The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, October 13, 1900, Page 3, Image 3

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, STILL HAS SAME VIEWS /ver Cleveland Has Not Changed, \ IBS BY HIS LEITEH > is Still the Enemy of Free Coinage of Silver at 16 to t. Off. 12. —A special to lb* Ibuoe Irom Louisville say#: 1 President Cleveland ha 9 repH', t fcjetter written him by John 3. Green [ if tbe form r ie.iilint haA nftiuigqjl bis views on .1 e financialquestion as expressed in lettrr tn Chicago tiuiiness men on , latter dated “Buturd’e Bay,” *aya: : "‘1 bavs r*ce red your letter incl ic lr>K a copy of aty letter written m sm five year-i ajo to the business o'Cbicsfo. I had not leim it iu a long time, bat it seeuu to we [ c uld i not .-'a the c‘* b^lter at. this tune if l stn.u and try. ] bve not charg'd my i opinion as expressed in tbe least.'” j Ci ms Nesr Dy ng ‘•Fur three dars and nights I suffered agry untold from an attack of cholera morbus brought i by eating cucumbers.*' says M. F. Ijowther, clerk of tne district c r urt. Center ville. lowa, “I thought I should su ely ilie and tried a dozer, different medicines, but all to no purpose. I sent for a bottle of Chainter h lair. Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and three Joses relieved me entirely. I went to sleep and di i not awake for eight hours. On hwukeni’-g a few hours ago 1 felt so gratified flrat.uork IJo i n going to the oftiee is to write to the manufacturers of this remedy and offer ihem rny grateful thaaks anti say *€k>d bloat you and the splendid medicine you This kernedy i for sale at Jr. Bish op**iflrug store Large fat mackerel only lOand 12 1-2: Harper, tlie Hustler. 'DEMOCRATIC MAJORIIY 69.1)95 The democrat!.; insjorry m the re cn- stiie enc icu, ti shown bjtie vote lor iecret.ry i.f -'sir, is 69 695. The vole for otert-tary of s’s'e wa. C.ols, 93,608; Clemen*, 23,90S 1 K - v Ji&i- \ mvm&'-M' ' i i •%^-v If, all frVjrfe • \J-'X, jffi gO V j/V> 5 v‘ ; r' v Jf j.'', ■/ v - *' • JT Syrup. Figs Cleanses the System Gently and Effectually vhen bilious or costive. Jhcsettts in the most acceptablclorm fie laxative principles of plants mown to act most beneficially. - *0 GET ITS BEK IT ,^<ECTS JUY THE GENUINE MAHFD. BY JALIFORNiA FIG STRUPCO. ISAM FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE . KY. NCW YORK, N Y for sate by druggists - price 50* per bottle ■ _ RHEUMATISM Sr No sure cure is yet known for chronic rheumatism. No man living can cure it always. He can try. If he fails he can try another way. There are many ways. Some harmless; others worse than the rheumatism. Better not take the chance of quack medicines. Scott’s emulsion of cod-liver oil cures rheumatism only by crowding it out by vital force. succeed a, it swpfcidsijf that fails, it fails. It never does any harm. We’ll send you a little to try If you like. SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl street, New York. QUESTIONS AN VI EKED. Yes, August Flower still hfw the largest salt |of any medicine in tbe civ ilized world. Your mothers andgraod mothers never ihoughr of using any thing else for Indigestion or bilious ness. Doctors were scarce and they se.doru beard of upendicllis, nervous prostration, heart ft-Uure, etc. They used August Flower to cienn out the system and stop fermentation of undl* geeted feed, reguiato the action of the liver, stimulate the action of the ner. vous anu organic system, and that is atl they took when feeling dull and bad with hi adacho and ether aches. You only reed ft few closes of Green's Au gust Flower, ( n liquid form, to make you savisfi-d rhere i. nothing serious the Bs’irr 't >• r, Bxraple bott es a< K’iuA 1 Brown DruvC Should he ir; rypn ‘household nede OH* ri •. TI afoid, < nsijdr relief Finest chocolate candies in the city at Harper’s, the Hustler. The key to health is in tbs kidneys and liver, Keep these organs an'ive anojtou have hesl 'n, erreiglh and cheerful spirits. Prickly l Aacti Bit ters is a stim Cant for tbe kindeys, regulates tbs liver, stomach and bow tl. A golden household remedy. W. J. Untie, druggo.i. New raisins, prunes, etc , at Harper’s, the Hust!er ; It Happened in Drag Stor >. “One- day last winter a'Jftuy came to my drag ftoro uhd asked for a brand-*<f cough DicJicin** that not have