V cst ern one fourth of Old Town lot Nondpt. Loytod on as the property of 1-ucy ni aWpok umicr and by Viniro of an execution HI, J. Iffiatj.taJr roller tor for state and rtfiinty tfixss diih for the year XhUd, amount oftax, |7.M with IntOicatnnd all costs. I.Cvy made and returned tome by K. 8 Pyles, deputy sheritr. Also at the same time nud piece, the following described property, to-wit: That eertaid lot, tract of parcel of land lying eitu ato find being In the cit y of Hrunswlck, county of Glynn, state of Georgia, and known and described on Baldwin's map of said city, made in tbo year ls:i7 as Old-Town lot No. 478. Levied on as the prop- Oi’ k, M. I>art and children under and by virtuolbfid execution issued byll.J. Head,tax eolMrtdr, for state and eounty taxes due for the year 1609, amount of tax $M.25, with interest and ell costa. Levy madoVtud rotprned tome by H. fi, Pyles, deputy sheriff, ; Also at the name time and place, the following described property to-wit; All that certain lot or parcel ’ ot land sunate and lying in the. city of Jtntnswlck, in Ibe iSvknsville addition thereto ami known As Levied bn as the prop erty oMt.-it Alston, under and by virtue of an execution Issued by 11. J. Head, lax colleotor, for scute and comity taxes due for the year I*oß amount of tax>, with interest and all costs’ T-evy madc-and returned to too by It. ,-S. Pyles, - deputy shcri*. Also at tbe same time nnrt pliice, tbe follow lag described property towit: The leas bold interest In and to the southeast one-half of town Commons lot No. 181 between Stone wall and Cochran avenues. Levied op as. th property of James and Hattie Bender under and by virtue of nn oxocuMon Issued by H, J, Read; tax collector, tor state and county luxes due for tWtyvcar lair, Amourft of tax Interest and nil rust-. I.hVt made andreiurncd to me by E-TsTVyles. d.,uty jth< rl ff. “I Alb*.. t the Bmo time and place oner-eerie-- job icmiijiu press, chases .aria rollers, luevjfd on aMWiTd t the pufperty of C. .l>-vy under and by virtue Of an. ox et-itlun issfieo frp|n Glynn baperior dourt In fnvor of A. KnMcr & P.>other andmgatnsi C. A. Leavy. principal, and R, K. Ilopklnxnnd H. H. Harx-cv seenrlt von replevybond- for #74. principal. *7J interest and 1'11.85 cost. Also at the same time nud . plane to the highest ana beat bidder, the following cles*'i'tb-'-d real estate and im provements thereon towit: The undivided otie-nixtli Interest of V. Dart in and to that certain tract, lot or parcel of land in,; -tty of Brunswick amf known mi Baldwin ti of, said cilviuad# 1 :- ltc7 at Old Town lot MoritL anltl lot' bolBp" lioumled on (he north jOBt Street, on the caat by GO ion rtrcel, and jmmQM wp*t by lici ncMc strci i. ti-viri Ipropeliy of Sad lefenonot, in < ve-.ition ■-ill of ' - 'up ri..£BjjßigMaWM rr■ ■ and rov. VVrltWniw "i-c -I 1.-t v {MK|4iM|i if,niv’d . 1 ;-i eby 1! s '- i’> ' 111 1" SberifiGl^H Also at tl.i ’IO linn nojSMsf’i' X " s tain ’ ■ ' oat 11•-lWSM^H8aBjWM|re -(jCtnn)oaiJ !. ■ ” "Ik, ■ tU w*..-. ,i-- foi T? WtfZ'Z- 1 wrlOO fa iriK in kb id r• i t v.! Emtod OD alb , ••(• ' ' f R fn4ron it. gfttisfv tat cennifi :h fc .l 4 i HV , ir ot Ge<’>i for • - nits 1 tef 7,';'- •lut fjt. _ . If. BERRIK. GJ) t O rootitys On. ;rs* i Bsi Hi" f. court Dour© door fn M- ly;tu uotrit'-- (.oorKiu, t .ti© "f til 111 Hit ’ 110*4* !<r. or trft'.t 4 th 27 dirt - <*. M , •’o known &• part' fC )i l ol’u li nd.contninr^, mo’fl or JOW, fM) moo ! noUi ly 11 vuj m f Ksnc' , eontb by i>ftm ,*1(1 fiij.nd, lAid on irr' ity loty. efti lv Blythe j \k river, a* 1 w<‘H 4 D ' noirt city lot* *uU Fdn- j VfJuff c L<*yid oj> aud > i ahMiol M - V J y ot the S.