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Southern banner. (Athens, Ga.) 1832-1872, June 26, 1832, Image 3

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Jared to rdso their hand in New York, and to .merpose difficulties and dangers to the set tlement of the public agitation throughout the country? Let us see. We have understood for several days, that a suonlaneous movement was in among the people in this city,'y dtscon- nei't' d with party, fpr the purpose of showing distinctly to ( engross what arc the red sentiments which prevail among us m re- 1utnm to the Tariff We have purposely ab- au.ii.ed front recommending any such-meeting because, in a matter connected with the mteg- nty of the Union-the adjustment of the Ta- riff—the people sre tho most competent to judge and decide for themselves—Ibid. CONGRESSIONAL ANALYSIS. In the Senate, on the 7th insl., the bill to modify and continoo the act to incorporate the subscribers to the United States Bunk was ta ken up—.the question being on the engross ment of the bill,— Mr. White rose and addressed the Senate in opposition to the bill. Alter speaking two hours, without concluding, he gave way to a motion to adjourn, And the Senate adjourned. In the House of Representatives, Mr. Adams moved tho House go into Committee upon the Tariff—which was agreed to—Mr Speight in the Chair. Mr. J. Davis resumed his speech. Which lie finished alter speaking nearly three tiours ; he concluded by moving an amendment to the bill from the Committee of Manufactures, changing the minimum value of woollen cloths, upon which en ad valorem dutv o. 5 p.\ cent, only was to be charged, tit 33 1-3 cents per square yard, and fixing the dutv on other woollen cloths at SO per cent, ad valo• rent, to bo charged upon the wholesale value at the place ol importation, 89 settled by tbe appraisers of the port. Mr. T. R. Mitchell then addressed the H o”so upon tho general question, about two hours—when Mr. Bell moved the Committee rise, which was carried. Mr. Adams moved that the amendment, .moved by Mr. J. Davis, be printed, which -was agreed to. The House then adjourned. In the Senate, on the 8tn insl., the bill to nudity and continue the act incorporating the subscribers to the United States Bank was lakeu up—the question being on the third reading of the bill. Mr. White resumed and concluded his speech in opposition to the bill, and lie followed by Mr. Hill, who spoke at conside rable length on the same side. Mr. Benton took the floor and afler speak ing a short time, he gave way to a motion to adjourn. Mr. Mangutn moved the adjourn ment, and tho Speaker had declared it was carried in the affirmative, when the count was disputed and the yeas and nays were ordered. The question being then taken uy yeas and nays, it was decided in the negative as fol lows ; Teas 19—Nays 24. Mr. licuton resumed his remarks in nppo- yi*i, i to tho bill, and,afler speaking till 20 min- ulus past 5 o’clock, he gave way t<> a motion to adjourn, and, on motion ol Mr. Dickerson. The bonate adjourned. In the House of Rcpr-seniaiive.-, Mr. Ar cher moved the House go into Committno «f the \\ bole on the stale of tlie Union, upon the French treaty, which w >s agre-d to. The Houbo, accordingly, went into Com mittee, Mr. Wirkliffe in he Chair. The hill carrying nto cflfeei ihe treaty with the King of the Frcneh, was rend. Mr. K. Everett moved to amend the bill by striking out 3 years as the period during which th<- commission under the trenly should exist, ■wt.ioh was debated by Messrs. Polk, Ells worth, J. Reed, Appleton, Pearce, E. Ever ett, Dearborn, and Archer, J. Bates, when the motion was carried— Ayes 77, Noes 56. Mr. Jewett moved an amendment fixing the compensation of tho Commissioners at $8 per dry during the time actually employed, not to exceed, including travel, at the roto of $3 for every 20 miles, 83,000 per annum, which was adopted. Mr. Penrco moved nn amendment provi