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4 fhe Brnfiswick Times. Eitabliihsd 1889. The Brunswick Call. Xttablithed Ib'Ji The Brunswick Times-Call, CONSOLIDATED WOO. Published EVEKY MOBSING EXCEPT MONDAY. : jfyjjifzrr AKTBUB H IEAVY • - - - - Editor KOLAND A. MULLINS, Business Manager nmav \ OgletHoroeßlock,2ll FStree* orriOE j ucLJCPHtiistK HO ai.ji TO SUBSOaiBERS: Subecribore are requested to notify the office when they fail to get any leene of the Tlmes- CalL Attention to this matter will be appre ciated by the publishers. The Times-Call will be' Delivered by earner or mail, per year. #6.00; per week 15 eenta. Correspondence on live subjects eolleued. Beal name of writer should ac company same. Subscriptions payable in advance. Failure to reoeive paper ehonld be reported to the business office. Addrees all communication* to THE TIMER-CALL, y BrunswlckJSa. NOTICE. He’eafter a’l legal advertise ments must be paid for after the first ineertion. The management has been pui, to a great deal of trouble and delay in collecting in the pas*, and in future must take advantrgi of the Georgia law on this subjec'. Oot. 10, 1000, The city registration books ate now open. lianas does not seem to be an expert at settling strikes. The Donglas Breeze thinks Colonel Lawton should be tried for lunacy. In the present campaign both aid® 8 are sure of victory. Somebody is doubt less wrong. This is "press day" at the Atlanta fair, and what the editors will do for that barbecue will be a sufficiency. Roosevelt will have to do conaldetable rough riding before he gets to be pre siding officer of the United States senate. % ---• "When the Hon, John U .-Carlisle be came the attorney for J. Pierpont Mor gan ho appears to have made an un conditional surrender and is n& longer Interested in the consent of the gov erned, truthfully remarks the Amencus Times-Kscordcr, After all Is said and done, Love ruloß the world. The greatest of human pas sions, the affection of one person for another, baa wrecked nations, made ■laves of kings, won and lost battles, filled countless graves, jut smiles on a million lips and tears in a million hearts. It’s a question if a man ever really understands a woman. She is different. She is made of finer clay, and too often lie forgets that tenderness is her due, and judges her by the standard that is properly applied to men. A SENSIBLE FORECAST. The following statement given out by the chairman of the People's party is the most conservative we have yet Men: •'Bryau will 40 elae'ed; he has lost none of the support ho had in ISf'fi, ex a few silver republicans in the moon* tala states. Of these there w:ll not he enough to affect a single electoral yote "He will hold hi* own west of the Mississippi, and will carry every state in that region that he carried in ’96, with the possible exception of Wyo ming. He will gain heavily in the cen tral west and east; he will not only have all the democrats and populists who supported him in 'O6, but added to these, he will receive the votes of a large number of gold democrats and former republicans who have left their party on the issues of imperialism and trusts. ‘‘The following states may be classed as certain to their electoral vote for Bryan: Alabama, 11; Arkansas, 8; Colorado, 4; Florida,, 4; Georgia, 13; Idaho, 3jLfl,, i 9; MissooUf ''xfoNcbiask*. \ NevadiX *, * South Carol*!.,, 10, U.ah, 3; faLlfl. “Add to thelfcihe following states, that will probably cast their votes for Bryan: IHiAtffs,'24; Indiana,'lS; Kan sky-.'lO; Kentucky, 13; Maryland, 8; South Dakota, 4; Washington, 4; West Virginia, 0. Total, 84, ‘‘These added to 153 certain, give 237, or 13 more than a majority in the elec toral college. Outside of these certain and probable states are the following doubtful: California, 9; Connecticut, 6; Delaware, 3; Michigan, 14; Minnesota, 9; Now Jersey, 10; New York, 36; North Dakota, 3: Q.Me, 23; Wisconsin, 12 Total, layt ALL SIGNS POINT TO BRYAN. , It Is Bryan’s in Now York. The great Kmpire Btato rotates as faithfully as t&e sun rises and sets. Following is toe record for the past eight national eleotions: To Seymour over Grant in 18W. To Grant over G reefy 1nf872. To Tildea over Hayes In 1876. To Garfield over in 1880. To Blaise In 1884, To