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162 Days From Spelman's Centennial Vol. XXIV, No. 3 Atlanta, Georgia - Spelman College November, 1980 AUC Students Disagree With Abernathy's and Williams' Endorsement of Reagan Photo by Samuel Tucker Rev. Ralph David Abernathy at a recent visit to Morehouse College. Black Leaders Respond to Abernathy's Endorsement of Reagan By Vivian Fannings News Editor Many students faculty and adminis trators in the Atlanta University Center did not agree with Ralph Abernathy and Hosea Williams’ endorsement of Ronald Reagan for President. One such person, Dr. Abraham L Davis, Professor of Political Science at Morehouse College, started a petition stating his position on the matter. Dr. Davis plans to have 3,500 student sign atures by the end of the week. Dr. Davis stated, “The local and national news Media have consistently present ed the black electorate with their view of who speaks for black americans. Suppor ting this assertion is the news r ledia’s most recent news releases which have characterized Ralph Abernathy and Hosea Williams as prominent black leaders, who have endorsed Ronald Reagan for President of the United States. The vast majority of students in the Atlanta University Center do not support the endorsement of Ronald Reagan by Ralph Abernathy and Hosea Williams. These two so call leaders have simply spoken for themselves and not for black people in general and not for the vast majority of intelligent students, administrators, and faculty members in the Atlanta University Center.” Dr. Davis stated that never in his 13 years at Morehouse had he seen stu dents so enraged over an issue. He went on to say “It is my belief that they are fed up with leadership in name and not in fact. They resent so call black leaders speaking as if they represent the view point of the students.” Dr. Davis stated, “all faculty members and administrators should speak out against any black leader or leaders who do whatever they please and whose actions are not representative of the views of the black electorate.” When asked where will he go from here he answered, “We plan to keep one copy on record for any citizen to see so that he or she can understand that Hosea Williams and Ralph Abernathy as well as some other black leaders have not accurately reflected the views of the people they are supposed to represent.” Copies of the petition will go to Aber nathy and Williams. Also a press con ference will be held later in the week. Dr. Davis ended his interview by saying “Students in the Atlanta Univer sity Center intend to hold blacks in leadership positions accountable and will speak out and refuse to support any individual or individuals who fail to reflect the desires and aspirations of the black community. The vast majority of civic minded students in the Atlanta University Center are firm on this position and have the support of the majority of Black Atlantians.” INSIDE TODAY Survey of Student Presidential Choices p. 4 Male, Female Opinions on MBC Rape Case p. 6 Survey on Spelman Women p. 7 Women p. 7 By Vivian Fannings News Editor The reaction among black leaders ranged from surprise to outrage after Rev. Ralph David Abernathy endorsed Republican presidential nominee Ronald Reagan. Abernathy, a long time associate of the Southern Christian Leadership Con ference, gave his support to Ronald Reagan on Thursday, October 16,1980. Only a few months ago Abernathy was campaigning for Sen. Edward Kennedy. Abernathy has left many black leaders stunned with his move from Kennedy directly to Reagan, by passing Carter all together. Abernathy was joined by State Rep. Hosea Williams of Georgia in his en dorsement. Abernathy stated, “Crime has increased, inflation has increased and interest rates Please refer to p. 4, column 3