ding that out of all sums allowed individuals under the Treaty, such sums as may he due from them to the Government shall be dedue- ted—which was agreed to. Mr. Archer moved to sirike out Juno as the commencement of the silting of the Com mission, and insert August-which was agreed io. Tho Committee then roso nnd reported tho bill and amendments to ihe House. The question was taken on ihe amendment, which, after debate, were respectively agreed to. Mr. Vance moved to strike the tenth sec* lieu, which regulated the duties upon French wines according to the treaty, irnm tire bill— he was opposed to giving the power of regula ting duties by treaty. Mr. Barringer said this section wus inserted in the bill for tbe very reason that it was nut in'euded to admjt that the President and Se nate possessed thut power under treaty regu lation. After a brief explanation from Mr. Archer the previous question was moved and sus tained. Mr, Vance asked for ihe yeas and naya up on tho previous question whicn were order, d— Tho motion wos carried—Ayes 119—Noes 46. The question of engrossment of the bill as amended was carried wiihout division—to day was named for Ibe third reading. Mr. Adams moved the punting of several statements furnished by the Secretary ot the Treasury relative to the tariff in answer to calls made by the Committee of Manufactures to-which was agreed to. Mr. Dravton moved to suspend tho rule devoting Friday's to private hills, in order to proceed to the consideration of the Tariff, which was carried— Yeas 110—Nays 51. Mr. lVjckliffe offered a resolution prescri bing that tho House, after disposing of the morning business upon each day. would then proceed to take up and dispose of bills on the Speaker’s table until 12 o’clock, when the House would each day take up Ihe subject of Ihe Tariff until otherwise ordered—which was agreed to. The House then, on motion of Mr. Dray ton, went into Committee upon the Tariff— Mr. Speight in the Chair. Mr. Bell addressed the Committee upon the general sudject about two hours and a half, when, without concluding his speech, ho gave way fora motion by Mr. G. Evans, that tbe Committee rise, which wns carried. Several bills from tho Senate were read the first and second time and referred. The act further to extend tho pensions of certain widows and orphans of those who hnve died in the Naval service ofthe U. States, was read a third time and passed. The House then adjourned. From the National Inrclligoucer, Juno 11. THE BANK BILL. The bill to continue the Bank ofthe United States passed ton third reading in ilia Senate, on Saturday lust, by a majority of five votes. Had the three absent members been present, we understand the majority would hnve been eight The bill, as it has passed the Senate, con tains in substance the following provisions: 1. The Bank charter to lie continued for fifteen years, from and after 3d day of March, 1836 ; that being the day on which the presont charier expires. 2. The Directors may appoint two or more officers to sign notes less than one hundred dollurs, which shall bo binding on the corpo ration. in the same manner as if signed by the President nnd Cashier. 3. Tho Bank is not to isstta or pul in circu lation any notes, or any checks or drafts, of a loss denomination than fifty dollars, which shull not, on the faces thereof, be payable at the bank where issued. 4. The Bank, and all its offices, shall bo buund to receive, in payment of balances due them irom other banks, notes or bills of the Bunk of the United States, wherever made payable on their laces. 5. The Bank is to hold no real estate (ex cept bunk buildings and lands mnrlgaged, &c.) lor h longer period than five years. 6. The Bank shall not establish or continoo more than two offices in any one State. 7. The Bank is in pay two hundred thou sand dollars a year to the United States for (he benefits of the charter, during the whole peri od of fifteen years. 