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The Empire State. (Griffin, Ga.) 1855-18??, March 12, 1856, Image 3

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AS ACT Entitled An Act to incorporate a Rail Road Company , to be called the Atlantic & Gulf Rail Road Company, and for other purposes therein named. Section Ist. Be it en acted j>y (lie Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, in General assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same That Jnftie-* n Couper, James P. Screven, Alexander Atkin-on, Edward 0. Anderson, W. B Hodgson, Robert Stafford, Levi J Knight’, E. i Young, vvqiKara Ponder, Winb’orn J. Lawton, Alfred 11. Colquitt, •Jo-epli Bon E. a. Xisbet, Joel Crawford, John LI. Howard, Seaborn Jones, I).ivi i J. Bailey, ■ harlcs J. Jenkins, John Milh-dge, James M. Calhoun, Charles. Spalding, harles J. Munnerlyn, Thomas Hamilton, X. W Collier and James cllae, and su_*h persons as may hereafter become associated with them and. their successors, are hereby made a body politic and and corporate, by .lie name and style of the Atlantic & Gulf Rail Road Company, to be located at and by that name are made capable in law, to ihave purchase and enjoy, such personal estate,’ goods and effects, as may be necessary and proper to carry out the objects herein specifi ed, and to secure the full enjoyment of all the rights herein and hereby granted, and by said name t( sue and to be. sued, plead and be imploded in any Court of coinpe’ent .jurisdiction, to have and use a common seal, and the same to alter at pleasure ; and to make, ordain and establish such rules, by laws and regulations as shall seem ncces ary and •convenient for the government and protection *of said corporation, the same not being contra ry to the laws or constitution of this tate ; and generally to do, perform and execute, all such acts, mutters and tilings, as may apper tain to corporations of like character. See. 2 lie it further That the persons herein-before named, or any live or more of them, shall cause books of subscrip tion to be opned in Milledgevillc,and such other places as they may designate, on public advertisement of thirty days, in one or more gazetts of Milledgeville, Stvannah, Macon and Augusta, which bo ks snail be kept open at least two weeks, and as much longer ■assaid commissioner may dean expedient, and any person, firm, or corporation desiring to make a bounded subscription to the capital stock of said company, sha!i lie permit ed to do so ; Provided, that no pci’s m, firm or corporation, shall subscibe more than two hundred thousand dollars previous to the first election of I) rec ors, and if the’ sum oi six hundred thou-and dollars or npwar is, shall have been bona fide subscribed, it shall be the ! duty of tne commissioners her. in named, or any five or more of them, who may be actual-1 ly engaged in taking subsciptions, to return a list, of subscirbers an I the amounts sub-cribed by each, with a certificate that the snbscirp-1 tious are bona fide and binding, and that each \ com| any, firm or co.poratlon, (in the opinion of said connniss oners, ) wid be fully able to pay up the sn ns subscribed by the same, which return and certificate shall e under oath, and when received shall be filed away in the Comp roller Gan red's office. If said return and certificate shall be satisfactory to the G ivenor “f th s Sta e for the time being, it shall be his duty to subscribe n the name of the State of Geoagia, for stock to the ex tent of five hundred thousand dollars, or if the bona fide subscript ns ret mis 1 and certified, shall exee and 600,000 dollars, t en for such larger sum than five Inin wed thousand dollars as will be in the same proportion ; Provided,That no iron and no superstructure shall be laid on the said At antic <fe vault’ Rail Road, until the Brunswick & Flordia Railroad, or tne Savannah, A.bany & Gulf Railroad shall have formed a connection with the said Ailantic and Railroad, and the cars be running upon one or ihe other of -aid Railroads , and provided further, That nothing : in this act contained, snail be construed so as to authorize subscriptions upon the part of the Stale of Georgia to exceed one million of dollars The capital stock of said company may be incrased five millions of dollar , divi tied into shares of one hundred dollars each, and in all election- of Directors, and meetings of stockholders each share shall be entitled to one vote. Sec 3. Be it further enacted, That as . soon as the sum of one million one hundred thousand dollars or upwards, -hall have been subscribed, as provided in the second sect.on of this act, i shah be the duty of the Govern or of the State for the time being, to order an election fur nine Directors, which election shall be held in Milledgeville, under- the direction of the Commissioners, or any five or more of them, after not less than thirty days notice, and the stockholders shall vote in per on or by proxy. The Directors so elected shad elect a President fr*>m tiier number,(and such oth r officer- as they mav deem expedient,) and shall hold their offices for one year, and