Harrison oyov Cleveland m 1888. -£o Cleveland oysr Hai’tiaon in 1892. QToMSitifidoy over Bryan in 1890. BUY AT *OE. The following from the ■ aid expressesour Seatniwaft. e*i*Vy;: “The,mail who sends away from hdiae to buy things which the merchants of his own town have to i{. * n/1 seeks to excuse himself with the plea that he can buy goods cheaper elsewhere, knocks a prop fiom under community in which he hopes to earn a livelihood and, perhaps, accumulate a fortune. Such a man la wandering off alter false gods 'I he changes are that after he has settl'd bills and other incidental ex penses the things bought away from home cost him mope than he would have had to pay tor exactly, similar articles kept by locai mei chants And besides he has set a bad example for hit neigh bors and has done himself an injury, because, in crippling bis town, his c* wn business interest hare not escaped- A dozen men of this -tripe' will . - ,s mote injury to a community tha®"* ix *co of the busiest growlers ‘“d kickers on earth.” - The manufacturers 6 ®* Te u ' thorized the underign(jr to suarkuseo it for bins, cut*, sores, *•***’ eczema anJ all skin diseases. Yc***’ 0 T™ ralie b <* flt doeen tdo aU iftPlshns. W. J li-jtu. Hate yon -”*• ef lutinosstn the region of rout stomach f‘ If So you will he bcnefltec by V n K ChsmbSTlain’sStomach and tlvbr Tablets Th, 'X alaoleure belching and sonrston.-' "- They regulate the bowels too. pt :oe asc. Bo, d ly Ulshop’s Drug Store. svercoating [in great varieties at fair p ice* at Winter’s. THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL. OCTOBER lb, 1900. Rain or Slrine, The station agent is on duty. On his exact communication of train orders depends thousands of Hvm, and millions of dollars in property, each day. In hi* haste he runs out in the rain or the snow hatless and unprotected. Then comes the sequel bron chitis, or some .'VjgfcyyjßT the respiratory or- V gans. The most \b for bronchial or il / pulmonary disease M u Doctor Pierce’s Golden Medical 1 /Lf** /s Discovery. Almost ' all remedies pre- j } - scribed for such AA tjy*'// /_ diseases contain opium or some yjTY // / narcotic which* v 7lUij/ r soothes by stupe- , faction. "Golden 1/ /IWT Medical Discoe- jr > 4§.Wy‘>, ‘'W err ” contains neither narcotic* nor alcohol. It mjf Curing PjjMjjHf iungs, builds up 9v7lAV wasted tissues, and / j gan of the bo?v. ] Vnt,’"V-rtl T.-jjaWK^HLUI Eq, of BcrSiy, OMge County, Kaus.% four years nga my work me In a warm rr.oin ad ttoMUi’K out iVrqnmitty into the cold air gave me bronchitis. -which became chronic and deen-(ietd. Doctor* failed tU reach my caec and ndviaed me to try > hlcher air, but, fortunately for me, a friend advised me to try Dr. Pierce * medicine*. I commenced taking vour -Golden Medical Ducovery,* add by the lime I had taken the Nrt bottle I ra better, nnd after taking four bottle* my ootrari: wo* entirely gone I have found uo neeeaetty for necking another climate.” Dr. Piercs’s Pleasant Pellets regulate the stomach, liver and bowel*. HOW’S THIS? We offer One Hundred Dollars Re ward for any case of Catarrh that cau not be oursd by Hall'* Catarrh Care. F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O. We, the nadsreigned, have known F. J. Cheney (Hr the last fifteen years, and belief him perfectly honorable in all butteesa transaction*, ard finan cially able to carry out any obligation* made by tbiMr firm. v *.f *• Wit & Truax, wbqlessle'Vttjiggirtß, Toldo, tf. ‘ Waldiog Kionan .fcMsrviu-,wholesale druggists, Toledo, O. Hall’* Catarrh Cure is taken inter ally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaoe* of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75c, per bottler Sold by all druggists. Hail's Family Pill* are tb* best,,, , je—J Three prices will be awarded to the handsomest old maid, the,most original old maid aAd'Hbe most, comical old maid. Riflemen’s Aritiozy, Friday, Oot. 19 h Ticket* 25c, Every lady should attend tbe grand -Millinery opening at Miss Kate Sla ter’s nMt,,<pesdßy and Wednesday, October 2^*'aftd 24. There Jsa fft*cinatioi* ftßdut big profits too business man. But the conservative and cau tions trader prefer* to have the leaser per cent, at interest and the larger per cent, of sftfeiy in •1)0- Investment*. There lno businves man who would not consider It a sound proposition to in vestin an enterprise in which absolute Jus,-. -Wlrft impossible and which offered ninety-eight Clianoii in * hundred of n rich profit. The sta tistics of dijr® 9 affected by Dr Pierce’s OtoUlen Medical show that nlnety-eight per cent, of eak lungs” can be absolutely cured. Almost U ii“ ( *U form* of physical weakness may be tracl*d to starvation. Starva tion -ap.