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The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, October 14, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! BIG CUT RATE SALE. OUR STOCK MUST QO —EVERYTHING AT COST j Shoes. Humanic Shoes at... |3.00 Mta s Viei Kid Bals at 2.50 Men's Tan Vici Bals at 2.25 Men’s Calf Bals at .. ... 2.25 Ladies Ultra Boots at tT.. .. Indies! 1 Kid Lace Boots at 2.25 I Kid Button Boots at ..., 225 Lad iff French Heel Ties at 2.75 LARGE LINE OF MISSES’ AND CHILDREN’S SHOES AT COST. PALMER SHOE COMPANY. 116 Newcastle Street. SHORT BUTSPICY CITYNEWS NOTES r A Days Doings as Gathered by The Times-Call Reporters MAHERS PERSONAL AND GENERAL brief statements of the many things THAT MAKEJJP the BUSYiROUND OF LIFE Mr. W. S. Worthy, of Atlanta, spent yesterday in Brunswick. Mr. L. T. Rice, of Macon, is regi i tered at the Oglethorpe. Mr. Frank Scarlett, of Fancy Bluff, was in the city yesterday. Cip’, J. L, Foster was in ’be city yesterday from St. Simon. Mr. J. H. Myers of Tifton, is spend ing a few days in the oity. Mr, J. W. Connelly of the Southern Railway, spent yette&day in the city Mr. Phil. S. Farmer sailed on the Mnliory steamship yesterday for New York. Mayor D. D. Atkinson and Judge Sam C. Atkinson left for Atlanta iast night. Mr. Geo. .Hopkins has returned to Darien, after a pleasant visit ih Mrerf R. R. Hopkins. Look out for Jaok frost this morn ing, if tbia weather keeps up. It was i decidedly cold last night, and frost may nip vegetation. Tt% smile of the coal .dealer yester day wa only exceeded by that of the plomher. He knows that every breath of old winter means a dollar in his poaket. Bright’s Disease. / High tiring, Intempersnce, exposure and tbpkj other things bring on Bright’s disease., Poley’s Kidney Cure will prevent Bright’s dis ease and all other kidney or bladder disorders if taken in time. Take nothing else. W. J Butte. SHIPPING REPORT. Corrected Daily by Oapt. Otto Johtnnsssa Port of Brooisiok, Oot. 13, 1900. ARRIVED. Solir. Viola Keppard. Moody, Bos ton. Schr. Martha S. B'noetf, Rulon, New York, BAILED. Br. SS. Kennett, Forney, Santiago. SS. Colorado, Avery, New York. George W. Clyde, Chichester, Boa ton. Cruz, ifl,, Pert Reis, St. Vincent, Schr. Lyman M. Law, BJske, l’oiia- delphia. Scbr. Joseph W. Hawthorn, Barter; Newb'iryport. OASTO.niA. Bears the a Tho Ya. Hate Always i “T CZ& Tickets fur tie R.tfemen’e Old Maid Sooial, Friday, Oot. 18tb, oan be had from the members of the company and the leading stores of tho city. Only 250t8 admission. For bladder Troubles use STUART'S GIN and BUCHU. Don’t you think the Msjor will make >e fine old maidat theßocisl,Riflemen’s Armory, Friday, Oet. 18tb. Second hand household furniture bought aud sold; also piano?, organs, trunks, mirrors, carpets, etc. J. W; Watkins'. FOR REN r.— Six-room, one-story cottage, 110 Elliastreet. Apply to W. Merchant. Ton know the popular Oapt. Frank Dunn will mak6 “ peach” of an old maid,eepecialiy as a strawberry blonde, Riflemen’ll Armory, Oot. lsb. Perfectly healthy people have pare, riob blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla puri fies and enriches the blood and makes people healthy. THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL OCTOBER 41. UJO • . * • , ; ■ ■.■ v, - , ~ ** • *. , ALWAYS KEEP ON HAND "Pcsin-Killev There is no kind of pain or ache, Internal or exter nal, that Pair.-Killer, will not relieve. LOOK OUT FOR IMITATIONS'AUC STITUTES, THE GENUINE PE r TLE‘ BEARS THE NAME. PERRY DAVIS & SON. LOW RATES- Vf A. THE PEaNT ■.. • system .'-, To Savantiab, Ga,, for the E’ka’ Gkaud Carnival and 4 Street Fair, Ko vembsr sth to 17tb, One fare for the round trip. Tickets to he sold Novem ber B’b, 7tbi Sth, 12th, 14’h and lflth, with final limit 1.0 18th. A splendid program of altraifjona bus been ar ranged. Plant System tickex agents will give full particulars. .. B. W. Widens, Passengar Trsfllo Managi.r.V . SavaiyjMrtr^Tta.'’ CURES RLOOl) POISON. Scrofula, Ulcers, Old Sores, Bone Paius—Trial Treatment Free, First, second or third stages posi tively cuied by taking B. B. JJ. (Bo tanic Blood Balm), Blood Balm kills or destroys the Hyphieitio Poison in the blood and expels it from the sys tem, making a perfect Cure. Have you sore throat, pimples, copper col ored spots, old festering eating sores, nicer*, ewellinge, scrafula, Itohing skin, aches and pains in bones or joints, sore mouth, or falliog hair? Tbek Botanic Blood Balm will heal every sore, stop the aches and make the blood pure and rich and give the rich glow of isealib to the skin. Over 3,000 testimooials of cares. B, B. B. thoroughly tested for 30 years. Drug stores sl. Trial treatment ot B. B.fß. fres by writing Blood Balm Cos., At lanta, Ga. Describe trouble and free medical advice given. Don’t despair of a cure as B. B. B, cures when all else fails. Now is the Season wb n the small boy fills himself with green fvui*, which invariab y lead- to cramps, diarrbce.% or dysentery. If parents are prudent, they wtll have a bottle of Pain-Killer, ready for such summer emergencies. Avoid substitutes. There is but one Pain-Killer, Perry Davis’. Prioe 25c. and 5000. mi! TtjipT'LAß BfACKE r BTOtIE. Notice is directed in this morning's Issue to the hall-page ad of tlfi? gopu l*r R mkef, store, annum.oing (heir millinery opening on October 18;h and 17rb. Mr. Elkan has ■fo uou.smlly handsome linn of these goods this yeai‘ whloh are being sold at reasonable prices. FIRST AND FOREMOST In the field of mediclno is Hood’s Sarstparilla. I- possesses actual and Uuequsiled merit by which it cores all diseases caesed or promoted by impure or impoverished blond. If you have rheumatism, dyspepsia, scrofula or ctterrli. you may take Hood'sSarsapa rilia e.d be cured, if y-iu are run down and feel weak and tired, yon may be sure it will do you good. The - favorite family cat* ariic is Huod’-i Pilis. , All rhe parrels aud eats is town arc at a premium owing to the Riflemen colieeiiiig them to use Ht the Old Maid’s Sccial, Out. 18th. There is a faseination about big profits tea business man. Jluh the conservative on d cau tious trader prefers to have the lesser per cent, of Interest amt the larger per cent, of safety in Tretnvcstments. There Is no business rnnn who woo id not Consider it a sound proposition to In vent in n enterpri-o in which absolute Josh was Impossible and which offered ninety-eight chances in a hundred of a rich profit. The sta tistics of cures effected by Ur. J’iercc’B Golden Medical Discover}' show th&t ninety-eight per cent, of cases of ■‘weak lungß” can be absolutely cured. Almost if not ail forms of physical weal ness may be traced to. tar. stlon. Starva tion saps the Htrmigih. The bouy is just as much Htaryetl when the stomach caunot extract nutrition from tho food it receive" as when there if no food. “W eak lungs,” bronchial nfv fecliona. obstinate coughs, call for nourishment “Golden Medical Discovery" supplies that nourishment in its most condensed and assim ilable form. It makes - weak iunaa” strong, by strengthening the stomach and organs of diges tion digest and distribute the food and by increasing the supply of pure blood. Talk nbout fun, but you will euMf split your sides laughing at the eld UiSida Friday, Out. 18th, Riflemen,s Armory. Admission 25cts. Money loaned on personal property and real estate. Ap ply to J. W. Wat Kin s Otcsr Haneell will never be forgotten af er you see him at Iho Old Maids’ Social, Friday,Oft. 18cb, R fie men’s Armory. Gent’s Furnishings. Men’s Gold and Silver Shirts at 7.c and SI.OO Men’s Summer T' at Cost. Men’s at Cost. Large LitJ| ■ \ Uts. . $2.25 Men’s styl&..... 1.75 v . Boys’ and Youth’s Shoes at $1,20 A large line of half hose and E. &W, Collars at. cost. Our line of Neckwear is swell and complete. Men’s Work Shirts all sizes at ; £sc Come and See Us, HILL’S DATES* V ludianapolie, Oot. 13 —Hill’s dates are changed. He speaka here 001. 