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The Empire State. (Griffin, Ga.) 1855-18??, April 16, 1856, Image 4

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HI o 6 t V 1j * For the Empire State. * ‘ To Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Woodruff oil tlie death of their little gfi-l, Mary, ivh# filed on she last •lay of March, 185G~WrHte at the request of a Friend. And so death closed those little eyes, shrouded with bright glances. 0, that the Sun would not come streaming in on that shrouded form, as if there were no grief in the world. How sweetly she sleeps—that little coveted angel! IJow lightly curl the glossy ringlets on her white forehead ! You could weep yemr very soul away, to think these cherub lips will never, never unclose. Vainly you clasp and unclasp the passive, darling hand, that has wandered so often over your cheek. Vainly your anguished glance strives to read the dim story of those faded orbs. The voice,sweet as winds blowing through wreathed shells, slumbers forever. And still the busy world knocks at your door, and lets you have no peace. It shouts in your ear ; its chariots rumble Ly ; it smiles broadly in your careworn face ; it mocks you as you sew the shroud ; it meets you at the cofiiu, at the grave, and its heavy footsteps tramp up and down in the empty room from whence you have borne your dead. But it comes never in the hush of night, to wipe away your tears ! “Wanted—an angel for Heaven ! Can you look up ? Can you bear the splendor of that sight? Ten thousand celestial beings, and you] own radiant- child in their midst! “Wanted—an angel for Heaven ! Cling not too closely to your beautiful treasures, children of earth !” Borne from hence,our darling Mary, Can, O can it be she's gone ? Will no more her voice so lively, Cheer us in our lonely home ? Shall wc hearno more her prattling ? And the merry, joyous laugh— Will it never more awaken ? No ! for Mary sleeps in death ! And the toys around us scattered, Waken in our hearts deep pain ; Thu’ we know our houselKild idol Oft returns to us again. Hope, best harbinger of mercy, Bore us on through future years ; It returned at evening, weary, Wading through a mist of tears ! Truly, shea child of promise, Once these words were heard to say, “I would like my sister, Who has lately passed away.” Then, fond parents, weep no longer, For thy little one’s fit rest ; Jesus took her to his bosom, Sweetly sleeping on I,is breast. Brother, sister, kindred spirit, - * Stay the anguish of those tears ; Ilecolieet, if youTebut faithful, A ou will meet in after vears. Mary hath a home in Heaven, Far beyond the bright blue sky, Best in peace with this assurance, Hilary never more leill die _ STELLA. For the Empire State. Acrostic. ny si. a. k. r>. John Luther, mv darling, my dear little son, Outlie ocean of time, thyn c ; ju.-t A • ui, How sweet to behold thee whilst cloudless the skies. No sor.'ov s oppress thee,joy beams in thine eyes, Lovely thine image, thy prattle so sweet, Unfettered by cares, thy swift little, feet, To search out new mischiefs, thy constant employ, How dear to my heart is my had little boy; Enjoy life’s pure morning, mv i.mio cut one, Regardless the future, bright shiiieth thy sun, Delight thyself now in the morning of life, On thy path may await thee much sorrow and-strife, Itegale now thy senses, with flowers that bloom, May no clouds of sorrow e'er fill thee with gloom, And at last inayestthou dwell with the Saviour above* No sin can there enter t Scat pure world el love. Fayetteville, April 11,;. IO ZE3*2? TS l 'A? 2RL 3T - “ PK S. OLA II K & EMEII SO N. HAVING f rmed a copartnership in the ■TTfPpgafe. practice of /) BX TI STJI Y, would respectfully tender their services to the public.. Dr. K. besides being an experienced operator, is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of :stiaarj-, and brings with him all the improvements in the practice of Dentistry. The high testimonials and beautiful specimens of Dr. E. show that he has spared neither time nor expense to arrive at proficiency. Neither time nor expense shall be spared in performing, all operations in the most beautiful arid durable manner.—. At the same time while they consider it better to pay a trifle more to have teeth saved, than a trifle le-s to have them ruined, their charges shall not be higher than the same kind of operations would command at the North. F. Y.CLARK G. W. EMERSON, I). D.S. Griffin, Feb. 2,1855 * 42 Gm YOU DESERVE CREDIT FOR YOUR JO PROFESSOR Wood's Hair Restorative, is, no doubt, the most wonderful discovery of this aye of progress, for it will restore, permanently, grey hair to ‘its original color, co yer the head of the bald with a most luxuriant growth, re move at once all dandrulf and. itching, cure all scrofula and other cutaneous eruptions, such as scald head, &c. It will cure, as if by magic, nervous or periodical headache, make the hair solt, glossy a,id wavy, and preserve the color per fectly, and the hair from killing, to extreme old age. We could give the testimony of more than one hundred thousand to the truth of every word we have written. See circularand the following : The following is: from a distinguished member of the med ical profession : St. Paul, January 1, 1855. Prof. 0. J. Wood-Dear Sir : Unsolicited, 1 send you this certificate : After being nearly bald for a