8. It shall be lawful for Congress to pro vide by law, that the Bank shall ho restrained, nt any time after March 3, 1836, from issuing or keeping in rirculniinn, bills of n less deno- minatioo than twenty dotlars. 9. The easluer shall report annually to I he So- ereiury of the Treasury the name of all stock' holders; mid tho Treasurer of any Slute, on tvq lost, shall ne furnished with a list of siockh Iders who mny bo citiznos of such Smto. 11 will be perceived by our renders, that with the exception of the section continuing the charter, und that authorizing tho signature of small bills by other officers besides the Presi dent nnd Cashiers, all the provisions nnd en actments of the bill are limitations and re straints on tho Bank, or increasing its bur dens. First, as to ihn bonus. For the pre sont charter, and for the whole twenty years, the Bank paid one million nnd a half of dollar)', for tho new charter, and for the shorter period >f fifteen years, tho Bank is to pay two hun dred thousand dnllnrs a year; that is to say three millions in all. 2. The circulation of small chocks and or ders is prohibited. 3. All notes issued at any office shall bo payable at that office. 4. All the offices are bound to receive the notes of all other offices, when offered in pay ment of balunees due from Slate banks. 5. The very important power is reserved of restraining the circulation of all bills under iwenty dollar'. This provision wus inserted for the alleged purpose of giving up a large pnrtion of the circulation of ihe Bank to the State institutions, if the Slates shall ho of opinion, that Ihe public good requires a with drawal from circulation of all notes under five dollurs, with a view to the introduction of n greater portion of specie into tbe general cir culation. 6. The number of Branches is limited to two in any one Stale. In Committee of ihe Whnle a section was introduced for distributing ihe bonus among Ihe scverul States, according to numbers ; but thi- section wus subsequently rejected, and the money is to bo paid, like other public mo nies. into the National Treasury. Ii seems to us that this bill very fairly pee- seuts the question, whether tbe Bunk of the United Stales shall be continued ; since it m- iroduccs no new cause of dispute, bm, on tbe contrary, contains several restraints on the Bank, introduced to givo the greater security to the public interests. The following »ere the yeas and nays, on Ihe passage of the bill, vix: Yeas—Messrs. Bell, Buckner, Chambers, Clay, Clayton, Dallas, Ewing, Foot, Freling- huysen, Hendricks,Holmes,Johnstoo, Knight, Naudain, Prentiss, Robbins, Robinson, Sils- bee, Smith, Sprague, Tipton, Tomlinson, VYagvaman, Webster, Wilkins—25. -Ya^x-.Messrs. Beaton, Bibb, Brown, Dick erson, Dudley,Ellis, Forsyth, Grundy, Hayne, Hill, Kune, King, Mangum* Marcv, Miller* Moore, Tazewell, Troup, Tyler, and White —20. LATEST FORT5IGK. New York, June 7. Defeat of the Ministers on the Reform Rill, by a majority of 35 votes I /—By the ship Tal ly Ho, Capt. Fisher, arrived from Lovcrpool last night, whence sho sailed on the 8th of Mny. The most important news brought by this vessel is, that in the House of Lords oil the 7th, in Committee of the Whole a major ity of 35 was obtained for the postponement of the first clause of the Reform Bill. There were but 267 members present It was then moved and carried that ihe further considera tion of the bill should be postponed till the 10th of May. An express edition of th London Sun, da ted at midnight of tho 7th, gives this very im portant intelligence, with tho particulars which we copy below. The vote, it will be seen, was upon a motion of Earl Grey to postpone the title of the bill, in order to come to the consideration of the clauses. Though the question was upon an umondment, it seems to have been considered decisive of ihe fate of the bill, unless recourse should be immediate ly had to a now creation nfPeers. The London Sun is of