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Calhoun weekly times. (Calhoun, GA.) 1873-1875, September 08, 1870, Image 3

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CALHOtJI TIMES. I> >< VI. r V< >SM( S. * 03 \<;i:ms. Mr.. Clkmkxt Awcold, is our authorized agent and all contracts made by him for this paper will be carried out by the publisher. Mr. Joiix Ellis is our authorized agent to receive subscriptions and advertising for the Timks. > ► —-—- — As Good as Money. As it may be more convenient for some of our friends to furnish produce than green backs. we propose to receive for subscription B nv thing in the eating line. Envelopes, At less than Atlanta Prices, at the times PRINTING office. MOSAMBIQUE3 and MUSLINS for sale at New York Cost. Going rapidly. Call soon at a ug26tf J. IF ARTHUR’S. Large quantities of fine lumber are being shipped from Calhoun to Atlanta and Nash ville. OrR friend, C. A. Harris, is offering his house and kitchen furniture for sale. See advertisement. Preparing. —Our Sunday School is making preparations for the celebration at Adairs vil’e on Saturday next, and we expect a glo rious time. Wr. »re now having most delightful weath er, and our farmers are making good use of it for saving fodder. The nights are cool enough to bring thick blankets into requisi tion. ■■■« ■» ►- Mrs. W. E. Brogdon has our thanks for a huge cabbage, raised iu her garden in Cal houn. It was about one foot in diameter, and weighed nearly six pounds. It will keep us from gating hungry two or three days. There is as much justice in borrowing your neighbors Sunday coat, as in borrowing his newspaper. The Calhoun Times will be sent a year for two dollars, and every man who fails to take his county paper stands in his own light. Dk. Hunt, Agent at this place for the Cher okee Manufacturing Company of Dalton, has recently received another lot of tasty bed steads and other furniture, which he is pre pared to sell at Manufacturer’s prices. Capt. W. Kinman, of this county, has brought to our sanctum two splendid speci men apples, of the Buckingham species, each of which measures 13J inches in circumfer ence. The two weighed one pound and thir teen ounces. Bali.p.w & Marshall have just received a lot of good cigars. We’ve tried them, and know whereof we speak. These gentlemen are also adding constantly to their select stock of liquors and family groceries. They are clover men, and will treat you right. Sumter Bitters. —This great Southern Tonic is making for itself a high reputation wherever introduced. In many places, where it has been tried, all other bitters have been thrown aside and the Sumter Bitters taken into exclusive use. You will never regret a trial of Sumter Bitters. For sale by Dr. D. C. Hunt, Druggist, Calhoun, Ga. Tuesday— Was the liveliest day of the sea son. There was a general gathering from all parts of the county, and considerable inter est manifested both in the Agricultural and Democratic meetins. * ° We are Happy to state that the Calhoun Times was not forgotten, and several large clubs were made up front different parts of the county. 11 ev. J. S. Harkins, for sixteen years past, ft citizen ot Calhoun, has loft to take charge of an extensive dry goods house at Oxford, Ala. Mr. Harkins possesses all the qualities that go to make up a staunch, reliable, busi ness man, and we congratulate the citizens of that town upon the acquisition of so valuable a citizeu. He has many a friend in old Gor don. and carries with him the good wishes of our whole community. - - Gilbert Boa/ This negro man, who is chaigcd with an ;u mpt..,; murage, and com plicity in the rce- m murder of Miss Burns, in Sugar 1 alley, after undergoing o partial commitment trial before Justices Tinsley and "ard, was placed in the county jail on Fri day night, together with a negro woman, also charged with complicity in the murder. On Saturday, counsel for the defense waived a consummation of the preliminary trial and the prisoners were committed to trial at the next Superior Court in October. For some cause the prisoners were not considered safe, in our jail, and an order was issued on Saturday evening for their removal to the Bartow county jail, and they were co-iveyed to Cartcrsville by Sheriff Gresham on that night. - *Sai» Calamity.