long time, and havingtried all the hair restoratives extant, and having no faith in any, I was induced on hearing of yours, to give it a trial. I Jdaccd myself in the hands of a barber, and bad my head rubbed with a good stiff brush, and the restorative then applied, and well rubbed in, till the scalp was a glow. This 1 repeated every morning, mid in three weeks the young hair appeared, and grew rapidly from August last. till the present time, and is now thick, black and strong oft and pleasant to the touch ; whereas, before it was harsh and wiry, what little there was of it, and that little was dis appearing very rapidly. T still use your restorative about twice a week, and shall soon have a good and pci feet crop of hair. Now if 1 had rend of these things, and who lias not ? buthave not seen hitherto any case where an}’ per son's hair was really bene!!! ted by ahy of the hair tonics, Ac., of the day, aud it really gives me pleasure’ to record’ the result of my experience. ! have recommended vour preparation to others, and it already has a large and gen eral sale throughout the Territ >ry. The peojro here know its effects,and have confidence in it. The supply you sent iis, as wholesale agents for the Territory, is nearly exhaust ed, and daily inquiries arc made for it.” You deserve credit for your discovery ; and I, for one, return you my thanks for the benefit it has done me, for 1 certainly had ’despaired long ago of ever effecting any such result. Yours hastily, J W BOND Firm of Bond & KeJlog, Druggist,St. Paul Wc annex a few certificates to corroborate our as rations: Uarli.-10, HL, June 27, 1853. I have used Prof. 0 J Wood's hair restorative, and have admired its wonderful effect My hair was becoming, as I thought,permanently grey, hut by the use of the restora tive, it has resumed its original color, and I have no doubt permanently so. .SYDNEY II REESE, Ex Senator United States The undersigned, Rev J K Bragg, is a ministerin regular standing, and Pastor of the Orthodox Church, at Brookfield Mass He is a gentleman of considerable influence and universally beloved. V.'M DYER Brookfield, January 12, 1855 Prof Wood—Deal Sir : Having made trial of your Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to say, that its efiw-t has been excellent in removing inhumation, dandruff', and a constant tendency to itching, with which 1 have been trou bled from my childhood ; and lias also restored my hair, whicli was becoming grey, to its original color I have used no other article, with any thing like the same pleasure or profit Yours truly, J K BRAGG 114, Market Street, St Louis, March 5, 1855 Dear Sir : 1 am doing an extensive travel in the West and South-western States, as general agent for Adpms’ American Liniment,and would be glad if you would favor me with a consignment of Prof Wood’s llair Restorative, as I feel as sured that lean introduce it iu many places where it is not known, as my head is a living testimony of its valuable pro perty, in-restoring the hair to it.; natural color. lam forty years old, and my hair was almost white ; but after using three half pint bottles, my hair is as beautiful auburn as it was at sixteen, and much improved in appearance, and 1 would not lie without a bottle oh hand, for the price of ten 1 should be very glad to attend tomiy matter connected with the Hair Hestorative I have been for fifteen years engaged m the same business, and will be glad to hear from you soon. _ _ , , .Yy respectfully, \VM B BR'OOME 3LSold at 114, Market Street, St. Louis, Mo. 316 Broad way, NY. and by all Druggists everywhere All kinds of family patent medicines for sale, on. the best possible terms at Prof Wood’s Establishment; 114, Market Street, St Louis *®,For sale in Griffin by W B SEAY, Druggist April 2, 1856 48....3m LEG A L SAE S L . Pike Sheriff Sales for May. WILL be sold before the Court House door in the town of Zebulon, on the first. Tuesday in May next within the legal hours of sale (lltii interest) the following prop erty to wit: Elbert a man thirty years of age, Pansey a woman twenty years of age, Catharine a girl five years old and Charley a boy three years old, levied on as the property of Elijah Thornton to satisfy two Justice Court li fas. issued from the 540th Dist, G. M. One in favor of John W, Burt, the other in favor of S. H. Swain. Levey made and returned to me by a Constable. A. B. VAUGHN. Sli’if. April 2d 48 tds. Spalding’ sheriff &ak*s for April. “TATILL BE SOLI), before the Court Mouse door, VY in the City'of Griffin, Spalding county, Ga., within the legal hours of sale, on the FIRST TUESDAY in MAY next, the following property, viz: Lot of land, number not known, containing 202.1- acres, more or less, the same being the place whereon the widow of Malconib Bethuiie, deceased, now lives, in the 4th dist, of formerly Payette, but now Spalding county ; levied on to satisfy a-fi. l'a. in favor of the State of Georgia vs. the said Maloomb Bcthune. Levy made and returned to me by Shockley L. Gibson, L. C. A A WOOTEN, Sheriff. April 2, 1:856 48....tds- Pike Postponed Su ie. Will be sold before the Court. House door in the town of Zebulon Pike county, within the legal hours of sale,, on .the first Tuesday in Mayj’ next: the undivided half interest- in the following lots and half lots of land, No. 204, (except three acres in the South east corner) lot No. 2Q3, No. 180, East half of lot No. 213, (except two acres deeded to the Baptist Church) West ha ls of lot No. 172, i>ine timber, suit able for sawing on the east half of lot 212: all lying in the Bth District of Pike: levid on as the property of Joshua C. Martin to satisfy a mortgage fi fa issued from the Superior Court of said county in favor of Martha C. Martin vs Joshua C. Martin, and tenants in possession notified. w. h. McClendon, Dep. sb’ff. April 2, 1856 48 tds r 1 140RGJA Fayette Comity.