-, the strut.g'h. The ldy is Just as much starved wheu t^ e stomach cannot extract tJUtyStlo# from the receive* ns when 1 here is no food. >-\y eak lungs,” bronchial af fections. obstinate e ougbs, call for nourishment "tioidcn Medical. Discovery" supplies that nourishment in l- 9 most couden-ed a-i(t nssi u tlHble form. It make* ‘-weal long," -trout;, by strengthening the stomach and organs of diges tion which diV"-! and distribute the food' and. by lucressingV-he supply o* l>ure Wood. Morut- ,ae i opium, laudanum,cocoaine habit: myself culed. will inform you at Uarn-iess, permanent home cure. Mary g, jdaldwin, box 1212, Chicago. Attend the opeuiog Of Mr, Julius yfay’a Columbia tonight, good music. Y u know the popular Capt. Frank Dunn wili make “a peach” of an old ms id, especially as a strawberry blonde, Riflemeu’s Armory, Out. 19ih. Every lady should attend the grand Millinery opning at Miss Kate Sla ter's next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23 and 24. Loastouta. the _ KM fin tea Always Bsc'S 7 Tickets for tLe Itidemei’s Old Maid Sooia', Friday, Odfc 19th, oan be hac from the members of the company and !h< leading stores of the city.- Only 25ots admission. Kvjiry lad; should attend the gram. Millinery opening at Mies Ka’.e S.a tor’e next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 2.1 and 34. Wonderful Flak. Assuming that we are walking on tho ocean bottom at the depth of error a mile, we move cautiously along in water Icy cold and suddenly are con fronted with a blaze of light and flbd ourselves In a field of light givers. Imagine a cornfield with stalks from two to four feet in height, the tips gleaming with light and waving gently to and fro. Such an appearance the fields of umbelluiarla present. Above this forest of living lights strange and weird fish aro- passing which we recognize as forms that have been dredged from great depths l>y the Albatross, tbe Challenger and others. One, the chiasmodon, dashes by emit ting light from its own body, and, won der of wonders! we see it seize a fish five times its own bulk and draw it self ever It like a glove. Its jaws by a special arrangement separate, and tho mouth is a cavern of India rubber- Uke possibilities. A similar fish, mala costens, is of a rich black velvet hue, and as it poises ws, see upon .Its head two largo lights. One emits a golden light, the other throws out fitful green ray? which have some hidden mean ing-In the economy of nature. Some of-the fish seem to bo literal moutbs. Sucb Is the 'eiityphnruyx, or pelican Cah. TTie moutli is enormous, the bones of tho jaw being attached to the skull R>s giovable joints, so that it has enor mous powers oU-atstaßtea* Ecetesgov- Charies F. Holder* , „ :• . Of British SHlmti, The grenadier guards were nicknam ed “The Cvnlheavers" because they wore at one time Allowed to work in plain clothes, at odd .jobs for private employers. The Seventh foot were “The Elegant Extracts” because at one time all their officers “had been chosen from other corps.” ,Tbe Forty-sixth owed their name of ‘.The Lacedemonians’* to their colonel's stirring speech on the ancient many other regiments, “The GuHaut Fiftieth” re ceived several nicknames—“ The Blind Half Hundred,” from their ophthalmic troubles In Egypt, and “The Dirty Half Hundred” because In their penin sular fights they wiped themselves with their block facings. The One. Hun dredth regiment are “The Old Hiflv dreijy.-, gud “The Centipedes.” The Tw6ffy-elgbth were called “The Fore end., because, standing buck to back,'tjhey repelled a front and rear attack before Alexandria In 1801. The (Sfegtifre regiment has been christened “The Lightning G*® duct ora” because the Irish mafieuvera of 1599 several Men were struck by itglrtefiog daring a night mareh.