opinion Hint such a course would without doubt bo pursued. It seems, says that paper, “to bo the opinion of several Peers in the Houso, that an extra ordinary Gaxettc containing a list of sixty new Peers would apper on Wednesday,” (the 9lli) the day previous to that upon which Ihe con- sideraiion of the Reform Bill was to be re sumed. New York June 11. By the ship Henry IV, f'uplaiu Rockeit, from Havre, we Have Parts papers to the 9th and Havre to the 11th ultimo. The Cholera in Paris was'rapidly subsiding. At midnight ofthe 7th, 48 deaths for the pre vious twenty-four hours were reported; nnd on the 6-h 35. A consultation of physicians, on the 8th pronounced thu case of M. Cnsiinir Perier to be favourable, anticipated steady convalescence. At Havre on the 7th, four new cases of Cholera ivere reported in the hospitals—none in the city. Tbe whole number of c-uses had I *“ n iieSR 63 ; rie?!hfi 27—remaining 19. The Duke rid Reichstadt was recovering from his sickness at the last dates. The following paragraphs comprehend all the news of moment brought bv this arrival. France.— I he Chambers were to bo called together nn the 1st August. The French troops have ovactuatcd Anco na, und (he Austrains have received similar orders, aud most of them aro ulrcadv gone. Arrest of the Dutchess de Berri.—The steam boat Charles Albert, having on board the Ductless de Berri, the Duko of Almazan, the Duko de Escars, and the son of Marshal Hourmont, with several other pt eminent mem bers of ilie Carlisi party, having attempted to land at Marseilles, was seized by the armed ship Sphypx, conducted to Ajaccin in Corsica, and the passengers were put on hoard it fri gate which was lo return them to Holy Rood. Report of the Capture of Madeira.—Cap tain Gorham, of the General IFun-en, nrrivod at Now York from Smyrna, reports thut he wus boarded, on the 24th of April, by the slop of war Donna Maria, under English colors, off the harbor of Madeira, heard that Don Pe dro’s forces hud made prisoners of ihe Gover nor and oflicers of the Island, nnd sailed the day preceeding for Turreira lor a largo rein forcement. The officers and men in Don Pe dro’s vessels wero English. Capt. G. on boarding the Donna Maria, saw men whu had been wounded in an action with the Islanders. Several prizos had been made, nnd four or five American vessels had been ordered off Capt. G. was ussured by the eommunder that the Americans had barn Well treated.—Chas Courier. The Reform Rill is lost—the King has re fused to croate Peers—the liberal Ministry have resigned, and all England is in a slute of confusion I SHERIFFS’ SALES. C LARK Postponed Sheriff's Sale.—On ( he first Tuesday in AUGUST next, will bu sold at Ihe Court house in i< atkinrville, Clark county, w ithin the usual hours ofssle, the following properly to “’I ! Six Negroes, to wit: Amy a woman about twenly-fivfl years ofsge; Lizy a girl, shout four years old ; George a boy, about Iwo years old , Joe a boy, about sat yraia olu j Lindy agirl, about four years old; and Nelson a hoy, about five year*old: levied on as the property of Gabriel A- Moffett, lo satisfy a fi. fa is- sueuen ths forecloturo of > mortgage in favor ufSle- vens Thomas, vs. said Moffett. May tt9. JAMBS HENDON, D. Sli’ff. V ACKSON Sheriff's Sale.—On Ihe first Tuesday in AUGUST next, will Ik. sold al the Court-house in Ihe town of Jefferson, Jackson county, within the usual hours of sale, the following property, to wit: One Black Marc : levied nn ns the property of James B. Lord, to satisfy two 6. fas. onnin favor of tlexekiah W. Scnveil, thoolher in favor of James Lig- on, vs. James Lord snd Simeon Lord. June 36. BARNABAS BARttON, Sn'fT H ALL Sheriff’s Sale.