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The Savannah bulletin. (Monroe, Ga.) 1958-1958, January 04, 1958, Image 2

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TWO THE BULLETIN OF THE CATHOLIC LAYMEN’S ASSOCIATION OF GEORGIA JANUARY 4, 1958. Barbers Local Union No. 23 AFL-CIQ yNiflNSHOp, Patronize Union Barbers FIGURE 8 srtffiasjn Monday—Closed MA. 7 9S1S — Sunday — 1:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. 8:15 p.m.-10:45 p.m. Tuesday Through Saturday 10:00 A. M. To 12:30 P. M. 2:00 P. M. To 5:00 P. M. 8:15 P. M. To 10:45 P. M. Atlanta LAKEWOOD PARK L 19th Christmas Message Holy Father Calls Christian World To Be Vigorous Defender Of "Divine Order In The World (By Elmer Von Feldl) (N.C.W.C. News Service) VATICAN CITY — His Holi ness Pope Pius XII has called upon the Christian world to shake off a pessimistic lethargy and to become, the “vigorous defender” of the “divine order in the world.” The Holy Father issued this challenge in his 19th Christmas message, dedicated to showing a troubled world the Christian way to peace. The message was given in re sponse to the Christmas greetings extended to the Pontiff by His Eminence Eugene Cardinal Tis- serant, dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals. Eleven other Cardi nals and some 200 other high Vat ican dignitaries were present. Following last year’s practice, the Holy Father did not deliver the $^02 Hotel l,UCKI€ & CONE STS. yj 'J/n/. '/M'/.U < •'//////////. AIR CONDITIONED Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Convenient to business and entertainment. Oeiicious meals in the beautiful Miami Buffet. HARRY DONOHUE, Mgr. PHONE JA. 2-6500 589 FORREST ED., N. E. ATLANTA 12, GA. When It Rains It Shines Great New Shoe Polish Discovery NOW IN TEN COLORS Instantly Shines and Waterproofs as No Other Product Can — No Fuss, No Muss. No Buff, No Scuff Champion Easy! Quick! Remove fhe dirt and dust from your shoes, apply liberally, and allow to dry thoroughly. TEB re quires no rubbing or buffing io attain the finest, longest lasting shine ever. . DRIES TO A HIGHER LUSTER THAN OLD FASHIONED MUSSY PASTE After trying TEB if you don’t say it is the finest polish you have ever used return the empty bottle and your money will be cheerfully refunded. THE AMAZING NEW LONG-LIFE MIRACLE SHINE! JUST WASH Off THE MUD AND DIRT, ’ THS SHINS REMAINS! ASIC FOR IT AT YOUR LOCAL STORE Mfg. in Georgia by Georgians the entire 9,000-word address. He | providence and has the flavor of arrogance on the part of the creature. There are even some passed over a part of the first I section and the entire second sec tion, to avoid lengthening the ce remony. In addition to his challenge to the Christian world, the Pope’s three-part message, released here made these points: 1. Warned against a “blind fas cination for progress,” cautioning that technology by itself may im prison man “within its own limi tations.” 2. Emphasized that a rejection of Christ in society means “the iron discipline of collectivism,” entailing the “anonymous exist ence of one group alongside that of the other.” 3. Reminded that Catholics should work with all men of good will to bring about “divine har mony” in the world. 4. Warned that common Christ ian action in a pluralistic society may not degenerate into “an ex clusively ‘human’ plan”, if this means “agnosticism with regard to religion and the true values of life.” 5. Defended the existence of strictly Catholic organizations as necessary for the training of leaders in thoroughly Christian principles. 6. Declared that the divine law of harmony in the world imposes on all rulers of nations the obli gation to prevent war by means of suitable international organi zations and to reduce armaments under an effective system of in spection. 6. Reasserted that the Holy Fa ther regards it “as a special task imposed by God on Our pontifi cate to forge between nations bonds of true brotherhood.” “The Christian is primarily an: admirer of the divine order of the | world, one who loves its presence and does his utmost to see it rec- lognized and proclaimed," the Holy Father stated. “Consequent ly he will be its vigorous defend er against the forces and ten- who hint that it is Christian pru dence to return to the so-called modest ambitions of the period of the catacombs.” Sweeping aside all these ex cuses, Pope Pius declared that the Christian “would implicitly be denying to Christ Himself the prerogative of that ‘power where by He is able to subject all things to Himself.’ ” His Holiness added: “He ought, on the contrary, to reckon it a disgrace to allow him self to be surpassed by the en emies of God in energy of spirit, work and initiative, joined to a spirit of sacrifice. “It is no secluded territory nor restricted administration which is being entrusted to the activity of the Christian; no field of life, no institution, no exercise of power can be forbidden to those who cooperate with God to main tain the divine order and har mony in the world.” The Pope’s warning against blind absorption with technology came as the world’s two greatest blocs poured new energies into the battle for technological su premacy. His Holiness noted that men are “tortured by a real anx iety” as today’s scientists are making an “unheard of invasion into both the greatest and tiniest elements of the universe.” The Pontiff said that the Christmas liturgy urges the faith ful to raise their eyes on high with hope, but noted that this Christmas season finds “men with their gaze indeed raised on high, but with their hearts heavy | with anxious thought for the un certain fate of the human family and of the earth itself oh which .it dwells.” The Pope declared that “in eve ry respect technology by itself is incapt .ole of recognizing and j developing the divine seed of unity and harmony implanted in dencies which will oppose its rea- j creatureS; „ stat ed that indiffer- lization, whether these are con-1 f(jr human life and values cealed within himself, his evil in- C£m be tl , ac6d t() the “ preponder ant nlinations, or come from .without ! material prflgVess » which has Satan and his deceits and snares, j “ shattered the harmonious and “The call to Christianity is not! h£jppy completeness of man ;- and then an invitation from God | « somehow mutilated his appreci . simply to aesthetic pleasure in; ation of those ideas and values; the contemplation of His marvel ous order,” the Pontiff continued, I “but a call to unceasing action under obligation and strict dis- giving him completeness only in one particular direction.” His Holiness added: “Indeed, to the man born and cipiine, with respect to all the, e4ucated in the surroundings of paths and conditions of life. “Intervention in the world to maintain the divine order is a j I right and ,a duty which belongs J essentially to a Christian’s re sponsibility and permits him law fully to undertake all those ac tions, private or public or or ganized, which aim at and are suited to that end. “Subtle pretexts, made up to excuse the laziness of some Chris tian. or suggested by an unfound ed jealousy on the part of ad versaries, cannot permit the evasion of such a responsibility; especially if it is asserted that Christian action in the world is a mask for seeking after power which is contrary to the spirit of Christ; that it arouses opposition! to the Christian faith among] those already ill disposed; that it is the result of a lack of confi dence in God and His omnipotent strict technology, there will nec essarily be lacking a part, , and (Continued on Page Eight) Any. 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