*ntlj Eiuo.4Afc> Railway I C'OfljpHy urf!, nd Aik \ iLumuJ^ 1 1 J Jl:a Kk him i V A' § 1 1 ' . M kr- JP- •Fv-yp -M my )y C.Ki/TH.IA <sdvkWp ,-4 f / ; H . Volfee $► Ji"rci*y (ti huH fipf.isod to <l) IMV EP■ eounty for leave to noff IniwW 68tait©of Bridfd Min-linn for del>i<4. fean’ aijilibatio tfill < •* r<sg n ffti f..*rm or the court of oninm.. coui.iv to '*f> hehl 011 tb Moo'fity Aom. ißti a or the Kutat-; of Bridget Miuuha<ie viiiA Xt UTION NOTICK. On account o' the depth of Shoiuol Cai*tf,tfi© Ann of Curtis, arre. Cos. fj) mutual con s*nthMboeu dltool-od. uRKBA 1 UKNRT G.CUETIii. PUBLIC SALK. Georgia—Glynn Catinty. Under and by virtue of a power of sale con tained in that certain deed to secure deed from Alfred F. Turner to the American Build ing Loan and Tontine Savings Association of Memphis Tennessee, which deed is recorded in Book N. N„ folio, '274 of the records of said county, reference to which deod and record of same IS had for all purposes, (tho said Alfred F. Turner having for inure than six months do faulted in paying tlio dues and interest which ho in Ids said deed to secure debt obligated himself to pay.) there will bo sold before the door of the court house in Brunswick, Georgia, between the legal hours ot Sale, on the first Tuesday in October, 1900, to tlie highest and host bidder lor cosh; That certain lot of land in Brunswick,Georgia, and in that part of said city of Brunswick known aa Town Commons; and being tbe Western one-lialf of Town Com mons Lot Number 110, (and improvements) and in. that bloek of lots located between Wolfunil Albany streets,in said city. To be sbld as the property of said A. F Tum or for the purpose of l aying the indebtednesa secured by said deed, principal being $306.28, besides interest, dues, fine’s, etc. l’urchaaer pays for titles, This August Tilt, 1900. ALI- KRT) F. TI'BNIEIt, By American Building Loan-and. Tohune Savings Association f Memphis, Tennes see, AttorneyiuFuct. i>. W.KKAUSB, . •wAttorney for •>! Vnb'AUIVJALB. V state Of Georgia—Glpmi Cf.untyA Y klindor and by virtaiSuf a power \of snlo con iained in,that cortatanßed to secure debt from Helen G. Hive to the *mrican Building Loan nnd Toutir.o Savmra Association.or' Memphis, Tenn.*Whkh deed iB lasordod In Book L. L., fol io IK7 of the records of Said countv, reference to whirb deed ami the record of same is bad for airpurposes—(the said llolon G. Itico having fop more than.six months defaulted in paying the dues and Interest whioti she in her said -deed to soetfre debt obligated herself to pay,) there Will bo sold before tho door of the court -$0086,40 Brunswick, Georgia, between the leg- U 1 hours of safe, on the first Tuosday in October 1900, to the highest and lieet bidder for cash, tho followiuglots of land,(and tho improvements thereon) described on and in the map and plan of tbe city of Brunswick made by George R. Baldwin, as New Town lots Nufnbers 1882,1883, 1884,like, aud 1880. To bo sold as tho property of said Helen G. Ricofor tho purpose of paying the. Indebtedness aecuiod by said deed; princi pal being $477.01, besides interest, dues, fines, etc. Purchaser payß for titlos. This August !31gt, 1000. HR®’ G. RTCK, Building Loan ami Tontine Sav ings Association, of Memphis, Teim„ At torney in Fact. *, :-l>. W. lilt AXIS,S, Attorney for said Association. AHMINWTRATQR’S SAftlC. GKOBGIA—GIynn County. - By virtue of an-orderjof the court of Ordinary of said county* will bo sold at public outcry on