—On the first Vues- dsy in AUGUST next, will be sold, at the Court House in tbe Town of Gainesville,Halt coun ty, within the usual bouts of sale, the following pro perty, lo wit: One Lot of Land, No. 38, in the 8th Dis trict of Hall county, whereon Hectnr McCumic now lives: levied on aa his properly, lo satisfy a fi. fa. it- aued from Hall Superior court, in favor of James Stane- cypher, vs. said McComic. One Fifth Part of Lot No. 162, in thoAhli District of Hall county; levied nn as Ihe property of Lewis Smith, to satisfy a fi. fa. in favor of Lawnorn and Venable, eg. said Smith. One Negro man by the name of Dnvid. about 15 years old: levied on as the property of Janies C. Tate, to aaiiefy a A. fa. issued from Franklia Supe rior Court, in laVur ofGeorge Lott, for lb* use of John Lott, vs. Edmonson and Tat* One Negro Man by (he name of Tom, about 95 years old: levied on as the properly of Mary l>. Woodson, lo salisfra fi. (it. issued from Hall Superior Court, in favor of Milton (L Gathrite, vs. Henry Homes and Mary D. Woodson. Six Sacks of Sail, nnd one Sotrel Mnro, six or seven years old: levied on the property of John Stmson, to saliefy a fi. fa. issued from Hall Superior Court in favor of Alexander Rutlerree, for tho use of William Grady, vs. John Slinspn ; Joseph Ferguson and James A. Johnson, securities on slay of execution. Four Hundred Acres of Land inoro or less, adjoining Merrell and others: levied on as Ihe proper ly of William Pope, lo satisfy s fi. fa. issued from a Jus tices court in favor of Amos Dow-cry, vs. said Pope.— Levy made and returned to me by a Bsliff. One Lot of Luod, No. 37, in Ihe 12th Dis- trict of Hall county: levied on os Iho properly of E. J, Jackson, to satisfy three fi.fus. issued from a Justices c°arl, in favor of Reuben I licks, vs. said Jackson snd F. Carter. Levy made and returced lo me by a Ba lin'. All of Robert Hamilton’s interest in Lot No. 94, in tire 12th District of llall county : levied on as the property of Robert Hamilton, to satisfy u fi, fa. issued front a Justices Court in favor of IV. N. Bishop, vs. said Hamilton. Levy made and returned In mo by o llaliff. Juno 26. A. CHASTAIN, Sli'ff. M ADISON Sheriff’s Suit!.—On the first Tuesday in SF.PTEM Bl-’.R ilex 1 will he sold at the Court House in tho town of Danietsville, Madison county, within tho usual iiustrs of sale, thu follow ing property, to wit: Two Negroes, Fog a Woman, and her child Jack, Iwo C ovs and Calves, and one Yearling ; four beds and furniture, livu bedsteads and colds, four ta bles, two trunks, eight chaiis, three pots, two ovens, one brass and otto iron kettle, one skillet, two sols knives and forks, four earthen dishes, one dozen plates, two sets cups and sauce:., two looking glasses, one donnjon, five common bowls, two wash bowls, two stone pitchers, three stono jure, and four common pitch ers. Also, one gray Horse, one bed and furniture, nne stand of curtains, one spider, one oven, one pine slab, and one pair of sltovel aud tongs: letted on by virtue of two mortgaged, liis. in favor of James Long, vs. Sum- ucl Higginbotham, and taken as the property ofthe said Samuel Higginbotham, and sold by order of the Superior Court of said county. Property pointed out in said mortgage fi. fss. June 26. RICHARD B. GIIOLSTOv, Sb’ff. l<aw Notice. T HE Subscribers respectfully tender their services, to their friends and tho public in tho lincoftheir Profession ; Persons in Augusta, holding claims against individuals in the Counties of Clark, Walton, Jackson, Gwinnett, ifa!!, Oglethorpe, Morgan, llebcreliain and Franklin, which they desire to have collected, will en sure every attention to them, by placing them in the hand* of Andrew J. Milter. JUNIUS HII.I.YF.R, of Athens. ANDREW .1. MILLER, of Augusta. June 26—15—tf. NOTICE. F OR SALE, the Plantation whereon tin subscri ber now lives, near the Town of Athens, consis ting ot about 450 ACRES, with a large twr» ntivrv Dwelling House, and other suitable out budding*. The \vliolc or n part of the plantation will he dtai used of with the buildim!