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University reporter; (Athens) 18??-current, December 20, 1889, Image 11

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University Reporter. 9 would be a Judge himself He kept his promise. He came to the University and entered the law school, and graduated with distinction in 185—. He practised law awhile, and was elected Solicitor General. He was elected Jadge of the Superior Court in 186— and has been on the bench ever since. FOOD FOR THOUGHT. To both the rich and the poor, on this earth, is given The promise of a life, in that glorious Heaven Where all shall be free from sorrow and care, And shall find only joy in the home, over there. And while we do live, this thought should us brave:— That God designed not our lives to end at the grave; For if this were so, He’d have freed life so brief, From all of its hardships, from sorrow, from grief. If a man has a good and a dearly loved son, And knows, that he’ll die, when life has barely begun, Would he cause that existence to be one of strife, In making needless preparations for the duties of life? If he thinks that his child will live to old age, And that life will not e::d as he enters the grave, He will work, and will strive, as hard as he can To raise him, and sirengthen him for his duties as man. For as long as we live, here upon this broad earth, Full of many great sorrows, and also, much dearth, We all are tut children, until we do learn What lies o’er that bourne, from whence no one returns. Here, we all have our burdens, and all have our care, And each thinks his burden the hardest to bear; l^ith the hardships of poverty many are grieved, [et he, who has wealth, is not of all pains relieved ; the sleep of the poor is more peaceful, and sweet ^though he has not an abundance to eat) is that of the man who has great wealth and fame; '\vith increase of wealth, comes an increase of pain, ^should be equal, all great, or all low, i think that God would have ordered it so earth there would be both the rich and the poor, whom, have the same ills to endure? ?o were great, or of equal degree, Ud have, here, no pain and, surel , no ease; •ye had no poverty or no wealth at all, e woi gee near iy a n 0 f our g ran( j virtues fall, nd we,| )Wi gee how wise is the God of Creation, 0 ® xe *us all in these different stations; Thay Both If all\ We If we