The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, October 16, 1900, Page 6, Image 6

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6 Mr. and Mr*. B. K. Briesenick re turned on the Maiiory steamer yes terday. Mrs. Julius May is bank from a pleas ant visit to New York . ; Mrt.TiK.mas Fuller left on Sunday oigtu for Asheville, where she will speniggAeverai months. <1 Mistßowcdb Gnfßo It quit* lI J , to the rfgret i.f friends. Mr*. 11. K, dußgnon, Mrs J C. Stflss Hod children returned Sunday from & visit lo Brooklyn, Mis' Msrie DeVoa left ou Siturday night for Atlanta, accompanied V# her mother, Mrs. \V. H. UiVyr'f and ber many friends hotpu.Tor her a speedy ntHuru to her usual good health. Mr. J. O. Stiles returned on Sunday from a visit to his old home in Msl boce. Aire. John Alock and ohillren.of Savannah, are visiting r datives in the city. Mr. 'Thomas Fuller has recovered from his reoent illness. * Miss Mads McDonald relumed Mon day morning to her school at Freder ioa, having oome over to attend the services at the Presbyterian church Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrr. J, E. dußigaoo and daughter, Mlsb Josephine, will return to the oity Friday from a pleasant visit to Fiat Kick, N. C. ;fashion notes. Gold is to play a large part in wo man’s wardrobe this year. TLere is gold on bats and gold on gowns and wraps—a touch of gold to lighten som bre colors and to brighten tbs rich, glowing colors. • —■ ■ :0> . , Hals this season era picturesque and ornamented with brooming matorial. The Pope English walking sbspe and the jaunty French turbin jjre to be WSMV * • CATARRH 9 Catarrh has become such a common disease that a person entirely free from this disgusting: complaint is seldom with. It is customary toapeak of Catarrh i m nothing more serious than a bad cold, a simple inflammation of the nose ami throat. Jt is, in fact, a complicated and very dangerous disease ; if not at first, it very soon Incomes so. The blood is quickly contaminated by the foul secretions, und the poison through the gener*al circulation is carried to all parts of the system. Salves, washes and sprays are unsatis factory and disappointing* because they do not reach the seat of the trouble. S. S. S. does. It cleanses the blcd of the poison and eliminates from the system nil catarrhal secretions, and thus cures thor oughly and permanently the worst cases. Mr. V, IT. McAllister, of J;n*odr>Vnrß. Kr., writes: “Having Pecu n terrible sutfetei from Catarrh, and being now sound and well, the ques* tion often nut to we is, f |HL • What cured you?’ In an- W swer 1 feci it my duty to / JSftl state that Swift’s specific fvng.vw ; . rjfcS is the medicine. lam QffyM pst WJJ such a true lcHt ver in the yfij m$ 7 efficacy of Shift’s Specific PMMsY “J that 1 can honestly and A* conscientiously re com- Vy mend it to any one suiTcr-j- L ing from Oatmrh. Have */|M7 recommended it to many, p-v.; Vl&.. and am happy i 'Wv that ?;r%t!v those whom i have (indue* ed to use It can-bear tacoul in the statement that it wilt cure any case of Catarrh if taken accord tag to directions.'’ .> j®>. * s the only f WffOTil ■a ftilile blow! puutiet ’Sfck It now ti.auiltl't'greate ' nil Wool medicines W VP 1 and tonic-. If you liave Catarrh ihy '} wait until it becomes dcv;>-seated . t ut be gin at once the tuagßr- ■. n ;l scud for our book on blood akin diseases anil write our physicians about your case. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA. BA. extens vely Wirr. Graceful bata trimmed with soft rosettes, tips or simple bows, ere amarg the new im portations for girlish face*. They com-i in tbe new shade of “coque” green or biscuit color and in round shapes. Eirvuite and Gainsborough “picture” effect*. —o A pretty fa. c; is to have the srcck match tbe hat. <4 oft (rush cellars oi panne or lifccr tyjsilk, four-ti.-iiaud, of trffet* end huge “cbokey” l ows under Ihe oblu of, plaid ribbon, mateting a p r sjfcle bow In the sailor hat, are y fry gaiart, Tbe broad gray fell hat.Jts to ba worn for iirad-jr, rite Soon - , -. ' Bk ins i . -i. e i'.robA; 1/ * “'Sk in A A smart Mid ■ i, g cjol day* |Sj rlnou shirt/- waists are of blue taffeta and torchon inserting, Uni-hod with a mill > down the front of narrow Uoe, Fastened with pearl but tons and worn with a gold ribbon bait this practical blouse may do service fer the autumn luncheon or any less • dressy” ocoasicn when tbe informal combination of a wafit and akirt is pormittid. MTKRARY AMD SOCtAX. MEETIMG. Kevlar monthly meeting of the literary and social department of A1 io- Donell Epwortb League, will be held Wednesday evening at the residence of Mrs. Emily Harvey on *C” S reet. Those wbaoomoare requested to bring a free will offering to he used in advancing tbs league’s inter rets. A nice program, baa been ar ranged, and all are promised a pleas ant and profitable time, v HOW A US YOUR NERVES? If they are weak and you feel nerv ous and easily “fluatrated,” ean’t sleep, and rise in the morning uprefresbed, your blood is poof. Strong nerves de pend upon rich, nourishing bloody Hood’s Sarsaparilla makes the nerves strong by enriching and vital zluic the blood. It give#swee., re f rehingive|i, and completely curesimavous t.uublef. Begin taking it today. Nausea, indigestion are cured by llood’g Pit A* Has CUftEB THOUSANDS, WILL CUREYOtT. If you sre troubled with Kidney or Bladder troubles,, such as Dropsy, Bright's Dieesse, Catarrh, Gravel of the Bladder, Albumen in Uriue, and unhealthy deposits, or too frequent discharge of the urine, p-.tu in the back andsblsdder, dropsical swelling of the feet and leg*, elo .eto., we guarantee that by using Smith’s Sure Kidney Cure, a oompleto onre will be effected, Prtoe 50 cents. For sale by all druggists. Don't lie deceivedor humbugged bypeopl who claim thodWcvery of some hitherto uu, in swamps. or on some mountain or trait ie tor the cure of kidney and bladder trouble., Any doctor or druggist Mill toll you i hat such claims or fraudulent. Foley's Kidney Cure simply contains remedies that are recognized by the most skilful physician, as best for these eoiuplaluts.So don't lie credulous or foolish. TV. J. Putts. Ki ns Ki na.-Quinine in a UsteJMS form, without affecting lumedteinai value. coiSWiNeil with mu tanilld and iron *JO't the thing for children, l’teassnt til tag*. Ssc a bottle. For sale by TV. 3. Butts, the dr^pist. o -a. J i* r **. Ti JSi. Bears the Il Signature of • H. •• t ! c nr of nTtl the n. h "o anJ bfi.n. ers, the the tyresd winners in eyery sphere of life, sesm ing to oboose for its victims those only who can least be epared. Smito's Sure 'Kidney Care is the only tuuranUetf [remedy for Bight’s Disease. Your money back if >t failatooure. Frioe iCO cents. For sale by Ail druggists. Tn>: ERcxs'.vrK times-cali. ic, 1900 J THE NERVES OF WOMEN I 1 ;, ?a £££&&% Ml I '<•?