—Whereas Roxana J. vT Mundy- applies to me for letters of Guardianship of the property of Reuben Thomas Mundy, Amanda A Mun dy, Juliana B. Mundy, minor children of Hillary C. Mun dy. These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and friends of said minors to appear at my of fice within the time prescribed by law to show cause iiany tliey have why said Letters should not he granted. Given under my hand at office, this March 20th 18.56. GEO. C. KING, Dept. C. C. 48 4 Oils Eietotfor’s Safe. TITfLL be sold, pursuant to the last Will and Pestament v V of Simon lb Murphey, late of Fayette counfv,deceas ed. before the courthouse door, in the town of Fayetteville, in Fayette county, on the first Tuesday in June next, within the legal hoars of sale, the following property, to wit : One negro boy named Andrew, 35 years of age ; ’one negro wo man by the name of Jemima, about 65 years of age. Sold the property of Simon- P. Murphey Terms made known on the day of sale JOSEPH II MURPHEY, Ex'r. REBECCA MURPHEY, Ex'ix. April 2, 1856 1L .. tds (Mcorgia, Fayette ront-.iy—Whereas Joshua Elderap -4 plirsto me for letters of administration on the estate of Howell Eider, late of said county, deceased : These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to be ami ap pear at my office within the time prescribed by law, and show cause, if any they have, why letters should not be granted said applicant in terms of‘the,law, in such cases made and provided. Given under my hand at office, this 25th March. 1856. J L BLALOCK, Ordinary April 2, 1856 48 fiod SpAlding Afoi fotu-ve Sale for iYFch. MrilAa I>c so.:d. before liic- Court]louse door, v V in Griffin,Sp-ddingcounty, Ga ,on the First Tues day in May next, within the legal hours of sale, the fol lowing property, vis: Ouc-haii interest in anegro fellow by the name of Gabe.of yellow complexion, 33 or 34 years of age, and by trade a shoe maker. Levied on as the property of John Lockhart,to satisfy a mortgage fi.fa. from Spalding Superior Court, in favor of Egbert P. Daniel, vs said Lockhart. Property, pointed out in said mortgage fi.fa. A. A. WOOTEN. D S. January 12,1856. E2SEORGI< out yt-iWhcrcas .Tanms~T. KSS L>bß applies to me for letters of administration upon the edate of Richard P. Ellis late of said county deceased: these are tliercfore to cite and admoni.-di all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased. to he and appear at aiy office within the time prescribed by law to show cause if any they have,why said letters should hot be grant ed to said applicant. Grvo.i under my hand at office, thisMnrch 26th 1856. J. H.MANGHAM, Ord’ny March 24th P-5C 46 C'IF.C-ItS-J.A, Vilie couv.t}-—Whereas W. J. Newell T apjdies to me for letters of administration on the es tate of John 11. Newell, of said.county, deceased : These are tno re fore to cite and admonish all. persons con cerned. to he and appear at my office within the time pre scribed by law, to show cause! if any they have, why said letters should not. be granted. Given under my licnd at •office, this 3d March, i-56. J. BECKHAM! Ord'v. March 5. 1 856 44.. . ,40d G EGRGIA —i 1K KGO EAT Y. Court of Ordinary of said county, January Term, 1850. XI appearing io the Coiut, from the petition of John Fox v.'orth and (."sidesman Poj:e, Executors of the estate of Stephen M. 15. llaselden deceased; that they have fully ad iuiit i -tci cr i 11 le e.-taie of sa-id deceased) and praying to be therefrom: Ordered that u dice of their said application lie publish ed in terms of the law, that all persons concerned may take notice thereof, and file their objections, if any they’have, on or before the first Monday in August next, and show cause why said letter ahouhj not at this time be granted. A true extract from the minutes of the Court. . iSLPJi C. BECK If AM. Ordinary, Zebulon. Jan. 22d. 1856 • ..33; onn f 1 ■’ •• : v.yHti County, Whereas John O. Brown vT applies to me for letters of administration on the es tate of Alfred Brown bite of said county deceased. These are therefore t > cite and admonish all, and singu lar the kindred and creditors of said deceased tube and ap pear at my office within the time prescribed by law and show cause,if any they ha ve, why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand at office, this March 19th 1856. JESSE L. BLALOCK, Ord’y. IV of ice to Del* tors an 5! Creditors ALL persons having demands against the estate of the late Col. Rufus W. McCune, are requested to render them in,to the undersigned within the time prescribed by law, and proceed as the law directs. All persons indebted to his estate, are desired to make immediate payment. ff3“Col. McCmic's late clients arc particularly requested to come forward and settle up for services already rendered and receive their papers, so that they may employ other counsel to take charge of their unfinished business. March 19, 