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The Southern Israelite. (Augusta, Ga.) 1925-1986, July 19, 1929, Image 18

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Page 18 The Southern Israelite ARAB MERCHANTS ADOPT HEBREW FOR SIGNS Jerusalem (J. T. A.) The Hebrew language is be inf? adopted by Arab merchant# for their display signs. This practice has penetrated to Nablus, known as an anti-Zionist stronghold where a number of Arab merchants have supplemented their signs in Ara bic with signs in Hebrew characters. VINE GROWERS INSCRIBE JAMES ROTHSCHILD’S NAME IN GOLDEN BOOK Jerusalem (J. T. A.) The name of James Rothschild, son of Baron Ed mond de Rothschild, will be inscribed in the Golden Book of the Jewish National Fund by the vine growers in the Rishon L’Zion region. The culti vators took this decision at their an nual meeting held Thursday at Rishon. HADASSAH TO BECOME HEALTH DEPARTMENT OF ZIONIST EXEC UTIVE, IS PROPOSAL Jerusalem (J. T. A.)—With the coming into existence of the extended Jewish Agency for Palestine, the Ha- dassah organization, which is carry ing on medical and health work in the country with the aid of American Zionist women, is to be transformed into the health department of the Zionist Executive, according to a pro posal formulated here. The “Ha’aretz” reports today that a proposal to this effect will be sub mitted to the forthcoming Zionist Congress in Zurich. When adopted by the Congress it will need ratification by the Hadassah convention, which meets in Atlantic City in September. SAM K. QRKENBERG, PrN P. J. BLOOMFIELD, 8« Sam Greenberg & Co. FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE CHAPEL 96 Forrest Ave., N. E. — Phone WAlnut 7909 ATLANTA, GA. WORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED FLOWERS FLOWER SHOl Atlanta's Leading Florist" ( HAS. M. SEWARD CO Campaign Being Waged In Germany Against Einstein Famous Scientist May Leave Country (New§ Letter from Berlin) By A. TART In the years ot acute anti-Semitism in Germany Einstein entertained serious thoughts about leaving his Germany, and it was during that period that Rathenau uttered these strong words: “The day that Ein stein is forced to leave Germany will be for us a national catastrophe, a moral defeat, as was the day when the Treaty of Versailles was signed.” It is now once again rumored that Einstein is contemplating leaving Germany for good and it is likewise being said that offers are forthcoming from Switzerland, Holland and Eng land for Einstein to settle there, where he is being promised the great est prosperity. Einstein’s modesty and his averse ness to publicity are well known all over the world, and should he decide to quit Germany it won’t be on ac count of any vain ambitions or petty self-love. However, it should be real ized that Einstein has had to put up with the greatest insults and threats. There are wide circles in Germany who consider Einstein and his theory as a bluff and as a clever piece of ad vertising in behalf of the powerful I nternational Judaism. It has quite recently been revealed that a secret “organization to un mask Einstein” exists in Berlin. This organization, to which some profes sors belong, is a true characteristic of intellectual conditions in Germany. For everything theer must be an as sociation, an organization, for with out this it doesn’t go. However, this organization is still more characteris tic of the anti-Semitism mentality in Germany. What is this organization trying to accomplish? What is there to be "unmasked”? Is not Einstein’s activity open to all the world? But the legend of a Jewish power and of a Jewish world mastery has penetrat ed so deeply the empty heads of the German anti-Semites that they can not conceive Einstein's reputation in the world and the general respect in which he is held all over as being other than the work of a Jewish Maffia, ’ an adroit advertising stunt of international Judaism, which has upset the heads of these simple-mind ed Gentiles. How does it happen, the German anti-Semites are asking themselves, that all the world is bend ing its knees to this new god, Ein stein, although but a few men say they understand his theory? And e\en if he is somewhat of a savant, what does he mean to us Germans? He is not one of us—and to boot, he is an Internationalist and Communist. There was a time when Einstein was on the black-list of the Hittler people, and after Rathenau’s death Einstein was recipient of a great many anonymous letters threatening him with death. Subsequently the ignominious episode took place when the professors of the Berlin Universi ty publicly “sentenced” Einstein and the hooligan nationalistic students threw stones at him. It was thought that there would be no recurrence of any such terrible ties. But no; Einstein’s illuminating moral person ality and his world reputation stick like a bone in the throat of the Ger man anti-Semites, spoiling their humor, and they don’t want to leave him in peace. This ridiculous and shameless “organization to unmask" I Einstein perhaps takes itself very seriously and is workingAiard to mus ter material against Einstein. Up to now this organization has succeeded in getting together against Einstein a long list of terrible crimes: Ein stein is an Internationalist; he is an out-and-out enemy of Germany; he is one of the very few professors who refused to sign the famous appeal of the German Professors during the war; Einstein some time ago in a lecture delivered in London on the subject of anti-Semitism is supposed to have declared that German race hatred is the most stupid and most dangerous; Einstein sold his manu script of the Theory of Relativity to America. And this last goes to show that he also serves the Jewish God of Gold and that he still has in mind to do good business. What is more shameful in this campaign against Einstein, is that professors and earnest politicians should take part in it. This City of Berlin! First he was offered a gift of a villa that really did not belong to the city; later the Mayor proffered another piece of property to Ein stein and for weeks long closed coun cils were held and German nationals raised a hubbub and fuss and placed so many obstacles in the way that Einstein finally, as is known, fore went this homage and flatly refused to accept any gift whatsoever from the City of Berlin. Einstein's de cision in this regard is tantamount to a slap in Berlin’s face. However, we must also realize Einstein's feel ings and remember that he is already surfeited with the never-ending anti- Semitic threats, raillery and insult? and that he wants to quit forever the land toward which he could never show great affection. It is not a secret in Germany that were it not for cer tain intimate friends who have hetd him back he would have taken this action long ago. It is also certain that the German Government and the German scientific spheres will use a- means at their command to influeno Einstein to control his feelings an to remain in Germany, because quitting Germany at the present l. c would naturally be interpreted a. over the world as an open demonstn tion against Germany. , To a certain extent we Jews shoiL be grateful to German anti-Senna Einstein himself has recently nn-- a public statement that up thirty-fifth year he had never keenly conscious of his Je^i j and that it was the “German en' 1 ^. ment” and the “conditions of n er ‘ that opened his eyes and ma j e# . reflect upon his belonging to the ish race and his being attached 0 ^ Jewish destiny. If Einstein a come one of us in heart and > is anti-Semitism that has cont ” v j„| thereto, this anti-Semitisni tj I been the exterior cause of E ins interior revolution as a Jew- ^ I Copyright 1929 by the Jewish graphic Agency, Inc.