The Patriot and commercial advertiser. (Savannah, Ga.) 1806-1807, May 28, 1807, Image 1

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Sir AN If AH:— printed and. published ont Mondays and Thursdays by DOUGHERTY and CAIiMONT, on the Bin/, nefirlp opposite the Exchange. VOL. 111. No. 56.] M TERMS M OF THE ■ p ATBJOT 9 an^ ■pjjjMERCIAL ADVERTISER. 9r 'inns of subscription arc six n if ear —one half to he Uirtibe f,,ns of subscribing and at the eu&ira/rm of fftkT—a'i'l all paper* will he ant'd ordered to the can• Hr?- yM.lkertisements at no mare breadth are inserted at Ha’)*, for the first insertion, and ■ each, continuation. A li my allowance will be made tn Ufxvko wish to advertise by the m r . I NEW-YORK and s ■ SAVANNAH, s miOOT X SHOE 6 TORE. \ I Just Received , ■ Per brig’ Luna, ■ handsome assortment of I Boots and Shoes , I VIZ ■ir top back strap Boots, Ham do do. ■narrow do. Hns fine Shoes and Pumps, ■ovs do do. ladies Silk, Sattin, Velvet, Kid, I Jt morocco Slippers, ■issea Slippers h. Childrens Shoes, ■ “'•'Cx* w Hliicbin'addition to their former ■applies, makes their assortment ■fry extensive, which are offered ■reduced prices, on the Bay, Hrly opposite the Exchange. .* I A. SCRIBNER & co. ■ April 27, 47 I Nezu Drug and ■ Medicine Store, Hi the. Bap, opposite the Ex ■ change, next door to Mr. A. ■ Scribner. ■Dr J. B. Bcrthelot, Ini ESPECTFULLY informs lii his friends and the public, ■ht lie lias just received a com ■letf and handsome assortment ■’ ‘ill kinds of WnigSy Patent and o- I tker Medicine, 1™ intends keeping a Stock of P* best and freshest Articles in Pdine; wholesale and retail, on Ijwsaiiable terms—Orders for pipping and for tl-.e country, put |on the lowest terms. I He offers his services as a [PHYSICIAN, and from liis long ■practice in the Art, hopes to Itteet with success in the cures he Iffil undertake—lie is in posses ®n°f a special remedy against •nei'eal Complaints, winch re quires no regimen of diet, and “Inch may b u taken at any time distever, without any danger accidents. He also possesses !n excellent Eye-Water, of “iaclalie great elhcaey has been experienced in .St. “niiiigo, tiiat he could not an *''er ‘he demands for it there. J lfl P II: 51. St SU BSCitIR 1 IONS •ta received at the Patriot Of fice, for cite Farmer's Gazette, Paper, published ‘ ec Ely in Sparta, Georgia, In . f)EAXI.\ L BEAN hr W y t # . 1 ri ee Subscription £ 3 . |' lar > Payable half yearly m ! shunce. 1 THE PATRIOT AND COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, Sheriff’s Sales. On the first Tuesday'tn jfunt : next WILL BE SOLD, At the court-house tn ike county of ATlntosh, between the hours 6L ten and three o'clock, thcjol- J? r dii£ : P* e t >c , r t!fi- *>• ffjfwE tract of land, Iv-ing in V-/ Liberty county, containing 187 acres, more or less,bound ed vvestwardly on Wind Carr’s, southwardly on marshes of north New-Port river. ALSO, Four likely Negroes, viz. Habersham, Jack, Maria, and Child; levied on by virtue of sundry executions, against the estate of Samuel Hastings, dec. pointed out by the plaintiffs. ALSO, A likely dark bay horse; levi ed on as the property of William Timmons, to satisfy an executi on in favor of John H. Breton, pointed out by the defendant. ALSO, A likely negro fellow named Jerry; levied on as the property of Abraham F. Powell, to a. tisfy an execution in favor of Keen and Stilwell, pointed out by the plaintiff’s attorney. Conditions—Cash on the day of sale. THEOD. MONTFORT, S. M. C. April 30. 48 lm Sheriff’s Sales, ON the fitst Tuesday in June next , WILL BE SOLD , at the Court-House in IT Intosh coun ty between the hours of 10 3 o'clock. The following proper - Uy viz. f’OUR hundred acres land more or less, situate lying & being in the county of MTntosh granted to. Murdoch M‘Leod senr. old survey, seized and tak en under execution as the proper ly of Murdoch M'Leod Jr. at the suit of ‘Edward Leal. Condi tions CASH on the dav of sale. THEOD MONTFORT, S. M. C. May Ist. 49 Notice is hereby Given. f TMIAT after the expiration of A nine months from the data hereof, application will be made to the honorable the inferior court of Chatham countv, for leave to sell the following lots cc tracts of land, being the real es tate of Airs. Barbarv Wright, iato of the city of Savannah (wi dow) deceased, for the benefit of the heirs, viz. One lot in the city of Savannah; 60 feet in flout, and 90 feet In depth, known by die number 2. in Tything, lleathcote ward. ALSO, One lot in Yamacraw, known by the number 10, being 93 feet wide, and 100 feet in depth, bounded to the ’.vest cn Farm street. AND ALSO, A tract of 100 acres of Laud on Buck-Head, in Burke coun ty, adjoining Davis Austin, at the tim*of the original survey thereof W.M. WMIGHT, AJm’r. ELIZABETH GABLE,Adm’x April 9. 