In *tock,” aayt Mr. tb R. fil’d rut in, tbe popular diugglfct of Ont -rio, N. “She wa dlsappoiutcd and warned to know what cough preparation I coo Id recommend, I said to her.that I couli freely recommend Cbaml/erluia’s Cough Remedy and that *he could take a bottle of the remedy and after giving it a fair trial if ahe did not find R worth the money to bring back the bottle and I would refund the price paid, id the course of a day or two ti e lady came back in company with n friend In eel if a cough medicine and a!vised her to buy a Louie rf Chand'-e.ria 4 o' , vCough" fie mi dy. I consul* r that a ery gotfa recom mendation fop theTemedy.” The remedy owes i’a great popularly and extensive ale In a large measure to tho per-onal re commenda tions of people who have been Cared by its use. It is for sale at It. Bishop's drug store. Have you tried our mack erel in tomato sauce 20c can at Harper’s, the J lustier. Our Greatest Specialist For SiO years Dr. J. Newton Hath away has so successfully ’rested chronic diseases that he is ackne sledged todsv (to stand at the head of bis ( rofeseion in this line. His exclusive iretbod of j treatment for Varicocele ana Stricture I without the aid of knife or cautery i cures in 90 per cent, of all cases. In I the treatment of loss of vita) forces nervous disorders, kidney and urinary complaints, paralysis, blood poisoning, rheumatism, catarrh and diseases pecul iar to women, be is equally successful' Dr. Hathaway's practice is more than double that of any other specialist. Cases pronounced hopeless by other physicians, readily yield to his treat ment. Write him today fully about your case He makes no charge for consultation or advice, either at his of fice or by mail. J. NEWTON HATHAWAY, M. D. 2!> Bryan Street, Savannah, Ga * LOW RATES. To Georgia State Fair at Valdosta, October 29th to November 4th, via Tiant System. One rare from points In G jrrgia. Florida and Ala bama, pi.. . oa a. nit additional (or admission .Military rate 1 cent per mite each direction, %) or moie on one ticket. b. W. WRENS, Passenger Traffic Manager THE BRUNSWICK JTMEb-CALL, OCTOBER i , i 9O O. SENDING COMMISSIONS. Capital Force is Bu fly EngHged At Prcsi nt. The At a ta Daily News says: The force in the executive depart ment at the cpilol will be busy for he 61 xt eight or ten days preparing and sending out commissions to the county officials of the dlffetcut counties of the state, ricsntly elected. There are eight officers in each coun. ty to be commissioned, ramelj: Tax collector, tax receiver, sheriff, coroner, ordinary, clerk of super or court, treas urer aud surveyor. In all there will bo over 1,100 com missions to be sent ou. Besides these, commissions will have to te sent to county commissioners iu a great many i<E|Jftjj>untieß, ThUwork is vhry t.dious and wilt occupy considerable ohStbe-Jimeof the' executive force. The amount of stamps to be used witl be very heavy. Yesterday the govern or signed a warrant for SOO which will be devoted exclusively to the purchase of stamps to be used in sending out ihe commissions. Governor Caudler will probably to occupied for about two days in signing up the commissi ins, as his name will have to he attached to each com me ion s<nt out. Do not got scared If your heurl troubles you Most likely you suffer froiu indigestion Kodo Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat aud gives the worn out stomach perfect rest. It is tho only preparation known (hat digests all elaaues of foods; that is why it cures the worst enf-es of Indigestion and stomach trouble after every thing else has failed. It miiyTxi taken in ail conditions and caimot help bet do you good. W J. nil its It Heals the Langs. When suffering from a rsckiugcongh take dose of Foley’s llouey and Tar. The soreness* will he relieved and a warm, griteful feeling and healing of the parts affected will be expe rienced. Take no substitute. \V. J. liutls. “I have always used Foley’s Honey aird Tar Cough medicine and think it the best iu 'the. world, 11 says Cbas Beudcr.a newsdealt rof Kr e Pa. Take no substitute. W J Butts. N""tliei pills can e.pial l’eWltt*3BpeV>?' !y Kisers for promptness, certainty add efllc iency. W.J. Butts MITCHELL ns THOMAS. Livery, boarding and sale stabiss, F nssi turnout. n the ci’y. Tel. 97. Newcastle