The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, October 16, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

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Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! BIG CUT RATE SALE. OUR STOCK MUST QO —EVERYTHING AT COST ■ > • V • ■■ - ■ • jPSjpj-lyrTii'ii -tty 3!IOCS dent’s Furnishings.' , *.* on Men’s Gold and Silver Shirts at 7 c and SI.OO H: i at..... Men’s * r?se#fealKid Button Boots at .22S • >• n"r•~ *w i *”n '* * oai:,a cu •*- ttegßSP?* v, I,r 1 -r- . o -it - V MWWM - Our line of Neckwear is swell and complete. French Heel Ties at 2.75 w , ... , 0 . An . Men s Work Shirts all sizes at t‘sc £ LARGE LINE OF MISSES’ AND L children s shoes at cost. wp. Come and See Us. PALMER SHOE COMPANY. REPORT. Caje;4 Difly by dipt- Otto Johinassw Port of Brunswick, Oct. 13, 1900. / fRRIVSD. Scbr, Joba C. Smith, Kneelacd, New York. Br. bark Ethel Clark, Brinton. Cien fuegos. Scbr. Susan N. I’ickerlDg, Haskell, Philadel phis Port, bark Maria Amelia, Rubens TPio \ ia Sapelo. SS Rio Grande. Johnstone. Ntw York Merchandise. and pasnugeie. Fall opening at Winter's. The Plant System will sell round trip tickets for {be annual fair, W ay cross Pair Association, at one fare from Tnomasville, Albany, Siver nab, Brunswick, Jacksonville, Lake City, Alonoicello and intermediate points, A splendid program of attractions has been arranged and visitors will be wf M entertainsd. B. W, Wars*, Passenger Tratilc Mausger, Sivannah, Ga. Duffy’s Pure Matt Whiskey Absolotely pure; rontaiDu no Fusel OIL CURES Consumption .Bronchitis Ceneral Debility 1 Overwork /By La Grippe P Dyspepsia 3 Depression Exhaustion and a— weakness from whatever causes When all other remedies fail try it. It is the createst known stimulant arnl tonic. Stillwatbh, Maike. Duffy MalUWhiskey Cos.. Rochester, N. Y.: Rear f-ir#-Having had iang trouble a':d h'm<' rr hages for a Jong time, four months age i com me need u#ing your Pure Malt Whiakoy. anD Jja’.c been nj jeh benefited thereby. Please seni* in'; y ou: book f information. Yours truly, A. JSOYE-5. Prc udent Albert C. Smith, of *he f*offo!k B:epei> sary, Boston, in the course of a letter, sayt: *‘V c it necessary in our work to Uf-et atimulaiß. without question is absolutely pure, and we HfctfLvi to say that In ynr.r ‘J)ufly> Pure Mai Akwo Late ■acceded .:i '..r r ‘ wristar "• if. n.hi * We ‘h -i.d stsinulaM." 'HL' ’ . it. h..i. f ■ i A PRETTY STORE. One of the prettiest stores in Bruns wick is that of Mr. M. Elkan, the bustling dry goods man. Mr. Eikan has recently bad erected a middle floor, wbioh is used exclusively for his millinery department. 'The Fall open ing will occur today and tomorrow, and i; is useless to say that this popu lar atore will be crowded both days. j Attend the opening of the Columbia tonight: music by a fine orchestra. For Backache use STUART’S GIN and IbuchU: 00 - To Slop a Gold. j After exposure or when jon (eel ft cold corn- 1 I ir.g on take n an d of Foley’s Money and Tar. J It uerer fail* to stop a cold if taken in {fuse. W j J. Butts. Most exqmaite line of Hattf ever shown in Brunswick will b* seen at Mis- K'lte S ater’s next Tuesday ard ■ Weiinesdsy, OC'tber 23 and 24. Tbiii is the s-earon when mothers ai e alarmed ! on account of croup. It is 'julckly cured by One Minute Cough Cures which children like tv take. W. J. Jiuttß. Moa', exquisite line of Hate ever I shown in Brunswick will be eeu at | Miss Kate B aler's next Tu - eday and : Weodneadsy, October 23 and 24. Clever Oxar Hansel! will never be [ f jrgoiten after you see him at the Old ! Maids’ Social, Friday, Oct 19'b, R Ao men's. Armory. it is exasperating to unt who knows Foley's Honey ami Tar, and knows what it will do, to ' dealer recommend something else aa | “just the same,” or “jnet as good" for colds, i coughs, croup, la grippe, etc. W. J, Butts. Most exqoisite line of Hats ever showo in Rronswick will be seen at M 9S Kate Bla'er’s next. Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23 and 24. For sprains, swelling*audit’.nenese there Is no'biug so good a Chamberlain’s I’ain BM - >. Try It. For sale at I>r. B,shop’s di ug store. Torturing skin eruptions, burns and sores arr soothed at once an l promptl- healed by apply ing De Witt's Witch Hazel Selve,the best known cute for piles. Beware >f woithless counter feits. W.J.llutta. For Bladder Troubles iuse STUART'S GIN and I BUCHU. THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL OCTOBER 16. UJO Ppy-Pectoral! A QUICK CURE FOR. J COUGHS AND COLDS! . Very valuable'ii < * the ] : THROAT or I.t^IGS: ! Large Bodies, £s*. , I BAV'S £■ X,.VWTfRM< WCO Afcv i, ' LOW RATES- VIA. TUE PLANT ' SYSTEM . . To Savaonßh, Ga., for the EHka' Grand Cslrnivai a ot Street FairiiSo vombsr sth to 17tll. Ono fare frir the round trip. Ticket* to be eo and Novem ber stb, 7th, Ott*,' liih, I4th and lij'ti, with final limit to IPt.b. A splendid program of ainrafttiohs has been ar ranged, i’/sht System UokCT agogte Will jjive full, pav ■ B. W. WnieNN, PasgengerJirsfiln Maoegor, Savannah Gal CHANGE OF _ SOHEHUI.E IT,ANT BTbTEM. Train 87 ieeves Bronswick at 8 a. m. Train 89 leaves Brunswick 5.45 p. m Train 90 arrives Brunswick 10 a. m. Train 88 arrive* Brunswick 6 p. ro. The boat method of cleansing the Jlver Is the tjfle of tlie ianioU’ little pills known as I->oWitt’ Little Kurly Kiaers. TCay to take, Never giipe. W. J. Butte. The funvti>*t ei*r,Mn ra#h t ey* * given in ok will be ttieO’d Maid's Social, Friday Oct. 10 Kft 03pd’i Armoijr. Adn i-doii 25cts. Prof. Parker, t*. original Afrioat fire-eater, wft givr a performance at Dart 8 hull on Wr . nenday, Oct. 17. D r n*t yon *hink M j"’’ w’ll rank'* a fine old tnaid u "he 8 >ci **l, Rillcoit*nV Armory, Friday, O'* . lovii Pmht*# Dil aae. High living, f .enuidtHiiw, ''•xpeture and many other thing* bi h*r t i Bright's die Fol*y Kidn. y Cure will } event B *ighiV; <ll*- < ud 11 other 1 dney <*r bloduvr dioiMerH it la’..on in time. Take nothing clms. W J Butts. LOW BATES, To Georgia Statf Fair a Valios , Octobor ’ htoUov mb r4.ii, via Plant System. One ure from in Georgia* Florida and Ala liaiua plu* 50 cents r l i'ional for admission M ilmy rato 1 cunt pci mile each direction, H) or mo ic on one ticket. B W. WHKNN, V issengr TrafllCsMauager Sforo Thun He Clnilil Statntffi “Wbnt’s this?” ,dumbndetl tlio police, liuriylns to the scene. “A bold up 7” A pule, scholarly looking man In spec tncles Was standing over a burly ruf fian niici shaking his slender fist at tho prostrate form~* “1 presume that Is wtiat youC'Wo'UM term ft,*’ lie replied. ■t’TWs fellow step ped me Just now tfnd ordared me to held up my bapds. I complied, and he begun to search my pockets. ‘X will lsat a bullet through you,’ he said, ‘lf yon take them down all during the time I am’ — And then I knocked him down. ‘All during’ is an abominable perversion of correct English tjntt no man can utter iu my piusenjje unre ■buked.” The unlucky footpad bad tackled a professor of rhetoric. Chicago Trib une. -- .‘-mm Vur..— No Cl. For Tor*. If shbes go ou forever, why Bhould not bur toes grow together? We have no use for them. Wo can’t manage them. About one man in 1,000 cun pull ou bis intcrossed muscles and spread out Ms toes. Iu the remaining li’Jt) these muscles are ns dead as fiber. They haven’t been used since the In fant stuck bis toes In bis mouth and crooned a baby song without words. If we wore mittens all the time, the Individual control of our fingers would be lost. We cat so much soft food that we have scarcely any need of teeth. Gums would answer every pur pose, as mastication is performed by machinery before we begin a meal. There arc over 1100 distinct muscles In the human body, of which the best of us keep about I<JO In prime condition by proper ss&--K*w York Press. So Use For Him. ‘‘No,’’ said the practical politician, "we don't want him figuring In the campaign.” “But he ie exceedingly well Inform ed.” “I doubt it. lie hag put In all bla time studying the tariff and finance and the United States constitution. He doesn't know anything about politica.” —Washington Star. 'A od He ICnt-w, “Algernon is very Interesting,” said the stockbroker’s daughter. "What does he talk about?” Inquired her father. “Why, he’s ever so well posted la Shakespearean quotations.” “Young woman," said the financier sternly, "don’t you let him deceive you. Don't you let him umke sport of your Ignorance. There ain’t no such stock on tho market."— Standard. LfiiniCil Oiu* Thinv. Bishop Walslwtn How, the hymn writer, once Induced a ihnn to attend church. Asked afterward how lie liked It, the parishioner replied: "I learned one thing. I learned that Gomorrah were places. I thought they were husband and wife. ’ iIiINERY - OPENING . *■ _ h . \jf- ■ QnwiwlF- • • _ *- NEXT Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23 and 24, '"XUIB K-J.." 1 ’ 1 '.-lG vtm -• Latest Styles and Shapes % in Hats. * - -AgjT” Plater, 504 Gloucester St. 5