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The Athenaeum. (Atlanta, GA) 1898-1925, March 01, 1917, Image 8

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TIIE ATHEN/EUM dangerous to let loose in a bodv of students? Politics bears a kind of fascinating charm. ft attracts a great deal of time and attention; and there is a kind of a pleasure experienced when one is successfully slfee'ring a political machine. Bur the victors seldom remembers that the pain of the loser is as intense as the happiness of the winner. He throws his intellectual, moral and physical seif into the frav and thus loses time galore The col lege politician often sacrifices conscience and morality to carry some point which is not worth a moment’s notice. Such a price is too much to pay for gratification of one’s political pro pen sit \. The personal feeling ofitiines enters into political intrigues and produces serious results. Students can not always be polit ical enemies and personal friends. Scheming in politics will breed a mutual distrust for one another which will be lasting. This is exactly opposite to what our schools stand lor. Cooper ation and not separation is the slogan. Then, there is that spirit of low imitation which creeps in with the advent of politics. Some one who wishes to be m \ led a political boss in his school tries to rehearse the political in trigue of some famous demagogue who has led a ring such as Tammany Hall; and in so doing will mold himself into a vicious intriguer and leave school having accomplished nothing worth) 7 . With these evils in view it may well he conceded that politics is an evil for a school and with its promoters should be rooted out. Cl< I BRING Cribbing is an evil. It may well be called one of the worst evils that find a place in a student’s life. No reasonable penal- tv is too severe to inflict upon a deliberate cheater. Stealing a word from the Greek vocabulary is as vicious as stealing a dol lar from a depositor's safe. One is stolen by a glance of the eve the other with the fingers. One lingers in the mind; the other in the pocket. The result of both is the placing of the offender in the roll of criminals. Yet cribbing is a common evil. It is so common that it is not always looked upon by students as a wrong. The cheating student knows that it is not fair, but be dries his conscience and cheats again more easily than before. The honest’student knows that cheating is.wrong; the instructor