1856... .45... .40d J. H. STARK, Adm’r. f IL()RGi..v, Pike cotsn' jv—Whereas William Barret’, VI Jr., applies to me for letters of Administration on the estate of William H-Lusseter, late of said county deceas ed. These are therefore to cite and : and monish all and sin gular, tnc lei ml n and and creditors of said deceased to be and appear at my office within the time prescribed by law, to dnw cause, if any they have, why said letters should not be granted. Given under my band at office, this 18th March J- C. BECKIIAM, Ordinary. March Iff, 1856.,..45 Go J r PWO months after date application will be made to the Honorable the Court of Ordinary of Spalding county for leave to sell the real estate and ‘negroes belonging to the estate of the late Rufus W.McCune. deceased March Iff, 1850... .45... .OOd J. 11. STARK, Adm'r. L Wnyctte Ciuiity, Whereas Yarny A. Gas- YJf kill applies to me for letters of Guardianship for the person and property of Jeffrey llillsman orphan of James Hillsnran deceased. These are therefore to cite and ad monish all mid singular the kindred to be and appear at my office within the time prescribed by law, and show cause, II any they have,why said lettersshould not he grant ed to said applicant. Given under my hand at Office this March 10th 1856 JESSE L. BLALOCK, Ord’. rvofi c<i to Debtors Credifois. A] Ji persons indebted to the estate of William Ellis, late of Spalding county, deceased, are hereby required to make immediate payment,and those having demands against said estate, are requested to present them authenticated ac cording to law. .) j\ ELLIS, .) A o 1or „ j T ELLIS, jlecutoM. April 2, 1856 18... ,4d* Caution. ALL persons are hereby notified, not to trade for a note ot liciiid, made by tlie subHeriber payable to Hnirli Me v allum or bearer, for twenty dollars, due 25tli Dec next and dated about the 20th March 1856 ■> the tin,, for whirl. ..Id noh- £v“ nS STSSS mined not to pay the same, unless compelled bylaw Butts Cos. Ga. April 2d. 1856 GEORGIA, Pike County.— To nihvhom it may concern-Whereas, William 11. Yaiiglm and ihomas II Edwards, Administrators upon the Estate of A aughn, of said county deceased, applies for Letters of Dismission from tue Administration of Said Estate: These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to be and appear at my office, within the time prescribed by law, to show cause, if any they have, why said Letters should not be granted, (riven under my baud at office, this 27tli dav of December, 1855. JOSEI‘II C. BECKHAM, OrdV January Ist, 155. 36-0 m LEGAL NOTICES. ■’ ‘ J j --- APRIL TERM COURT OF ORDINARY, j April 7, 1856. ( /Georgia, Spalding eownty.—it appearing to the Court \j that James Shuptrine, Administrator on the estate of Daniel Shuptrine, deceased, liad published citation in terms of the law, that he would apply to the Court for leave to sell a negro woman by the name of Mary, between 60 and 70 years of age, belonging to said estate ; It is therefore ordered by the Court, that the said'Admin istrator have leave to sell said negro woman. A true ex tract from the minutes of said Court. J. 11. M ANGH AM, April 9, 2856 49 4Cd Ordinary. GEORGIA, Fayette Coanty.—Whereas. N. M. Fitts applies to me for Letters of Dismission from the ad ministration on the Estate of Walker Fitts, late of said county deceased,— These are therefore to cite and admonish all parties con cerned. to be and appear at my office, within the time pre scribed by law and show cause, if any they have, why Let ters Dismissory should not he issued. Given under my hand at office, this January 26th, 1856. JESSE L. BLALOCK, Ordinary. Jan 30,’56 Gm WI EOIG.I t. Pike county. Whereas Matthew Coggin viS applies to me for letters of administration on the es tate of Richard Pryor, late of said county, deceased : These are therefore to cite and admonish all persons con cerned, to he and appear at my office within the time pre scribed by law, to show cause, if any they have, why said letters should not t.e granted. Given under my hand at office, this 3d March, 1856. J. C. BECKHAM, Ord’y. March 5, 1856 44 40d GIFOIiGIA, Syaldiiii; t>'.“To all whom it may f concern : Whereas Jonas Boyd, Administrator upon the estate of Samuel Boyd, late of said county deceased, applies tome for letters of dismmissionfrom the adminis tration of saidestaee ; Therefore the kindred and creditors of said deceased,are herbby cited and admonished to file their objections, if any they have, in my ofiice, in terms of the law, otherwise letters dismissery will be granted said applicant at the next August term of the Court of Ordinary for said coun ty. JAMES 11. MANGIIA.M, Ordinary. Jan. 23, 1856 38....6m CTEOiS.Gr A, I‘iice county.—To all whom it mav con- T corn : W.hcreas J. A. Potts, Administrator of the es tate of Abram S. Wright, of said county, deceased,applies to me for letters of dismission from said estate • These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to he and ap pear at my office within the timeperscribed by law, to show cause, if any they have, why said letters should not be granted. Given under my hand at office, this 17th Jan uary, 1856. J. C BECKHAM, Ordinary. Jan. 23, 1856 .33 4m . P EOIUiIA, Fllse County—Whereas James B. Staf- YT ford apphes to me for Letters of Administration on the estate of Charles G. Turner, late of said county, deceased. These arc therefore to cite and admonish all and singu lar toe heirs and creditors ol said deceased,to be amlaopear at my office within the time prescribed by law ‘to ‘show cause, if any they have, why said letters should not be granted to said applicant. Given under my hand at office, this 21st March, 1856. J- C. BECKHAM, Oru'rv. 4 /■■■■■,3ods riEOlttitA, pipe County.