The Miller County liberal. (Colquitt, Ga.) 1897-current, January 02, 1907, Image 3

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rjg ■ ?r ’- s | li■')AA ■'. ': . ' ■>' > . •/'Wk '■.? ■ ■ " ■ • •■• JV 1907, I® - }E •.■ \ oil lean ■i to v.'N. tm ■ Rev. C M L"dbi tt-.'l'is 111 c.; tlm Melhodisl church in; Hile. Success to al! t’ -.’ ||j lionest debts, ami t ’ '• .*.'•■ a- - ■ elitertaiu-d al the ■ Mrs. N I- Sb M'J K }itth' gentleman is about t. ■ . ■K ' f ■ ' I .•■■:!;':> the : ■ Mr. « and ?>!<■■< M. A. '> •' hi m "*' 1 eork ab ,■ "■ 1 m a .mt "g 1 little 0:1 ■ i.i nerit ■ biblical num tA i ! :. | , •). S. !’.m- ■ i i.Ti- • .. . • .u. . .1 fl which wi.i> th ■• .'ig'd | tons lißoto .4 th :li ■ .is ■. K eii'iitly '■ i Movin ’.! It i. 3 not an u m ■ ■ I ill m sight f > .' il wagon Io ; ; . i h mer b >use..o. . | go uls. Swap.>!i'g r au!'nees 'ind I changing bus' lies-' ; " , lions is j'.is' | cow tin* jider ot tho miy. I Tile many i riciufe of Mr. tlaid.v ( Su'.<*kland were gmd to sc- him here lu ' wem. Il- m o‘><‘ ' ■ 1 ~-.1 r a >ui.‘ ■: s sill:ta >i !nd< '■ tl•'■ ns. ; ’o.,'w Bird, after sp :nd* i u ■ h a....'; lE.iliy with hi‘g horn ■ ,' ■ i 'tut':: 11 > resume tils st an hs in Emory (.'"leg? in Oxford, Munday. Mr W. IL is m ■■ io.- inbrclKUidise t > th ■ d< p ■! pmpiry [:.... ■ , ... to- Hlocmnb, Ala ti.- and hi : f : " '' s t-'' '' l ,o leave i,.r ih mw home Monday. <) .r i very gs I. gain for Sb" i .Mi- 'i i I Mo. I'd i’l-d'b are .n --tert'ii.'iiiig an id'-.i ■■! mn ing trotn their farin cast town to the ‘■(t bi. ' heiiil place, poll '..i o which Mr? I'abb icceutly purMms ed of Mr.J. W. Bailey . \\ ho . ■ < r the may go they v ’ carr. with th 'in the 1) 'st wishes M rnii:i\ frictnis. Mr. ami xum. x/. ■• . a. . were b*> r? visit m: ;■ '•, !.<■ r. m .mm. the imlid -an ■ ’, ■ i - ( oI - . ‘,l; 7 I . f. 1 ‘‘ ’ .) L. Tabb has air.mdy bo 7 ,‘ii three moves for I'M) I. IT- Hioeh of mareha'idise is now I ■iuv 'piaeed in tile itltwls building next . - .e.i. 1.0 the Liittt'.i.’ h <dß ■ if" ... i ; m ■. >hi- I' u.iily from I Mi ‘ g! hU handsouae home on T':i.e street in a few days. W' hen Air. S. J. A’arron completes hi. spacious l.uiiditig of sand-limo brick Mi. L’abb will ui ive hm m r ehandise in one of his store.' i m ■ trio of moves reminds ns of an old adage which declares that "three moves are equal to a burning but W(. hop; Air. and Mrs. babbs bhangi-s will be attended by suc- Poss M;..-n. J Jno. R. Bush has increu i i th- P <>. Box rent from 'docents a quarter to b- cents. Miss Liliie Keene, oi Boykin, left yesterday to cuter Andrew College in Cuthbert, this is a studious girl and a prime favoriu- She wiii protit by her stay in tnat popular institution. Mr. W. T Reynolds, of K< stier, was among the worthy y<‘"ng gen tie n .'ii wao sp'iit Ciiris! i’ l a.