** to suit purchasers; tbe fituatiun is healthy and sufli- Cieritly near (within a mL*) t in Odiuijp for all the advantages of the school?. I would .ai ticnlarlv invite parents who wish to educate their ehildron under their own immediate guardianship, to call and sec the premi see. JOHN NlSBFaT, Jun. June 25—l. r »—6t. WATCHES A.viD JEWELLERY. J 03T received from New York an elegant assort* ment of Ladies and Gentlemen's Gold, Silver, Lepiuc, common Watches, Alan, Silver do. do. do. j Ladies Gold neck snd watch chains; Gen tlemens' Gold safely snd watch chains; Ladies and Gentlemens’ Gold and Plnlcd watch seals and keys; Ladies Pearl, Jel, all Gold, Gold and Coral, Gold and Cameo Ear ornaments of a new pattern amt very splendid. Breast pins, Finger rings, Medallions, Miniature lockets, Pencil cases, Gold and Silver »nee- lacles, Gold end Silver thimbles, Shirt slmls, Bracelets, common Solely chain* of variotia pattern.; Plslcd castors Plated and Brass candlesticks, snuffers snd trays Plated fruit baskets, Brillania Coffee snd Tea acts, Razors, Razor straps and hones, Shaving boxes snd, Cloth, Hair, aud Tooth brushes, Pen knives, Pistol-, Fancy boxes, Boll buckles, Dcmostlic- nian keys, Scissors, Snult boxes, Pocket books and Wallets, Glass and Coral beads, Music boxes, Beed purses, Childrens Silver whistles, Childrens Dumb watches, Silver spoons, Silver and Plntcd Butler knives; Claronets, Flagellate, common and Octave Flutes; .avendei and Orange water. Milk nf Roses, and an iegsnt assortment of Brass Clocks end Manila Time Pieces, &c. kc, B B. LORD. N. B. Canes mounted with Gold or Silver; and Sil ver spoons made at aliuriest notice. Wanted a few thousand dollars worth nf Georgia Gold. B. B. L. June 12—IS—eow3m. A Fortune, if you want one! N Gwinnett county, Geoigia, the subscriber has for sale a valuable Landed Estate, with excellent im provement* upon it, two framed Dwelling Houses, one commodious enough for u Urge family—its aile is upon a beautiful eminence, overlooking two splendid newly built Mills, both in good order; ihe Oriel Mill has when attended, a full support. The planletiun lias various cabins upon It, a good still house, and a very Superior spring, which tuns at the bass of the hill from a flint rock muted with granite, it is pure, and is recei ved into a beautiful rock basin, formed by nature.— The mill pond ebounde with the best kind of fish. The Milla are upon Ivy Creek, which is a lively stream, furn'shing water al all seasons to keep the mill* in operation. 8nmo Gold '-aa been found upon one ofthe Iota—Iron ore in abundance, and a place to nut the Factory. About one quarter of a mile below the mills is a splendid Shoal, where an extensive Iron I actorv can be eilabUsbed, end judges who hsve examined tbe mince upon thepremiacs, pronounce them rich anil inexhaustible. Persona wanting such property will do well to visit ihe premises, and judge (hr themselves, and then ball and see the subscriber, i bey are best know n ss Bogan’s Mills, abaut T miles from Lawrtnte- villc. renns ‘""^aly jleKliF.N, Talbotlon, Gen. ApritJO—4— W3m, JVeit) Goods, T HE subscriber having recently received a fresTf supply of NEW GOODS, Consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, llsrd-wares, kc— offers them for sale on vnrv reasonable terms at bis store opposite Mr. Byrd’s Hotel. He returns his tlmnks io his former and present ctis« lomcrs, and hopes that the low prices of his goods, will secure* continuance of their patronage. JAMES C. EDWARDS. June 19—14—if. Strayed or Stolen, F" ROM the subscriber, living 4 milet from Lexington, on the road lead ing to GreeUesbofough,nn Sunday night the 10th inst.,a gray mare of tolerable size, about 5years old, 5 feel nne inch high; marked on the left shoulder by a ehnlnr, also, on her tight hind leg about two inches above her pastern joint, is a knot occasioned hy a rock. Any person who may take up nnd convey the said animal to Lexington, where I can gel Iter, shall receive a reward nf J'en Dollars, WMITEFIELD LANDRUM. June 19- 14—3l—p. A T/IENS (*i*;iiiiitini' School. t BMIF. Trustees.