The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, November 22, 1900, Image 8

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Absolutely Free! GRAND PRIZE. OFFER.! Ist Prize— A Fine Oxodized Silver Clock, valued at 140.00. * 2nd Prize —A pair of Fine Large Vases valued at SIO.OO. These Expensive presents are given away absolutely Free as a compliment to my customers. Every purchase to the amount of fl 00 entitles you to a ticket free. Drawing from Nov. Ist to Dec. 315tv,1900. A committee of prominent merchants will take charge of drawing. KENNON MOTT, Jeweler and Graduate Ontician. 216 Newcaitle Street. Inspector of Watches for Southern Hallway. Time by Wire daily from Washington Coney & Parker DEALERS IN Coal and Wood, Brick, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Hair, Shingles'and Laths. Agents for Morris’ Brick. Phone 18- 525 Bav St. AListafAtracttons NotFoundJHsewhere Clapp’s Men’s Shoes, Burt & Packard's Men’s Shoes, Excelsior Shoe Cos., Boys and Youths Drew, Selby & Cos., Ladies’ Fine Shoes, American Girl-^m|yita^pPPnLa- Shirts, Dunlap, Stetson, Gotham Hats, Perrins’ Men’s Gloves, A strictly up-to-date stock of * Clothing and Furnishings, LEVYS. BRUNSWICK .iMES-CALL, NOVEMBER 22, 1900, <§>oGiekj. \-j Mrs. S M- Glogauer bag returned from Ailania, where she spent several weeks the guest of her Bister, Mrs, Lilientbal. Capte’n and Mrs. Small, of the four misted schooner Pendleton Proa., spe-t geveial dajs this week, the guest of Capt. and Mrs. H. G. Curtis. —— o- — MLs Alice Ingram, of Savannah, is visiting Mrs. Allen McDonald on Car penter street Miss Josf pbine du Bignon left Tues day for New York, where she will spend the winter the guest of Mr*, Troup. Mrs. .L. C. Martin, will return today, after pleasant visit to rela tives la Vsidor a and Thomasville. Mi e?SfNellie and Lola Calvin leave In a few tor Auguaia, where they will spend the winter visiting Mends and relatives. The ladie* of St. Juds’s church, will hold a bazaar Friday at the store, for merly known as the Bee Hive, the pro ceeds to go toward repairing the church and purchasing necessary furni ture- The bazaar will be tuyte an attrac tive affair. The specialty of the en tertainment *Oll be a show where numberless din lies in dainty and pic turesque coe umes will be exhibited. This will be a great attrajtlon to the Utld folks. The room will be open all day aod delightful retresbmente will be served by the lallee, The ba zaar is in a good cause aod* shuold patronize it generously. \fp 3r Yufterday afternoon at half pit four o’clock a wedding ceremony occurred at Justice Conoley'a office on Monk sireat, Illustrating the time honored n adage, "I.otrjf laugh* at Locksmith*. At that hour the of Mr. Ash' ley C. Gold wine aod Miss Wlo* Barnes were united in marriage, Jus* Me* Conoley performing the ceremony. The old story of parental opposition cn account of the bride’* youthful year*, was tee cause of the Gretna Green mirrlage, the young couplp'tiiklng nut ters into their own hands uitd bring ing the period of probation to a close. •Mr. Goldwioe has for the past four or dye yea a .been comietied with the Brunswick & Western Railroad, and has made many friends in ll.unswick. Miss Barneg Is tfie daughter of Mr. J. F. Barnes and is a young lady of charming personality and many grace ful accomplishment', Tne l ,le mar* enough clouds to make it a glorioua sunset. BrunswicK Riflemen mini General Burleigh U- S. A will be in Brunswick Friday, Nov. 23. and will inspect and review the Ransom Guards on that date. The Grand Upera House has been secur ed for the occasion. You are respectfully invited to attend and bring a lady. To come in uniform will be en regle- Tickets for the occa sion can be secured at Butts, Drug Store. C. Benial, Col. Commanding JRanaom Guards THIS JHEATRICAI. “A MILK WHITE FUG.” This season’s edition of Hoyt’s “A Milk White Flag’”:e said to be wittier, brighter and snappier than ever, and contains new and appropriate music and specialties that bear tbe stamp of novelty. The wonderful achievements of that remarkable military organiza tion, ‘‘The Itmsome Guards,” are ex ploited by a company that ia excellent in every particular. Pretty girls are prominent In tbe many songs, cho* roses and terpsioborean divertise manta with which the piece abounds. One of the important features of tbe prodnotion is tbe conception of the ‘•private,” a* given by that popular oomedtan, ‘‘Little Chip,” who is said to make hie part’excrntiatingly funny, and whose rendition of oharaeter songs baa been highly praised for many a day. The “Ransoms Guards” military band and orohastra are utilized to good advantage in the mnsioal pro gram. “A Milk White Flag” comes tomorrow pigbt. NOTES. Seats for “A Milk White Flag” go on sale this morning, and prioes are 250., 60s. and sl. “A Milk White Flag” is ae funny, if not funnier, than Ward A Yokes. Charles H. Hoyt, the author of “A Milk White Flag,” died on Toesday Ia -1. The looal military will turn out In full force to witness “A M lk White Flag.” WANTED.—OId established tuor canuie l.oase, extending busin-ss, wauls man {<> manage branch oUlot* ict Brunswick, tiaiary |ISOO yearly. cash and refersnoeriquired. AOdres/ J, A. Chamberlin, 1010 Philadelphia, Ps. p, I "' jfr'" v:e4£y<jftJ More now Stop j 356 -*im> NEW ARRIVALS Pickle Beef (In bulk) Saur Kraut (Id bulk) Sweet India Relish (in bulk) Cape Cod Cj-anberries (in bulk) Also Nut*. Raisins, Currants, Citron, etc. for jour fruit c.kc*. *■*-: If it’* j;ood, we have it TRY^. Boromol Tooth Powder, Bins Ihe Druggist. ICE CREAM Brown Drug Cos. IpBI RUAS AND Bil wi isquare Be In tapestry 22x Afttllufln 36 7Sc and up .irds, in latest designs and iatterns. Fresh and nevsl ;ooJs arriving weekly. USSR "the world over AND YOT CAN’T BEAT—— CREAM OF KENTUCKY Whisky. SI.OO PERIIQUART ; $4.00 PER GALLON. NOT MADE BY A-TRUST* _ I. Trager& Cos., Independent Distillers,, £old Exclusively in Brattnswick by F=*- V. DOUGL.AS, 206 BbW Street. The World Listens When Leaders Talk. This is as true of fjthe Fur niture business as of state craft, naturally, we we have considerable pride in being LEADERS IN OUR BUSINESS, [Quite a strong expression, but kuuite easily proven—the fur niture and prices to be the : evidence, you to be both judge jjJL jury. Come 2nd be con l^ked.