— On Sabbath afternoon last, -< c gur+ilj. e.uuike,. 0 f our people vv erc attending service at the church, the startling intelligence was brought to that place, that Mr. Samuel Poarch’s wife and two children had been drowned at Newtown Ferry, some four miles from Calhoun. It seems that Mr. Poarch was returning •With his family from his father-in-law’s, on the other side of the river-conveying them in a wagon drawn by oxen. On reaching ' io river, the wagon was- stopped, a few yards from the water’s edge, to await the ar rival of the ferryman, and while waiting the oxen made a sudden rush for the water pre cipitating the wagon and its precious freight into the river. Mr. Poarch made frantic ef forts to save his wife and children, but suc ceeded only in saving one, the other two. the youngest—perished with their mother. By Monday morning the bodies were all recovered, and ou the afternoon of that day, 'be joys of this household were buried in one grave. The family was loved by all who knew 'em, ard this terrible calamity has casta of gloom over our entire community, thi* ,^C reat Father, who is able to do all f euu^e ie bereaved husband and e! to bear up under this heavy affliction. ('rooko lt! w WARKS > Willow Ware, Tin and ■ockery for sale by r , DeJOURNETT & SON, ul ' broad & Bridge «ts.. Rome, Ga. [communicated.] Mr. Editor:—Please announce the name of Col. J. C. Fain, as a suitable man to rep resent Gordon county in the Lower House of the next. Legislature. Without consulting Col. Fain, wc trust the people of old Gordon will not consent to lay him aside in the midst of his best services for his constituency. lie “knows the ropes” and we want his expe rience and wisdom still in that body. Citizens. Always on hand, the very best anti cheapest of Groceries. For sale by DeJOURNETT & SON, Cor. Broad & Bridge sts,, Rome, Ga. [communicated.] Mr. Editor :—The time is rapidly approach ing when the people of Gordon county will be called upon to choose a Representative for the next Legislature. We want alive, active man, of wisdom, and tried patriotism, and as such a man, recommend R. M. TARVER, ESQ., as a suitable man for the position, with full confidence that he will represent the true interests of the people if elected. Many Citizens. ANY QUANTITY of “Fine Virginia Leaf” and Manufactured Tobaccos at DeJOURNETT & SON’S, C'or. Broad & Bridge sts., Rome, Ga. New York, July 20,1870. R. J. Massey, M. D.: My Dear Sir :—l am pleased to learn that, as Manager for Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina, you are asso ciated with the Mutual Protection Life As sprance Society, of this city. I chance te know personally several of the Officers and Trustees of the Society, and know them to be safe, experienced and reliable Insurance men. I have heretofore had occasion to look into the management and standing of the Company, which I consider highly creditable and satisfactory. As you know, the Insu rance laws in New York are the most strin gent in the world; of course, the gentlemen associated in this company would fully com ply with those laws. At my suggestion, my son took a policy with them. I congratulate you on the arrangement, and trust that it may prove advantageous to yourself, the Company, and the insured. Very truly, yours, septß S. ROOT, No. 3, Park Place. Sugars, Coffees, Teas, Syrup, Rice, Cheese, Pepper and Spice, and Factory Yarns iu abundance at DeJOURNETT & SON’S, Corner Store, Home, Ga, A Little Fortune for a Dollar. —This is what we would call cheaper than dirt, but it is nevertheless the case that somebody is go ing to get a fine river farm in this rich section for the pitiful sum of one dollar. A fine farm, a good dwelling house and lot, a splendid pair of large match horses or mules, or a fine carriage or buggy, are not to be “picked up every day.” And yet, one dol lar will procure a ticket, giving the purchaser a fair chance at these very desirable prizes. 1 his grand scheme has been gotten up by a number of our good citizens, for the pur pose of selling off property, and adding to the population and wealth of our section.