— V,'hcrcas*James B. Btaf vT lord applies to ine tor letters of Adniiuistrjition on the CKKite ot Isaac R. Askew, late of said county, deceased. These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singu lar the heirs and creditors ot said deceased, to he and ap pear at my office within the time prescribed !>v law, to show cause, it any exist, why said letters should not he granted. Give'u under my hand at office, this 21st March. 1856. J. C. BECKHAM, Ord'ry -47..... .W* if KCKCiA. county,—Whereas Isaac Me op]ilb's to mo tor letters of administration upon li:e estate ol -lames McElroy, late of said county deceased. These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased, to be and ap penr at my office within the time prescribed by law, to show cause, if any they have, why said letters should not be granted said applicant. Given’ under mv hand at office, this March 19, 1856. J. 11. MANGHAM, Ordinary. March 26, 1856 46 OOd Q ixty days after date application will be made the Court O of Ordinary of Fayette County, for leave to soil the real estate belonging to the estate of Elizabeth Mulkey late of said county deceased: _ *Gwch 13th 1856. ZADOK C. CONNOR, Adm. Qttxty days after dale ii])jlication will be made to the LSH curt ol Ordinary of Fayette county for leave to seii the real estate belonging to the estate of John W. Pledgor late of said County deceased. March 19th'18.56. COUNSTL RENTFROW, Adm. $l5O REWARD! RUA A WAT from the subscriber, living near fA-; “’ Barnoville, Ga., on the night of the 29th ult., mv ‘iff isegf-o man BEN, about 30 years old, dark conqilex small eyes, high forehead, wears whiskers, about 5 feet 10 or 12 inches high, and weighs about 170 pounds, and Da blacksmith by trade, lie has a wife, a free wo liain, living near Wni. DDmukc’s, about 6 miles south-east of Griffin. lam induced to believe that he has been de coyed off by some white man, under the pretence of car rying linn to a free State. The above reward will he paid for the delivery of said negro to me. and the thief, with proof to convict, or tiity dollars for the negro alone. . JOHN li. JENKINS. Burne.svdle, Pike co,, Ga.. April 2, 1856 48 3t £3“American Union and Times & Sentinel, of Colum bus. please copy 3t, and forward account to me at Bartles ville. j. n. j. Fall r F vad el ! 11l SOODSHIE 160OBSI r|AME subscribers would respectfully Inform tbeir friends and the public generally, that they have in store and are receiving direct from New York, a full supply o! FALL A \\ !N I’EItGOODS, consisting in part <if FANCY AND STAPL DRY GOODS! CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES. HARD WARE, CROCKERY, BAGGING, ROPE, SUGAR, COFFEE, SALT and TOBACCO, and all other articles usually kept in this market, which they would invite lire public to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere, as they are determined to sell as cheap as the cheapest. S. B. McWILLIAMS & CO. At the old stand of McWilliams & Cos, Hill Street. Griffin, Ga. Oct. 24,1855 ts F OFt 8 ALE!! COJIFOIiTAIH.E mvKI.LIXd IIOUSK. in Wont -5- Griffin, at present occupied by Col. A. B. Mathews.. Persons desirous of purchasing would do well to examine the premises, as the house must positively be sold. Posses sion given first of next January. *3“ Apply at the store of “ C. 11. JOHNSON A Cos., Griffin, Sept. 10th, : 55. .20. .ts }] jp street. MBOBUBLE DIiGSS M1KE1I!! THE undorsigped, having located in mW7\ tVest Griffin, near the Planter's Hotel is 6®?i| now prepared to CUT and MAKE DRESSES ® and TRIM BONNETS in the J, A TEST FASHIONS- -Iso will CUT and MAKE CLOTHING for GENTI FMEV ALL WORK WARRANTED! ILrN ~ MISS L. E. \TTIIFWS Griffin, January Bth, 1856. INFIRMARY. rpilE undersigned have opened, in the city of Atlanta an A .luminary, for the reception of patients laboring under medical or■surgicaltreatinent. An intelligent nurse and faithful servants will he in con stant attendance, and will give their attention to the sick it aH hours, day or night, when required. The surgical department will he under the control of w. F. WESTMORELAND, who will give prompt attention to injuries, and every variety of disease requiring surgical operations. The usual fees adopted by the physicians of the city will be charged, with ii I teen (cuts per d:iy for board, Ae ** Planters and others sending negroes may rest assured that they will be properly attended to, and, if after on py animation it be determined that there is no prospect ‘of re lic!, t.ivy will be sent home without any charge. IV. F. WESTMORELAND, M D ... . , r , J.G. WESTMORELAND, M.D.