- imr- . ijt.Oonid il'eviings, the. i- lir>U> ••onvict from Lowndes county, at. ts much I'.tl' iltion in the big Ails nt Bajcock as iie gees about : -w./a in chains. He is a -lai , juth. He seems embarrass-* ■ '.ha fr>mi those vn , chance to Have his identity ■ a. uown. B.iru tj Mrs. A. if. xMcKair, 'i urday the 27th ulc , a son. Mrs 1 ji. Hays, Airs McNair's mother •.'as <«v. r yesterday and said that !.. voung mother and the iuiant • bulb doing well. io)l opens Monday, the 7th • , fertile Spring term. 'The : aupal and his wife, Mr and Mrs 1 \V. Oliver, are now in N >rtb Georgia. They spent the holidays with relatives in Atlanta and Ati.rl - but they are expect* d to re t ira this week. Afany ne v pupils ,vi!l cuter school this ter m. Wo welcome Sheriff- Jno. Aw Hips and hie family to our city. | < HUSTAIAS IX BAB. CiX-K. I Pi a. ' allow us iq-;C" in y-nr , ' c..lum::-; to i ■■! v. >r of the ' i ( 'iirbdmmi l "•’!■ in :' dr-.;. 'fin to - w... ;■ J Ti'i -’in sy mm ’. tiy a.nd thougl/i: had f. .. b?rri■■.•-••.'. ■ d was V". ■ iw.-tiy . u.mmM with its ' i love gif:.- fi r i.a ypy li ar..'. i 1m- liq; ■■ *. i l .•.•<!• 1 ith oh I ■ and _ mid uch lic ; ■ Ilg I ■■ r■■ : r 1:1 joyp.m. .. .. 'IL ,mm :;m tr*m wn ;■ of i's gifts, a sir rl p. ■ r ■■ I Illg:'., ...'ligs. rccil die: - y.c., V. •a My Iby the dren here. Two pieces wc would espm i .Mi; i.k :i rn mii ci arc those. Kir.-1; Jlmmmiuel," by t.m e.hil-' !; m .’ 1 i-r r.- Joe Eiveash I ■i■. : nd 51 isses 1■ rm M ■J'i ar, Lm-v Prid. Agd:i t.'ol-l i .., I'i.m. 11 .>•>■ Troilic M■ ' - < I.- -■! 7 nr! ormigl Exie i 1 and ,'d ngret Spell. —S" ■ ■ ...1? Ol’.i, te Ji’ig I ■ .‘1 th • 'a irutiig alien a baby ■ ; i pt ■ i I; ' r .lmin md ilu* (ingvis' •.■ "Peace -u earth,! . . wdl i m '.*.' Then sec “Juow ■. ik ■ nd Hcllywreatbs i by above i i riii gii's and Mimes! Julia Brooks. Ib'-a Eiveadi and' N.,r.. Maihis a. j cmbimi::' (snow-; 1: ik. I ■ His pure ii;’r mid [) ".vi r 1 iI on earth, (hull ywr.-athm l M the; ■' bio id i; ."ie.l ami 'he -i. rm.sting ' . j ';reeu ) life above. Bnljjock irn- -mine taint 'among ' i ' boy-- and gi.. of which slie is i irftiy I i ;■■ . was a : th rough- . ?!(i. Nothin;: l;npp.*..ed 1 > mar ,i tlm pl asm -of a parti < . mt. "KubvM TEACHERS I MAM IX EH Tim Ei iday am! S..l.urday be! t--' ClirM .mm t 'oiiiM S-mml ni-.-i aii'r W. I. (i-m I, id an ( a ' ■,ini•*..;’i >u for I, ael: rs. 'i lowin ■. t ael*"!"' w. 1 ; Sppii anl : < Mint- m Mr. nml M: ' T. W. Ofiv. r MM W. •' Pridgen <d' B." ! m .;. ' Mmsi-s Hannah and. Cvm/llt. Ad-I I- Mis B-.h* Pierson, IMr I. E F; k-. 7, ' 1? m- < m Crimed MMP. . Tim i: . ".'dy fathers say thek m C S. ge ■••• ■ am! gouts must not I . ■' ider at will over tlie stfeets of, i‘ < 1 ..ijiiit'. VM Imliev ■ the ma ioriiy ' . i of the citiz..'im prefer that the gen- i [ : t:■ eow should Mot I)..- legislated ‘i Mr. .derehmif, just |)'aee these i bargains ydli nman 1 > offer your i u I customei ai n tie LiiiEUA;, and! I many of our rmal.'rs, will r iniud i ■ Votl Oi "your add i.i th. I.i i-miAI. i ‘ i Try once and be c uiviue. d. I J Joe Brown is gr.'iief.d forth.