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Houston home journal. (Perry, Ga.) 1999-2006, July 07, 2006, Page 6A, Image 6

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6A ♦ FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2006 Son seeks parent's advice on pending engagement QUESTION: My son and his girlfriend have been talking about get ting engaged, but he’s worried about the high divorce rate that threat ens every new marriage and asked me how he could lower the risk. What advice would you have given? DR. DOBSON: The answer to that question could go 600 different ways, but I’ll be content to offer just one sugges tion. You need to explain to your son how women are different from men and how that uniqueness will affect his marriage. It concerns what might be called “differing assump tions.” Many men come into marriage laboring under the mistaken idea that their wives are going to be their cheerleaders, who will take care of the children and expect nothing in return. They believe that their greatest and perhaps only responsibility is to make The Bible A young man once asked for advice on how to suc ceed at work. I told him to apply him self and to learn everything he possibly could about his job, that this would provide him the experience and know-how to accomplish the most challenging tasks. I further advised him to readily accept responsibil ity, to put in eight produc tive hours every day and to constantly strive for perfec tion. And finally, I related that there were two groups in every organization: the “in crowd” and the “out crowd.” I warned him not to join either one as the “in crowd” today may well be the “out crowd” tomorrow when managerial changes CHURCH CALENDAR Perry UMC to hold Fiesta!' VBS Perry United Methodist Church will be holding Fiesta! Vacation Bible School July 17-July 21 from 9 a.m.- 12 p.m. Children 3 years of age through sth grade are welcome to attend. Pre-reg ister at or by calling the church office at 987-1852. Greater Union homecoming PERRY - Greater Union Baptist Church of Perry will have a homecoming reviv al from Monday through Friday with services star ing at 7:30 p.m. nightly. The THESE SERVICE PROVIDERS ! ( \, , HAVE SPONSORED THIS ~ C O j 4 —r # Church & Keligion,.,,, Support Your Local Religious Institution And Place Your Ad On This Page C By Calling 478-987-1823! H D ©RUgiPsinßany Friendly. Professional Service Ben Bartlett & Hubert Bennett, HI (JSTHKB PNURNUCKIS I<M<> Mt( 0\ R(). • PtRRY, (»4 988-1144 Perry Antiques Mall 631 Courtney Hodges Blvd. \ Perry, GA 31069 478-987-8775 iiNQC peffy*mtque*@tme(.net AJA BSBB mp Dr. James Dobson Focus on the Family J money and to succeed professionally, even if it requires 12 hours a day to do it. The assumption of women, on the other hand, is that their marriage will be a wonderfully roman tic affair. They anticipate candlelit dinners and walks in the rain and eve nings of soul-to-soul con versations. Both of these expectations are illusions that bump along for a few years until they finally col lide. Workaholic men and Cinderella women often has tips on being successful in the workplace Billy Powell Columnist occur. There are far more dis illusioned people in the workforce than those who are contented. Many work under oppressive and unfair supervisors. Others are passed over for pro motion while less qualified people get the higher posi revival preacher will be the Rev. Horace Wright, pas tor of the First Fellowship Full Gospel Baptist Church in Fitzgerald. The Rev. Eddie Jerome Johnson and his congregation from Thomaston will be present for the Sunday homecoming celebration on July 18 at 2:30 p.m. New Life dinner PERRY - New Life of Perry, 2089 U.S. 41 South, invites everyone to a home cooked meal from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. each Tuesday night. The meal is followed by a worship service at 7 p.m. in the main sanctuary, There is no cost for the din ner, although donations are accepted. Arnold’s Auto Sen ic 1202 Main St. Perry, Ga. 31069 Complete Car Maintenance Pick-up & Delivery “Road Servii Call Thomas Call ( 987-9439 Im&u* a **m9r SmtuUei * TKtmfEmmtmf • 478-988-2448 740 Main Street Perry GA 31069 Tia Online 00035123 WBBHI. destroy each other. I strongly urge fathers to tell their adolescent and college-age boys that girls are incurable roman tics and that it will not be enough for them as hus bands to be successful in their professional pursuits. That would have been suf ficient in decades past. Today, something more is expected. If they are going to have strong marriages and families, they must reserve time and energy for the marital relation ship, talking together and "i jfr-v- taMSV Bp? I llm. i A tions. It’s not like playing on a college football team, for example, where the top quarterback will start the game on Saturday. That’s because the coach knows that only by win ning can he keep his job. In the business world, how ever, the ol’ boy network Only Jesus satisfies the soul Entering one of those ice cream parlors that offer a wide variety of flavors, an individual is faced with a decision. Having discovered the flavor most satisfying to my taste buds, my decision has been established. On one occasion, after hearing of another flavor of ice cream being highly rec ommended, I had reconsid ered my choice. Much to my disappointment the second choice did not measure up to my expectations. Since experiencing the change of flavors, I am reminded of several known facts. The first being, what satisfies one’s taste buds § o anne i OPERRY0 PERRY FLORIST 734 Main Street Perry, Georgia 31069 987-1656 800-516-1004 00035121 Rk 1 THE BANK ||y OF PERRY Please worship at the church of your choice 1006 Main St. • Perry 987-2552 Member FDIC FAMILY & FAJTH treating each other as