until their successors arc elected. Elections for Directors, (after the first, ) shall take place annually on the second Monday in February. No person shall be eligible as a Director, except a resident of the State of Georgia, who shall be a holder, in his own rigid, and name of twenty five shares of o ie hudred dollars each of the stock of said company. Sec. 4. Re it further enacted, hat when the Atlantic & Gu.f tailro and company, shall be organized as provided in the previous sections of this act, the said coinpa .y shall be authorized, and is hereby declared to have full power to build, construct and maintain a railroad for the transportation of produce, merchandise and passengers, from a point as near as practicable to the i -terseetion of the lines of the counties of App iug. Ware and ” ayne, cross ng the river at or near Walken’s terry in the vicinity of v\arcsborn. and thence by tiie most practicable route to the Western boundry of tneSiate oi Georgia, at any point between Fort in th county of Clay, and the junction of the Flint and Chattahoochee river-, in the county oi Decatur, erid Western terminus to be select ed by the Directors, after an a- curate survey and estimates of cost shall have been made, and with the Gulf of • exico at Mobile, or Pensacola ; all questions growing out of the right of way and damages thereof, to be decided according to the provisions of the 15 section oi the amended charter of the Central Railroad and Banking Company of the tate of Georgia, approved the fourteenth da of December 1835, which section is declared to be a part ol this act, and ail the privileges, immunities and exemptions granted io The Central Railroad and Ba king t ompany, ; ,nd the Georgia Railroad and Banking Com T. y, or either of them, by the acts iiu-rporaling rmid ci inpailie- and the ,-everal acts amoudato ry thereof, are hereby g;anted to the sad Atlantic and Gulf Railroad Company, so far as the same can be made appli able to sad Atlantic & Gult Railroad company. ec. 5. Re it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors, soon after they are call for an installment of twe ty per ccn mil on the capital stock subscribed, by giving at least thirty days notice, and when the same shall lie actually paid in, to certify the same to the Governor of the State for the time being whose duty it shall then be to pay np the twenty per centum of the subscription made by the State, and for this purpose he is authorized to draw his warrant o:i the treasury, for *any money not c-riicrwise appropriated—and if there shall be no such funds in the treasury, or not sufficient to pay tiie installment called for, he shall issue and dipose of bonds of the State of Georgia, having twenty years to run, and bearing six per cent interest, with coupons attached, made payable either at the treasury or at such other place a the Governor may think Lest to insert in said bonds,- and the proceeds of the Wottern & Atlantic Railroad, after deducting the expenses of the said road, and after tiie payment of all other sums, for j which the same lias been set apart, and pledg. | ed, shall be applied to the payment of the I principal and interest on these bonds, but ! under no circumstances shall any of these ! bonds be so’d below their par value But no payment shall be made on the part of the State until the Savannah, Albany & Gulf Railroad e nnpany, a::d the Brunswick & Florida Railroad company, shall have releas ed any right to which either of said companies have or claim to interfere with the location of said road, on account of nay privileges granted to the charters of either of them. After the first installment i paid by the subscribers, no more than ten per cent shall be called so any one time, and then only on thirty days public notice, and if any subscriber shall fail to pay any installment duly called for by the Directors, the Directors may de clare the stock of such subscriber forfeited by the company, with any installments then paid, without affecting the right of said company to sn - for and recover the amount of any subscription, or part thereof, duly called for and remaining unpaid. The Board of Direc tors shall be authorized from tme to time to receive additional bona lide subscri tious to lire capital stock, until the road is finished, an l when -uch subscriptions shall be returned and certified to the Governor under oath, lie shall subscribe an additional -urn for the State of Georgia in the proporiion as hereto lore provided, the installments to be paid upon tiie same conditions, and in the same manner s authorized for the first snb-erip tions. But no stock shall be allowed to vote, [after tiie first election,] of which twenty per cent lias not been paid. Sec (5. Be it further enacted, That the Savannah, Albany & <-ulf Railroad Company, and the Brunswick & Florida Railroad Company, and cither of them, shall be permit ted to join their tracks .with the track of the said At antic & Gulf Railroad Company, with equal privelegcs to both of said Companies and with nit any discrimination whatever against irh -r of them,it being the intention of [lie State