- ; ■ seven dollars a'id si I y cents which ; I has In'eii ch"; .'Tully donated to-; i ward buying lor him a imml poW- ; ler ! i icycle. ; ' Miss Kathleen Push. Hie young : r-s,I (lauglif-r of Senator and Mrs 1. 8. B.i: h, was among the bright young ladies irhoi-anie home Irom school to spend the holidays. I Mr W. G.Kirklan lof Donal.-on s I ville was among tl.e truslwortny Igentle.m'n who at tender! to busi * i ness here to-day. Tl e friends of that quiet sub citiz ■ ■ E Thoaipsi Ji w r * glad to see him here to-day. THE PL W. t .! Those who heard »tb« Ariel - I Quartet Friday evening at the I '■court house were highly enter-, ■ tained. A 1 ■ rge t.iidieii' e greet'd the young artists. ’ ”he Liberal would like topnh- ? i iish in letters of gold that those who composed the audiencebeliav- ‘ ed beautifully. If every one there ’! was not truly refined not a word ; oj* act evidenced any Coarseness. I . I Every number on the program ' ■! was insistently eacored, t;uc the I : i young ladies respsrsad in a grace fid and a perfeMly natural mawner.- H The four .-'-di's in concert bler.- . j ded in perfect harmony. The so llos '.'ere also tnucli enjoyed. Those who heard the Quartet! leing "Old Facie Ned ’and “Dixie’ i 1 will always remember th.' sweet-' I nees which characterized Hie fa-> j miliar old strains. Fii-'AS -Mill). m:x Col! • : r D. A . M’. Lan ■ ■ ci .■■■"! trm •!. ■ Im; la. A promptly , on 11. ! 2'')th idt. There w.'i';' two huudr- J and :-;."i'!’ly delinqm'rit t.r.,-.; a .id ihe offi '.'i issu* (I ficus against di of* 'hem. Alii.;' .:' th.' r.'.imlier w ' ■ - ■■■.■r':i v. I. p-ipe li. * pa" I.•)!;.>Wit.. •: '.y ;d't '• ! . • !■ oks cl e d. ' -MM : ' . k just i■.*. ra dollar. . T; y p rs will h rcr.H r t ri:, ver tl i'.' ‘.r- • s '■Albin tli ■ ■ ■■ I- I 1 tim.". ENDLESS PRAYEIi CHAIN. j "< > Lord Je.;u-, we implnr; ’i.heM <) et ;al God, t ) .mve mercy on jail mankind. Keep us from sin j h. v •hy precious blood and take lus to be with L'Uee eternally, ■ aim n. b’l-is I'.river. was sent out by Bishop Lawrence, rit*.;ll3hihii:,g . it to be ritt in and sent to nine . persons, who shall it on* Anyone do s-. shall be afflicted with M'tne great misfortune. Any per- Ison who pays no heed will me* . j with a ter'-ible accident. Who j wii! rewrite this pray<-r and send At to nine persons, coinmen ■ ng on i the day it was received, slud!, on p'nd after ninth day, exp'rieiice .s um.' great joy. At h rusalem, iduriug the holly feast, it was then .-tdil in* who w.l! n. .vrite this prav . will be delivered from every ca- Aamitv. 1 Lease do not breidt this : ch dm I’he above cndle.-s ehain lett. r was sent to H, pi 'ML- ... r of ihi. paper by a farm i « ’, . an.. : it-' receipt, tq ■ . inquiry, it I**..- ■t i>. cn ■ rlaim ;l tlmi it is l ing - ;it all over the o aniiry. Now. i. the mime of dec, ncy, in the ;i: mi:- ui iideliig -nee ami j,, tl. ; . ■ ■ mini o; Chi! stianity tin ■iie.. ('..rm-r pr-.t-si. . i: < 7; a of aski* g anyoiii: to repeat a q i i.ya ri :u am.l; ng ft*,iu some mai, 1 ieh is ueconipanifd with u ': k ■■■ .:• ■! •■ at ini.