sweethearts. This is the advice that I would like to give to every engaged or newly married couple: A simple under standing of these “differing assumptions” could pre vent many painful divorces. I think you should share it with your son. QUESTION: Teenage rebellion has hit our home at last. My 15- year-old son’s rotten attitude just went from bad to worse! How do I get him through the “rapids” of adoles cence without rocking the boat any more than absolutely necessary? DR. DOBSON: First of all, you need to recognize that the trial you’re fac ing is “common to man.” Adolescent revolt is hor monally driven and occurs in the best of families. When hostility and rebel lion begin to appear, how do you keep your boys (and can put a fourth stringer in a position of responsibility and no one will know the difference if they choose to overlook the selectee’s inadequacies. Those wrongly passed over fall into a trap when this happens. They become cynical and wear their bad attitudes like a medal. By virtue of their disenchant ment, they become poor performers who assume the exact mold their superiors placed them in to justify promo|ting someone else. Those facing such circum stances should begin looking for transfer opportunities to another department or another company. In these circumstances, it behooves one to introspectively iden tify his/her own shortcom Earline Cole Reflections will not necessarily satisfy another. The more valuable remind er relates to greater deci sions in life. Survival is possible with out ever eating ice cream, 1812 U.S. 41 N.l Perry, GA 987-1112 RoorngAMBRICA f LONGHORN BUTCHER SHOP lom HOMETOWN BUTCHER SINCE 1976 1207 Sunset Ate. • Pern l’la/;i IYrn. <IA 31009 [00035111 Lee Lasseter Greer Lasetcr girls) from blowing up and doing something stupid? I’ve addressed that subject in the past, but let me offer a finding that I haven’t shared before. The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health surveyed 11,572 teenagers to deter mine which factors were most helpful in prevent ing harmful behavior, such as violence, suicide, sub stance abuse, early sexual behavior and teen pregnancy. Here’s what the researchers found: The presence of parents is beneficial at four key times of the day - early morning, after school, dinnertime and bedtime. When that regular contact is combined with other shared activities between parents and kids, the most positive outcome is achieved. The research ers also observed that ado lescents who felt a sense of connection with their par ents (feelings of warmth, ings and to work toward improvement. If your boss doesn’t like you for any reason, don’t be deceived into thinking you can stay the course and change his mind. Your worker-supervi sor relationship may begin to improve superficially, but people who harbor prej udices against you seldom change their views. Young people in the work force make the mistake of becoming discouraged when they aren’t advanc ing as rapidly as they had planned. They must guard against becoming myopic to the extent of getting overly concerned with their pres ent status. Instead, they should look at the bigger picture and take a long range perspective in assess IBF ■ but there are decisions to be made upon awakening each day. In addition, satisfac tion that lies within is more important than satisfying the taste buds. Satisfaction so complete "From The Old To The Mew" y Serving Houston County Perry • Warner Robins Member FDIC CBST 000351 r Bank of Middle Georgia 478-987-5711 THE HOUSTON HOME JOURNAL 1203 Sunset Avenue • Perry, Plaza (478)218-2115 Locally Owned and Operated By Pat Kincaid Tuesdoy-friday 8:30-5:30 Saturday 8:30-12:30 love and caring) were least likely to engage in harmful behavior. Some of my readers might be asking, “How can I be with my teen agers morning, noon and night? I have altogether too much work to do.” Well, you simply have to decide what is most important to you at this time. It won’t matter as much a few years down the road, but your availability right now could make the difference for your child between sur viving or plunging off the cliff. Dr. Dobson is founder and chairman of the board of the nonprofit organization Focus on the Family, P.O. Box 444 , Colorado Springs, CO. 80903; or, org. Questions and answers are excerpted from “The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide ” and “Bringing Up Boys, ” both published by Tyndale House. ing their career progres sion. We should not judge our success as workers by the money we make, our rate of advancement, or the posi tion we acquire. The only yardstick that applies is how well we do our job and the way we treat our fellow workers and supervisor. Ephesians 6:5-9, which describes how a slave should work for his master, equally applies today. We should perform our work with a sincere heart, cheer fully and conscientiously, as though we were serving the Lord and not man. As for supervisors, they are admonished to treat workers in a Christian-like manner, fairly and impar tially. that a second choice will not even be considered. So com plete that we will want to help someone else make the “BIG DECISION.” The strongest reminder comes from the tune and words, “only Jesus can sat isfy your soul.” Repeatedly these words echo through my mind. Written by Lanny Wolfe, the chorus of the song gives assurance. “Only Jesus can satisfy your soul, and only He can change and make your heart whole, He’ll give you peace you never knew, Sweet love and joy and heaven too, For only Jesus can satisfy your soul.” * 4 CaSs,. clothing & Perry, GA jewelry co. - 478-988-9944 ’Christian T-Shirts •Handcarved Artwork from 3rd World countries iHßaa 'Heo* Penny (ZleanenA, AM 736 Main Street Perry, Georgia 31069 Jockla A Tarry Mullis 987-1965 0003511111 .qfiWSV 1 ?.