>f the Grammar School in Athens,do B now announce t-> Ihe public; that the institution is in successful operation, under the management of Mr. William It. Hunt; a graduate of Franklin College, and an instructor of some experience. From Ihe trial made under Iho present provision, from personal iii- speelion hy visiting enmtoiftees of the hoard, snd sn attendance upon a quarterly examination, the Trusters can and do with confidence rreumnrnd Iho institution to the public, as a preparatory school fit youth drsitntr, la enter tho College: And persons visiting Athens fur n summer residence, arid all others, are assured that pupils will he well prepared fur College, rii pursuance ofthe coiittu recommended by the Faculty of the Col. lege. Ample provision will ho mado for accommodating the increasing numbers of the school. JOHN A. COBB, Chairman. E. L. NEWTON, Secretary. MUSIC. MS. * OH1T MASSE, P UPIL from Iho Conservatoire of Paris, reaper-tfnl. ly informs alto citizens of Athens and its vir mity, that lie proposos lo idacli Ihe following brandlt'es nf Vocal and Instrumental music, lo wit: Vocal m <aie, Church or Lyrical, Piano Forte, Guitar, Violin, Bass, French Horn, Flute and Clarionet, flo will luno and repair Pikno Fortca in ths beat order—Sell music and Piano strings. Mr. Marck will bn glad that persona wishing hie ser vice, will call at Capt. Brown's in this place, where all orders left will be piinctuolly attended to. Refcrrewce—Dr. W tV. Waddet, G. W. Shaw, and S. Tcnny, alt -f thin place. JnnelD—14 M. Planters' Hotel, GAINESVILLE GEORGIA. (BUIE PLANTERS’ HOVEL in thrv place, ie fi t U, kept by tin- subscriber. Promo h ami pled. gesaro the common order of Ihe dsy Insnehcu-es, but as heretofore ho refrains from either; yet ' e hopes to he able to givo as genaral satisfaction aa any other man so high up the country. Gainesville is a pleasant' Village, and is perhaps nne of the healthiest places in the State—in Ihe nnrneriiele vicinity of the Gold Re gion, will: t ,vo lime-stono springs near it, ono is 11, and the other 3 miles distant, with a good road to each. A Stage has commenced running fio/n August* to this piece twice u week. L. CLEVELAND. fCjF° The Editors of the Georgia Journal. Augusta Conslitmi-mslist, Abbeville Whig, will givo Ihn above three insertions, and forward their accounts to the sub scriber for payment. L. C. Gainesville, June 19—14—if. NOTICE. T TE subscriber will sell at puM'io sain in the low-it of Wntkinsville, en the first Tuesday in July next, the following properly, to wit: Ono Negro Worm ft about 30 ynaranld, and tier three children, a Girl almut 5 years old, a Hoy about 2years old, and a female chi d about 6 months old. Sold ss tho properly of Jacob Klotts, deceased, for the benefit of liis heirs. Noli.a with approved security, will be laltm, doe 1st January 1833. JACOB KLUTTS, SAMUEL KLU't rS. ELIZABETH KLOTTS, MARGARET CORVELL. June 12—13—31. . . Ir on Work $. gU till'. iron Works, which the subscriber lias been JL building fur the Iasi IS months, is now completed in in operation, w here livOtN AM) CASTING of defferent descriptions can b« had on moderate terms: ALSO, MILL IRONS \ of all descriptions neatly made, can Mt had at the thor- Ordcrs sent io me, may b* directed to Clarkerdllc, Habersham county, Georgia; which is within iwo and a ball* miles of the Iron Work*, High Shoals nn Suque. JACOB STROUP. JV. B. Any gentleman Dr company if min willing to embark in thu busineat of Manufacturing, either Colton or A sol, can be furnished by the subreri- ber with water power for that purpose to almost any extent gratis, and ho earnestly invites such as feet dir.- posed io engage in the business to visit him during the present Summer, and tee the prospect for tufch estab lishments. Tho Lumber, Iron and Castings necessary for such building*, can bn furnished at tue place en moderate terms. J. S. June 12-13-31. Blanks of nil descriptions foV sule nt tin's Office.