16, and at LsFsytHs Oot. 18, to avoid a cor 11 lot with the Beveridge meeting here Oct. 18. HOW’S THIS ? We offer One Hundred Dollars Re ward for any case of Catarrh thaf can not be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY &Cos , Preps., Tole do, 0. Ws, the undersigned, have known F. J. Chhnsy for {he last 15 yeera, and bslieru Hub perfectly htioorsble in %ii business br&jns&.itinas, add flnai cisll' able to carry out. a”y Obliga iou# made by their flrni. West & Tru-x, •wliul-esle druggis's, 'oleJo, O.; W siding, ICinnao & Mar vin, wholesale druggists, Toledo, O. Hail’s Catarrh Cura ie taken inter nally, acting directly upon the blood *ud mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75c. per buttis. Hold by all drtig gikliS. Testimonials free. Il&li’s Family Pißa are tbs Morphine, opium, laudanum,cocohllc habit; myself cuted wil inform you ol harmless, permanent home cure. Mary S. Baldwin, box 1212, Chicago. This is thereasou when mother', are alarmed on account of croup. Tt Is ffUickly cured by One Minute Cough Cure, which children l ire t’j take. W. J. Butts. Furapri.h: . ewcllmgsand.latneaees there is nothing so good as Chamberlain’s Pain Balm. Try it. For sale at Dr. Bishop’s drug store. The Plant System w-1 ■ sill round trip tickets for the annual fair, Wy oross Fair Association, sf. one fare from Thomsaville, Albany, Hsvai nuh. Brunswick, .lao'isonvilb , Base City, Mantiiceild and intermediate points, A splendid at'rsotio’o* hts been arr*ngeff|,nd visitors wi l be well entertained/. B. W WIIKWHI Paaienger Truffle Msn, fc er, B>vsiinab, Gs. c|ANaB O^JBBMUWJ "if' i | Truin 8, nf 8 u. us. Train 89 5.46 p, m T ’ sio!,Oßrr jHlfc>’twiok JO a. m. Traio 88arr7^f B( , UDiw|ok # p w { Stan tali- kt V aid *•., o.i b r * tin, ** Pla ,t Hystei-v. in fare Alut In Qsorgia, Florid* am! Ala- a tdli’ for ai.miseio • Vhl muo i 'ct o-i, ,jr W. W..V.NN A Chicago Street Car Episode, Passengers on an e.ißt bound Archer avenue car were thrown Into a panic one night by the prospect of a holdups At the sight of a wild eyed man Jerk ing the bell rope and nourishing a huge revolver timid women sought shelter behind brave men. Quiet was restored when the real cause of tho disturbance waa learned. Car 1811 had been about to cross the switch tracks at Ashland avenue when the conductor asked the man for his fare. Ho took ass bill and was about to make change when he saw the warning lights ahead. “Walt a moment,” he said and dart ed aheaYTwith his lantern. “Stop the earl” roared tho excitable pas;eu|Hh-who saw tho conductor and bis $3 disappearing down tho track. “He's got my money 1” The would be “holdup” man had reached the front door when the car flashed past tlio conductor, who was writing for the rear platform. The passenger tried to jump from the car, but found it luipobslhlo because of the Archer avenue structure. Then he made u mad dash for the rear door, where the conductor met him with a polite “Don’t forget your change, sir.” —Chicago Record. j. TUu f’ollte l'ruteasor. The palm for absenUnindedaeas should be accorded to a learned Ger man professor. One day be noticed his wife placing a bunch of Cowers on his desk. ‘What do they mean?” ho asked. “Why,” she exclaimed, “don't you know that this is the anniversary of your marriage?” “Ah. Indeed, Is It?” said the professor politely. “Kindly let me know when yours comes urouud, and I will return your a Mention in kind.” —Collier’s Weekly ■> - Klaaslcr's Way. 1 go at what I am about as If them' were noth'.’ig else in tho world for the' t e being. That’s the secret of all, hardworking men, but most of them' can’t cairy It into their amusements.! 1 uckily for me, 1 can Btop from all' Work at short anil turn headJ over heels In the slgb*of all creation in ' sa^, “I won’t he good or bad or W-. or anything tin 2 o’clock tomor i ’• -nuai-loM Kingsley. ilooMli & Jones Nsw Livery Stables New Bugjficti Fine Horses Prompt attention given all orderh. Drayrge a spec ialty. . Phone 24-3. E St 5