The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, October 13, 1900, Page 6, Image 6

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6 SOCIETY MEETING. First Gathering at the School Yesterday. All Officers Were Elected and Assistants Ap pointed. The first meeting of the Excelsior Literary Society for this term was held at the Mansfield street school bui ding at noon yesterday. The meeting was called to order by Willie Bailey, who was ihe president at the close of school in June. The first business was the election of officers, which resulted as follows: President —Willie Bailey. Vice President—Call Btumgartner, Secretary—Jade Simons. Assistant Secretary—Minnie Marks. Treasurer—Richard Everett. A motion was then car ried that some of the jnoney now In the treat y should be expended .in new hooks for the library and im provements on the stage. After the following appointments l-y the president, the society adjourned, to meet on Friday, Oct. 26: Chairman o? 'Program Committee— Mrs, It, L. Parker. Librarian—Beulah El ten wood. Reporter for the Timks-Call-Clare .JJ’Conor. MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. 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I' rst> r, the origins) Afnc"!) tirf-vater, wl‘ givs a pei forniA’cs at Dart t halt on' Wt dnrsday, Oc’.lS, Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey America** lirvatcHt Medicine. Absolutely pure; contains no Fusel 911; CURES CONSUMPTION. Gentlemen—l had n cough for three y*r*, effect* tf grip and not lak'iig jm>|>cr care of my*<*H. In -April I became *o weak 1 wa* uuulik to work. 1 ww examined by two ihyKiann, wlto told me l had bronehltl*. very had. They tithictcd me to nee Duffy's Pure Matt Whiskey but 1 w# *o hitter agataat wlu*- key that 1 would not content, By Attgui t )*t 1 had none so far a* to be unable to get my breath, ex cept with difficulty was very low. 1 thought I could not H e lunch longer. Our old pbywiciai), Dr. T. \V. Campbell, of Energy, B. v. t examined my lung*, told me the right one was very bad and the keft one but a trifle better, but that I had enough tuiip* left to live a good while \ i if I would take plenty of Utiff>' Pue Malt Whiskey, and tak# it regularly. 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Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. 11 1 ——i.l |J .. . .'i11.., | .1..! 11. r isn’t a well inch in my body. I honestly believe my lungs are diseased, my chest pains me so, but I have no cough. I am so weak at my stomach, and have indigestion terribly, and palpitation gi the heart; am losing flesh; and this headache and backache nearly kills me,, and yesterday I had hysterics. “ There is a weight in the lower part of my bowels, bearing down all the time, with pains in my groins and thighs I can’t or sit, and blue —oh goodness! lam simply the rmjet miserable of women.” %4b a, most vivid description of a woman suffering with prostpktion, caused by inflammation or some- other ‘diseased condition of the wqjnb. Jso woman should allow herself to reach such a perfection of misajy when there is no need of it. Read about Miss \Vuliaitosen’s case and how she was cured. Two Bad Oases of Nervous Prostration Ouredm splS. PINKXIAM ; I was suffering- such tortures from nervous prostration that |&fe was a burden. I could not sleep at all, awl was too ’weak to walk across the floor.. My heart was affected so t hai v often I could not lie down at all without almost suffocating. I took Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound and it worked like magic. I feel that your medicine has been of in estimable benefit to me.” Mists. A DELE WIIXIAMSON, 106 X. Boulevard, Atlanta. 