of Georgia, by this act to provide a Main i rank railway across the territory connecting the A lunt/c with the Gulf < f Mexico, t at any Railroad in this State shall have the privilege and right to join the-aid Atlantic &. Gulf Railroad Company, without any dis crimination f. r 0 ‘again-t s ? ’ch Railroad adjoi - iug thereto ; provided, that the stockholders thereof build said road with their own money See. 7th. Be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the President of said Rail road company to make returns under oath semi annually to the Governor of the Stale, containing a fui! and accurate statement of the pecuniary affairs of the company, with a list of subscribers to the stock, with the amount subscribed and paid in by each, which returns sluil! be li’ed away in the Comptroller General’s Office. ‘-ec. Bth. And be it fu ther enac cd, That the produce of tiro State of Georgia, deposi ted at any depot within the State shall have recede nee over through freights coming from any other State, so long as the State of Geor gia remains a Siockliolcb r in said road Sec. Oth. Be it further enacted That all laws and parts of laws m litating against this act be and the same is hereby repealed. imCTta i What Was Done After Dinner at the Phiei.adeli’hia “National K. X. Convention, Sixty four of the northern delegates having seceded, including the Xew York friends of “Live Hoax George,” Fillmore was nominat ed without difficulty a single delegate from some of the States being allowed to cast its ent-ir vote, ihe Xew Hampshire delegates, Messrs Colby and Emery, having violated their mid-night K. X. oath to abide by the deci-ion of the majority, and bolted, their places were temporarily supplied by a couple of i.utsiders, who voted with the south, and were h-udly cheered therefor. Its bsequent ly turned out that these substitutis were New Yorkers So the southern K s’s. cheered for nothing. arson Brow low moved that Gen Call, a southern, seceder, be “taken back into the church;” and upon the general’s re appearing, the parso stepped out into the floor and gave him a fraternal hug, to the great deiigi.t oi the assembled K. N’s. Sub sequently “Andrew Jackson Do ■nelson” was nominated for \ ice Piesident (upon the re commendation of A. 11. 11. Stewart, of Vir ginia, formerly one of Fillmore’.- cabinet secre time-,) over iieury J Gardner and others.— Srewart cooly claimed for Douclson, who was once General Jackson’.-private secretary, the honor of having originated and carried out the principal asurcs of Old Hickory’s ad mini-trati- n ! Donelson made a speech, and as-erted that Gen Jackson was a full blooded K X. because he (I) j never heard him say nothing against “American principles !” Then Parson Brownlow was called out to endorse the nomination-, and expressed his belief that with Mr. Fillmore and hi- (Mrowiilow,sJ ‘pa triotic, fat, greasy friend,”,) looking at Donel son i tney could so use up the democrats that there would not be a grease sp"t left. n eoiiclus.ou, no advised tne members of the convention ‘to say liugeu and clear out!’ Upon this intimation the assemblage seemed to h ivt* acted, and very soon after it adjourn ed. Tiie convention was decidedly a ‘flugen’ affair. — Examine -. —WHO- ►► -Ca*m Conscience —An eneliaugc ‘papo s-.ys ; “A man ii. a certain village with whom we are acquainted, who had snuffed sngtr sol i hi , s inserted in tie weekly paper the following notice: “1 purchased of a grocer in this village a quantity of sugar f oin whic I obtained one pound of sand; and if the rascal who cheated rim: w 1 1 send to my address seven pounds ol good ■ ugar, (8 -not nre measure,) I shall be -at) fid; if it. 1 ‘hull expose him.” D . i he. Ibl'o.voig day time seven round pm-l-O.gCS of SU:::U‘ ’VCIV lolt lit his l’-i<i> eC, o a- mi It*- r et eaao'S, eicli ipoo--ieg | “luiseit to tne j ei'.-On intended. Extract from £..ortl Derby s remarks on the Queens Speeds. I should like to have known what is going on at Teheran and at Washington. (Hear, hear.) I should have thought that as our relations with the former court, more especial ly at the present moment, are of some impor tance, reference has taken place, and which, I understand, is of such a character tint our Ambasador has withdrawn. Then, again, what are our relations with the Cabinet of, Washington, where it is reported the retire ment of our Minister is demanded. (Ileare, hear.) I should have thought that two circumstance to merit, at events, a passing notice in the speech ; and that if her Majesty had not been enabled to inform us, as on for mer occasions, that our relations with other Powers were upon a friendly and amicable footing at least w.e might have been led to amagine what danger, or security from danger existed of any rupture of our amicable rela tions with Persia and America. 