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The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, November 22, 1900, Image 1

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THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL. VOLUME XI. NUMBER 81. MANY SECTIONS SWEPT BY TERRIBLE HURRICANE •Most Disastrous Storm in Several Years \ THE STORM'S PATH | WAS A BROAD ONE Soie Snow Slides Cue Too In Some Sections Railroad Traffic Has Been Almost Stopped Birmingham, N*>. 31 —At 1 o’clock this earning news w-s ree iv?d by the long itietunae terjrbone rom O* luro bia, Tenn , of to * foliowjjiij tjef*/ s the a’orno wiit-it* avept near that p.ce last oifJrt": Toe loss of Ufa in the vicinity of Co lombia ia estimated at from 35 to 40. Moat of these are negroes. The storm came on about nine o’clock, and did not atritsJjiatOvia of Columbia, but •srepf’over the diatriet ta the north west of tba place, passing very near the edge of the town. As far aa learn ed, the following white people were killed: Captain A, F. Adeolette, wife and two children. * Misee Florence and Bralyn Farrell, Mr*. Vilee, wife of the toll-gate keeper. Mies Kate Forsythe. James Cherry. Among the injured are Mrs. Minnie Russell and Walter Russell, badly braised; Lee Farrell, severely hurt^ Many negroes are aleo hurt. It ie imJ passible to get a fall list of the kill tM or injured, but it ie figured that *t less than 20 or 25 negroes were killed outright. The storm passed itro^M section thickly inhabited by bq^Hl The Adeolette family resided about a mile and a half from Columbia on the •* Mount Pleasant road. The Farrells also lived in the same vioinlty. Lee Farrell, a brother of tbe young ladies who were killed, was severely burt, and their home wasentirely destroyed, as was also the residence of Captain Aydeolette, Captain J. T. Farrell was across the road, at the home of a neighbor, and escaped unhurt. His son Ernest and wife had gone to Columbia a short While before, and also escaped with out injury. Mrs. Viles, tbe toll-gate keeper’s wife, was alone at her home with three children. The children all escaped. A number of freight oars on the Louts ppßle and Nashville road were taken up bodily and blown awav. * Very little damage was done to the government arsenal in Columbia or to (be town proper. Wires are down in every direction, immense damage is done to tinners, aud hundreds of head of live stock are til ed. A heavy downpour of rain followed the cyclone, and thunder and lightning accompanied it. All the physioians in Colombia are out today looking afur the injured. No estimate can be made on the property losa at this hour. The bodies of a dozen or more negroes who were killed have been found. PROPERTY LOSS VERY HEAVY. Many People Klled by the Havy S orm in Mississippi. Memphis, Nov. 21 .—Conductor Kib bler of the Grenada accommodation train on the Illinois Central railroad wh ch arrtved thi* morning two hours and a half lute, reports that the path of the atorßrwas first reached at Bates ville, Miss., where considerable dam age was don* to property and evrul persons were injured, but none fatally, At Guy’s s witch, one mUesonthof Love’s station, Wicllam Guy’s mill and residence were destroyed. The Inmates ct the rAdence miraculously escaped. Two a cabin near by were The at Cote’s station is m/Jr \ not serious, w tbit point the storm tock a northwe I direction and the next place to force w#j La Grunge, Tenn. seems to havs smi led from a p<J@|Sg|n the south ofTuica, Miss., and )tulles or that place. The known casualties in Mil* \ f pi aud lour negroes killed near nVH live near Tnclcr, and one white uiml and a negro killed near Hernandc| Miss. Hundreds of farm gMnßMrawfftS pres, were de -o****%Mil!r wi li h number of schoolbouees aud churches. Lumbe r firms wbose mills are locat ed on Wolf river on the norim^j boundary of this city suffersUflße. JBT it is eUimut :d, of ncarl^pg. X iffy the overllowing of th_ last night. Ths sudden rite resulted from the heavy rainfall. The loss is chi-fly in a great number of timber rafts moored on Wolf riyer, which were carried out into tbe Mississippi river. A large number of lugs are scattered for miles down the great river. SEVERE t-NOWSTORM. \ Plows Ordered Out to Ciesr the Cen tral Peo fio Lines. Ssn Franoisoo, Nov. 21.