— It is no wild speculation of unsettled adven turers, and these facts being known through out this section ancl many others, accounts for the wonderful rapidity with which the tickets arc being sold. Read the list of prizes, and other particulars in the huge advertise ment of Messrs. Hicks & Cos., in another column. A Good assortment of New Mackerel, White Fish, &c., &c., for sale by DeJOURNETT & SON, Cor. Broad &, Bridge sts., Rome, Ga. A correspondent to the Atlanta Constitution hoists the following as the right men, lrom the diflerent districts, for Congress; First District—Major Robert D. Wright, of Glynn. Second District—Gen. G. J. Wri ,p ht of Dougherty. Third District—lion. W. F. Wright of Coweta. Fourth District—John M. Wright, Esq., of Crawford. Fifth District—Gen. A. R. Wright of Richmond. Sixth District—Col. Jas. A. Wright of Wilkes. Seventh District—Hon. A. R. Wright of Floyd. Would not these be the right men in the right place to officiate in the right eous rite * of our rightful restoration? Georgians, look to your (W)rights! South ern Commercial Conven tion. —Ex-president Fillmore, Presi dent of the Southern Commercial Con vention, and Charles M. Thurston Sec retary have issued a formal call for a convention of the members, to convene at Cincinnatti on the 4th of October next. The following is the call: In conformity with the resolution of the Southern Commercia. Convention, at the meeting held in Louisville, Ky., October 12, 1809, the annual session of the Convention will be held at Cincin natti, Ohio, commencing Tuesday, Octo ber, 4 1870. Commercial bodies, mu nicipal and other corporations, and all other interests entitled to representation in the Convention, are requested tc ap point delegates in accordance with the YnuOo ol i «pi t-aeimuioo vW tion held at Memphis. Tenn., Mav 18th 1869. MILLARD FILLMORE. President. Charles M. Thurston, Sec'y. The great fires in the Canada woods are said to be the most extended and aw ful conflagrations ever witnessed by those living in the provinces. Seven miles were recently swept over near Toronto, wherein all houses, barns, and most of the live stock were consumed. It may not be generally known that the last sale of a slave in the South oc curred in Virginia. News had just reached the Valley, of the retreat of Lee’s army from Petersburg, when a gen tleman offered a slave to a farmer of Au gusta county. After some higgling, the bargain was closed by bartering tlie ne gro off for 100 cabbage plants. A German clergyman in Cincinnat ti was so excited over the war news that he took six morphene pills instead of one, and died. Brigham Young is reported in del icate health, while his wives are nursing him. Pennsylvania has produced 28,- 000,000* barrells of petroleum in the past ten years. Calhoun. i We made a “short run” to our sister town Calhoun one day last week, and were much pleased at the many evidences of improvement and thrift that were vis ible iu every direction. There are quite a number of business houses in the place, well-stocked with goods, and engineered by ‘ live” merchants; and we noticed two other very neat and commodious store houses in course of erection, which when completed, will add considerably to the appearance of the town. Quite a number of pretty residences have been built since we last visited the place; and they now have an excellent hotel, kept by our clever friend, E. R. Sasseen, erst while of the U. S. Hotel, Atlanta. Calhoun is situated in one of the rich est counties of land in North Georgia, and must, in time, become a place of no inconsiderable importance as a business point. A great deal of this year’s wheat crop has already been shipped from this place South and North, and we learned that there is still in the county at least 200,000 bushels yet unsold. The corn crop of the county, one of the oldest set tlers informed us, will be twice as large as that produced any year since the war. And we are told that Gordon, as are other counties in this portion of the State, is fast settling up with an indus trious, enterprising class of farmers and artisans. These are undoubted signa of the present prosperity and future growth of North Georgia, which we, as a citizen of this beautiful and highly favored sec tion, are rejoiced to chronicle.