1 hero is no country in the world with which we are bound by such tics of close and intimate relationship—none with wh vh our commercial relations, exclusive of the tics o p common language and laws, are so vast and important —none with which a war would be so mutually suicidal as with the United Sates. (Hear ) I do not suppose that all the language which we see used by the American press, and which would be wholy unworthy of the dignity of a great country, is adopted by the American Government ; but if the Govern ment have made the representations which they are reported to have made, then I think our relations with America arc most threat ning, not to say most alarming, With regard to what is called the Clayton- Bulwer treaty, relating to Central America, so far as I am able to judge, I agree with Her Majesty’s Government in the explanations they have given , nor, looking to that treaty and to the circumstances which preceded it,can 1 conceive that a different construction can be put upon it from that put upon it by her Majesty’s government. (Hear, hear.] A dispute concerning the interpretation of a treaty is not, however, me which ought to excite great alarm as to tiie consequences, it forms a most fitting subject for reference to the arbitration of a iriendly power, and 1 trust there can be no apprehension of the rupture of friendly relotious on this account. (Hear, hear.) 1 wish I could speak as confidently with regard to the other questions of dispute, because, although 1 think every amende and every apology have been made by her Majesty’s government, I coimot conceal from myself ■he fact that the government of tiie Un.ted States have, in the first place, just and reasonable cause of complaint. (Hear. When the Foreign Enlistment bill was under discussion, one objection to that, measure was, selves in constant disputes with those Powers wh >se subjects, without tin ir concur rence, we n ere seeking to enlist ; and say what you plea e, and guarded as may be the language of the bill, it is indisputable to my mind that in carrying out the provisions -f that Foreign Enlistment bill, if you did not infringe upon the letter, you have proceeded in opposition to the spirit of the municipal law of the United States. (Hear, hear.) I deep ly regret that the government should have been betrayed into such an error, and 1 do not vvouder that at a period of great popular excitemnr it should have ar -used angry feeling and an insult on the part of perha, - the most su-ceptibie nation in the w-r;d At the same time I will e tcrlain—l won't Ray confidence. but hope founded on the sound co.muon sense of that great and intel ligent community, that when the first feelings of indignation and of anger have passed away when the cause for which agitators are striving to inflame the public mind s!i 11 have ceased to exist— they will camly and deliberate ly consider the unintnational character of the offence in the first place given, and that full and ample apology which I understand her Majesty’s government lias made to the of fended dignity of the United States and which. I think any great nation, only conscious of its own strength, would accept as a sufficient reparation for the wrong done. (Hear, hear.; 1 therefore venture to entertai the hope that in that quarter more friendly relations will exist, though at Ihe same time I must say, tiiat I think her Majesty’s Government would have acted more wisely with a view to soo he any aimry feeling, and to pave the wav to more friend.y relations, if they had inserted in her Majesty’s speecn a conciliatory para graph applying to the people of that great country, instead of passing over the subject in a contemptuous way, as though it ere unwor thy a moment’s consideration. Fourth Resolution Georgia Platform The following are the yeas and nays it: the Senate on t lie bill authorizing tie Governor to call a eoiiventio of the people upon the hap ening of any one of the contingencies specified in tlie 41li Resolution of the i latform: l eas —Adams Atkinson Beall. Billups. Brice. Brown ofDalu in, Brown of Gwinnett, Buch anan, Camion, Cantrell, Coffee, Cone of ulioeh. Cone of Greene, Cumining, Gray, Gordon, Grant, Griffiin. Hale. Hamilton, Harris of Worth, Hill, Jamison, Jeter, Knight Landrum. Lawson of Burke, Liwtoii, Long, Long Maddux .McCrimmi, McGuire Mclntosh IMcMiliain Mtx-re o Cobb, Moreland, Morris, Patterson, of Gilm r, Patterson, of Jefferson, Pharr,Pool, Uenfroe, .< binson, Kudisill, Shrop shire, Simms, S-. riven,Whitaker,and Wingfield 45). A a ys —Aired, Calhoun, Chastain, Crow der, Dixon, Duniiagan. Dupree, irimibro, King, Marshall, Moore ot Lincoln, Murphy,Murray, Ragan, Riley, Mudstill, Swiimey, Turner, Wales, Ware, and Welboru—2l. Absent or not Voting —Ashe, A very,Baxter, Boasely, Bioodworth, Brown of Calhoun, Camden, Carlton, Causey, Colbert, Dnlmcy, Gibson, ijiitrry, Harris of ! ailiai'ero, Horde man, Hays, Head, i lines, McDonald, Millet Moody, Nichols, Paulk, Peeples, Ponder, Pope, Reddish, lioddenbc-rry, Sapp, Seoit, Smith, Spalding Sumner, Strickland, White and Wynn—4o. A Dublin’ cherokee he Rome Courier has -a ii m o unt of n duel lately I'l.ogK i Dallas ibuilding county The parries we Wiley Junes ami Win. Bane, relatives. Tmy loiigut with lilies and final three limey Ai i first shot a part of Jones le-’t. ear uas shot off. lies not being satisfied they reloaded and fired a part ol Jones rigid ear lock being