13a. 0b m tdk REW \ KT>. —We Lave deposited with the National CHv B&nk cf Lynn. ffiftiO, * v kllilfil which will be paid to any ftor*ut wh* can find thatt h oaV> r et*' £ t.fPl l-tzars knimHl are not genuine. or were published Letafe tbtai:,ing rlx* VV VVV Oii**ion. LVDIA K. VI KHA>I- MKI.ICiNL CO. NERVITA PILLS Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Maciood Cure Impotency, Night "Emissions, Loss of Mem. orv, all wasting dise;Lso*,jr—~• jflppfn all effect* of smf-abnse or Ct IlCLJeioeM *tod iudi?cretion. V WSv** vv A terve tonic and PILLS *l* blood builder. Brings I jjt pink glow to pnle checks and restores ihft *+* “ *f youth, lly mail CTS per box. 0 boxes for ■ • 12-50, with our bankable graurantco to core or refund the money paid. Send for circular and copy of our baakablc guarantee bond. Nervjta Tablets ™- R l^ Jbsttively ffuarantee<l cure for Lo*s of Power, VariooceMs Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs, Pare*!*, Locomotor Ataxia, Nertou* Prxwtra tloo, Fit*, Insanity, Pardßv si* and the Uaeof Tobncdb, Opium or LMnofr By mail in plain package. SI.OO a oox, 6 fir *5.00 with our bankable gmar tntae bond to cure In 30 days or refund B&oney pakL Address _ NERVITA MEDICAL CO. Canton & Jackson Sts, CHICAGO, ILL. For sale by Brown Drug Cos , Brunswick, Ga. ELI ZISSIMATO, 302* Newcastle St. f[[ ni.... :;:. ntsi CIGARS AN I>. TOBACCO lei fCfm fei Simt Car, Kill Tub I leu Wile: Ctc M All Kiodi oftCkody. “I had nervous prostration terribly, caused by female weakness. I suffered every thing; was unable to eat, sleep, or work. After a while I was induced to try Lydia E. •Pin kham’s Vegetable Com pound, and I really began to improve -on taking the first bottle. I continued to take the .medicine, a ®4 .am now bettet in every vvAy. and feel like a different person. lam simply a well woman.” * Mbs. Dei.i.a KeisEß, MarienviHe, Pa, Rainy Day Hats. The very best of the favored fbaptw are shown in ocr a^*ortment. Triaad vJ. Untrimmed felt Hats In a variety of thapes, tylea and color*. Wbe have bought and ma le them op to sell to those who desire aervieetble, yet pretty; good, but low priced. These are right and priced right. MISS KATE SLATES, 604 GLOUCESTER ST.. 1 --—i—a "m-gg.i ai CHANGE or SCHEDULE PLANT SYSTEM. Trmu ST leares Brim-wick t 8 nt. Ti‘D?9 leaves Bruuwic!> 5 45 p. m Tfkio 90 arrives Hruo-vrick 10 a. tn. Train S8 arr vrr B:uem*:c 6 f. 00. WINE OF CARDUI A SURE MEDICINE. Hudmh, Vi., Dec. at. : ■ I hire been inSerlng from limit week- vHßftg ness for four yean, end here teken many V medicines, but Wine of Cardui and B?ack- * r T # | Draught have done more forme than any* f y thing elee. ~ ( MBS. CAROLINE EVANS. VLr — WineTCard" 1 " It is a mistake to take any and every kind of medicine when you are Sick. There is danger in it. Most of the so-called cures for “ female weakness” do nothing more than deaden the pain temporarily, and when the effect wears away the patient is weaker and sicker than before. It is never wise to take chances. You have only one life, and that is dear and precious. If you have any pain, ache, disorder or weakness in the femi nine organs, nothing wUI help you like Wine of Cardui. It helps do away with morning sickness during the early stages of pregnancy, and modifies the pains of childbirth; recovery is rapid and future health is assured The Wine is purely veg- being made of whose waotmiit?' 1 ' medicinal properties directly i For advice in eases requiring •pect&i -appn -of womanhood It is a long-tried remedy, and has j ■much* co, cbaitanooga, im. many years of success behind it It is sure. Why take a chance medicine when you can get a sure medicine? Druggists sell Large Bottles'for $l.OO. WINE OF CARDUI RTPANS TABUIES find A Good y -< -i Prescription for mankind TT *” ■*.> DrvggWt., flnon. KwMraMo. Umm. lfm-Stud., Gmctol Stan, tmi ILrb.n ewx, •!*. tm4 mi., lit. 2“ fkn. nfrfl K. uur .hat 1 , tb. wmr. *, Ml * PS Tim npln u 4 m iVnuf mil Wm.nSZ fhmtmi <£![ 5., SuS' W H. BOWEN. J. N BKADT. BOWEN & BRADT, AMD BUIL-DEKS Of Stone- Brick and Freme Building j * Manufacturers of Cement, TUe and Artificial Sfoue. 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