*— Ixmdt^Mews. The Rln*-kal>, Tbe ring-hal does not disdain an in sect diets Beetles, grasshoppers, lo custs and termites are all readily de voured, us well as ticks and bots pick ed from tbe hides of cattle. I have sometimes amused myself by watching the bold yet cautious and gentle man ner la whlgh, one of these rajetjs will approach a reclining ox and, after a prellmTnsry course of soothing caress es. accompanied by a soft “cawing” note, Insert bis head into the ear and dexterously extract the ticks. These birds always soem to have a good un derstahijfing with the older nud more experienced oxen, who will, at • hint from one of them, lie down and place themselves In the most favorable posi tion for the extraction of thetr para sites.—Stark's Birds of South Africa. \ A. Shock For C’nriyl*. Thihfkoray once toid Stir .T'uhn Millais tilts amttsrng story of Carlyle: He ba*! spent a jftaj ifi the reading room of the British museum nnd had given a groat dial of trbtlbk' to one 1 of the officials, sihdihg him up-aud down Jgflfier* l*Jkoori.’b of book* to satisfy bis literary ta.-tes. and vie leaving the rooiu'dSwlmd goue up in ibe u., a and toid fei rfhaf it .might !• sutvw ’iovis fact [on to fc'tn to k:M-v that he had obliged ’i llotna ? -fcaTfjrti’. The viSclal hesitiuingly sti--.v, ivit him, wVtb a bland 1 smile atiil the usual washing of hands in the air. that tiie gentleman bad the advantage of him. lint that pro! My they might have met at some mutual friend's house. He had never heard <-f Thomas Carlyle. Catarrh The cause exists fn the blood, la what causes inflammation of the mucous membrane. It is therefore impossible to cure the disease by local applications. It is positively dangerous to neglect it. because iValways affects the stom ach and deranges the general health, and is likely to develop into consump tion Many have hern tadicailv and p- l-ianpr.tly cur, ,oy 11 cod’s '‘:a !<< raises the b:< od and iai? pt-vwa. a ' n * and tonic efle-t. K. ’.on”. (Wifornl* Junction, i vva. write-: i lir-i csia.rh ti -ce yea;-*, lost my appetite and could n.: sleep. My bead pained 1110 and 1 foil bad all over. 1 look Hood's bursaptir) Ila and now have a good appetlto, Jh-ep well, and have no symptoms of catarrh.” fti'fwff'ff Sa^cu/mHJfa Premises to cure and keeps the prom ise It Is better not to put off treat ment— buy Hood's today. 900 Drops mm Preparallonfor As - ttteFoodandßcgula ling the Stomachs and Bowels of Infants/( hildren Promotes ness and Rest. Contains neither Opium,Morphine norMiueraL NotKarcotjc. n*v>c <*ounrSiMunm<cwß Seal- , jttx. SmM * \ Af&M- i bbitrryr~r*navm / A perfect Remedy for Conslipa- Tlon, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .Feverish ness and Loss of Sleep. Facsimile Signature or new York: A I b moil lli-w old {) Dusts - jjtl I\ 1 S OF WRAJtftOL NEW GOODS Arriving Daily! AND WE INVITE YOUR INSPECTION. Our Mr. Q. Miller, while in New York, selected an immense stock of Fancy Fur niture of every description, suitable for Holiday Presents. We will be glad to store your goods' until the holidays, but by all means m Don’t Miss Seeing Our Display Now. Every steamer brings new goods, and we have no old gags to offer. K. M. MILLER & SON, J. J. LISSNER, WHOLESALE Groceries, Tobacco. Flour, Bacon |and Provisions, GRAIN, HAY AND BRAN A SPECIALTY. 216 Bay Street, Brunswick, Georgia. /T ./ft Statement ot Number ot Goplai! He Advertisers: **.&&*.,* * n . ~ _ . . fintgtet*.avfrafffl©o 3,6® During the month ending October 15th, : matinees,2ooeach . 4-2 there have been 11 performances given in the , . „ ..f Ohasd Oter.v House, and a statement of num- ! Swd S'" i her of programs used is here appended. Advcr 1 ' _—- tisers, knowing the cost, can estimate for them- i October * and 6. er selves, and learn that, no considering the advan- i rtrit pwtons*ncis ** hlHlro 'j# !W tageOus shape in which the Bin. or the Pi.ayAs Secrail rfcrmsnce”.'.’' JmijO gotten up, n can but lie one of the best advertil 1 ,i 'or month ...Mj/tk ing medium-. For rates, or further information. |Am (*•(/; ,*•'( tee '• Address,' WW. DEAL-. Wanafltr "Bill ol the ?\^k mu For Infants and Children . The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the £ y Signature //yT AfjF* Use Ur For Over • Thirty Years CASTORIA THE CENTAUR COMPANY. NEW YORK CITY.