—A severe snowstorm prevails gver Northern California, but no serious d,mage it reported. The Southern Pacifio Com pany bat ordered out snow plows on tbe Central Paciflo line. BRUNSWICK. GA. THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 22, 1900. Ml Id 11 flßi m i PphnniH To Be Repeat ed Toniglit fH BENEFIT OF LIBRARY It Is An Excellent Company and Should Be Well Potronizod Tonight "Too Klch to Marry," was the play produoed last night. It is one of those bright, sparkling e imedles full ofcMt and humor from start to finish. jEn ludicrous scenes and situations are many and wore well handled by the whole company. Thos. P. Holer as Ralph Van Yliasea gen, a rich young man, in his finale mas querading, amused the house. John P. Mac Sweeney as Thoraa Wiggs, a smelter from Colorado, and Dollie Davenport as Mrs. Martha Mid dleeraft, a duakard widow, in* their funny love tete-a-'f6lescene provud-viry clever Lovette Bab :cfc eata-tfs Middlecraft, made a bewitching young dunkardees. Lysander W. Houk as Reginald Huntington, wa* also good, as was the balance of tb* chst. Th* company, by request, remains here and tonight will repeat their good performance of that first olass comedy. A large percentage of their proceeds will be donated to the Brunswick Li brary Association. The large bouse which witnessed the performance last n’ght, manifested Its appreciation of the play by its frequont applause and constant mirth and laugh ter. s Besides the sterling merit of the comedy, the performance tonight teing K.^J^gfiodcause, should appeal to all jHpct with a packed bouse. Try Wjooth Pow ders! \X)iH£gist;. STh JB ; -s, . g'Mfl * 1 ’ '"i V fiiiiT'iln, ~j. -it-. ; I l a&w.nX. r'.' h-rr-<^., grounds today. Several hnnWßjß| were blown down and many workman reported injured. A tremendous sea ia running over the breakwaters. A BJXTY-MILE GALE. Loveland, 0., Nov. 21.—A heavy westerly gale, at times reaching Sixty miles an hour, swept over Ohio today, prostrating telegraph and telephone poles in ail directions. SOLD IEUS TO R ETURN. Washington, Nov. 21. Oeneral Corbin authorizes tbe statement that it is the intention of the war depart ment to bring back from the Philip pines all volunteers who oare to re turn, and they will be discharged on or before July first. DeWitt’a Little Karly* Risers are the Me* liver pills ever made. Easy,to take and never tripe. W.J. Butts. 1 ill 1 Soon fill Keep All Her COIIEWMI SAYS CONGRESSMAN PAYNE Many Important Things To Bo Considered at the Next Ses-. sion of Congress New York, Nov. 31.—representative 8. E. Pa ne, of New Yorl ,ehairman of the house ways and men . committee, •aid in an interview in Washington laet night: '&■ “1 think we (ball have an aetive business session of oongress this win ter, A number of things are to be done. 1 do not kodlr that they will all be accomplished, and I believe that' it will be a business aesaion. Among the matters that I think will be noted upon will be a reduction of the war revenue, the apportionment bill, and the shipping bill. The Nioaragua bill upon the senate, and we can not Likely the Spooner bill, or something like it with reference to the Philippines will ba adopted, but some think (be president already bae the authority whioh that bill proposed to give him.” Mr. Payne, when asked about the suggested reduction of eouthern repre " . ' . . . •* V sentatloD, replied: “If that were" going to be done, I would not be talking about passing a reapportionmeot bill at this session.” OOMMCEBCIAL NOTES. List of Industries Seeking New Looa tluiis. Mr. Robinson, of J, tTt-rson. lowa, is looking for a location to csiahllsh ft Actory for the mat ufic "-j of g io lins engines, Mtesrs. Brtn‘ & Wagoner, of Chi'. cago, 111., are casting about for a loca iloo to establish a canning fac’ory. Sioux City, la, Sgtaialo : .; ron for t .loHMip\!k*2 traveling about in Ibis country lo king for a location to es tablish a factory. The Alia Cemcn. Cos , of Al>a, Ohio, le looking for anew location. .1. B. Crawford, of LaMars, lowa, lu vontor of the Crawford gas engine Is looklog for a location to tstabhsb a factory. Tne Chipper Chilled Plow Co.’s Plant at Klm.ra, N. Y., wss destroy' and by Ure can log a