eui off by the ball of his autago is . Tney wore still not satisfied loaded aga n and lived Uane’.s ball pasing IhrougliJoae- hat just Move ais lnad Jones t eii inmle at his antagonist with his rifle and ‘ attempted to k i ck him down with it, ot Bane got the advantage, knocked him down u. <1 beat hi- brains out, and lied . limit J-utes died i mine ! ely, md up to lae accounts Bane had nuo been ui’iested. By Tdlegraph for the Savannah Georgian. TSiree Days Later f om Europe, Arri val oftlie Africa, Nothing from the Pacific. Xew York, March 8. The Royal Mail Steamer Africa has arrived at Halifax, bringing Liverpool advices to the 23d ult. —three days later than the Baltic. She brings no tidings of the Peaifid. ool. —Owing to large receipts, Middling .Orleans and Idfcer qualities have declined l-16d.— Other qualities remain Sales for three days 50,000 Itales, ineluding 7,000 to speculators. Flour has slightly advanced. The Rothchilds have taken the whole English loan of twenty million dollars. The peace Conference are progressing favora bly. Cousois have advanced to 91s. General Cass appeared in his seat in the Senate on the 26th ult.. says the Washington Un ion, having recovered from his late severe injury. There was much gratification manifested by the Senators upon seeing this venerable statesman again at his post. Messrs Yi£uderbilt, No. 185 Suffolk Street, says of Dr. M‘JLane’s Celebrat ed liver Pills; Being unwell, and not knowing whether it proceeded from derangement of the liver or merely hysterics, I was persuaded to purchase a box of Dr. M’Lane’s Celebrated Liver Pills, and before I had used them all, was entirely relieved, lam now enjoying perfect health, and cheerfully recommended Dr. M’Lane’s Celebrated Liver Pills to all similarly afflicted. New York, March 25,1552. Persons will be careful to ask for DU. McLAXE’j; CELEBR ATED VERMlFUGE,manufactured by FLEMING BItO., of Pittsburg, Pa. AH other Vermifuges in compari son, are worthless. Dr. McLane’s genuine Vermifuge, also his celebrated Liver Pills, can now be bad at all respectable D rug Stores. None genuine without the signature of FLEMING BROS. feitro-OTE* 3T „ Died in Monroe county, on Friday 29th ult. of Scarlet Fever, John Reuben, son of Jos D. and Martha A. Reynolds, aged two years one month and twenty foul days. “Whom the Gods love, die young.” This was truly a child of promise. He manifested in his affliction a patience and fortitude which would have done credit, to one of maturer years.— Ilis heart seemed to be the seat of the affections. Like the tender blosson of early spring, he opened the ten drils of hope to the sun of promise, a blighting frost came, and the flower was nipped in the bud. ‘This mortal has put on immortality,” and the tender babe thus rudely torn by the hand of death from the arms of an affectionate mother,now flutters an angel, around the Throne of God. “Early, bright, chastens morning dew. Tie sparkled was exhaled and went to Heaven.” COMMERCIAL. KBIFFIS MARKET. Cotton—The Africa's accounts have had no material effect on our market. We quote to day as extremes 7 to iff;. The aggregate receipts in all the American Ports, show an increase of 794,106 bales, over last year. This ap parent increase in the crop is the result of the favorable weather for picking In the full, and the rapidity with which the crop was pushed forward to market. Bacon.—lo to 12), c. Laud—l 2 |.c - Buttkh.—Country, 15 to 20 c.—Goshen, 25 to 30. Corn.—so to GOe. per bushel. Corn Meal.—6o to 70 c. per bushel. Flotk. —4 to sc. per pound, good supply. Coffee.—Rio, 12i- to 14 c.; Java, 15 to 17 c. per lb. See ah.—Brown, 10 to 12 e.; Clarified, 11 to 13 c.; Loaf and Crushed, 11 to 12£ e. P. -.65 :<* 7.5 c. p.-c gallon. Salt.— $2,00 per sack. Candles.—Adamantine, 30 to 35 c.; Sperm, 45 c. Beef.—3l c. on foot; 6 to S c. by retail. Nails.—sj to 01- e. per lb- Featiieks.—4.s c. Scarce. Wheat.—None offering.—l2 to 14 c. per lb. Mackerel.—No. 3,512; No. 2,515; No. 1.525 perßbl. Blue Fisii.—sl2,so per Bbl Cod Fish.—7 to Bc. per lb. Beeswax.—lß to 20 c. per lb. Dm ed Peaches.—sl,so to $2,00 per bushel. Duied Apples —75 c. per bushel. Bagging —Gunny, 17 to 18 c. per yd. Rope —Kentucky, 12 to 14 c. per lb- Pork Bc. per lb., nett. Svannah March 7—Coton yesterday more active. Prices firm. Sales 1300 bales, as follows, viz: 3at 8)<; 2,5 at !)|; 518 at 03 ; .510 at 9J-: 151 at 101; 10 at 10J; and 63 at 10 5-16 c. Augusta, March 6, —Gotten was very active ye sterday and about 2000 bales were sold, at firm prices. Columbus March G—Cotton underwent no change in prices yesterday, and we continue quotations for good Mid dliugOj; Middling Fair 10c. There was a lot of 47 bales, classed Middling fair to fair, sold at 10.