— Dalton Citizen. _ Ring of the True Mettle.—Gen. James H. Clanton, chairman of the Ex ecutive Committee of Alabama publish es the following advise: Messrs Editors: —l am receiving des patches to know if our Convention will be postponed. ‘ There will be no post ponement. We intend fighting Radi calism in Alabama on all parts of the ground. Politically war to the knife, and knife to the hilt.” Jas. 11. Clanton, Chairman Ex. Com. This certainly means business, and the Radical crew may well tremble At the defeat that is in store for them. Serious Accident at Marietta.— We regret to learn that on the 24th, the upper floor of the extensive Kene saw Flour Mills at Marietta, gave way, carrying its iron braces along with it, and precipitating .a number of laborers and thousands of wheat, upon the lower floor of the building. We are glad to learn that none of the men upon the floor at the time, and who fell a con siderable distance, were seriously hurt by the accident. We have not learned the extent of the damage done to the building, but presume it is considerable. CAMDI33ATEIS. FOR TAX CO ELECT 010 WE are authorized to announce the name ot CLEMENT ARNOLD, ESQ,, as a suit able man for the office of Tax Collector of Gordon county. Election in January next. septß-1870te CALHOUN PRICES CURRENift CORRECTED WEEKLY. Times Office, Sept. 8, 1870. Butter—2o, from wagons. Cotton—lß, 15. Bacon—Shoulders, lb 15@.1G Clear Rib Sides, 18@19. Clear Sides, 19@20. Plain Hams, 18. Corn—9oa9s Chickens—from wagons, 15@20 Coffee—Rio, tb 22£©28. Java, 33@35 Eggs—from wagons, lOcts. Flour—from wagons, 3* cents. Green Apples—so cents. Honey—l6@lßc. Jb D@B. Lard—qp lb 18@20. Death > r—Sole, lb 30@40. Upper, 50@1 00. Kip Skins, each, $4 00@$5 00. Calf Skins, $4 00@$7 00 Lumber—Dry, %) M. ft., slo@2o Meal— From country mills sl@llo. Nails—Cut, $5 25@$8 00. Oil—Tanner’s gal., $1 20@140. Kerosene, “ “ 75@80. Estrella, “ « 40a50. Castor, pts., $6 25. „ “i “ 33 60. Potatoes—Sweet, none. Irish, bushel, 50@60 Rye—sl 00 u Cotton, 3 cts., from wagons. Rope—Manilla, lb 28@,33 cts. Machine, •“ « ll a l2J cts. Cotton, “ « 30a50. Salt—p sack, $2 40. Sugar—Brow", p lb 15a17. Syrup—Muscavado, p gal., 65a75 Cuba Molasses, 50c p gallon.’ Golden, p gal., slal 25. Sorghum, p gal., Goa7s cts. Tobacco—Leaf, p ib 20a30. Medium, “ “ Goa7s. Prime, “ “ 90a5j?l 25. * Tea—Sl 25a52 25. Wheat—9oa 1.10. Wool—Washed, p Ib 25a45 cts. Feathers— plb GO. Beaswax — plb 28. Tallow— “ “ 10 Barley— p bush. 125a 150. Oats—— “ “ 40. Tax Notice. T will he at the different districts of this county on the following days for the purpose of collecting the State and County Tax for 1870. Oostanaulla, Monday 29th August, 1870 Sugar Valley Tuesday 30th “ “ itesaca Wednesday 31st “ ** Thursday Ist .Sept. “ ith Friday 2d “ “ Coosawattee Saturday 3d “ “ 21th Monday sth “ “ Fair-nount Tuesday 6th “ “ Senora Wednesday 7th •* “ 15th Thursday Btli *« »» Springtown Friday Oth « .. Calhoun Saturday lOtli “ “ aug26 * G R BOAZ, T. C. T. R. RIPLEY,' Establislied in Removed to Peachtree Street, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Wholesale Dealer in Crockery and Grlass "\7%Tsnnp os. VI TILL duplicate any Bills bought in any f V Market, to the amount of One Hun dred Dollars, and upwards, adding Freight. P. S. All Goods guaranteed as represented from this House. Aug 19 ly DbJoormttt & Sox, Rome. Ga., will always pay the very highest mtuket for Coun try Produce. FAMILY GROCERIES! M. H. JACKSON, DEALER IN Family Groceries, Provisions. CONFECTIONERIES, &c.. Tobacco, Cigars, Wines, Liquors. &e., COURT HOUSE ST., CALHOUN, GA. BAR ROOM! MY Bar, in the rear, is always supplied with the very best and purest of BRANDIES, WHISKIES. WINES. RUM. GIN, &c. Give me a call. augl9’7otf M. H. JACKSON. DRUG STOReT DR. D. C. HUNT. DEALER IN DRUGS, MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS LAMPS, WINDOW-GLASS, DYE STUFFS, PERFUMERY, TOILET ARTICLES, &c. &c. - Corner of Railroad and Court House streets, f HHOCN, GA. SODA WATER. My splendid Soda Fount is now in full blast, with pure Syrups to suit the taste of all. Aug 11 I—ts CAXjHOUKT SALE AND LIVERY STABLE! 