12 lam 9m NOTICE. r pHK Subscriber forbids all J. pusons, from this date, to irive any credit on liis account, without, a written order front him. J. A. MOBKU'E. April Id # 43 1 H U R S I) AY r May 28, 1807. TO LEASE, For one or More Years. THE and commodious HOUSE, lately occupied bv Mrs. Bipir, as a Boarding House? corner of Franklin square and Bryan street. It contains ten robins, hks li'go'd stable, and o thcr necessary out buildings—For terms apply at this office. March. 5. 32 ts NOTICE. life) TWO Runaway Negroes, one an African born, calls himself TOM, lie is a tall, slim fellow, between 25 and 30 years of age'; the other a country born, calls himself PETER, a stout, Well set fellow, nearly the same age. Note—These Negroes were advertised by Robert Powers, Es quire, late, of M‘lntosh county, in a Charleston paper, (The Times) and in the Georgia Republican. The owner or owners can have them by applying to 1). GARVIN, East Florida, opposite the Town of St. Mary's. Martin's Island, } March 19. j j6 * m 33- These Negroes were ad vertised nearly two years since. A Young Man , Lately from the Welt-In dies, wishes a situation as SUPERCARGO, to the West- Indies, or any port of Europe— ‘ A line directed to G. L. and left at this Office, will be immediate ly attended to. April 3o- 43 ts Subscriptions Received at this Office for LEWIS id CLARK’S TOUR to die Pacific Ocean, through the continent ofNorih America, now preparing lor the Press, by Capt. Meriwe ther Lewis, in three volumes octavo. Subscriptions Are Received at this Office ron HQl'F's Edition of Domestic Medicine. (Novo publishing in Charleston ) To which are added, Observations on Diet, AND Advice to Mothers, By William Buchan, M. D. I'el* low of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. Xffp As the Vaccination , or Cow-Ptx, has become an impor tant Branch 111 the Medical Art, this Edition will contain the nest information on this head. ‘1 he Advice to Mothers , which will be added, is a lute product!’ on of this celebrated Physician. Pr* ce °f Subscription, three dollais. Apprentices’s Inden tures for sale at this of fice. Blank Bills of Sale, For Sale at this GJfiicc, PROSPECTUS Ofl ev/is and Clark’s tour to the Pacific Ocean, through the interior of the continent of North America, performed by order of the Government of the United States, during the years 1804, 1805 St 1806. This work will he prepared by captain Meriwether Lewis, and will be divided into two parts, the whole comprised in Three Volumes, octavo, con tainining from four to five hundred pages, each; printed on good paper, and a fair Pica type. The several vol umes in succession will be put to press at as earl) periods as the avocations of the author will permit him to prepare them for publication. Part the First —in Two Volumes. Volume first —Will contain a narrative of the voyage,with a description of some of the most remarkable places in those, hi therto unknown wilds of Ame rica. accompanied by a Map ot good size, anti embellished with a view of the great Cataract of the Missouri, the plan, cn a large scale, of the connected falls of that river, as also, of those of the falls, narrows and great ra pids of the Columbia, with their several portages. For the in formation of future voyagers, there will be added in the sequel of this volume, some observati ons and remarks on the naviga tion of the Missouri and Colum bia rivers, pointing out the pre cautions which must necessarily be taken, in order to insure suc cess, together with an itinerancy of the most direct and practica ble route across the continent ot North America, from the con fluence of the Missouri and Mis sissipi rival w to the discharge of the Columbia into the Pacific ocean. Volume second —Whatever properly appertains to geography —embracing a description of the rivers, mountains, climate, soil and face of the country; a view of the Indian nations distributed over that vast region, shewing ( their traditions, habits, manners, customs, national character, sta ture, complexions, dress, duel