(c. Charleston, March s—Cotton was in active demand to day, which was freely met ly.sellers, who obtained a very full range of prices. About 6000 bales changed hands at prices ranging from 8£ to lojc. ALDERMEN. JOHN DOBBS. I. M. CHAPMAN. THOS. D. JOHNSON, J. P. LOVETT, G. W. CLARK. LEROY SNEED. J. H. LOGAN. J.N. SIMMONS, For Clerk For Marshal Mr. Editor you will p’eise Publish the above ticket and oblige MANY CITIZENS Mr. Etutor: Please publish t,lie following ticket for May or and Aldermen, to be supported at the election in April next, and oblige MANY VOTERS. For Mayor Maj. Wifi. Cline, For Aldermen W..T Jnssoy, A. Merritt. Stephen .Tones, A r ines Fish. S. W. Maugham, T)i\ H. W. Brown, J. S. Travis, J. Richardson. For Clerk Fol’ Marshall /U—? ‘ .T AMES P. PERDUE respectfully announces his name ns a candidate for re-election to the Clerk u ship of the City Council of Griffin, at the ensuing \pril election. Tie promises, if elected, to discharge the defies of the office faithfully. March 12, 1856 45 tde OsSS* WILLI AM If. rOWELL announces Ids name as X*Sx a candidate for the office of Clerk of the City Won ti ci! ot Gt'ifljn, ot Die ensuing April election. March 12, 1856..4.5 tde <FL^—? JETHRO JACKSON respectfully announces his ilLJgr”'mime to the citizens of Griffin, as a candidate for a the office of Marshal, of the City of Griffin, at the ensuing April election. If elected, he’ promises to pay strict attention to the duties of the office. March 12, 1356 45 tde _ ‘S mmm [TENDERS his professional services ns a Physici :u and Surgeon, to the citizens of Griffin and vicinity. )ffice on the same floor with the Empire State,“©4 Griffin, March 5, 1856 44....1y Crijj P HRS of Mens’ Kip and Calf Brogans, at $1.60 D “1/ 150 pair Ladies’ Kid Iluskinsat 60 cents, just, re ceived, and for sale by I. T. BANKS &CO 1 The undersigned respectfully offers himself as a iT'-ME?* candidate for iffarshal of the City of tbriffin, at the ensuing election, and solicits the support of his friends and fellow-citizens generally. T. G. MANLEY. March 4, 1856..... 44..'. .tde WILLIAM C. BUFFINGTON, Ihm kfu to the citizens of Griffin for past favors, ‘* again tenders his services to them'as a cithdi date for City Marshal, at the ensuing April election. March 4, 1856 44... .tde Z&d&SZzsß GEORGE D. JOHNSON announces his name as a candidate for the office of City Marshal at the ensuing April election, and respectfully solicits the support of the citizens generally.— He promises, if elected, to discharge the duties of the of fice faithfully. . March 4, 1860 44;...tde I adopt this method of notifying the citi zens of Griffin that I am a candidate for re election to the office of City Mltisliai. . March t, 1856 44....tde J. L ALEXANDER. G 1 IS-. a -A P'nyette county.—James 1L ‘ Wiiktrope, if of the 1088th District, G. M., tolls before me as an es tray, one dark bay mare mule, with some white on the mane, age not known, but old. Appraised by James Co ker and Phillip be worth $45. Given under my hand and official signature, this November 23d, 1855. LUKE*JOHNSON, J.J\ T do certify that this is a true extract of the minutes of the Estmy Book of Fayette county. JOHN L. BLALOCK, Clerk. March 12, 1856 4.5 4t Handsome Reward for the Thief with proof to COKTirZC^. STOLEN from my lot on the evening of the oth ,)f J'Gy last, one of my HARNESS HORSES, | about 11 years old, 15 or L>£ liands high—a sor- I rel. He is a very notable horse from the fact that he lias bumps much resembling young horns over his eyes—quite raw-bone looking. It is supposed a negro belonging to Mr. Henry Spier, of Mclntosh, rode him off—the negro be. ! ing seen on him and was lodged in Griffin .Tail when next heard from. Any information to me or to C. T. Beupree in Griffin, will be thankfully received and amply compensa ted. My residence is about 4 miles from Mclntosh, Kineh afoone county, and 4 miles from Richland, on the Columbus road. SOLOMON HERRELL. October 10, 1855. ts- JUST RECEIVED AT THE CHEAP CASH, BOOK AND MUSIC STORE, B Vl€ 0 ? 0 1C & CO., TEN years among the Mad Bags; Uncle Sam's Farm Fence ; Rose Clark, by Fanny Fern ; Notes on Duel ] and Duelling, by Sabine ; also a large lot of GILT MOUL- I DING, French Glass, Window Hangings, Ac., cheap for | the money v I Griffin, Ga., March 5, 1856 44 ts CASH STORE. MACON, GEORGIA. NEW SPRING GOGHS, THE subscriber is now receiving'll new and hand some stock of FAKCT ASB STAI-EK Blil T> liOODS, suitable for the SPRING AND SUMMER TRADE, J among which will he found almost every article in'tliU j line, which he intends to offer on the best* terms. Also, a large stock of CARPETING, Oil Cloths,Paper Hangings, ( Window Shades. Ac. CrjKllis friends and tiro public are requested to give him 1 a call. GEORGE W. PRICE. ! March 5, 1856 :o S3 Sir t x “& *2? ib ly7 D i-? S. C I. AII K & EMEIt S0 X. HAVING formed a copartnership in the j ‘j) iFiV TI S T R Y, I would respectfully tender their services to the public. I)r.’ ] E. besides being an experienced operator, is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Bertal Surgery, and brings | with him all the improvements in the practice of Dcnti.-fry. ; The high testimonials and beautiful specimens of Dr. E. j show that hehas spared neither time nor expense to arrive j at proficiency. | The numerous operations of Dr. Clark, which continue to give satisfaction,besides the many premiums awarded him at onr State Fairs-should offer some inducements to 1 those that arc in need of his service. | Neither tb.K nor expense shall be spared in performing all operations in the most beautiful ami durable manner.