Bt. \1 otters most not for Jet that Dr, Moffett'S Teetbtoa (Teething Poster*) will cure their child. •. . / I The editor or the Forjvii)e. Ky., 'Miscellau eous. writes s> a postteript to a tias.ners letter: -I was cored of kidney uvulde by taking Foley’s Kidney Core," Take'nothing ebe.: W. J, Units CASTOniA. Boars the — ■ if is we)l to know I bat DewittS, Witch Haay SaHe will hW a burs, end #p lhe sin' et once. It will cure czccinx aid tkin dMSaSes and ugly wounds;; add sores, it 1 a certain cure lor piles. Couatcrreils may be offer, d you See that yosget the original I'eWitt’s Witch llsxel Halve. W, J. Butts. STOVES BKHAIKED. Bice, 'he stove die or. repairs kinds < r cot k stoves srd rai yes, luy and sells second hand stoves, 414 Bay itreet. Strengthen the tired k'dosys and purify the liver snd bowels with a few dotes of Prickly Ash Billers. It is so admirable kidney ton c. W. J. Butts, druggists. Second hand household furniture bought and sold; also piano®, organs, trunks, mirrors, carpets, etc. J . W. Watkins'. When you cannot Bleep for coughing, it Ih hardly ne*e-*ary that any one should tell you that you need a few donee of Chamberlain' Tough remedy to allay the irritation of the throat am) make sleep possible. >U t* good Try it. For sale at Dr. Bishop’s drug >re. I “BUY THE GENU!);F SYRUP OF FltoS ... MANUFACTTJ RED BT .. CALIFORNIA FIO SYRUP CO. nr ,N(TI! Tin NAM R. A PROMINENT VISITOR. Mr Daniel B. Harris, a prominent representative of the Philadelphia Un dei writers Insurance Company is in the city vi.iting the agency of Mr, J. S. Wright, Mr Harris occupies a prominent po ition In the insurance world of Georgia and is one of At lanta’s most substantial business men. He is fresb from victory in the poll!i --cal field, having been m active aud ardent supporter in the 1 ace recently made by Major Mims for mayor of At lan’.a. ; jiirm -fjf lj> Cl \ i ' 11 i>j ? 1 v V' t |Ti- i,.,iy in,’: t:n covet I* very \ i-h ; hence so n urn v I ;il a lilies :i tier people think they me wei! ol La- Grippir; JOHNSON’S CHILL. and FEVER TONIC G La Grippe Cum* It In a ddy Gurus It OonrplellrtjL Aml Is n aftfuguard against the dai>< gejPß which follow In it* traliw USE NOTHING ELSE. COccntH if it-curee; Not a oont if II does not, A. 3. GIRARDEAU, Savannah, Ga. I AM ALWAYS WIDEAWAKE Looking after desirabl ■ gootls for M Y p itrous and the general trsde. Below you will find a list of a few Specialties for today: Wiener Wnrst Sausage incans (iprteft). ' Russian Caraiar. Puree ile Fois Gras. Pineapple, Edam and CJnD Honse Cheese. I assure jou satisfaction in evcrytbi g THOS. KEANY GROCERIES Phone 11, '312 Newcastle Street. b; ijtrv Digests vvhwt you eat. Itartiflclally dip •■tsto* iond and aids Nature in ii-nirig and recon etructing U,< exlibii'l' t diat .-live or g(Tns. It is the latest tli*-:• teddigesb. ;ut arid tonic. Nobtier pr-paratlon can approach it in o!?!'*iency. It in stantly relieves and permanently -’urea Dyspepsia, liidltp-stion, Heartburn, Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea, Sick Headache,Gastmlgia, j al 1 other results of iinperfectdi on. Preoored ay E. C DeWltt 4C0., C*>>cajo. W J. Butts, the Druggisr. Kicycl- and , Ghjn repair' A ’ iag a special wjy||4 j - at KESSLERS Cor. Monk and Sts’ If you will buy three vY.-W’ Old Virginia Cheroots and smoke them to-day you will get the greatest amount of comfort and satisfaction that 5 cents will buy in a smoke, and get it three times over! You haven’t any idea how good they are and cannot have until you try them. Try three to-day instead of a sc. cigar. Three hundred million Old Virginia Cheroots smoked this year. Ask youf own dealer. Price, 3 for 5 cents. a Advertisers lways PPRECIATE W |*| EAPIJMG- # H iCH lleturns AND THAT IS 'T~! —! E=l Regular ETURNS EPORTED By Advertisers Who Use These Columns. Cuantiij aid Juaillj of Circulation gives jiiiatitj and {ualitj tojldrorlisers And We Give Both WE ALSO—a GUARANTEE TO GIVE SATISFACTION IN JOB WORK. DON’T SEND:AWAY FOR ENVELOPES, LETTER'HEADS, BILL HEALS, SHIPPING TAGS ETC., When you can get them at home for the perre ft: e and besides you save the cost of freight and dray age. OUR PHONE IS 31, ' ' Via receive prompt attention. ..‘ffid calling and talking the matter over-with you and giving you our estimates, TRIALi 3