& . mi W —iSSr • m jggSj A £ ■ lam so nervouß and wretched.” “ I feel as if I should uy. How familiar these expressions are ! Little things annoy you and make you irritable. You can’t sleep, you are unlit for ordinary duties, and are subject to dizziness. That bearing-down sensation helps to make you feel miserable. You have backache and pains low down in the side, pain m top of head, later on at the base of the brain. Such a condition points unerringly to serious uterine trouble. -1- -.w-***- .. ’ If you had written to Mrs. Pinkham when you first ex perienced impaired vitality, you would have been spared these hours or awful suffering. Happiness will be gone out of your life forever, my sister, unless you act promptly. Procure Lydia E. JPiukliam’s "V egelabl© Compound at once. It is absolutely sure to help you. Then write to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., if there is anything about your case you do not understand. You peed not be afraid to tell her the things you could not explain to the doctor—your letter is seen only by women and is absolutely confidential. Mrs. Pinkham’s vast experi ence with such troubles enables her to tell you just what is best for you, and she will charge you nothing f6r her advice. Mrs. Valentine Tells of Happy Results Accomplished by Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. " Mrs. PtWKBAM It is with pleasure that . 1 I imM my testimony to your list. Imping It may Induce nSEßlsi||ljß^ others to avail themselves of the benefit of your val uable remedy. Before taking Lydia E. Pink- OBT tSUh ham’s Vegetable Conipoiind, I felt very bad, W was terribly nervous and tired, had sick headaches, WS no appetite, gnawing pain in stomach, pain ip my '-Wjf 'mr jS\f back and right side, and so weak I couM scarcely %JL nt tv stand. I was not able to do anything. Had sharp- IgL ff liains all through my liody. Before 1 had taken half ■ 'JI a bottle of your medicine, I found myself improv ing I continual its use until I had taken four - bottle*, and felt so well that I did not need to '■ take any more. lam like anew person, ’and your 7 j 17’/J W medicine aliall always have my praise.”—Mrs. W, -St I, P. VaJJENTine, 560 Ferry Avenue, Camden. N, J. IHP-SWP.VAU.NTINC. SCfinn REWARD £: ’ , ■ . ... .. we * K-i*Mtry.pelifowa;' <• have _ Kft iil deposited with the Naoonat Cfty Par-., oi Cyna, AjJS . ~000. ■ BID&IBI Which wu he paid to any prruon !ro ran lha? the above U mM Hi n-.*t grnuiae. or , r ,- writer's special permission,— T,ydia H. Mkotcimf Cos. Our Oreatest Specialist For 90 years Dr. J Newton Hath away ttas so successfully 'tested chronic diseases that ho is acltnt vledged today to stand at the head of his * rofession in this line. Hi. exclusive method of treatment for Varicocele an a .Stricture without the aid 01 huife or cautery cures in SO per cent, of all cases. In the treatment of- loss of vital fureas nervous disorders, kidney ami urinarv complaints, paralysit, blood poisoning, rheumatism, catarrh and diseases pecuK iar to women, he is equally sgccesefill* Dr. Hatbawav’-e practice rs more than double that of aay other specialist. Cases pronounced hopeless by othet physicians, readiiy yield to bis treat mout. Write him today fully about your case Ua makes no charife for consultation or advice, either at hie of fice or bymail. J. NEWTON HATRAY/AY, M. D. ■’ *5 Bryan Street. Savannah, Oa It Happened. la t Drug Store. * “One day last winter a lady came to my drug store and asked for a brand id cough medicine that I did nut have lu stock,''say* Mr. C. 11 Uramfin, the popular druggist'of Ontario, K.v. -She was disappointed and wanted to know what ecmgh priparativo J could recommend, I said ft* her'that t couTd freely recommend CliambcrlsinN I'viugh RCiiicdv and that sho ct 1 ItOttle t f the remedy and after SflpFfi' l‘dr trial if she did not Dud it worth impolicy to tiring back the liottlc and I would refund ilio price paid, tn the course of a day or two the lady came back In company with n friend In t Cod eta cough iwateinn and advised her to buy a lioie of rh.e*h*J'n's Cough Remedy. ] consider ibay yfrr good tocoiun ujendatlon for thoremi fJP 'fn, remedy owe# Ua great populamj and evtouslre sale In a largo luansuce to the personal ta-ooamendn thww of people who havo'bia-u cured by it. use. I t Is for wile at Pr. ltUhop's drug store. M<,th 9tefeo‘ f°*Tf' l thug Pr, Moffetr. ■ l ' o *?