— j At the some time while they consider it better to pay a trifle j more to have teeth saved, than a trifle less to have them I ruined, their charges shall not be higher than the same kind of operations would command at the North. i F. Y. CL AUK G. W. EMERSON, D. D.S. Griffin, Feb. 2,1856 42 Gm : iWmlufß llh wif. - rjpTE undersigned respectfully informs the public that he j -I is prepared to carry on the above business in all its | branches, at his shop, on the west side of New Orleans Street | opposite Messrs, l’richard & Wood. Tn case of my absence, | orders may be left at the shop, with any of the hands therein employed, but all payments must be made to me aiuUme alone or by mv ontyr. T J. ISON. Griffin, Jan. loth, 1856.. .37. .ts LEATHER! UATHER!! HARNESS, Sole, and Upper Leather for sale bv Feb. 26,1856. .ts JAMES L. JOHNSON LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT THIS! HAT AX A PLAN LOTTERY ! 1200 PRIZES ! GO,OOO DOLLARS ! JASPER COUNTY ACADEMY XjsO UDiDEL “ST 2 MACON, GEORGIA. \l}y Authority of the State of Georgia,]. 10,000 numbers only ! 1 prize to 8 tickets ! CLASS K. To le viawn March 15th, 1856. THE manager having announced his determination to make this the most popular Lottery in the world, of fers for March 15th, 1856, a Scheme that far surpasses any Scheme ever offered in the annals ( f Lotteries. Look to your interest. Examine the Capitals. 1 prize to every 8 tickets. To be drawn at CONCERT HALL, Macon, Ga., under the sworn superintendence of Col. George M. Logan and Jas. A. Nosbit, Esq. @is ? ooo. 1 prize of $15,-000 1 “ “ 5,000 1 •* “ 4.000 1 “ 3,000 1 “ “ .2.000 5 “ “ 1,000 are 5,000 10 “ “ 500 are 5,000 60 “ “ 50 are 3,000 120 “ “ 25 are 3,000 500 approx, prizes of 20 are 10,000 500 “ “ 10 are 5,000 1200 Prizes amounting to $60,0()0 Whole Tickets .fUitiU; Ualvcn $5 OB; (innrtm 50 Prizes payable without deduction. Persons sending mo ney by mail need not fear its being lost. Orders punctual ly attended to. Communications confidential. Banknotes of sound Banks taken at par. Drawings sent to all order ing tickets. Those wishing particular numbers order im mediately. Address JAMES F. WINTER, Macon, Feb. 27,1856. —td Manager. GRIFFIN HOTEL. , v THIS large and commodious Hotelis now it A I open for the accommodation of the public. The • >, f 1 jSSE furniture is new, and the rooms comfortable and well ventilated. The table will at all times be supplied with the best the market affords, and no pains will be spared to render the guest comfortable, i also have in connection with the house, the lnrgeand roomy stable, formerly occupied by IV. S. Birge, by which stock can and will be well taken care of. R. F. M. MANN, Proprietor. Griffin, Feb. 13, 1856....41 ts Ilacls. Xjlzaois --’ c~ The undersigned being the Con tu transport the Ik States Mail on routes, Nos. 6339 and 6340, ■?-'takes this method of informing the public generally, that he will run his Hack ns follows • Leave Griffin Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays via Erin, Warnerville, Jones’ Mills, Greenville and Mouhtville—ar rive at LaGrange the same days. Leave LaGmnge Tues days, Thursdays and Saturdays via the places above men tioned—arrive at .Griffin the same days. Leave Griffin Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays via “Zolmlon and Flat Shoals, and arrive at Greenville the same days. Leave Greenville Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays via the pla ces above mentioned, and arrive at Griffin the same days, 1 will further add, that 1 have good teams and sober dri ; vers, who will spare no pains in making passengers com fortuble, and put them through in good time, at very modi* rate prices. R. F. M. MANN, Proprietor and Contractor 1 Feb. 13, 1856.... 41.... ts OIL! OIL!! Linseed, sperm, tanners, castor ami ma CHINE OIL, for sale low for cash by Sept 19, ’ss*-tf HILL & SMITH. AOTSC f. ALL persons indebted to the estate of the late John Brunt, deceased, of Pike county, are hen by ieqi.ested to make immediate paytpK xjt. ai <{ those per.- ons hi ving de mands against said deceased, will lender tlum in agreeable to law to CBEEN B. M. BLOUNT, ) I>. JO. FOSSETTE, } N Feb. 27, 1856... .43... ,4d A. CLEVELAND & SONS, HAVE bought out the interest of JOHN g... ~ . M. LUNQUEBT, in the office occupied JBjm&Ut by.