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The Athenaeum. (Atlanta, GA) 1898-1925, February 01, 1925, Image 26

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168 THE ATHENAEUM During this Athenaeum month (January 10, February 10.) we Chat have had quite a few interesting speakers to address us. Prof. Hay nes of Talladega College and a former student of Morehouse College, Dr. C. S. Morris, Mr. Arnold, an alumnus of this school, Mr. W. C. Craver, National Student Secretary of the Y. M. C. A., Dr. Fields of Georgia School of Technology, and Mr. Turnbull, a representative of the American Baptist Home Mission Society were the visitors dur ing the past month. Prof Haynes spoke as follows: “I often think that if it is important to have an analytic mind it is also important to have a synthetic mind. I sometimes wonder what a student of medi cine thinks after he has diseeted a body into many parts. He has disected the body into many parts all-right but that same student would be a far more powerful individual if he possessed the synthetic mind which would enable him to put those parts back together so that life would again, return to the body.” “A man went into his garden one day and plucked a flower and carried it to a chemist and asked him what was it. The chemist car ried it into his laboratory and after a while bought it back after hav ing decomposed it into its constiluent elements. The chemist told the man ‘here is your flower in these test tubes.’ The man looked at the elements and said ‘give me back my flower’. This was asking too much because the chemist did not have the synthetic mind which would enable him to re-combine the element so that the end product would be the flower. When I think how that man has progressed with his analytic mind I admire him. It is indeed grand to live in this in herited civilization among these analytical geniuses. But it is far better to live in peace with that great sythetical genius—The Creator of the universe.” Dr. Morris spoke as follows: “Because all die in Adam all shall be made alive in Jesus Christ. Protoplasm shall always be proto plasm. Man shall always be man. God made the rhinoceros so that h e will be the rhinoceros as long as the world shall last. The race of man was homogeneous until the flood- After the flood the race of man became diverse now. When Noah began to build the Ark, the people rich in their culture of the ages began to laugh him to scorn. But when the flood came Noah and his family floated on the flood. After the flood subsided God caused Abraham to be born, and from this line David sprang and thru his line God sent the great missinary leader of the world, Jesus Christ. He was tested by all the temptations of the world and the devil, and today he stands the greatest missionary that ever lived. He finally paid the extreme pen alty on the cross for the redemption of the world.” "Instead of paying this price I could call all the angels and send