-.'- ;*'lum " m I"Oitie ' lerriide acrid mt" T r lai!- j ui l ' to comply is a sud c.mimeii- i age. \ eii, iwm .li is s'lcri e'gu u- . it is said t! at Bishop ! awr.'uee I denies . vei- having suggest.>d the I pl'.:', vr 1.-i' mm O’, an endless chain. ; Leiters ci this cliarn ter seriously ; iiijuie Hie* cause which they pro it'ss to waul to aid I’lu-re might have li eii some good ''esu!t from Hie simple prayer without the I'e.-d". It might have awakened 'a religious I'ervcr and enthusiasm iand have caused a heart-searching Doing Hi 'l’saud'i who received it. jaie! thus men might, have been i lifted up and ami the Savior of j men t salted. Christ offered to jthe world a prayer when lie gave I what i cali. J‘' I'lie Lord s Prayer ' ■ but wiien tie gave it to his disci ples He did not accompuny il with jan angry thr.-id. No, a teolisand | times no, for His life was devoted ito !■ idmg human ills, lie was the personification of love and liL*. j and mA A disaster of misfortune. -American Farmer. CLEVER JOE WILKIN. ( Nearly all of i jnr .id rca<hrs r member .Mr. -Joe Wilkin, who loft Imre about nineteen years ago and located in De Veil- Bluff. -I'k | IL* does not keep an ace.nut of | how many dolbirs be sends the Ln?’ ' am, ■ v.. ry noy am! then we receive a check from liim. He is our loading subscriber. Wohavi been publishing the paper nine years and he has eleven dollars op posite his name; but when we op ened his last letter we found that, this gentleman had sent Joe Brown a check for five dollars along with i the subscription fee, which lie ■ specified should be used is t'm j purchase of the trycicle. Joe Wil kin was always ntiick to re-p >nd to any cal! from a dependent creature. Fortune has favored him in the West end scores of hi- boyhood | friends wish for him ecm'.inutd j prosperity. -i--—i-* r---, *»-*>- ..—►•«-»..»■ - ■ REPORT oF TAE C’ANDL j 'riDN 'iF HE ’f 'SL’ XA IT >X.\L BA IK. .N...(H‘O i'k-* : .. N -. ml IT".';, ■ ; .■; r.ll il; Hi-. St' ’ ' ■■ <r. ,at tlm ck->? ol bi'.siim.-. X. v. 12, i! BiL'i). n . mnci-. i.'-mis i*m; Discount.-* '--2 71 i i Overdrafts, . mured a I uu-.-.-cur-jC : q .'> iss 59 t ; I . S. Bonds to sei nr. t j ci;';.'': Lit ion E) 000 O'.) ' : Pre- Hums ■ i IE H. I,<E Elk E■ i I Banking hoiiSe, fundin'.. t and fixtiivs. 1 ■' 7»i ' I iMe :'■• ,-m ?*!at) -nal 1 ! ■!■:< I no! re.-rve iig*'nls ) .'■ S!S -*:' ID: IT. in Hi teßaui.. am! Bankers, I 225 ffli J Due tr ) n approved q r*>eive .agonl-q iC: ■■■;:; and other ea;‘l. items, Till X :es of Ofll •;• Naiici:! Banks. 235 00 j Fiaetimial pip i ctii're ty, nickels, ami emits 13 27 ! Ml 7 list; 0 net-. :-'. !*'l ' 7 213 00 j ! ib .b in pt ton liitid w it' IE 8 Treasurer (5 '|: r cent of circulation ’ ; K) Off r J ofai 1.3 i 183 9 I.l.lßfLlTiEli . - ' 1 ! a|ii‘ml stock paid in i-o ■ XN’' 1 'Surplus fund .* 000 00 ; : ‘ i iidivided profits, less expense and taxes .. :ii<*i, d 3;u k notes | outstanding . I Individual dep. .'iissuß ■ Time cm'tii'm.d.. or de-p.