(‘LEYELANI) & LUNQUKST, at the ner of Hill Street and Brpadwiiy, up stairs. The copartnership of Cleveland &’ Lumpiest l.av’ng disaoNs ed, A. Cleveland 5: Sons respectfully inform the publio that they are prepared to carry on the ~~ DENTAL BUSINESS , in all its various branches, viz : to put up full or partial seta of Teeth on gold plate, in complete ami workman-like atyh, with Artificial Glints, imitating nature in beautiful life-lilt* appearance. Also the most difficult cases fitted withaccu racy so as to be worn with epee; also decayed Teeth neatly tilled with gold, and great care taken to render the opera tion attendant with as little pain as posible. Those pant fill ing, skillfully extracted if desired. Those suffering with Tooth-ache relief given without extracting in most cases; a Is# we shall keep a Daguerreotype Office, and take Likenesses in the best of style. Satisfaction gnftf anteed in all cases,and charges very reasonable. Work don* on the shortest notice. Also, for sale. GOLD FOIL. GOLD PLATE. EXCAVATORS, DRILLS, BURS and DAGCEB* REOTYPE STOCK—also ARTIFICIAL TEETH. A. CLEVELAND & SONS. Griffin, Feb. 19th, 1856. .42. .ts. T’HE subscriber informs his jriends andthe/public g*aei> ally, that he still continues to carry on the Ti ii and Sheet. Iron Business, in all its branches ; that he will attend4o roofing, gutter ing, anil all job work, with punctuality, and in a workman like manner. He is now receiving a supply of FANCY ARTICLE®, too tedious to mention—Hardware, Stoves, Castings and Cntlerv, whichlie will sell low. Give li-tn a calf srdprore | for yourself. SAMUEL PILSttRY. Griffin, Feb. 13, 1856 40 ts CASH STORE ! sr. 3P* MxxjfSg'aEda, 3)KALEU IN BBT GOODS AND GROCERIES, HILL STREET, GRIFFIN, GA RESPECTFULLY solicits the patronage of his trend ■ and the public. Jan. 23, 1856 38....1y RICHARDS & BROTHER, KEEP A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Cheap. Cash, Book and Music Store, IIUI Sired. 2-7 door from the Railroad. Griffin, Ga. ft - ?.The New Publications received ns they are issued from the press, end sold at New York Retail Rates! ®SuA full supply of COLLEGE AND SCHOOL TEXT KOOKS, always on hand. Orders, per mail, promptly at tended to. Establish; and January, 1855. December 10th, 1855. * 33-ly GREAT MTIOmT MWT $300,000 IK PRIZES!! 0W THE HAVANA PLAN I TICKETS SI,OO-33,499 PRIZES!! ZSFC23E* tiSa'.o HeneSt OF THE THE ASSOCIATION finding it impossible to raise the means by private subscription, to purchase the BUT list ran, Have determined to appeal to the Public, by LOTTERY, to assist them in securing the great object of a NATION’S SOLICITUDE, TEE TOMB 03? WASHINGTON. The Association would some reluctance in appealing to the support of the people were it for a less worthy cr less noble object than that which they have in view. The Scheme which they offer, being placed under their sole con trol by the State Commissioner, they have made it so at> tractive, and formed it upon so grand a scale, that they have no fears but that the public will come forward wtta ooe accord to its support, and assist the Association in the successful carrying out of one of the most patriotic under takings of the present day. It not only appeals to the na tional feelings of the American heart, but also to the selA interest of every man ! Those who invest a dollar, or more, in this undertaking, not only contribute ton patriotic object but stand an equal chance with others in securing one of the 1 prize of $50,000 is $50,0 1 prize of 20,000 is 20,000 1 prize of 15,000 is 15,00# 2 prizes of 10,000 are 20,000 4 prizes of 5,000 are 20,000 10 prizes of 2.000 are 20,000 30 prizes of 1,000 are 30.000 50 prizes of 500 are 25,000 100 prizes of 250 are 25,000 100 prizes of 100 are 10.000 200 prizes of. 50 are 10.000 1.000 prizes of 10 are 10,000 2,000 prizes of 5 are 10,000 5,000 prizes of 2 are 10,000 25 ,000 priz-s of 1 are 25,000 33,400 Prizes Amounting to $300,000 ALL OF WHICH IS GUARANTEED BY THE STATE! It is the wish of the Society to close the drawing by The 2.5 th of May, 1856, The price of the Tickets is so small as to be within tk reach of all who may desire to participate in this great Nattonsl iiidertaklnff The success of which mint be dear to every heart. Bsnide the Ticket in the above Scheme.every purchaser will receive A CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP Os the Association, a list of which, with the amount Un each one lias invested, will be printed and framed, so tba the visitors to the MM IT MOIOT VERM. May see the names of those who have subscribed to thin A UATIOi'US TNHSUTE TO TUB Father of fits Country! The price of Tickets arc as follows: Single Tickets, $ 1 OO P;cknge of 12, ■. lO OO Package of 25, 20 OO To those purchasing a IVu kage of Twenty-Five Tickets, a copy of the Celebrated Engraving by Fanoli.of mtimm iz statesman, W ill be presented. To those purchasing Two Packages of Twenty-Five Tickets, a copy of Lkctzk's Gkeat NATIONAL PAINTING, of 3iJ:) s sS)R>tjioi) CfossiiKf tf)6 J)efc}lusre, Will bo presented. Correspondents will please give the name of the Comity, Town and State in which they reside, so as to avoid mistakes. All orders for Tickets, most be addressed to the undersigned, Agent for the Managers. CHARLES F. LEWIS , Jan. 8,1856, —36-.lms Washington, D. C. Ya n G For Pa 10. A valuable tract of land, in the Fist District Jygfflfc of IMke-connty,containing I've hundred acres, lying between Flint River and Line Creek, can be {ntr< based on very accomnioda- tWtP ting terms by application to the o.mlersigncd.— The tract is known as the place formerly owned by A. R. Dullll. and contain- a quantity of fiooU Tlml-e -U as well as a wimble plantation, under cultivation. Then* wishing to purchase w ill do well to call men. as the ptact will certainly l e sold. ,T, R. REID. Agewk for R. A J. C A I.DWELL Sc Cf>. Griffin, Feb. 27th 1857 43..