0 G. R. BOAZ, KEEPS FINE STOCK, and Vehicles to correspond, and is at all times pre pared to furnish any kind of Conveyance, AT VERY LOW RATES FOR CASH. Stock bought and sold on reasonable terms. Groceries at Atlanta Prices! 0 PITTS & JOHNSON, Wholesale and Retail GROCERS, And dealers in WHEAT, CORN, And North Georgia and Tennessee Produce Generally. Our facilities for Buying are unsurpassed, and we are enabled to furnish Country Merchants and Planters, of this section with GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS' AT ATLANTA PRICES. We pay the Highest. Market Prices In Greenbacks, for Wheat. A trial is only necessary to convince the people that wo Mean TVliat we Say. ggy*Call and See us, on South side of Court House Street. Calhoun, August 11, 1870. ts T. M. ELLIS. W. M. COLBURN. ELLIS & COLBURN, Manufacturers and Dealers in HARNESS, SADDLES ancl BRIDLES, FINE FRENCH CALF BOOTS AM) BIIOES, A ND all kinds of work usially done in a A First Class Boot and Shoe Shop. We keep constantly on ha id and for sale, | ; Harness and Sole Leather, 1 I FIN DIN(% S °" ‘ • B t° ck of and SHOI3- r ENDINGS, y mc h we w]l] 801 l Olieap lor Cash. iJ f In , thls department we c-ffiploy the best of workmen, and guatntee eatl,fac tion. We pay cash for all GO(D HIDES Calhoun, August 1%, 1 G ° b ™ N ’ A * Arl I IfAM, DEALER INI DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Boots £03.<3. 533.00JS STATIONERY, HARDWARE, TINWARE. ' CROCKERY, SADDLES. ! BRIPLES, And many articles too tumorous q* men tion. My stock is complete, my go<t{s new and fresh, and I am dfrermined not to be undersold. Give mo a call, at Gordon’s old -tand. on Wall Street. All kinds of country produce received j n exchange f<*r gobds, and highest timkct prices given. THE PLACE TO BUY BUY YOUR ' DRY GOODS, Groceries, AND GENERAL PLANTATION SIPPLE . - #1 I | BOAZ, BARRETT & CO., AT THE Big Brick Store ! NEAR THE RAILROAD. ■» »—■ WE are always prepared, with a full and complete stock, to offer induce ments to purchasers of STAPLE DRY GOOD, FANCY DRESS GOODS, FURNISHING GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS, BOOTS, SHOES, NOTIONS, &c. —— M * We also keep a large and choice Stock of FAMILY (IIIIMBIliX! Which wc are prepared to sell as Cheap us anybody in this part of the country. Our stook consists in part of SUGAR, COFFEE, FLOUR, BACON, LARD, SYRUP, RICE, SALT, Tobacco, Snuff, And, in fact, everything usually found in a FIRST CLASS Family Grocery Store. We are “regularly in” the Wheat Market, and pay the Highest Market Prices for Wheat and Produce generally. BOAZ, BARRETT & CO. Calhoun, Ga., Aug. 11, 1870. ts TIN-WARE AND Cooking Stoves I W.T.HALL&BRO., WOULD inform the public tliat they are prepared to fill all orders in the Tin-Ware Line, At as LOW PRICES as any similar estab lishment in Cherokee Georgia. Our work is put up by experienced work men, and will compare favorably with any in the country. 0 In these days of Freedom, every good husband should see that the “goot wife” is supplied with a good Coolslug Stove, And wo arc prepared to furnish any size or style desired at the Lowest Possible Prices. Give us a call. aull,tf ATTENTION EVERYBODY! 0 MTEII HARLAN, Would remind the people of Cherokee Georgia of the fact that they are still at their old stand on the corner ot Court House and ; Wall streets, ready to supply every body's j wants in the way of fAWCY X> H -ST GOODS! caoffsstffl. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, &c. At as Low Prices for Cash as any other man can possibly afford to do. They also keep a select stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, PLANTATION SUPPLIES, HARDWARE, CUTLERY &c., Which are sold at the lowest market prices. Will pay market prices for all kinds of country produce. A«i S 11 1 ,*• LOOK HERE! _ WONDERFUL REFORM! * r ' — o — W 0 00 D S —at — New Prices ! Just Arrived and Arriving IT’ i* o m IV© w Y © i' It I R. M. YOUNG TAKES pleasure in informing the Trading Public that he has on hand A LARGE and GENERAL Stock of SUMMER AND FALL GOODS, FR 0 M NEW YORK! Which he has selected in person, with special care to the LATEST STY LES and CHEAPEST PRICES, for articles combining Beauty of Finish with dur ability of Texture. My stock comprises everything in the Dry Goods LINE, usuasly kept in this market. FAMILY Groceries! JAVA, LAGUIRA, and RIO COFFEE, LOAF, CLARIFIED, and BROWN SUGAR, BACON, LARD, FLOUR, - SYRUP, RICE, TEAS, LIVERPOOL SALT, &c. Boots, Shoes and Hats, HARDWARE, Iron, Woodware, Oils, Paints. Drus, Medicines, Dyestuffs, HEMLOCK LEATHER, Also, a good supply of the Athens and Roswell Yarn always on hand. THE BAR ROOM, In tlie Cellar, Is supplied with every variety of Bran dies, W iues, Cordials. Ram. Gins, &e. Pure Com Whiskey, Mellow with age, from barrels soiled with the dust of days agone. My entire Stock has been purchased in the best market in the country, at Greatly Reduced Prices, and will be Sold for CASH • As Low as the Lowest. COUNTRY PRODUCE, at the highest market price, taken in exchange for goods. Call and examine ray goods before purchasing elsewhere. Nothing charged for showing them. Fisk’s Patent Metalie Burial Cases For ordinary intermeats. Depositing in Vaults and transportation, they have no rival. Made of most imperishable material. A good assortment alwav® on hand. 11. M. YOUNG BALLEW & MARSHALL, DEALERS IX FAMILY' GROCERIES, LJQTJOHS, tfcc. Always on hand a good siipplv of BACON, LARD. FLOUR. MEAL SUGAR, COFFEE. KICK CIGARS, TOBACCO CONFECTIONERIES And. in fart, a full and eomplcto of Staple and Fancy Groceries. Wc also keep one of the beat Stocks or Wines and Liquors j in this part of the eountrv. it you want good, fresh 6r<x , orie.«, or Fisa : Old Whiskies, Brandies, or Wines, viva at a | c«dL * aull.Sm . A. W. BALLEW, DEALER IN DRY-GOODS, NOTIONS, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, 6tc., MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. FACTORY YARNS, SHIRTINGS, AND Self-Sealing Fruit Jars, Railroad Street , - - CAL/IOCX, GA. August 11, 1870,3 m A. H. & W. W. BLASINGAME, Main Street, next door to 11. C. Hunt CALHOUN, GA. Dealers in Foreign and Domestic WINES & LIQUORS, CIGARS, TOBACCO, CONFECTIONERIES, &c. 4 LWAYS on hand Superior old fashioned A CORN and RYE WHISKEY. Pure. Cognac Brandy. Sherry, Madeira and Port WINES, expressly for medicinal purposes. Pure Old Peach, Apple and Blackberry Brandies always on hand. Give us a call it you want Good Liquors. IfeY' One complete set of BAR fCKNI TURE for sale. aull.3m J. H. ARTHUR, DEALER IN STAPLK AXD FAXCT DRY GOODS, Cutlery, Notions &c. Also keeps constantly on hand a choice stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, In all of which purchasers are offered in ducements to buy. A °g J 1 * * I Cm CALIIOUN. CHEAP CASH STOKE ffT fir, * The undersigned, having purchased Lh* Stock of r ‘ ' DRY GOODS, TANARUS, r,r HARDWARE AND GROCERIES of JOSEPH 0. DOBBINS, now offers them at very Low Figures. Come around and give me a eall, and examine for yourselves. 1 solicit a liberal patronage and I propose to sell for VERY SMALL PROFITS FOR CASH. H. C. HUNT. Ang 11 1 ts C. J. THAYER & Cos. (Act: t to Arthur g Comer.} Court Home Slreert, CaLHOCS Ga. Always keeps on hand a good supply of aM kinds of PURS CONFECTIONERIES! Fruits, Nuts and Toys! Coffee, Sugar, Snuff, Tobacco, &e. We also keep a select stock of pure, fine BRANDY, WINE, ALE AND PORTER for Medicinal purposes. Aug 11 J t s WAGON AND BUGGY Manufac tory t l. T. CRAY, Respectfully announces to the prop.!** of Gordon and surrounding counties that his Wagon and Buggy Manufactory at CALHOUN, GA, is now in full blast. He is prepared to fur nish any style buggy or wagon at SHORT NOTICE, AXb A T PRICES TO DEFY COMPETITION. My work is well known to many of the people of North Georgia, and speaks for itself. REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS, DONE AT SHORT NO Tice, Blacksmith Bhop. In connection with my esu?mishioent is a blacksmith shop, where all Work in that lino is promptly attended ter. The best of Workmen are employed in crerv department, imi en*. tire pntiVfatetion always given. Aug U * 1 »f