tho first Tuesday in . October, 1908, before the court liouse door in sold comity, between tlio usual hours of sale, all that certain lot, tract or parcel of laud lying and beingin said state and county and m the city of Brnnswiek, and boing dCseriliod according (o tho survey and plan id said city made by George R. Baldwin, civil ongmeer,rn 1837, as follows, towit: 32 1-2 feet by -13 feot ot l.ho eastern 1-4 of Old Town lot number 537, having the following courses, distances and .measurements: Commending at a point oil the weatern lino of Cuchran aven ue 25 feet suuth of the southern line of London street, aud running thence south along the wester#, lino of .Cochran avenue 321-2 feet; thence riinuiug westoriy at right angles 45 feet; then WITH Truing northerly at right unglue 52 1-2 feet, apd thence casterljru right angles 45 feet to tho point, ofbeginnlng. Said land belonging to the, uHtHto of Amanda Iluirh**, deceased. Icrius cash. This tho 7th day of .September, im h-S .. - , .d.Jt. Krilßß, Administrator,Estate Amanda Hughs. SERVICE BY PUBLICATION. State of Georgia—County of Glynn. Mrs. Llaslo Long Libel for divorce; in the * Superior court of Glynn vs. ■ county, May term, 1990. * . Order to perfect soiMcc, Thomas A. Long, granted at said torimgg -Do the Defendant,Thomas A. 1.0J9 i on are hereby required, In at torneyjtd. be ,-aail- nnpear, at tnejMcnmimr term, lW)O,f tbC Glynn SuperioraßMi-i. to be itoldcu in and for xald r-nntr mill house in Hrunstfick,Glynn cniJr/i-j’. "Ml the diet Mon,lay in Da....niiJBSaMBBM Will I ,i* then- I,y mil 1(1) ok-iogg^nsa of id day. ll.i-i, ami there UFftmoUSSi plain, ..! (in. plaint,,r m,/ . Ill,on- ail'd ca.-n, 11, In i-Jslffgisigvaßm Wilm ~s tin; llomiraliSp' J'idge "f t.i'i- - upi'riiiraflr.iSS i 1 T. -yj :Ad-kiv- Uiiri tin- illii duy of 5 Deputy Clerk oJMBS I i.uutv.GorjJf e3S..Wa.'mi£fe3KlßsKiMßi win pat PAKra fJ9 A '.o.rni-y lor l l ® -! * -•- i * t j -% I F. OvJKp ■ ' • ? 4" y'h y ft. \ s v*r T • ; i?V i .j • n eici, or gN—... p(fo h* hoi don at the court hWuHIF 1 lfP 1 viek, Glynn County, Georgia, on the HflßMU>niiny in l>econ)U;r,- UKX), nnd by Ten forenoon of 'late, Uh:u Blffmrlrilnml* s. c<Jiuuia)iit of uv piinn in bis l.ioel for t W. WfSSr' ourl oft.iynu < .iiiiii,, BHHifju!}-. H. r. duBrONON. Court, Glyun C ounty. Ga. SERVICfe BY PUBtiCATION. State of Georgia—County of Glynn. Mrs, Ella Mr; kfiTltn LILel for divorce; in the Superior court offdyun ▼s. county, May term, ]OO, Order to perfect service Martin It. Markham granted at. eaid term. _ To the iJeXemlanfc^Martin B. Markham. in person or by at tJirney, Ly iat tbo December lerm, 15*00,01 Glynn superior court, to be holtl eu in and. for .sahl county, at the court house,in Brunswick, Glynn countv, Georgia, on the first Monday in December, ibco, and you will he theie by ten (10) o clock, of the forenoon ofgaid day, ben andi there L to answer tbe complaint of the plaimiff Mj’h, Ella Markham, in tne above stated ease, lu her libel for divorce. Witnes* the Honorable Joseph W. Rennet, n?ife°.iSfk Dper ,) / Glynn county, tbi* the I4ith day of Aa|uj^Hyoo. ty a F,. t a.i TOWN SEND, Coai t ’ ETWVMS’i 111 H I *r BY I’UBUCATJON. I l ii •bj r < , e. mi r f, 4 Mu L of <J vn n ; . f m tf-nu hu v .{'• if : ■ ••ryir- , raWitiaSPt Maid r. i ui. Hylic. in j,- or by atf appeer at the Gecemlier term, lftOO, of Bupurior com t, to he hold un In aiq for ad county, at tbe court I jas©, Georgia, u the the to nr-v k . •anjru iTHWaWhjf Mr-. K Wy! .WliaHi lll,l ' 1,,r Juscph w. 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