* Atlanta, May 16, ’55. ’ 3tf Land For SaJe. A valuable tract of land, in the Erst District ol Pike county, containing five hundred JKjarejgSlfc acres, lying between Flint River and Line Creek, cun he purchased on very accommoda ting terms by application to the undersigned. „i M file tract is known as the place formerly owned by A. 15. Dulin, and contains a quantity of Good Timbered Lnml as well as a valuable plantation, under cultivation. Those wishing to purchase will do well to call soon, as the place will certainly be sold. J, u. reid, Agent: LEATHER! LEATHERH HARNESS, Sole, and Upper Leather for sale hv I>r KLnott IT AS’ changed his residence and office to the first lot be ..LA low Mrs. Reeves’Boarding House, on the east side of the Railroad, nearly opposite the Freight Depot, where he may be found at all times ready to attend to calls, except when professionally engaged. Griffin, Ga., May 3,1855- . jy 90 000 BOUNDS of BACON, just received by Crlmn wVvcb or ior A ’ MATTHEWS & CO. Grinin, March 26, 1856 SADDLERY, HARNESS, &0. Bridi es j-Harness & Col la r s A variety of Carpet and Saddle Bags, Coach, Stage, Twig and Overseers’ Whips, Stirrups, Spurs, Bits and Bridle Mounting. jesyAny work made to order in the neatest and most tasty manner, at short notiee. Strict attention given to repairing in all branches of the business. The attention of Harness Makers and Carriage Trim mers, Ac., is called to his stock of PATENT ENAMELED LEATHERS, which he keeps constantly on hand at lowest market prices. N. B. I am enabled to offer inducements to buyers, who will lind it to their interest to give me a call before pur chasing elsewhere. Be sure and call in at the first door north of Banks’ Shoe Shop, east side of Hill-street. JAMES L. JOHNSON. Griffin, Ga.. May 3, 1855-ly i At the old stand ot E. B. WEED, sign of the rad lock, 2 doors above the Lanier House, MACON .GEORGIA, OFFERS for sale, at lire lowest market prices, a large and complete assortment of Swedes Iron, assorted from 1-J inch to 12 inches ; English and refined Iron, flat, round and square : Horse Shoe, oval , A oval, and i round iron ; STEEL—plow steel, (5 to 12 inches,cast, German, Blis ter and Spring Steel ; Blacksmith’s Tools, comprising anvils, bellows, vises, hammers, &e. Planter's Hoes, Sccvil’s, Brand’s, and other makes. SWEDES IRON. 100 tons Swedes Iron, assorted from to 12 inches, just received and for sale by N. WEEI), At the old stand of E. B. Weed, Macon, Ga. Jan. 23, 1856 38 TO THOSE iIM Wyis. IT is well known that a good Circular Saw Mill well at tended to, yields one hundred per cent in money on the amount invested. The subscriber lowing competent ar rangements to procure Machinery at Cost, is prepared to put up Saw Mills cheaper than has yet been put up in Georgia. The machinery is of the best materials of workmanship. j&irAll mills warranted to saw from live to eight thousand feet per day. Those wishing Saw Mills put up, will do well to address’me at Griffin. Ga. Felt. 13, 1853... .40... .3m W. W. THOMPSON. Albany Patriot and Sumter Republican, will please copy till Ist of May, and forward accounts to this place for payment. A. W. BENHAM & CO., DJ4 ALILIhS IN PLAIN k FANCY CABINET WARE. HILL STREET, GRIFFIN, GA. The public are respectfully invited to call fit - at rM:r New Furniture Store, opposite C. 11. I^. j 7.; Johnson & Co.’s, east side of Hill Street, i and examine our stock of new and beautiful :e£V' thut jma. 9 consisting in part of Fine French Sofas, Sofa Beds, Tetc'-a- Tetes ; Splendid Mahogany Wardrobes, Marble Top Tables, Mahogany, Cherry, Black Walnut and Extension Dining tables ; Secretaries, Bureaus and Sideboards, of the verv rarest quality and finish. Anew and beautiful article of Cottage Cliasß2?jer Furniture. Ornamentally painted, c .reprising a set as follows: One Bureau, one Bedstead. Sink and Washstand, Toilet Table. Towel Stand, Four Parolr Chairs, and a Rocking Chair. HGcistcacl From the lowest to tlie highest prices. £3LT2ie above, and many other articles not enumerated, we are prepared to soil on as low terms as can be obtained in any similar establishment in Western Georgia. May 3, 1855. J ts” faT) Tlk ;‘ proprietor of the well known stand RI- Ah'i'O, having lilted up the front room in the finest style, is now opening a line stock of Groceries and ( l on feed ionaries, all fresh and “genuine,'’ Jill of which he will sell low for cash. Ammig them will be found crushed and powdered Sugar ; all kinds of Pickles ; pickled Lobsters ; a fine lot of Natural Preserves ; Prunes in jars for table use; pre served tiers and dates; SO ©A B-U TTlfi and PicNie Crackers ; Sardines and Catsup ; English and American Mustard ; tine Layer Raisons ; Nuts of all kinds; an assorted lot of Candies, Ground Pepper ; Carbonate of Soda ; Peal Starch, Table Salt, Cod Fish, Irish Potatatoes, Itice, Mess Pork and Van- -L - all kinds of Fruit, Dried Beef, and W'£*-hV” Bolongua Sausages, and Snuff for the Ladies, Can fci_Vi4fcx~’d!cs of all kinds. His Bar has been befitted in the rear, which will be found as usual, full of the Best Liquors and Cigars, and his well knowu Bar Keep-BgEjHer will be found always ready to make his custom-®=zas&6 era any thing in his line. 2 ICE always on hand. Thankful for past favors, lie is determined to retain the good reputation lie has gained for himself and house. J. D. SHERRILL. Griain, May 3,1855—ts INDHN mm PROPERTY FOR SALE ! ! rpilE subsetiliers having determined to sell their property X at this celebrated watering place, now offer for sale the INDIAN SPRING HOTEL PROPERTY, containing lour acres oi Land. The buildings are in good condition, and sufficiently v oniy to accomodate four hundred persons. Kitchens, Smoke-house and other out buildings, together with the Stable, are entirely new. The Hotel Furniture is mostly new, and can be purchased with the