‘' rs will cure fbelr Rainy Day Hats. Th*’ very ijest of the m ~sr favored are show u in our asrorttnent, Tiinssd aid l f Dtrissd Felt Hals tr, a variety of shapes, tyle. and colors. 'Vhe have bought anti mide them up to sell to tho-e nho doeiresotn mug servicealde. yet pretty; goodi im. i w priced. T.ioy arorljHii an;’, priced right. HISS 84TE SLATER. 504 ULOCCESTKU SSAKB INTO YOOR SHOES. Aimn’s d'.ot. Kiae, a iwiwlier It rures palnfui, snmriiug, r.ervotis feet and iasitiMiue inetantli takes the ■ i :ng cut el corns mud bun ion®. i| a ih© comffrf dic(yvery of the fio. Allen if fc<K>i-£a?e muiot or navt fthoo fc©i cap. irl a certain cure for awcut idk, callous anti bt, tired, aching f<set. Try it -Vy •Udru*giais am! -hoe storea. Ur niaii for a.>c in Mtani)V, itaeknco Free. Address Allen 8. Ulmstead, Le Key, N. Y. WINE OF CARDUI A SURE MEDICINE. Haxdsom, Va,, Dec. 91. I have been suffering from female -weak ness for four years, and have taken many / medicines, but Wine of Cardui and B’ack- Draught have done more far roa than auy-> f y thing elae. ■/s'T^’rj— § &IRB. CAROLINE EVANS. WieTon) " It is a mistake to take any and every kind of medicine when you are Sick. There js danger in it Most of the so-ralted cures for ‘-female weakness" do nothing more.thaa'deaden the pain temporarifv, and when the effectwears away the patient is weaker sad sicker than before. It is. never wise to take dunces. You have onty one life, and that is dear and precious. If you have any pain, ache, disorder or weakness in die femi nine organs, nothing will help you like Wine of Cardui; It helps do away with morning sickness during the early stages of pregnancy, and modifies Use pains of childbirth; recovery i$ rapid'ind future neahts is assured. The Wine is purely veg. etabto, being made of herbswhose 5 Ws* ABVIWM KM*T*S*T; . medicirui properties act directly f For rrw m •** BP ii upon the organs of womanhood. It is a long-tried *Y<’av, and has > *ama>tu>.. cisutinoa**, T.aii. Behind ffcdt ‘ —— — 1 tKure.Why take a chance ciedicSs when you can get a sure medicine Druggists sell Large Bottles for $l.OO. WINE OF CARDU R EPAN S Minis **+ , find A Good ' >•, , Ufa Prescription lor mankind i hr iv. mm*. II DrßjßrtM, C ncm, l aM rM rknmJ Stores mm 4 fearbets *■ Tlrty bsstsh para, indurr tlrcp, lifa. rmßtii So matter what'a the matter, mf wifi s ff°4 TANARUS MM P I M, S, y .| MM. *• -r ******* * WMMMalMfcm. W H. BOWEN. J. N. BRADT, BOWEN & BRADT, 30MTRAOTOR3 AND,] buil-de:r© Of Stone< Brick and Frame Building Manufacturers of Cement, Tile and Artificial Stone. Coney & Parker DEALERS IN Coal and Wood, Brick, Lime, Cement, Plaster, UaTf, Shingles and Laths. Phone ]8 525 Bay sl. ■ sail mourn!.. ; v 9 VO-vt t \ '• Wb':n th 1 * liquid* Come from our ' - "took. We carry sui-h b fine ilue of C.f\ •/&? ines and Liquors -V s '‘‘- " ' ? ' that it in impoMible to Owl a brand ’ip- V 'iwK which is nof pleaslßg in tome point, ~ Sjf The* poods re fully matu-cih -jJ- -5| v - uvo Stine rich body und - Excelient for family or any h- v- Dovoai lV - 206' Bay Sir /