-sit, | 2! 51 I O' ■ I ' '.aSili ;*■ ;■'■■ '•*.'! i i'.'i. ' -i ms -*.p .!• 1" .3 . ■ | • lie O; (:. rgm. ' I V of Alilb 1. .f 1, B. B. Roberts, c.i.-< th. Ed ■ c imm* d bank, di ■■ i.iiy Io the I st of ml nov d mid belief. i ! B B. IkobrrtSi (ic: \\ QH k . N. L. . ' tlpl.e: m. D: n■ .. ■■.,. I‘j j Y 11. - ' ' ’ W P. If; . ■ Xotatyi''J lie. rowj , | r i ■ Mmciicthn Le.s saidl ■ t Al- ~ e >iir I . ; ! Li-s;-i d read Alon; ciiveri l, I Lm-s.-ml. Alore gooduss. Loss bad Alore Hkii"■ Less hr/-; More iJer, Less w;/t. SHERIFF ALE. i Georgi,’., ?>! Cointy. I ! Will be sold on 11* lost 1 ues . play in February nxt, at ouctcry at the cout Imus iu.-.:.E 3 I count,. within t!mi*’:"'.d hours of! ■ jsale, to tlm highm bidder f >rcash ; ■ 'certain property <. which Hie iol- [ lowing is a full a’l complete de scription : Lot land.No kg! in tlm dis i trie! of said c-iimy ami ■.■;.! . I Said pioperty ivied on a- !!.;■ I prop.rty of A. A. Hand, to :■. .! j. Ifyan ( xecutif . ssued from tin- I i superior court a said comity in favor of Hie Jink oi Blakely i ;■ aga.t the .S lidA. . .1 ! a i::i; sa id , " rt; be in ■he p issesgi m of j i Aiose Spooner. , I This Jan. 2o dl9 '<. T. A Phillips. Sheriff. [ t i : iNTRISON.j Old man A.ock who attempted to assail ALs Mose Spooner was E euptu.ed in (olumbus last week. He has ieen lodged in the! Thomasvillejail. Sheriff >ino A. : Phillips’ de med it best to keep : liiHi away fem Colquitt. Air and ?rs L.Kimbre! enjoyed! tho C’iri'-lt ns holidays with he'.'/ ?utg iin dlumbus. I - TO THE PUBLIC. Any p*.*r~--.i: .visliing' to sin? mv :> ■■ ■ can di ■ a', any th m. A money that i . -'■■■ through i n; Is in my official < .pacify ■ de pt ite.l in tl ■ Pi? Ant. 1 auk pi Uoiq.'iltt- rgiajA.' ' I e!n q ' ! that. : s drawn on "J m- y i plid by tl..- I.■,t ? ,t. i- ..k ■ i Culq .i'.t G. orgia. E r Tl: iiH'or mati. ii of H e pebim. v ■’ tlm bank Imm■, a !>■); ■- ng who draws tl. nomy an I o whom it is paid. in. :i>; ;..*• ink tlm [)rival*'..i t< 1 ov. ani per mv account at . iy li: • -and J i icp that thi . v.i.l ' ■■ J-' it. i>iend. Dec. 20th IMF W. I. Heer, C. '■>. K. W. GROW Alt - *M'V 'H Law. (•.’ic, 1 nt . <■> a . (?. mn.i i ■; Specialtj. i -i five years I (ice fii ,•... s :.i luteresL ! ... m-7M~ fti , ' ? ... Att<et • nv--, T-- ■ E*n L- VV-’ -Stnta et.- . - Attorn• and Coun -■■ sellor at Law i (jomineir-fal I iw ; and Collections a .■> 1 1 ■ ’ B. B. Bush, N. L. StapXtoa. dL SH tt .TAIH.I ' UN, A'l TO'- "''l'.Y S \T LA W. Wii : ■_; i'..tau’a wed , M n g.Vl’Jl to bu/« Mi ■ )i!NEA’ AT LAW, | .. .M 2 L-.;..m'2.TE AGENT, ACE.QLITT, SA. i ■’:■ . i< in ad t>>e and ’ -'is m d else were by S-25-03-ly ■ '■ M Arii.'i.:'"ii. G".’■■■!;, fc- ' Office upstairs in post off me ■ i building. Your pidrormne is so-1 i ciud. K .. y. For Insurance SO'M B. B. vv h o re pi-es c- n \ m- ' The’Liver; ■. )!, L nd■ A- Gio!" Insurance Co. In k.e .v Orman.