property at a reduced price- Persons wishing to engage in the* Hotel business, at a FASHIONABLE WATERING PLACE, or to invest money in valuable Real Estate, can do so by call ing and examining the premises. Attached are fine Garden Spots and wood privilege. \\ e would like to sell for CASH or good Paper bearing interest and will give any time desired : and now offer a bargain. Call and see us, or address us at Indian Springs, Butts County, Ga. A. J. VARNER, J. M. VARNER, C. L. VARNER. August Ist, 1555,. .15. .ts. SerRSHUS BREAST can be CURED LEI THI PUBLIC EII3! IN mercy to the afflicted, and the gratitude and high opin ion I entertain of l)R. MOSELEY as a Surgeon and Phy sician, I deem it my duty to mention the case of my wife, hoping at the same time that all persons similarly afflicted, may be beneiitted by it. In the first part of this'year, my wife had several small lumps make their appearance in her breast; they continued to increase, in size, until the whole breast became a diseased mass, and very painful. I procured the best medical aid in the city of Romo,and notwithstanding the earnest and faithful attention of our most skillful physi cians, she continued to grow worse and worse, until thev gave the case up as incurable, and advised amputation. T was advised by many of my friends, to visit Dr. Moseley, of Griffin, Ga., which i did, and, astonishing us it may seem, lie had her entireli/ cured within one month, and she is •now in good health! I would advise all who are afflicted with Scirrlms, and Cancerous affections to visit the Doctor with out delay, as 1 am satisfied by experience and observation, that he is the most skillful physician in the Southern States, in the treatment of that horrible disease—cancer. WM. 11. MITCHELL, M. E. MITCHELL, Daughter of J. \V. Bradbury, ROmo, Ga. Rome, Ga., October 25, 1854. 5-ly INFIRMARY FOR NEGROES, THE undersigned have opened in this city, an Infirmary for the reception of Negroes who may need medical or surgical treatment. It is conveniently situated in a house just across the Alley from the New Passenger Depot, and is now ready to receive patients. The charges for board will be merely sufficient to cover expenses, those for medical treatment and surgical opera tions, such as customary. ftp,. Planters and others who may send us patients from a distance, may depend on their servants receiving every at tention that may be required. JAMES MERCER GREEN, M. D. HENRY L. BATTLE, M. D. Macon, January IG, 185 G 3G 3m OIL! OIL!! ‘ Linseed, sperm, tanners, castor and ma CHINE OIL ‘ or sale low for cash by Sept 19, ’ss—tf HILL k SMITH. CARRI AGE REPOSITORY GRIFFIN, GEORGIA. WOODRUFF 553 CG.. ARE receiving every variety of which they will sell as low as can W bought in any Southern Market ; consisting of COACHES, SLIDE-SEAT BUGGIES, FAMILY WAGONS, ROCK A WAYS HARISTFOS NQ-TOP BUGGIES, CONCORD BUGGIES, HACK WAGONS. TOP BUGGIES, WHIPS A’e NORTHER A made J HACKWAGONS PLACTATtoUwiSoNS, Two, Four, anil Six Livery Stables, FI O R SES, V 7 WITH BRAKE AND BACK style of Carriage or Wagon, got up to order, at short r.etice W O R K W A It It A N T E I> ! W. W. WOODRUFF, ; WM. L. GOllDO*. Griffin, Ga., May 16,1855. GREAT SOUTHERN REMEBY. w e tfiii ALSO, Admirably adapted to many Diseases of Females, most especially Painful Menstruation. THE VIRTUES of JACOB’S CORDIAL are too well known to require encomiums. Ist. It curks the worst cases of Diarrhcea. 2d. It cures the worst forms of Dysentery. 3d. It cures California or Mexican Diarrh<ea. 4th. It relieves the severest Colic. sth. It cures Cholera Morbus. 6th. It cures Cholera Infantum. 7th. It cures Painful Menstruation. Bth. It relieves Pain in Back and Loins. 9th. It counteracts Nervousness and Despondency. 10th. It restores Irregularities. 11th. It dispels gloomy and hysterical Feelings. 12tlL It’s an admirable Tonic. A few short Extracts from Letters, Testi monials, &c. “ I have used Jacob’s Cordial in my family, and have found it a most efficient, and in inv judgment, a valuable remedy. Hon. HIRAM WARNER, Judge of Supreme Court, Georgia.” “It gives me pleasure in being able to recommend Jacob’s Cordial, my own personal experience, and the experience of my neighbors and friends around me, is a Hllrls smite:, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN : 6RQGERIESI HARDWARE.!! Staple and Fancy Sry-Geods!!! *.2r('orner of Hill and Solomon Street Griffin, May 3,1855. GROCERIES AND STAPLE DRY-GOODS ! TUST received the largest and best selected stock of Gro- J ceries and Staple Dry Goods, ever offered before in thi.- market, and we are determined to sell ct vm v short p*-"i'.ts foi the CASH, aiming our stuck nu y Le for. ml the ;bj: ing itsti< i< s: ’ * B)0 Bales Gunny Baggr-g. 200 Coils Nt w t ink am! N w Oilcans ike o, 100 Sacks prime Liu (Vfk e, 25 “ Laguire. and old G-ivernmcnt, 50 Bills Stewarts A. Sugar, 10 Hbds choke N. O. do 5 “ “ Pelts rico, do 390 Bbls and Tierer-s l.iquor, 100 Kegs Nails and Brads, 20,000 Common and t In,ice b and Cigars, Osnaburgs, Blankets, Kerseys, Calicos, Homespuns Ac. Ac. All of which will be sold lun for cash Lv Hept 18, ‘55--tf HILL & SMITH. To Eaclisnjßhfc! ■pLACKBMfTHS Tools for sale bv HILL A SMITH. f * Se- t 10.’55 ts LOJBBSSI LU? ERU G.VJUtt'd MM t.:.LL. r jMIE stib riiher lii ving leased the sib- ye Mill. ’•'••• ;i!1 JL experienced Mechect. and b.