lings, arms, and domestic uten sils, with many other interesting particulars in relation to them Also, observations and reflecti ons on the subjects of civilizing, governing, and maintaining a Iriemiiy intercourse with those nations. A view of the fur trade of North America, setting forth a plan fin its extension, and shelv ing the immense ml vantages which would accrue to the mercantile interests of the United States, by combining the same with a direct trade to the East Indies, through the continent of North America. This volume will be embellished with a number of plates, illustra tive of tiie dress and general ap pearance of such Indian nations as differ materially from each other; I of their habitations, their wea- j pons and habiliments used in war; their hunting and fishing appara tus, domestic utensils, &c. Jn an appendix there will also be <>i ven a diary of the weather, kept with great attention throughou the wliole ot the voyage, shew” ng also the -daily rise and fall o iiie principal..water-courses wlnc.i ucae navigated in the course o iiie save. Furl the second—in one Volume I Ins part of the w ork w ill b confined exclusively to scientific ■ s arch, and principally to tlu natural history ol those hitherto [Whole Number 256. unknown regions. It will con. tain a lull dissertation on such subjects as have fallen within the notice of the author, and which may properly be distributed un der the heads ot boianv, mineral ogy, and zoology, together with soyie strictures on the origin L >f die Prairies, the cause of die mud dintss of the Missouri, of volca nic appearances, and natural phe nomena, which were met with in ‘be course of this interesting tour —This volume will also contain a comparative view of twenty-three vocabularies of distinct Indian languages, procured by captains Lewis and Chirk on the vovage. am! will be ornamented and cm bellisned witfi a. much greater number of plates than will be be stowed on the first part of the work, as it is intended that every subject, of natural history w hich is entirely new, and of winch there are a considerable number, shall be accompanied bv an ap propriate engraving illustrative of it. This distribution of the work has been made with a view 10 the accommodation of every descrip tion of readers, and is here offer ed to the patronage of the public in such shape, that all persons wishing to become subscribers, may accommodate themselves with either of the (tarts, or the cup re work, as it shall be most convenient to themselves. Detacher! from this work there will be published on a large scale, as a sufficient number of subscribers can be obtained to de fray tiie expence, Lewis & Clark’s MAP of NORTH AMERICA. From long. 9 deg. IV to the Paci fic Ocean, and between 36 deg and 52 N. I at. Embracing all tliei*yate disco veries, and that (dfifipH die com - Rent heretofore the least known, f his map w ill be compiled from tiie best maps now extant as well published as in manuscript, from th&collcctive information of the be*informed travellers through tit i various portions of that regi on, and corrected by a series of several hundred celestial obser vations, made by capt. Lewis du ring his late tour. for the convenience of subscri bers, these works w ifi be deliver ed at the most respectable com mercial towns, and at the feats of government of the respective states- and territories within the unio;-; No advance is ri(pined, ,nor will payment be required un til such deiivoiy is made. Knowing that a considerable proportion of the expence of such publications depends on the en gravings which embellish or form them, and that the precise? num„ her of such engravings, particu larly as it regards (lie second pa p t. of the work, have not vei been settled; it is difficult for the author at this moment to fix a price ou them—’he therefore declares to the public, that Ins late voyage was not taken with a view to pe cuniary advantages, and pledges himself that the estimate winch he will in tills instance set cn Ins literary labours,shall be of the most moderate desciiption; his princi pal reason indeed tor proposing a subscription at all, is, he may be enabled to form some cs -of die number of copies lobe si ruck off. * Editors of Public Prints in e U uled Stales,di-poscd to aid ('publication of this work, are renin stcil to give the f,.iv<nmu> a 4 0 o b UW HISt:rUO:iv # Sheriffs Blank ‘Titles lor Jaic at tins Offer.