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and the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council. “My issues would be to continue to the job that we’re doing, and to try to increase working conditions and benefits for the sheriff’s deputies— and to work on trying to enlarge the jail. 1 think we’re doing a good job as far as warrant service, civil paper processing, and handling court secu rity.” Ira Edwards (D) Occupation: Senior police officer, Athens- Clarke County Dublin, Georgia native Ira Edwards has a 14-year background in Athens-Clarke County law enforcement. Edwards worked for the sheriff’s department for four years as a jailer, transport deputy, court security deputy and warrant desk and release officer. In his current position with Athens-Clarke County Police, he is an ele mentary school D.A.R.E. instructor and coordinates the ACC-PD’s high school youth apprenticeship program. “I think we need to invest in our young people through community-based programs, because the sheriff’s department does not have any at this time. I teach the D.A.R.E. program, just as an example. 1 would like to take that to another level. I feel that we need it in our middle schools and our high schools. Also I’m proposing that we all come together as a community—it’s going to take law enforcement, merchants, educators and the churches—all of us combining our resources, working towards making Athens- Clarke County the safest place to live in." ACC COMMISSION DISTRICT 2 Harry Sims (D), incumbent (1993). Occupation: Public school teacher Harry Sims, a native Athenian, has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Georgia. Sims has worked for the Clarke County school district for 26 years and is currently a fifth grade teacher at Barrow Elementary School. Sims served on the Athens City Council for three years and was elected to the ACC Commission in 1992. He is chairman of the Sims Committee and the Pension Board for the Unified Government. Sims sits on the board of directors of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Northeast Georgia. Sims did not respond by deadline time to Flagpole's requests for a statement. Sergio Sandoval (D) Occupation: Retired professional baseball player and accountant, ordained Christian minister Sergio Sandoval was bom in Havana, Cuba. He attended the University of Havana for three years before coming to the United States in the early 1950s to play professional baseball for the Cuban Red Sox and Athens Stars. Sandoval has lived in Athens for 45 years, 25 of those as owner of Sanders Income Tax Services. Sandoval participated in the Freedom Marches with Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 1960’s. He became an American citizen in 1978. Upon the recom mendation of retired US General Colin Powell, Sandoval was named an honorary member of the Negro League Baseball Hall of Fame. He has also been recommended for induction into the Athens Athletic Hall of Fame. “I, Sergio Sandoval, am campaigning for Clarke County Commissioner. I want to bring a new and effective leadership to east Athens. Like Paul Broun, 1 too am a senior citizen. I am a candidate for all seasons. "By getting involved in protecting our neighborhoods and property we can make east Athens a better place to live. We need more senior citizen programs, police protec tion and also to get rid of the drugs in our community. Let’s work together toward a better east Athens community by electing me your next County Commissioner." Brad Aaron THIS MtlllM WtILI by TOM TOMORROW Hey, readers! Tired of this cartoon's Incessant wonki ness and relentless didacti cism? Well, this week we're proud to present a roundup of political humor suitable for the whole family! That's right- it's time for... TOM TOMORROW'S CAVALCADE OF BANALITY! El you've PROBABLY HEARD about THE N.R.A/S PLAN TO OPEN A CAFE IN TIMES SQUARE.' 15 THAT WACKY OR WHAT? REMEMBER, SIR—AN ARMED RESTAURANT is a polite RESTAURANT! YEAH, WELL— YOU'LL GET THIS CREDIT CARD WHEN YOU PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS'. El and, hey--HOW about that WHOLE "MILLIONAIRE' CRAZE? IS THAT A POPULAR GAME SHOW OR WHAT? EB and, Finally—what's the deal WITH ALL THOSE TEENAGE HACK ERS And their COMPUTER VIRUSES? IS THAT, LIKE, WEIRD— OR WHAT? SON, IF YOU don't stop shutting LJWN GLOBAL COMMERCE on THE INTERNET, I’M GOING TO CUT OFF YouR ALLOWANCE! □ and WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THOSE SUV\ ■ ANYWAY? ARE THOSE THINGS OVERSIZED or WHAT? THIS VEHICLE IS SO WOW! LARGE, I NEED A THAT IS LADDER to GET TO LARGE! THE DRIVER'S SEAT! DID YOU •’GET' 1 THE JOKES? 1) You see. the N.R.A. is an organ ization ot gun enthusiasts — not restaurateurs! * 2) You don't really need a ladder to get in an SUV! We've just exagger- . ated their size for comic effect! 3) In this panel, we re suggesting that Regis catchphrase has become so popular. is even used in some what inappropriate situations! 4) The father s threat of aVaditional punishment is disproportionate to the amount of damage h*s son is capable ol causing - making our final panel an amusing yet insightful commentary on contemporary „ society! -See you next week! • Local & National Film Screenings • Lectures & Workshops • Morning Coffee Sessions •Green Lantern Music ° Showcase (Fri. 10/20 & Sat. 10/21) . • Support Film in the Athens Community by being a sponsor of the 2000 Kudzu Film Festival. Call the Flagpole. Advertising , Department for details. 706-549-0301 LL A EDWARDS SHERIFF Ira Edwards Qualified and Dedicated My goal is to make Athens-Clarke County a safe and positive place for all citizens to live, work, grow and be educated. My campaign for an exceptional community can be accomplished with a leadership style that focuses on the following: Community Involvement • I will seek ways to develop a better working relationship with other local law enforcement agencies. • I will emphasize the importance of our youth and develop initiatives for them toward the improvement of our community and its future. • I will set an example and encourage department employees to become involved with the young people of our community. Less Crime, More Education • I will support community efforts to become more involved with our local school district in order to reduce the school dropout rate. • I will develop initiatives to educate inmates in order to reduce the jail population and to decrease repeat offender rates. • I will work hard to reduce the crime rate and continue to solve problems through effective crime prevention methods. Department Improvement • I will institute a career path for department employees. • I will invest in our law enforcement personnel by seeking to provide on-going and effective training programs. • I will ensure that competent individuals are hired at all levels of the department ot Sheriff in order to better serve and protect our citizens. I offer you a leadership that focuses on involvement, improvement and new ideas. Vote Ira Edwards for Sheriff in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, July 18. Please call Ira Edwards at 540-1311 to ask questions or express hopes for the future of our community. If you need a ride to the polls, please call 540-1311 or 338-3970. JULY 12 / 2000