-\su;edh and i.lmei: with a b arge ipuutiily ..-’the bei t i-i.n:: i. :e. e able at short imij to furnish tli-■ with iiimber. who may favor him with their orders—orders left with A. A. Gaulding, or A. B. Dulin, at Griffin, .will receive i-ronint attention. Jan. Bth. 1856. .TAMES W. MOORE. w. SE. Hsnroßßsazsr, ~y*P§ Carriage Maker, nearSharmi Grove. I-V.y ettocounty. Ga., can nr. i.c L>nnh i- at r :i j \l.r notice, snpgle H-at a:al slide seat BCGUiES, : hAiVtiLY CARRIAGES AND PLANTATION WACOMS', Also, repairing done at shots nuticc, and in tin very be. i j Kind tis style- V.tL.AH work werrantid. Sep.- 20, 1855 22 ts mmm mmim-L Dlf. W. B. MOSELEY, has raiirav.l to his • x old stand on Eighth Stmt, rad will give 7 a prompt attention t > the • ■.i jV. •* PRACTICE OF BIEGEBY, and all Chronic Diseases. His skill, for the past fen yctir-, in the treatment of Cancers, Cancerous \ifoctious, Vermis of ah kinds, Schiirhus Breasts, lb-raie (if the Ear and Eyes, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis. Strict are, 11 it- ofoldsla: ding. Rheumatism, Dyspepsia. Liver dl.-cc.-e. Spin:.’ aff.n tioii'. Fistula, Hemorrhoids, together t\ itlt all ALL DISEAS ES, is not excelled by any Physician in the South. Patients hoarded at SI per day, or £ls per month’. All communications strictly confidential. Persons de -king in formation will address‘W. 1L WOSELEY, JL D. Griffin,Ga. Griffin, Feb. 4 th, 2856... 40. .1 y. * clmTiOilii mi YJATE undersigned respectfully informs the juiblie that lie X is prepared to cany on llio above business in nil im brauches, at his simp, on the west side oi'Ni w Oi lcan.-'Stive! j opposite Messrs. Prichard A Wood, la ca-o of my alm nee, orders may be left at the shop, with any ofthehaisdstherein employed, but all payments must be made to me and me alone or by my order. T. J. ISON. Griffin, Jan. 16th, 1856.. .37. .ts J. P. PERDUE, AUCTION & COM! MERCHANT. • GRIFFIN, GEORGIA. HAS opened a house on Broadway, for the purpose of conducting an Auction and Commisskn Busin ss. All Goods consigned to him will meet with pr< nipt attention Instructions will be fully and faithfully carried out. Nov 28, ’55.., ,6m WHITE LEAD! 100 K ? G ? No ’ l ’ Extra a d Pure White Lead, just re V■m ° C A VC * ?** d ,f? r slllu h y HILL & tsMiff H. LriJHn, Sept 19, ’oo jy WAKTTEI3 J A OUNG LADY, a graduate of the Synodical College -TX who Ims had some experience in teaching, desires a situation as Teacher. Reference—the Rev. Cabmsj fP B Makttn, former President of the College. Application ■ “toe fo Bd i® 55 thiso, f CC “ 0r t 0 Miss W. Griffin. Ga. sufficient guarantee for me to believe it to be all that t purports to be, viz. a sovereign remedy. WM. 11. UNDERWOOD, Formerly Judge of Superior Court, Cherokee Circuit.” “I take great pleasure in recommending this invalu able medicine to all afflicted with bowel diseases, for which I believe it to be a sovereign remedy decidedly superior to any tiling else ever tried by me. A. A. GAULDING, Deputy G. M. of the Grand Lodge of Georgia.” “I have used Jacob’s Cordial in my family, and this, with all I hear about it as a remedy by those who have tried it, induces me to believe that it stands at the head of every preparation of the kind, and I would recommend its use in the diseases for which it is compounded. MILES G. DOBBINS, Cashier of the Bank of the State of Georgia, Griffin.” “ If there is any credibility in human testimony, Jacob’s Cordial must stand preeminent above all other prepara tions for the cure of Bowel Diseases. From the mass of testimony in its favor coining in from all quarters, it must be very far in advance, as a curative agent, of most if not all other ‘ patent ’ preparations. A. FLEMING, Cashier Marine and Fire Insurance Bank, Griffin.” “This efficient remedy is travelling into celebrity as fast as Bonaparte pushed his columns into Russia, and gaining commendation wherever used.” Georgia Jeffer sonian, May 19<A, 1853. Dr. McLANH'S CELEBRATED Y E EMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. Two oTtire I>tst PrejmraiioMs of the Afe> r lhcy are not recom mended as Uaiversjrf Cure-alls, but simply for what their name pur ports. The Vermifuge, for expelling Worms from the human system, has also be en administered with the most satisfactory results to various animals subject to Worms. The Liver Pills, for the cure of Liver Com plaint, all Bilious De rangements, Sick Head-* ache, &c. Purchasers will please be particular to ask for Dr. C. Me Lane’s Cele brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills, prepared by IcmuYUj (A) Kcb. sole proprietors, Pitts burgh, Pa., and take no other, as there are various other preparations now before the public, pur porting to be Vermifuge and Liver Pills. All others, in comparison with Dr. McLane’s, are worthless. The genuine McLane’s Vermifuge and Liver Pills can now be had at all respectable £>rug Stores. FLEMING- BRO’S, 60 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Sole Proprietors* ftS~3c.ovil & Mead, New Urleans, ueuct.ii Whole sa’e Agents for the Southern States, to or (leva must be addressed. ***.*.l.l by W, B. Seay, Griffin, Ga : John Still well, MoDouongh ; J T Reese, Greenville ; Hanes & Lass ter. Jonesborough ; Smith & Ezzard, Atlan ta ; Wmßarr tt, Zebulon ; JC Little, Jackson, McKelb.rry & Mi biey, Indian Springs ;Hr Weaver j Thomaston ; L Little , Barnesvillo J.i'i. C, 1856.. . .36....1y