loss of $40,000. The plant of the Franklin Found-/i Cos., at 1105 Paulina street, was de 1 sprayed by Ure, Loss $25,000 The G ilden Paper Mi'ls of Golden, Colorado, owned K. S. Wi's burned entailing a loss of $50,000 Try Boro mol Tooth Pow ders. The Druggist. WHAT GEN. LEE SAYS OF CUBA CONVENTION He Thinks It a Very Small Affair. CHANGE IN THE NATIONAL. Teller Smith to Resign, Capt. Symons to Succeed Him. Mr. George Smith, for a number of years teller of the National bank of Biunswick, lias tendered bis resigna tion, to take place on December let. Mr. Smith will leave here at that time for Tampa, where he has accepted a similar position with the First Na tional bank of that city, one of the best known banking com pi*lies In the state of Florida. While it Is not yet given out officials ly, the Times-Call understands from k ood authority that Mr. Smith’s place here will be filled by Capt. W. F. Sy. mons, the present representative of Glynn county In the legislature.^ Mr. Symons Is known by every citi zen of Brunswick and is well suited for the pjsce. Mr, Smith, since his residence in this city, has made himself yery popu lar In both business and social circles, <as> and hfs frte.Dds regret t 1 see him leave, but will wish him much success in his new field. \ NEW SCHOOL TAX. Counties May Impoe,Tax ou Its In habitants for Scbool'Purpose. It has been suggested that th<t coun ties of Georgia impose a tax zena for school purposes, and as a Je suit of this suggestion it is likely that* a b 11 will be introduced in the bouse in a few days requiring the counties to tax tbe oitizens of tbe county for ooe fourth as much as tbe state rate of taxation in order to defray tbe schoo expenses-of the oounty. By this method it is believed the tobool teachers of the state will get their money regularly instead of every lew months as has been tbe case bere stands a majority of the nnf.n. . ~ii.. ■ ol) tbe state and sbme of the counties aotually draw mure money from the treasury than they pay In. Try Boromol Tooth Pow ders’. Butts, The Druggist: the circus. Sparks' rl'<*V gave two performances ye terdy> and at each tbe .tent was oomfo' tsblv filled, This is one of tb e cleanest shows >f the kind on tho road, audit will al*a'k be welcomed in Brunswick. jflk. For LaGrjMwLl n j| u _ en/.a use |0 X - PRICE FIVE CENTS. MEMBERS ARE CONTESTING SEATS May Get Dm to Beal Bus iness Finally The General is On His Way To Omaha, Where He Goes To Assume Duty New York, Nov. 21.—Major General l 1 itzhugh Lse, who has just returned from Havana, having been appointed to the oommand of the department of the Missouri, bgd little to say about Cuba. He has now severed all oon neotlon with the island, and after an intimate association with its affaire for nearly fit* y*are, except for a brief period daring tin war. “The constitutional convention is In session to organize a free and in dependent government for the gov ernment for the Cubans,” he said. ‘‘Thus far it has not mad* mnoh pro gress. It iB a small convention, only 81 delegates, all Cubans. Some are veterans of the Spanish war. They have about disposed of one or two con tests over seats and are nearly ready to begin with resl business. “Bow long it will take the oonven- j tfon to adopt a constitution is proble matical. Nobody knows what the outcome will be. Until this ia settled there ia little to gay of the future of the Island.” When the general wae Baked what hV thought of the reoent election and its results in the island be replied. “()b, they don’t think much about our electione down there.” Ht> did not express big own opinion, “r am going to be here for a few ds<t|/’ be added, ‘-and I shall then pri *to Washington to make my re-;. ' |rom there I go to Kicb- RJ|hort stay. 1 expect to reach Omaha and establish my bead quarters about tbe first of next month.” With Gfcnoral Lee are Major It. is. Mitcbie and Captain W. 11. Hart, members of his staff, snd W. P. Pe- Uego, his private aecrotary, Major Mltobie, who washis adjutant general when he oomrnsnded the Seventh ar my corps during the Spanish war,will continue t 6 bold the same p sition on his staff in Omaha. LORD ROBERTS INJURED, London, Nov, 21.—Lord Roberta wae thrown from bis horse today and e oeived severe injuries.