-, Ln. , The A' tua ii. -ur iice Co Hartford, Conn. I’l’he G-'iina;i Ami-rcau Insiii vicr I Co. New York. ! Apply to mo for the T< xas II mg ■ Proof sees! oafs. MASONIC' OFITCEES. " At a rfTuit Me;': for * !ii-err !of th" Simon Holt i. dim i1 F A. Masons the following geiili*.;i cd ' elected tor tlm ensuing year: C. C. Bush, N. M. J. S. B:M . S. N. W. C Dancer, J. W. Jas. Clmshirt. Treasure;. •f. w. Living. Seety ■S. Houston, J v km Several new tan phon, s :.ave| been placed in business cstaoiisli-' f meats and residences tl.'s week.’ • I I 1- Ml ' Lil IM TP— tt—k O ’ H- 'j x "g t ;■- :-q fl At— .-■/ - r • : “:■ • 3 ■ i. v ? 4: - <st rsji' .MS -4- -R ' A j.- l i* v A Sc- " A S ALE ,c... V / V Ct y 1 •■- ■■ Li iW CclAe *J'I LI: t~l k* 'S (• ■' ilci ’ Is? C~~ llettes fi om 8 to <2 cts per 8 V\ orR hi id nice? slices tor p£*o ~ forg i Leathre advanced holding lard examine "th-,?. P’?’) ’ - 5 j, 2k: :i fi ;• •) J li’ 2 2C£' CKS C s 1 O B. Km i Iprisc you with Low Spvf<l LL..i nd red yards Os !£rrv | brOidery tO GO fOr Less thuiiX Os I I ■' A ; ' ■ E' ■ a : (,■ "L BARGAINS.' M -PM ..r~" -st y -a ' - Mo-- .'. Me- WASTED: A good agent it. 'ticli county ■> ■point sub t>_>nts i for and represent tin- '. .-.i Liv 3t<x'k lusurai C.j. in Georgia ! Capitol stock SiO.OOO. Add res ; P. L. Watson. Se-y. A Trees I Swainsboro. Ga . OrI'ICIAL DIRECTORY. \V, C. World’ J. S Court -Itl; ■ Mondays Apr. and ‘ )< i I. A. Laing E >!icitot G icral. ■ 1. B. Bash Clerk. 5. A. Phiilb -. E heriiTr \V. ( , Dancer, Ordinary. Court Ist J. B, Bush. . !' T Herts: ' ( 1 en. Court Is ■i. V. .( A: V! one ay in each •A’. K. Knight. month. \\ .I. Moody. Tax Collector. , . J. G. Lbdlny Receiver. B. 15 Roberts, Count v 'JV .sure, . W. A. MeD - ••'.aid, Ci , ’* 1 ' SlU'V''V ' r , I • ’4. f 4 - . . r •ris. < 'i iff. 1 C Bush. Tad.::? City Court > Court ~ Mo.; in ■. acli Month N.J. Stapleton. Solicitor. SPECIAL NOTICE VC n:ak<; a specialty,of (Ips and ; Downs in March Cotton. Profits' i on Vd-’J >' 'in ?».•-i.meets the last t lire e ; ; wers- >J5u Co m u .• t.d ’ 25,C0 ; | on Downs. I Write for pnrtieulai;? and flee! ’ Market LMbr. Liters!ate Cotton Co. Mem} tis, I’, I M-• ution th is ;; in-.-i’ wl. ■:i w ■ ‘ I .c IAN COLLEt Ti'yrs ROCNDS i.- her, ;.v jivi .i I n g places on 4 the dates given: Mayhaw >ct. 20 Nov. 17. i Spooner < >et. 19. McCormick"- sn.;\ ()ct. 22. |G. P. SbingleCs still Oct 23. Lu Nov. Id. Twili-ht Nov Ist. boykin Oct. 13 Aft riiuuit. BCiejck Nov. 10 Afternoon Bail ■ 'ct 13 Nov 10. '( kßi s o'- Co. s'ore Oct 15/ M . xV. Phillip, store oct 30. | Eugene orY. 10. C ;■ ••lift .i. every Wednesday' and Saturday m a .■; in J. Jin ahave.' B aid close yromptiy on Dec.' 20111. !>. A. W. Lane, lax ( >l. Miikr County, Ga. MONEY 70 LOAN t'io Georgia Loan a ■ mp.'.ny is prepared to rrake 5’ ■r ■ an- >n Miller County rea? al-' ::t 6 per cent per annum. ’ For particulars see Bush rud’ St-ipkeon, their Cq{. ; iplitt Uoo,ooo TO LOAN Ou improved farms i i Soiith Mies: Georgia, maturing after 5’ T'-ars. Low rate of j Quick set*,’ice. R. C. Dell, ~ Attorney, Cairo, GF*